• Kosem Sultan Episode 27 Translation


    Mustafa says mother they will kill me, they will kill me, she says shh, that is impossible, even if they want, they cannot because aside from you there is no member of the House of Osman left. They have all died. You are the only hope for the mighty state.

    We see Kosem running to her children. Dilruba meanwhile prays for her brother asking God to help him, protect him and his reign. Zulfikar says the princes...the princes and Humashah tells him that there is nothing he can do for them, she has already warned Kosem and only she can save them. Zulfikar says that dog Davut has gone to the palace and he will kill them all, Humashah tells the aghas to help her with Zulfikar.

    Kosem finds Davut exiting the door to the room where the princes are and cries, oh my Lord! My princes!

    Davut approaches and she says curse you Davut, I will kill you with my own hands. Haci telsl her not to go inside and to wait outside, but she enters and embraces her children asking if they are well. Kasim says they were going to kill us. Mehmet says that Davut saved them at the last minute. She tells the executioners to get out. Then to her sons,  thank God my Lord saved you! Davut tells Haci as you can see, they are alive, now where is Dilruba sultan? Haci says be patient, you will certainly see your wife. Kosem says thank God, no one will touch you again! Come with me.

    The doors open in the Sultan's chmaber and Kosem enters with her entourage. Halime says I will show you what it means to attack the palace with palace troops  You will pay for what you have done! Kosem says actually you will pay! You will pay in this Divan and in the Divan of the afterlife! The shehzades enter and Cennet praises God that they are alive. Halime says how is this possible? Kosem says Davut Pasha helped them, he clearly values Dilruba more than you value her. Kosem orders Halime thrown into the dungeons and Mustafa to be locked away again.

    They shout to be let go, and they hug one time, Mustafa says you swore to me they could not touch me! She says I promise we will be reunited! I promise! She comes across Davut and says how dare you go against my orders! He says I had no choice this was the only way to save Dilruba! She curses him and says you have thrown us all into the fire! Do you think they will leave us alive? Davut says I made an agreement with Kosem, no one will be harmed.

    Kosem explains to her children that Mustafa is not capable of carrying out the duties of a Sultan. Murat asks what is wrong with him. She replies that he has lost his mind, he is mad/crazy and that is why it was necessary for him to be removed from the throne. Then she tells Cennet to bring her daughters from the old palace so they can all be together on this happy day.

    Mustafa shouts saying am I not your Padishah, why are you not obeying? Open the door, mother open the door, aghas open! Halime meanwile tells the aghas to leave her, my son is still the padishah, I am your Valide Sultan! I will take all your heads!

    Kosem is with her children. She says our shehzades have been locked away for three months. God knows I did not want this to happen, all that happened is Halime's fault. She broke the promise she made me. But I have kept the promise I made to you and your father. I protected my princes and the state. With God's permission the bad days are over, our winter has ended. From now on the throne of the House of Osman - is yours Osman. Your reign has begun.

    In the morning, Osman is announced. The men wonder what is going on. The grand Mufti steps forward and says Sultan Mustafa is well, however since he is not suitable/sound/mature (to carry out his duties) for the continuation of the state, he has stepped down from the throne. For this reason, Sultan Osman Han has ascended the throne. The different pashas, beginning with the grand vizier are being announced and they pledge their allegiance to the new Sultan.

    Up in the tower, Mehmet tells Kosem she is making a mistake, that he should have gotten on the throne not Osman. Kosem says one day with God's permission you will get your place on the throne, as you are now the heir apparent. But, it is not the right time to speak of this. Mehmet says I think it is the perfect time.  What if we go through the same things again? Kasim says would my brother Osman kill us? Murad our brother Osman loves us, he would never do that, right mother? Kosem says yes my Murad, do not doubt your brother, he will do whatever is needed for your sakes.

    Davut is taken to Dilruba and she asks about her mother and brother and he says they are fine. She thinks this means that Kosem's children have been killed and all is well. He says I did what I could but there was no other way to save you. I prevented it - I handed over the princes to save you. She asks about Mustafa and he says he has been dethroned.

    Cennet tells Halime the time has come. Halime says Kosem has ordered, she will kill me right? Cennet says Kosem has spared your life, you are going to the old palace. Halime asks about Mustafa. Cennet says he has been locked in his old room but his life is safe. Halime asks for Menekshe to be sent to him. Cennet says she has been thrown out of the harem as she deserves, and her wealth taken back from her.

    Dilruba scolds Davut saying you promised to protect my brother no matter what. He says this life is meaningless for me without you - the throne, this palace, everything is useless without you. If you are not with me, then let everything be destroyed. She says everything is destroyed anyway, we have lost. He says we can win again, if we work together, he promises her that they will see her brother on the throne again before they die and he will protect her and him with his life.

