• EPISODE 17 TRANSLATION Muhtesem Yuzyil Kosem: Murad IV

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    Murad gets up and calls out to a man - hey forest ranger, what direction to the road? Where is this place? Forest ranger?

    Osman says so you lost your way eh? Murad replies, brother? You....have I died. Osman says you Murad are more dead than someone who has died.


    Every tree's worm (parasite) comes from it's own grapes. And you are a tree from the forest of the Imperial Household. Just like I am. My "worm" was the curse of youth (immaturity). When the burden of the Sultanate mounted on my shoulders, I could not carry that great power. In the end, I was removed from the throne in a cruel way - something that had never happened to any other Padisah before me. Like an animal, I was paraded through the streets and then they murdered me afterwards. And you Murad? What is your "worm"? What is the thing that ate at you from within and finished you off? Murad replies: My situation is not different from yours. When I got on the throne, I was even younger than you, but the truth of the matter, our fate, is the same. Osman replies: Our fates are not the same Murad, your worm is something else. You are more powerful than I was. Everyone fears you when they hear your name. You fell upon them like an iron fist. Murad replies: True, I placed probihitions. I executed hundreds from among the people and the soldiers. I took many of their lives myself. But, for the first time a decision I made has harmed one from my own own household. First Gevherhan killed herself. Then, Ayse poisoned herself along with my children.

    Murad to Osman: You had told me you fear being covered in blood.

    Osman's voice (from a flashback): "I fear becoming a cruel Padisah with blood on his hands"

    Murad (now): "Becoming cruel."

    Child Murad from the flashback: "I am not afraid of anything!"

    Murad (now): " I was small back then, I did not understand the meaning of what you said. But now I understand. I am afraid too- of being cruel.

    Osman to Murad (in the hut): You are a ruler Murad. You rule the whole world, the seven regions. Without a doubt, Pharaohs are born in this kind of power. But do not forget, every Pharaoh is born alongside his own Moses. The thing you call Sultanate consists of the fight between these two. This is the real important matter: Which one will you become? Murad says maybe I have lost my Moses long ago, and I am left alone with the Pharaoh side of me. I did not want this. God is my witness. I wanted to rule this state with justice and mercy. Osman says mercy? Shall I show you the outcome of mercy! He points to his neck. All my subjects got together and killed me. And the most serious - even my family betrayed me. My loved ones threw me into that pit. No one heard my screams, no one came to my help. No one, not my scholars, or pashas or soldiers, nor the people, no one! Not even my mother Kosem Sultan...Murad says I am witness my mother tried to help, then in the end she got revenge for you. Osman says not for me, but for you. She did it so that what happened to me wouldn't happen to you. Because she was the one who threw the first stone at me. Because I killed my brother Mehmet, she made me her enemy. First she disobeyed my orders, and when the time came she took me off the throne. Murad says my mother would never kill you. Osman says don't say never Murad. Even I killed my own brother. Basically my point is don't trust anyone. Everyone around are involved in discord and plotting. They will dig your pit. Don't show weakness under any circumstance. Look at my condition and learn a lesson from it. Otherwise you will be left naked like me!

    (We see that it's not Osman, it's another man who says): whoever you wanted to see, you have seen. I found you in the forest and you were not yourself. Murad asks who are you? The man says some call me a healer some call me a magician, but really I am neither. Just a son of Adam. One who can see the future. You Sultan Murad Han Hazretleri, would you like to learn about your future and your fate? After some mixing and brewing he says hold out your hand. Then he asks, what is your question your majesty? Ask what you want to know. Murad says will I be able to become a victorious ruler like my forefathers?

    Man's voice - you will become. You will win great victories, so much that your name will be mentioned alongside the great Padisahs. Murad says and what will happen to my family while I am winning these victories? My mother, my siblings? The man replies saying your mother will always be by your side, as close as you dislike her to be. But, I cannot say the same for your siblings. At least all of them. Murad says how? What will happen to them? The man says I do not know, but every victory will have a price. Without your blood being spilled you will not be able to spill blood. Murad asks and the Imperial household...who will the household continue with...whose line shall it continue forth? The man says this will be decided by the outcome of the fight between you and your greatest enemy. Murad says who is my greatest enemy?

