• Episode 16 (46) Translation, Muhtesem Yuzyil Kosem: Murad IV

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    Murad's voice: O the one who falls to unnecessary sorrows, the one whose ambition increases day to day, walk! Read this verse. Many gardens have been abandoned, many streams. You are inside intestines. You are dirty. You've been caught up in passion and resentment.

    Murad shouts: Who are you?!

    Murad's voice: O Seyh who is busy with cases...O clothing that has no meaning. O that which seems as if it's there but its not (illusion)! Walk. Read that verse. Many gardens have been abandoned, and many streams.

    Do not look at your rulership or Sultanate. You are dying. You will die. You will die and you will be swallowed up by a chunk of earth. Look to that. Walk. Read that verse. That mischievous child, that greed, your essence has become rotten and had left you. Many gardens have been abandoned, and many streams. Walk. Read that verse.  Many gardens have been abandoned, many streams. Don't place your cheek against the cheeks of the beautiful ones. Look at the end result. The cheek's face has rotten (decomposed) and disappeared. Walk. Read that verse. Many gardens have been abandoned, many streams. If you wish, let your yard be your garden and your house be your palace. What is all that when facing death? Will you be able to bear it? Will you be able to beat death? Walk and read this verse. They have left many gardens and many streams. The one who looks at other people's coffins and laughs - o you whose eyes are not open! Walk and read this verse. Stop talking. Words are irritating and crafty.  Walk and read this verse. They have left many gardens and many streams.

    Kosem with Murad. She says You were not born yet. Your late father Sultan Ahmet Han caught a hopeless illness. Everyone had lost hope, everyone had thought he would die. One woman came before me in a moment, a woman saying she had a cure for it. She was a strange woman. But there is a price she had said. I said alright. I offered her gold and jewels. She did not accept any of it. She said it had to be something from me...a part of my life and blood. I said fine, take my life in that case. She did not accept that either. "You will walk on red-hot flames and you will witness the deaths of everyone you love and will love. Do you agree" she had said. I had relied yes. The following day your father recovered. We were happy for many years. Then you were all born. And what happy days those were! First your father left us. Then your brother Mehmet, Then Osman, then my grandchildren Omer, Mustafa and Zeynep. And now my beautiful daughter. Gevherhan has left. God have mercy on her, may her soul rejoice. Whenever I lose someone I love, that woman comes to mind. My anger, my pain my grief becomes even deeper then. My Murad. If we are here today, and if I am once again handing over a piece of my heart to the earth, your fault in this is great. Because of that anger of yours that knows not how to calm down and has made your eyes blind! Your decisions have now begun to hurt the ones you love. Beginning with you (you hurt yourself). You do not realize it, you do not accept it, but you are actually just fighting with yourself.

    Murad recalls Ahizade Efendi's words: You see me as your enemy, but you are your own greatest enemy.
    Murad: Strike his neck!
    And then Ebdulmecid Efendi's words: The state does not remain standing on cruelty, but on justice. And then, Yahya Efendi's words: There is only one compass that shows the right path - that is the conscience.
    Ahizade again: "We should warn you..."
    And then Murad: WHo are you? Who are you?"
    And then the woman from the fire: You do not deserve that throne! And then a man crying: The reason for all this is Sultan Murad! And then Ahizade: This anger is dragging not just you, but the state and the imperial dynasty into a deep abyss!


    Lalezar goes to Ayse and says we were very worried something would happen to you or the baby. According to the midwife it was a very difficult birth.  Ayse says it means my child felt everything. The things that are going to befall his mother. He didn't want to come to this world. Lal says he came at such a time..."a death and a birth at the same time. May God give make your end good." She reaches for the baby, Ayse says what are you doing Lalezar? Lal says nothing to fear,  I am taking her to the midwife who will examine her. Then I will bring her back. Ayse says if it had been a prince, maybe our Majesty would forgive me, but now... Narin says you didn't have a prince, but we now have a princess like a  little ball of light, if not today or tomorrow, she will quell our Padishah's anger. He is mourning right now anyway. Ayse says God Willing.

    Sinan tells Gulbahar that if we go by the rumours, Gevherhan sultana killed herself because of the feelings she had for Silahdar Mustafa agha. Love, my sultana, the thing that makes one take everything under consideration - even being the reason to give up on your own life.