    Mustafa meets with Meleksema and tells her she will always be with him from now on, she will give him princes and princesses and she says this is what I wish - to have a family with you. Haci interrupts saying that Kosem awaits him inside.

    Safiye says they are announcing Osman's enthronement and that if someone hadn't helped Kosem last night, then they would probably have gotten word of KOsem's sons deaths. It was you right Humashah? Humashah says it was me, yes, because I did not want my brother sitting on a bloody throne and they were too young, how could they be killed? And I am certain Iskender thinks like me. Right? Iskender says if I am to get on the throne one day it is obvious it won't happen peacefully.  What were you waiting for? Did you think they would hand the throne to me on a gold platter? Blood will spill!

    Kosem tells Osman princehood has ended, now you are sultan of the seven regions, your responsibility is heavy, I am always with you. He says thank you mother, your presence gives me strength. However, there is a matter troubling my mind. I have heard that the decree about changing succession to the eldest and most suitable, was not written by my father, but you wrote it. Is this true? Kosem says who said that? Osman says not important who said it, just answer my question, did you write it? Kosem says I had to do it for the wellbeing of all you. Osman says not for me, but more for my siblings - you thought I would kill them right? KOsem says I already spoke to you about this matter. Osman says we were locked up from three months! And yesterday we were almost killed. My brothers and I have paid the price for your mistake, now it is your time. Kosem says what price? He says you do not have my permission to return to the Palace, you will continue living in the old palace.

    Humashah tells Iskender I did not think you thought like this, they are too young. Iskender says I was a child once too, they were going to execute me, my mother saved me. Then, Sultan Ahmet wanted to kill me. And Osman would do the same. When this is the case, why should I feel sorry for them? Safiye says he is right, we can't feel sorry for anyone. If a member of the family is to get on the throne, everything is fatal. We must decide what to do from now on. HUmashah says you must have thought of something it is obvious. Safiye says Osman getting on the throne is an opportunity for us. He is not Kosem's son. If we can make them enemies of each other, our path will open up. Humashah says that is not easy, Osman sees her like a mother, and he is young, he won't go against KOsem's words. safiye says we will be patient for OSman to become a father. When he becomes a father, everything will change. We will make him want to return to the old tradition of fratricide.

    Kosem tells Osman what are you saying, am I not the one who worked hard those three months to get you the throne? If I didn't trust or love you would I do this? Osman says this is what makes me sad, to be at the mercy of others to get what is my right! If you really had trusted me, you would have known I would never kill my brothers. Kosem says God knows my heart. I did not doubt you for a moment, and I never did anything against you. Maybe I made a decision for the next hundred years. Osman says you wanted the end of fratricide? You could have come to me. It would take one word from you, I would have put the world before you. But you, you chose to make a fake decree. Osman says my brothers will live free and safely in this palace, you can come and visit them from time to time.

    Kosem asks Cennet why she told Osman about the decree and Cennet says she did not. Kosem says then you told someone. Cennet says you are looking for someone to fault, but it is not me, Kosem says it's my fault then! Cennet says I wish Osman had gotten on the throne in the beginning and we would not have gone through all this.

    Mehmet goes to see Osman and asks how he can send his mother away, does she not have any rights over him. She put her life in danger to put you on the throne, is this what she gets in return? Speak Osman say something. Osman says I do not have to explain to anyone. Also you will call me my Hunkar from now on and never again enter without permission! You may leave.

    Kosem's monologue summarized: Be patient Kosem, don't look to the seas, but look to the mountains, feel that love in your heart that is without vengeance, don't look at the darkness, look at the light of the moon, and be patient Kosem. You cannot control everything. If today they do not understand you, one day they will understand. You await that day. Even if every breath away from your children is like a dagger being thrust in your heart, do not mind, simply await the day you will reunite with them. Be patient Kosem. Turn your face to your Lord, Turn to the women and children your Lord has entrusted you to care for. Turn to those who have nothing. Be a remedy for their wounds. Be patient Kosem, Be (patient) so that everything can be deep and lasting like your feelings, so that everything can happen as you wish.

    YEAR 1621 - Haci informs her of updates about her soup kitchens and other charities. Kosem asks the man who opens the door if they accept guests. They recognize her and the woman says what are you making them wait, welcome my Sultana, please enter. Inside, she says forgive us, our house is empty, our table unworthy. Kosem says if you have, I will have a bowl of your soup. The man tells his wife to hurry and serve it.

