• Episode 15 Translation Muhtesem Yuzyil Kosem: Murad IV

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    Farya reads Gulbahar's letter:

    Farya to Madame, I knew it, my baby, my baby! I knew it.

    Beyazid goes to visit his mom. She says oh Beyazid, my brave boy. Beyazid moves away and says I warned you many times, told you not to get involved, told you to stay away, but you did not hear me at all. Gulby says "should I die in this prison, I won't care, but if you turn your face away and turn your back to me, then that is when I shall go with my eyes open! My only worry is you Beyazid. I lived for you, waited years to be by your side. Beyazid says if that was your only wish then you wouldn't be waiting your death in this dungeon right now, I wish you never came here...wish I had never saw you. At least I would know you were alive some place and well. She replies, don't say it like that my son, how could one withstand such a separation? I am not at all regretful for my coming here! I spent the most beautiful days of the end of my life with you. I did not want it to be like this. Know that I only fought to change your fate Beyazid. And you, do not dare give up! Don't ever bow your neck to anyone! This is my last wish. Beyazid says: There is only one thing I can do for you. She takes the vial and says a painless death?

    Ayse to Farya: How can you enter without permission? I told you many times .. Farya interrupts saying I had said the sin you committed will not remain unpunished. It's over. This is it. Ayse says what does that mean? What are you accusing me of again? Farya replies saying, Gulbahar admitted everything, you stole the seal and you killed my baby. Now everyone will know. Ayse says Farya, I swear I did nothing. Gulby is accusing me falsely, and who will believe her? She is a traitor who is going to be executed! Farya says she is not hte only traitor, you are as well! And now, just like her, you will get your punishment. Ayse says please don't Farya, please don't. I am pregnant. If you don't feel pity for me, have mercy for my baby. Farya says did you take pity on me? Did you have mercy on my baby?

    Murad is told that Farya has arrived, that the matter is important. Farya enters and Murad asks what is the matter? Farya hands the letter to him.


    Lalezar Kalfa shows Kosem the vial and says I do not know how she got this, or from where, but the aghas found her unconscious. Kosem asks the doctor what the situation is. The woman says may God forgive her sins (she is dead).

    Ayse is summoned before Murad. Outside Farya says to her- pray our Majesty has written your death sentence, because if it is up to me, I will not let you die so easily. I will make you worse than dead!

    Kosem goes to see Beyazid. She says his name. He says is it over, is my mother executed? Is that what you will tell me? Kosem says I do not know how your mother managed, but rather than be executed by the executioners, she has killed herself by taking poison. He says she drank poison? Kosem says my condolences, may God forgive her sins. Beyazid says amin. I wish her to be buried appropriately. Kosem says of course, I gave instructions, but due to obvious reasons, she will not have a funeral ceremony befitting a Sultana. Beyazid says permit, that if nothing else, I may do my last duties to her as her son. Kosem says my Beyazid, my prince, I can see the storm brewing in your eyes. Your pain should not turn into anger, and your anger into hate. You are witness to it - your mother has betrayed the State and the Imperial Household. If even I were to betray the state, the punishment would be death.

    Murad says to Ayse - First, you arranged for Farya to be attacked. Murdered my child. And just for this reason, I executed hundreds of people. As if this betrayal was not enough, you then stole my mother's seal and because of the letters stamped with that seal, many statesmen were killed. Half my Capitol was burned and turned to ashes! Thousands of people lost their lives or their homes. Ayse says your Majesty, please don't listen to Farya's accusations. I did not have anything to do with any of those things. Impossible! I have no sin. Murad says not Farya, not Farya but Gulbahar Sultan! She has admitted everything. Ayse says your Majesty, how can you believe that traitor's words? Perhaps someone else wrote it, someone who wants to be rid of me! Murad replies shut up Ayse! You still lie without embarrassment or shame! While looking into my eyes! Who are you? What is the source of this courage? Fine, you do not fear me, thought I wouldn't hear about it. Do you not fear Allah either Ayse? Didn't you think of what explanation you would give tomorrow, when the time to give account (to God) comes? I no longer see the mother of my children before me. I see a traitor. A traitor who did what none of my enemies could do! Ayse kneels at his feet and cries "your Majesty, I did it all only not to lose you...I got mixed up with trouble - when I fell to asking Gulbahar for help. Please forgive me! I tried to be saved from her, but I couldn't be rid of it. Please forgive me. I did everything for you.

