• Muhtesem Yuzyil Episode 117 Translation

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    Ibrahim's Monologue: "Under this large, powerful dome, we are each a single atom. In this endless desert, we are each a single grain of sand... We are present just as much as we are absent. Some truths are reached with time, and sometimes time makes you forget some truths. At one point, I forgot the biggest truth in my life...  Forgetting is freedom, otherwise the soil that you learn to walk never lets you go. When did I start to hold myself greater than the rest of the creation that Allah has created? When did this pride that spills from my heart and soul with such ferocity first enter me?"

    We see a mess in the Sultan's room and the Sultan unconscious on the floor.

    Hurrem and Rustem are shocked at what they have heard from Mihrimah. Hurrem: "Where did this divorce (matter) come from (suddenly)?" Mihrimah, defiant and haughty, says: "Why is it such a surprising thing Validem? For wanting to divorce Rustem? Or for making a decision despite you?" Hurrem: "Rustem Pasha, leave me alone with my daughter." Mihrimah, now getting sarcastic and jabbing at her mother with her choice of words, says: "Whatever you want to say you can say here, in front of Rustem! He is your most favourite Pasha. Your son in law. You do not hide anything from him right? Except of course, your listening in to the Divan."

    Hurrem gives a look like how dare!!!! but instead says: "Silence! Go to my room at once and wait for me there." Mihrimah is still defiant and replies: "There is no longer a little girl standing in front of you that listens to every word of yours !" The sooner you comprehend this, the better!" Hurrem: "Come to your senses! This is not just a decision for you to take alone." Mihrimah: "I have this right mother...just like every Sultana of royal blood, I have the right to divorce my husband! In order to finish everything, all I have to do is say three words...I divorce you,  Hurrem: "Mihrimah, come with me!" Mihrimah turns to Rustem looking right into his eyes and says with confidence: "I divorce you..." Hurrem looks on almost frozen, but then grabs her daughter and says: "Mihrimah! Since you are talking about rules then listen. It will be of no use even if you say "I divorce you" a thousand times. Without our Hunkar's certification it is impossible for you to get a divorce!" Mihrimah: "I was going to him now anyway." She turns around and walks out with one last look, the kind a child gives when they know they are going to do something you don't want them to do, but they will do it anyways and taunt you while they do it :p !

    Hurrem goes after her: "Mihrimah! I do not know what has passed between you two, but..." Mihrimah responds: "Ask Rustem, he will tell you." Hurrem: "If you want to speak to your father, speak to him...as you say, I will not prevent you...but first share whatever it is that has broken your heart. Afterwards do whatever it is you want."

    The scene changes and we are now looking into the Sultan's room through the doors to his balcony as Suleyman approaches slowly. He steps out on his balcony. Mustafa's actions are still on his mind. He recalls speaking to Matrakci when he had asked him to investigate his sons secretly, and asking Matraki about Mihrunissa and Matrakci lying that she is not even in Amasya. Then he recalls Lala's words about Mustafa secretly having married Mihrunissa. Lokman arrives informing the Sultan that Sokollu has arrived. Sok: "Hunkarim, you ordered for me?"

    Meanwhile, Mihrimah is speaking to her mother while they are both sitting down. Hurrem: "Who wrote that letter to you?" Mihrimah: "Without being certain I would not want to accuse anyone...and anyway this has nothing to do with my decision. I have been thinking about divorce for a long time, this incident is simply an excuse!" Hurrem: "I thought all this was in the past and you were happy with Rustem" Mihrimah: "Do you believe what you are saying?" Hurrem: "Rustem is in love with you. Has he ever treated you badly? Has he ever said anything bad to you? Or hurt you? Or betrayed you? The only fault he has is being busy with state affairs, he might have neglected you...if he has some other fault, then tell me..is he not fulfilling his duty as a husband?" Mihrimah: "You still do not understand do you? I am the one who cannot fulfill the duties of a spouse to him! Because I do not love him...I have never loved him!"

