• Kosem Sultan Episode 25 Translation


    Little Murat asks Osman when he enters the room can we practice swordsmanship? Osman says not at this time of night! Then he asks where Kosem is he hasn't seen her in days. Eycan says she is with Ahmet in his chamber. Ayshe comments, royalty all over the world has not seen a love like this!

    Kosem is writing at Ahmed's desk.

    Haci is instructing the chamber guards that they are not to allow anyone inside, that they must say Ahmet is not available (to see anyone) and that there is no need to explain further. He then asks Cennet  about Kosem's children are, hopefully they don't suspect anything? Cennet says they keep asking where she is, I do not know what to respond, I don't know how much longer we can hide this...I am going to check in on our Sultana.

    Kosem is using Ahmet's seal on the letter when Cennet enters. Kosem says I have to do this to protect my shehzades. She hands the letter to Cennet who reads it.

    Kosem is getting ready and there is a monologue: "before every Shehzade there are two roads - either the throne or death, this is why they are raised with fear - he fear of death. This why often brother's go against each other, many shehzades have their last breath hovering over the throne. The absolute authority of a Sultan is the mother's crying. I am Kosem, Today is a new day. A centuries old tradition will be ending. From now on freedom from anxiety in place of fear, love in place of hate, happiness in place of grief. The shehzades tombs won't leave this palace anymore. I am Kosem, it is my order -  I am ending the tradition of brother executing brother. I will open a new road. I will lead. It is my order, I will keep my promise to my late Hunkar, I will successfully protect what he has entrusted to me. I will protect our Shehzades, sultanas, and this mighty state. I am Kosem Sultan, let everyone hear and know - I am not longer wed to Sultan Ahmet, but married to the Ottoman State!

    The grand mufti asks what news she brings that she has gathered them so suddenly. Kosem says it is not good news. She says our Hunkar has been unwell for a long time, his condition has worsened, we must prepare for every possible outcome. Halil expresses his disbelief and sadness. Kosem says this is the truth unfortunately. Our Hunkar has a last order. She motions for Haci to pass the order around. She says our Hunkar has ordered that the eldest and most mature of shehzades must take the throne (in other words first in line, no longer sons, but also surviving relatives). Kosem says I wish the same. Zulfi asks if this means Osman or Mustafa?

    Bulbul tells Safiye that Kosem is overjoyed, for two days they (Ahmet and Kosem) have not left the room. That Ahmet freed her and and they have legally wed. Safiye says as if it wasn't enough that they had Iskender killed, that they are celebrating! Humashah enters and says you are not the only one who is grieving, my heart is bleeding too, I lost my brother. Safiye says what is the use that you cry now, you are the reason for all this. Humashah says as always, you are not at fault, but we are. Had you not used my brother for your own dreams for the throne, he would have been alive right now and we wouldn't have to go through this!

    Kosem tells the men, without a doubt, the throne is rightfully Osman's. However, to completely bring an end to the tradition of execution of brothers, it is critical for a new order. For this reason, I am on the side for Shehzade Mustafa to take the throne.

    Bulbul says he will leave, but then Safiye says Bulbul ask Kosem to not make us suffer this much. Humashah says what do you want from Kosem? Safiye says I do not want Iskender to lay in the way like that. He is a shehzade, we will have him moved to Hagia Sophia, to be buried next to his father. Humashah says forget this, because our Hunkar will not accept such a thing and you will stay sad.

    The pashas leave and Zulfikar stays behind and says my Sultana, I did not want to speak in front of the others, but no matter what, it was not right gathering the men for a meeting. Kosem says come with me Zulfikar pasha.

    Kosem leads Zulfikar to Ahmet's chamber and he finds him there. Kosem tells him he died this morning. He goes to him, kneels, prays for his soul.

    Mustafa imagines executioners here and there and runs off.

