• Kosem Sultan Episode 28 Translation

    Kosem storms into Lala's office and says I should have killed you years ago! You have poisoned Osman, you have gotten into his head. He says never, my Sultana, I -

    She says you will speak to Osman, you will prevent him (from doing anything) he will not ever kill Sh. Mehmet! Lala says of course I will speak to our Hunkar, and anyway our Mufti Efendi has not given the fetva (decree) and under this condition, shehzade Mehmet cannot be killed. Kosem says he will insist! He will try every route! That is why you will speak to him!

    Cennet arrives suddenly and says our Hunkar has gotten a fetva from the Rumeli military judge they will kill our Shehzade run there is no time! Lala gives Cennet a look.

    Osman reads from what the judge has written, "for the rebellious shehzade who does not obey the Padishah and causes discord, for the sake of keeping order and peace in the state, his execution is permissible."

    Osman stands up and says call Mehmet to me.

    Mehmet anxiously waits in his room not knowing what will happen to him. Meanwhile, Lala asks Cennet whose side she is on. He says what did we discuss before? That to ensure our Hunkar becomes powerful, the end has to come for Kosem sultan and the shehzades! Cennet puts a dagger to his neck saying, watch out so that your own end doesn't come! He says what is the meaning of this?! She says it means you are going nowhere! He says have you lost your mind? Get out of my way, we must warn our Hunkar at once! She says you should pray that Kosem sultan is able to save sh. Mehmet, otherwise she will destroy the world over our heads! She pushes him down.

    An agha informs Mehmet that Osman has called for him. Mehmet asks why, and the agha says I do not know.

    Zulfikar and Kosem are at the secret exit outside the palace, and he tells Kosem I sent word to the Janissary barracks, hopefully we will save our Shehzade. Kosem says break the door down. The aghas work at it.

    Mehmet meanwhile is making his way to Osman. Kosem and Zulfikar get inside.

    Little Murad wants to eat a piece of Baklava and says Mehmet loves Baklava shall we take some to him? And we might be able to see him too. Ayshe says even if we do go, they won't allow us to see him. Murad says that's alright, at least we will hear his voice.

     Halime meanwhile tells Safiye that this winter will be difficult, and covers herself up with her shawl. Safiye says it might be a sign of Kosem's fall...who knows. Halime says it is obvious Sultan Osman will kill his brother, seeing as he has asked for a fetva. Safiye says Kosem has lost loved ones before, felt the pain of their loss, mourned them. This time however, it is different. The pain of losing a child is something entirely different. It is such a pain that you go with your child into their grave!

    Davut goes to Dilruba who asks who had come and Davut replies that Kilindir? agha came to inform him that the barracks are in an uproar, they are marching to the palace because Sultan Osman has gotten a fetva for the execution of his brother. Dilruba says finally, I wanted to see Kosem's face now. Davut says there is confusion and (danger) outside. She says good, let it, let the palaces demolish over their heads!

    Zulfikar and Kosem realize the secret entrance has been closed up. He tells her that it has been closed up. She shouts My Mehmet, my son! and scratches at and hits the wall. Mehmet also notices the wall has been replaced and blocked up.

    Zulfikar tells her to stop, he says Sultanim don't. Kosem says maybe they already killed my son!

    Suleyman agha tells Mehmet our Hunkar is waiting for you.

    Zulfikar says the Janissaries are at the palace by now, they will not allow Sh. Mehmet to be killed, if needed they will spill blood and enter by force.

    Murad tells the aghas to open the door, he has brought something Mehmet likes. The aghas are quiet, Ayshe says haven't you heard, open the door. The door opens and they see the room is empty. Ayshe says where is my brother? What have you done to him. Murad drops the plate in shock.

    Mehmet is brought to Osman inside the Divan hall. Mehmet says what is going on my Hunkar? Why am I here? Hunkar says come sit here Mehmet. Mehmet takes a seat.

    Kosem prays for her son's safety.

    Osman says do you remember the first time we went hunting? Mehmet says yes I recall it. Osman says we were two kids completely free of the worries of the world. We had no responsibilities. We were under our Hunkar father's wings, God forgive him. We were chasing a gazelle. Just as my father was about to hit it, another arrow came from nowhere, past us  and shot straight into the gazelle's heart. My father was very angry. They went and brought the man. He was someone from the sorrounding areas, from what he said, he did not notice us. Mehmet says why are you telling me these things my Hunkar? Osman says shhhhhh...My father took the man's head, I asked him why he did it, he said I am the Padishah, no one cannot set eyes on what is mine. I said but that man said he had not seen you that is why he hit the gazelle, he replied to me by saying we can never know that. He (my father) asked me did the gazelle die? It did. So in that case that man got his punishment because we could have been killed in place of that gazelle. Mehmet says my Hunkar I have not set eyes on anything of yours. I never will. Or will you kill me? But you had given me your word, you had said you would never turn your back on me! Osman hugs his brother and kisses his head and says I kept my promise Mehmet. But you did not! He leaves. Mehmet shouts let me go, stop, let me go! But he is strangled shouting Osman, Osman.  And he says I ask from God that your life and your sultanate are destroyed! And whatever you take from my life, is taken from yours!