    Gulby says Gevherhan had a weak nature, but I didn't guess she would kill herself. Kosem sultana has tasted the pain of losing a child again. Sinan says and be sure, she will live through many more pains of losing a child. Gulby says and what else? Sinan says I have spoken to the Persian Ambassador, he has not been sitting idly, he has put a spy in the harem, so much that the woman has become Sultan Murad's favourite, and this woman is no one else but the assassin from Yadigar pasha's mansion. Gulby says what are you saying, that woman's duty was to kill Sultan Murad. Sinan says true but the Persians have other plans than we do. They are using it ( this plan or her) for information. Gulby says I had told you we couldn't trust the Persians. Everything is ruined because of them! Sinan says that is true, but we need the Persians. While this is the conditions, we will need to use the woman. It could help us.

    Kosem tells little Selim come on eat my lion. He says I don't feel like it, can I return to my room. She says alright. He leaves, Haci says he has remained rootless, and orphaned at this (tender) age...what an unlucky fate our Sultanzade (son of a sultana) has. Kosem says we should send him to his aunt's place. He will then be far from this place and its memories and  my daughter Fatma's children will give him company. Haci says you are doing the right thing, I will handle it at once. Kosem says Gevherhan had said I am not as strong as you. I have not understood just how hopeless my daughter felt. I have not understood. Haci says it is pointless no matter how much you blame yourself. Don't do it. Nothing will bring her back. All we can do is accept (what has happened).

    Atike is with Ibrahim. Atike says her condition - that condition of hers ...bleeding..it doesn't leave my mind. She has left such a burden behind...I am forced to live carrying this burden. Ibrahim says once again you are the only one you care about right? What is important is your life? Your troubles right? Atike says Ibo, my brother, I didn't say this...Ibrahim says and what did you say then? Don't fool anyone. You also know Silahdar doesn't love you. Despite this you did whatever so you could have him. You destroyed, you burned, you tossed aside. You ignored Gevherhan's words, you ignored her suffering. Now after it's all over, there is no meaning for you to shed your tears. Atike says what do you know Ibrahim? What do you know that you can speak this way? I have nothing to do with Gevherhan's death. She became a sacrifice to her own weaknesses and mistakes. Ibrahim says when did you become this thoughtless and heartless Atike? Or, were you always this way since we were born and I just didn't see it?

    Silahdar is in the garden he recalls Gev's words: "I was so worried something happened to you." He had said to her ' among all the bad things, you and the way you look at me, gives me hope. Reminds me that I am alive.'

    Murad arrives and says why have you come here Mustafa? Silahdar says to recall that I am alive. But I realized I am no different that than one who is dead. Murad replies saying my mother blames me for what has happened. She said that the decisions I make are now hurting those around me. Now that I have the blood of my sister on my hand, it is not wrong what she is saying, right? You also think like this. Silahdar says all of our lives are yours. All of us belong to you. If you choose you protect, or take our lives. I wish that our Sultana had responded to your decision with faith, and had not killed her life. May God have mercy on her. But sometimes humankind finds themselves imprisoned by the world they live in...and through death they break their chains. When you think like this, it becomes pointless to be sad for what happened. They go to eternal peace and happiness. In conclusion, I am only sad for the ones who are left behind your Majesty. For the rest of their lives they will carry their grief and pain. Just like me. Just like us.

    Atike watches Silahdar retire to another room.

    Kosem is with Ayse who says my Valide, I am very saddened about Gevherhan. She had a pure heart and was tender and kind. It has drowned us all in grief. Condolences to us. Murad enters with the children and Ayse embraces them, saying she missed them. They say they missed her too. Kosem tells the kids to come see their sister. Ahmet says he wishes it was a boy so they could play together, Hanzade says it's alright she will get to play with the baby. Kosem hands the baby to Murad.

    Atike goes to Silahdar. She says it is my first day in my new palace. How painful that, I have never been this unhappy before. I see that I am not alone (in that). Everyone blames me for Gevherhan's death. My mother, you, Ibrahim didn't leave a word unsaid about it. No heartlessness or unconsciousness left (out). Silahdar says the truth is out there my Sultana. You could not even see the ants and birds in front of your eyes, couldn't hear that which you were listening to. Because you didn't care. You wanted revenge. And you got it. Atike says I was going to kill myself. I tried it too, but, I swear to you, it did not even cross my mind that Gevherhan would do such a thing. Silahdar says if you knew what would it change? Or would it change what you did? Nothing. You wanted me, and now I am here. Even if it's just a little - if your heart has calmed down, then great. Atike says all the fault is mine? Do you have no blame in this? If you loved Gevherhan this much, then why didn't you speak to our Majesty? Why didn't you tell him? Why didn't you tell him you didn't love me? Were you afraid? Or did your loyalty stand in front of that great love of yours. Silahdar says true...my crime is great. This is why I am in your palace. To suffer my punishment.

