• Episode 13 Muhtesem Yuzyil Kosem: Murad IV

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    TITLE: The Sultan of Probitions
    VIDEO LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kDg3Gthp9RA&t=1214s


    An aged and unrecognizable Mustafa turns around and asks "Who are you? Huh? Oh, or is it...Brother Ahmet? You finally came! Osman will kill me, save me before he finds me, tell them to get the ships ready, I wish to leave, I cannot stay there!

    Murad: Uncle, it is I... Mustafa: Osman?! You are Osman! I beg you, don't kill me! I have no fault! I do not want to get on the throne!" Murad: Uncle, it is I Murad. Mustafa: Murad? Prince Murad? GO, go go go go go! Before they see us go, or they shall kill us both! Murad: Uncle, Osman has died. I am on the throne now.  Mustafa: Osman died?! So am I free? Will I get out from here? (laughs, then cries) They killed him right? I said I did not want it, I won't get on the throne, they didn't listen. Please, don't kill me I said. I said don't, I begged.

    Murad: A long time has passed since then, that was in the past. You are not at fault, you never were.
    Mustafa: So then what am I doing here? Heh?

    Silahdar is in Murad's chambers putting out candles and Kosem enters and says where is my lion? He has not exited the palace, isn't in the harem...Silahdar says our Majesty has gone to his uncle Mustafa's room. Kosem says what does this mean? What is the reason?! Silahdar: I do not know. "Tomorrow will be a different day for us all" he said.

    Murad to Mustafa: I heard you love ships - so much so that you wish to want to go from the docks to the privy chamber.

    Mustafa: Did they also tell you I throw gold to the fishes? Murad: nods Mustafa: Yes, but they are not fishes, they are my subjects. You will give them heaps and heaps of gold so that they remain loyal. So that they do not kill you. It is said eh - the subject looks at the hand of the Ruler. When they see that he gives his hand, then like a snatcher they (pretends to bite). So tell me, what winds have brought you here?

    Murad: I wish to speak to you, because only you can understand me. No matter what you are a Padishah. Mustafa: Eh, this is the truth - I do not have a state, power, sultanate or even freedom, but yes I am a Padishah. Without a doubt, this is a mercy from our Lord. At the same time however, it is also a curse. They say I am mad. I am not. My mind and soul has become one. Like all Padishahs (splits open pomegranate). On the one hand Murad, on the other Sultan Murad. On the one hand just like everyone else, a regular man, experiences fear, sadness, jealousy, love, like everyone can be taken to account. The other, is higher than everyone and everything. This personality is outside of this world - he gives account ONLY to God!

    Murad says it is a heavy burden to carry both of them. Mustafa says yes, heavy, but a burden you must carry. If you do not carry it, you will be separated from your life like Osman, or like me, from your mind. Murad says: and how do I bear it? Is it possible? Mustafa: The secret of the matter has to do with harmony. Which stays up, which goes down? Harshness, justice, change... anyway why are you asking me these things...what do I know? Should I know would I be in this condition? Now, no one visits me. Valide Sultan does not visit me, not even Dilruba... I have no one. I am so alone. I shout to the aghas get me chestnuts, they don't hear me...no one hears me.


    In the morning, Murad tells Silahdar to tell the members of the Divan to gather and for Kemankes and Abaza to attend as well. Silahdar: As you command.

    Lalezar wakes up Kosem saying good morning, our Majesty has left the room, has ordered an urgent Divan (court session) to convene immediately.

    Kosem asking Haci: Why has the Divan been convened, have you found anything out? Haci: No idea, but Kemankes and Mehmet (Abaza) have been summoned as well. Kosem: Tell Mehmet pasha to see me at once after it is over.

    Murad: In the Name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, I open my Divan. Due to the fire in that turned the Capitol to ashes, and the flow of incidents one after another, I have hand-written an imperial decree - it is to go to all the governors and judges in all my lands, and they should announce and carry it out.  Seyhulislam Ahizade: Forgive my curiosity your Majesty, but what is the nature of this imperial decree? Murad responds: Patience. You will find out. Mehmet Pasha - I have removed you from your position as my governor in Bosnia. You are now my Kubbe Vizier (historically, one of up to three, right after Grand Vizier). Abaza: May God be pleased with you, your Majesty. Kemankes Mustafa agha - I am removing you from all your current duties as Kethude agha (Kosem's Chamberlain),  as the agha of the Janissaries, you are going to head the Janissaries in the barracks. You will be the head of my Janissary subjects. Kemankes: You have granted with your large heart. May God make me not embarrass me before you. Murad says shall we get to the real matter? May these new decisions I have taken be for the best. Sinan pasha - read! Sinan: I, who am God's shadow on earth, Emperor of the three continents, master of the seven regions, Sultan Murad Han. Upon what I see as necessary, for the re-establishment of the damaged order of the state, I have made some new decisions:

    Tabacco which has made an appearance in the past few years, and which has been the cause for many fires and other calamities, has become one of the most important issues requiring removal...

    An imperial guard continues the announcement: From now on, not one of my citizens are to smoke tobacco, the sowing and reaping of tobacco leaves, the purchase and selling of tabacco leaves and tobacco products, has been strictly forbidden. (people complaining).