    Kosem tells Zulfikar that tomorrow during the enthronement ceremony, the soldiers and men will see Mustafa get on the throne so that they could all see a new order has been set. Zulfikar says he doesn't think this is the right decision. Kosem says do not worry, his reign will not last long. Zulfikar says he doesn't get it. Kosem says Mustafa is the eldest, but not the most mature - he cannot do the duties of a Sultan because he is not sane (he is crazy). Zulfikar says what? what is all this I am hearing? But when Halime sultan becomes Valide sultan, power will go to her, and she will not spare anyone. Kosem says this is why I need your help. Tomorrow, I need you to do something for me.

    Mustafa ends up almost strangling Davut - he tels Pinhan to kill the "executioner" and Pinhan tells him to do it. It is really Davut and Dilruba comes to the rescue.

    Kosem goes to see Halime who is surprised to see her there. She says it is strange for you to visit me right after your two day halvet with Ahmet. Kosem says what I have come to say is much stranger. Halime says congratulations - after Hurrem sultan and Nurbanu sultan, you are the only Sultana able to have the Padishah wed her! She notices Kosem doesn't respond. She says The matter seems important? Kosem says do you wish your son to get on the throne?

    Dilruba orders the aghas to take Mustafa back to his room. She tells Davut, for years he has been locked up, for years being afraid of executioners has destroyed my brother. He hallucinates sometimes and thinks they are coming after him. He says why did you hide this from me? She says I was going to tell you in time, and what does this change? Are you regretful? Will you not support my brother now? He says I am on your side, wherever you are, that is where I am. We are married now, I just want there not to be any secrets between us. She says no more secrets from now on.

    Halime thinks it is a joke, Kosem says I wish. Halime is shocked and says forgive me...I thought...my condolences...to all of us! May God forgive our Hunkar's sins. Kosem says my children do not know, I want them to hear from me (i.e. don't say anything) Halime says of course. Kosem says you know that the soldiers and statesmen obey me. It needs one word from me and I can change the order and put your son on the throne. Halime says but you have conditions? Kosem says I will tell you in details later, but the most important - no matter what, my shehzades will not be harmed. And I will stay here with them, in a free way. Halime says it would not even cross my mind! Especially since our Hunkar spared my son's life! I swear to you, your shehzades will live here in a safe way, you also. Kosem says I know I can trust your words, but, just in case, if you awaken the devil and you go back on your promise, your children Mustafa and Dilruba will die for it before you even take a step. Know it.

    Kosem tells Cennet Halime agreed to the conditions. Cennet says forgive me, but we are making a mistake. Osman should have gotten on the throne. We cannot trust Halime. Also, Osman loves you, he will do whatever you say. Kosem says I am here today, but I may not be here tomorrow, what will happen after that? (ie. would Osman listen?)

    Mehmet asks why they have all been gathered. Kosem says I will tell you. Osman arrives and says he wishes to congratulate her and his Hunkar father on their wedding. He notices something is up. Kosem says from now on you are my life, you and the Ottoman state. I want you to know - whatever I do, I do it for your peace and safety. The kids say what are you saying, you are scaring us, what is going on? Mehmet asks what is going on, why she is like this. Kosem tells them their Hunkar father, Ahmet has passed on.

    Dilruba asks Halime how this is possible, Ahmet was fine when we left the palace and bid farewell to him! Is this not one of Kosem's games? Halime says that is what I thought at first, but it isn't a game, if you had seen what condition she was in...she seems like her heart had ripped out. Sultan Ahmet is no longer. Dilruba says God have mercy on him. Davut says then Osman's sultanate begins then. Halime says no, our sultanate will begin Davut, Mustafa will get on the throne, me and Kosem agreed on it. Dilruba wonders how Kosem can accept such a thing, especially while her own shehzades are alive. Halime says I know it is hard to understand, but the offer came from Kosem - she has everyone on her side, so she has decided that for the safety of her own princes, this is the best decision.