    Kosem arrives outside in the hall and asks Farya what she is doing here. Farya says finally Ayse's real face has been exposed. Kosem says what does that mean? Explain?

    Ayse meanwhile begs Murad - please have mercy on me, if not on me, then on the baby in my belly. I did everything so I wouldn't lose you. Murad says you should thank God for that innocent in your womb. Otherwise I would execute you right here. You have zero value in my eyes from now on, the breath you take is curse on my Household. Murad calls for aghas. Kosem enters. He says mother, come enter. Come hear all the things this mother of a prince who you have always protected has done. Ayse says Validem? Kosem says and she she still says MY VALIDE! How did you get caught up in this filth in your pregnant condition?! Forget us, how will you look into your children's faces? How could you betray your family and the Imperial Household? Murad says she will pay the price of her betrayal and in the most heavy way.

    Silahdar goes to see Gevherhan. She says thank God, I prayed so much to be able to see your face once again. He raises his hand. She says what is going on, why are you treating me this way Silahdar. He says I wish it could be the opposite, but from now on, it is impossible. Do you remember? You had said there were mountains and seas between us, you were right. She replies what are you trying to say? What does all this mean? Silahdar says our Majesty spared my life. But my punishment is just beginning. Our Majesty has made a decision. She says what decision? He replies - I will be wed Gevherhan, not to the woman I love most in this life, not to you, but to your sister Atike Sultana.

    Gevherhan's servant asks her what happened? Gev says our Majesty has given my death sentence. He will marry Silahdar to Atike. If this is not death than what is?

    Kosem enters Ayse's room. She says mother, please don't take my children from me. Kosem says no benefit to wailing, you heard my Sovereign son's orders. The children say we don't want to go, where are they taking us. Kosem says children, there is nothing to fear, you will stay with me for a while in my room. Go along now.

    Kosem says if you go down the well using Gulbahar's rope this is what happens! She has saved herself by dying and has left you here all alone! Ayse says she is dead? Kosem says you look at yourself! Look at the future of the life you ruined! What  shame!

    Madame asks Farya what the decision was for Ayse. Farya says her fae will be decided after her delivery. Until that time and until then, she will be isolated in her room. Apart from her children. Alone. Madame says the one who tries to harm others, it comes back to bite them harder. Farya says yes but I do not think anything will happen to her. There is a lot of time for the delivery. We cannot be certain of what will happen. Kosem Sultan will come in between (to intervene) and so will Silahdar. They will do whatever they can do get her pardoned. Madame says Sultan Murad has no pardon for anyone, I do not think she will be forgiven for such a thing. Farya says hopefully it will be as you say, otherwise I will have be forced to kill Ayse with my own hands.

    Murad goes to see Beyazid. Murad says I heard about your mother Beyazid. No matter what she did, her account in this world is closed. Now she will only give account to God. Beyazid says like us all your Majesty. Like we all will. Murad says my condolences, my brother. May God have mercy on her soul. I am with you, your siblings are with you. Do not consider yourself alone. Do not forget you are member of the Imperial Household of Osman. We are your true family.

    In the harem, Gulbahar's coffin is being carried out. Kosem says 'I told her not to get into actions bigger than her neck, that this is what would happen. What can we say, God have mercy on her. Kasim and Ibrahim approach Beyazid. Kasim says my condolences, Beyazid. Ibrahim says May God grant you patience brother, if you wish, I can come along with you. I can be by your side during the burial. Beyazid says thank you my brother, but it wouldn't be right coming with me, our Valide Sultana, and our Majesty could hear. and they could not like it. It is obvious how she is perceived by them.  Kasim comments how he acts as if was not working together with his mother. Ibrahim says don't say like that brother. Beyazid has no fault or crime. Kasim says how? So would Gulby get on the throne alone? Or Ahizade? Would he get into the matter if the prince was not involved? We are making a mistake! I think Beyazid should have also been dealt with. At the very least he should have been put into confinement. Ibrahim says resentment and anger have spread over your entire soul. The person you speak of "being dealt" with is your brother!

    Kemankes tells Murad that the people are now obeying his prohibitions, and they are not allowing anyone to disobey. However, there is indignation for Ahizade Efendi's execution. The people wish to pray a funeral prayer for him. Without the matter getting worse, I wished to bring it to your attention. Murad replies saying since when do traitors have funeral prayers prayed upon them?! Are they itching for it (for punishment)?! Silahdar says your Majesty, they don't know he actual reason, many of them don't even know he was removed. The scholars should calm the people immediately, and explain the matter to them. Kemankes says this is why I have come. The scholars are restless. To speak, they have gathered in Kadizade Mehmet Efendi's place.