    We see that poor little Murad has seen it and runs away horrified.

    Ayshe asks Murad what happened and crying, he says my brother has died,  they killed my brother Mehmet. They killed my brother Mehmet.

    Osman sits in his room afflicted with sadness by what he has done.

    The Janissaries shout for shehzade Mehmet to be handed over and to open the doors.

    The doors are opened and they see Mehmet's body. Just then, Zulfikar and Kosem arrive and see there is a crown by the door.

    Murad says he hates Osman and will never forgive him then he asks about his mother why has she not come yet, she was going to save Mehmet. Ayshe says they have played us all, my brother. They have trapped us all. Murad says Osman will kill me and my brothers too right? Just then Suleyman agha enters with the other boys. Ayshe asks why they have been brought. Suleyman agha says it is by order of our Hunkar, from now on they will stay together and forbidden from leaving this room. Ayshe says you traitorous dog! Everything happened because of you! You set a trap for us! Suleyman agha says and you must return to your own room. Ayshe turns to her brother and says Murad, your siblings are in your care and then she leaves.

    The men make way for Kosem and she wonders why everyone is so silent and then has she moves to the front, her eyes rest on her dead son. She falls next to him and says my Mehmet, my son? My dear, my Yusuf-faced son, what have they done to you? How have they killed my Mehmet. Wake up my son. Get up please. My Mehmet, for God's sake get up! Get up Mehmet!

    We hear Osman's voice saying "exactly eleven days after I killed my brother, snow fell upon Istanbul and for weeks it snowed non stop. It was such a winter, my city lost it's form. My heart was like a burning fire amidst the ice and snow. Some people say I am the reason for such a cold winter, a price for my sins. They say it is because I brought back the law of fratricide after it was brought to an end. For re-kindling a fire that had been put out. That this is a punishment from God. Maybe it is true, maybe God is testing me with these storms. I am Osman. Sultan Osman Han. I understood that the sultanate turns a person's heart, smothers the sound of the conscience, covers the ears. It is an unlucky curse. I understood that Sultanate, is the thief that steals the innocence and makes brother's enemie s of each other. At the same time it is a fake light, making a person reach out for it without getting it in their hands. It is a kind of drunkenness. And, it is a path from which there is no return, a deep precipice, a winter which drags one into calamity. I am Osman, that day that I killed my brother, a winter storm is raging within me, so much so that it is dragging me to my absolute destiny."

    Lala tells Osman that Kosem is inside, and that if he wishes they should come another time. Osman doesn't listen and moves forward. Inside, Kosem prays for her son. She recalls herself asking Mehmet why are you doing this? Mehmet replies I have no value in your eyes. Especially next to Osman. She says what kinds of words of these my son? All my children are the same to me. I love all of you. Mehmet says but you do not love me mother. Accept it. It is always Osman. He is always better. He is better at everything. He even loves you more than I do right? As if I am the one with a different mother, not him!

    Safiye is with her son and Bulbul says I have been living in the Capitol for years and have never seen such a winter , my prince! Ahhh, the Bosphorus has frozen over! The ships cannot dock! The roads are blocked too! The caravans can't leave and enter...and as a result, goods cannot travel in and out. The people are troubled in this cold, and everyone is thrust into his own worries. Iskender says I know, there is disorder, the people have been plundering homes let alone shops!  Safiye says may God not let anyone starve, spring will come and soon Sultan Osman will go for war and never return. The doors open and Humashah enters with Zulfikar. Safiye asks what he is doing here. Humashah says do not worry I wanted him to come with me, he is with us now, he has chosen our side.

    Osman says to Kosem that she must think like everyone else, that it is his fault there is so much snow and ice and that it is God punishing him for killing Mehmet. And you? You have no fault? For the sake of ruling the state and setting up secret Divan, did you not throw my brother in my way? Know that this sin belongs to you more than me. You left me no other choice mother. Kosem says I am no longer your mother. You are not my son. You will walk alone on the path you have chosen. Know that if you touch my children you have locked up in the harem, if you do the same to them as you have done to Mehmet, I will not leave it to anyone else - I will take your life myself.

    Osman turns to his father's tomb and says forgive me father, forgive me for not keeping my promise to you.

    Lala greets Kosem and she ignores him.

