• Kosem Sultan Episode 26 Translation


    Kosem is saved by Meleki taking her out of harms way and Gurbuz is hit instead.

    Halime says to Osman, so it was too much to stay locked for two days think of our Hunkar, he has been between four walls for years. Osman says what is this, you are taking revenge now? What do you think you are doing, you think this will go unanswered? The throne is mine! I will take my throne and you will all pay for this. Mustafa asks what the punishment is for an escapee Shehzade, Davut says execution. Mustafa says in that case, execute him at once! No one moves.

    Mustafa asks the aghas what they are waiting for. I am the Padishah! If I say execute, then you must do it! The agha says forgive us, but the laws have changed, it is not permissible to execute him. Davut says are you going against the Sultan's orders?! Mustafa has some sort of seizure or something, probably from the medication Halime gave. Davut tells the aghas that they will answer later, and to take Osman to the dungeons. Halime calls for doctors.

    Mehmet calls for the aghas but no answer. Finally he doors open and Mehmet asks what happened to Osman he is told that they have imprisoned him.

    Cennet is thankful Osman is alright. Osman says they were going to execute him but the aghas didn't obey and then Mustafa passed out, and he says how much longer can this go on? Haci says Kosem is doing whatever she can and she will fix things. Osman responds is this not all Kosem Sultan's fault anyway?

    Kosem thanks Meleki. She says this is Halime's doing, my Shehzade's could be in trouble. She orders the carriage to the Palace.

    Dilruba enters and asks what happened to her brother. Davut says he fainted, but he is fine, don't worry. She says will we never be happy? Halime tells her to stay patient and pray to God. Dilruba tells Halime that Kosem has survived the assassination and that Gurbuz agha got hit instead. Then she asks what they should now? Halime says we must tie her hands, otherwise she will make the palace difficult for us/narrow for us.

    The agha locks Osman up and then says forgive me my shehzade, we didn't want it like this, but we have no power to do anything more.

    Humashah paces back and forth and Zulfikar enters. She says what are you doing behind my back? Humashah says we went to my brother's grave today to move him to my Hunkar father's tomb, but the grave was empty. Safiye says explain at once, where is Iskender? Where is my son? She says please tell me he is alive. Zulfikar nods and says he is alive. She asks where is he? What did you do to him? Zulfi says it is enough that you know he is alive...you will not know where he is, anyway he has gone very far.

    Iskender is at the ports and hears people saying Mustafa taking the throne, and then opening the coffin in front of everyone. The other man says may I be forgiven but, this Sultan Mustafa is...strange. Iskender asks if Mustafa has taken the throne and then he asks what happened to Sultan Ahmet. He is told he died. He recalls Mehmet Giray's words to him to work together and take the throne, Iskender taking the Ottoman throne, and Mehmet taking the Crimean one. And Iskender had said he didn't ever have ambitions like that and that he never would. Mehmet Giray tells him yes yesterday you did not, but now you are a shehzade...if you want to stay alive, you must start dreaming of the throne.

    The man tells Iskender that they will be ready to leave soon.

    Safiye scolds Zulfikar saying who are you hiding from who? I am his mother, where is my son? Zulfikar says let him live in a safe way far from the palace. Safiye says Sultan Ahmet is dead, the rules have changed, the eldest and most mature! the throne is his right! Zulfikar says SEE, instead of being happy your son is alive, you start dreaming of the throne! Safiye makes an excuse saying because they will not let him live any other way! She asks humashah to say something, to do something. She says don't worry, I will deal with this matter, you return to the old palace. Humashah tells Zulfikar that by saving her brother, he has given her the world. She says will you not at least tell me where he is. He says trust me it is better this way. She nods.

    Kosem orders the doors opened. The guards say we cannot open it without Halime's orders. She says go send word to her, that until I am not certain my son is alive, I will not leave this place.

