• Kosem Sultan Episode 6 Translation

    While Ahmet is passed out on the floor, Anastasia is walking back and Shayeste catches up with her saying well where will I go without you,, what will I do all alone in this big city?  Anastasia is pleased to hear this and asks her to forgive her.  Then, Shayeste asks her, well what kind of love is this? What happened to (when you said) ‘the Hunkar can be yours!’ you will tell me everything about it. Then they hear dogs and guards with muskets. Shayeste falls, but is hit. Anastasia leaves her and runs to the door, where Golge gets her.

    Anastasia hurries back to the harem and into her room, and there are footsteps and Haci agha has arrived and orders her caught and when Ana says she has not done anything, he says that she can tell it to Valide Sultan.

    As doctors see to Ahmet, his mother who is standing in the room asks where Dervish is while her son is ill and she is told that he had left the palace and no one knows where he went. Haci enters and tells them that one of the girls has been caught running away from the palace and the guards caught her. Dudu asks who it was and Haci answers Shayeste and that according to witnesses, there was one other girl along with her, and that that she got away and they didn’t recognize her, but that they heard her name. Anastasia is then brought inside. Handan says you were with my son at night, oh no! This is not illness, this is poison!!!! She has poisoned my son and run off! Anastasia is bewildered and doesn’t know what’s going on, she says what happened to him?! Handan says, tell us what poison you used so the doctors can use an antidote! Ana says I don’t know, I did not do anything! Dudu asks why she ran away then. Handan orders she be interrogated and beaten until she speaks.

    Ana is whipped by Cennet and she says she has not done anything. Dudu asks her who gave you the poison? Ana says she did not do it. Dudu says you were the one who was with our Hunkar last and you exited in the night and the aghas asked you why and you said the Hunkar had sent you out. Ana says Cennet kalfa you know, I would never do this. Cennet asks Dudu, where would she get poison from to give to him? Dudu says if you know something Cennet, speak up! Cennet says I do not know anything, but she is innocent.  Dudu asks then why did she run away? Hmm? Ana says, I did run away…I ran away but I couldn’t do it. I changed my mind. Dudu orders her to be whipped again.

    In the morning, Safiye is looking at Ahmet, and we hear Handan speaking to Dervish on the balcony telling him that she had entrusted her son to him and that while her son was being poisoned where was he? He says please forgive me. Safiye steps towards them and says, if it was poison it would have made itself obvious already. Handan says well what else could it be? The girl you gifted to our Hunkar was caught running away! Safiye says did she admit to the crime? Do you have some evidence against her? No you do not. Do not blame an innocent cariye without knowing anything. Handan asks Safiye if she is afraid of what the “innocent” cariye might say against her? Safiye replies, I will pretend I didn’t hear that, you do not know what you are saying in your state of sadness. Handan says, no, I do know what I am saying, my son was poisoned and whoever did this is amongst us this moment!

    Bulbul agha enters one of the aghas rooms wondering why he isn’t awake and then discovers the agha has smallpox. Bulbul is horrified! Who wouldn’t be? He rushes off.

    Fahriye asks Halime how little Mustafa is doing and she says fine, he is sleeping but why are you asking and Fahriye says there is illness hovering about the palace. Handan mumbles to Dervish about how the other women are huddled together waiting for her son to die like that Just then Bulbul arrives shouting that calamity has befallen them and that one of the aghas is dead, if you see his face! And to be careful and stay away! “This is not a poisoning Sultanim! This is smallpox…smallpox virus!”

    Safiye orders everyone to get out at once and the doctors notice marks on Ahmet’s arm.  Handan cries out and wants to reach out to her son but Dervish pulls her away.

    Everyone is in the hallway and Dervish springs into action and orders that Haci agha to protect the sultanas and shehzade Mustafa and that everyone in the harem is to be examined and that even suspiscion of smallpox is enough.  Safiye tells Dervish that no one must learn of Ahmet’s condition, because if they hear then there will be rebellion and they won’t be able to stop anyone. Halime says she is going to check her son.

    Meanwhile Anastasia is being beaten. Cennet goes to her and says why are you still quiet, why did you run away, who helped you, at least say that, you are gonna kill yourself!

    Meanwhile, we see Anastasia’s father get off a ship and he says “were are you Anastasia?”

    Alex has returned to the barracks and his friends ask where he has been, and to tell them, where is Anastasia? Did he take her? Alex replies that she changed her mind about running away and returned to the palace. What? You risked your life and she changed her mind? Alex says, she couldn’t…she has fallen in love. He rips off the ribbon and stuffs it under his pillow. But why did she want to run away then? The other guy says he will tell the aghas if they don’t shut up.

    Halimem goes to check on her son, checking his forehead for fever and his body for marks. He wakes up and asks if it is morning. Halime says, it is your morning my lion cub, God will make your sun rise for you…you will get out of the darkness of the well like Prophet Yusuf peace upon him…basically she says “your time to shine.”