    Rustem is drowning in his grief in his room when Sokollu enters. He greets Rustem, who doesn't even hear him....Sokollu tells Rustem that he has something important to inform him of, but Rustem is silent. He asks Rustem if he is alright. Rustem says to leave him alone. Sokollu says that he was just with the Sultan and that Mustafa...Rustem tells him to leave him alone and then repeats again. Sokollu leaves. Rustem looks quite sad.
    Hurrem is still trying to advise her daughter: "The matter is about your brothers' futures, Mihrimah. I won't let you throw them in the fire. Our enemies are looking for opportunity anyway. In Rustem's absence they will drink us up like a spoon of water!" Mihrimah: "I am not going to throw anyone in the fire. If you are worried about Rustem being removed and exiled, then do not worry. I will speak with my father and ask him to let him continue his duty." Hurrem: "Rustem is strong because he married you...if he is divorced, he will fall from favour in a moment, and in a single wind, they will take his head!" Mihrimah: "I am certain you will find other Pasha's to serve you with loyalty. For example, Sokollu Mehmet Pasha..." Hurrem: "Did he write the letter to you?!" Mihrimah: "What more could happen, mother?! Who are you seeing me suitable for (as in, why would you choose him of all the men!!)" Hurrem: "What do you think will happen when you are divorced Mihrimah? Our Hunkar will, at the soonest marry you again and be certain it will once again be someone you don't want, and on top of this, not one who will love you as much as Rustem. He will not be someone as passionately in love with you as him...is this what you want?"
    Mihrimah: "This time I will not marry someone I don't love! If you permit now, I am going to go speak to my father." Hurrem: "No Mihrimah...there is a war soon...for me, for your brothers this is important. For Rustem as well, because this will be his first war as Grand Vizier. He must go in his most powerful condition. For this reason you will wait for a while longer." Mihrimah: "The war could take two years." Hurrem: "And that is good...Rustem won't be here, and you won't see him! When he returns if you still wish to divorce him, then divorce him! Don't forget, on one end of the scale you have your dreams and on the other the future of your siblings!"
    In Fatma's room, Fatma is getting ready when Melek arrives and tells her she won't believe what she is going to hear - that Mihrimah Sultan has fought with Rustem and Fatma responds that this is what she is waiting for and that soon Rustem will leave the palace. Melek says that also Elkas has sent her this and she hands Fatma a letter. Fatma reads it and then says that Elkas wishes to meet with her and wonders  why, and Melek says perhaps it is about Mihrimah Sultan. Fatma says she does not know. Melek asks if it might be about Fatma sending the letter to Mihrimah faking it from Elkas. But Fatama responds that how could that be possible if Mihrimah herself does not even know that? This thought bothers her a little, but she shakes it off.
    Hurrem is washing her hands and speaking to Fahriye saying that as if everything else was not enough, now there is this matter of Mihrimah. (don't you love how they don't even dry their hands by themselves lol someone is drying it for them as they hold them out? I think I would say, "hand me the towel already!" and dry them myself :p)  She tells Fahriye that they should find out who wrote the letter. Fahriye says that she could not tell her sooner because of the situation with Mihrimah, but that Lala Mustafa from Kutahya has sent a letter. As Hurrem opens the letter she says she hopes he has sent Hurichihan away. She reads it and then smiles and says that she had said that Shehzade Mustafa is his own enemy. Lokman arrives, smiling because he thinks he is informing Hurrem about the news about Mihrunissa and Mustafa, but Hurrem asks if he has come to tell her that because she already knows, when he asks how she found out, she replies that obviously there are other servants also, not just him. She asks how the Sultan reacted to this news, and Lokman smiles since at least he still gets to redeem his part in this good news since he was the only person who witnessed the Sultan's reaction.
    Mustafa is totally unaware of what is about to come his way, and he is with his mother and secret wife, smiling down at his son. He prays for his son, whom he has named Mehmet. He says: "May our Lord give Mehmet my son a long, healthy life....my poor brother Mehmet was not fated to...how sad that he died in the prime of youth...may his place be heaven." Mahidevran clearly feels uncomfortable with the choice of name and remarks that he should have asked the Sultan to give a name to the baby, and perhaps he would visit personally to do so. But Mustafa responds that it would be impossible while there were preparations for the upcoming campaign and that he had also told his father in Istanbul that if he had a son, he would certainly name him Mehmet after his deceased brother. Nisa says: "God Willing our son will be a precious states man and conscientious and intelligent Shehzade like you." Mustafa: "You are the mother of my son...you will raise him...is it possible any other way? And I hope that I will love my Mehmet as much as a father can love his son."
    In Mihrimah's palace, Mihrimah is braiding her daughter's hair (and does she not look like Mini Mihrimah?) When Rustem comes, Humashah runs to him and Rustem comments on how beautiful her hair looks and Humashah responds that her mother did it for her. Rustem tells Gulbahar to take Humashah away. Mihrimah has her back turned. Rustem: "According to Hurrem Sultan, you will wait until I return from the campaign." Mihrimah: "I did not say I would wait. I would say I would only think about doing that." Rustem: "It will be good, if you think about it for a bit, you will realize how this sudden decision of yours will become a big mistake." Mihrimah: "Do you think it was a sudden decision?! I just listened to the whisper from the powerful voice inside my mind which has been there for years."

    Rustem: "So then why did you wait this long?! Did it need me to be a witness to you sending letters to someone?! I was waiting for an explanation or an apology for that from you and look at what I got!" Mihrimah: "I did not want it to be like that! But you know better than everyone else of our situation. Our marriage was a mistake." Rustem: "Who are you fooling? The man who sent that letter is behind all this! Right? Who is he Mihrimah...who have you betrayed me with?" Mihrimah: "I am saying it for the last time! It rests with you to believe me or not. Since I have married and including this last incident, I have not done anything to embarrass my family or you! If you say this one more time, I swear you will not see me or my daughter ever again!" Rustem says her name again, but it is in vain. She leaves.
    In Amasya, Mustafa tells Mihrunissa that he has begun preparations for going to the Capitol. Nisa says she is worrying about this because they will be separated again and a war to Persia will be a long one, months or even years she won't see him. He says that they will be going together to the Capitol. Nisa says that he cannot do this, the Sultan will find out. Mustafa says that he is tired of this secret and all the hiding, and he will tell his father so he can hear it from him first.
    There is a knock at the door and Taslicali enters telling him that Atmaca and Yavuz have returned from the Capitol and would he like to see them?
    Outside in the hall, Yavuz and Atmaca greet Mihrunissa and Yavuz congratulates her on the son she had. She asks Atmaca how he is now, how his wounds are healing. He says he is feeling much better. He says his secret has been revealed, but that he did not mention that Mihrunissa knew about it. Mihrunissa replies that they had more than one secret. They increase as days pass by and our Shehzade is not happy about the situation. He has made the decision to take me to the Capitol with him. Everyone will find out. Our Shehzade awaits you." She moves aside and leaves.

    Atmaca and Yavuz enter Mustafa's room and Atmaca says that they are willing to accept any decision that Mustafa makes, and that is why they are there, either he should order that there heads be cut off, or that they continue to protect him. Mustafa: "You know Malkocoglu Bali Bey. He is one of our most valuable soldiers. I mentioned you in a letter and he responded to me." Yahya reads it: "His name is Tugrul Bey, from the Turanogullari. He is also known as Atmaca. He is a fierce warrior that you can definitely trust without hesitation. I haven't seen him in a long time, and I don't know what he is up to. Last I saw him, he was in mourning, away from matters of the state, as he had lost his wife and son in a terrible way." Atmaca: "I can see what you are thinking, Shehzadem... You are thinking that a man that cannot even protect his own wife or child, how can he protect me?" Mustafa: "Exactly the opposite, Atmaca... I was thinking that only a person who has gone through such a pain but is still standing and is fighting for what he believes in can protect me... Atmaca, I am not looking for a soldier, I am looking for someone to walk alongside me... Why should this not be you?" Atmaca: "I would be honoured by this, Shehzadem..."

    Back at the palace, Cihangir enters Hurrem's room and asks if she has heard about Mustafa, she confirms that she has. Hurrem: "It is clear what he has done... He has married Barbarossa's daughter secretly." Cihangir: "This isn't possible, they're clearly trying to defame him." Hurrem: "It's true. He has openly gone against our Hunkar, and must be punished." Cihangir: "When the truth comes out about Beyazid, will you be able to say the same things?" Hurrem: "Who's side are you on, Cihangir? When Selim and Beyazid are here, why do you love Mustafa so much?" Cih: "Perhaps because he has been wronged so much..." Hurrem: "Whichever side you turn your face towards, you will be blind to the other side... I wish you cared this much about your other siblings. I bet you haven't even heard about what happened to Mihrimah."