    Haci tells Halime that it is not right to imprison Osman, and that he thinks she should reverse it before it is too late. Dilruba asks if he is threatening her mother. Haci says no, never, I wouldn't dare. Halime says Osman was caught escaping. She says Kosem did it right? Haci says no, it is impossible! She says if you want to stay in the palace, it is! I want you to bear witness against her or else I will take all your wealth and you will spend the rest of your lives in the Yedikule prisons! Cennet says don't my sultana. Halime says everyone living on this land is our Hunkar's subjects, and their loyalty is only to him. I am valide sultana and either you pledge your loyalty to us, or you deal with the consequences. The decision is yours. Haci says I do not know how much of my life is left, but I would rather live in the prison than betray Kosem sultan. There is a knock and Menekshe tells her that Kosem is at the harem doors, wanting to see her. Halime asks if Cennet feels like Haci and wants to spend her last days in prison with rats.

    Davut tells the assassin that he had one job and he couldn't do it. The man says that he had no other opportunity to do it, and Davut says hopefully no one saw. The man says no one saw. Then Davut says all that was left was Halil pasha (who has arrived)

    Kosem waits for news and Menekshe allows her entrance to see Halime, but Meleki has to stay behind. Safiye tells Bulbul that Iskender is alive.

    Eycan meanwhile is trying to feed Kasim who says he doesn't want any. She says how will you not eat, if you do not then you won't grow and won't go off for campaigns! Murad says what campaigns? We cannot even leave this room. But the day will come and I will take them to account for this! Everyone will kneel before me! Eycan says of course, that day will come, be patient, we will not stay here forever.

    Kosem says Halim hasn't touched my children right? Menekshe says they are safe, and Kosem rushes to see her boys. The aghas won't so she calls out to them and asks if they are alright. She asks Eycan how ibrahim is. Murad says he looks after his brother. Menekshe catches up and says what are you doing? Kosem says I want to hear Osman and Mehmet's voices as well. Menekshe says that is impossible but that she need not worry they are both safe and sound. Kosem tells her children not to fear, she will come and save them.

    Murad says she's gone...then Kasim says I want my mother and cries. Murad tells him to calm down, they will be reunited with her.

    Halime says you finally came with your own feet. Kosem says are you jesting with me? I have returned from dead! I know you are both behind it! Dilruba says you are trying to hide your own fault? Kosem says what? Halime says do not deny - we know you tried to help Osman escape. We caught him he is in the dungeons. Kosem says what? You threw my Osman in the dungeon? Halime says you should be thankful I didn't execute him. And now you will get the punishment you deserve. Kosem says are you trying to get rid of me this way since you couldn't have me killed? What kind of slander is this? Halime says slander? Cennet enters. Dilruba says speak Cennet - who gave the order for Osman to run away? Halime says do not fear Cennet, she cannot harm you now. Cennet says forgive me to Kosem and then says that Osman escaped by Kosem's orders and that they were going to have the other princes smuggled as well. Halime orders her locked up on the Maiden's tower.

    Safiye tells Bulbul to send word to all the spies to look for Iskender everywhere in the city. She prays to reunite with her son. Bulbul says after all the troubles and you miraculously reunited once, you will reunite again, God is on our side!  Iskender stops the carriage, opens the doors and greets his mother.

    Lala goes to see Osman saying he wished he didn't have to see him this way, he would rather have died. Osman says do something about it, get me out. Lala says he has spoken to every statesman there is, everyone is worried because there is more bad news - Kosem sultan has been arrested with the excuse that she helped you escape and she will be locked up in the tower. Osman says no, she had nothing to do with it! Lala says the era is theirs now, they will hit everything, but it is sad that it is Kosem Sultan who opened this way - and I do not know how to say this...but the order for the eldest and most mature to get on the throne, it was not Sultan Ahmet, but Kosem Sultan wrote it.

    Haci tells Kosem that they wanted him to betray her but she did not. Kosem says but Cennet did. Then Haci says what kind of traitor are you? You will pay for this betrayal, sooner or later!

    Safiye meanwhile tells Iskender that Zulfi hid it from them that they found out when they tried to remove his body and move it to his father's tomb. Bulbul says still, thankfully our pasha did not kill him and we are reunited again. Iskender says I was going to leave, but, when I heard Sultan Ahmet had died, then I changed my mind. This is my home, and my land right? Safiye nods. He says my family the one I searched for for years is here. She says yes, this is your land and we are your family. We need to find a safe place for him - Bulbul - and take care of all his needs. At the soonest opportunity we will come visit you - but do not go outside under any circumstance. He says do not worry - mother.