    Kosem's children cry saying our father is no longer and we will never see him again. Cennet comforts them and says your mother is here, we are also here, we will never leave you alone. Osman says how is it possible, I cannot believe it, we were together the other day, then your wedding happened. Kosem says he was having stomach troubles for a while. Mehmet says then why did you hide it from us? Kosem says he was using some medicine, I thought it would cure him...don't be sad, he hid his condition from me too. He passed out suddenly. Mehmet says what will we do without father now? Kosem says we will get strength from each other, we will be united. Osman leaves, Kosem comforts the little ones.

    Zulfikar goes to give the news to Safiye. She says why have you come, you know you are not wanted here. He says I know, I know very well, but it has befallen me to give this news. What you wanted has finally happened - Sultan Ahmet Han Hazretleri has passed on. Humashah says what are you saying? Is this true? Safiye says so our Hunkar grandchild has died. This could have been our happy day. Iskender could have gotten on the throne, how sad that our grandson killed him. It as if he knew what would happen and didn't want to leave him alive while he would die. Humashah says you took Sultan Ahmet to his death. Safiye says what difference does it make? After Iskender has died, what difference does it make?

    Osman is with Meleksema and he says I will never see my father again, we will not sit together at the table, never go hunting, go riding...he will never call me my son again. he will never hug me again. Melesema says I was also separated from my parents, they both died. I did not sleep for days, I cried. I thought I would never smile again. But when you held my hand - my pain and mourning passed while I was with you. Now allow me to hold your hand, be with you.

    Dilruba asks what they will do now if they will accept Kosem's conditions. Halime says we have to think of every possibility. Dilruba says my brother's condition, if it get's noticed, they will take him off the throne at once. Davut says do not worry, I know about everything. Believe me, it is better for his safety that I know about his condition. Halime says no one shall know! Davut says her secret will go with him to his grave. He says what is important now is to make the best decision, even the slightest error on our part, will end up in irreparable outcome. Halime says Kosem is a smart Sultana, she will have thought of all the possibilities and taken precautions. Dilruba says so my brother will take the throne, you will be Valide sultan and we will have no power and leave it to a widowed mother of shehzades?! Halime says we should know the value of finding a place (that we long searched for) in the skies! (as in we should value this) and do not forget apart from your husband, everyone is on her side, the palace, the harem, all the kalfas and aghas, all of them. Until the time it takes to put in our own people, we will have to be patient. Dilruba says if we are trying to kill the snake, it will be a grave error to start with the tail - we must crush its head!

    There are funeral prayers underway. Bulbul enters and tells Haci and Cennet, we will awaken to a new day tomorrow. what will happen now? Who will fate smile on, Osman or Mehmet? Haci says tomorrow you will find out along with everyone else, Bulbul.

    Meleksema asks Osman what will happen..they were going to go to Manisa. He says that is impossible now, they will not go anywhere. He says the throne cannot remain empty, according to the tradition, I will get on the throne. I will become Padishah.

    Mehmet tells his mother, tonight is my last night. When my brother Osman gets on the throne tomorrow, he will kill me and my brothers right? Kosem says do not be afraid, from now on no sultan will kill his brothers. Mehmet asks how she can be so certain and says if you want me and my brothers to be safe, it should be me on the throne. She replies trust me. No one will harm you. Would I ever allow that?

    Safiye says Kosem's winter has just started, she is nothing without Sultan Ahmet and that now real pain will enter her heart, she will lose her sons and feel what it is like losing her children. Humashah says I think you are wrong. Osman will not kill his brothers, and, he does not disobey Kosem. Safiye says when the matter is power and Sultanate, even blood brothers will be considered enemies and Kosem did not give birth to Osman. And did you think we didn't think of this? We considered all of this...Lala Omar, is our man - for years he has been planting the seeds of doubt in Osman, and now the time has come to sprout!

    Kosem goes to see Osman. He says he thought his father would live for a long time. He remarks that he is the same age his father got on the throne. Kosem says may God give you a long life. I am aware of my responsibility, I will get on the throne tomorrow and I would like you to know and be certain that I will not ever disappoint you. Kosem says one day you will certainly sit on the throne you are worthy of, but not today.

