• Trailer EPISODE 15 Muhtesem Yuzyil Kosem: Murad IV

    Beyazid: " I can only do one thing for you "

    Kosem: "I see the storm brewing in your eyes, your pain shouldn't turn to anger and your anger shouldn't turn into hate."

    Kemankes: "There was a decision made regarding me. He will marry me to Gevherhan Sultana."

    Kosem: "While Silahdar should have been punished by death (for what he did) how could you allow him to marry ATIKE?!"

    Gevherhan: "When did you lose your conscience and your sense of justice Murad!"

    Farya: "I will destroy this palace over your head! If you take that woman into your arms one more time, I will kill her, and I will kill you and I will kill myself too! Everything will be over then!


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