    Safiye tells Zulfikar you have lost our trust long ago, why should we trust you? There is no one left who does not know about your ties to Kosem! Humashah says I have wanted him to come here mother. As you know the conditions have changed. Iskender says mother let us find out what the matter is. Zulfikar says Sultan Osman has prepared his own end by killing sh. Mehmet. The scholars and soldiers are uneasy. They will dethrone Sultan Osman at the soonest opportunity. At that time, who will get on the throne? Iskender says on the one side, Halime's mad son Mustafa, and on the other, Kosem's little shehzades. Humashah and Zulfikar say yes. Humashah says the eldest and most mature should get on the throne and that means, we need a powerful sultan like you. Zulfikar says that is why I accepted Humashah's offer. The fight over the throne should be over, for the sake of order, Sh. Iskender should get on the throne. Safiye says our thoughts and paths are the same, but we are not sure with whose convincing you have come here. Humashah says mother come with me. Safiye says do not take your eyes off him. Safiye says Humashah do you know what you are doing? Have you not learned from what we went through? Humashah says trust him for once, he is sincere. Safiye says how do you know? Humashah says I know! When the matter is about the fate of the state! And accept it - we need his support. You know the power he wields in the barracks. We can have the Janissaries behind us with his help. Safiye says how can we believe him on only a mere word of his. First he must gain our trust and until then he will not be with Iskender and not know where Iskender stays, not you and not him!

    Iskender says to Zulfikar I had told the next time we meet either you would kill me or I would kill you, now you come before me and say you are pledging allegiance to me. Zulfikar says forgive me, but you set that conditions. Sh. Mehmet has been killed, for the sake of the state, I have to do what is right. Iskender says good, because I was going to get on that throne sooner or later and those against me will be punished, and those with me, will be rewarded.

    Zulfikar pledges loyalty to Iskender. Iskender says I am glad you found the right path.

    People are lined up being served by Kosem personally in her soup kitchen. Eycan and Meleki wonder how long they can last as the supplies dwindle. Kosem says we will share our last morsels if we have to.

    A woman brings her baby begging for help saying you are the hope for people in need, my baby is dying from hunger and cold. Please save my child! Kosem orders the baby taken to the hospital. The woman says will it live? Kosem says God Willing.

    Osman walks around seeing the people's condition in the cold. He watches as people steal the shoes off the dead. Someone comments this is all happening because of that Sultan Osman...and he is enjoying himself in the palace right now!

    Osman sees a woman handing out bread and is intrigued.

    The harem is being shovelled and Cennet says oh it is so cold, close the doors, what are you waiting for! She says oh God I have never seen such cold! Meleksema says everyone is worried. Cennet says people cannot even step out, no one's lives or property is safe! Oh God, please send spring to us. Meleksema says and then Osman will leave for war! Cennet says yes he will and I think you should get ready for that!

    Kosem meanwhile orders the granaries (grain storage) of the old palace opened for the people. Meleki comments that Halime and Safiye will not be happy about that and Kosem says let them. Eycan announces the grand vizier saying he wishes to see her. Kosem tells them to continue and goes to meet him. She asks about her children. The grand vizier says they are all well, nothing to worry about. Osman will leave for Poland as soon as the winter is over. Kosem says winter will not end until Osman is dethroned. The grand vizier says also, we caught the person you were looking for.

    Osman approaches the woman handing out bread. She asks an older man how long he has been there, and says I will take you to the safe house. She pulls a knife out to Osman, who says don't be afraid, I simply wanted to help. She says what are you looking at? Then help me take him.

    She asks who are those men? Osman says I am a merchant, they are with me. She says we are going that way, to Kosem Sultan's safe house. She is the only one looking after people anyway, I wish Osman would leave his palace and look at his people. Osman says maybe he is walking around. She says I doubt it, and it is because of his sins we are in this position, we are paying for his crime.

    The grand vizier says that traitor is here Sultanim. It is the judge who gave the decree for Mehmet's execution. Kosem says do you sleep well at night? I do not sleep. My son's voice comes to my ears. It is because of you. Sultan Osman used your decree and killed my son. The man says it was not my fault at all, his lala Omer Efendi threatened me, threatened to kill me. I had no choice. I beg your forgiveness. Kosem says Lala's turn will come - his, Safiye's, Halimes, Dilruba's, Davut's and even Suleyman agha's. They will all pay, but first you will pay.

    Dilruba sees her husband chopping up meat and he says we have guests tonight. She says all the animals died of cold, where did you find this? he says from some friends, it was expensive of course. She says I wonder what Mustafa is doing in this cold. Davut says thank God he is not starving or cold. God Willing, when Osman goes to war, everything will change. She says hopefully, I have no more tolerance to bear this.