    Guard-announcer continues: The coffee houses which have for a long time now been used as gathering places and turned into lairs for plotting treason by the people who cause discord and chaos. have been forbidden, and will all be shut down and demolished. Finally, in order to separate the traitors form the innocent after the final night prayer, more than two people walking together, and any person walking outside without a torch has been forbidden. Anyone who does not obey my orders, as per the religious law, and the state law, will be punished with execution.

    The rest is continued by Sinan in the Divan as we see Kemankes arrive in the barracks: "Any Janissary, Sipahi or member from the army, who does not abide by the prohibitions, , no mercy will be shown, their hands and feet will be broken.

    One man shouts what is this? This is oppression! The guard says grab the man!

    Kadizade Efendi comments that this means Murad has decided to close those dens of discord and trouble, may it be for the best. His man says amen, and hopefully it will stop. Kadizade says the people have started complaining from now. They will try to push it, as the people of the sacred way, we shall be reinforcing these prohibitions.

    The guard says smash those coffee shops!

    Abaza is with Kosem outside, he says along with his decisions, he has made the Kubbe Vizier, from now on I will become our eyes and ears in the Divan. She replies, good. And Kemankes? Abaza replies, Kemankes is no longer your chamberlain, hehas gone to head the Janissaries. Kosem says may it be for the best. To reinstate order in the land, these precautions are necessary. My worry is the harsh punishments. If he executes someone for smoking tobacco then our condition will get worse! Abaza says as long as you are out our head, we shall overcome all kind of trouble. Sultanim, I came across Silahdar pasha last night, he said some words, I didn't understand. She says what is that? He says: he has said that I will become a groom to the royal household. Kosem says yes, I have something in mind but I haven't yet made up my mind. Since you are here now my Pasha, I want you to ingvestigate something - prince Beyazid had secretly set out from the palace, I want to know what he is up to.

    Gulbahar tells Sinan that these prohibitions are the last drop in the cup. You spoke to Ahizade right? Sinan says I did, he will appoint new men to the empty scholarly positions. Gulby says great, hopefully Sultan Murad will ratify that. Sinan says they are not people Murad would oppose, they are all respected and experienced people. Sinan says what is worrying me is Prince Beyazid's sparing that Janissary's life while the man was sentenced to death. Our prince plays with fire. Gulby says I will handle it. The door closes shut. Gulby says what was that sound? Sinan says return to the harem my Sultana. (what did they think would happen hahahaha of course someone is finally spying on you guys!)

    Ayse makes it safely to her room and says I was almost caught Narin. Narin says who was Gulbahar sultana speaking to? Ayse says I didn't see again...couldn't hear either but it was very obvious whoever it was was a man of position and rank. They are after something, that devil named Gulby will cause trouble for our Majesty. Narin says What can we do? we can't tell Sultan Murad, or Kosem Sultan. Ayse says there is someone I can go to...that person will find a solution.

    Gulby goes to her son who is having a hearty meal. She says my young prince, what are you doing? What does it mean freeing a Janissary sentenced to death? Is that your job? He says where did you find out from? Gulby says news came to Sinan Pasha, as if it wasn't enough that you left the palace secretly, you also took a Janissary from his captor. If it goes to our Majesty? Beyazid says the Janissary was innocent, and I will explain to our Majesty. Gulvy says no, don't bring a spotlight for no reason upon yourself, we will try to cover up the matter somehow. And why are you leaving anyway? Bey says I was just bored, wanted to leave the palace. Gulby says didn't you hear about the orders Murad made? He will crush the people and pass over them! And don't dare tell me not to worry (about this!)

    Silahdar is in his room when Ayse arrives. She says Silahdar, what is wrong? You look pale? He says I am fine, if you have come to see our Majesty, he is not here. She says actually I have come to see you. He says all is well I hope? What is the matter. She says Gulbahar sultan- but she is interrupted, Huseyin arrives and says our Majesty has ordered for you to come. Silahdar says I am coming, you wait outside. Huseyin says I have gotten orders to take you immediately, forgive me.

    Gev notices Silahdar being taken away. Atike arrives. Gevherhan says you had said you will not be happy despite me. You did it, you succeeded. Look carefully. It may be the last time we see him. Because of you he is walking to his doom. Atike says I didn't want this. Gev says who are you fooling? With what you told our Majesty, you signed his death sentence! In place of seeing him wed me, you chose death for him. Atike says "yes I wanted death, the day I saw you together I wanted to die. I poisoned myself, Farya saved me.  By betraying your sister, you are the one who sent me and him to death, Gevherhan.

    Esther tells Kosem, we are wiping away the remnants of the fire. as per your orders the city is being rebuilt. I am also redoing my own mansion, when it is complete I will move in. Gevherhan enters. Kosem says what is this condition of yours, is it about Silahdar again? Gevherhan says our Majesty will execute him, I beg you, do something mother, no one but you can intervene, if you wish I will wed Mehmet pasha, or whoever else you wish, I am willing, just as long as nothing happens to Silahdar. Kosem says pull yourself together Gevherhan! You are a Sultana! Gev says but it isn't in my hands...I am hurting. Kosem says it will pass with time. If it doesn't you will learn how to live with your grief. LEAVE.

