• Kosem Sultan Episode 26 Trailer Translation

    Osman: "The throne is my right, mine! I will take my throne and you will all pay for this!"

    Kosem: "Everyone should hear that a weak minded (crazy) Sultan is on the throne, after that IT IS obvious - my Shehzade Mustafa will take the throne on Ulefe (pay day - paying the soldiers)."

    Grand Mufti: "The soldiers are outside waiting for news! The best thing to do would be to do is to release Shehzade Osman!'

    Zulfikar: "No one can harm you or our shehzades! We will not allow it!"

    Janissaries: "We won't allow it!"

    Halime: "Kosem sultan - I want to be rid of her!"

    Safiye: "Let us leave Halime sultan to kill the shehzades, then we will get rid of mad Sultan Mustafa and then Iskender's reign will begin!"

    Halime: "KOSEM!"

    Halime: "It is imperative we get rid of Kosem's shehzades tonight!"

    Davut: "Risking Dilruba's life?!/ at the price of Dilruba's life?!"

    Halime: "We have no other option!"

    Safiye: "Tomorrow the old palace will be groaning with Kosem's screams"

    Kosem: "That snake Halime will kill my children!"

    Kosem: "OPEN THE DOOR! AGHAS!"

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