    Murad's voice after he hunts down the warthog and cooks it: Maybe I have lost my Moses long ago, and am left alone with the Pharaoh in me. Although I didn't want it to be like this. God is my witness, I wanted to rule this mighty state with justice and mercy. Osman's voice: Everyone around you is involved in discord and plotting (against you). Do not show weakness. Even I killed my own brother. Do not trust anyone. Murad: Who is my greatest enemy? Man's voice: The one on the black horse entering your dreams. It is him. Find him your Majesty. Find him.

    Murad's having some water from a stream when he sees the rider again.

    Murad shouts out "hey fool! Degenerate! Fool stop! Stop!

    Murad in the pit: who are you?! He sees himself and hears the echoes of people who were upset with him and warn him that his decisions are harming the ones he loves, and that he is his greatest enemy.

    The other Murad tells him - silence these voices Murad, don't let them speak. They are trying to trick you. I am not your enemy. Your fight is not with me, impossible. I am Sultan Murad. Padisah of the world. I am above everyone and everything. This nature means I am out of this world and I only answer to God. But the rest? They are average children of Adam! They fear, they get sad, they get hurt, they become jealous and feel pain. They are poor wretches that have to answer to everyone. Be saved from them Murad. Kill everything that makes you become like them (kill your feelings) and bury it in this swamp.

    Meanwhile, people have gathered outside the Gate of Felicity shouting that they want to know what happened with Murad. One man says MEN, if God's Order has come to pass (Murad has died) then is it not our right to know? They shout that they want Prince Beyazid on the throne.

    Sinan asks Abaza what is going on, is there any truth to what they say? Abaza says no, God give him a long life, our Majesty is healthy. Sinan says thank God, where is he, tell me, so I can send word to him at once. God forbid they will destroy the palace over our heads. Abaza says the necessary precautions have been taken. If necessary we will use force. God willing there will be no need for such a thing. Sinan says God willing, god willing.

    Meanwhile, Murad emerges from the pit and claws his way out.

    Farya and the team find Murad. Murad? Your Majesty? Thank God you are fine!

    Farya says - when I saw your horse standing alone, I was so afraid! I thought I would never see you again!

    Haci meanwhile tells Kosem - my Sultana, they've gone mad again, I beg you, rethink your decision. Let Kemankes and Abaza to deal with it. Kosem says blood will not spill Haci. Just as I have protected the imperial household all this time, I will do the same now. Bring the sacred talisman (a talisman that has invocations to God and prayers written on a tiny piece of paper, folded up and bound in a leather or silver casing and made into a necklace believed to keep the bearer safe.) This one has the bullet stuck in it, from what happened in season 1 when Kosem was shot at and saved by the talisman.  They tie it around her neck.

    Ibrahim and Atike watch from above. Ibo says what are they saying Atike? Did something really happen to our Majesty? Atike says speak auspiciously Ibrahim! Why are you listening to them?! Our brother is safe and sound. He will return. Ibo says I wish I could be as certain as you, Atike. Kasim thinks Beyazid has gotten together with the traitors and is in a plot to assassinate our brother and anyway as soon as he saw him leave the palace, he followed him immediately.

    Haci announces Kosem in the hall. Kemankes says your Majesty, you know the best, but there is no need for you to go before the people. We gave them the necessary warnings and we will intervene. Kosem shows him the talisman. Do you see this bullet? Years ago when the people had forced the gates,  this is their bullet that was supposed to take my life. Aziz Mahmut Hudayi had given me this talisman while praying for me. That day almighty Allah was with me (protecting me). And I know that - He is with me today too. Kemakes calls for the doors to open, and Kosem is announced.


    Kosem says: Whoever wants to say whatever they want, may it say it to my face, without fear. A man says they have said our Majesty has passed away my Sultana and the pashas have hidden this truth from us. Another man says yes, its true why do you hide it? The owner of the throne is apparent! We want an enthronement at once! Prince Beyazid should get on the throne. People shout Yes, yes, he should get on the throne! Where is he?

    Kosem says do not believe such things, they are all lies. my sovereign son, Sultan Murad Han, is alive. With the deaths that have kept coming one after the other, he is mourning. He simply wanted to shake off his pain and get away for a while. When his mourning is over, he will return. The first man says how do we know you're telling the truth? We are without a head and we do not have any faith left in you. Get off the backs of the state and the people already! Kemankes steps forward you fool! Kosem Sultana stands before you! Speak with manners!