    Dudu meanwhile is having the harem girls clean with vinegar.  She orders the aghas that no one is to exit without permission. They check everything, and everyone.

    Outside, Dervish goes to where the Pashas stand waiting and tells them that the Divan will convene without the Sultan today. He is asked if the Hunkar is well, to which he responds, he is, but he wants to rest today and work in his chambers, then he takes his leave, but the grand vizier says he wishes to accompany him because he wants to speak with the Sultan, Dervish replies well the Sultan does not want to be disturbed in anyway and then he leaves.

    Anastasia finds herself in the dungeons and shouts get me out of here, take me to Sultan Ahmet, I am his gozde, he will take your heads! Open the doors. But the agha ignores her.

    Cennet arrives with food and tells her to stop shouting and that the Hunkar cannot hear her, and Ana asks what happened to him, who poisoned him.  Cennet responds that no one did anything, it wasn’t poison and that he has fallen ill and caught smallpox virus and that he will probably not live.

    Meanwhile, Halime enters Safiye’s room and Safiye tells her to come close. Bulbul asks the other women to leave and Safiye asks how Mustafa is and Halime says the doctors have taken all the precautions. Safiye presents her with a special kaftan with inscriptions on it and says God will protect him, that from now on he is the only hope and future of the dynasty, as she is aware the Hunkar’s condition is not good. Halime says, God protect him, but I have not heard anyone living out the smallpox virus and that ‘this must be our Hunkar’s fate. Safiye smiles and says there is no need for fakery and that it is obvious halime is pleased; it is visible in her eyes – that she is so excited to be Valide Sultan. Halime asks her why did you call me? Not to share your pain as it seems, let us agree that you also do not want Sultan Ahmet, because Dervish and Handan broke your order am I right? Safiye says it is obvious you will follow Handan’s path and make me an enemy. Halime responds she needs no one to follow, from the day she has come to the palace she is on her own path and tells her to be certain it will once again be this way.

    Meanwhile, Cennet takes a look at Ana’s wounds and comments it was all for nothing and that a doctor should take a look at it. Ana says she does not want a doctor, she wants the Sultan asks her to take her to him and take her out of the dungeon as she did not poison him, she has committed no crime. Cennet says,  yes you did not poison him, but you ran away from the palace and that’s why you are being punished.  Handan doesn’t care and our Hunkar isn’t around…today or tomorrow you will be drowned. Ana tells her to go talk to Safiye, tell her to get me out, to save me. Cennet says I will tell her, she will run to bring you haha – no, the only reason why you were valuable to Safiye was because of our Hunkar, and he is no longer… to make a long story story short little hatun – you are alone now.

    Safiye meanwhile tells Halime you are an intelligent woman,  you know what is necessary to get your son on the throne. Halime says of course today is not the day for enmity; let the past remain for the past. I always look at the future, the important thing is my son, and for his safety I will do whatever is necessary. Safiye approaches her and says you will pledge loyalty/allegiance to me, you will respect me, you will not be like Handan, otherwise you will not see your son get on the throne. Halime says, my son to get on the throne – I have no other wish besides this.

    Halime’s servant asks her what happened inside and Halime says that Safiye knows what is coming and wanted to make alliance, but that the day she becomes Valide Sultan, Safiye will leave the palace and on the way shall die (be killed).

    Ahmet’s condition is the same and Handan watches from the balcony, her servant tells her to go back to her room, eat, rest otherwise she will become weak. Dervish arrives and tells her that he relayed to the pashas, and they know nothing of the matter, but it will be difficult to hide and that sooner or later they will find out and haci says if rebellion breaks out no one can stop them. Handan says I don’t care if the world burns, if Ahmet should die.

    Shahin is with Mehmet and he tells him you are going to be staying in the dungeons for a while, but I wouldn’t complain, it’s safer in here than out there because smallpox has broken out – it will get them all. Mehmet asks if Shahin had something to do with the illness. Shahin replies: I am the illness itself! I have come to this earth to finish the House of Osman!  Mehmet responds, I can’t believe you Shahin! You think only the padishah will die? Everyone will die because of you! Shahin responds saying Fahriye is fine; for sure she has taken precautions to protect herself. Mehmet asks how he accomplished the task – how he was able to smuggle this matter all the way into the Hasoda (Chamber of the sultan/Privy Chamber).  Shahin responds that there where there is a will, there is always a way, the important thing is to find that way and to choose who can go on it. Then he says that at the end I will become the ruler of the world, and you will be the Han of Crimea and we will rule the three continents.  Mehmet says (and what about) Shehzade Mustafa? While he is alive, you really think the Sultanate will be given to you? Shahin says, yes, that is exactly the reason – it is Shehzade Mustafa’s turn. Do not worry my brother, I will get you out of here in a short time.