    The scene switches to the scholars gathered at Kadizade's place. One of them says when it was impossible to remove the seyhulislam until yesterday, now he is being executed. it is something impossible. And other important members of the scholarly council have lost their heads. Is this befitting for the scholars? Kadizade replies that if Ahizade had not fallen to the lust for power, that none of these things would have happened. And why did you all have a secret meeting? Who dares to turn our scholars against our Majesty? Right Sivasi Efendi? Abdulmecid Efendi says I do not know the real issue behind the matter, but it is not correct to execute a Mufti Efendi. Especially not in that way. Not by civil, nor by religious law - there is no place  in any book for this. Kadizade replies he had betrayed our Majesty, he had disregarded his place and his position, and had plotted with the people of discord. And despite this, you stand up for him? Abdulmecid says not for him, but for the scholars, it is obvious that there will come no good from this door that was opened by execution a Mufti. The men mumble, yes, he is right, true etc. Kadizade says God willing, our Majesty does not hear these words. Abdulmecid says we say what we think. I never say behind his back, what I cannot say in my Majesty's presence. Someone says well the people are unhappy.  They wish to pray his funeral prayer. Kadizade replies our Majesty will not like that at all. It will be disrespectful and God forbid, it will spell trouble for them, God forbid. The men are like well that's true, he says right. He has a point.

    Beyazid. is standing over his mother's "grave" and Sinan nods towards him. Later, he goes to Kalika along with Sinan. Beyazid says give it hurry? Sinan gives him a vial. Beyazid asks Sinan why hasn't she woken up? Kalika says I don't get it...my Prince, she is waking. Gulby says Beyazid? Sinan Pasha? What is happening, where am I? Beyazid says we are in Kalika's house. She is my...uh, she is a friend I trust. She has helped us. Kalika says what does help mean? It is my service to you and my Sultana. Gulby says Beyazid, my son. He replies, I wasn't gonna stand there and watch you go to your death. The poison I gave you caused your pulse to become so weak it can't be detected. And in this way everyone thought you were dead. Thank God we gave the antidote in time that you were revived, otherwise there was no saving you. Gulby says but then how did you get me out of the palace? What if someone saw or heard? Beyazid says we got two women - they went in, one sacrificed herself and took your place, the other put you in a case. Sinan says the chest you were put in were mixed in  among the chests of your clothes taken out for donations to the needy.

    Beyzid says this is the first and last mother. The time for you playing these dangerous games has come to an end. Ahizade Efendi  was executed because of your ambitions for power. Gulby says it means Sultan Murad did that too, executed a sheyhulislam. Beyazid says I am trying to arrange a ship. Until then you are staying here in Kalika's house. Sinan says no need my prince I can -  Beyazid says you do not interfere Pasha! From now on, it is as I say! We see what your doings have cost us! You will leave mother. You will go somewhere far from everyone's eyes. You will make your own life. Gulby says do I have a life apart from you? After seeing you what shall I do with living? "let them cut my neck" Beyazid says you will do what I say. It is the best for the both of us.

    Meanwhile, Kadizade says to the scholars I said what I had to say. Since most of the scholars are complaining, then it is necessary for you all to go to the new Seyhulislam Yahya Efendi. One of them says true, our new Mufti should answer the people's question. Let us ask for a religious decree on whether Ahizade Efendi's execution was permissible or not.

    Murad enters. He says oh so you want a religious decree eh? Murad says when I already gave my decision and already put into application - what religious decree will you get? Why are you quiet? Speak what is in your mind as it is. Abdulmecid says your Majesty if you permit. No matter what the reason was, everyone who has a conscience is wounded by the execution of a scholar. Murad says do you all think like this? Kadizade says it had never happened before that a Mufti was executed, however, no Mufti had ever betrayed a Padishah either. the late Ahizade, did not respect you, and God forgive me - created a faction for your removal - the the punishment for this is absolutely execution. Abdulmecid says the matter is not the execution, but rather the effect it has on the scholars. Abdulmecid says now that the shadow of your sword has fallen onto the scales of justice, then what judge not be afraid for his life and pass fair judgments? Murad says fear for life is good - it is the base of all fears, and every subject of mine shall have it so that they know where, how and what to say and how to act upon that. And it is not up to any subject of mine to question my decisions. The reward or sin of my decisions are on my own neck. Do not forget, I am the Imperial Dynasty of Osman. I am the absolute, and only ruler of the lofty State. I, do not give account to anyone except God.