    Kosem moves forward and says Unfortunate. Very unfortunate. Maybe some of you hadn't been born but I have shielded this state with my own life! I came from another land. My name was something else, my language was different, my religion was different! I loved your seas, the winds (here) I loved your southwest winds! I loved Sultan Ahmet Han! I gave him eight children. I loved my children. Whether I gave birth to them or not, I always protected and saved my princes! I loved the people, the people! I loved you, I loved the children and women. I always loved the elderly, the needy. I saw death and almost died myself! Still I never left any of you hungry. Never left you poor and needy. And now you see this fit for your Kosem Sultana, the one who lead you and showed you the way? A more polite gentleman says my Sultana, please forgive, we have great respect for you but the fires, the disasters have not stopped coming down upon us and afterwards the punishments and prohibitions. We have lost our way, forgive us.

    Kosem says now go back to your homes and families and sleep in peace. I am here!  As the regent of the Sultanate, for a while I will govern the state. Do not be afraid, do not worry. I give you my word - your lives, your wealth and even your honour is under my protection!

    Sinan gets notice from his minion that Gulbahar has sent word that he must come at once it is urgent and she needs his help. Sinan asks what it is and the aga says she will tell you herself.

    Murad cleans up at a fountain and Silahdar says your Majesty, I do not know what befell you all these days, but I can see how you have gone through pain. My condolences, may you be healthy. Murad says you too Mustafa. Silahdar says I wish I could give you breath, give you some peace. Murad says There is no peace in my position Mustafa. Cannot be.

    Farya asks Silahdar privately what he spoke of with Murad. Silahdar says it is all your fault. If you hadn't spoken to Ayse about that order our little princess and prince would have been alive! You have made our majesty live through the worst of pains. But don't worry - I didn't tell him. Not for you of course. But for his sake I will keep silent. Not to add grief to his grief! Farya says why do you blame me? How should I have known Ayse sultana would do this kind of craziness? SIlahdar says no matter what, you are greatly to blame. Your sin is great. If you hadn't said anything, those two little children would have been alive right now.

    Kosem tells her children do not worry children, everything is calmed down and the people have subsided. Atike says yes we saw we watched everything from the Tower of Justice, but the matter is different. Ibo says Kasim is gone - he thinks Beyazid has something to do with our Majesty's disappearance. When Beyazid left, Kasim left after him. Kosem says what does Beyazid have to do with it? Ibrahim says I do not know. Beyazid arrived. Kosem says where did you go? Beyazid says I went to visit my mother's grave. You knew about it, I had asked your permission. Did something happen? Ibo says Kasim is gone...have you seen him? Beyazid says no, I did not. Where could he have gone? Could he have gone to look for our Majesty?

    Kosem tells Haci to tell Kemankes - find wherever Kasim is and bring him at once.

    Sinan and Gulby are together. She asks what was Kasim doing there? Sinan says there is no other explanation except that he was following our prince Beyazid, anyway it's good you told me quickly. From now on you will stay here. Gulby says and what will happen to Kasim? How will he handle it? Kosem has long sent out after him, upon noticing his absence! Did we make a mistake sending Beyazid back to the palace? Sinan says the real mistake was you staying in Kalika's home. If it had been left to me, I would already kill her long ago. But if she disappeared, we would bring even more suspicion on us. I warned our prince many times, but if he doesn't want the throne as much as we do, then I do not know how this will turn out. Gulby says what are you trying to say? Sinan says our prince's mercy and conscience can be the end of us. He must see reality now. You do not be sad my Sultana, I will find a solution. While I am alive, no one can harm you. I will protect you and our Prince.

    Kemankes and Halil are searching, a woman tells Kemankes to come to her, but he pushes her. Kemankes finds Kasim and he asks who are you? Kemankes says I am Kemankes I have come to get you. Kasim says Kemankes agha, Halil pasha where am I? Halil says we must return to the palace, our Valide Sultana is waiting for you.

    Meanwhile Beyazid speaks to Sinan saying every action of mine opens an even worse path. I have gone down such a path I do not know how to get out of it. Sinan says you don't worry, just don't make anyone uneasy that is all. Sinan says as if I have any other choice? How is my mother, where is she now? SInan says I have found a safe place for her, she will stay there, and I will arrange your meeting with her later. Beyazid asks and Kalika? Sinan replies you must stay away from her from now on. It is not the time for entertaining matters of the heart. That is why you were exposed. Was it worth you and Gulbahar sultan being put in danger? Beyazid says neither of us, not myself or Kalika are the reason for this incident - it is you and my mother and the games you both played that brought us to this. Do you know how many princes, children and brothers have been killed under this dome? Many of them weren't even at fault for anything, but were strangled in their sleep. Get yourself together, this is not a game, it is a war. Your mother is fighting to keep you alive because she knows if you do not take your fate in your own hands, she knows you will become one of those poor nameless princes.

