• Kosem Sultan Episode 5 Translation

    Ahmet “introduces” Ana to Alex saying she is his gozde (favourite) and tells her to return to the harem because he will practice now. Ana meets Golge in the hall and tells her she has found who shall open the door from the outside for them – Alexander the one who saved her in the forest and that he is here in the palace right now and she does not know when she will see him again so she must talk to him at once. Shayeste approaches them and tells Ana that she can help her escape, just tell her what to do and Ana says you did not see us Sheyeste! Ana tells her that the only thing she wants from her is that she doesn’t know anything (hasn’t seen, hasn’t heard a thing). Shayeste nods.

    Meanwhile Alex and Ahmet are practicing and Ahmet asks him what’s wrong with him today, even little Mustafa could beat him. Alex says forgive me and Ahmet says where is your mind wandering? Just then, Dervish arrives saying there is something he must know. We see that Ana is peeking through the leaves… After Dervish mumbles something to Ahmet, Ahmet tells Alex to return to the barracks, and that they shall continue their practice later on and then exits with Dervish. Just then Ana calls out to Alex. She tells him there is no time, he must listen. She says remember the day you took that ribbon from me, you promised me, and he says he had never forgotten the promise he made to her anyway. She replies, well now the time has come to deliver on your promise - you will help me escape from here. He says well how can I help you? And, you’ve become our Hunkar’s favourite. She says, “ I am nobody’s (property)! One of the servants calls out to Alex. What are you doing, pack up we’re leaving! He asks Ana - what should I do, tell me hurry!

    We see Mehmet being escorted by guards to go before the Sultan. Meanwhile, Fahriye kneels before her mother who asks her who she is. Tell me, who are you? Fah says I am your daughter… Safiye says you are not only my daughter, you are the daughter of the great Murat Han, and you are a member of the dynasty! How sad that you have forgotten this reality and have played around in the marketplace with (your/our) subjects! Fah replies that she has done nothing to embarrass or shame her mother, that they love each other; their only fault is love. Safiye says well you have disappointed us Fahriye, she burns a letter. Then she says, your folly is great, so without doubt, your punishment shall be great as well.

    Fah says, I am willing my mother, if you wish it, lock me up - if you want, marry me to someone else – I do not care, but please save Mehmet Giray! Please speak to our Hunkar, he will listen to you! I beg your mercy! Safiye calls Dudu and tells her to escort Fahriye to her rooms and that she is forbidden from even stepping foot in the gardens, let alone outside the palace. Ahmet says to Mehmet, you are from the line of Cengiz, the ones tied in “friends” and “loyalty” with our family for years…I brought you to my palace. I let you eat at my table. But you laid eyes on my harem! Mehmet says no, my HUnkar, I am ashamed…Dervish shouts that the one with shame wouldn’t work behind the Sultan’s back. Mehmet says to Ahmet, forgive my insolence, but other than innocent feelings, I have committed no other crime. God be my witness, I had come to speak to you, to ask permission to seek her hand, but when I heard of the nikkah – Ahmet cuts in saying your excuse is worse than your offence! Who are you to dare to be a suitor for a Sultana? Traitor! Throw this ingrate into the dungeons! I will make a decision about his future later! Mehmet shouts for help and even asksk Reyhan to inform Shahin, Reyhan ignores him repeating what the Sultan says, throw this ingrate into the dungeons! Then Reyhan tells Dervish, I wish you had sent word to me prior to exposing this incident. Dervish says, why so you could find a way to cover it up? Rey replies yes of course, the matter at hand, is the reputation of the family! Dervish says, which family? The Cengiz family? Mehmet Giray is dead already, and as for Shahin’s future, it is unknown, if you are going to make a choice, now is the perfect time.

