• Kosem Sultan Episode 8 Trailer 1 Translation

    Ahmet: "They are going to say that with one side glance, she has made our Hunkar love struck and her slave."

    Kosem: "In reality, I am the one who is burning with your love Ahmet. One lifetime will not be enough to throw our ashes"

    Handan: "This is Safiye Sultan's doing, she is threatening both you and your gozde (favourite)."

    Ahmet: "She is going tomorrow morning, mother. Tomorrow she is going."

    Kosem: "Even if everyone concedes, I won't concede! Safiye sultan will go from this palace."

    Safiye: "If we leave this palace (if go out), then we will flip around like fish dying (out of water)."

    Halime: "I won't be staying here for a while."

    Mustafa: "What will I do then, will I be staying all alone?"

    Safiye: "Do whatever you can - to make sure Sultan Ahmet goes on a campaign...or get him away somehow."

    Handan: "This is a trap...they are trying to draw my son into the fire."

    Kosem: "We must protect him, otherwise everyone will fall into the fire Safiye is burning"

    Bulbul: "You chose the wrong side Kosem. They used you."

    Safiye: "Now you fell into our hands, Kosem."

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