    Mustafa begs Halime not to tell Ahmet about the incident in the stables. She tells him he cannot know because he is no longer, he has died. Mustafa is saddened by this. She says from now on no need to fear anyone. From now on everyone will fear you - and us. Tomorrow will be a happy day, and you will get on the throne.

    Osman asks Kosem what this means, isn't his right according to the traditions, that she cannot decide this, she says listen to me. He says it's Mehmet right, you are going to put him on the throne. She says not Mehmet, your uncle Osman. He says no, no this is impossible, it is my right, and he is an ill shehzade! Kosem says you knew about his condition?! He says why can I not get on the throne? Tell me the reason...this silence...you doubt me right?! You think I will kill my brothers when I get on the throne, this is why you are preventing this right? How did this enter your mind? Could I ever do such a thing? She says I know you wouldn't. He says then why? She says I am trying to change the order, this is simply a precaution. He says I am very curious about something, had it been your son Mehmet, not I, would you have done the same thing? Would you have put my uncle on the throne? She says of course I - He says do not tire yourself, I know you would never. Kosem leaves and cries.

    Cennet tries to comfort Osman. He says that Kosem has seen Mustafa fit for the throne as opposed to him and that if he could, he would be against it. She says I am shocked too. Kosem Sultan is clearly going through a deep crisis, I hope she is not going to be regretful of what she does. Osman says he is so devastated, first his father and Kosem, whom he has known as his mother has done now. His heart is being ripped apart. Cennet tells him that this palace is dangerous for him, he will leave tomorrow during the enthronement ceremony. He says am I running away?

    Mehmet confronts Osman as he is leaving with Cennet and asks where he is going, is he running away. Cennet says what running away is that possible? Osman says you are glad I ddin't get on the throne right? Mehmet says why should I not be glad? You would have killed me and my brothers, I am glad my mother took precautions. Osman says God is my Witness that never crossed my mind, I would never do it. And my uncle Mustafa taking the throne does not change anything, the throne was my right. And Kosem Sultan changing that does not change anything, this is the truth and the day will come I will take what is rightfully mine. Mehmet says you used to call her mother, now she became Kosem sultana to you?

    Mustafa asks his sister and mother if his brother is actually dead, what if it is a trick, because years back they had told he was dead and then his brother came back and locked him up. Dilruba says you recall it? You were very young. Halime tells him that they will take out Ahmet's body later before the enthronement, and she says first you must take your medication. She then asks Dilruba if she spoke to Davut and Dilruba says she has.

    Cennet bids Osman a safe journey. Lala takes him off. Mehmet sees and then Davut arrives and asks Mehmet if something has happened.

    The throne is being brought out and the Mufti comments saying let us see what the soldiers and men will say about this new rule about who takes the throne. Halil pasha says that they will be content with Kosem's decisions and anyway, Sultan Ahmet had not killed his brother when he got on the throne. The mufti says hopefully it will work out.

    Bulbul tells Kosem that even if his words have no value he is actually sad for her and wishes her strength in this tough time. Humashah enters and gives condolences. The coffin passes through.

    The coffin is taken outside and placed to the right. Meanwhile, the mufti begins to speak and says let everyone hear and know that Sultan Ahmet has died. He passed away on the night the twenty third of November.

    The Mufti continues, saying that the high state's order of succession has changed. From now on in the dynasty of Osman, the throne shall not go from father to son, but the eldest relative and most mature (of age, fit to rule, has shown to be mature and fitting for the role). For this reason, our late Padishah's brother Shehzade Mustafa will get on the throne. 

    Mustafa is walking and Pinhan says remember you walked down this path once before, hopefully you do not suffer the same fate as last time. Mustafa recalls his first time being put on the throne and his brother showing up. Davut tells him I am with you your majesty. Mustafa is announced. 