    Osman and the girl bring the old man into Kosem's safe house. The girl says this is safer for you, we can look for someplace later for you to stay. She thanks Osman saying may God be pleased with you. He says and with you. You help people despite the danger to your life. Are you not afraid? She says of course I am afraid. But I am more afraid of God's anger. While people are dying from hunger and cold, I could not sit around. She says I will get soup for our uncle here, you stay and wait for me, I will bring some for you too. Osman leaves.

    Bulbul wonders what is happening with the grain. Eycan says it is from Kosem Sultan's orders, it is being distributed to the people. Bulbul says how? What will happen when our supplies are finished? Meleki says we will think of that when the time comes. Bulbul says we will eat each other from hunger then!

    Osman scolds Lala saying every time I asked about my people, you all said they were taken care of and no one was left outside, but I saw it with my own eyes! They are suffering! Is our aid not reaching them? Lala says we do whatever we can, but this is such a winter that we cannot reach everyone. Osman says you will reach them! You will go to every street, every house, no one will starve! My subjects are entrusted to me! It is my responsibility to look after them! Cennet! Open the palace granaries, we will share everything with the people. Everyone shall share their provisions. Anyone who refuses to, I will take their lives along with their wealth! Cennet says do not worry, I will do whatever is necessary.

    Lala says Cennet when will this not speaking to each other end? When will you return to our palace? She says I do not know, I am suffering from Sh. Mehmet's death because of you. I do not even want to see your face. He says our Hunkar's orders are above us all. I simply carry out his orders. Cennet says you made a mistake then! You do not even know what kind of trouble you have thrown upon our heads!

    Halime says what do you think you are doing? While you do not know how long this storm will last, you have opened the granaries. Kosem says you and your daughter won't die of starvation don't worry. Halime says you blame us for the death of your late child. But you are the one who removed my son and put Osman on the throne with your own hands. You fell into the well you dug yourself, so don't threaten me. Kosem says there won't be any need for me to do that, Safiye sultan will do it, when your usefulness for her has finished, she will see to you. Halime says what does that mean? Kosem says if you want to know, listen Halime!

    PART 2 1:01:17

    Meleksema says she covers little Omer in layers but what is the point, in this cold it doesn't help much.

    Osman says the people blame me Meleksema, they think I am the reason for this disaster. Meleksema says let whoever say what they want, your heart is so clean no one has the power to dirty it. Whatever you did, you did for the sake of the nation, and for the future of your shehzade. And isn't this the rule? For years did not many Padishahs take the same precautions?

    Halime says I have not allied myself with Safiye, Kosem. I made that mistake once and we know the consequences. Kosem says you think you are using her? But she is using you. Halime says what are you trying to say? Kosem says she is tricking you! She isn't doing it for your sh. Mustafa, she is doing it for her own son for Iskender. Halime says that is impossible, he was killed years ago. Kosem says I thought the same but that is not the case. Zulfikar couldn't kill him - as you know he raised Iskender, and when Safiye Sultan found out, she hid him. We do not know where he is and what he does. Halime says do you have proof. Kosem says it is up to you to believe it or not, Halime but do not forget, if she is successful, it will be the end for all of us.

    Osman speaks to Esad Efendi, the Grand Mufti and tells him that he opened the granaries. The Mutfi says the people are in chaos, killing, pillaging, stealing to survive, it is like signs of the apocalypse, this is God's test for us. Osman says I am even hearing talk that by executing sh. Mehmet I brought this upon us. It is of course he duty of the religious scholars to prevent the people from believing such things. The grand Mufti says we will try our best, but I do not know if it will make a difference, because as per my duties, I warned you about the execution. Osman is about to respond when someone enters and it is his daughter, saying sorry father, the time has come to take your medication. Osman realizes it is the same girl he met on the street. Mufti Efendi introduces her as Akile. She kisses Osman's robes.

    Haci arrives (yay) and she hugs him saying you have come! Haci says I didn't think I would arrive on time, as you know the weather conditions and roads. But I hope our Hunkar will allow me to stay. Kosem says do you think I care what he says? I need you here. Haci says I am honoured. And my condolences, I am so sad about our shehzade's passing, I have no words. May he be in heaven.

    Esad Efendi says all his sons and daughters have gone on to live their lives, and only Akile is left with him, did not leave him alone. He says she is the most precious in my life.

    Osman says I am very affected by the recent events, I want that the religious scholars and statesmen stand behind me, with me, not against me. Esad Efendi we are always backing you but you went against us and got a fetva from the military judge. Osman says this is what happens when you forget your real job and set up a hidden Divan with Kosem sultan. I came here to set things right, but I am seeing that you are insisting on keeping things wrong!