    In the Divan Halil informs him that the attacks from the Cossacks continue but after every ambush, they have run off and seek protection from the Polish and Davut tells him that a Viscount of the principality of Transylvania has asked for Osman's intervention. Osman says that help will be sent, then he asks the grandvizier (GV) how the campaign preparations are going and the GV says that they will soon set out, bring the keys of Hotyn Fortress to him. Osman says what does this mean, didn't I tell you I will personally bring the keys? I will personally command the army!

    Kosem is eating and asks what the boy's name is and says it is the same as her youngest son Ibrahim. She asks how school is. The woman says they could not send him, their condition is not good. Her husband scolds her saying why do you say these things at this time. Kosem says no let her. The woman says they owe great debts. Kosem says to Meleki to pay off the debts and she will pay for the child's education expenses. The woman says I had heard that Kosem sultan comes in disguise to the streets and helps the needy and I did not believe it, but it is true! Then she prays for her.

    Kosem leaves, the family thank her profusely. Someone asks for her to come have coffee with her, but Meleki says it is late, we should return. Kosem sees Iskender and follows him. Meleki says who was that? Kosem says she saw Iskender. Meleki says no he is dead, maybe you confused him with someone who looks like him.

    Halil tells Osman that the Christian world is in the midst of warring (amonst themselves) and that wouldn't it be better for his security to stay in the Capitol? The GV says and there are many experienced commanders who can go on his behalf. Osman says for years many sultans abstained from going to war, but I will personally head the army like the powerful Sultan Fatih and Sultan Suleyman and the era of conquering will start anew! Do not forget, a Sultan's place is certainly in the battlefield. Davut agrees obviously to cause trouble.

    Meleksema worries about Osman wanting to leave to war and she asks Cennet to ask Lala to intervene. Then she goes into labour. Cennet shouts for them to tell Osman.

    Osman speaks of his dreams of war to Lala and says Hotyn will just be the start. Lala says there is something he must decide about - then says I told you what happened to your father Ahmet when he went to war against the Celalis and they tried to put Mustafa on the throne. Lala says the same thing could happen. Osman says  they will put Mehmet on the throne? Lala says the potential is even enough for worry. You know the love the Janissaries have for Mehmt, we must take precautions. Osman says he will not kill Mehmet. Lala says take him to war with you. It is dangerous for him to stay in the capitol.

    Suleyman agha tells Osman about Meleksema.

    The pashas worry about Osman's safety if he goes. The grand vizier says Kosem will help show the way. One of them says to Davut that he has found out when the council will meet, and tells him the place. He says will I be able to see my son? I told you want you wanted, please leave my son now. Davut says you didn't make me sad, so I won't make you sad.

    Osman sees his baby and asks how Meleksema is who says she is happy she has everything she wanted, him and now a baby boy. Osman calls for his siblings to be present at the naming ceremony.

    Halime says Kosem has not returned yet. Safiye says sarcastically, she is doing good works, the angel with no wings...she is merely showing off to the people to win their favour. Halime says when she loses her power let us see who will remain with her. She will die in wretchedness.

     Dilruba enters and tells them that Davut has found out Kosem will meet with the council tomorrow morning.

    Osman names his baby Omer after reciting God's praise in his ears and then tells Lala he has named him after him. All the kids wish the baby health and happiness and congratulate Osman except Mehmet who is speechless.

    Cennet says to lala, that Osman has shown how much he values lala by naming his child after him. He says it is very late, we should return to our palace, I miss you.

    Osman tells Mehmet that he is setting out for war and explains his route. Mehmet asks what will happen to him (Mehmet), will he go or stay. Osman says which do you choose? Mehmet says whatever you think is best. Mehmet says there is a rumour going around that if you have your own son, then you will kill your brothers. I did not believe it of course, but Murad and Kasim are afraid. Osman says go say to them, that just as my late father did not kill his brother, I will not kill my brothers.

    An agha informs Zulfikar that Kosem has come to see him.  Kosem says tonight I visited a house, in the crowd it was as if I saw Iskender, can he be alive.

    Bulbul takes some herbal drink and she says ever since you came to be with me, everything is complete. She says get ready, tomorrow is Kosem's secret Divan, when Osman hears, nothing will stay as it was before. Kosem's end is near. Her agha informs her that he followed Iskender as she ordered and it may not please her what he has to say. He was following Kosem sultan and she might have noticed him.

    Meanwhile Zulfikar tells Kosem that is impossible because he personally executed him and she must have seen someone similar. She says maybe I followed him but he disappeared in the darkness. Then if it wasn't him, who was it? Zulfi says I will look into it. She says good because Halime has allied with Safiye and they will not rest. Zulfi says for sure it is their doing. Humashah asks what is going on. Kosem says it is about her charity. Zulfikar tells Humashah the same when she asks him.