    Halime thanks God for letting her see this day, and hopes nothing bad will happen. Her daughter says don't worry, we'll overcome this God Willing. The pashas are announced one by one until Mustafa has a moment because Pinhan "says" is your brother really dead, is it really him in that coffin?" Mustafa remembers again Sultan Ahmet's return after everyone thought he was dead. Mustafa stands up and demands the men to open the coffin, despite Davut telling him to go back to the throne. Halime prays for God's help. Kosem says did you not feed him his medicine?! Halime says I did, but the crowds make him worse. Davut manages to snap him out of it and take him back. Halime says thank God he is calmed. Dilruba tells her I told you you could trust Davut pasha. 

    Menekshe tells Mehmet he has to come with her. He says who are you to speak to me this way! She says on the order of Sultan Mustafa you are to go into isolation (kafes). 

    Osman tells Lala that the Kosem sultan he called mother all these years has betrayed him and purposely taken his rights. Lala says her purpose was evidently to protect her sons from him, but unfortunately, she prevented his future and the throne is now Mustafa's it is too late. Osman says for now - my uncle is not well, I have witnessed it many times. He has lost his mind. Zulfikar arrives. 

    Mehmet is locked up and he demands the doors to be opened, saying you cannot lock me in this room. It is time for Mustafa to go back. 

    Kosem congratulates Halime and says you are now Valide sultan, know the value and hopefully you will act based on that. Halime says don't worry I will do what is expected. And you - it is exactly for this reason you will leave the palace and go to the old palace, because this is the custom. Kosem says what are you saying we had agreed! Halime says the deal is over. 

    Kosem's children are being taken and Meleki says what kind of snake are you Menekshe? Menekshe says there is no use in resisting, because if she wants or not, they will take the shehzade as there is an order. 

    Cennet asks Halime how she can do this, and tells her to turn back while it is still early. Dilruba tells her to shut up, that she has no place speaking out between Sultanas. Dilruba tells Kosem you heard my mother, pack up and leave. Kosem says this is the nature of the snake, finds the opportunity, goes for the bite. Halime says your pain does not even break your pride... who the heck are you - has it befallen you to make decisions on who will take the throne? Dilruba says your shehzades are in our hands, you have no rule now. Kosem says you think that...I have sent Osman away, some place only I know about and he will come, to get what is rightfully his. Halime says we know...your son Mehmet spoke to Davut pasha about it. Wherever he is, they will get him and bring him.

    Osman says my mother sent me right? Well don't bother I am not going. Zulfikar says your mother is the one who sent me to protect you. Osman says Lala? Lala says your mother wants you to stay away from the palace for a while, a precaution against Halime. Osman says so I am the security/guarantee for my brother's lives? That is why she is using me! Zulfikar says it is not only for your brothers, it is for your safety! Davut arrives with guards. 

    Davut tells Osman that by Mustafa's orders, he has come to take him to the palace. Osman tells him to go back, he won't be coming with him. Davut threatens to kill Zulfikar and Lala and adds "because they have committed a grave crime by sneaking you away." Zulfi says when have you become this way, since when are you Halime's dog? Davut says my respect for you is great, I was raised in your hand, but my patience and respect have limits. 

    Kosem asks Haci how Mehmet found out about Osman. Cennet tells her Mehmet saw them as they were leaving. Then she adds, I begged you not to trust Halime - you gave everything to her hands...you threw Osman in the fire. Kosem says enough! I won't let anyone touch them! Haci - go to Halil pasha, he will know what to do! Hurry, there is no time!

    Meleksema asks Bulbul where Osman is, Bulbul says I don't know! and scolds her. 

    The little princes shout to be let go. Kosem runs and shouts for them to leave her princes but the aghas don't budge. Kosem tells them that if a single hair is harmed on their heads she will kill them all. 

    Haci informs Halil about Kosem being exiled, that the shehzades have been taken (potentially lives in danger) and while he does that, the other men hear and are furious and storm off.

    Little Murad scolds his brothers saying look even Ibrahim is not crying! Be calm now, no one can touch you, I will protect you! There are steps but thankfully it is only Eycan who says they have allowed her to stay here to take care of Ibrahim.