    Handan speaks to Dervish wondering how Mehmet Giray dared to fall in love with a Sultana. Dervish responds that love itself is the doer of audacity – when it gets into one’s heart, no reason or order remains,. Handan says, well this is Halime’s doings. Dervish says there is a good in every bad thing, and now it is impossiblef or me to marry Fahriye Sultan. I do not need to anyway; I am now the Admiral of the Seas. I have entered the Divan. Handan says she thought he was amateur, but she was wrong. Alex wonders about some men leaving the barracks dressed in their uniforms. Zulfikar tellshim they are the Karakulukcus going out to patrol the city, making sure it’s residents are safe. Then he asks how the practice went and Alex says they didn’t do much practice, as the Sultan had to leave quickly. Then he asks when he will become a janissary. This gives Zulfikar a good laugh and he says whenever you are “cooked” then you will be one, we don’t leave cooked food on the fire. Safiye enters the Ahmet’s room and finds Handan with him. They greet her and Handan says they must discuss the incident. Safiye says to Ahmet that for a moment, he looked like Murat his grandfather. Then she thought it was Mehmet, her son in front of her. Then she adds, you actually resemble them. But the one you resemble the most is Sultan Suleyman. - may they all be in heaven. Amen, Handan and Ahmet reply. Ahmet says well you saw Sultan Suleyman right? Safiye responds, I was 15 – I was one among Mihriimah Sultan’s servants. It was such a coincidence, they came to visit and that day we were included in the honour of getting to see his noble face. You have the same powerful face, the same gaze, and God Willing, your fortune will be like his too. Safiye says that coming to the point of the matter, the reputation of the family and removing this blot befalls him. The girls dine in the harem and mahfiruze asks for cold sherbet from Sheyeste and says when I give birth to a prince, then I will ask for you as my servant. Mahfiruze continues saying that she will never see the Sultan’s face again and she thought she’d help. Meanwhile, Reyhan gives a note for Shahin through a messenger saying he has to get it to him on time otherwise bad will happen, but another man gets the messenger, kills him and takes the note and gives it to Dervish.

    Dervish arrives to see the Sultan, and Ahmet tells him that as he knows he had given permission for him to marry Fahriye and that now this incident has to do with him too. Dervish says her feelings are important and well I would not be suitor to her since she herself does not want it. Safiye retorts that the matter is not about his or her feelings, but the matter is about the family’s honour. Ahmet nods saying that he has ordered the preparations and that their engagement will be announced soon.

    Dervish replies saying, the order and comman is that of our mighty Padishah.

    Fahriye has arrived to see Ahmet.

    Meanwhile Halime says to Handan that she feels sad for Dervish because it is hard to be with someone whose heart is owned by another, especially when everyone knows of it. Handan rolls her eyes and says the matter is not about whose bed Dervish will be, but that Safiye got what she wanted again and that they (handan and halime) could not stop it.  Halime says well if I were you, I would not have let any of these things happen – how sad you do not realize the power you wield being Valide sultan – the highest rank a woman can achieve in the harem. Realize your power and don’t refrain from using it otherwise we cannot win against Safiye Sultan.

    Dudu informs Fahriye that Ahmet is resting and she can come later but Fahriye marches in anyway,  Dudu is sent out and Fahriye says she has no excuse for what she did, but she is not regretful and Ahmet asks what she wants, she says, I married 3 times, no one even asked me, my face never smiled, I never lived through love, I didn’t know what it is…Mehmet Giray took me out of such a well…I got light, I got life, please give permission, let me be breath for him…

    Ahmet says, we rulers must reward loyalty and punish treachery otherwise our word carries no weight. Fahriye says you think your word carries weight? The people still think you are an inexperienced king, whatever is whispered in your ear, that’s what you do, Ahmet tells her to get out, she says, when did you become cruel like the others? Ahmet informs her that Mehmet will be executed and Dudu comes to take Fahriye away. Dudu tells her in the hall that it is no longer her nephew in front her…

    Halime arrives to see Safiye and Safiye says your getting your own end ready, you gave the letter of Fahriye’s to Dervish – there is no other explanation, you are going against me and Halime says well when were we ever on the same side for me to be going against you. Safiye tells her well the first son of Ahmet’s that is born and Handan will have yours carried away to the executioners and you still work with her. Halime says the Hunkar promised to spare my sons life and he will hopefully keep it. Then Halime asksk what would have happened if she brought the shameful letter of Fahriye’s to her instead of Dervish what would have happened? Safiye replies saying that Fahriye will marry Dervish and tells her to leave

    Fahriye enters Dervish arrive and tells him take me to Mehmet to say goodbye for the last time Dervish says no, but she says please for the last time.

    Then we see her next to Mehmet in the dungeon and he awakens to find her there and asks if it is a dream and she says she wishes it were a dream, she wishes from the very start she had never met his eyes. That she had never kept her hands in his then her heart would never hurt like this now. He says that everyone has a time they fall in love, and a time they die and he thanks God that he got to feel love and if that is why he should die, then he is happy, and this will make their love immortal. Dervish is listening behind the wall.