    Elkas and Fatma are seen meeting in the garden, he thanks her for accepting his request. She says she was curious. Elkas: "I don't know when I will see you again, so please do forgive my boldness... Your beauty, it drives me mad... Since I first saw you, I have been dreaming about it and it has been spinning around my head..." Fatma: "Your boldness is surprising... But if beauty is what you're after, then Mihrimah will leave everyone behind." Elkas: "You are right, she has a rare beauty, but she is married... Nobody would dare to walk that path to death. But it is also clear that she is very in love with Rustem Pasha... I want a strong, courageous woman who knows what she desires..." Fatma: "I should go..."

    Cihangir enters Mihrimah's room and kisses his niece, and she is escorted out. Cihangir: "Your beautiful face looks sad... It is clear that someone has upset you. Our mother wanted me to get you to renege on your thoughts to get divorced, but don't worry, I just came here to see you... Are you ok?" Mihrimah: "This marriage is a heavy weight for me that increases everyday. Tell me, if you could get rid of the weight on your back, wouldn't you?" Cih: "Without a single doubt... Nobody can stop you, you don't have to listen to anyone, not even our mother..."

    Zal is in Rustem's room reporting that Atmaca and Yavuz have gone back to Amasya, and that they have no choice but to wait for their next move. Rustem: "A letter has come to Mihrimah Sultana, I don't know when it arrived, but it is an extremely inappropriate letter. I don't care what you do, find me who wrote it... Where is Elkas Mirza?" Zal: "At his lodge." Rustem: "Keep your eyes open. I have a feeling he is involved in this as well."

    We then see the Hunkar riding his beautiful horse through the woods, and then we see Mustafa entering Mahidevran's room and telling her that his preparations are done and as soon as permission comes from his father they will start their journey. Mahi: "I heard that Mihrinnisa is coming too... Why am I hearing this from others and not from you? You are playing with fire... Why should you bother the good relationship that you have with your father now?" A letter is delivered and handed to Mustafa from the Hunkar.

    We see Suleyman, on his horse, reflecting upon a time when Mustafa promised that the trust between them would not be shaken again. Suleyman's letter to Mustafa: "Trust is like a palace of glass, oh my son... It takes one hit for it to break. Every atom of it will enter straight into a person's heart. I learned that as you were looking right into my eyes, telling me that you had nothing to hide, you in fact do... Do not forget, branches in hell do not inherently burn. Everyone takes their fire with them. The love and trust that you built with your own hands with me, was destroyed with those same hands of yours. Oh my son, a stream flows from a father into the heart of his son. You made that connection blurry and dried it up. From now on, know that I cannot trust you anymore, nor can you promise me anything. Do not try to come to the Capitol. You have proven that you do not deserve to protect it. I have given that responsibility to your brother Selim. May Allah keep you and your wife Mihrunnisa and your son happy together in Amasya always." Mustafa tells his mother that Suleyman has written to him that no secret can ever last forever. 

    Back in Manisa, Selim is reading the good news from his father and tells Gazanfer that he has been appointed protector of Istanbul, and that Mustafa must have done something terribly wrong, as his father has never gone back on any of his decisions. Nurbanu reads a letter from Hurrem instructing her that Selim must be very careful and appreciative of this new opportunity, and must keep to his repentance of not drinking. Nurbanu: "My son, you are lucky! We are going to the Capitol, Canfeda. Our Hunkar has appointed Selim to protect it. Immediately hand out gold and have lokma sweets made! Also, I hope there is no news from Eftalya and her husband. I don't want them to cause us any headaches." Canfeda: "He came and took the money, and we haven't seen from him since."

    Back in Mustafa's chambers, Yahya asks him if he has any news about the campaign. Mustafa: "We aren't going anywhere! Neither to the campaign nor to the Capitol! We're stuck here in a corner! It is unknown how they found out... I want everyone in the palace to be questioned. It is clear that they have snuck a traitor amongst us yet again!" Yahya: "Shehzadem, we have someone amongst us who was in the hands of the enemy... Do you still think we need to look into this matter?" Atmaca: "Yahya Bey... In my entire life nobody has ever accused me of being a traitor, but you have already done this twice!" Yahya: "You were in the hands of the enemy for days... How should we know that you didn't say anything to them???" Mustafa: "Talicali! Atmaca! This is not the time to fight with each other... Contact Fatma Sultana, she should find out how the Hunkar found out."

    In Mahidevran's room, Mahi says: "We knew it was coming sooner or later... I warned you many times but nobody listened to me..." Mihrunnisa insinuates that it must've come from this palace, but Mahi tells them not to forget about Beyazid and Huricihan, as they saw Mihrunnisa and shared in their secret. In the end, Beyazid is Hurrem's son...

    In Kutahya, Lala says that Selim's appointment in the Capitol might have a benefit to Beyazid as well. Beyazid: "What are you talking about?? Clearly a game is being played, otherwise why would our Hunkar push aside my brother Mustafa?" Lala: "There must be a reason... I would have rather died than to have seen Selim appointed as the protector of Istanbul." Huri: "Please don't say that... Plus, why does it matter? They are both competition to you..." Beyazid: "There are mountains of difference between them. Selim is someone who waits for my every mistake... Whereas my brother Mustafa is someone I can trust always, he is part of my life and has never left me halfway."

    In the next scene, we see Sumbul looking around the Bazaar and he comes across Kudret agha, who asks him where he has been. Sumbul: "I do whatever I want to these days... I get on a boat and visit my friends in Uskudar, or I walk to Galata, but I haven't been able to find a solution to boredom..." Kudret: "Well you were caged for this many years... Now that you have found your wings, you don't know what to do..." 

    PART 2

    Sumbul: "It is obvious what a harem agha who leaves the palace must do. I must go to Egypt, but I don't feel like it, my heart doesn't feel like it, I keep lingering...I do not know what to do if I stay...I go for morning prayer in the mosque and wait for the noon prayer in the courtyard" Kudret agha: "You must find something to occupy yourself with." Sumbul: "That is what my intention is...I thought I might consult you.I have a little bit of money, perhaps I can do some trade." Kudret: "A little bit of money? my agha...you must have enough that even Sultanas dont have that much...who knows how much you have stashed away" Sumbul: "Shhh! If someone hears you they will think its the truth! Still, give me some advice...You have been a tradesman for years." Sumbul notices something in a bag in front of him and remarks: "What is this...this goat poop like thing?" Kudret: "Don't even ask my agha, they call this Coffee, nothing profitable could be made out of it - nothing to eat, nothing to drink, and now I have so much of it in invetory..." Sumbul: "I do not know about it's taste, but it smells wonderful this Coffee...but it is hard, how do you cook it?"