    Ayshe tells Mehmet to sit, he makes her dizzy. She says why are you so worried? He promised he wouldn't kill you. He says of course he did, he wouldn't openly say he will kill me. Then he tells her he will take him along on the campaign. Mehmet says he is worried, he might get rid of him while they are away. Ayshe says that is impossible, our mother will prevent that, she will never allow it.

    Dilruba has gone to see Osman and congratulates him on his son's birth. She says I know you are angry with my mother and I we made great mistakes in the past. I wish to beg your forgiveness on this happy day. Please let me see Mustafa just once.

    Zulfikar follows his wife.

    Mustafa's condition has worsened and he does not recognize his own sister and she realizes that and says you have not recognized me?

    Safiye akss Iskender what he thinks he is doing and that why would he go out to see Kosem. He wonders how she found out. She says if she saw you, everything will be ruined. He says I was disguised and I do not think she saw me in that crowd and darkness. Safiye says this isn't the first time, you must have gone many times! Because she is your biggest weakness right? Don't look at my face like that, I know you are in love with her!

    Humashah is able to trick Zulfikar and throw him off her. Safiye tells Iskender to stay away from Kosem, especially if he wants the throne. He says mother, then when am I getting on that throne. I am a prince, I am tired of hiding. She says we will deal with it and be patient. Humashah enters and says that Zulfikar was following her and that last night Kosem had come to the palace and that they must have found out about Iskender - but how! Safiye says do you hear that, Iskender?! Humasha says it seems you know something. Iskender says she might have seen me last night, but she can never be sure. Safiye asks what about Zulfikar he has even followed her!

    Kosem recalls her last encounter with Iskender who had said to her that a Shehzade stands before and she should know her place and that the family she talks of is him!

    Osman has gone to visit Kosem who says how happy, you have not come to visit me in a long time. He says you know state matters - I did not find time. He tells her about his baby boy and she embraces him saying you do not know how happy that makes me! Our family is growing!

    PART 2: 1:106:52

    Dilruba tells Davut that she saw her brother and that he looked at me like a stranger, he did not recognize me. She then says I want her dead - I want Kosem who made us go through all these pains to suffer. Davut says death is too easy, we will make her suffering worse than death.

    Meanwhile Kosem says so you named your son after your lala Omer Efendi. Osman says I know you do not like him, but his place with me is different. Kosem says he is your lala, of course you must value him but do not raise your subjects too high, otherwise they may fall prey to arrogance and cast shadow over your rule. Osman says do not worry, no one can cast shadow over my throne. There is something else I wish to seek your opinion on - in the spring I will go for the campaign, and I want my brother Mehmet to accompany me, what do you say? Kosem says of course you know best, but when I do not even want you to go out - what can I say, there is no hurry, it is too early. Osman says I am still a small child in your eyes right? Kosem says you are not a child of course, you are now a Sultan, but it is not in my hands, being your mother I worry about my children.

    Safiye says to Lala, look how far you have come, you used to await orders from my mouth, now you think yourself to high to even greet me. Lala says never, my respect for you always remains. Safiye says I don't want to open up old books, I do not have anything against you, the opposite our paths have crossed again - our enemy is one - Kosem. Lala says I can have no enmity with any of our Sultanas. Safiey says I know you have always been reserved like this, but, we know the truth too. Kosem's ambitions are a threat to all of us. we must be careful, as our Hunkar's closest companion and protector your task is important. Osman enters and Safiye congratulates him on the birth of his son and she says thank God the world sees that the lineage will continue with you. He says thank you and she says we are pleased of course, but I do not think Kosem is pleased. He says I gave her the news personally. I witnessed with my own eyes how happy she was. Safiye says she will make your face smile of course, but the important thing is what she does behind your back. Osman says if you have come to make my mother look bad, I have no time to listen to you. Safiye says I have nothing to say anyway, go and see your mother's real face with your own eyes.

    Kosem is told the carriage is ready and the pashas await her presence.

    Humashah asks her husband what is wrong, she thought he would be in the palace and asks if something has happened. Zulfikar approaches her and asks where is Iskender? Humashah laughs and says what are you talking about? He says I know he is in the Capitol. Where is he? Where have you hidden him? She says what will you do? Will you go tell Kosem right away? Or will you deliver him to our Hunkar? What will you do Zulfikar? I will NEVER tell you. Never. I made that mistake once and I won't do it again.