    Time is up and she has to go, she says something like tomorrow we shall meet (she hints she will kill herself). He shouts telling her not to do it.

    Little friend of Alex finds Alex awake too, and he tells him he saw Ana, the girl he was talking about.  He says wasn’t she in the harem how could you have gotten in the harem. Alex says she wants me to help her escape. He asks what Alex said and the kid says well are you crazy? Alex says there is a door and all he’ll do is open the door and then escort her to a boat. His friend tells him no, they’ll catch you and you’ll both lose your heads and Alex says you have to help me, I have an idea of how to get out. His friend jokes I know I am smarter than a lot of people, but I also have limits on what I’m able to do.

    Dudu sinforms Fahriye that she has to go on the tower as per the Sultan’s orders. Fahriye asks her if this a Sultan’s justice to torture her this way. Dudu tells her to beg forgiveness form the Sultan so her eyes don’t have to witness such grief.  The dungeons are opened and Mehmet Giray is given his garment. In the tower,  Halime wonders where Shahin is so he can see what it means to feel pain.  Fahriye has now arrived.

    Below, Mehmet is brought out with the executioners and Safiye arrives in the tower.  The Sultan is announced and he appears below to watch.  We see that Fahriye has something in her hands. Shahin suddenly arrives and tells the sultan that when I brought you Sh. Mustafa you had made me a promise and you would not go back on your promise right? Ahmet allows Shahin to come forward, and Shahin says that his brother has committed a grave error, one surely punishable by death, however he has no one else in this life but his brother, and that he begs forgiveness and begs Ahmet to spare his brothers life, as per his former promise to give him anything he asks. Ahmet stands up and forgives Mehmet, but adds that this kind of crime does not remain unpunished, and that Mehmet must return to Crimea, and until his departure, he must remain in the dungeons.  Shahin says that if he is sent back, his uncle will kill him. Safiye comments that Ahmet is day by day becoming more suited to the throne – he has stuck by his word, but also gotten what he wanted.  Then she adds that Fahriye should be taken to her rooms and that preparations for the wedding to Dervish should take place at once.

    Meanwhile, Shahin begs Haci agha to be allowed to speak to the Sultan.  Haci says that it is impossible and that he has attended the Divan. Shahin says that if anything happens to his brother, he will burn the palace down over their heads. Then he comes across Halime. She says that he saved his brother from the executioners only to send him to his angel of death (his uncle), and asks which is harder, to watch his brother die, or to wait for his brother to be killed at a later time. Shahin says it is you who exposed them and Halime says I begged you that day saying I will do whatever you say, but you chose our sultan and now you must pay the price.

    In the Divan, Hafiz Ahmet pasha has come to see the Sultan and Ahmet asks how dare he come late, the man says he had no choice but to be late, as there was news. He hands over the seal of the Grand vizier, who has died in Belgrade. 

    Shahin walks in the market and comes by a store of medicines and Shahin says Reyhan has sent him there.  It is clear the man also sells poisons. The man asks if he wants something that will be quick, or will cause long, terrible suffering. Shahin says he wants something that when death comes no one will suspect it was poison. Inside, under a floorboard, there is a bag with deadly poisons. He tells Shahin not to touch. One is plague, one is pox, and it is enough to get the whole capital sick.

    Alex is conspiring with his friends on how to get out to help Ana and when asked why he bothers, he says I have promised and the little friend tells him it has nothing to do with promises, you have given your heart that’s why. His friend says well I can’t help because I came here to be a Janissary, and I’m not being thrown out for a woman!

    Meanwhile, Ana opens a box and starts pacing the room. She asks if Mahfiruze is down there. Gogle asks if she is certain. She replies that she has no choice.  Anastasia speaks and Golge writes to the Sultan that the one who killed Ahmet’s father is Reyhan agha. She saw with her own eyes the killing of the doctor, and that is why Reyhan threw her in the sea and she is not afraid of him now, because when he reads the letter she will have run away. She says to Golge that is all.  Then she tells Golge to write some more. She says this is my last night, if I return to my home, I can forget everything that happened to me, but I can never forget you, because I…she says that is enough. Have you written everything?  Golge says about the last words she wanted to write…“I love you”

    Mehmet gets a visit from his brother who is angry and says I told you so many times, they are never our friends! Now you saw their real faces! Mehmet says what did you want me to do…we were going to marry secretly. Shahin says how sad, love really makes people stupid. Who was going to marry you to her? He says even going to your death you were not begging, you were proud, that is what befits a Hanzade. Mehmet says, I am going to Crimea….Shahin replies while I am alive, never! The storm is near Mehmet, Ahmet nor the Sultanate will remain after the storm. We will both get what we want!