    Meanwhile in the Divan, Rustem is speaking: "Hunkarim, there is no account of the sheer quantity of congratulatory letters coming in from all corners of the world. Everyone is speaking about how you, our mighty padishah has brought down Ferdinand and Charles (v)" Suleyman: "I want to read every one of them" Rustem: " As you wish" Piri: "Hunkarim, I have prepared a new map of all of the lands under the Ottoman Empire that also include the updated lands in the imperial pledge that you gave to the Austrian King."
    The map is opened so Suleyman can look at it and he is pleased.

    Suleyman: "Health to your hands Piri Reis...obviously it was a lot of work." Piri: "This map is necessary to portray the vast territories you own. Let the whole world see and know...they shall revere you for centuries..." Suleyman: "Words disappear but writing stays of course. I want everything that I have done to date, to be recorded into the records. Poets with their poems, song writers with their songs, artists with their miniature paintings, scribes and scholars with their books should all describe me so that my grandchildren and their grandchildren can take me as their guide. They should see the inheritance that I left them...they should protect it and, if their strength is enough, they should increase it."

    Sokollu: "A great King like yourself has never come to this world before, and will not come again...May Allah keep you always with us." Rustem: "On the eve of the campaign Tahmasp should be very afraid. Nobody has any doubt that we will win a complete victory." Suleyman: "What is the condition of the preparations?" Rustem: "It is continuing with speed. With Allah's permission for it to be finished by spring I am doing whatever is needed." Suleyman: "Good...Just how the Christian world accepted our dominance and bowed before us, in that same way  we of course know how to remove Tahmasp from his hiding place and get him to lower his neck."

    At night, Sumbul is in his house and we see he has been grinding the coffee beans and heating it as a drink. There is a knock on the door and he wonders who it could be at this time of night. The person keeps knocking, he shouts "Wait, I am coming, you are going to break the door." When he goes and peeks out, it is Hurrem who greets him and asks if he won't let him in. Sumbul asks her to forgive his surprise, and welcomes her to his humble home. She enters and asks why he does not stay in one of the large houses she gifted, and that he left the palace with a large amount of money. Sumbul responds that he has found it nice here, since it's location is easy for work. Hurrem asks why he doesn't have someone to work for him and he says he does not like anyone working for him, and that he doesn't get along with them and sends them away. He offers her a seat. She does and wonders what the nice smell is. He says that it comes from something called Coffee and that he found it from one of the merchants he knows from the market and that he is cooking it for the first time as a hot drink, poured like syrup." Hurrem looks interested.

    Mihrimah is in her room when Gulbahar enters. She asks where Rustem is and she says that he has gone to the New Garden Palace. Then she adds that she knows it is not her place, but that Rustem Pasha is very sad, and that she has never seen him so sad before. Mihrimah says that she should believe her when she says he will be way happier without her but that this is the most difficult time for him, that this is the time when a wound pain spreads the worst, and perhaps it needs to be cut out with a dagger.

    Sumbul has poured the drink into tiny cups as Hurrem looks on. Hurrem: "I hope it tastes as good as it smells." Sumbul: "We shall find out now, Sultanim" Hurrem drinks and asks what it is like poison, she says she hopes the turkish delight will take the bitterness away. When Sumbul rushes to get water, she takes another sip and comments that it actually tastes good with the sweet. Sumbul remarks that she is so smart, he was about to wonder if he should pour molasses into it. Hurrem chuckles and says he has made her laugh. Then she asks how he spends his time, and if he is well, and what he does. Sumbul responds that he doesn't know where to start, but that she could not know how much he has missed her and that she did well to visit him. Hurrem says that it is good for her too, she is tired of the palace, that the walls have begun to fall on her and that she could not stay there. Sumbul says that he hopes there is no trouble. Hurrem responds that while the troubles of her sons is never-ending, Mihrimah now has come to top it all off. Sumbul asks what happened to her? Hurrem says don't even ask Sumbul...

    Suleyman looks at his mirror and he recalls a younger him commanding his soldiers and increasing their morale with his words. He tells Lokman to get ready cause he is going to visit the Janissaries.
    Hurrem is in her room when Mihrimah arrives. They greet each other and Hurrem tells her she was going to go out on the balcony and she should join her. Mihrimah says she has made a decision about what her mother has told her to think about. Hurrem motions for the cariyes to leave and when they are all gone, Mihrimah tells her that she will divorce Rustem, but she will listen to her mother and wait until the war is over and until then, she will not say a single word to the Sultan. Hurrem says that she had thought her daughter had lost her mind for a while, but she has seen that she is still her daughter and Mihrimah says there is a condition. Hurrem asks with a smile if her daughter is bargaining with her. Mihrimah responds that if one day her fortune smiles on her, that the one she would lose her heart to, that one her mother will allow her to marry. No matter who it is. Hurrem tells her that time will tell and that time will chance many things, and perhaps she will change her mind about divorcing. Mihrimah replies that this was not the answer she was waiting for. Hurrem says she promises her, whoever she wants, that will be the person she will marry.
    Suleyman goes to visit the Janissary corps, along with Sokollu and Rustem (Rustem's outfit makes him look like the Sultan's faded twin he he). Everyone shouts praise for the Sultan. Several Pashas and guards are also present. Suleyman sits on his throne. He calls Ferhat agha and asks about the condition of the Janissaries. Ferhat agha says they are strong and have their eyes and ears on the Sultan awaiting his command as they anxiously await battle. Suleyman: "My warriors. As soon as the day of Hizr passes, we will start our journey and with Allah's permission, we will not return without conquering the provinces of the Persians. This huge victory will be talked about in the seven regions. History will write about me and my brave soldiers."
    The Janissaries: "Long live our Hunkar!"

    Meanwhile, Mustafa is with Taslicali and Atmaca, asking what they have found out (about the letter). Atmaca says it was not someone from Amasya who informed the Sultan. Mustafa asks how he could be this certain and Atmaca responds that the information they waited for came from the palace, that the Sultan found out about the situation from a letter, and unfortunately, that letter had come from Kutahya. Mustafa says what is he saying, is he saying that Beyazid sent the letter? He turns to Taslicali, who says that it is the truth. That perhaps he has fallen to the greed for power. Mustafa looks heartbroken.