    Dilruba tells her mother she went to see her brother today and lies and says he was well, he laughed and joked with her and said he misses you very much. Halime says I wish I could see him with my own eyes. Dilruba says do not worry, soon we will reunite with him permanently. Halime says Kosem left recently, the storm is here. Dilruba says she will finally get what she deserves.

    The pashas tell Kosem that nothing they said had any effect. Kosem says that Osman must stay in the Capitol because there are dangers from every corner, and they await him to leave the capitol. Halil asks who? Kosem says Safiye and Halime are in cahoots with one another now. They want to bring about the rule of fratricide again and their aim is obvious, first to kill my children and to get rid of me. The Mufti says we will never allow it, we will not stand for even a single shehzade being executed. Kosem says we won't allow of course, but his Lala is always pitting him against us and now that he has his own son, Lala will try to push him to bring back the fratricide law. The Mufti says the law has changed, and anyway, without a fetva (religious ruling of the entire council of religious scholars and officials) he cannot do that. Osman is suddenly announced.

    Safiye says we spoke with Sultan Osman and told him about what Kosem is doing behind his back. Halime says I would have wanted to see her face..let us see how she will come out alive from this fire.  Safiye says actually you watch how she will look when she loses her children, thousands of candles will burn in her heart and they will never be put out. Dilruba says if I were you I wouldn't speak so quickly. This is Kosem...it is not obvious what she will do. Halime says speak auspiciously she will not win this time.

    Osman meanwhile shouts explain at once! How dare you belittle power and set up a secret Divan (Council). Does it befall you to question my decisions? Kosem says leave me alone with my Hunkar - he cuts her off. Since you set up a secret like this, then you have no place in my Divan.  He then removes the grand vizier from his position. The grand vizier says it is not my fault, you are making a mistake. Osman says you heedless man,  how do you speak like this with me! Everyone is shocked and Osman tells Kosem to come with him.

    He says while everyone was speaking against you I was defending you, I said my mother would not betray me, but I was wrong. Kosem says I did not ever do anything against you, how can you doubt me, I am simply working to protect your rule. He asks who are you protecting me from? She says from everyone! All the traitors you see and do not see! The ones who want us to be divided against each other and then set eyes on your throne! I swear upon my children I did not betray, and I will not betray you! Osman says go bid farewell to your children for the last time because I am forbidding you from seeing them again!

    Lala meanwhile tells Halil pasha he has been removed from the Admiral position and that all his wealth will be taken. Halil says all this is your doing, but the day will come when you will answer for this. Lala says to the Mufti that out of respect for his age, he may stay in his position but that all his duties aside from giving fetvas are now transferred to Lala. The Mufti says this sounds more like your decision than our Hunkars.

    Murad wonders why they have been gathered. Mehmet says he doesnt know and asks Eycan if she knows. Kosem enters and says my children, my reason to exist, for a while I will not be able to see you. Ayshe and Mehmet, your siblings are entrusted to you. Mehmet asks what this means if she is going somewhere? Kosem says your brother Hunkar has prohibited me from entering the palace, but don't worry it will be a short time. Mehmet says why? Kosem says I will tell you. Murad says are you leaving us, will we never see you again? Kosem says would I ever leave you? I promise this separation will not last long.

    Osman says to Haci Mustafa, you who are my Darus saadet Agha, ( Literally, the agha of the Gate of Felicity, a position of the highest ranking for aghas. Also called Kapi Agha. The Kapi Agha had many responsibilities and privileges and also served as an adviser to the Sultan.) Your loyalty was to be only to me, but you forgot this and did things behind my back. Haci says Never my Hunkar, whatever my sultana did, she did for your sake and to protect your throne. forgive me I - Osman cuts him off and says I no longer want to see you in my palace, you are exiled to Egypt. Your wealth will all be put into the state public treasury.

    Ayshe says see mother that valued son of yours turned his face away from you once again. First he sent you to the old palace, now he completely separated you from us. Mehmet says I told you that day, I begged you that I shoudl have gotten on the throne, this would never have happened. Kosem says do not blame your brother, this is the mischief of our enemies, they pushed him against us. Mehmet says how do you still defend him? See the truth, he has already renounced you and us too. Kosem says never go against him, be calm, respect him. God Willing there is no need but...if the need arises Ayshe knows how to get you out of the palace.

    Lala tells Osman that everyone in the secret Divan has been punished and the grand vizier has lost his position. Osman says may it be for the best.