    Meanwhile Reyhan is given the poison and told to finish the job.

    Handan and Safiye meet in the hall, Handan remarks how quickly she is preparing for the marriage and Safiye comments that the Sultan wants Dervish to marry Fahriye the most – he will get the seal of grand vizier soon. Handan says, whoever the Sultan sees fit, that is who he will give the seal to – of course after getting my opinion.

    Safiye comments to Bulbul at Handan’s insolence, and Halime meanwhile is asked by Haci, wouldn’t she be happy to have Dervish as Grand Vizier? Handan replies that she basically has a seed of suspicion in her about Dervish (she isn’t so sure about him anymore).

    Ana visits Ahmet who is happy to see her and tells her to enter the balcony where they sit. They talk about the secret garden he says it’s the place he is happy, and the place he can take a breath, then she wonders what he is reading, he replies it is Shemsi Tebriz, a poet from Persia and then he reads a passage about love. She holds his hand and closes the book and embraces him, but Handan arrives saying if it is a bad moment, she can leave, Ana leaves. She glances back before she goes, and then puts the note on his desk.

    Golge waits for her and asks if she has left the letter, to which Anna nods. But she is clearly sad…sad she will not see Ahmet again if she runs away.

    The karakollukcu are exiting the palace and Alex sneaks off disguised as one of them.

    Handan meanwhile speaks to Ahmet who says he has Dervish in mind for the grand viziership and Handan says I am sure Safiye Sultan will love that because he would become groom. Ahmet asks if she has someone else in mind. She replies Lala Mehmet, a Sokollu who will not bend to Safiye Sultan’s tricks, and Ahmet asks if Dervish would, and she says no, of course not, but if he becomes grand vizier this quickly, it may change him. Let him earn everything step by step so he can value it.

    The aghas are talking and Reyhan finds a way to sneak and pour the poison into the food. He notices the letter and reads the first part where Ana has mentioned Reyhan as the culprit who killed the doctor and poisoned his father. He takes the letter and gets ready to pour the poison. Meanwhile, Dervish has arrived and sees him hovered over the food, and he pretends he’s just putting things in order, and he says the Sultan is Valide Sultan on the terrace and then asks since when is Reyhan in charge of this job of setting the table.

    Ahmet comes and talks about the grand viziership position and says I wish to know your thoughts on this as well.

    Golge and Ana are on their way to escaping, and she knocks on the door and she says to Golge don’t look like that at me, Alex promised, he will surely come. But Alex sees a woman crying that men are after her to kill her and he has no choice but to protect her.

    Reyhan is in his room and Reyhan tells an agha, the Sultan wishes to see Ana in the garden later, so tell Bulbul agha to get her ready.  Reyhan burns the letter.

    The men tell Alex to leave, the woman begs for help. Alex can’t even pull the sword, but finally does and swings like a novice so he starts throwing punches, but they catch him and he is beaten and kicked until Zulfikar agha finds him and then beats everyone up in a moment. Then says get up, only to find out it is Alex lying on the ground.

    Ana is worried, and tells Golge lets wait just a little bit longer, but Golge says we must go back now. She takes her and they go back.

    Meanwhile, Alex is carried back into the barracks and they ask what’s going on, Zulfikar said that he snuck out dressed as one of the karakullukcus and if he had not found him he would have been killed, and orders that he be punished. They take Alex to the kitchen.

    Ana is walking in the harem and she says she has to go get the letter from Ahmet’s desk otherwise if someone else finds it, she’ll be in trouble. Bulbul finds her wondering where she has been and she says she had gone to see the flowers and Bulbul says will you go see the Sultan like this? He awaits you in the garden.