    Atike to Farya, my only intention was to prevent him from marrying her! What have I done?! Farya says don't start hurting right away, how do we know our Majesty is executing him? Atike says guards took him by his arms forcibly somewhere, what else could it be? If my brother executes Silahdar I will never forgive myself for life. Farya says at one time he put me in the dungeons as well, I never thought I would be saved, but Sultan Murad did not kill me, he was angry, but he did not give up on me, and I do not think he will give up on Silahdar.

    Murad is with a man named Abdulmecid Sivasi Efendi and says my respect for you is great, and I wish to go to Sultan Ahmet Mosque and listen to your sermons, but as you know,  the treason, the betrayals, the fires, with God's permission everything will end soon. I will reset order in the lands. Abdulmecid says I heard about your prohibitions, hopefully it will turn out as you wish. Murad says do you doubt my decision? Abdulmecid says God forbid, I do not doubt, I simply worry. In order to take revenge for what is right, is upon the Sultan, but if, God forbid that revenge turns to oppression then God forbid that is when the order is disturbed, because the state stands on justice not with oppression.

    Huseyin arrives saying I have brought Silahdar as per your command. Silahdar says has the time come your Majesty?

    Kasim goes to see Kosem saying I had told you about Beyazid's mistake, what will you do? I was curious. Kosem says I am investigating the matter, you did what was in your hands to do. Now do not interfere. Kasim says when it has to do with all our lives, don't ask expect me to stay away (from the matter). Kosem says come sit. My Prince, Beyazid might have made a mistake, but he never sets an eye on your brother's throne. He is like my own son, he was raised among by my hands. Kasim says he might have been raised among us, but he is not your son...just like my late brother Osman. You also didn't separate him from us, you loved him very much and what happened later? He got on the throne, exiled you to the old palace and locked us up in the cage and then murdered my brother Mehmet. Kosem says it isn't the same thing, your brother Murad is on the throne right now. Kasim says you do not know what thappens tomorrow, wasn't it when we said there was our late father was there (on the throne) and then he died? What if my brother - Kosem says silence, what are you saying, speak auspiciously, may God grant him a long life. Kasim says I know mother, but Beyazid is the eldest prince, in other words, heir to the throne. Isn't it necessary to think of all these things?

    Gevherhan says to Murad as soon as he returns, your Majesty, where is Silahdar, why is he not with you? Murad replies, Gev, return to your room. She says you did it right, you killed him! How could you do that? How could you give up on him on a single word from Atike!? You had promised to do whatever for my happiness. You had promised.

    Abaza is in the barracks and asks Ferhat, one of the Janissary aghas about Husrev, part of the forty third division. Do you know anything? How can I find this man? The agha says for fear of being executed he has disappeared, no one knows where he is. Kemankes says my Pasha? Is everything okay? What is the reason for your visit at night? Abaza says as you know the prohibitions have begun, as I set out, I thought to visit the barracks. Kemankes says welcome, let us serve you something. Abaza says thank you Kemankes agha, I will visit again. Because there is  Janissary I need to find. Kemankes asks Ferhat agha who is this Janissary, why is he asking?

    Kosem enters Murad's chamber and says my Imperial one, while our Capital is nursing its wounds from a great fire, it is necessary to take harsh precautions for order in the land, but why are you giving these really harsh punishments? You could dump them in the prison to come to their senses (instead). My son, if it goes like this, you will lose all the love of your people.  Murad says what people mother? The people who tied up and paraded my late brother Osman through the streets? Those people? I have no need for their love. Kosem says you are afraid of your end being like your brother's right? Or like your uncle's? That is why you went to his room, to face your fears. Murad says I do not fear anyone. Kosem says I know how hot blooded you are (courageous/bold/brave etc.), yes, an ruler must be brave. But not so much that he enters a war that he will lose. Murad says the arrow has left the bow, mother. The war has started long ago. I am willing whatever fate comes from the skies. I will either win or lose.

    Kemankes greets Kosem who exits Murad's room. She congratulates him for his new job says, you must be happy you are no longer my chamberlain. He says God forbid, I thought maybe you would be happy, you didn't want me by your side. She says let us say, you are still by my side. Kemankes tells her that Abaza came to the barracks, was looking for a Janissary. He says why didn't you tell me, I would have done what was needed. She says yes you would - you would go and tell my son. He says my Sultana, I see your anger and hurt towards me has not faded, I do not know if this makes up for it, but I will do what I can. My only wish is for you to trust me again and consider me your friend.

    Huseyin greets Kemankes saying what is up, what are you doing in Silahdar's room? or are you the new chamberlain? Huseyin says yes, until Silahdar returns. If of course, he can return.

    Flashback to what happened with Silahdar. Murad says hand over your seal. Murad says do you recall the day I gave you this seal? You had promised me that day. You couldn't keep your promise Mustafa. You kept the truth from me. You lied and you did something behind my back. Silahdar says I explained to you, I told you about my feelings about Gev Sultan, I didn't lie, I didn't hide anything. Murad says and Atike? Why did you not speak about that? Silahdar says your Majesty, I'm sorry, I could not say anything about that matter...i don't have the same feelings towards Atike as she does for me...when this is the condition of it, I didn't want to tell you and hurt or offend her. Murad says but Atike doesn't say it like that. Silahdar says your Majesty...