    Haci says to Cennet congratulations, you and your husband together have sunk us, aren't you happy you finally got what you wanted, I am exiled. Cennet says you are unfair. Would I ever want this? Ask Eycan, we were together. If I had known I would have warned you guys. Eycan says yes, Cennet is not at fault. Haci says to Kosem I am leaving the palace, I have been exiled to Egypt, please forgive me if I have done anything. Kosem says I do not bid you farewell, you will return one day. He says even if I do not, as long as you and your shehzades stay well. That is my only wish. Kosem says go safely Haci agha. Cennet says do not worry while I am here, no harm will come to our Shehzades.

    Osman says do you think it is the right decision? Haci and my mother swore, they say they are innocent and did not betray. Lala says it is enough that they held secret council, we cannot know what they spoke of there, that is why we have to take precautions. You have a son now, and while the rule of eldest and most mature is there, he will never get on the throne. A new decree must be written up so that your son is the only heir.

    Kosem goes to Safiye and says you have tattled to my son. Safiye says he is not your son. Three years ago when he got the throne, you lost him. Kosem says let us say that is the case, How do you benefit from this? Who are you throwing yourself in the fire for? Halime's crazy son? Or is there someone else you have in mind? Safiye says someone else? We simply want Sultan Osman to see your true face. Kosem says Iskender is alive right? Safiye says have you lost your mind? Have you forgotten you sent him to his death. Kosem says hopefully that is the case, otherwise you will relive the pain of losing a child once again!

    Lala announces the change back of the system from elder and most mature, back to succession being from father to son. The grand Mufti says how is that possible? Our late Sultan Ahmet had left a decree for succession to go to the eldest and most mature! The Janissary agha says he is right, is our Hunkar going against our late Sultan Ahmet's decree?Osman says do you speak of this? He rips the decree apart and throws it at them. Let everyone know that the permanent laws of the state are from old and it is according to these laws that the state is run, and I will continue exactly, the law and order my forefathers set up! Whoever dares to stand against my will I shall take their head!

    Kosem asks the Mufti what Osman is trying to do, why he is changing back the rules, does he want to kill his brothers? The Mufi says do not let bad thoughts come to mind, it is obvious his anger has not subsided (he is simply acting on anger, it will subside). Kosem says the head of the snake is that traitor Lala Omer Efendi! He is pitting Osman against me. I do not know my son anymore. I do not know if I can trust him. Halil says what are your orders, what shall we do now? Kosem says we will do whatever for the safety of my children. We must especially protect Mehmet, he is my greatest hope.

    Suleyman agha brings a note to Ayshe saying Kosem has sent it. The note says Ayshe, your brother's life is in danger, Osman has given the execution order, the executioners will come tonight. Mehmet should get out at once and seek refuge with the Janissaries in their barracks. Ayshe says how do I know my mother sent this? We need to be sure. She sends an agha to go to the old palace and find out if it is true.

    Ayshe enters Mehmet's room and hands him the note when he asks what has happened. She says mother sent it. Mehmet says it was obvious Osman wouldn't have mercy on me, I told you and my mother but you didn't listen. Ayshe tells him to calm down, she has sent word they will hear from their mother. Mehmet says it is true, he heard Osman changing the rules back today and he has made fratricide permissible again! I saw blood in his eyes. I must get out of this palace at once. Ayshe says we will wait, you heard my mother, they want Osman to see us as the enemy. What if this is a threat.

    That stupid Suleyman agha kills the agha who was going to find out

    Zulfikar scolds the men saying this is what happens when you set up secret council! We went through so much to change the laws. Everything has been for naught! Halil says Lala omer has used the opportunity, this is what he has wanted for a long time. Zulfikar says don't worry his time will come. I will speak to Kosem sultan, you wait for word from me.

    Suleyman agha tells Mehmet there has been no word. Ayshe says until we hear from mother we will wait. Mehmet says it will be my neck strangled with the rope, not yours! Get me out of the palace quickly! She says come with me. Here it is she says when they get there and adds, be careful Mehmet. Go quickly now!

    Zulfikar tells Kosem he is very sad about everything, wishes it was not like this. She says let us think of now. Safiye reported me to Osman, and since she's probably not doing it for Halime's mad son, then it means Iskender is alive. Zulfikar says why wouldn't she, she was an enemy of yours from the beginning. Kosem says she was acting strange, when I brought up Iskender, I looked at her and she was not shocked at all. I am certain that night I saw him - that was Iskender. Zulfikar says I looked into it, but I found nothing of the sort.

    Mehmet arrives and the Janissary agha says I hope all is well. Mehmet says Osman has given my execution order, my mother Kosem sultan has sent word for me to come seek refuge here, don't you know about it? The Janissary agha says no, but I will send someone to find out. He announces Mehmet, and says not to allow anyone to enter the barracks.

