• Kosem Sultan Episode 8 Trailer 2 Translation

    Ahmet: "It is a symbol of our Hanedan (household/dynastic family). Only those who are members of our household may wear it...And also you."

    Safiye: "Wearing our symbol cannot make you a Sultana, woman. you are a cariye (slave girl).

    Zulfikar: "Your gozde cariye (one of your concubines) is in the hands of the rebels. And also...your concubine is pregnant!"

    Ahmet: "Prepare at once, I will face them myself!"

    Safiye: "Before Sultan Ahmet returns, we should put Shehzade Mustafa on the throne."

    Kosem: "Will Halime Sultan put Shehzade Mustafa on the throne?"

    Haci Agha: "While our Hunkar is not in the city, the Shehzade should be with him so that in his absence, he is not set on the throne."

    Cennet: "The only thing you must do is protect the Shehzade!"

    Kosem: "Why should I protect him, what will happen to him?

    Mustafa: "KOSEM!"

    Kosem: "Shehzadem!"

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