    Murad stops him short and says no matter what, the fault lies with you Mustafa, the matter should not have come up to here. How sad. Should I hear these things about you? You have become a sacrifice to your desires it is obvious. Now you say Mustafa- How can I keep you as my closest by my side? How can I trust you? You tell me Mustafa. What is needed to be done to you? Silahdar says your Majesty, losing your trust is worse than death for me. I wish you to take my life. Murad looks at the Abdulmecid Efendi who nods at him and then Murad leaves. Abdulmecid says come with my Mustafa. When it comes the (lower/baser self) appetite of the flesh, four things discipline it the best: silence, hunger, loneliness and sleeplessness. Turn to us. (This is a type of "monastic solitude" practiced during the fasting month or any other times, common practice for sufi dervishes, but also scholars, regular men and even Sultan's would do this for normally, a forty day periods at a time, the solitude, simple meals only to sustain yourself, nights spent in worship and self-reflection believed to  "retrain" the "baser" selves")

    Murad and Farya - she welcomes him and they sit. She says Silahdar hasn't come with you, I am curious like everyone else? Murad says he is locked in the room of retirement and fasting. Farya asks what that means? Is he imprisoned? Murad says it is a place where a man wants to train his soul, to be in solitude, for forty days and nights he will stay there and worship. Farya says you are going through a tough time, but you will throw this off too, because you are the kind of person who when it comes to your loved ones, you listen to your heart, and those who listen to their hearts, are not wrong.

    There is a flashback where Silahdar is saying the time for the funeral has come. Murad says did you see what they did to Musa Celebi Silahdar? They killed him without mercy, murdered him in a grotesque way.  my friend, and I could not do anything. I could not protect him. Silahdar says you did what was needed not giving him up to the traitors, but they somehow found him. Murad says he was my head chamberlain, the closest to me. His only fault? Being loyal to me. While going to his death he was carrying the seal of his loyalty. Would you be able to do the same thing? Silahdar says "may my Lord grant me the fortune of dying for your sake" Murad says in that case, from now on, this seal is yours. Silahdar says I am honoured. Murad says do not forget this day. Do not forget what price this seal costs.

     Selim tells Gev, don't cry whoever has made you sad I will go take them to account! Kosem enters tells Selim to go play downstairs, we will talk with your mother. Kosem to Gev, what are you doing, what is this condition? If you don't for yourself, think for your child! Gev says I am thinking of my child, if it wasn't for him.. Kosem says if it wasn't for him what? You will kill yourself for Silahdar?! Gev says I have no strength left, can't bear it anymore - not you, not our Majesty, not this palace! I had a little hope left, and that has died along with Silahdar. Kosem says the price for his mistake undoubtedly is death, but your Sovereign brother has spared his life. Gevherhan says so he is alive? It means he has forgiven him! Kosem says this does not change anything. It is impossible for you to wed him, just like I said before, you will marry Abaza Mehmet pasha.

    Atike with Farya - thank God, I was so scared something would happen to him, so where is he? When will he return? Farya says after all he made you live through you still ask this? What will happen if he returns? What will you do? As if nothing happened you will go to him? Atike says I do not know Farya, I am trying, it's not in my hands, I tell myself to forget, that he has tricked me, that he has broken me to pieces, but I cannot. My love only increases for him day by day. Maybe one day everything will pass and we...Farya says what did you say to our Majesty that you sound so hopeful again? Atike says I told him I would kill myself if he marries Gevherhan. Farya says Atike, I do not know what will happen tomorrow, but you will promise me something - no death, don't even let that cross your mind!

    Kemankes is overlooking the enforcement of the new rules.

    Later, in the barracks, it is snowing, Kemankes says each declared traitor from among you - did you not swear to control your lowly desires, not to lie, not to reach your hand to that which is forbidden, and to be loyal to the right path, your fellow Janissary companion and your Padishah Efendi? Janissaries say yes we did. Kemankes so then when did you forget the ancient rules of your noble barracks and stray from the path? While it was your job to be keeping order in the lands, you became those who got involved in crime, bribery and looting. A Janissary does not first bear a sword in his hand, before he orders that hand he must discipline his heart! Those whose hearts are spoiled, who betray their cause and their companions- no matter how many of them (these traitors) there are, they will all be punished! There is no mercy for anyone! Janissaries: (GOD WILLS IT/SO BE IT).


    O Soul! Allah, Allah! So be it! (As God Willed it)! Head is naked (or cut), Chest is burned,  Sword is soaked in blood! Many heads roll on these grounds! No one to take to account! So be it, So be it! Our wrath is our sword, death to the enemies! We are the subjects of Sultan Murad! The threes, the sevens, and the forties (divisions, symbolic numbers), praise for Muhammad, Light of the Messengers! For our Noble Pir, our majesty the great Haci Bektash e Veli, let us say HU!

    Farya wonders what is going on in the harem what the new girls are doing there. Madame says they are new harem girls that have come in place of the ones that left. Ayse says take a good look Farya, one of these women will bring your downfall. Farya says so now you're tying your hope to these women? Don't wait needlessly,  I will never be like you! Ayse says don't speak so surely, one day you might have to take back what you said. Ayse comes across Gulby who says I am bumping into you a lot these days, wherever I turn my head I see you, and Ayse replies just a bad coincidence that's all. Gulby says hopefully that is what it is, because if you have any other intention, it won't at all be good for you.