    Stupid Kilindi, Davut's minion is there too.

    Suleyman agha tells Osman, forgive me but calamity! Sh. Mehmet has run away! Osman says are you sure, Suleyman agha says an agha saw him stepping out. Osman says find and bring that insolent to me at once!

    Zulfikar says Sultanim, I will go speak to Osman in the morning, he loves you very much. Kosem says I hope so. But do not forget my words, we must think of every outcome and take precautions. I want Halime, Safiye and Lala Omer's lives. Zulfikar says these days require patience. She says I am at my patience limits! I should have been rid of them years ago. The agha from the barracks tells Kosem about Mehmet seeking refuge on her orders. She says what are you saying, I don't even know about any of this. Zulfikar says Sultanim, a trap!

    Osman  shouts saying close the ports, block the roads, find him! Lala says I've given the orders, don't worry we will find him. Suleyman says one of the aghas has sent word ( i believe he said Kilindi) that Mehmet has gone to the barracks and sought refuge with them. Lala says God forbid, I hope they do not start a rebellion?

    Kosem arrives and asks how Mehmet could leave. He says you wrote it. She says I didn't, how did you fall into this trap? Didn't I say don't trust anyone? He says we sent an agha but he never returned. Zulfikar says my sultana, they will announce him as a traitor! Kosem says we are returning to the palace, I will take you. Mehmet says I will not, he will kill me without a moment's thought. She says if you do not return that is when no one can save you, not even I will be able to!

    Osman is announced. Cennet meanwhile scolds suleyman agha and asks who he words for. He says I simply brought word, I did nothing wrong. Cennet says hopefully, otherwise I will personally strangle you.

    Kosem says our prince has not done anything wrong, the traitors have set a trap, they sent a letter in my name saying you were going to kill him. This is simply a game to make you kill your brother. Do not believe those traitors. Osman doesn't listen so the Janissary agha steps forward and says forgive me, but, our shehzade has sought refuge in our barracks and as you are aware, the person who seeks refuge with us here, can only leave by their own will. Osman says who are you, how dare youThe Janissary says the rules since the old times, of our barracks require this (that we protect him at all costs).

    Halime goes to Safyie and says Suleyman agha has done his job and our Hunkar is in the barracks. Safiye says Kosem left in a hurry but no use, no one can save Shehzade Mehmet.

    Osman says my Janissary subjects see this fit for their King is that right? How quickly you forgot your oaths to me! Lala says those you call Janissary have turned to bandits my Hunkar! We must take all their heads! A Janissary says what is your tongue saying teacher Efendi?! The Janissaries are the heart of the mighty state! It is at it's very foundation/at it's cornerstone! Who dares to call us bandits! Osman says hoca Efendi has said less (than what you deserve) anyone who draws swords on their Sultan I see them no different than mere bandits! Either you will obey, or I will take all your heads! Zulfikar says aghas what are you doing? the agha says our Shehzade has sought refuge in our barracks, you know too, that we cannot hand him over. Kosem says lower your swords! I said lower them! I have full trust in our Hunkar. It is obvious this was a trap set for our shehzade. Of course our Hunkar will not fall into this game. He won't kill his brother, right my Hunkar son? Osman says of course I will not kill an innocent shehzade. Kosem says a shehzades place is next to his Hunkar. Go now Mehmet, she whispers - trust your brother, he will not kill you.

    One of the aghas mumbles look at who the throne has been left to - an inexperienced Sultan who does whatever his teacher tells him, and on the other hand Kosem Sultana, she is a state within the state!

     Osman tells Lala that the time has come to teach the janissaries a lesson, as they dared to raise swords against him. Lala says it is obvious they got power from Kosem, under these conditions, it will be dangerous to take sh. Mehmet with you to war. God forbid, in the midst of the campaign they can pledge allegiance to him. Osman says what do you want me to do? TO kill my brother? Leave me alone!

    Awww, Kosem cries while looking at the painting and at Ahmet :'(

    Osman recalls his promise to his brother that he would never ever turn his back on him and keep his promise to his father. We are brothers, he says.

    In the morning, Osman goes to see the Grand Mufti.

    Zulfikar threatens the kalfa of his palace saying he will kill her if she does not say where Iskender is. She tries to pretend she doesn't know he is alive. He says don't try to play with me, where is he?