    Safiye has come to the Sultan’s room and asks what the condition is, and Handan says that she need not fear, there is little probably of recovery and Safiye tells her go to your room, you are not in a good state, go rest, otherwise you will fall ill. Handan says, you are very strong, your power and strength remain and hints about her meeting with Halime. Safiye responds I simply warned her about taking precautions for Mustafa to protect from illness. Handan replies we both know the truth, I know what you spoke of with Halime…you made a deal to get sh. Mustafa on the throne because you had done the same with me at one point. Safiye says if only you had listened to me then. Handan says, maybe Halime will listen to you, and you will live together happily. I pray that when my son is recovered, your happiness (will smite you?)

    Fahriye is approached by an agha who tells her Shahin has come to see her in the main gardens. Bulbul then approaches her and says that Safiye was looking for her and Fahriye says she will be in the gardens. Bulbul tells her she should perhaps not go what with the illness raging everywhere…

    Haci startles Bulbul and scolds him he says, oh you are here and jokes with him saying you look ill, and your eyes are affected, come closer do you have a fever, bulbul tells him stop playing with him and runs to the mirror to frantically look at himself, while praying to God then he says look I’m fine, I don’t have the illness! Haci pulls out a napkin and covers his mouth and says that is not clear…you found the agha who died…we must put you in quarantine! He laughs and Bulbul is angry and says I am not sick! Haci says, then since you are well, get back to work then. Bulbul prays, thanking God.

    Safiye comes across Cennet and asks if anyone else was found to be ill and to be careful and Cennet responds don’t worry we have taken precautions, only poor Mahfiruze was found ill and we have put her in quarantine.  Golge signs to Safiye and safiye asks Cennet what she is saying. Cennet tells her that Golge says that Mahpeyker is still in the dungeons, and then Cennet adds, I just spoke to her too, she asks for your help to get out. Safiye says, with all these troubles, are we to worry about her? Leave her there.

    Shahin meets Fahriye and she immediately asks to make sure Mehmet doesn’t know what she did and Shahin asks why the need of secrecy? Let him know of your sacrifice so he can know your loyalty to him. Fahriye says “no, he is not to know under any circumstance, I am a traitor who has blood on her hands” Shahin says to her that the torture of the conscience is worse than smallpox, but the arrow has left the bow and that she should think of her own future, Fahriye says what future,  I ruined everything…God knows I didn’t want to do it…and now Shehzade Mustafa…he shall fall ill too.

    Golge goes to see Ana but the agha says no, it’s forbidden. Ana begs Golge to get her out. The agha tells Golge you cannot, it is forbidden. Golge hits the guy and goes to Ana and tells her you and I, we will run away together. Ana says no, I can’t run away, I cannot leave Sultan Ahmet and go anywhere!”

    There is a knock on Ana’s father’s door wherever he is staying and he asks Hassan the guy who brings him food that he wishes to go to the slave market, he is looking for a girl. Hassan misunderstands and says don’t worry I can ask someone to have a girl sent up to you. Ana’s father says no, I am looking for my daughter, to look for her. I do not know where she is, whether or not she is alive, but I made a promise to her mother that until I find her there is no return. Help me and he hands the boy some coins.

    Ana approaches Ahmet’s door and tells the aghas she wishes to see Ahmet, and when haci arrives and says how has this hatun gotten out and did you let her out Golge? Ana tells him that Ahmet will recover and when he opens his eyes he will ask for her and asks him what he will say to him? Haci says how will YOU answer for running away, did we put you in the prison for nothing? Throw her back in the prison. Ana turns to the aghas and say touch me and I will kill you first! Dervish then arrives and asks what is going on. Haci tells him she has lost her mind and he will deal with her, Ana says please my Pasha, let me see him, if you want afterwards you can throw me in the dungeons or if you want to kill me then you may do that. Dervish says, leave her, whoever is precious to our Hunkar, is precious to us, nothing shall happen to her. Ana says, I shall never forget your goodness to me, never! Anastasia peeks through the window of the balcony watching as the doctors fuss over him.

    She cries and recalls telling Ahmet about Pervane fixing her hair and asks if it is pretty and then says oh you didn’t like it, and Ahmet says no, the Pervane (butterfly) you speak of, I am that, attracted to the fire (of your hair).  He says your love has made me mad. She says, is that why you are everyday having a different halvet, I saw, Rasha hatun had come.

    Then Handan notices her there and she says kindly, your back is wounded, go to your room, let the doctors examine you, she says while our Hunkar is like this, no, is there no hope my Sultana? No hope at all? Handan says there is always hope in God, the doctors are doing what they can, and we are praying. But...everyone is waiting for him to die…especially your most-loved safiye. Ana says no, she loves him very much. Handan says, no the only thing she loves is power…she has already put him in his grave, and is preparing to put sh. Mustafa on the throne.