    Mehmet tries to get out, ordering the aghas who ignore him. Just then Osman is brought inside. Osman tells him that this is what happens that he has not taken the throne.

    The men are furious and shout for the shehzades to be  freed and that they demand to have audience right there and with the Sultan. Instead, Davut exits and Halil says explain what is going on in the harem. Davut says I have no idea what happened? Zulfi says are you fooling us you ignorant! You were the one who came and took Osman! You took him by force! The men demand the princes release. Halil says the shehzades have been locked up and Kosem has been exiled! Davut says Kosem sultan was she not harem of our late Sultan?Is this not normal for her to be sent to the old palace? And the shehzades are only in isolation - so I see no grounds for your argument! The Janissary agha says you are playing with fire Davut, if anyone happens to our shehzades, we will desroy this palace over your heads! 

    Davut tries to tell them to calm down...he will look into the matter. The grand Mufti says let us resolve this matter peacefully - Davut pasha, go tell Halime Sultan - the high officials already decided, and I have ratified it with the Ulema (religious scholars) under these conditions, taking the lives of the shehzades is not permissible under any circumstances! Mustafa suddenly exits and says aghas and pashas, I will not kill anyone, do not kill me! Do not kill me! Then he sort of scurries off. Davut says there you go, no one will die. 

    Meleki asks Kosem if she is really leaving. Kosem says I have no choice if I resist, it will be worse for my children. Haci tells them that he told Halil and the men will do whatever they need for the shehzades safety. Kosem tells them that in her absence the harem is in their trust. To inform her about everything. Cennet says Halime will get rid of us at the soonest. Kosem says isn't that what you wanted? You wanted to retire, well here is your chance you are rid of me. 

    Mustafa tells Halime the soldiers will kill me! Halime says come with me, sit here, while I am with you, no one can do anything to you! Davut tells them what happened. Dilruba says we knew it would be like this, we must act quickly - there should be no one left to pose a threat to my brother (ie. kill the princes). Halime asks Davut for his opinion - he says we should wait - it is enough for now that Kosem is exiled and the princes are in isolation - let us think we are cowering to her threats. The princes are with us anyway, so we can send executioners whenever we please! 

    Kosem and her daughters are leaving, she stares at the agha who dares to ask for her earrings, and he cowers away. Haci tells her it is time, she asks who will be with her sons, Haci says Eycan is with them and I will check in when I can. She says I entrust my sons to you - he says I will protect them with my life! Kosem says time to leave, let us see what the future has in store for us. 

    Lala says how could Kosem put Mustafa instead of Osman on the throne. Cennet says she brought on the storm by trying to protect her children. Lala says she has brought her end by her own hands, you should think of yourself now Cennet. Cennet says I am worried about what will happen - Halime has no mercy, she does not resemble anyone else. Lala says don't worry Mustafa's reign is not lasting - today tomorrow Shehzade Osman will take the throne that is rightfully his and if we are on his side that day, no one can stop us! 

    Kosem tells those gathered in harem Keep your hearts light - our sun will rise too, stand straight, do not bow to the oppressors, the day will come, era will change and I will return to my palace. Until then your most important task is to protect my shehzades. Be in God's care!

    Kosem enters the old palace and is told by Gurbuz that her room is prepared, he is at her service. She enters and finds Safiye waiting for her saying, the time awaited for has come - welcome to the old palace Kosem. 

    Menekshe has brought Cennet, Bulbul and Haci. Halime tells Cennet to hand over her seal and then she announces Menekshe the head Kalfa (the titles used historically either bashaznedar, or Hunkar Kalfa) Halime then tells them her era has begun, and that everyone will only obey her, that anyone continuing to obey Kosem , she will have their heads. 