    Ayse tells Narin in her rooms, we must be rid of this woman as soon as possible! Narin says who Farya? Ayse says I am talking about Gulby! That woman pauses at every opportunity to threaten me, but I know very good what to do with her. Everyone will find out what she did. Narin says please don't my Sultana, if you expose her then - Ayse says I won't Farya will expose her.

    Kemankes tells Murad that the cafes have been closed and the warehouses have been confiscated. Abaza says that the tobacco and coffee merchants licenses have been revoked, and the ships bringing shipments are being sent back. Murad says great, no one will get preferential treatment, rank and position no matter what. Even a doubt is enough. Those who do not obey my orders will be punished. Kemankes says do not worry, I am personally (in charge) of applying the prohibition. Ahizade says your Majesty, in order to establish calm, there are precautions that should be taken. Murad says what are those? Ahizade Efendi replies, we lost many scholars in the fire, it is important, the continuation of the state is important so, in order to ensure justice is not delayed, we must choose new names for the empty positions. If you see it fit, I will do the appointments at once. Murad takes the note from him and says I will look into it and let you know of my decision later. If there is nothing else you may all leave.

    Gulby enters her son's room and asks where he is going since he's gotten all dressed up. Beyazid says that Kosem has sent word that she wishes to see him. Gulby says hope all is well, why? Beyazid says I have no idea, I am also curious, when I go I will find out. Gulby says wait Beyazid, let Zeynel agha come with you. Bey says why is it necessary? Gulby says there is no telling what Kosem will do, if anything just have a trusted man with you. Beyazid says don't worry you worry for no reason, but if it makes you feel better fine let him come with. Gulby tells Zeynel to go along with Bey.

    Yahya Efendi is telling Murad that the men Ahizade has suggested for appointment are all men who love and respect him (Ahizade himself) and many of them are his old students. Murad says so it seems Mufti Efendi has started using his position for his ambitions. "The smell always gets out."
    Murad says, it has been a while we haven't seen each other Yahya Efendi, what do you think of the prohibitions? Yahya says the scales of justice don't always show how many dirhams it carries to the naked eye, sometimes what looks like cruelty is actually mercy. Because the mercy shown to one person can drown a thousand people  in blood. There is one compass to show the right way - conscience. What is important is what the conscience says. Murad is brought a letter from the Anatolia Bey Yadigar Pasha. Yahya says your Majesty is it something bad? Murad says Yadigar has sent word that in Bursa and the surrounding areas have not abided by my prohibitions. The Iznik judge Gumuszade Efendi has freed everyone with bribes. Murad says do you know this man? Yahya says oh yes, at one time there were many accusations on him, including bribery. But, Ahizade Efendi despite all this, as if to reward him, appointed him Iznik Judge.

    Beyazid has arrived and says you wanted to see me? Kosem says yes I heard that you have spared the life of a Janissary that your Sovereign brother had sentenced to execution? Bey says you know thi- Kosem says his name is Husrev, do you remember him? Beyazid says there has been a mix up, he was helping me that night of the fire, for this reason - . Kosem says I do not doubt your good intentions, however he has admitted (his crimes). Husrev says Kemankes agha, I listened to Satan, I swear I won't do it again, forgive me. Kosem gives the order. Beyazid says I thought he was innocent, if I knew the truth, I swear I wouldn't have done this. Kosem says the matter is not about being innocent or not, you went against our Majesty's ruling, you know what this means right? Bey saysI swear I had no ill intention, it would never even cross my mind to go against my Sovereign brother's decision. I was going to explain to him anyway. Kosem says but let's not, because you left the palace secretly. This will stay between us, from now on you will be more careful. Anything you hide from our Majesty or me, even if it is an innocent (thing) it will bring harm to you.

    Kemankes to Kosem - my Sultana, forgive my audacity but you did the most correct thing. Our Majesty would not ever forgive this kind of offence. Kosem says and what does it mean then Kemankes? That sometimes silence is better than speaking right?

    Kasim sees Beyazid and says did something happen? Beyazid says it doesn't concern you.

    Kosem goes to Murad. He welcomes her and says they said you were not in the palace, she says yes I went to the charity had work there. What is that? Murad says people that Ahizade Efendi' wishes to appoint. People who are close to him. It is clear he wishes to create a faction within the scholarly council. Kosem says if he has given these names, we should understand him. Murad says what?! They are very obviously part of betrayal, so I should do that and dig my own pit?! Kosem says it is obvious these people are also part of the whole thing. Give them the positions so they do not get nervous, meanwhile we will get to know our nameless enemies. Murad says we will do as you say, I will go to Bursa tomorrow, for a while I will not be in the Capitol, there are complains about the judge governing Iznik, I will personally investigate. Kosem says why are you going my Imperial one! Order them and let them bring the traitor to you. You know when the lion turns around, it becomes an opportunity for hyenas. Murad says this is exactly why I am going. Let us see who will use my absence as a chance and see what they will do. Let them think I've left the field open, let them circle about, and that is when I will pounce over them! They will wonder what hit them! Kosem smiles.