    Ana looks at Golge who nods.

    Shahin is speaking to a man saying he has no time for coffee, before he goes off, he wanted to say goodbye to some friends…and the guy asks to where? Shahin wants to go somewhere far away from the Capitol…the guy asks where because a heavy winter is coming? But why? The man asks? What kind of winter is that? Shahin says, you didn’t hear it from me but I got very bad news from the palace, the Sultan and sh. Mustafa are taken ill….with smallpox.

    Safiye wonders how Ana has gotten out of the dungeon.  Ana says because I am precious to the Sultan, no one can punish me. When he is recovered, what will they say to him? Safiye says, where was your mind prior to running away? Ana replies, I wanted to return to my home, to my family, yes, but it didn’t happen. I couldn’t do it, one thing stopped me: Sultan Ahmet. I love him more than everything. My heart is his. That is why I changed my mind and returned to him. Safiye says I wish my grandson had heard these words..but it is too late. Ana says how quickly you lost hope…he is not dead yet, he will recover, but you want the shehzade…you want to put him on the throne. Safiye says, my son Mehmed left, Ahmet came, now if Ahmet goes, Mustafa will have to come… we Sultanas have no time to mourn, for the State’s sake, we will even turn our backs on our own children. Ana replies, I will not become this kind of Sultana. I do not want it. I will be with conscience. Saf says, oh so you want to be Sultana? How sad, you are late.  Just then, she passes out and Safiye says take her away.

    Meanwhile Mustafa says he is bored and wants to go out to play and is told that they can play together later when work is all done. Halime tells him he looks so handsome and that he will soon become Padishah , more powerful than his brother.  Mustafa asks if the aghas will obey him once he becomes Padishah. His sister says leave alone the aghas, the whole world will bow before us. Mustafa asks what will happen to his brother and says to his mother “give him medicine too, so he doesn’t die’  The servant comments may God protect him and then says, after all these years we shall be happy, and Halime says in a little while her son will get on the throne and she will become the most powerful Sultana the world has ever seen, I will rule the world, Dilruba will be with me and you too, I will make you my head treasurer/secretary.

    Rasha asks why Ana is back and says she heard Ana had poisoned the sultan. Cennet tells her to shut up. Golge looks after Ana.

    Ana’s father is brought to the slave market and he looks at the girls standing there and asks a man for a girl named Anastasia, his daughter who was kidnapped. The man tells his men to take him away, but he cries “ I am senior Enzo, I am wealthy! Tell me where she is and I will give more. The man asks who kidnapped does he have a name? Enzo replies, that they had a drawing in their hands, my daighter’s drawing. The man tells him that many girls come and go, if lucky, she will be taken by Pashas and Beys, if not then she will go the pub.  

    Meanwhile, the man who met with Shahin, Soloman Efendi speaks with some other men and tells them the Padishah has fallen ill and have they not heard? Everyone says no….what illness? He says, smallpox and worse than this, sh. Mustafa caught it too! Shahin peeks and is happy to see everyone’s shock at hearing such news.

    Safiye meets with Pashas and tells them that if the word gets to the soldiers it will mean calamity and that Sh. Mustafa needs to get on the throne at once. One pasha remarks that without Ahmet actually dying they cannot do such a thing, the soldiers will want to see the Sultans dead body and Safiye responds saying if we need, we can use yours! They aren’t gonna open the casket and peek! The other pasha says you know best, but I see it beneficial to wait. Safiye says yes, we shall wait, but, the moment we see hint of rebellion, then we must act. We must keep sh. Mustafa in the old palace until then, and we must protect him. A pasha says how Halime sultan must have loved this. Safiye says, yes, very much…one would have to be stupid to not see the hate in her eyes. The moment she gets the seal she will want to exile us or worse, so we must be rid of her immediately.

    Halime goes to see Dervish and asks why he stays that death is just one door away and he replies that death comes and no one can stop it and she retorts, it is their deaths, not ours. He says ours? She says, very soon, sh. Mustafa will get on the throne…I can give you the position you wish. You can become Grand vizier and we can rule this State together.  He chuckles, and says and what would I have to do in return for this? She says for my sh.ehzades sake, he must get on the throne…lessen our Hunkar’s pain (ie. Kill him now) and let us awaken to a happy day tomorrow. He says, I do not know what I did to deseve this kind of talk, and to even think of this low offer of yours is an embarrassment to me. She says the outcome is clear – the doctors may give him a week to live or two, and he says no one knows the outcome except God. Our Hunkar is alive and as long as he is, I am with him.

    He goes to the balcony and peeks through the window at his king.

    Anastasia wakes up in pain and looks at Rasha, and wakes her up saying you are sweating Rasha, are you ill? Rasha says I am not sick, please don’t tell anyone they will think I have smallpox.