    In the Janissary corps, Ferhat turns to Suleyman and says "forgive my curiosity and if I am crossing my limits Hunkarim, but you had chosen Shehzade Mustafa as the Regent and now you have changed your decision..." Suleyman: "Are you unhappy with my decision and questioning it?" Ferhat: "Never Hunkarim, how dare I...your decision changed in a second so I was wondering if our Shehzade was well." Suleyman: "You think about the campaign Agha...busy yourself with doing your own job to the best ability." Ferhat, slinking away, says: "Forgive me, Hunkarim"

    Outside in Manisa, Selim is being shown a horse that is of pure Arabian blood (Pure-blood Arabian breed of horse).Gazanfer tells him it is powerful, quick and loyal to it's master. Selim says it is then a gift our Hunkar will love. (I wish I had a horse like that too!) An agha mumbles to Gazanfer, and Gazanfer tells Selim that Dimitri has come again and is waiting. Selim tells Gazanfer what he wants, and Gazanfer says that Dimitri says that if he doesn't meet with Selim, he will complain.
    Meanwhile, Cihangir is sitting with Fatma.He comments that he had not seen Mustafa so happy as he was when he had been appointed as Regent, and that he must be so sad now. Fatma says that just as he had won a little, this was not good at all. Then she asks Cihangir if he had word of this Mihrunissa matter? Cihangir shakes his head. Fatma says that Beyazid knew about it obviously. Cihangir says that Beyazid would never have informed. Fatma asks why not? He lost Hurichihan and this is how he must have wanted to let out his anger. Cihangir says that what has happened, has happened and that despite all this, when Rustem leaves, everything will be better. Fatma asks why he says that and Cihangir says she must not have heard then and Fatma says she has heard that Mihrimah and Rustem are not doing so great with their relationship. Cihangir tells her that Mihrimah wants to divorce but that his mother has asked her to wait until the war is over and everyone returns. Fatma asks what the Sultan has said about it all, and Cihangir says he does know yet. Fatma looks like she can barely conceal her joy!

    Selim is meeting with Dimitri and tells him that he thought Gazanfer had come to a deal with him so now where is this threat of complaint coming from. Dimitri says that it is not this easy. He says that he (Selim) will give more money. Selim asks how Dimitri could have accepted the amount and then now turn around and ask for more, all the while talking about honour and dignity. Dimitri say and what about you? You sit with a woman and commit adultery with her while she is married...Selim grabs the man's collar and tells him to give him one good reason why he should not take his head right now. Dimitri says that his wife awaits him and if he does not return alive, she will go ahead with a complaint straight to the judge. Selim is annoyed further and says that this must all be a game. That he sent his wife to invite him to her farm, so that they could now ask for money. Dimtri denies this and says that no, it is not a game and that his wife is paying for what she did and now Selim must pay for what he did. Dimitri says that he should give the money and then they will never come harass him again. Selim asks who sent him and who he serves, Beyazid or Mustafa? Dimitri replies that no one has sent him, that he is an innocent merchant who has been betrayed and that he is working to fix the problem between them, and that if Selim gives him one hundred thousand gold, he will forget anything ever happened. Selim slaps him and asks how dare he do this. Gazanfer calms Selim down and then tells them to take the man away.

    Gazanfer: "You will receive your money, Dimitri Efendi, but the amount you are requesting is high. It will take time to prepare." Dimitri: "I will wait..." Gaz: "Wait at home. It will take a few days, and then you will leave, forever." Dimi: "How can we trust you? What if you kill both of us?" Gaz: "If that were the case, then we wouldn't be speaking right now. Go home, wait for me." Dimi: "Let it be so... I will listen to you, however, I will be alone. My wife will be somewhere secure which nobody will know about... For the safety of our lives..."
    Back in the Capitol, Hurrem Sultana walks towards the Hunkar's room, unaware of what is going on. We then see Fatma saying to Suleyman that when she learned about it she was surprised as well, and she has no idea why Hurrem hid it from him. Hurrem then enters the room, surprised to see both of them talking. Suleyman: "Is it true what I am hearing?" Fatma: "It's clear that your heart did not allow you to mention it... The fact that Mihrimah wants to divorce Rustem, and that she doesn't even want him in her palace, I explained each and every single thing." Hurrem: "I wish you had consulted with me first... As the situation is not what you think... Yes, they have had some disagreements, but they are things that will be fixed with time. As Fatma Sultana has been away from married life for too long, she hasn't been able to understand the situation properly." Fatma: "You haven't been able to understand it properly! I spoke with Mihrimah, and she has made up her mind!" Suleyman: "That's enough... Nobody has the right to argue in my presence. Afife hatun! Call Mihrimah to me immediately..."

    In Manisa, Gazanfer updates Nurbanu and Canfeda about the Dimitri situation. Nurbanu: "I knew it! Something always has to come up!" Gazanfer: "He wants 100,000 gold... clearly they are playing a game, and his wife is in on it. If it were up to me I would take both of their lives, but our Shehzade wants the issue to stay quiet and doesn't want people to hear about it."

    Again in Istanbul, Afife hatun questions Mihrimah as to whether she is truly going to divorce Rustem, to which she has no reply. She then enters into Suleyman's chambers and kisses his hands. Suleyman: "My bright moon, my bright sky... Some things have happened, I wanted to hear the truth from you... Fatma, Hurrem, you two can both go now... What is it that is making you sad? Rustem Pasha? Did he do anything, are you shy from telling me? Or did he do something that hurt your pride? If so, there's no reason to hide anything from me..." Mihrimah: "I am not hiding anything from you, unlike the many women that I hide things from in this palace. Our marriage with Rustem is like a dry flower, waiting to fall from its branch." Suleyman: "Are you saying that you have lost the happiness in your home?" Mihrimah: "I am shy to discuss these matters with you... however, this is the truth... I am not happy with him. I think that our separation is the best solution, if you give permission." Suleyman: "Give me a valid reason for that to happen. But from what I understand, Rustem hasn't really done anything wrong, correct?" Mih: "Yes you are right, but..." Suleyman: "Life is not always like Spring. Our Lord has created Winter and Fall as well, so that we can understand the value of Spring." Mih: "I have never had a Spring... my Winter never ended." Suleyman: "You must have reasons for saying this, but in my opinion, you should still wait some time. Understand the consequences of your decision, however, after some time if you still think the same way, lets talk then..."