    Beynem asks Kalika what is up with you, are you in love or mad, you are acting strange since you came? Look at me, what is wrong? Kalika says nothing, just lost in thought. He says I am not stupid, what happened, is it about Beyazid? She says no, do I even know him? He says who are you fooling? Anyway I warned you once before, you are playing with fire!

    Kasim is brought back. Kosem asks what is going on, why does he look like this. Your brother is missing, the people marched on the palace, and you were busy enjoying yourself! Kasim says it is a lie! They are falsely accusing me. Kosem says what accusations? You are a prince of this worldly state, look at this condition of yours! Kasim says mother, Gulby is alive, she has not died. Kosem says Gulby died, she died! Kasim says no but she hasn't. Kosem shouts, he can't even stand on his feet, take him away! I don't want to see him! Atike says mother, could he have lost his senses? Kosem says of course he would, he has had opium! This is the reason why he sees hallucinations! Ibo says what if it isn't hallucinations? What if Gulby is really alive? Could it not be possible? Kosem says Gulby died! I was standing over her dead body! Lalezar arrives and says good news, our Majesty has returned to the palace, and she has gone to the late Ayse sultana's room.

    The harem girls are bubbling with the news of Murad's return. Madame says to Farya I was so worried about you are you alright? How is our Majesty. Farya says I am fine, don't worry. Our Majesty is fine...but I don't know. When we found him he was in such a condition...like he went through pain from head to toe. I felt so much pain seeing him like that.

    Kosem enters and says oh thank God you returned safe and sound. You didn't take anyone with you? How could you act so negligent (without precautions). Murad says I went to get far away, to be rid of the burden on my heart, to silence the voices in my head, mother. Kosem says and were you able to silence them? You cannot my son. A ruler can only find peace in the afterlife. Until then, no matter what, no matter what befalls you you must stand tall. There is no leaving, and turning your back on what you leave behind. it cannot happen, impossible! Murad says I thought I had known every pain, but this..the pain of losing a child...this is something else..like a fist around your throat, you cannot breath, when you take a breath, it sinks to your liver. Worse. :'(

    Kosem says the world is a cruel place my son. Death comes without timing. They say first parents die, but in this palace, it is always the children that go first. This is why I protected you. I shielded by heart with your presence. You will do the same. You have another child. An even smaller one, the size of a hand! Embrace her, her scent will give you comfort.

    Silahdar meanwhile bids Atike goodnight. She follows him and says SIlahdar, how much longer will it continue you like this? You do not look at my face. You don't talk to me unless necessary. You consider me non-existent. How can anyone live separately under the same roof. You are sad I know, allow me to help you. We can wrap our wounds together. Silahdar says I have been on the roads for days, I am very tired. With your permission I wish to rest.&

    Lalezar brings baby Kaya to Murad. He says Kaya my princess with the moon face. Then he says Lalezar, she will stay with me tonight, you can leave. She says as you wish, if you need anything, the girls will stay behind the door, as will the wet-nurse.

    In the morning, Silahdar goes to Kosem. He says you have asked for me? She says I did not like my Imperial son's condition at all, where was he all this time? I asked him, he didn't say anything. Silahdar says  he just went into seclusion. The pain of losing children really hurt him. Kosem says I wanted to talk to you about this, Lalezar saw Ayse come to you, spoke to you and then left in a troubled state. What did you say that it turned her mad enough to kill herself and her children? Silahdar says my Sultana, she found out our Majesty had given the order to execute her. I denied it, but she didn't believe it. Kosem says what execution? Silahdar says he had ordered that she be executed at the first stop-over when she had left. I thought no one but I knew about it, but...Kosem says yes? Who did she find out from? Who told her? Silahdar says Farya sultana, I don't know how she saw it, but she saw the order and then told her right away. She had such a hatred for Ayse that she didn't even see what her anger would result to. She is now a thousands times regretful. But it is too late. Kosem says there is no trouble she hasn't opened on our heads! Now she became the reason for my grandchildren's disaster! Silahdar says I understand your anger, but my request, our Majesty should not hear about this, he is already very upset. If he finds out about Farya being the reason, he may not be able to handle that burden.