    Halime meanwhile tells Menekshe her servant that there is no benefit for them from Safiye and that she will attack them any moment she gets an opportunity and will try to kill her, and for this they must get Dervish on her side. Menekshe says it is impossible and Halime responds maybe not today but tomorrow when Ahmet dies then what shall he do? Then her servant reminds her that he is still engaged to Fahriye sultan so he may work with her, Halime says we must do whatever it takes, send word to the Pashas, I wish to speak to them one by one. Then Dilruba arrives and says that Dudu hatun came and took Mustafa away. Halime rushes off.

    Meanwhile, the doctor says to Handan that the Sultan is still in danger but he says Nasya. Halime asks where her son has been taken and Handan replies he has gone to the heir to the throne room for safety it is better for him to be there.  Halime remarks that she knows who advised her to do that and she looks at Dervish, my son will be taken away from me and be killed right? Dervish says that with an illness like this around, there are precautions that must be taken.  Halime says is it a precaution to remove a son from his mother? Handan says as Valide I make the decisions, you can see your son when you want. Halime says which Valide Sultan are you talking about? Do you not see? Your sultanate is over! Over before it even began!

    Mustafa is in the room and his mother comes to see him and he asks if he is to stay here and she says we are going don’t worry I won’t leave you to anyone. Then she notices he   is feverish and he says he is shivering and she sees spots. She goes crazy saying please open your eyes and she rushes out carrying him with her. She shouts for the doctors. He passes out. She shouts what you waiting for? GET THE DOCTORS! She begs him to open his eyes. He is taken away. The harem girls, including Ana see what is happening. Halime prays for her son.

    The harem girls start saying oh no, what will happen to us, we’ll catch it too, another says they will sell us in the market again…Ana is fed up and shouts ENOUGH! Enough already, silence! Our Hunkar is not dead, shehzade is not dead! A girl says has anyone outlived smallpox that they would outlive it? Ana says, yes its possible! If mighty Allah wants it, anything can happen! Don’t be sad, instead pray!

    Fahriye is told about Mustafa. She feels awful (well what did you expect lol Fahriye?) Safiye finds out and is worried.  Bulbul calls for some medicine. She says, it is over Bulbul…after three centuries our family has come to an end. Bulbul says, my sultana, may God keep you with us,
    We have dealt with some crazy storms in your company…you will come out of this one too.  She says she will think of something, but there is a limit to her power…this kind of test only God can help.

    We hear shahin say the time has come, the end of the Sultante of the sons of Osman is nigh.

    The Celali traitors are encamped somewhere and the leader is brought a letter from Shahin who has written that he has kept his side of the bargain as he promised, and that both Ahmet and Mustafa have caught smallpox and are a single breath away from death. He finished the letter by saying, and now it is your turn. The leader tells Kara Sayit to start preparations as they will march on the Capitol soon. Kara says yes, but something is on my mind for a while now. We have fought for years for what so that Shahin Giray can sit on the throne?   Happy old man says, the only throne Shahin Giray is fit for is the Crimean one. “We are the actual masters of the great State.”

    Shahin is in the gardens meeting with Safiye telling her that he wishes to explain his reason for seeing her. He then says the most powerful, precious of all the Sultanas that have come and gone is you…this state has been on it’s feet because of you all these years. She replies, that it is her duty to advise the Padishah and work for the state.  He says I have ome for this reason, for you to show me the way. If our Hunkar and our Shehzade pass, then other than from the Family of Cengiz, who can keep this State on its feet? Safiye responds saying, everyone should pray for their recovery, and you pray for cure for your troubles so that your head doesn’t fall to your feet. Shahin says there is a son of a Han in front of you, the pure blood of Cengiz Han flows through my veins, do not confuse me with others because I am not your servant. Bulbul says how dare you speak to a Sultana this way, aghas get him! But Safiye stops him. Shahin continues, telling her that he has come with good intentions, if she helps him then she will retain her power and she says you have taken to into account everything have you…as if it is certain what befalls our Hunkar.  And he says, before accusing me, you should know who is in on this crime…then she says whoever did it, will die. He says, oh even if it is your daughter Fahriye? How do you think they caught smallpox? Your daughter chose love…she even betrayed her own nephew for it... Bulbul shouts at him, you insolent! How dare you throw such a lowly accusation on a Sultana! Shahin says, you can make up your mind after you speak with Fahriye Sultan whether it is a lie or truth.

    Ana tells Cennet to help her see the Sultan because he needs her and Cennet replies don’t tire your mouth, no one but doctors can see him. Do you want to die, it is contagious you would die. Ana says if he dies, I will have died anyway. Rasha drops to the ground and Cennet calls for aghas and tells the other girls not to get close.

    Fahriye is walking and Bulbul tells her Safiye awaits her in her room saying it was important.