    Gulby says to her son, oh thank God! I thought I would die from worry! What happened! Why did she call you? Bey says Kosem found out somehow and found that Janissary that I had spared. He took his head before my eyes. Gulby says I am not surprised at all, now you saw the truth with your own eyes, they will even see an innocent person begging for help as a crime! Beyazid says I wish it were like that, I would have stayed my ground!(would have kept my position) but the Janissary was not guilty, he was one of the thieves. How did I get fooled? Gulby says Kosem will use this and turn your brother against you. Bey says she closed the matter, if she was going to tell, she would not have called me to her. Gulby says she does not close anything! She will use it at the most suitable opportunity. In a moment you least expect, they will get you with it!

    Farya says to Murad, you did so well to bring me with you, it has been a while since I left the palace. Farya says those who do not abide by the prohibitions will be punished with execution, right? Farya says what happened in your uncle's room. What did he say to you that you took these decisions? Murad says my uncle is in a condition of reliving the pain of the incidents in the past. I will not allow history to repeat itself. This fire will not be my calamity. Murad says how is Atike? You do not leave her alone right? Farya says I am with her yes, but her feelings for Silahdar scare me. On the night of the fire she tried to kill herself. She drank poison. I coincidentally figured it out and got her to throw it up. Murad asks a young man, stop wait. Do you not know about Sultan Murad's rules? What are you doing walking around with a lantern? The young man says go mind your own business so what if I didn't use a lamp? I didn't kill anyone. And how will Sultan Murad see me? He's immersed in pleasure in the palace that oppressor! Murad says you degenerate. How do you know he's enjoying himself in the palace? Maybe he is standing right before you. The young man says your majesty you...Murad shouts for the aghas, strike his neck. The young man says your Majesty, don't please, I am the son of an imam, I was taking my father food, in the mosque right there, I thought since the house is close, there is no need for a lamp. I was ignorant, please forgive me. The young man says please spare me. Forgive me. Farya says Murad, don't, let him go, he's scared, he understood his mistake he won't do it again. Murad says do not interfere in matters not concerning you. Don't you dare. Murad tells the men to take Farya to the palace.

    Silahdar is brought fresh water and food (dates or olives).

    Madame asks what is wrong. Farya says Murad gave a death order because of the prohibitions right before my eyes. I tried to intervene, but his glance was so cold...so merciless that I had never seen him like that before. Madame says Sultan Murad is a ruler. If he says something is prohibited, then it is prohibited. It is not our duty to intervene or argue about it. It is not within our limits. Farya says it is as if he has lost himself after all those incidents. I am afraid that under the weight of this burden he will lose his conscience. Madame says do not worry. Farya what is that? Madame says no idea, who wrote it? Farya says I do not know, there is no name on it, they have written that Gulby is up to secret doings with someone! That she is in a secret alliance against Murad's sultanate. I must tell Murad at once. Madame says wait, until you know more, accusing a Sultana will bring trouble on you.

    Murad tells Kemankes that he will leave for Bursa and that Kemankes will accompany. Kemankes says as you wish, but, forgive me, if you leave when the Capitol is still not calm..and Silahdar is not here either. Murad says I will tell you the reality of the matter. Mehmet pasha! I am appointing you guard over the Capitol. Always stay alert, you are responsible for my family, and my palace.

    Farya arrives and says to Kosem forgive me, I am troubling you at this time, but the matter is urgent. I was out with our Majesty, upon returning to the palace, I found this letter in my room. Kosem says who wrote this? Farya says I do not know, there is no name. I asked the aghas, and no one saw anything. Kosem says hopefully you didn't tell my son? Farya says I thought it best to come to you - it would not be correct to accuse Gulby before investigating the matter. Kosem says you have done the right thing, do not tell anyone anything, I will take this matter from here. Farya says, my Sultana, know that if there is anything I can do - I will do whatever is needed for our Majesty.

    Kosem says to Haci who could have written this? Haci says I am confused...I will ask around, maybe we could find some proof.

    A man is begging to be released by Kadizade's men. Abdulmecid's men arrive and say where are you taking these poor men? Kadizade's men says these are those who are disobeying Murad's orders, we smelled tobacco from that window and we went in and they were smoking! The man says no I swear we weren't they are Kadizade's men are accusing us just because we are followers of Abdulmecid! The green men say how dare you? Who are you to raid homes? Leave it to the Janissaries, hand the men over. They reply what? So we should just ignore like you guys do? A fight breaks out.

    In the morning, Farya wants to see Murad but she is told Murad has gone hunting to Bursa. She asks when he will return and as usual the door keepers don't know.

    Ibrahim asks Kasim I don't get where this hunting matter suddenly came from. Since we are all going, why isn't Beyazid coming? Kasim says our Majesty say it fit like this? Maybe he has a reason. Ibo says do you know something? Why isn't Bey coming? Kasim says are you not aware of the distance between them since the fire? They are not as close as before, don't you see it? Who knows maybe our Majesty saw his true face.

    Kadizade Efendi is told that someone has come to see him it is important. Abdulmecid has arrived. They greet each other. Kadizade invites him to sit. Abdulmecid says I thought we could talk about all the incidents happening in the Capitol. Specifically about the event last night. Your helpers block the street and have gathered men, specifically men from my lodge. Kadizade says you have heard wrong, your followers have actually blocked the way, defend those who break the rules, and therefore are accomplices in their sins. Abdulmecid says we are not standing with those who go against our Padishah's rules, but we are not watchmen for the prohibitions either. We choose to provide comfort for the people, not ruin their lives. Kadizade - we do whatever is up to us to do, and I advise you to do the same, if you prevent the prohibitions from being carried out then, how will you answer to our Ruler? Abdulmecid says we have nothing to answer for thank God. But you shoudl think about the answer you give in the other world. Because the cry and the right reaches it's place.