    Farya is with Atike. Atike says have the old days come to your mind? Did you miss this place? Farya says this palace gave me nothing but pain and tears. Being far from Murad, it was the days I was alone. Atike says who knows maybe the fate in this palace is unhappiness. Farya says Silahdar eh? Atike nods and says he leaves before I wake up, he returns late at night. I don't even see his face. There is such an abyss between us, I do not know how I can open it. Farya says the pain for you both is fresh, but in time it will pass. You are married, wife and husband now, how long can he stay far away? Atike says he does not even sleep in the same room as me. I get into bed alone every night. My pride is hurt. The cloud of death hangs over us and it will never leave.

    Kasim goes to Beyazid and says what did you all do to me? Bey says what are you saying?! Kasim says do not play games with me Bey! I was in Kalika's house! I saw you with Gulby. You hit me on the head, then nothing. I woke up in a brothel. Bey says you do not know what you say Kasim, it seems you are still under the effects of the opium! Beyazid says your enmity towards me has blinded you so much that you blame me for this condition of yours even. Punches are thrown and Ibo tells them to stop and calls for the agas. Kosem enters and says what is going on here Kasim Beyazid! Beyazid says forgive me, but he said such words I couldn't control myself. Kasim says he is lying while looking straight into my eyes mother! I tell you, Gulby is alive! I do not know what game they set up, but I saw with my own eyes! She is alive and they are hiding her in Kalika hatun's house! Kosem says who is Kalika! Kasim says Beynem's pub partner, and...Beyazid's secret lover. Beyazid says you have lost your mind. my Sultana, there is nothing like this. Kosem tells Kasim to go to her room and wait for her. Kasim says try to hide it as much as you want, everyone will find out what you are up to including my imperial brother!

    Kosem to Beyazid, the truth will get out sooner or later. If there is something I should know tell me now so you won't have worse troubles on your head. What is that which Kasim says? He saw your mother and she is alive. Beyazid says mother is such a thing possible? Months have passed since my mother's death. You personally brought me the news of my mother's death. Kasim wants to cover up his own misdeeds, and play with my pain and grief.

    Sinan and Kemankes inform Murad that the people turned to the pubs when the coffee houses closed and use opium and alcohol. Kemankes says and for this reason the Kadizades attack and plunder the pubs and when the followers of Sivasi tried to prevent them, these two factions got into enmity with each other. Silahdar says if we do not take precautions on this matter, it will get out of hand. Abaza says there is a new incident every day, the judges cannot attend to all the cases in time. Murad says send word to the both of them I will meet with them personally, let us see what their problem is. Yahya Efendi have you gotten the names for the appointments? Yahya says Kosem sultan already ratified the names...as you know you weren't here, and as you appointed her the Regent of the Sultanate, I didn't see anything wrong with it. Murad says Regent eh? Kemankes says your Majesty, when you were off hunting...there were rumours of your passing away, there was chaos in the city, people came to the palace and marched to the Gate of Felicity. Sinan says fortunately our Kosem Sultana came before the people and said you left her as regent and the uproar dissipated. The people dispersed. Murad tells Abaza did I not appoint you the guard of Istanbul. Abaza says we took the precautions...we even announced in the city that you were off hunting. But, someone lit the fires of trouble.

    Kosem tells Kasim while you should  be silent knowing your misdeeds, you are attacking Beyazid! I thought you would smarten up and stop this nonsense after all you went through, but nothing helped! Kasim says why do you not believe me? I tell you Gulby is alive! Kosem says and he still says GULBY! KASIM! You are a prince. How could you pass out intoxicated in a brothel?! I will not see you like that again. If I do, I won't have mercy, I will tell my imperial son everything! Kasim says I can prove everything to you. Salih aga! Haci arrives with Kasim's aga. Kasim says I was suspicious of Beyazid's activities, so I had him followed. Salih aga says I informed our prince after Beyazid left the palace. We went together to Kalika's house. Kosem asks if he saw anyone. He says no I did not. I simply accompanied our prince to the house. I did not go inside, our prince sent me away. Kosem tells him to leave.

    Kasim says you do not believe me, ask Kalika. She is in this business from the start. You can only get the truth from her. Kosem tells Haci to tell Kemankes everything and ask him to find Kalika and let us see if what he says is true. Haci says as you order, and on that note, our Majesty is awaiting you in the Audience hall.