    Murad finds a man who is smoking. Upon seeing Murad he says welcome my Bey, what did you want? Murad says were you smoking tobacco? The man says shhhh, Oh God, please be quiet, the prohibitions have shocked us to the core, I just wanted a drag or two of it (the tobacco). Murad slaps him. Then out in the open. Slaps some more. Silahdar pushes people away. People wonder what is going on when Murad kills the man and Silahdar announces him.

    Kosem "inspects" Sanavber (hahaha). She says so you are Sanavber? Hopefully your temperament is as beautiful as your face. Sanav says I, your subject, am always at your service. Being in your presence is the greatest honour. Kosem says you had used your healing hands to cure my prince Ibrahim. What other talents do you have? Lalezar says she has been raised specially in the Pasha's mansion. She can dance very well, and her voice is nice too. Haci says she can also read and write very well. She is also very smart and well-mannered. Kosem says great, and if she obeys me, than what more could we expect? Get her ready for tonight. My Sovereign son has been unlucky lately with the women (in his life). He is very tense and irritable these days. His heart needs some pleasant merriment.

    Lalezar goes to Gevherhan and says forgive me, I am disturbing you but our Sultana expects you in her room. The servant says our sultana does not feel well. I do not think she can come. Gevherhan says is Atike there? Lalezar says yes she is.

    Gev and Lalezar go to Kosem's room. Kosem says come my daughter, I thought let us all feast together and chat. A you know there is no decrease in incidents in the harem these days. Gev says forgive my curiosity but, why would this feast be called for? Or is it as I expect - a "celebration". Kasim says what celebration? Everything that has befall us is obvious, there is nothing to celebrate. Gevherhan says Atike's marriage to Silahdar. Kosem says what are you talking about? This kind of thing is not even a joke! Silahdar cannot become my son in law! Gevherhan says it will happen mother, my Sovereign brother has seen this fit, he will wed Atike and Silaahdar together. Ibrahim says? What so Atike and Silahdar? How do you know? Did our Majesty say something? Gev says Silahdar came to me. Told me he will marry Atike. He even said - I will not marry the woman I love most in this life, but I will marry Atike, this is my punishment. Kosem says what kind of talk is this...what disgracefulness is this! Do you hear what you say? Return to your room at once, AT ONCE! Gev says I had no intention of staying anyways. You had once said you are not my sister to me. I was very sad then, I had shed tears. But it was pointless, you were right. You are not my sister.

    Lalezar says to Sanavber - I swear you are a lucky woman! Our Kosem Sultana likes you. Otherwise why should she send you one time after another. Sanav says I heard what happened to Ayse Sultana. They say she is locked in her room, and her children are taken away from her. Lalezar says one is locked in a room, the other cannot become pregnant. The day is ripe for you. You should use this opportunity well. They come across Farya. Just then Atike arrives. She says Farya, I was just coming to see you. Our Majesty has made such a decision that I do not know whether to be happy or sad. Not here, come with me.

    Kosem goes to see Gev. My beautiful daughter. Gev says Silahdar gave this to me. (shows the stone). He had said it would take stress and worry away. I keep it tight in the palm of my hand, but my grief and pain do not pass. Kosem says you know I do not want this marriage either. I will go and speak with Murad. But you will be calm. I did not like at all what you said to Atike, in the end she is your sister. Enough already the enmity between you two should end. Gev shakes her head, it is too late mother. It is too late for everything. There are deep abysses that cannot be filled between us.

    Atike meanwhile says to Farya - The almighty Lord is witness that this was the thing in this world that I wanted the most!  Actually I should be happy right now, but I don't know. After the things Gevherhan said, it has me troubled...it seems her grief has touched me too. I wish it wasn't like this Farya. Farya? Are you not listening to me? Farya says you are not sad at all Atike. Actually you are so excited and happy that you can barely contain it. There is no need for you to act like you're sad pointlessly. You wanted Silahdar, and now it's happened.