    Outside Akile says to Osman, my Hunkar forgive me, I had said somethings about you that weren't true.  Osman says these days everyone talks behind my back. Akile says you being there then, showed me how wrong I was in thinking. Osman says my aghas and guards are walking the streets, and aid will reach everyone. No one will be left starving. Akile prays for him

    Haci brings Kosem milk and she asks him to sit. Kosem says Cennet said she did what she could, but she brought the news too late. Haci says I told you the day she wed Omer Efendi, we should have gotten rid of both of them. Kosem says the real big threat for us is Safiye sultan, she will try at the first opportunity to put her sh. Iskender on the throne. Haci says I guess you meant, Sh. Mustafa. Kosem shakes her head saying, Iskender is alive. I have hidden it from Osman. If Safiye finds out, she will deny it. She will take precautions, anyway she has hidden him. And then we won't ever be able to find him. Haci says then what will we do? She says I will hit them in a place, at a time where they do not expect it!

    Zulfikar asks Humashah if the place Iskender is staying is safe. Humashah says I do not know, she is keeping it secret. She hides everything even from me. But I have no doubt my brother is safe, she (my mother) would have taken every kind of precaution. Zulfikar says it should have been me taking the precautions for him, but Safiye sultan still does not trust me. Humashah says after all she has gone through, it is not easy, but I believe you and she will too. You will gain trust, just give it some time.

    Davut says Iskender is alive? Is that right? Halime says Kosem is certain of it. Dilruba says how can you believe it mother. She is, as always treacherous. She does this to cause trouble between Safiye and us. Halime says there is no other lie to make up? Why should she say Iskender is alive? I do not think she would lie about this matter. Also, we should expect anything is possible with Safiye. Dilruba says we will act based on Kosem's words? I have no faith in her at all. Davut says there is no point arguing the point is they must find out if Iskender is alive or not first. Dilruba says how will that happen? Davut says I will take care of it.

    Bulbul sees Haci. Haci says what happened? you are not happy to see me? Bulbul says but our Hunkar did he not exile you to Egypt? Haci says Kosem sultan wanted me to return and turned around. Bulbul says don't look, help me. But tell me, how did you return in this storm? Haci says I was coming from Uskudar, and I see that the Bosphorus was frozen over! People were walking across it. I followed them! Bulbul says I wish the ice had broken and you fell into the depths of the Bosphorus! at least you would come to use to the fishes!

    Omer tells Osman that they must get Esad Efendi on their side, as you know he is from an important family. If you can win him over, the scholars will be on your side. And this kind of support is important during war time. Osman says I know, I have thought of something. I will marry his daughter Akile hanim and he will become my father in law and then he won't be able to turn his face away from me even if he wanted to.

    Safiye's agha has been brought to Davut. He asks why he has been brought. Davut says Abbas agha, Safiye's shadow. It is obvious you know all her secrets. Now tell me, is Safiye's son Iskender alive? Abbas says how? that is impossible! Our shehzade died many years ago. Davut says I will not ask again, is he alive? Abbas says please don't know anything - yes, he is alive! Davut says so it is true.Where is he? Abbas says I swear I do not know, except Safiye sultan, no one else knows. Please don't kill me. Let me go. Kilindir says you will go of course, you will go and kills him.

    Esad Efendi has arrived and says you called for me? Osman says welcome, I want to get your opinion about something. Osman says my great forefather Osman Han (Osman I) gave scholars like you in great value, especially Sh. Edebali Hazretleri. Esad says yes, he had great respect for him, and he used to ask and listen to the advice of Edebali Hazretleri for all matters. Osman says I wish to do the same. I want to make a decision, and seek your advice. Just as Osman Han married Sh. Edebali's daughter, I wish to marry a free and Muslim woman. Esad Efendi says that has not been done in a long time my Hunkar, according to traditions, this kind of marriage will not be seen suitable at all. Osman says what is important is how you feel about it, because the woman I wish to be suitor to, is your daughter Akile Hanim.

    Bulbul tells Safiye that they found Abbas dead in a corner and hopefully it is not Kosem sultana who has done this, and if he (abbas) has spoken, then it will mean trouble. Safiye says Abbas does not know where Iskender is, they could not find anything out from him. If Kosem has killed him, then she has taken the sin of killing him, without getting anything out of it.

    Esad Efendi says that his daughter's happiness and future are very important to him, however, he wishes not to speak to him as her father, but as the Sheykh ul Islam of the state, that this marriage is not permissible according to the rules. Osman says I who am the Padishah of the world, asking you wanting to make you a member of my family and you are contrary to it, is that right?! Esad says never, I am simply telling you the rules. Osman says my decisions are final. With or without your permission, when winter is over, with God's permission, I will marry your daughter Akile Hanim. Esad Efendi says the wish and order of our Padishah is our command of course, but if you wish to marry a free woman, it is necessary at the very least to get her permission.