    Ana rushes into Ahmet’s room and asks him to wake up and he does and he asks why she is here and tells her to get out or she will get it and she says please let me stay with you…he say no, you must leave. She says no I will not leave, you said to me that my home is here with you, wherever you are, that is where I shall be, isn’t that what you said to me? Handan watches all this through the window. She says, I will die if you are no more, so please let me stay here with you, whatever our fate is, that is what will happen.

    Dudu arrives with Haci and Handan asks how Anastasia entered ‘ does she wish to die, is she crazy?” Dudu says she will get her out at once and Handan replies let her stay, maybe she will be a means for his cure. Haci tells Handan that Rasha is pregnant and Dudu explains that they thought she was ill, but then found out she is pregnant. Handan is happy she waited for months for this news and it comes finally, while her son is in the jaws of death.

    Fahriye arrives to see her mother who motions for her to get close. Fahriye does and Saf asks everyone to leave them alone.

    Pashas are talking amongst each other saying that now the shehzades is ill now what? One of them says well there is always from the family of Cengiz, one of them can be chosen. Another says, well there is always Sokollu Mehmet son Ibrahim, who was married to Sultan Selim’s daughter Esmahan Sultan…then the other says, I understand you are recommending your relative but the line must come from the males.  They sheikh says there is Konya Celebi, who comes from the direct line of the Mevlana (Rumi).  Thank God the state is not without anyone, we can discuss and give the best decision.

    Dervish watches and then Shahin arrives.  Dervish tells him, your name should not be Shahin (translates as Falcon) but your name should be vulture/scavenging crow.  “You are circling for days, but I will drown you in blood. “ Shahin tells him you should be saving yourself because there is little time left for the Sultanate and this silence is not a good sign…and Dervish says no matter how many dogs there in the palace, I got rid of all of them, but one remains…who helped you? Safiye Sultan? Shahin says it could be anyone…and why are you so sad, did we not want to do this years ago…I would be on the throne, you would be grand vizier…Dervish tells the men to throw Shahin out and not let him inside again.

    Safiye tells Fahriye, you are the reason all this calamity has befallen us…you got your nephew and Hunkar nephew sick with smallpox. SLAP. How could you do this…they are your nephews…your blood…you threw our family into the fire for a love, a fire which will burn us…how could you have committed this treachery? HOOOOOWWWWW? How?

    Fahriye says, I am your daughter, I learned from you to protect myself and think of myself no matter what!

    Mustafa is very ill, calls for his mother who watches through the window and says I am here! Her servant comes and she asks if she has seen the medicine woman? Find her she is the only one who has the solution for this illness.

    Fahriye is stuck in her room.

    Bulbul announces Safiye. She has come to see Mehmet Giray and she says that she knows about the secret love and that she thought love had made him blind, but that is not the case, and she accuses him of using Fahriye against her family. Mehmet says he doesn’t understand and his feelings for Fahriye are true and he would die for her and he doesn’t know what is going on. And she asks about Shahin and if he knows about his doings…then she tells him how Shahin approached her to support him for the throne.  Mehmet says I apologize on his behalf if has done something. Safiye then asks him, my daughter is ready to sacrifice for you…and you? What are you ready to do for her?

    Menekshe, Halime’s servant overhears Haci telling Rasha she is being taken to Edirne, and she asks how long will she be there, and what Ahmet dies, haci says then what is in your belly-  if it is a boy of course - will be the last hope for the dynasty.

    Menekshe tells Halime what she heard that she is pregnant and is being taken to Edirne for her safety. Halime comments oh so Handan’s sun is rising while mine is setting yeah? Safiye Sultan will love this news.

    Ahmet asks Ana if she not afraid of the sickness and she asks if he is, he says is afraid of not being able to fulfill his dreams …that Mustafa is too small…and he doesn’t want to leave him. Ahmet asks oh no, is Mustafa is okay? Ana reassures him don’t worry he is fine.

    Ana says close your eyes and then she says, there was a big war and you have won it. You are returning on your horse…everyone is on the way, the have come out to see you. The whole city is happy, their bellies are full. Don’t laugh, no opening your eyes. You are out on the streets, everyone is smiling at you, throwing flowers on your way…they shout Long live! And you…you return to me. He continues, you are waiting in the secret garden for me…with the Jasmine flowers, which mix with your smells, they smell better with you. Then I hug you…I am so fortunate, God, thank you!

    Dervish approaches Handan and tells her to rest in her room. She asks for him to find poison, she cannot ask anyone but him. He says, my Sultana…she says, it is the biggest sin, she will burn in hell….she is not strong enough to bury her son while he is still alive. He says no,  I won’t let anyone do it!

    Rasha is smiling, sitting in a carriage on her way when they stop and she peeks through the lattice window to see fiery arrows hitting the carriage and men rushing down to attack.