    Farya asks to enter Murad's chambers, the aghas say she cannot, but she pushes them aside and enters and then tells everyone to get out and leave them alone. Everyone leaves. Murad says to Farya, what are you doing? What insolence is this? Who are you to enter into my presence without permission? Farya says who am I? Who am I? I am your wedded wife! WEDDED! I gave up everything for you. My land, my family, my throne. Everything. I left my whole life behind. I just wanted one thing in return, for you to be faithful to me. And what did you do? You forgot me for a two-night woman! This is what you see fitting for me? Murad says get out before an accident happens from my hand. Farya says I told you Murad, I said I would stay here under one condition: that there would be no other women. Do not confuse me with the other women from the harem. Otherwise -

    Murad says and otherwise what?! What will you do? Farya replies what will I do? I will destroy this palace over your head! Over that head of yours! I will destroy this palace over your head ! Over your head! If go to that woman's arms again I will kill her and you too. Did you hear me? I will do it. And then myself. Everything will be finished. What does that woman have? Are you in love? Tell me? Did she take your mind from your head just by dancing? Tell me, speak! Murad says Farya, don't try my patience. I will punish you so bad that you will regret this doing of yours a thousand times. Farya says I am already regretful! I am a thousand times regretful of believing you and staying here, staying in this palace, loving you... Murad says oh really? Farya says REALLY. Murad says You regret it? She says yes! Murad says so I can end your suffering in that case. Farya says kill me then. Kill me. Kill me and let us both be rid of it! Kill...kill me. Let me go....let me go!

    In the morning, Murad is in the Divan. Kemanke tells Murad that Seyhulislam Yahya Efendi's religious decree is being announced all over the Capitol. The decree says "All the people should know, the late Ahizade Efendi, is a hypocrite who betrayed our Padishah Efendi and stepped outside of the religion. In chapter Repentance, it is stated that such people are not to have funeral prayers prayed upon them.  For this reason, it is not permissible to pray the funeral prayer over the deceased according to religious law. Those who participate in a funeral prayer for him, should not forget that will mean they will have partnered with disbelief. ' Kemankes tells Murad that the rest of the scholars have ratified (approved) this decree. Silahdar says except one of them - Abdulmecid Sivasi has given his opinion of disagreement. Murad says it seems he that Abdulmecid Efendi, because of the respect I give him, he is pushing my patience. Silahdar says your Majesty, he is a deeply spiritual wise man, and he is always loyal to you. I do not think he has any kind of intention of being against you. There is a knock Huseyin enters and says forgive me, but the matter is urgent your grand vizier has sent information. Murad reads it. Silahdar asks is it bad news? Murad says the Persians have attacked the fortress in Van. It was obvious they wouldn't sit still. Kemankes says what is your order? Murad says send word to my grand vizier to get ready and set out - either he takes Van fortress or I take his head!

    Sanavber approaches Farya and says my Sultana, I am very saddened by what happened last night. If I did something wrong - Farya says what did you do wrong woman? They told you to go and you went. Sanav says yes true. Our Kosem sultana wished me to go. But forgive me, I do not know why you are so troubled by it..Sultan Murad is an imperial Padishah and all the girls here are his harem. If we also take into account your "condition"... Farya says what is my condition? Sanav says I heard about the terrible incident that happened to you. You can never have a  child, while the reason for the harem's existence is to continue the royal line, sooner or later you will be forced to move aside to the corner. Farya says so it seems you having to wait at the door last night really hurt you. But you will do well to get used to it, because while I am in this palace, this is the fate you all will share.

    Beyazid tells Gulby that right now a ship cannot be arranged. He says you must promise me, you will not leave this place. Gulby says where would I go? I am waiting her...thankfully, Kalika has become sort of a friend for me. I heard she has partnered with Beynem agha to open a tavern. Beyazid says I warned her mother, she is not to tell anyone, including Beynem about this...She will not tell anyway.

    Gulby says where does this loyalty of hers come from? From love? My son, it is prohibited for a prince to have secret relationships with women, especially a Greek free woman who works in a tavern. Impossible. While you have so many enemies don't bring more trouble on your head.

    Beyazid says it is not as you think mother. And you don't think of this anyway. How is your health? Do you have anything you need? She says no, I am well. But it's hard for me to live locked up, bored like this. Bey says these days, too, shall pass. And you will one day live a life that is worthy of you. Gulby says that day can only come when you are on the throne. Beyazid exits and goes to Kalika who is in the other room. He says I will never forget this goodness of yours. Despite the danger this poses to your life you have opened your home to my mother. She says I will do anything for you. He says I am so tired Kalika. From everything, from everyone. I have no strength left. I just wanted peace. But when I wanted peace, I was left stressed. When I try to take breaths, I end up drowning. She says if you choose someone, choose with your heart. Even if it is wrong, you will be happy at least. I promise you. I will always be with you.