    Kosem asks Haci why Murad waits for her there. Kosem arrives and says since you have called me to the audience hall it means the matter is important. Murad says I have heard that the stream of incidents became a flood and came all the way to my palace and you, as the regent intervened. And you said I had appointed you. You took the people's lives and wealth of the people under your protection. You gathered the Divan and made appointments. And then I understood that you, like everyone else, used my absence as an opportunity.

    Kosem says used your absence as opportunity oh really? Murad says yes really. Kosem says so what should I have done? Left the state headless or watched as the state passed from hand. You did not carry out your responsibilities and I didn't know where you had gone or when you would return! The people came to the palace, said they wanted to see their ruler! Blood almost spilled! Murad says but you waited for this day deep down inside, since the day I ended your regency - for me to make a mistake and for me to come beg for your mighty help. To wait for approval for my every step is that right? The truth of the matter is, you do not see me as a ruler. Kosem sits next to him and says my son, you are still young. Your rage is great and you will not understand me. You think that I want rulership and work to remove you from the throne? You are wrong. You are mighty wordly padishah, but more than anyone else, you are my son, the one who runs in the garden and then when he gets hurt, I shed a tear. You are my life. You are a keepsake from my Ahmet. I know your heart is pure. Your eyes are clean. But my son, the world likes people who are regulated. You can change your mood any moment.  Don't do that, you only harm yourself the most. Don't. Murad says mother, you return to your room. And do not ever again - not stick you nose into sultanate or state or religious matters.

    Kemankes is told this is where Kalika's house is. He shouts for the house to be searched. Kalika says what is going on what are you doing? He says Kalika yesterday Sh. Kasim hazretleri cam ehere. She says yes he did, he asked for sh. Beyazid, but how should I know. He insisted. He looked into the rooms and when he saw Bey wasn't here he left. Kemankes says that is not what our prince said. In fact, he said that Gulbahar was here. Kalika says what? What are you saying...did Gulbahar not die months ago? No shehazade beyazid and no Gulbahar - I swear I know nothing about them. Kemankes says what is between you and prince Beyazid. She says nothing? Is it possible...we came across each other twice when the Janissaries attacked the pub, and then during the fire, that is it. I didn't seem him. An agha says there was nothing and Kemankes says we are leaving. Then he says hopefully you are telling the truth woman, otherwise I will make you regret being born! 

    Meanwhile Murad tells Silahdar - whenever I turn my back something happens. I take precautions against my enemies, and my mother hits me in my back. Silahdar says your mother did what was needed to protect you and the Sultanate. The one who is truly at fault is Abaza Mehmet pasha. Had he done his job none of this would have happened. Anyway the things I have heard about him...Murad says what have you heard? SIlahdar says you know my father came to the capitol and the people of Bosnia have many complaints against him - bribes, favoritism. Murad says is there proof or are these just lies from people who don't like him? Silahdar says he even took my father's wealth and it was taken to court - Abaza denied it and it was settled (not guilty). There is no proof, but if you permit I would like to investigate this matter. Murad says do as needed.

    Murad goes to see Sivasi Efendi and Kadizade. Murad says I know about the matter - the enmity between you have spread to the whole palace. Instead of enjoining people to the true way you are personally going to the door of evil. Kadizade says your majesty we have no problem with Sivasi or those from his lodge. We are going against those who do not obey you. They are going against the prohibitions. Sivasi says not against the prohibitions but against you people punishing the people, it is the judges who will prescribe punishments. Murad says but you are against the punishments my judges are meting out. Sivasi says "God says O Adam, you and Eve stay in heaven. Eat from what you want, but do not touch this tree, otherwise you will become one of the cruel ones. But they both fall to temptation and eat from the forbidden fruit and are removed from heaven. If it wasn't prohibited would they go to it?Now if you put prohibitions, the people won't stop from doing it." Sivasi says the city found peace from these prohibitions. People gave up coffee and tobacco. Sivasi says now they are touching opium and alcohol. Even the ones who didn't used to visit those places now won't leave them. Kadizade says the pubs are dens of sin anyway, but it is true your Majesty, after the prohibitions, it is worse. The ones who become drunk and high are harassing the people, destroying the peace. If we don't intervene, no one's lives, wealth, peace are safe.