    Halime says to Kosem how can she have hidden Iskender being alive for all these years. Kosem says Safiye sultana cannot ever know that we know about Iskender. Otherwise she will help him get away and we will never find him. Halime says don't worry no one will know except us. But where could they hide him? Kosem says we are looking everywhere, but we haven't been able to find anything. We will get him out from where he is hiding. Halime says Davut pasha will look for him too. Tell us if there is anything else we can do. Kosem says we will wait, when Sultan Osman leaves the capitol for war, then we will act.

    Osman goes to see Akile and he says shh dont give me away. I came to see you about something important. he tells her that he spoke to her father and that he wants to marry her. She says you?? how? Osman says your father does not want to, maybe no one will want this to happen, and will even try to prevent it. But the moment I saw you I made up my mind and you are the only person who change that decision. She says my Hunkar excuse my shock, we only met the other day, and you want to marry me? He says if God put you in front of me, then there must be some wisdom in that. So tell me now, do you accept?

    Spring arrives and Osman and Akile are married.

    After the ceremony, Akile says thank God the winter is over, and now the warmth and joy of spring can envelope all those who are in need of it. Osman says this is because of you, your presence has brought spring to my palace and the capitol once again.

    Meleksema comes across Akile and says so you are Akile. Akile says yes that is me and you - Cennet says she is our Hunkar's head Haseki Meleksema Sultan, the mother of Sh. Omer. Meleksema says teach her the rules of the harem well Cennet kalfa, so that when our Hunkar sets out for war, she should not attract trouble. Cennet says she will no stay in the harem, our Hunkar wanted the Pearl palace prepared for her, because as a free woman it is not suitable for her to stay in the harem.

    Bulbul compliments Suleyman agha on becoming the head agha of the harem and that through this he has won favour and trust. Suleyman agha says thanks to Omer Efendi. Bulbul tells him that he will go on the campaign as well, his job will be very important, because he will light the fire so to speak - Osman will not return from the war. Suleyman agha says don't worry Bulbul agha, I will not disappoint Safiye sultan in trusting me. Bulbul says hopefully!

    Osman goes to Meleksema and says I know why you are sad, but you are making yourself sad for no reason, we spoke of this before with you, remember? This is a political marriage, no one can take your place. She says I know but I cannot get through to my heart, I cannot bear losing you. Osman says you will never lose me. I promise, I will never go back on loving you until my last breath.

    Esad Efendi tells Kosem that he warned Osman, told him it was not suitable according to the rules and traditions, and people will not take it well but Sultan Osman wed her despite my disapproval. Kosem says Osman does not listen to anyone Mufti Esad Efendi. I don't know what he is trying to do, he is turning everyone into his enemy like this. I do not see a good ending if this continues. Esad Efendi says the religious scholars are unhappy. Our Hunkar does not realize it but he is playing with fire. Kosem says then since our Hunkar sees it fit this way, then he will deal with the outcomes!

    Akile enters Osman's room as his bride for the first time.

    Time passes and soon Osman prepares to leave for war. He bids his family farewell.

    Safiye has gathered the state scholars and Esad Efendi says seeing as you have gathered us, it must be important. She says yes, it is true, because it is a matter which can change the fate of the empire. As you know during Sultan Ahmet's time we reunited with our lost Shehzade. Our Hunkar had ordered his execution, but our son is still alive. Esad Efendi says how, are you sure? Safiye says it is God's miracle, God wanted him to live, it is obvious He has a bright future in store for him.

    Kosem looks at some fabric and Iskender grabs her. Don't be afraid he says. There was no other way to speak to you. She says how dare you with one word of mine they can take your life! He says yes, then I wouldn't get out from here alive, but no one would be able to kill me before I killed you! She says what is more important than your life I am curious? He says you are! Whatever happened to me, happened because of you! Without any fault of mine, you sent me to my death. You saw me as a threat to you and your children. Now what happened? Everything you fought for, you are losing one by one. And while I am alive you will continue losing. She says that is why I will take your life anyway. He says sooner or later I will get on that throne, and on that day I will kill your children. An you will be alone. She says who knows, maybe you will have everything - the throne the sultanate -but you will never have me Iskender!

    Esad Efendi since Iskender is alive, let us see him too. She says when the time comes you will see him. But what we want is for our son to be announced the eldest and most mature, to be treated like the rest of the shehzades.  Mufti Esad says only our Hunkar can decide about that, becuase he is against the law of eldest and most mature. Safiye says may God give our Hunkar a long life, but he has gone for war, we must think of every opportunity. What if he does not return? Esad says God forbid, but if God decides for him to die, then the council will decide. Safiye says the decision is obvious, it will get our son as the eldest and most mature. And I will remind you of the day you personally announced that.