    Ana goes and the doors are closed behind her and when an agha asks what is going on, the other one kills him. Ana goes to the gardens to find Reyhan agha there who motions for her to go through, but when she goes, Ahmet is not there. Reyhan grabs her and says that her letter fell into his hands, she is smart, and if she had said anything while in the palace, he would have killed her in a moment, like he will right now. She pulls his earring, he tries to strangle her over the balcony,  but Dervish arrives who tells her to run. Dervish asks him what the hell is he doing if he has lost his mind. Ana sees the dead aghas and Reyhan tells Dervish that she was running away and she knows about him, and that she will tell the Sultan, and then he says please save me from this curse, or you will burn too! Dervish grabs Reyhan and throws him over. (we now can see Dervish is somehow bad). Dervish says, I will save you Reyhan, I will.
    Ana is with Ahmet and the woman and says she had tried to run away that day, but had lost the way and she heard Reyhan’s voice in a room and she recalls the day Reyhan killed the doctor who first described that Ahmet’s father had been poisoned. Ahmet asks if she heard the doctor say who had done it, and Ana responds no. Safiye tells Dervish you should have brought him alive to us so we could have known, if our son Mehmet was killed, how can we know who did it. Dervish says he tried to kill him even (Reyhan did). Then Ahmet orders Ana to her rooms and says she is not to be left unwatched for her safety.

    Ahmet tells Dervish to investigate everything, who met with Reyhan, where we frequented. Handan wonders who could have dared been this treacherous.  Safiye tells her they have to find out who would have benefitted the most from his death.

    Alex is locked in the cellar again, and his little friend arrives with some food, but he’s not hungry, he says that he has ruined everything and she had trusted him. She will think I did it on purpose, or I was afraid. Then he says it is better if he dies.

    Ahmet enters the bath to see Ana and he asks what else she is hiding and he wants to know what else she is hiding. She says please forgive me, I made a big mistake, I should have told you first, he could killed you too! He says would you be sad, or happy that you’d be rid of me? She says I would be very sad, and he says why? She says I think you know why…

    Meanwhile, people are mumbling about Reyhan agha’s death and Shahin can hear what happened. They say look he died in a second. Shahin hands a coin to a man and says take this to dervish agaha (or find someone to take it to him).

    In the harem, Dudu and Haci arrive and it is announced that Haci has now taken the place of Reyhan agha (he has become the Agha of the Dar us Sadet (Gate of Peace). The girls present him with gifts. Bulbul congratulates him saying not everyone gets this position. Haci says thank God. Everyone gets what they deserve. Bulbul says yes, this is exactly what Reyhan used to say…and one day we looked and saw he was gone. I might remind you of this.

    Ahmet takes the seal of the grand vizier in the Divan. Everyone stands and waits with bated breaths. Sokolluzade (son of Sokolly) Mehmet Pasha is given the position.

    In the barracks, Haci tells Zulfikar that not only Alex, but Zulfikar is also to come to the Palace.

    Safiye awaits Fahriye in a carriage.  Ana asks Cennet if the carriage is gold. Cennet says it is gold-plated, it came all the way from England, as a gift from Queen Elizabeth to Safiye Sultan. Then Golge arrives. Cennet asks where she was and that Ana wasn’t supposed to be left alone. Then Golge tells her about the fact that Alex is going to be in the secret garden today with the Sultan.

    Safiye tells Bulbul nothing should be lacking in the preparations for the upcoming wedding. Then she adds to Fahriye, that if she tries anything again, they will burn her clothing…while it is on her.

    Dudu asks Haci if there is any good news yet about any pregnancies. Haci says no these girls are only good for gossip and then Dudu motions to one girl and asks who she is, and Haci says a Circassian beauty, her name is Rasha, from the old palace. Dudu says they should have the Sultan meet her soon.

    Ahmet speaks with Zulfikar about the treachery of the traitors and wonders how the soldiers couldn’t put a stop to them. Zulfikar talks about the pashas and men who lied and kept the truth hidden about what was going on, or even joined the ranks. Ahmet says that is why I have brought you here, to learn the truth. That there is a border Pasha Sinanzade Mehmet, has refused his orders and is hiding like a coward in Bursa. Zulfikar says he knows. Ahmet tells him to choose his most trusted men and go secretly into Anadolu , be his eyes and ears, and find out the truth and bring the Pasha to him.

    Alex awaits Ahmet in the garden and Ana approaches him and says you lied to me, you got scared, you coward! I almost died because of you. He says look at my face Nasya, I swear, I ran from the barracks that night, but I was caught. She says, but I trusted you! You promised! He says I did promise, and I will keep it, I will help you! I will open that door, and you will return to your home. She says, if you don’t come again…He replies, I will come, I said. Why do you not believe me. I will come, I said, now go! She goes into the flowers and Ahmet arrives.