    Cennet says I don't mind her words, but the way she looked into my eyes...I was very sad. Lala says you did what you needed to to. It is important for you to stay in the harem to keep an eye on the princes, especially Osman. Cennet says we are walking on fire,  Halime can do anything. Lala says she can't we will stop her. Meleksema arrives and Cennet asks what she wants. She says please help, I need to see Osman, I feel like I am being strangled when I do not see him or hear his voice...

    Kosem is brought outside and the Janissaries have gathered. Zulfi asks what is going on. Kosem says osman tried to run away - perhaps it is a lie, I am not sure, but they put the blame on me and are putting me in the maiden's tower. Zulfi says how dare they put a Sultana in prison. The agha says we do not want it either, but what can we do, our hands are tied, it is Halil's order. Zulfi tells them that Halil pasha speaks to Halime, and that until they hear from him Kosem is going nowhere. The aghas let go of her. Kosem says let me go, I do not want them harming my princes. Zulfi says no one can do anything to them, we will not allow it! The Janissaries repeat in unision - we will not! An agha of theirs says yes, he is right, we will not allow it, may our lives be in your service!

    The Grand Mufti tells Halime that they cannot accuse Kosem on the words of a Kalfa and is there any there proof. Halime says we don't need it, Cennet worked for years under Kosem, is not enough? The Mufti says no, and I will remind you again of the decision of the council! The state has decided. Halil says the law has changed, no one can, no one can do unjust things to Kosem sultan or the shehzades, also, if there something to be considered blameworthy and criminal, it is the assassination attempt on Kosem sultan. Davut tells Halil to watch himself, do not forget in front of you is Valide Sultan. The Mufti says the soldiers are waiting outside and the best thing is to let Kosem and Osman free otherwise, incidents we do not wish to happen can take place.

    Halil pasha arrives and informs Kosem that Halime has said there has been a misunderstanding on her part, and she is free. Kosem asks about osman, and Halil says he is going back to his room and one of my aghas will escort him. Kosem says we will take precautions, let the Janissaries and guards be near the palace. Halil pasha allows Haci to also go back with her to the Old palace.

    Meleksema has gone to see Osman. He asks how she has entered, and she says Cennet helped out. She says she has missed him. He says my angel faced one! She asks what will happen now, what they will do to him. Osman says everything happened in a moment, it is not apparent who is friend who is foe. An agha appears who says you can return to your room, I will await you. Meleksema says thank God you are free from here, but you are not happy...Osman says what is the difference, being locked up here or my room, it is the same thing. She says don't say that. Do you remember the day you saved me, there was no hope for me, I would have died. Everything was dark, painful, there were tears, beatings...and then you came along. You were like the sun rising. I believe that there is always hope. You believe it too.

    Halime curses them all, she says see no one accepts our orders. Not the statesmen, not the soldiers. Dilruba says even the harem is hers. What can we do? Davut says we will purge (the harem)  from all of the ones loyal to her.  Halime says yes, but who? Who will come in their place, other than a few cariyes and aghas, we have no one who we can trust. Dilruba says what are the aghas from my palace for? Let us bring some of them here. Halime says no, it isn't for one day, we need time. But you are right, we need to start somewhere.

    Osman returns and Osman says I do not know how we will get out of here. Maybe never. Do you know how this all happened? She lied to everyone. It was a lie that our father wanted the eldest and most able to take the throne! Mehmet says how, it was a royal decree! Osman says she wrote it herself, she sealed it. She did this instead of mourning for our father. Mehmet says this is a lie, they are trying to blacken my mother's name.

    Bulbul tells Cennet that Haci has been removed from his place. Cennet says where have you been today? He says I had work in the market. She says what work, you went to Safiye, what are you doing?! He says what I want to know how you stayed in the harem! Bulbul asks the door keepers to speak and say how Cennet managed to stay. They are silent. He says wow, you guys are so talkative! have they cut your tongues?