    As Mihrimah leaves his chambers, Hurrem calls after her, to no avail. Fatma tells her not to bother, as she has no more clout over her, and that if she had looked into her eyes, she would have felt her pain long ago. Hurrem: "I have always been good to you... and I want to continue to be good, but it's important that you know that I am at my wits end..." Fatma: "Are you threatening me?" Hurrem: "Whatever you understand from this, then it is that. Keep your hands off of my children, don't make them pawns to your dirty games... otherwise I will fall on you so hard that you won't be able to recognize your own shadow..."

    As Fatma Sultana enters her chambers, Melek hands her a letter from Elkas, which upon reading, informs Melek that they must get prepared and leave immediately.

    Hurrem then meets with Rustem and he says that he would rather be with his wife and daughter. Hurrem tells him that if he doesn't want to lose Mihrimah and his entire power, he needs to fix himself up quickly. Rustem: "I wish I could... but when the issue is a matter of the heart, it doesn't matter if you are a king even..." Hurrem: "Everything will return to normal, but you have to be patient... Our Hunkar has learned about the issue and has advised her to be patient. He is on our side! This marriage is important to us; I can't bear to lose you, you are too valuable... Do not forget, our fate's are intertwined..."

    In the next scene, we see Fatma secretly meet up with Elkas. Both of their assistants leave the room to allow them some alone time. He welcomes her and says that her presence has once again given him life. Fatma: "What do you think you are doing, meeting with me secretly?" Elkas: "I am hopeless... I have been walking in the garden of your palace for many days to hopefully bump into you. I have been careful, however, to not draw the suspicion of Rustem Pasha, as I did not want any damage to come to you..." Fatma: "When there is no relationship between us, why are you so anxious?" Elkas: "We don't have a relationship?" Fatma: "No... and it is impossible." Elkas: "Your beauty has manifest itself in everything... Love has come into being and burned and destroyed everything... Your beautiful face did not meet with love from an angel... With effort, it became a fire and targeted a human..." 

    The next scene cuts to Suleyman and Hurrem. Suleyman: "I saw, I saw in her eyes that she has no happiness and she is in a deep sadness. Something is clearly missing from her life." Hurrem: "Nobody is walking in the gardens of heaven... Everyone hopes to, one day, and prays for it... Except for me of course. You are my heaven on this earth." Suleyman: "I am your heaven, but do you know what you are to me?" Hurrem: "Of course I am your heaven... but sometimes, your hell... :( I know sometimes I hurt you. Everyone has a nature, and this is mine. This is why you loved me years ago. If I ever tried to forget who I was, then our love would die. I would not be Hurrem, nor would you be Suleyman then..."

    We see Fatma entering her chambers, and Melek asks her if she is doing fine. Fatma: "I am not sure if I am good, or bad... I haven't felt like this in a long time... My heart hasn't beat this way in a long time... I think love is knocking on my door again..." Melek: "Love, for someone like you can have the possibility to make you a prisoner of war, Sultanim...I pray that you be careful..."

    In Suleyman's chambers, Suleyman is speaking with Sokullu: "Do you see the Galata tower? It is across from us with all its pomp and majesty... And the Aya Sofia, it leaves a person speechless with its magnificence and grandeur... How is my head architect, Sinan? I haven't seen him for quite some time." Sokullu: "As you know, he is working like a bee. Our Shehzade Mehmet's mosque will be complete by next year. His work on Mihrimah Sultana's mosque in Uskudar is progressing quickly as well." Suleyman: "Good. When those are complete, I want him to start on another mosque, to represent my power and rule. Inform him to start thinking about it. I want this project to leave all of the other mosques and structures in its shadow, and for it to stand for centuries. I trust him completely; he has never let me down thus far."

    In the next scene, we see Beyazid teaching Huricihan the art of ├žini boyama (painting fine china). He tells her to relax her hand guides her through it, and encourages her to keep at it, and says: "It's definitely easier than playing a violin... Which I don't even have an atom's weight of skill in playing." Huri: "No running away... Just like I practice, so must you." An agha enters the room and informs him that an armorer of Shehzade Mustafa has arrived and would like to meet with him. Yavuz meets with Beyazid and hands him a letter from Mustafa: "Our Hunkar has learned about my secret marriage with Mihrunnisa from a letter originating from Kutahya. It really doesn't become you to pretend like you are sharing my secret and then divulging it afterwards. You have pushed me into a deep depression. How sad it is that a person receives the heaviest blows from people closest to them. You taught me a big lesson."

    We then see Rustem, asking Zal if he has found out who has written the letter to Mihrimah. Zal: "I am interrogating everyone. As you can imagine, it is very difficult." Rustem: "There are tens of cariyes and aghas. Someone is bound to speak up. If you don't bring me results, I'll hold you responsible." Then we see Mihrimah walking towards him, then she veers away, to avoid him.

    Beyazid storms into Lala Mustafa's room and accuses him of writing the letter which exposes Mustafa's secret marriage. Beyazid: "A bird doesn't even fly in this palace without you knowing about it. You wrote that letter! Right? ANSWER ME!!!" Lala: "Yes, I wrote it... But do not blame me. I am not the guilty party in this game. The person you are looking for is Huricihan Sultana." Beyazid: "Do you hear what you are saying??" Lala: "When you were out hunting, Hurrem Sultana sent an order. I was to send Huricihan to Uskup (Macedonia) before things got out of hand. Our Hunkar was going to find out, and if that were to happen, then she would have been taken away forcibly. When I described the situation to Huricihan, she wanted to make an agreement with Hurrem Sultana. In order for her to stay here, she would divulge a secret..." Beyazid: "That's a lie. She loves my brother. She would never do this." Lala: "But she loves you more, Shehzadem..."

    In the palace in Istanbul, Mihrimah tells Suleyman that she hasn't made any choices for herself except regarding clothing and jewelry. Others have always decided who she should be, who she should love, and she knows that it was all for her own good, as if she had decided for herself, she may have made mistakes, however, those mistakes would have been hers, and she could have found her own path, holding her head high. Mihrimah: "But now, I am like a fragile glass that must be protected and taken care of. I can't make anybody happy, nor do I know myself... I grew up in the shadow of your love with my mother, and I was deprived of that feeling for myself. Maybe you don't understand me, but please accept my decision." Suleyman: "You are sure?" Mihrimah nods...