    Ahmet says you got in trouble again didn’t you, acemi? Alex replies it happened while practicing. He says, actually…the truth is, I left the palace at night…I was curious about the city, I wanted to walk around, and a woman came out of nowhere in front of me. Ahmet says haha, and she brought you to this condition? Alex says I got hurt trying to save her. Ahmet says, then the practice isn’t working is it Iskender? They beat you badly didn’t they? Alex jokingly says you should have seen what I did to them J

    Halime says to Dervish – there was no better time for you to become Grand Vizier, but you weren’t chosen. Dervish basically says he is not after power. Halime says basically she is in awe at his loyalty and she tells him I told you so many times about the Girays, but you didn’t believe me. Now you saw what his brother did.  Who knows what else is happening and we have no idea about it. Mehmet says if you think it is so dangerous, then you should stay away from all this. She says, how can one stay away from danger in this palace? There is death lurking in every corner Dervish. In every corner…

    We see a building being built and Safiye is announced and she says that Ahmet has chosen this palace for her, and she should look at it. Bulbul talks about different design ideas he has.

    Safiye says let’s look at the other rooms. Fahriye looks around and we see that one of the workers there is actually Shahin, he says to her, listen to what I have to say because we don’t have much time…if Mehmet goes to Crimea he goes to his death. But there is a way for you to meet him and save him. He takes out the bottle and says you can do this to those who hurt you and Mehmet…and She says get out you lowly, traitor. He says, my brother is doing to die for you. Dervish has a head today, and tomorrow may also lose his head. Then you will just be given to another old pasha. Is this what you want? To live like this? She says whatever is in my fate, that is what happens! He says, fate – is fate to lower your neck and take injustice, oppression. The slave girls in the harem are happier, more fortunate than you. When the time comes they can rule the harem – even the state! You are a Sultana, from blood! And you call what you live through fate? Has the time not to come to change this?

    Alex tells his little friend Ali, I have to find a way out, he can’t go out the doors, and the walls are too high to climb over. Ali has an idea he says, a rope will come in handy, we can lower you down and then bring you back up again after.

    Ana tells Golge, don’t worry he will come this time, I believe he will. Shayeste says please take me with you. Ana says I am not going anywhere. Sheyeste says please, I have no future here, please. Mayfiruze steps out of the doorway and says, Sheyeste I have been waiting since morning, hurry up.

    Fahriye is back in her room and looks at the potion in her hands.

    Bulbul has brought the Circassian girl to the Sultan. Meanwhile, Safiye asks Cennet if the girls have dried up, why none of the girls has become pregnant. Bulbul and Cennet comment that every night a girl goes, Handan chooses them… if Ana hurries up maybe she can beat the rest to it. Safiye says well if she has, the child will be as beautiful as her. Ana says I am not pretty, I am ugly, everyone makes fun of me. Safiye says look at what she is sad about and tells Cennet to call someone named Pervane and then she takes Ana with her and says you have not yet been with Ahmet have you? I see love in your eyes…Ana says how does someone know they are in love. Safiye says you know when you see their face when you close your eyes, when you see them in your dreams…Ana sees a beautiful red gown and Safiye notices her looking at it and says did you like it. Ana says I have never seen such a beautiful gown. Safiye says it is a Genovese gift, it is yours from now on. Ana says it is precious I cannot…Safiye says this beauty will only make you a cariye…you must use your beauty with your brains and heart. Pervane agha has arrived!  

    He works his wonders and fixes her hair and curls it up with the hot irons of that era and then asks if she likes it. She asks how did it? He says there is so and so woman I used her hair hahah just kidding, everyone has a talent, this is my talent J

    Ana is happy with her new hair.  Cennet arrives and Ana tells her that Mayfiruze has gotten her own room and now there is a new girl joining her in her rooms, her name is Rasha, and she is the latest gozde of the Sultan.

    Handan is with Halime and Handan says that Fahriye has accepted her fate, what else could she do, Halime comments that women who are in love are braver, more courageous. Handan asks if Halime is worried Fahriye will find out that she is the one who exposed her secret and that she will take revenge? But she might have already found out. Halime says she is not scared of anyone but God. Handan says she did whatever she did for her son and will do whatever it takes. Halime asks if she would rid of Dervish, for example? Handan asks where this is coming from? Halime says, I sometimes visit to chat with him and try to find out what he is thinking…what he is feeling. But it is impossible to find out…nothing works. Handan says stop putting doubt in my heart Halime! I have no doubt in his loyalty. Halime says, so is that why you prevented his becoming grand vizier? Just then, Mustafa says he wants to see his brother, and he orders but he isn’t listened to.