    Menekshe enters the princes room and Eycan asks who the girl is. Menekshe says the new girl will take Eycan's place. Murad gets up and says Eycan will go nowhere, we want no one else! Menekshe says it is the rules, hurry up then Eycan!

    Bulbul says I'm sorry, but it has befallen to give you this news, it is Halime's order that you are to pack up, you are all going to the old palace.  Menekshe tells the girls to shut up and do whatever Bulbul says. Bulbul tells them to pack up. Eycan asks Cennet what is going on. Cennet says do not ask, but give this to Kosem Sultan (she hands a letter to her).

    Halil is busy when Davut arrives. Halil says enter, Halime's groom. Davut says this is our Hunkar's decree. It is a an order for Halil to go for campaign to Diyarbakir. Halil says when our Padishah doesn't even know about the war, how can he have ordered this? Davut says of course you wanted it, so that I can stay away from the palace, and you do whatever you want. Davut says a little opinion of my own - you have stayed too long in the Capitol.

    Humashah goes to see her brother. He says don't worry, I am fine as you see. She says thankfully Zulfi couldn't kill you. Iskender says he doesn't know right? She says let him think you are gone far away. So how did you return? Iskender says I served Sultan Ahmet for so long, I was always loyal, and when I had no crime or sin, he ordered my death. She says Kosem got into his mind, now she is paying for her sin. He says Kosem sultan thought I was a threat to her and her sons. Even though I was always loyal. I always protected her. He recalls what he said to her when he tells her Ahmet forgave him and he was being sent for governorship. Then he says I had told you I was leaving, but you prevented it, and exposed me. You wanted me to die. Why? She says because of the fact that you hid it when you found out. He says I never was disloyal to our Hunkar and I never will, but that was not the reason, you wanted to avenge your sister's death from safiye, had our Hunkar taken my life, you would have been even. Kosem says she did what she had to to protect her children. He says watch yourself, I am no longer Iskender in front of you, but  shehzade, the Dynasty you talk about is mine!

    Iskender says to Humashah, innocence is over. I have will take what is rightfully mine. I have made a decision, I will get on the throne. Humashah nods. I am curious, will you be on my side like my mother, or not. She says I am on your side of course, until the end!

    Bulbul goes to Cennet and she asks what are you doing? He says seeing as you are walking around like this, you have long ago pledged allegiance to Halime sultan. She says Halime sultana is now our Valide Sultan. Bulbul says Cennet goes to whoever has power. She says don't make me angry. Bulbul says you betrayed Safiye for Kosem, now I wonder what Halime gave you that you betrayed Kosem! She says I have no explaining to do to anyone, I did what I had to. Bulbul says Kosem will not leave this just like this, if I were you I would sleep with one eye open!

    In the old palace, Eycan arrives and she sees all the harem girls. She says we were all thrown out, anyone who was loyal to you. Kosem asks about Cennet. Eycan says she stayed, who knows how. And she sent this to you. Kosem reads the letter where Cennet says she was very ashamed and saddened to witness against her, but she had to do it, because it is important someone remain in the palace to protect the princes and that she will protect them with her life and she should not doubt and that she is still loyal to her. Haci arrives and Kosem tells him Halime has sent away those loyal to us, except Cennet. Kosem tells him that Cennet has not betrayed them. Haci says how? She gives the letter over. Haci says this isn't a game right? Kosem says maybe, maybe not. He says what do you think should be done? She says I want everyone to hear and find out that Mustafa is mad. When the time comes we will gather witnesses. And then you know, on Ulefe day, shehzade Osman will get on the throne.

    Safiye and Halime are seated together and she says to her daughter, did you see him, this time, Zulfikar will not know, you will not say, he should not doubt, he might follow you and find out. We should not live through the same thing again. Humashah says I won't of course, but let us not forget it was he who saved his life. Safiiye says yes, we will be more careful this time. If needed we will wait years...he will get on the throne, God has chosen him, fate shines on him - despite everything he suffered, he survived, this is the reason.

