• Kosem Sultan Episode 27 Trailer Translation

    Kosem: "From now on you are the Padishah of the seven regions and the Ottoman lands."

    Mehmet: "You are making a mistake mother, I should have first gotten on the throne, not my brother Osman."

    Osman: "Me and my brothers paid for the mistakes you made, now it is your turn. I do not permit you to return to the Palace."

    Lala: "From now on the throne does not go to the eldest and most mature, but from father to son."

    Mufti: "Our Hunkar has come to me to ask for a legal decree to take Sh. Mehmet's life!"

    Osman: "Betrayal is to go against the Padishah and to establish a state within the state! Betrayal is to make someone have to do something they said they would never ever do! "

    Dilruba: "Finally Kosem sultan will get the punishment she deserves!"

    Agha: "Shehzade Mehmet has sought support and help from the Barracks!"

    Lala: "They are not going to start revolt are they Hunkarim?"

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    1. You had this up soooooooo quickly! Please know that we really do continue to appreciate you taking the time to translate - YOU ARE AWESOME :)

      1. Thank you for your kind words, it means a lot to me!