    Atike waits for Silahdar who arrives. He says you wished to see me. She says I heard the decision my brother made. I am shocked. I did not expect it. But I won't lie, I can't say I am not happy. Silahdar says it is our Majesty's commendation. If there is nothing else, I must leave, as you know state work awaits. She says no, wait. I do not expect you to change right away and love me. But I have hope, I have hope for us both. If you want, we can forget everything in the past and start from the beginning. We can be happy. He says I never wanted to hurt you, whatever came upon me, was because of this anyway. It is obvious who my heart belongs to. Please do not expect any more from me. Please.

    Murad finds Kosem in his room, he says ywelcome pleasantly. She says not pleasantly at all! While Silahdar should have been punished with death, and you spared his life I did not say anything. But now after all the things he did what does it mean to announce him as the groom. How can you allow him to marry Atike? Murad says I see it appropriate this way. Kosem says what you call appropriate was to close this matter. God forbid we will open such a thing that no one will be able to close it. You must not only think of Atike's happiness, but also that of Gevherhan's. Murad says I thought of it, they are both my sisters, their happiness is important to both of us. Murad calls for Kemankes. Murad says come Kemankes. I want you to hear what I have to say too. Mother, make your preparations, I have decided to wed Gevherhan to Kemankes. Kemankes kisses Murad's hand.

    In the hall. Kemankes waits for Kosem. She says congratulations, Kemankes. you will be our son in law. He says I did not know...I heard along with you. She replies he is doing it out of stubbornness. I wanted her to marry Abaza, so he does the opposite. I don't recognize my son anymore...it can't be known when he does something or what. That is very dangerous. Halil pasha arrives. He says we cannot find Esther hatun, if you ask me, I think they must have killed her and tossed her in some corner. Kosem says then bring her body! Do not come before me without finding out what has happened to Esther. Sinan tells Esther calm down woman, what did I tell you. I had told you until you do not tell me where Kosem sultana's treasury is there is no water no food. She says I do not know anything. I know nothing. I told you, Kosem Sultana does not trust anyone but Halil pasha. She doesn't trust anyone but him. Sinan says well then you have no value...you will slowly die here. She says wait. I know a place. But you will kill me when you find out. How will I trust you. He says do you have any other choice Esther? If you tell me the place where the treasury is, I will let you go. And you can go wherever you want, as long as you leave the Capitol.

    Selim asks his mother Gevherhan why are you so sad? She says why did you think that? I think I am sick. Kosem enters and tells Selim that his teacher waits, it's time for lessons. Gev says what happened mother, have you come to console me? Kosem says sit down. what I have to say is important so listen to me. Your brother will wed you to Kemankes Mustafa. Gev says I will not marry anyone. Prevent it! You stopped me from marrying Silahdar so now at the very least do this.  Kosem says you think I didn't speak to him. Your brother doesn't listen. We must prepare. Who knows, maybe this is for the best. Gev says anyway, what is always best, is always what you decide. Leave me alone. Please leave.

    Kemankes with Silahdar. Silahdar asks what is the matter? Kemankes says I am coming from our Majesty. He has made a decision about me, and this decision concerns you as well. Silahdar asks what it is, Kemankes replies he will wed me to Gevherhan. I am going to pay for your sin too. You have made such a mistake that you have hurt many people, along with hurting yourself. You have made us all partners in your unhappiness.

    Sinan to Esther we looked where you said, there was nothing there, you lied to us? Esther says I swear I didn't. It seems Kosem sultan has taken precautions and changed the locations where she stores her wealth. He says fine, strike her head. Esther says no wait, I know a very important secret of Kosem Sultana's. Sinan says what is it? Esther says will you let me go? I swear I won't tell Kosem, and no one will even see my face. Esther says Kosem sultana is sick, she hides it from everyone. It is an illness called diabetes. Sinan says great, she is ill. He tells Esther, okay go before I change my mind.

    Abdulmecid talks about how loving scholars is loving the Quran, hating them is hating the Quran. Then he adds, the people seeing someone as saintly doesn't mean that person is saintly. Whoever wants respect and honour, they should know respect and honour belong to God. A person who is a scholar should not be rich, should be poor, should be a subject, not a sultan, should be the hunted not the hunter etc. these are what leads to  eternal happiness, the opposite means eternal misfortune.