    Kasim says did you find her, did you speak to the woman? Kemankes says I spoke to her. She did not deny that you came there to look for Beyazid, but that when you didn't find him, you left, she also said that. Kasim says what kind of plot is this. They have thought of everything. Kosem says and Gulby? Kemankes says she denied it, I had the house searched and there was not even a single sign of her existence. But...Kalika's body language was strange - when I mentioned Beyazid, her face flushed red and there might be some relationship between them. Maybe this is what they are hiding, but I do not think Gulby is alive. Kasim says in that case, open her grave. You will see it will be empty!

    Sinan goes to Gulby and says my Sultana. She says what will I do here, take me from here, take me someplace else. Sinan says are you uncomfortable? She says I am a Sultana of a worldly empire, what do I have to do in this Jesuit place. I am hiding under seven floors like a rat. It pains me, don't you get it? Sinan tries to wipe her tears. He says I would destroy the earth for a single tear drop of yours. But you remaining alive is more important than everything else. Be a little patient, do not give up your hope. We will get out of this, and in such a way we will never have to hide again. I promise you.

    Kosem, Bey and Kasim watch as the grave is being dug open. Beyazid says you have no respect for anything. Even for the dead. My mother could not have peace on this earth, could she at least have had peace dead. Kasim says or are you afraid? Beyazid says I am not afraid of anything. Kemankes brings forth jewellry (Tulip shaped) and says her face is unrecognizable but they found this. Kosem says a jewel of the household. Belonging to Gulby. Kasim says how do we know it belongs to her? Beyazid shouts at him and Kosem says ENOUGH. I do not want to hear about this matter again. This matter will be closed here. And my Imperial son will not hear about this, did you hear me? Did you hear me Beyazid? Bey says as you wish.

    Murad enters the pub and a man says welcome my Bey, we have nice alcohol, it has come new, is very sweet. Murad says good...and comments how full the place is, and the man says what should they do, Sultan Murad banned everything. Silahdar says watch out when using our Majesty's name. The walls have ears. Sivasi says forgive me, but why did you want to meet with me and here of all places. Murad says you take every opportunity to complain about my prohibitions. I wanted you to see with your own eyes. See the people's conditions with your own eyes and maybe you will understand me. Sivasi says God forbid, I simply say what I think is right. That is all. Murad says you did not get the real matter - it is not about coffee or tobacco. It is whether my subjects obey me or not. This.

    Kosem tells Sanavber, a big task befalls you, give my Imperial son some peace and take away his grief. Also, maybe our Lord will grant you a child. Sanavber says God willing, I also pray every night that I may give our Majesty a prince.

    Farya enters and says you have ordered for me? Then she adds, you are trusting Sanavber too much, she came out of nowhere. Her past is not apparent. Kosem says who shall I trust? You who became the reason losing his children? Farya says did Silahdar tell you? Kosem says it is not important who said it. Will my grandchildren come back? How could you do such a thing. How could you speak to Ayse like this? Farya says I did not know this would happen, if I knew I wouldn't do it. I simply wanted to make Ayse upset that is all. Kosem says did you get your revenge is your heart cooled down? Thank God that I do not tell my son. Farya says how can a mother kill her own children. Did that ever come to your mind. I am not at fault, if it makes you feel better, tell him. Kosem says I will not. I do not want to steal my Imperial son's peace. But just know this, what you did will not go unanswered. Get out.

    Murad hears someone saying thank God for our Kosem sultan, she handled the matter. I wish she could get on the throne. Another man says SHHH. Someone will hear. The other guy says is it a lie? Sultan Murad fell upon us. They say he is mourning his children. They say they died of illness. How do we know he didn't kill his own children? The other man says this is what happens you take the cries of so many innocents, this is how you will be hurt. May worse happen to him, the cruel one. Murad knocks him on the head. and the man says who are you man?! Silahdar announces Murad. The man says forgive me your majesty. Murad says what is the source of courage for you to say such things? Alcohol? The man says I lost my senses, sorry, spare me, I have a wife and kids if I die - Huseyin forces the man to drink until he passes out. Murad says strike their heads.

    Outside Murad says what happened Sivasi Efendi should I just ignore what he said? Sivasi says that fool crossed his limits of course. But what you did...a Padisah cannot see everthing,  hear every voice, especially in disguise. You should show the people patience and forbearing. A padisah must not harm the people and cover up the shame he sees. Murad tells Sivasi this is why I like you - you say whatever you think in your head bravely but my patience has a limit. The call to prayer is called and someone wonders why it isn't even the time to pray. Murad leaves.

