• Kosem Sultan Episode 6 Trailer 1 Translation

    Fahriye:  I am your daughter. I learned from YOU that no matter what, I should think of myself first and always seek to save my own life!

    Shahin: I came to this earth to finish the family of Osman!

    Bulbul: This is not poison! It is smallpox! Smallpox virus!

    Safiye: No one should know of our Hunkar's illness...for if they should find out, there will be revolt, and then no one will be able to stop them!

    Safiye: Shehzade Mustafa (would) have to ascend the throne immediately.

    Halime: Lessen our Hunkar's pain/suffering Dervish...And (as for) us, let us awaken to a happy day tomorrow.

    Safiye: After three centuries, the end of the Ottoman Dynasty has arrived. If you are the least bit intelligent, you will come with us so that your life may be saved.

    Anastasia: I will not leave Sultan Ahmet, our Hunkar, alone!

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