    Safiye tells Kosem that arrogance must have blinded her eyes and that she has dealt with the devil (Halime), but that she fell into the well she dug. Kosem says she isn't staying here. Safiye says I thought the same when I first came, that I will go back soon, but years have passed. Kosem says do not confuse me with yourself, I did not come here for betraying the Family, in reality, I came for protecting the Family. Safiye says well you did not succeed. You were not able to protect your shehzade's lives. All their lives lay between Halime's two lips. You made me live through the pain of losing a child twice, now it is your turn, you will see the pain of losing children!

    Mehmet tells Osman to stop pacing. Osman says seems like your happy, how are you willing to be locked up like an animal. Mehmet says mother will come save us. Osman says what? we are here because of her, she threw our lives in danger, we are now subject to Halime's marcy (or lack thereof). Meleksema shouts for Osman, she says she wants to enter to be with him, he  tells her that she cannot enter because it is prohibited. She asks when he will get out, he says soon and we will live our dreams, do not cry, I get strength from thinking of you, you do not lose hope. She says I wait to be reunited with you. Mehmet listens with anger. Cennet tells her don't worry he will get out of there soon!

    Zulfikar enters his palace to find his angry wife and leaves, she says how can you do this?! How could you put Mustafa on the throne while Osman exists? You made a big mistake. You have handed yourselves over to Halime willingly. Now who will protect the shehzades? How can you be sure they come out alive tomorrow? Zulfi says all precautions have been taken, the Janissaries are ready, and the aghas and kalfas are all under Kosem's sway. Humashah tells him that hopefully it will be as he says or else no one will be able to pay the price for this sin!

    Kosems daughters ask what will happen to them, she says do not be afraid my beautiful Sultanas, I will not allow anyone to harm you or your brothers. Ayshe asks when they will reuturn, Kosem says I do not know...let us pray for your Hunkar father. 

    Bulbul says how much worse your conditions will be...Cennet tells him don't be so smug, think of yourself, Halime will take out her anger for your part in the palace attack (years ago),she may curse you with magic ...Haci says do not speak as if our Sultana Kosem has left forever...she will return! Until then, we stay quiet under Halime's orders and meanwhile we protect our Shehzades with everything we have! Cennet comments ugh, as if everything wasn't enough, Menekshe is head over us now! Menekshe says oh instead of doing work, you are here backbiting me! Cennet says do not anger me with that small neck...God forbid if your foot should slip in the bath...

    Kosem dreams of Ahmet and his love poetry. 

    Safiye has come to see Halime. Halime welcomes her.

    Kosem says have you seen Safiye? Meleki says she has left, as you know her imprisonment is over, she will go around now. Kosem says imprisonment didn't stop her, she tried everything to dethrone our Hunkar (Ahmet) but anyway, now she has no shehzade to put on the throne. Meleki says you are right..there is no Iskender. Gurbuz tells her the carriage is ready. 

    Safiye tells Halime to watch out, this room is a sea of fire! Halime says I have lived through much grief due to you, I am sure you have not come to say all this to me. Safiye says she wishes to re-bury Iskender next to his father in Hagia Sophia. Halime says after all the grief you put me through, why should I allow it? Safiye says you are amother, you lost a child, you will be the one best to understand me. Halime says I lost my son Mahmud because of you! The reason I missed my son Mustafa for years was because of you! Now it has come to your mind that I am a mother?! Safiye says we have gotten our answer...does a quick curtsy and leaves. 

    Osman looks for something he can use to hit the aghas when the enter. Mehmet says are you crazy? Say you got the aghas, how will you exit the palace? They will call us rebel shehzades and will kill us right there. Osman says whatever, I cannot accept this! This is all because of Kosem sultan! Mehmet says this is what's really bothering you right? Being locked up is merely an excuse! Your anger is because my mother didn't put you on the throne, but despite everything she protected you, she smuggled you out of the palace! I am the one who got you caught! 