    Cennet notices approaches Menekshe and says I wonder what does Halime think of her will she give her a special rank. Menekshe says if it was up to me, I would have thrown you out long ago, but she has something in mind I guess. If you want a task, then there are dirty clothes, go take them to the washing room to be cleaned. Cennet switches something oh her table. Menekshe asks how she looks? Cennet says wow, you look like a Sultana!

    Mustafa says he does not want to go for Friday greetings. She says you have to, the people will bring their complaints to you and they must see that the rumours about you are not true. Halime makes him take the "medicine" that Cennet switched.

    PART 2 (1:02:38)

    Dilruba says to her servant that the fabrics they ordered for have come and after the jeweller/moneylender let us visit.

    Zulfikar and Humashah are having a meal, he says finally you are smiling. She says even if I do not know where he is at least I know he is alive. Halime does not allow for (anyone) to see our Shehzades, when am I going to be able to go to the palace? Zulfi says because of the orders of Mustafa, only a few aghas can go see them just to make sure they are alive, anyway, everything will end tomorrow - tomorrow it is Ulefe day. Humashah asks what he means. He says Halime's sultanate will be short. The throne will change hands again because - Sultan Mustafa is not well, he is not well in his mind. She says oh my God! So the rumours are true, he has lost his mind - but who will get on the throne now then? He says Shehzade Osman.

    Mustafa enters the courtyard of the Mosque, and Davut tells him that he has won the people's love. Just then Mustafa imagines seeing Osman. He hears him say why did you do this to me uncle? Why have you taken my rights?! He says no I didn't do it! Osman says the time has come uncle! I will take your life! Mustafa says no Osman, then he completely starts going mad and pushes through the people.

    Dilruba comes face to face with Kosem. She says is this a coincidence or ? Kosem says I was waiting for you, we cannot speak to your mother, she has closed all doors, maybe we can come to an agreement. Dilruba says I have nothing to speak to you about. Especially not in this manner.  She turns and notices she is surrounded by Kosem's men. She asks what is this? Kosem says don't worry, I want to make an agreement, I have a proposition for you. Tomorrow during Ulefe day, my shehzade Osman will take the throne - you, your mother and your husband will accept this willingly, and I, in return will spare your lives. Dilruba chuckles and says do you hear what escapes your mouth?! Mustafa runs through the markets mad and confused. He shouts out, I am Sultan Mustafa Han! Take me to my palace again, where is my palace?! Take me to my palace! Help me, I am the king, I am Sultan Mustafa.

    Kosem tells Dilruba you are an intelligent Sultana, I will eventually dethrone your brother. I want this to be handled without shedding blood. Convince your mother and your husband. Dilruba responds saying , well who will convince me? You? I will not bow to your threats. Especially while your shehzades are in our hands. Kosem says Dilruba listen to me! Dilruba orders the men to move. Kosem says they only obey my orders and I want you to stay here until I remove your brother from the throne. Dilruba says do you really think my mother will sacrifice my brother for me? you cannot threaten her using me. Kosem says I do not care an ounce for your mother! The one I am concerned with is Davut Pasha. There is nothing he has not done for you. Dilruba is surrounded and says Kosem! How dare you! Who do you think you are!

    Mustafa shouts again and again to be taken to "his" palace and for help. He says they will kill me, help me! Please help me! Protect me from Shehzade Osman. He starts tossing coins, saying don't touch me. Don't come close, take! take this! Do not touch me! Davut arrives and says come to your senses! Zulfikar enters the scene. Davut manages to coax Mustafa to stand up and then says you can return to the palace and orders the men to open the way. The people start saying what have we come to? We have a mad sultan! Our ruler is insane!

    Halime has come to visit Safiye who asks what is going on and the last time she saw her, she thought she would never see her again. Halime says you look well, your mourning is over, Safiye says you have not come here to share your grief have you? What do you want? Halime says I want to be rid of Kosem sultan, and I think, that you will do this happily.

    Mehmet Giray hears the men talking about Mustafa's episode in the market. Mehmet tells his guards to wait, he will have some coffee and return.