    Beyazid storms back into the room with Huricihan and she asks him how the painting looks. He violently grabs the plate from her and throws it like a shot put. Beyazid: "WERE YOU THE ONE WHO BETRAYED MUSTAFA???" She tries to deny it. Beyazid: "I know everything... You entered into a secret agreement with my mother to stay here." Huri: "I had no choice... I was separated from you once, and I couldn't bear to be away from you again!" Beyazid: "How did that separation end? Due to my brother Mustafa! He brought you, took you into his palace, and allowed us to meet. Is this how we repay him?" Huri: "Im so sorry... I am willing to burn in hell for you." Beyazid: "No excuse can forgive this betrayal! I don't even want to see your face anymore!" 

    The next scene cuts to Rustem and Hurrem. She says that the Hunkar will make the best decision, and would never allow for the divorce to happen before a war. Mihrimah enters the room and informs them that she told the Hunkar that she has made up her mind, and that he has given permission for the divorce, but it will happen after the campaign, and even if they divorce, he will continue his position. He tells her that she must not know him by now properly if that is what she thinks of him.

    Rustem then enters Suleyman's room and says that he knows about his decision. Suleyman: "I did not want it to be this way, and I have no issues with you. You will continue your position as Grand Vizier." Rustem: "You are very kind... But forgive me please." He bends down and offers the seal of the state to Suleyman. Suleyman: "Are you aware of what you're doing?" Rustem: "I have always done whatever I could to be a loyal servant to you. Thankfully you never kept your support from me, but my actual support is Mihrimah Sultana, and my deep love for her. I married her because I am deeply connected with her, not for power or rank. She is my strength and reason for being. In her absence, I won't be able to find that strength within me, nor will you be able to overlook my weakness." Suleyman: "Stand up... You and Mihrimah are making rash decisions. Important issues like this need to mature. You also need to wait until the end of the campaign. Once that day comes, we will discuss this matter again. Also, if you ever want to give up the seal again, you will do it with your life."
    In Manisa, Selim is hovering over his fire place, lost in thought, drowning in worry dspite being happy that he is appointed as the Regent. Nurbanu enters and informs him that the preparations are complete and they can go to the Capitol and they can leave anytime, tomorrow even, if they like. When he is silent, she asks if his mind is still on Dimitri. Selim says that that matter is closed, that Dimitri will get his money tomorrow and it will finish. Nurbanu says he knows this will not be as easy as it seems that is why he is unhappy. She says please finish this. She says he is forced to. She says he has made a mistake and he must pay for it, and some punishments are those that rattle the conscience.

    Hurrem is with Suleyman. She says since he has appointed Selim, then his mind won't be lingering in the Capitol with worry while he is away. Suleyman reponds "God Willing" He says that he does not want to worry about matters pertaining to the Capitol while he is away because they are going on a difficult long campaign. Hurrem says no matter how difficult, she is certain he will return from the war victorious, and anyway they cannot think about it anyother way, because the whole world is at his feet. The future is bright for him, and that who else could have had such a destiny as him? Suleyman says that he will go one day and die just like everyone. She says yes, but that his shadow will always be on the earth. For centuries, thousands of years will pass and people will talk of his power and majesty. She says if this is not immortality then what is? Suleyman likes what she says, he always does common admit it now Sully! but he just pretends he is blah about it. Maybe there is a smile under that mustache and beard somewhere.

    Rustem is with Elkas, who asks how Mihrimah liked her gift, and that if she did not, there are jewels he could send. Rustem says how great. Then he recalls when Elkas gave the present to Mihrimah and the look on her place. His hand curls up in a fist. "Someone has wrriten a unacceptably daring letter to Mihrimah Sultan. If I found out who wrote it, and I catch them, I will kill him with my own hands. So keep your ears open Elkas Mirza, if you hear anything about it, then let me know, because I doubt everyone...even those closest to me." Elkas says he does not understand and Rustem says you understand very well what I am saying is very obvious.

    Zal arrives and tells Rustem he found out who wrote the letter. Rustem asks who? Zal says that Fatma has written it, and that he found the cariye who delivered the letter, and that Melek had sent her with the letter. Rustem is relieved. He turns to Elkas and pats him as if to say "lets forget what just happened here shall we?" and then he goes off to see Mihrimah.

    The agha at the door tells him that he cannot enter, by order of Mihrimah Sultan. Rustem gives him a look as if he is saying "I am so weary of telling people the obvious, but what did you just say?"  The agha turns his face quickly and Rustem enters.

    Mihrimah asks if he has made it a habit to enter her room without permission. Rustem raises his hand for the cariye to leave. Then he says there is something he needs to know about. Mihrimah says that she heard how he went and asked to resign from the Sultan. Rustem gets closer and then says: "Let alone my job, if I were to give my life, you still would not care. We both know that. But do you know the reason why everything sunk? Why calamity fell upon us?" Mihrimah: "How many times will it require me to say it?!" Rustem says with a slight smile: "Whoever you think wrote that letter to you, you are wrong. It is not the person you thought. He did not write it. Fatma Sultan wrote it (the look on Rustem's face lol!) Just to get to you." Mihrimah looks away, he takes her chin and turns her face towards him and continues: "She tricked you." She turns around to conceal her embarrassment. He whispers in her ear: "Who ever would have thought that her majesty Mihrimah Sultan would sacrifice herself (her dignity, everything) for a fake letter. Sad." He gets even closer "God give you a restful sleep" and leaves. She is so angry she hits her table and sits on her bed angry.

    In the morning, Fatma is primping and getting all ready and Melek is trying to persuade her to rethink what she is doing. She tells her it is very dangerous and that if someone hears or sees what will happen. Fatma tells her to know her place and that she isn't going to ask her what she should do. Melek says she just wants what is good for her. Fatma tells her not to prevent her then. Melek is silent and sad and Fatma tells her that she has love in her heart, but she knows the reality, at a certain age, the heart beats faster. The love from youth is in the past, and that now after so long, her heart is beating again and that  she cannot even dream how precious this is for her.

    Mihrimah has clearly been thinking. Her mother arrives and notices the mess on the floor. Mihrimah wipes her tears. Hurrem: "I heard what Fatma Sultan did, won't you confront her and take her to account?" Mihrimah: "How much lower can I go mother? I have already entered a hole in the ground (from shame)."
    We see Fatma in her red riding hood cloak goind to her carriage, and I am so glad Gulbahar caught her and is following her.

