• Kosem Episode 28 Trailer 1

    Osman: "Call Mehmet to me."

    Janissary: "Give Shehzade Mehmet to us!"

    Mehmet: "Or are you going to kill me? But you had given your word."

    Osman: "I had kept my promise, Mehmet, but you did not."

    Kosem: "MEHHHHHMET! Get up Mehmet!"

    Safiye: "The pain of losing a child is something different, it is such a terrible pain that you go with your child into the grave!"

    Humashah: "He is with us now, he has chosen our side."

    Safiye; "My Lord wanted him to stay alive, obviously He has a bright future in store for him."

    Iskender: "Sooner or later I will get on that throne, Kosem and at that time, I will execute your children."

    Safiye: "The wall you said would never break, has broken. Zulfikar has betrayed you."

    Kosem: "You are mistaken. Zulfikar has never at any time, betrayed me."