    A Janissary from the sixty fifth division, Mansur agha informs Osman about the battle. He tells him about the situation (attacking for 3 days) and that because of heavy canon fire they had to retreat.

    Osman tells Pasha that he is forgiving him, and reappoints him as the Admiral because he needs valuable pashas like him during this war time.

    Outside, Suleyman agha approaches Mansur saying you didn't hear it from me, but on the one hand you have the grand vizier Huseyn pasha, and on the other Haci Omer Efendi they have turned our Hunkar against the Janissaries.  Mansur says yes but what of our Hunkar? Does he not know the Janissaries are the heart of the state? Suleyman agha says yes, but there are other factors at play in this. Soon many Janassary heads will roll, so be careful.

    Bulbul tells Safiye that what she said very clearly upset Esad Efendi, his closeness to Kosem sultan is known. Bulbul adds, did we make a mistake exposing the secret about our Shehzade (being alive). Safiye says Esad Efendi is a very experienced man. He is aware that Sultan Osman's end is near. He wants a powerful ruler at the head of the state like everyone else. Bulbul says hopefully, that powerful ruler will be Iskender and you will return to the palace as Valide Sultan. The carriage stops and Bulbul wonders what is going on. It is Davut pasha. Davut says you will come with me. She says what is going on? What are you saying?! He says you will be our guest for a while.  Bulbul says know your place Davut! She is a Valide Sultana! Davut says go to the old palace, Bulbul, until she tells us where Iskender is, she will stay with us! Dilruba says welcome, come. Safiye says have you lost your mind? Who are you to trick me? Dirluba says tell us Iskender's whereabouts now and we will release you right away.

    Halil pasha tells Osman that says our Karakas Mehmet Pasha had called for reinforcements but Huseyin pasha did not send any, and Mehmet Pasha has been martyred. Osman says call Huseyin Pasha to me! Halil says it is not the pasha's fault, because of the lack of enthusiasm of the army we cannot  be successful in besieging.

    Osman says you may leave. Suleyman agha steps forward and says our pasha is right, the Janissaries have on heart to fight. Lala says it was Huseyin who has probably provoked the Janissaries there, he must be working for Kosem sultan trying to ruin everything.  Suleyman agha says this betrayal must be punished in the most severe way. Otherwise, things will get worse.

    Kosem says I still do not believe it. Iskender shows up in front of me and says such words to me! Haci says he must be itching to be killed. Eycan enters and says Dilruba has sent word that they have caught Safiye sultan. Kosem says good, fortune is finally on our side.

    Davut arrives with Safiye to a barn where Halime waits. Halime motions to a seat. Safiye says it seems you have gone mad like your son! There is no other explanation for this doing of yours! Halime it is time to say where you have hidden him. Dilruba says I asked, she has no intention of speaking. Davut says she will speak in the end, everyone ends up speaking. Safiye says I thought you were smart Dilruba, your mother sacrificed two shehzades because of her ambitions! She became the reason for the death of one of them, and the other lost his mind. Dilruba says you remember wrong perhaps? my brother was killed because of you. And Mustafa was locked up because of you as well. Halime says your sins are so great that they circle you and hit you. Now speak, where is Iskender? Safiye says what do you think, will we deliver our shehzade to you. Davut says you have until evening call to prayer, either you speak or you die. Safiye says it would be better to die! Dilruba says it doesn't matter to us, because if you are not alive, Iskender can never get on the throne.

    Bulbul says help, help! They kidnapped Safiye Sultan! Humashah says who did? Bulbul says Davut and that unlucky whatever his name is - Zulfikar says Kilindir! Bulbul says they forcibly kidnapped her! Zulfikar says speak properly, what happened!? Bulbul says I followed them but I lost them! Please help. This is Halime's doing. Humashah says she could not have done it alone! This is also Kosem's doing! Zulfikar says don't worry I will bring your mother back.

    Osman says Grand vizier, why did you not send reinforcements to Karakas Mehmet Pasha!? Huseyin says we did, but the soldiers disobeyed my orders and turned around on the way there. Our Pasha died because of the Janissaries being uncontrollable. Lala says but they say it was you who provoked the Janissaries. Huseyin says who says it? Lala says the cavalry does. Huseyin says they did not want to fight etc. Osman scolds him saying the Janissaries are looking for an excuse, if a revolt happens I will blame it on you!

    Night has fallen and Safiye says so this is the end they have seen fit for us. To die alone. We will endure this for our child. She is going to be strangled when Zulfikar saves her.