    Kosem tells Halil and Esther that she has gotten information that Gulby is in a secret plot against Murad. Halil says who wrote it? She says anonymous informant. I had guessed she was up to something for a while now, and it seems it is true. Halil says who could be the one working with her? Kosem says the arrows all point sadly to Seyhulislam Ahizade Efendi. He has appointed men from the scholarship who are loyal to him. It is obvious he is up to something and he has been walking around Beyazid too. Abaza says I do not want to even think of the possibility, but could our prince be part of this plot? Kosem says I do not think so, but we must think of all the possibilities. Mehmet, Halil, you will follow these names, if you suspect something, anything happens you will come and inform me. Ahizade is an old wolf, he will give up his head but not give up his secret. But he may know something. Mehmet pasha visit him and you might find out something. Abaza says it is not good at all that our Majesty is not here, they (traitors) could act suddenly. Kosem says this is what we want anyway. Let them start taking action so we can see who is our friend and who is our foe.

    Gulby meets with Sinan. She says tell me. He says Sultan Murad's decisions have scared even the scholars. They fear angering their ruler. Ahizade is trying to convince them, but our work has become difficult. Gulby says if there is no ruler for them to have to go against, things will change. You did as I said right? Sinan says I sent word to the pasha, he will do what is needed, but isn't it a bit early? You had wanted us to wait. Gulby says Kosem is up to something, I have no doubt of that, since Sultan Murad has taken Kasim and Ibo with him, let us deal with them first so that he who has gone hunting is the one who is hunted.

    In Iznik, Murad and his men walk the streets. Murad says you're enjoying it Ibo? Ibrahim says yes, we hadn't left the palace in so long...And it's nice being together. Murad says for me too. Kasim asks why Beyazid hasn't come along. Murad says I saw it fit this way. Kemankes is asking about a coffee shop and the merchant says there are none. Kemy says we are outsiders, and we have come to buy
    textiles, I have very wealthy guests here...I am sure you know a place. The merchant says I actually know a place, if you want I can take you.

    Murad and his men are welcomed and sit. Murad says just as we guessed, they have set up shops underground. They are going against my order and will! Kemankes says do not worry, we will find them all! Murad asks Huseyin if he took care of it. Huseyin says I sent word they are coming.
    Janissaries enter. So you are not obeying our Ruler and are secretly smoking and drinking coffee, catch them all and take them before the judge to be punished.

    The judge says do you all not know that tobacco and coffee are not permitted?! Murad steps forward and says we know but its not so easy to give it up. The judge says is it easy to leave this world? The punishment is death. Where have you come from? Kemankes says we have come from the Capitol...for a few days. Kasim says don't judge Efendi, you won't kill us for this right? Murad says we can handle this matter cordially, we are willing to give whatever you want. The judge says so you are traders? Meaning you won't come here again? Kasim gives the bag of coins and the judge says thankfully I am not murderous like Murad, I have a conscience and I am merciful. For this time, I spare you.

    Murad says so you are not like me eh? You have conscience eh?  Is this your conscience? To take bribes and break the law? The judge says forgive me please, I will not step out of your orders again...Murad says you will because you won't hear my commands, because those ears that do not hear my commands are deaf....cannot hear.

    There is a man hanging and the sign 'whoever does not obey my orders....etc. etc. will be punished with execution etc.

    Ahizade Efendi is given a note. He says tsk tsk, this is horrible! His sons asks what is it? Ahizade says Sultan Murad executed the Iznik judge and then afterwards, like an average criminal hung him up in the city square. The son says when has a scholar even been executed? Could there be no error in this? Ahizade says no error in this news, it is in the order. We shall correct this order. Send word to the scholars, we must meet at once.

    Ahmet and Hanzade bump into Gulby who says oh my prince, be careful, God forbid you will fall and hurt something. Ahmet says nothing will happen to me, we are playing. Ayse comes and says Narin take my children to their room. Gulby says what's going on Ayse? You look unhappy. Ayse says it is enough to see you and lose my good mood, stay away from me and my children. Gulby says what is the meaning of this attitude? Ayse says you know very well. Gulby says don't forget who you speak to you, the mother of the eldest prince stands before you, and if you add in the accounts of your secrets that I know, then it will be enough to make you know your place. Ayse says I know your secrets too! Gulby says we made an agreement Ayse. If you break it, you will share in the outcomes.

    Farya to Madame there is something between Gulby and Ayse. Madame says what do you think? Or do you doubt Ayse? Farya says she could have written the letter. No one else comes to mind. Madame says good, but while she could go to Kosem why would she write a letter to you. Farya says I do not know, I cannot understand it, but if Ayse is in this matter as well, I need to find out for sure.

    Murad is in Yadigar Pasha's place, who says thank you for accepting my invitation, it is a great honour for your subject Yadigar. Murad says coming all this way, you think I wouldn't see my governor? He says you have made me fortunate. I heard about the Iznik judge, the people were very unhappy for a while because of him, he would never see them without taking bribes for their complains and issues, and then he was against the prohibitions. Murad says your news came out to be true.

