• Kosem Sultan Episode 5 Trailer 1 Translation

    Ahmet: Choose your most trusted men, and go secretly to Anadolu – to find out the truth.

    Ahmet: We rulers must reward loyalty and punish treachery otherwise our word won’t have any weight.

    Fahriye: You think your word (order) has any weight? Safiye Sultan (my mother) manages the state!

    Halime: You are the Valide Sultan. Realize your power, otherwise, we cannot keep up with her.

    Safiye: This beauty will only make you a cariye. If you want to be more, than your beauty needs to be intertwined with your mind and your heart!

    Halime: there is death lurking in every corner!

    Shahin: Everything is over. Your hunkar is in the jaws/claws of death.

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