    Menekshe tells Halime that she did her bidding, and that the Celali bandits have attacked Rasha’s entourage. Halime says good, since my son may die, then may this palace crumble, this dome fall, etc. etc.

    Shahin meets Safiye who says you made me an offer, we thought of it and made a decision, only and only – if the Sultan and shehzade die, then Safiye sultan will support the family of Cengiz. Shahin is happy and says be certain you will not regret choosing me. Safiye says, there is something important to figure out first…not you, but we have chosen your brother Mehmet instead. And then she sees Mehmet approach with Fahriye…I did not want to keep him in the palace dungeons longer…because he is going to be my daughter’s husband to be, and my choice for the throne. Shahin does not know what to say for once J

    Dervish tells Handan that Safiye’s plans crumbled, but she always has different strategies…Handan asks what do you think she will do? Dervish says well, seeing as she got Mehmet Giray out of prison…it is clear she will support him.  Handan asks if this is possible and if it happens…Dervish says it can be possible if there is no son of Osman to take the throne. Handan says that Rasha is pregnant if it is a boy then what? Dervish says then there is hope and I would do my best to ensure he is heir. Haci says I do not know how to say this, but the Celali bandits attacked the carriages and killed everyone. Handan asks what they are going to do. Haci says the people await Sultan for Friday prayers and if he isn’t seen soon, they will think he has died. Dervish says don’t worry I will take care of it.

    The Janissary aghas are worried that trouble is brewing, Zulfikar is also not around as he went on that mission Ahmet had sent him on. Someone has come and the man that is tied up on the horse says to Zulfy, why are you bothering a pasha? Am I an enemy? Zulfy says well you should have thought of that when you were taking innocent heads instead of those of the Celali traitors! The pasha says you know nothing. Open my hands! Zulfy says whatever you can explain to the Sultan!

    Zulfy goes to see who is approaching and they see it is the Celali’s marching towards the Captiol when suddenly Kara Seyid comes from behind and says don’t worry, we’ll go to the Capitol together.  Zulfy asks who are you and he introduces himself and adds, finally the end of the sons of Osman has arrived.

    Handan asks how her son is from one of the doctors and then Ana exits the room and Handan says why has she exited? Do something, the illness shouldn’t spread! The doctor says it is a miracle the woman does not have smallpox…I will take her to the hospital and check her and bathe her and give her new clothing. Ana approaches and says, my Valide, our Hunkar will be okay, I believe it, and you believe it too, do not give up hope.

    In the harem, Cennet wonders why Ana has come and nthe doctor says do not be afraid, she has not caught it, she’s been in the room for days, and she hasn’t caught it. Bulbul wonders how. Golge is happy. Girls whisper wonders how she has escaped…

    Bulbul tells Safiye he is really in awe of her intellect and she responds, Mehmet is not like his brother, he knows value, is respectful…Bulbul says yes, you are right, Shahin’s gaze is crazy, he is angry. Safiye says look at what days we have fallen to…Bulbul says I know it is very bad but for the sake of the state, we would even drink poison if necessary.

    Fahriye tells her mother, I am indebted to you for saving Mehmet from the prisons and forgiving me. Safiye says I have not forgiven you!

    The public is being rowdy saying we want to see the Padishah? Where is the Padishah. The, pashas arrive and then Ahmet is announced, it is actually someone else and the people who have never seen him before, fall for the trick but then someone says no this is not the Padishah they are tricking us, wake up people! The Padishah is dead! The attack, the fake Sultan says hey I am innocent they forced me, don’t hurt me! Guards draw their swords and everything goes awry. Shahin smiles.

    Handan is in the hall when Hudai, the shaykh, arrives and apologizes saying he was away but came as soon as he heard… Handan tells him Ahmet is not well, I called you to pray for us..Hudai says, while the servant prays to his Lord, He answers and gives strength. Ana arrives and says, give me permission to stay with our Hunkar. She is permitted. Hudai asks how she is allowed to enter and Handan says she has been with him for days and she didn’t fall ill.  Hudai asks her to wait.  He unravels a cloth and hands a small amulet to put it at the head of the Sultans, that it will protect him through God’s Will.

    Ana takes it, enters the room, holds it to her chest and kisses the amulet and then places it next to him.

    Meanwhile, Mehmet enters a pub to see his brother and tells him that the outside world is in turmoil and he is here being entertained. Shahin replies saying the if the world burns it will be on the sons of Osman, not on us…although, you are one of them now…Mehmet tells him that Safiye did not leave him any other choice and this was his only way to get out of prison. Shahin says what did you accept? What did they ask you to sacrifice in stead? Me? Mehmet says how can you say that? Do you doubt me? I will fall under safiye sultan’s influence and I will turn my back on you? If that is the case Shahin then kill me now.