    Halime tells Safiye that Kosem will not cease, and that she has prepared to dethrone Mustafa and that it is not as easy as she thinks, she will be rid of her, as long as you help me. Safiye says maybe, but what will you give in return? Halime says I will allow you to go to another palace, servants at your command, and you can go back to how you lived before in luxury. Safiye says you are so generous. If you want us to take Kosem's life, well, we are not murderers. Halime says I want her to die before dying - as long as you prevent her from leaving this palace tonight, that will be enough.

    Mehmet Giray meets with Iskender and says they are speaking about Mustafa everywhere, that he is mad. Iskender says he has heard and that smoke doesn't come from a place there is no fire. Mehmet says if this is true their task will be child play. Then he says I have informed my men, I am running away tonight, and we will go together to Kafkas territory, I have friends there who will help us. We will raise a powerful army. Iskender nods.

    Humashah tells Safiye that Zulfi says that Kosem is ready to burn the ships so to speak - she will have Mustafa removed from the throne tomorrow. Safiye says that is not certain at all - Halime came to visit me, she wants me to stop Kosem tonight, her intention is obvious. Humashah says will she send executioners to the princes? Safiye says she thinks her son will be the only remaining, she does not know about Iskender. Humashah says what shall we do? Are we going to allow her? Safiye says let Halime kill the princes...the rest is easy - we will get rid of mad Mustafa and then Iskender's reign will begin - our reign!

    Mustafa tells his mother, Osman got out of his room, I saw him in the market, he said I will take my throne from me. She says why have you become this way, I gave his medication. Mustafa says I saw Osman! He was going to kill me, he came to me with a sword! Halime says Osman has been in his room. He says you are lying. She says Menekshe show our Hunkar sh. Osman so he can be rest assured. Then she turns to Davut and says send word to our most trusted aghas, we need to get rid of all the shehzades. Davut says isn't it early? She shakes her head. No it is not, it is the right time, otherwise everything could end tomorrow at the Ulefe session. (btw, Ulefe is when the people gather to express concerns, complaints, and also salary paid to soldiers. )

    Osman asks Mehmet if that is his book. Mehmet says yes, it says here that human beings with the hope that their fates can change. Osman says our fates are obvious to be imprisoned between four walls. The doors open and Mustafa looks inside. Menekshe says see he is here, he has not left at all. Mehmet asks what this is about. Osman says I have no idea.

    Davut asks where Dilruba is, he is told she went to the market, but has not returned. Zulfikar arrives and he asks why he is here. Zulfikar we are hosting Dirluba for a while, I have come to say don't worry. Davut says have you taken her as leverage? Zulfikar says all the statesmen are in agreement that Sultan Mustafa is not in a state to be able to do his duties. Tomorrow Sh. Osman will take the throne. If you do not go against this, if you side with us, God willing, you will be reunited with Dilruba after the ceremony of enthronement. Davut says or else? Zulfikar says if not, you will never see your wife again, Davut. Davut calls after him and says they grab Zulfikar. Davut says where is she, lets not lengthen this matter. Zulfi says it won't anyway, it will be solved tomorrow. Davut orders him taken for interrogation, and for his henchman to be called.

    Davut speaks to Halime tells her that if they do not accept willingly Osman's taking the throne, then they will kill Dilruba. He says he is trying to get Zulfikar to speak. Halime says Kosem, you have hit me where I least expected! Davut says what shall we do!

    Halime says you continue pressing Zulfikar, I will ask around in the harem. Hopefully some news will come out. We will find her. Davut says I will do whatever to find her, but if we cannot find her? She says not now, if we take one step back - they can destroy us. That is why we need to be rid of the Shehzades tonight! Davut says at the expense of Dilruba's life?! Halime says we have no other choice! I wish there was. Davut says how can we do that, how can we sacrifice her, she is your daughter?! Halime says and Mustafa is my son! Do you think they will let us live if we accept their terms? No, they will take all our lives!

    Davut wonders what he is going to do. Zulfikar is being beaten and the henchman says I am tired of beating you, while you are not tired of being beaten! Zulfi says Kilindi, shut up then...you dog of Davut, you disgraced one of the Janissaries. Kilindi? (this is what I hear his name to be) continues beating him saying speak! speak!