    Osman is welcomed by the Mufti and he says I have not come happily (btw, did you guys know historically he was married to the this sheyh's daughter?) Anyway, he says my brother fled the palace, sought refuge with the Janissaries. I went and brought him back. Now tell me, what is the punishment for this kind of crime? Esad Efendi says as far as I heard, they had a set a trap for the shehzade. Anyway our Kosem Sultan reached there on time and personally handed him over to you. Osman says it seems like you don't want to say what the punishment is. But it is obvious, now do what your position asks of you  - I want the fetva decree for his execution.

    Mehmet asks the aghas to open of course they don't. Murad arrives says let me speak to my brother. Brother, they don't allow me inside, why did our brother Osman do this? I will never speak to him again. He promised he would never lock any of us up! Will they lock us up? Mehmet says don't fear, I swear nothing will happen to you. Murad says what will he do to you? Mehmet says I do not know, but you be strong, do not bow to anyone. In my absence, you are the eldest brother, you must protect your brothers. Murad says don't worry, while I am around, no one can do anything to them!

    Esad Efendi says forgive me, but the state council had decided and the law has changed according to this, I cannot grant a decree allowing the execution of the shehzade. Osman says that decision has no weight anymore! And he has committed a crime. He rebelled. He sought help of the soldiers. Esad Efendi says forgive me, but I see the shehzade as innocent. For this reason, his execution is not permissible. Osman says this is the second time you are going against my orders, be careful I will not allow this again. You will pay for obeying Kosem sultan and going against me (btw, in case anyone is interested, under the laws of the Ottoman state the grand sheykhs topped the Sultan in power in the sense that if a sheykh ruled against a decision that was within his realm of responsibilities (like issuing fetvas for certain things, note not everything, but certain matter, for instance the fetvas for executions) their words were above the Sultan's and the Sultan couldn't carry out the order or make that particular decision). Esad Efendi says my Hunkar, I do not step outside the bounds of God's law, I would rather give my head in God's way, than to step outside the bounds of what the books say. As Ebu Suud Efendi said, if it is something unlawful, then the Sultan has no power to command it.

    Osman says to Lala that he did not give the decree and that nothing he said changed his mind. Then he says we cannot take a step without a decree. Lala says we will find a solution.

    Zulfikar catches Iskender and says why are you here? Why did you not leave the Capitol? He replies I was going to leave as promised, but when I heard Sultan Ahmet died, I changed my mind. Why should I go? My family is here...this is my house, I belong to these lands. Zulfikar says how sad, you have started dreaming of the throne. I gave you a chance, but you ruined it. You will come with me. Iskender! Iskender says I will not come anywhere! Zulfikarsays you are making a mistake, you cannot get on the throne. Iskender says I had owed you for saving my life. Today we are even. The next time we meet, either you will take my life, or I will take yours.

    Esad Efendi tells Kosem that Osman has asked for the decree for Mehmet's execution, I did not grant it of course, but, he has made his decision, he won't listen. Help! Save our shehzade!

    Humashah tells Zulfikar that her kalfa told her everything. He says I caught him, but your mother's men were there. She says it was not my mother - I prevented it! If you were going to just hand him back, why did you spare his life to begin with? Zulfikar says he is not the innocent man I knew, he has dreams for the throne now. Humashah says he is a shehzade too! He has rights to the throne! Zulfikar says so you will kill the princes, dethrone Sultan Osman and put Iskender on the throne? Are these your dreams? She says and why not? Sultan Osman and the other princes are too young, but Iskender is not, he is smart and brave, he can be powerful like his forefathers! Help us Zulfikar so that we can put him on the throne without spilling blood. And let us take our place beside him.

    Kosem shouts for Osman. She says I have heard you have wanted a decree for your brother's execution. You promised to me that you would never kill him. He says I said I would never kill an innocent shehzade , but Mehmet is not innocent - just as you are not! Kosem says how can you be so blind, this is all a game! He says is your setting up a secret Divan and ruling my state from the outside also a game? Accept it mother - you wanted to dethrone me, just like you did with my uncle Mustafa, and you would put Mehmet in my place. But I did not allow it and won't allow it! She says do not do things that will later make you regretful! If it is as you say, would you have been able to leave the barracks last night? He says so I am alive by your mercy is that so?! So if you wish, you will dethrone me, if you want you will kill me is that right?! She says oh how they have poisoned you! While I have raised you, I cared for you while you grew! I gave you my milk! I did not treat you any different than my own children! I protected you, cared for you, loved you! Now you come before me and speak of betrayal! Who is betraying whom!? He says betrayal is to take a shehzade's right to the throne from him, betrayal is to belittle the rule of a Sultan by creating a state within his state, betrayal is to make someone do something he said he would never do!

    Lala says to Osman, my Hunkar, at your request, this is the decree from the head military judge for Shehzade Mehmet's execution.

    THE END.

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