    Ibrahim tells Kasim I do not like this man at all. Kasim says why? Did he say something? Ibrahim says I don't just don't like him, he's strange. Kasim says what? he's just a guy, eat your food, if your bored, lets go to our rooms. Kasim asks permission to leave, and Murad says goodnight. The pasha asks for them to take the princes to their rooms. Then he says you Majesty, if you permit, I have a gift for you. He shouts for the aghas and a woman enters, and the Pasha takes permission to leave.

    Ahizade's son has come to see Abaza. He says you wanted to see me? Abaza says come kadi efendi, welcome. And then he asks for the agha to pour juice. Abaza says I wanted to talk to you about the application of the prohibitions as the guard of the city. Kadi says I do not allow anyone to get away with it, whoever comes before me having broken the laws get what they deserve. Abaza says great, but it is not enough, there must be inspections, if necessary, you must go house to house and secretly investigate and find those who are consuming tobacco and coffee. Kadi says I will try, but it is hard. Abaza says what is hard? To obey our ruler's commands? you resent it don't you? You resent having to obey our Majesty's commands...because you are in the midst of betrayal! Because you like your father are in the midst of betrayal!

    He says what have you given me to drink!? Kosem enters. She says oh no, so it is until here then (this is your end eh?) Seyid Efendi, tell me what Ahizade Efendi knows. He says he doesn't know. Kosem says this is the antidote for the poison. If you tell me the truth, as Valide Sultana, I promise you I will spare our life.

    Beyazid tells Zeynel you don't need to stay here, it's better if you protect my mother. Zeynel says it is better if I stay here...your mother worries about you. Haci enters and tells Beyazid that Kosem is calling him. Bey says why? Haci says she is going to Ahizade Efendi, and wanted you by her side. Beyazid says sure. Beyazid tells Zeynel you can tell my mother, since Kosem Sultana has called us, we cannot make her wait.

    Farya comes across Narin, Ayse's servant. She says what is up this time at night? Narin says what? What letter? Madame says Ayse wrote the letter exposing Gulby right? Narin says I don't know, why would she do that? And what are you accusing her of again? Farya says accusation eh? Locks her in and tells Madame to wait. Zeynel tells Gulby that they took our prince. She says where? Who? He replies He has left with Kosem sultana, Haci says that they have gone to Ahizade Efendi. Gulby says oh God, this is not a good sign at all. She will do something to my prince. Tell Sinan to come at once!

    Farya enters Ayse's room. Ayse says I see you have taken the habit of entering my room unannounced! What are you doing here? Why have you come again? Farya You say what you are doing? Narin told me everything, you have written me the letter. Ayse says I do not know what you are talking about? Where is Narin, what did you do to her? Farya says don't deny and tell me why you did it. I saw you arguing with Gulby. What is between you? WHy are you trying to include me in it? Ayse says whatever you saw you saw wrong, what could be between me and Gulby? You are up to slandering me again. Farya: slander? You've done everything up until today! Speak. What do you want from me? Ayse: The only thing I want is for you to leave, and not to come before me and take me to account whenever you please! Farya says fine, you can answer to Sultan Murad then!

    Kemankes asks Huseyin if the princes have slept. Huseyin says yes, we took the necessary precautions.

    Gulby tells Sinan hurry, save my prince, Kosem is going to kill him. Sinan says be calm and tell me everything. Esther is watching and says Sinan pasha. Sinan sees her.

    Ahizade meanwhile is speaking to the scholars. He says you must all have heard about what happened to the Iznik judge, Gumuszade Efendi. Sultan Murad executed a scholar without investigation, and for three days ordered  his body kept hanging in the city square. One of the men says we have never seen such a thing, since when do scholars get executed? Ahizade says Sultan Murad has basically announced that he does not trust the scholars. How do we know that what he did  today to the Iznik judge, he won't do to us tomorrow? Another man says this execution is an insult to us all. No one is safe. Ahizade says we will all be together for this reason and we will end this. One man say how? We know that Sultan Murad does not listen. Is there no way to tell Sultan Murad about our worries? Another says what about Kosem Sultana? Sultan Murad does not listen to Kosem sultan, look was she able to do anything while he killed so many innocent people? Ahizade says if needed we shall put Shehzade Beyazid on the throne! Kosem and Beyazid hear this outside.

    Murad is sleeping meanwhile, and guards overtake the ones that are stationed outside the princes rooms and enter. The woman meanwhile takes out a dagger and raises it above Murad. He opens his eyes.

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    THE END.

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    1. As always thank you for translation.

      And once again TIMS almost make Ayse acts smarter but failed again because the plot led Farya to accidentally overheard Ayse arguing with Gulbahar. * really sick and tired* -_-

    2. I only want to suggest, to make it easy to read it, would you like to just put the names of the people doing conversation with (:) sign? For example, for one scene separate with different paragraph and then the conversation begin with, for example..

      Back to Farya's room, Farya met Madame..
      Madame: What is wrong?
      Farya : Murad gave a death order...
      Madame: Sultan Murad is a ruler
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      Just a suggestion. Thanks for the translation it really helps me to understand all..