    Cennet is brought before Halime and shows a bottle of medicine. Halime says you still serve Kosem right? It looks like Mustafa's medication but it is not. Menekshe says when you came to my room today you change it right? Cennet says you are lying. Halime says shut up. Do you think I am stupid? Speak up, where is Dilruba? Cennet says what are you talking about, I swear, I do not know. Halime says tonight many people will die and I will first start with you. She then calls the aghas to kill her. Cennet keeps saying I did not do anything! Bulbul sees her being dragged away.

    Davut arrives and asks if Zulfikar has spoken, Kilindi says no. Davut tells him he will say where she is, and then tortures him.

    Halime says the time has come. She says aghas, get the shehzades from their rooms. Menekshe says sultanim, this means Dilruba's end too, are you willing? Halime says my daughter will understand. Everything is for her brother's future.

    Kosem says tonight is the end Meleki, I will reunite with my children. Let Osman take the throne tomorrow, we can return to our home. Safiye's men arrive and take out Kosem's guards and lock her doors, she asks what is that sound. Meleki says they have locked the door. She shouts open the door! I say open the door! Aghas! Meleki says don't worry Haci will come save us soon. But poor Haci is tied up.

    Safiye is told that she should not worry, Kosem cannot leave her room tonight and they dealt with Haci and her daughters have no idea what is happening. Safiye says good, and tomorrow the old palace will groan with Kosem's shrieks!

    Osman recalls his father's words saying that their fighting makes him very sad and that they should end it at once, and that brotherly love is one of the most precious things in this world, that no one knows the future, but they should always be just - to both friend and foe, because once they cross justice, then they can never go back...that in the house of power, there is nothing but treachery. You should turn your face to each other and your backs to your enemies. Protect each other. Osman says your words will always be with me and Mehmet says me too. Mehmet wakes up and says Osman what are you doing? Osman says sometimes, I see my father in my dreams...do you remember that day he gifted us both horses, Mehmet recalls the gifts when Ahmet gives Osman the grey horse and gives Mehmet the black one. Mehmet says yes I remember. Osman says I do not know when we will get out of here, or what will happen tomorrow. But, I will keep the promise to my father. No matter we live through, I will never turn my back on you. Mehmet says where is this coming from suddenly. Osman says I just wanted you to know that. We are brothers. Even if our mothers are different, our father's one..we are from the same blood. We will not separate. We will get over this trouble too with God's permission.

    Aghas enter the princes room and say you are coming with us. Beyazid says where are we going? the aghas say it is by our Valide sultan's orders. Murat says stay away from my brothers or I will hurt you! Let me go, let me go!

    Cennet is about to be killed when Bulbul comes, I prevented to you, but I wanted to become her last witness, continue - then he hits him on the head. She hugs him and says FOR LIFE I WILL PRAY FOR YOU! Then she says Halime will kill the princes. Bulbul says I know, that is why I came...I could not allow that to happen.

    The doors are opened and they grab Osman and Mehmet.

    Kosem says no one will come, and our hands are tied. Halime will kill my children! OPEN THE DOORS!

    Meleksema comes out of nowhere and says what is going on, Osman says I do not know. Mehmet shouts they will kill us, send word to our mother! She says leave them. Osman tells her not to fear.

    Safiye meets with her son and says I always think of you, I cannot sleep thinking that someone will find out about you. He says don't worry I take care of myself, but I cannot handle hiding and running. She says be patient, soon something will happen and our reign - your reign will continue. Iskender says if there are no soldiers nothing can happen - that is why I spoke with Mehmet Giray.  Tonight he will escape and we will go together to Kafkas for him to help me. She says where is this coming from suddenly? He says we need an army. She says do not trust him, he has betrayed our family many times, how do you know he will not betray you, only trust us. Iskender says I made an agreement with him, I cannot leave him halfway. She says who is he? You are our most precious treasure, you are from the noble Ottoman family, you do not need your subjects.