    Fahriye goes out with the poison in her hand.  She meets with Ahmet and says, that love had blinded her, like an illness, she fell into it’s claws and she had lowered herself and crossed limits, please forgive her. Ahmet says he won’t change his decision.  She says I just wish you beg your forgiveness. Please forgive. He nods and she says, with your permission (I have something for you), and a plate of sweets (marzipan) is brought before him. And he says when I was a kid you would make it and send it to me I remember.  The taster has come to taste it in case, and claims it is safe. Fahriye says well childhood is over, you are no longer my nephew, you are my Hunkar – but it is the same sweets…

    Poor Ahmet eats the marzipan…Just then, little Mustafa arrives and Ahmet offers to Mustafa, and he eats it and she says don’t eat anymore, it makes your stomach ache!

    Ana is sleeping, and apparently dreams about Ahmet and herself in the bath…then we see her wake up she gets up and drinks some water.

    We see Ana in the new dress she looks at herself in the mirror and admires what she sees. She puts on perfume, lays on the couch and thinks of Ahmet.

    She runs down the hall and tells Dudu she wishes to see the Sultan. Dudu says what do you call that place? Secret garden …that’s where he is. Ahmet is in the garden working and she enters and she says I see you in my dreams!

    Later he is asleep in bed with her beside him and she gets up to leave. It makes her sad, but she is going to run again.

    Meanwhile, his little friend tells him be careful or you might break a few bones, just then he notices his other friend (I believe his name is Ali, I get the names of his friends confused) has come to help and says I couldn’t sleep thought I’d get some air.

    Ana is getting ready, and Shayeste is there and says thank you for accepting to take me along, you will be saving my life again. Meanwhile, we see a figure inside a boat and it is Dervish.

    Ana and her friends make their way down the tunnel and Golge says, I cannot continue from here forward, they will notice I am gone…Ana hugs her saying you were my only friend. The two girls are about to go and Sheyeste says I wish Golge came with us. Ana says she could have run away a long time if she wanted. But her life is here (she’s been here all her life)…she does not know any place else. Shayeste asks if Golge brought her. Ana says yes, I hated her first, but then I loved her…and later…Shayeste says, who did you love next? Ana says, Sultan Ahmet…

    The door opens and Alex is there. I came, like I said. I kept my promise.

    Shahin is sitting at a desk when Dervish arrives. Shahin says, do you recall the first time I met you? You came to me in a Meyhane pub, while you were drunk and out of control. Dervish says what do you want from me? Shahin continues, you told me everything that ngiht…that when the Ottomans recruited you, you had no shoes on, your feet were bare, you had a sack on your back (you were wearing a sack), - that is why they called you Dervish after that. Your childhood was filled with so much poverty that one day you found a coin on the ground. Your only wealth. You were so happy you didn’t know what to do, you kept it in your pocket for so many years. Eventually you made it to the janissary barracks and you wore a shoe for the first time in your life and you told me that everyone stared at you with hatred. The next day you came and gave me that coin as a sign of your loyalty. I asked you what you feared the most, you said that you feared living as a nobody and being forgotten. Dervish says I am not afraid of anything anymore. Shahin says because I showed you the way out - saved you from being nothing. Dervish says, you did it for your own benefit shahin – to poison Sultan Mehmet and take the throne yourself. Shahin says you wanted that too, but you betrayed me.

    Dervish says, betrayal? Betrayal is a powerful feeling, it could only be felt between friends. We were never friends, Shahin Giray. You wanted Sultan Ahmet to get on the throne and you got what you wanted. He slides the coin back. Shahin says yes, I wanted that day, but now the bad news is that I want Sultan Ahmet to be gone as well. He slides the coin back. Everything is finished…your Hunkar is dying.

    (So we know now that Dervish was involved in killing Ahmet’s father Mehmet, but is still loyal to Ahmet).

    Ahmet looks ill. Ana meanwhile looks back and then runs but stops again and looks back and Alex wonders what is going on. Ana, don’t be afraid everything is finished you will be reunited with your family. She says, forgive me Alex. I cannot do this. I cannot leave Sultan Ahmet. I belong to him. And she runs back.

    Ahmet is clearly ill and calls for Ana and then collapses.


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