    Outside Murad waits for him. Abdulmecid says welcome, you have honoured us. Murad says I know about your thoughts on Ahizade. Despite the seyhulislam's religious ruling on it, you have not changed your mind and have expressed you don't agree. You have said this is wrong. Abdulmecid says they have left some out...this is not a mistake, this is cruelty. And I will not be part of cruelty. Murad says do you not fear me? Abdulmecid says God's friends don't fear, he cannot be sad. Murad says you are itching for it, take him to prison execute him.

    A woman comes with her daugher says she has passed out. They said nothing can be done, that she will come to and not recall anything! Please for God's sake, pray for her! Abdulmecid asks no one can be turned away from the Sivasi sancutary (may I attend to her?) Murad allows it. Sivasi prays for the child and Murad watches. The girl wakes up and says mother? The woman thanks God. You are a miracle! Abdulmecid says not me, but you should thank God. When he turns around Murad is gone.

    Sinan goes to Gulby. He says you are well hopefully. She says what did you do? Did you get Esther to speak. He explains that the place she mentioned was empty. Gulby says Kosem took precautions eh. Sinan says yes, but I found something better - Kosem is ill, she has diabetes. Gulby says I know this illness...she is hiding it so people don't use it against her. But it is too late. This is good. Because of you, we have found out about her great weakness. What about Esther? Sinan says I have sent her as a gift to the palace.

    Kosem tells Abaza that Murad has a different decision. He says I heard, Gevherhan and SIlahdar will marry, may it be for the best. Halil arrives. Kosem asks what is in the box, who sent it. Halil shows her Esther's head. Abaza says God forgive her. So sad, so sad, who did this? Halil says I do not know, in the end you put Gulby in the prison and she died later. Kosem says it is the work of the Jesuit order, or, there is someone who is continuing Gulby's work.

    Kemankes helps Selim on the horse. Gev arrives. She says what are you doing with my son? He says our Valide SUltana wanted it like this. She says my mother sent me too. Seems like she wanted us to meet. She asks Selim to be taken. He says I know your feelings for Silahdar. I am just as shocked about this decision. I do not know why our majesty made this decision. Gev says my happiness was never important for my brother. Kemankes says all our necks are lowered before the will of our Majesty. Wish it were possible, that we could live what we dream of. With your permission. He leaves. Gev hands the stone back to Silahdar. Take this back. There is no need for this anymore. It lessened neither my pain nor my grief. I had told you that happiness in this palace is a dream.

    Five months later.

    Ayse is brought food. She says they locked me up in here, no one cares about me. Narin says don't make yourself sad. Ayse says months have passed and I do not see my children...do they miss me? Maybe they have long forgotten me. Narin says there is just a little left, soon you will hold your baby in your arms and everything will be okay. Ayse says you heard our Majesty's decision, he will decide my fate after the birth. What if he kills me, what if he doesn't forgive me? Oh God, please help me.

    Silahdar's father is there. He says Mustafa my son? How you have changed? You have become a grown man. I almost didn't recognize you. But your eyes have not changed at all. Silahdar says it has been years. The day you handed me over to the Ottoman agas. We haven't seen each other since then. What winds have brought you here now? His father says how could I not come, you don't know how happy I was to hear you were getting married, how could I not be by your side? Silahdar says 'when my mother's earth hadn't even dried yet (right after she died), you sent me off, you didn't want me with you. as if it wasn't bad I was motherless, you also left me orphaned. I wrote to you so many times...you never answered, not even once. You didn't even care if I was dead or alive. Now you come and speak to me of happiness? His father says I just wanted you to have a much better life! And was I wrong? The son of Bezirgan of Bosnia is groom of the Imperial Padishah!

    Kemankes to Kosem you have called for me? Kosem says you have gotten ready for the wedding. Great. I wanted to speak to you before it. He says I am listening to you. She says Gevherhan's condition is obvious, she is grieving. And I know this is not a marriage you wished for. But, no matter what, you will wed, and put your heads on the same pillow. Since this is the case, there is no point in being grieved. Most of the work will fall to you - you need to comfort her and in time, God willing, you will both be happy. He says as you said my Sultana, today my wedding is taking place. If I am not happy, I will still do whatever I can to make our Sultana happy. But, even if I try, I do not think it will benefit...because someone else is in our Sultana's heart - the same as me.

