• Kosem Sultan Episode 7 Trailer 2 Translation

    Bulbul: Like an angel descending to the face of the earth…I swear she rose like a sun over our Palace.

    Kosem: Aghas! Stop, listen to me!

    Bulbul: O our Kosem!
    The one who showed us the way!
    You….May you live long!

    Ahmet: My heart didn’t choose you for nothing. No ruler is as fortunate as I am.

    Safiye: We had taken you under our wing…we held you apart from everyone else, we loved you and valued you, now the time for you to prove your loyalty and love has come.

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    1. When bulbul aga is talking about kosem, is it kosem/anastsia or is it Safiye he is talking about? <3 <3

      1. He said: "our kosem the one who showed us the way" but I think that the line "you... may live long" is about Safiye.
        I don't know just guessing

    2. Awaiting with anxiety the episode!!! By the way nice drawings of the sultans

    3. Please translate trailer 3 of episode 7 for us