    Dervish arrives and reports to Handan that the rebellion has reached the inner gate and they are on the way to the Gate of Peace already. Hudai says don’t worry; we will do whatever we can. Dervish tells her the harem must leave for safety. Handan tells him that she will stay with her son, and will not go anywhere. 

    Shahin asks Mehmet if he hearst he noise. They walk to the window and peer out and see the trouble and says, if we stay strong and one, and do not fall into the trap of those who wish to place enmity between us then this will be part of the victory. They get outside and join the marchers

    Enzo meanwhile is also out and when the kid who helped him asked why he is out in this time of danger, he says his daughter is somewhere around and she needs her!

    Devlet speaks with the guard about the measures being taken…the guards, the artillery and the man asks, will we use cannons and guns against to stop the people? Dervish says I wish there was another way, but they have gone crazy!

    Ahmet calls out to Ana, she says she is with him.  Shes sees throught he window that his mother is in agony.

    The harem is packing up running off with whatever of their belongings they can gather. Dudu shouts for them to hurry! Bulbul tells Haci, if there is anything I have done to hurt you, please forgive me, for I do not know if I shall make it to hear the morning prayer! Haci says, you chose now to say that, but fine. They forgive each other and Bulbul says he must go see to Safiye.

    Ana approaches Handan and asks why she is alone, where are the cariyes and aghas? Handan replies that they she sent them to the cistern and then she tells Ana to go too, sooner or later the people will enter…

    A man outside shouts, they tricked you all, go and get their heads!

    Guards approach the palace and the acemi (recruits) are among the reserve.  One of the Janissary aghas say what are we waiting for lets stop them! The other says, we cannot spill blood without official order from our Hunkar.  Among the men, is Enzo who is watching, hoping he may find his daughter?

    Safiye is being told that her carriage is ready, she must go at once because they will want her head first and when asked where Fahriye is, Cennet says we sent word…Fahriye grabs the trinket Mehmet gave her.

    Halime says, death is here, at this door. Dudu tells her haven’t you heard, why are you still here?  You must go to the cistern! Her daughter says please let us go mother! Halime tells her servant my daughter is entrusted to you, and she locks herself inside with her son and ignores their shouts to open the door. She lies down next to her son saying she will not be separated from him.

    Fahriye and Safiye are walking and she says, aren’t we going to the cellar/cistern? Safiye says, no! They are shouting for us, we must leave the palace, Fahriye says where are we going? Safiye says somewhere no one will find us!

    The harem is empty and Safiye comes across Ana and says, you are still here, look around you, no one is here! Everyone has gone down to the cistern to save their lives! Ana says where are you going, leaving our Hunkar and shehzade alone? No one is here, who will protect them? Bulbul says don’t you see they are both in the throngs of death! Ana begs her, do not go, do not leave our Hunkar, protect him, you are very powerful. Stop the rioters, speak to them that our Hunkar is not dead.  They will listen to you. Safiye grabs her and says, get your head together woman, who would dare go out to them while they are like this? No one can stop them! It is done, the end of our family has come, if you have brains, come with us, save yourself. Ana says, no, I will not go anywhere, I will not leave our Hunkar sultan Ahmet alone.

    Handan is on the balcony and Dervish arrives. She says do you see they have lit the whole city…He says it is difficult to hold them any longer, they will get inside…but have no doubt I will fight till the last drop of my blood.  Handan prays for God’s help. Dervish says he is going to his end, the sun won’t rise again for him, this is his last glance, he will not see her again and then he says, t”his is why I must admit reveal important to you. Sultan Mehmet, Ahmet’s father, whom you were gozde of…I am the one who poisoned…I am the Padishah murderer.” She asks how, then he says, I was forced…because otherwise he was going to kill your son…and he says whatever I did was for you…whatever I did. Excuse my insolence, but this is the truth!  Years ago, you entered my heart…since that day, I am tied to you in a deep love. She asks have you lost your mind, how could you think of such a thing…he says, I hid it from everyone including you, but I wanted you to know now…if anything, before I go, I wanted you to know…”

    Then he leaves and she has to sit down.

    Safiye and Fahriye arrive at a door but it is locked and asks Bulbul what is going on, who shouts for nasip Agha,  Haci comes and says Nasib agha is not there and the carriage is also gone. Safiye asks what is going on and orders him, open the door immediately! Haci says “forgive me, but our Valide sultan ordered no one is to leave the Palace. It is forbidden, because she said if we are to die, then we die together. “

    Alex asks why they aren’t protecting the Sultan and the agha says he is dead already who will we save from whom? The doors are close to breaking. Dervish arrives.

    The sheyh Hudai is praying, "let us pray, pray so God will sent us an angel to save us from this fire of turmoil and strife…"

    Ana gets up just then and has made a decision. She grabs the amulet, wears it and off she goes…one last glance…

    THE END.

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