    Murad is reading, Silahdar arrives with his father. If you permit, I wish to present my father Bezirgan Sinan Efendi, who has come for the wedding from Bosnia. Bezirgan says I am honoured that I was destined  to be able to rub my face on the skirt (of your kaftan) before dying. Murad says welcome. Bez says you have granted the greatest of honours to to my son by gifting him the opportunity of being your groom. Murad says Silahdar is valuable to me. He is not only my weapons-bearer but also my friend and companion. Huseyin arrives and tells Murad that the grand vizier has sent good news that they have defeated the Persian army and that Van fortress is once again returned to Ottoman lands, that the persians fled to Revan. Murad says God willing I will take Revan and Baghdad too and when I am there, they won't be running away...

    Sinan meets with a Persian man. Sinan says the crushing defeat (of the Persians in Van) wasn't good, and that taking Van (from the Ottomans) would have been a great disaster for Sultan Murad. The man says if we could have known of the correspondence from the Grand vizier to the capitol, we could have won an absolute victory! Sinan says the offensive was planned and carried out secretly, I didn't know either. The man says this isn't the first time. We are waiting for information from you for quite some time, or have you given up on your alliance with us? Sinan replies our alliance with Shah Safi remains, however, Sultan Murad does not let anyone get close to him. It is no longer possible to predict what he is thinking, or what he is going to decide. The Persian says we have taken care of that problem - when the news from you stopped coming, we took a precaution for ourselves. We planted a Persian spy in the Ottoman heart. Sinan says who?

    Sanavber notices an agha motion to her and she follows. The agha asks have you found anything out? Sanavber says not yet, but it is near. I have earned the trust of both Sultan Murad and Kosem Sultan. From now on our work will be much easier.

    Kosem goes to Gevherhan, sits and says come. You had asked me what do you want me to do, do you want my life to pass by being alone? Kosem says it is true. I am alone for years. When your late father Sultan Ahmed died, I was still in the spring of my youth. Half of my heart, my very soul...my soul gave his last breath in my arms. His death didn't only take him, but it also grabbed and took my youth, my merriment, my everything. I lost the person I loved the most. I lost my Ahmet. I thought with time the pain would subside, but it didn't. Every swallow of mine, my breath would stop. I tasted death before dying and I understood that love is death. Did you know I could only mourn for one day. Because I had no time. For my children's sake, I ripped out my own heart and threw it away. I cried internally. I did not tell anyone. I was quiet. You will be silent too. You will be silent for the sake of your child. And no matter what befalls you, you will face it like a Sultana. Gev replies, I am not as strong as you mother. Kosem says you will become. You are my daughter. Get ready, I want to see you in the ceremony.

    The festivities have begun.

    Ayse is still in her room in isolation. She says this festivity, you would think it is a sign of happiness. But it is all just made up pomp. To hide the sorrow and tears of this palace. Narin! The contractions have started! Narin tells the aghas to call the midwives because Ayse has gone into labour.

    Gev is ready.

    Haci announces Murad who enters the party along with Kasim and Ibrahim. Murad says to Atike, how beautiful you look! You are shining like the sun. He gifts her with a necklace. He says you are my precious. I do not allow for you to be saddened. Do not ever try to kill yourself again. Atike says your presence gives me strength. I know you are always on my side. Murad says God willing you will find happiness in your home. Murad asks Kosem where Gev is. Kosem replies, she is in her room she will arrive soon.

    Gevherhan arrives and says Sultan Murad. I walked on the road you wanted up until today. I considered myself and my heart, nothing for the sake of your future and that of my mothers as well. I forgot my dreams. For the first time I wanted something for myself. I wanted to live in this world, my branches to turn green (to grow leaves) and for flowers to bloom. You didn't allow it. Your anger has not only blinded your eyes, but your heart. When did you lose your conscience and justice Murad. What did you do to my brother (as in where is the old you)? But this time I won't allow it. This time you cannot order my fate. Murad says Gev! Kosem says what are you doing Gevherhan?! Gevherhan says do not come close! Atike says please Gevherhan, please leave that from your hand. Murad says lower your hand Gev! Kasim tells her to stop and not to do it. Gevherhan says I was never happy. I wish that you will be (happy). Murad shouts Gevherhan! Everyone shouts her name. Murad calls for the aghas.

    Murad's voice: AGHAS CALL FOR THE DOCTORS!

    THE END.

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