    Atike has fallen asleep waiting. She wakes and says Silahdar don't leave! He says why haven't you slept. She says I waited for you...just like every night. I can't fall asleep anyway. I close my eyes and I only see one face...only one face I haven't been able to throw off from my mind or heart. I am alone in this large palace. a great darkness within me. Silahdar? Help me. I...I loved. I loved very much. Show me the way. I am lost in this love. Help me please. He leaves.

    Kasim has been waiting for Murad. Murad says what is up at this time of night? He says it is not good at all - there is something very important you need to know about. It is about Beyazid. Murad says come.

    In the morning, a crier announces that Sultan Murad, on seeing the need, is ordering the pubs, and places where alcohol and opium are served closed and demolished. The consumption and selling of alcohol and opium is now banned.

    The people complain one by one, oh so first coffee and tobacco now our alcohol is gone too. Another says what is Sultan Murad up to?!

    The crier continues: And fortune telling and witchcraft is also forbidden. Those who do not obey the orders, will be punished with execution by the right of the state and religious law.

    Beynem and Kalika begs the agas, what will she do? but they say it is absolute orders. Beynem says since it is our Majesty's orders what can we do? Don't be sad. We will find a way. She says this was the only thing left to me from my father. He says walk, don't cry, we will figure out another solution.

    Kemankes says to Kosem I am disturbing you but I need to request something. She says I am listening. He says we set out together with our Majesty in disguise last night. And what I witnessed made me very sad. In truth, the condition lately has me very worried. I do not recognize him anymore, he has a deep anger towards everyone and everything. He has no mercy for anyone. He would have executed Sivasi even - as if it was God's wisdom, the call to prayer happened and he stopped. Kosem says my Imperial son cannot forget the cruelty done to him and his brother Osman in the past. He thinks everyone is his enemy. He takes revenge. Kemankes says I am loyal to our Majesty, I willingly sacrifice my life to his way, but is this way a road? Does he not put not only the state but himself as well this way? God says our Lord has given even the rose thorns to defend itself with. Do you think the mighty empire cannot protect itself, it it can! Order in the land (security) has four conditions - wisdom, virtue, justice and courage. If there is even one missing in a Padisah, then before the state goes from hand, his sultanate is finished.

    Murad gets dressed and stares at his handsome self in the mirror ;)

    Farya shouts at Silahdar. What happened to not telling? AS if I did it knowingly, as if I wasn't regretful - you went and told Kosem sultan right away! Silahdar says you are mistaken, I said I wouldn't tell our Majesty. I told our Sultana so when the time comes she does what is necessary. Farya says and what is that? You want to have me killed?

    Silahdar is called by an aga to see Murad.

    Silahdar says you have ordered for me? Murad says get ready you we are setting out on important business.

    Beyazid is practicing very angrily when Huseyin arrives saying our Majesty is setting out, and he wants you with him. Bey says where are we going? Huseyin says don't know but he has ordered you to come at once.

    Beyazid says your Majesty, forgive my curiosity but where are we going? Murad says you will see when you get there.

    Abaza tells Kosem that Murad has ordered new prohibitions. The pubs are being closed after the cafes and tobacco joints. Alcohol and opium are banned. Halil says the people are starting to get truly scared. The punishment is execution. Kosem says this is too much now. When is the Imperial Divan gathering? Abaza says I am convening the council today but our Majesty is not attending as he is not in the palace. Kosem says good, I will go to the Divan.

    Murad brings Beyazid to Kalika's pub and Bey asks, forgive me but why have we come here?Murad says remember the night we came here? When the traitorous Janissaries was attacking and taking protection money and stealing? You saved a woman's life that day. Bey says yes I remember but why are we here again? Murad says was this that woman? Bey says your Majesty. Murad says it seems it didn't end that night, and you are secretly meeting with her. Do you have a relationship with this woman Beyazid? Beyazid says I - yes, I am not going to deny it.

    Murad recalls Kasim telling him this is not just a matter of the heart...this woman was part of the betrayal from the beginning. Beyazid got into this matter with his mother and Ahizade together. Anyway if he didn't know who would dare to try to do this kind of thing? Murad takes the sword and says this woman is accused of selling alcohol and opium despite my prohibition. And you will mete out here punishment! Do what is needed Beyazid.

    Kalika says "we both knew it was prohibited and knew the outcome. Believe me, I am not at all regretful. Whatever you need to do, do it. I told you, I am willing for everything. If I am to die, you take my life, don't leave it to anyone else. I will always love you Beyazid...even after dying." Beyazid says me too.

    THE END.

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