    Davut tells Mustafa now he has all the power, whatever he wants that will happen. Mustafa says whatever I want? And then he calls the aghas and tells them to "take this table and walk it around the harem for a but so it can get fresh air" : D Then as they are about to do it, he says no wait, changed my mind - put it back....get some water I wish to float my galleys (he wants to float the model ships in water :D He repeats to Davut, "gonna float my galleys :D "

    Osman is going to deal a heavy blow to his brother's face but recalls his father telling them they will never raise hands on each other so he stops. He says, you were scared weren't you...you were afraid Kosem Sultan would put me on the throne...that is why you told that I was running away!

    Women wonder who is in the fancy carriage saying it must be a Sultana. Kosem tells Gurbuz to gather everyone's requests/complaints, and that we must not forget them while in our own pains. The people praise her, giving their condolences, saying they are at her command, she just needs to say what she wishes. 

    Mehmet Giray says let us go I need to speak to Kosem Sultan. 

    Meleki tells Kosem I thought maybe seeing the people's love for you it may cheer you up. Kosem says how can I be? Who knows what my Osman and Mehmet are doing, what fights they are having...You know my Murad is rebellious no else can calm him, Kasim will not eat all his food unless I tell him. Ibrahim is not even weaned yet! Is he getting full from the milk from the wetnurse? Meleki says don't worry Eycan is there. Kosem says she cannot sleep, feels only pain...

    Humashah says Halime won't give someone even her bad deeds without something in return..what did she want from you in return for permission for this? Safiye says she did not give permission. No one knows. We will do it without official order. 

    Halime enters her sons room and he says I am Padishah mother, I can do what I want. She says yes, but more important right now - Your harem - Menekshe has found some girls for you, they will come to you tonight. He says I do not want anyone mother. She approaches and says you must have a child so all the world can see the line going from you - so that they cannot eye your throne. Mustafa calls for the aghas and says catch my mother at once and throw her in the prison. She shouts what are you doing! Leave me! He says I was only kidding, would I ever do that? She asks to be left alone her son. (she shouts) Then she says to him, get your senses together, your mother stands before you! Never forget! Do not ever lower me in the eyes of our servants! Ever! 

    Safiye and Humashah are told the grave is empty. Safiye says where is my son?What did they do to him? Humashah says mother, could it be my brother is alive? 

    Zulfikar meets Iskender. We see a flashback where he tells him I am not killing you, hold your breath. Behram will help you escape, do not return until you get word from me!

    Iskender greets him says my Pasha, thank you, despite my Hunkar's order you did not kill me. Zulfi says you must go far from me...forget who you are, make a new life for yourself. Iskender asks if his mother and sister know. Zulfi says no one besides me, and no one will. They both were ruined when they heard, your mother especially, I have never seen her like that. Iskender says they always knew me as dead for years...from now on they can know me as dead again...we are used to missing each other. Zulfi says the important thing is you are alive. You will go from here, make your own family, wife, children home...you will have a happy life. Iskender says don't worry I will go...

    Mehmet Giray wishes to speak to Kosem and she allows it. He gives condolences for Ahmet and then says I wish to be by your side in these hard days, simply ask. She says I do not need a traitor who betrayed our Hunkar. He says I did not betray, I simply fought for what was mine. Like you. He says allow me, to be by your side. I am ready at your command! 

    Aghas enter the room and Osman knocks them out. Mehmet says what are you doing? Osman says go complain, tell them I ran away! 

    Kosem is announced. Halil tells her every precaution for the safety of her sons. The grand mufti tells her be rest assures, there is no religious decree for the execution of the shehzades (no one of the religious order will sanction it). kosem says while her sons are away from she cannot be at peace. She says my aghas and my pashas, get ready, first we shall expose Sultan Mustafa's condition - then, after that, during the first Ulefe ceremony (when the Sultan pays the soldiers) Sultan Mustafa will be step down from the throne, and in his place,  Shehzade Osman will take the throne. 

    Davut informs Halime and Mustafa that Osman was caught trying to leave the palace. 

    The archer releases the arrow...we hear Meleki crying out my Sultana! 

    THE END. 

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    END OF PART 1 (1:02:00)

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