    In Manisa, Dimitri is in his house waiting, when he hears the sound of horses. The door opens and Selim enters. He says he was not waiting for Selim to come personally. Selim replies that since he was the one who started all this, he should be the one to end it. Selim shows him the gold and says here is the gold you wanted. Dimitri greedily touches the coins. Gazanfer puts a dagger to his throat. Dimitri asks what he is doing. Selim says: "You come to my palace, threaten me, and I am supposed to just let that go?" Dimitri: "You have no choice, otherwise Eftalya will tell everyone." Selim motions to an agha, who brings Eftalya. Dimitri asks how? Selim: "Traitor! Standing in front of you is a Shehzade, did you really think you could hide from me?" Dimitri: "Shehzadem, I did this to you!' (he had planned it?) Gazanfer kills him. Eftalya says that she is not at fault, but she is killed as well. Selim orders for the place to be burnt and then watches as it does, the reflection of the fire in his eyes.

    Suleyman is outside the place where his mosque is going to eventually be built, and comments that this will be the place well his strength and verdict will be pronounced to friend and foe. He tells Sokollu to inform Mimar Sinan that to see the place where his complex will be built. Sokollu says that Mimar Sinan is so happy, he cannot even convey how much so, that for years he has dreamed of this moment, and that he wants him (Sokullu) to describe a summary to the Sultan about the plans and ideas he has for the complex  for now, although Mimar Sinan would do a better job at describing it personally. Suleyman tells him that he may tell him about it now.

    Sokollu: "The head architect will build such a mosque, that the prayers that are prayed there and the supplications that are made there will, for centuries, continue to rise into the heavens. He (Mimar Sinan) has imagined the mosque to have four minarets, and the meaning behind this is that you are the fourth Sultan after the Conquest of Istanbul. As you are the tenth ruler of the House of Osman, these four minarets will have ten balconies surrounding them. The dome will rest upon four massive columns, and will be dozens of meters high."

    Suleyman: "Tell Sinan agha to come to the palace to meet me along with his proposed plans, at an appropriate time." Sokollu: "As you wish Hunkarim"
    We see Suleyman walking and everyone throwing roses at his feet.

    Ibrahim: "When did I start to hold myself greater than the rest of the creation that Allah has created? When did this pride that spills from my heart and soul with such ferocity first enter me? When he saw me as being higher than everybody else and loving me as much. That is the day I lifted my head, and the seeds were sowed in me. The seeds of arrogance."
    Suleyman enters the palace.

    Ibrahim: "If I am a moon, if I am the light of the moon, then it's source is him. He is my sun. He is the one who sees me better than the rest, and loves me as such. He is the one who has sowed the seeds of pride in my heart and soul. The same seed that led Azazel (The previous name for Satan, look at note below) to rebel. He started the war that will last until the Day of Resurrection. Just how Azazel is destined to lose, just how he has prepared his own end, this seed will also prepare for my end, because every life has it's own doomsday."

    (note on Azazel in case anyone was interest: According to Islamic belief, Satan used to be in the heavens and obedient to God. When God created Adam, he announced him as a vicegerent on earth. God asked the Angels to bow before Adam, and although the angels had remarked that humans would be destructive and shed bled, they obeyed and bowed. (According to Islamic belief, angels do not have free will like humans) Satan, who was known as Azazel at the time, did not bow because of arrogance. He wondered how he could bow before someone made of clay and that he was better than him, and so he refused an order of God. God banished him from heaven to hell, but Satan asked if he could have respite for a while and asked to be sent to earth instead to do his best to turn man away from God. God allowed him to try, but also warned him that although he would be able to get to many people and make them to bad things, he would not be able to waver those who are God-conscious, who will repent even when they do something, and will always turn back to God. So this is the war Ibrahim is talking about, the war between Satan and Man, and the also the fact that Azazel brought on his own end by being arrogant.)

    Suleyman looks at his crown and touches it. He sees the diary and as he is unfolding the cloth it is wrapped so delicately in, as he touches the cover of the book, and then opens it and reads, he suddenly stops, pausing in pain, something has happened to him. He cannot stand upright as hard as he tries and he collapses to the ground. Afife enters and looks and shouts to Lokman to call a doctor quickly. She touches Suleyman but he does not move.

    Meanwhile Fatma is with Elkas, she is smiling her best smile, (what does he want from her? and how could she fall so easily)  and she says she does not know how she even came, her feet didn't listen to her own warning. Elkas says that in that case, he should fall at her feet so that her heart can only be his. He bows, she tells him to stand.

    Hurrem is with Mihrimah, and it is clear they have spoken for a while and Hurrem says she should leave as it is late. Mihrimah is now polite with her mother: "As you wish. I also want to sleep for a bit." Hurrem: "It will be good, rest for a bit. And do not think about Fatma Sultan anymore. Be certain she will pay for what she has done." When Hurrem leaves, Gulbahar arrives and says "Sultanim, I know how much Fatma Sultan has hurt you, but don't be sad, because she has a secret, and I have learnt it! I saw her disguised leaving the palace, so I sent aghas after her. They found her meeting secretly with Elkas in a house in the market area. It is obvious they have a relationship."
    Afife stands over Suleyman as he opens his eyes. She prays and is happy he finally opened his eyes. He asks what happened and Afife says that he fainted. The doctor says that he found redness and inflamation on his back, he does not know yet what it is. Suleyman asks if anyone other than Afife knows. Afife says the Sultanas were not in the palace. Suleyman tells her no one will find out, not Hurrem, not Mihrimah, not anyone and if anyone hears aside from those in the room, he will take all their heads! Then he asks them to leave. Afife tries to say something but he tells her to leave too. Suleyman in a great deal of pain sees the diary. He gets up.

    Ibrahim: "I know that in a moment I did not wait for, reality will come in front of me. While standing on the zenith of a foggy mountain that nobody has stepped on before - on top of the world, while being the owner of everything in this world - I am ice that has no idea of the presence of the sun. I am unaware that its rays will hit my face - that it is going to remind me by whispering in my ears: Hold yourself above everything as much as you want, you are a weak and thin son of Adam. Just as a breath was breathed and life formed, it is again a single breath that will tear you away from everything that you own."

    Suleyman, in anger, throws the book away that has been troubling his thoughts. (in Saba's words, in the wrong direction, cause the fire was on the other side!)
    THE END.
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