    Someone enters and says the palace has sent this. Mehmet Giray says if I were to run away right now what would you do? The guard says you wouldn't. He says say I did it, and I hit you down, and then get rid of all the guards there one by one. He says you cannot.  Mehmet does it.

    The doors open and Humashah enters and says hurry up, Halime is going to kill your sons, go save them. Kosem says thank you, I will never forget this goodness from you.

    Bulbul says oh no we are late. Cennet says we must find them let us search the harem bit by bit.

    The younger princes are crying and Osman and Mehmet are thrown in. Osman asks how they are and if they did anything to them. Murad says they can never do anything while I am here! Why have we been brought here my brother? Mehmet says it is obvious they will execute us. Osman says Mehmet (shush!) And the little ones start asking are they going to kill us? Osman says do not cry, I am with you, I will protect you with my life.

    Mustafa lays in his mother's lap. Menekshe arrives to tell her that the princes have been taken from their rooms and put in Sirca Mansion. Halime says good,  tell Davut to call the executioners. The shehzades will not see the morning.

    Zulfikar does not speak when Davut says where is she. Zulfikar says Sultan Osman will not kill anyone - not Mustafa, not you, nor Dilruba. Davut says there will be no standing Shehzade to get ont he throne tomorrow, they are all being killed tonight. Zulfi says Kosem sultan will be here already and the Janissaries are at the doors. Think - while you are here, who will stop them? The time has come, make a decision - Dilruba or the mad sultan?

    Kosem says I hope we are not late. oh God please protect my children. Haci says the janissaries know and are waiting for them, and God Willing she will reunite with the princes. She shouts for the carriage to go faster.

    Humashah wonders where Zulfikar is - she is told he had gone to Dilruba's palace and didn't return. Cennet and Bulbul have not found the princes. She tells Bulbul to go open the harem doors and she will go try to speak to Halime to find out where they are.

    Iskender waits for Mehmet who says we must hurry, they are looking for me everywhere. Iskender says you go alone, I will stay here. Mehmet Giray asks why did you change your mind. Iskender says I belong here, in my land, I do not want to live in a foreign place. Mehmet says as you wish, if you need me, just send word to me, I will always ally with you. Guards have come looking.

    Humashah finds Zulfikar and thanks God he is alive.

    Meleksema tells Cennet about the princes being taken. Cennet says I know that, but do you know to where? Meleksema says no, I don't but sh. Mehmet said they are going to be executed, is this true?  Cennet says speak good! Be calm! Meleksema tells her if something happens I will hurt you! Cennet says calm down! Kosem is on the way! Don't detain me, I need to find our princes!

    The executioners are about to enter the room and Osman, Murat and Mehmet stand ready to take them on.

    Cennet says she must speak to Halime and Menekshe says how did you escape?! Cennet says she won't be killed off that easily, tell where you have hidden the princes! Menekshe says it is over already!

    Safiye wonders who has let Kosem out of the room. Abbas agha says I do not know! Safiye scolds him.

    Kosem arrives and the soldiers are waiting. The men at the gates try to stop but change their minds. Bulbul arrives says thank God! Kosem says what are you doing here? He says we are looking for the princes, but we can't find them!

    The executioners enter and an agha says it is Mustafa's order, kneel down. Osman shakes his head. Osman puts up a struggle and we hear the little ones saying let me go!

    Cennet shouts out saying KOSEM SULTAN WILL CERTAINLY RETURN AND WHAT YOU HAVE DONE WILL NOT GO UNANSWERED! The Janissaries arrive and take down the guards. Mustafa says have they come to get me? Halime says shh, I am with you, I won't give you to anyone. Kosem enters with her entourage. and asks where her sons are. Halime says you are too late Kosem.

    Kosem says what have you done with my sons, where are they speak up! Halime sayshave you understood how it pains to have your child in danger?  Kosem says what kind of traitor are you?! I did everything to protect Mustafa, is this how you return the favour!? Halime says you locked him for years! you condemned him to solitude! Now your children have died in the same place. Kosem says we are going to the Sirca Kosk. Halime says you are too late Kosem, you were not able to protect your children.

    THE END.

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