    Dilruba tells Kosem that Safiye did not speak and Iskender's whereabouts remain unknown. Kosem says Iskender was Safiye's only hope, when it became a question of his life, she would sacrifice herself without a fight. Halime says now what?

    Bulbul asks Safiye if she is okay. Safiye says Zulfikar pasha thank you. I would have died had you not been for you. Zulfikar says they are looking everywhere for Iskender everywhere. She says oh no! We need to get him far away from the capitol. Zulfikar says it is dangerous for you to go. They can follow you and find him, but no one will suspect me. Permit me so I can get him out from there. Humashah has arranged for a ship. He will be gone from the Capitol by morning. Safiye says Bulbul knows where he is, he will take you there. She says Zulfikar pasha, I entrust his life to you, no matter what protect him!

    Omer tells Osman that the Janissaries are doing all this on purpose, they are under Kosem's influence. Osman says what is the punishment for desertion? Suleyman agha says execution. Lala says but this will be very dangerous, the soldiers are looking for an excuse for rebellion. Osman says what is your recommendation? Lala says for now we should act as if we don't take notice, but when the time comes they will get their punishment. Suleyman agha says you know the best my Hunkar, but if you do not punish them now then they will see it as weakness and go against you further. Osman says I think the same, the time has come and gone even, to teach the Janissaries a lesson!

    Meanwhile, Bulbul and Zulfikar go to Iskender. Bulbul says they had kidnapped your mother to find out where you were hiding. Iskender asks how is mother is, Bulbul says she is fine thank God. Zulfikar says thank God your mother is fine, we got there in time, but you are in danger. Iskender says Kosem did this right? Zulfikar says now is not the time, they are looking for you everywhere.

    Osman makes his way to face the Janissaries. He says my lions, my warriors, everyone should hear and know that these traitors are the shamed ones of my Janissary subjects. They fled the battle field, and betrayed their companions. For this reason, I have ordered their execution.

    Mansur agha, the Janissary who had entered Osman's tent earlier and expressed that the disgruntled condition of the soldiers, mumbles angrily, when there is a barracks court for this kind of matter, since when are Janissaries executed like this? Sultan Osman's intentions are obvious - he has made enmity with us!  Send word to so and so, there is no peace for Sultan Osman today!

    Humashah who is with Iskender by the ship he is about to board, says to him, that it becomes more difficult every time to separate from him. Iskender says this is the last time, we will not be separated again. She says God Willing. Iskender says what is that? A box. Zulfikar says it is somethings, a kaftan and a sword belonging to your father and spme other items. While your family is away from you, I wanted that you have something from your family close to you. Humashah says you thought well Zulfikar, being far away, like this you can feel yourself close to home, close to your family. Zulfikar says Humashah you should return home so no one sees you. Humashah says when will I see him again? Let me stay a bit longer. Iskender says I do not intend to stay away long from you, I will go now, but I will gather my army and return. I will get what is my right.

    Safiye enters Kosem's room.

    Zulfikar says to Humashah, I could not bid my mother farewell. I want her to know that she will always be in my heart and mind. Humashah says I will tell her. Then she hugs him. Iskender says to Zulfikar thank you for all you have done. I want you to know you will get your rightful reward for it. Zulfikar says what I have done, what I always do, is for the safety of the House of Osman. Iskender says I know. Humashah says I will never forget waht you have done Zulfikar. My brother and mother have been saved because of you. Zulfikar says we must return to the palace.

    Safiye says your plan didn't work, we did not allow you to make us feel the pain of losing a child. Iskender left, and you will never get to him. You make yourself out to be greater than everyone but next to us you are a nothing! You will never attain the power I posses! Everyone sees this. Whoever was around you turned their back on you. Osman, Cennet...Zulfikar. Kosem says zulfikar? Safiye says yes him! The wall you said would never break has broken. Zulfikar betrayed you. He helped Iskender escape. Kosem says you are mistaken, Zulfikar never betrayed me...he never will. He has been with me since the very beginning. We have played a game together - you have sent your son to his death with your own hands.

    Iskender opens the chest Zulfikar gave him and when he pulls the sword it the chest explodes. Humashah starts screaming and Humashah says why? How can this happen Zulfikar? She says you did it? You did this? Why did you do it? I trusted you! I believed you! You betrayed me! Zulfikar says I only did what was necessary - I carried out Sultan Ahmet's command - even if it was late. She says do not touch me. I do not want to see you again! I do not want to see your face or hear your voice. You are divorced, you are divorced, you are divorced!

    The Janissaries are in an uproar saying march, march foward they want to get rid of us, march forward! Lala says I told you they will use the execution as an excuse and will revolt. Osman says silence, Lala, let us go see what they want.

    Osman steps forward and and says since you want me, here I am! Whatever you want to say, say it to my face!

    THE END. 

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