    Murad blesses his daughter with a name - Ismahan Kaya. Ayse says what a charming name you have thought of your Majesty. Murad tells his children this much is enough and they should return to their rooms. Then he hands the baby to Lalezar - take her to the wet nurse. Ayse will not see her just as she does not see Ahmet and Hanzade. Ayse says your majesty please don't. This punishment is worse than death.  Do not separate me from my child. For God's sake, I have learned my lesson and had my punishment. Murad says this is my last meeting with you, I do not want you in my palace. As soon as you are recovered you are going. I am exiling you to Amasya. Ayse cries after him your Majesty don't. She turns to Kosem and says please help, if you do not think of me, think of my children. Will my children be raised motherless? Please help. Kosem says what did you think would happen Ayse? Did you think what you did would be forgotten? Be thankful your life has been spared.

    Sanavber meets with Sinan. He says so you are Sanavber. She says and you are Sinan pasha. He says Sultan Murad wasn't supposed to leave Iznik, but you prevented it. Sanav says you should accept that while Kosem sultana was alive, Murad's death would do nothing. I, having been in the harem for such a short time have realized this reality. Sinan says you are an intelligent woman. I cannot say what you said is wrong. But she also has weaknesses. And we are of her greatest weakness. Sanav says what is that? Sinan says she has an illness called diabetes. When the time comes we will handle her matter. Of course thanks to you. For this reason, it is crucial that you stay by her side and get her to like you. Sanav says leave that to me. Sinan says great, and if you get any important information, you can send it with the agha to me. She says as you wish, it will be best for me to return to the harem, I shouldn't arouse suspicion.

    Farya watches Murad hand a document to Silahdar. He says your Majesty you know best of course, but, without pushing my limits, I'd like to recommend you re-consider this decision.  The matter involves Ayse Sultan, the mother of your children. Murad says no longer Mustafa. The day she betrayed me and the Imperial household, her motherhood was finished. I decided this that day. There is no return under any circumstance (on this decision). Silahdar says the order and command is that of our mighty Padishah.

    Ayse's belongings are being packed away. Narin tells her that her carriage is getting ready and that she will set out on her way after noon. Ayse says so the time has come. Narin says your life was spared that was what was important. I have faith that with time, everything will subside and maybe it will take months or years but eventually it will pass. Ayse says God willing the time will come, when our Majesty will see me in one of Ahmet's smiles, or Hanzade's tear drops. He will find a sign of me there and he will want me with him. And that is when I will find life again.

    Huseyin asks Silahdar if he is well. Silahdar says I am well. Why have you come? Huseyin says your father Bezirganzade Efendi wants to see you and he is very insistent. Silahdar leaves, Farya enters his office and reads the note Murad had given to Silahdar: My head Haseki Ayse Sultan is a traitor who has betrayed the Imperial State and Household. Like all traitors, her punishment is absolute execution. When she leaves the Capitol, on the first stop over, she is to be executed.

    Kemankes tells Kosem after the distressing incident, I wasn't able to come visit you, my condolences. Kosem says and you too, while I am struggling for my kids, they are lost one by one from my hands. I cannot prevent it, cannot stop death. Kemankes says reality is to know that we will end up in the earth one day. No one can stop God's order or prevent it. Once again my condolences. My Sultana, the person who is responsible for everything that happened is Silahdar agha. Forgive my insolence, but he collapsed on us like a dark cloud. Kosem says the truth! At one time Musa Celebi was like this too. For his sake, he (Murad) took everyone against him. In the end, two great revolts came out. The advisor should show the right way, give good advice. Kemankes says I am trying to be close to our Majesty, but the burden of the barracks (his job as agha there) is heavy. Kosem says your job is important. The Janissary will become one mace and with that mace, the heads of the enemies will be crushed! Kemankes says don't doubt. But, the prohibitions, the executions, the execution of the seyhulislam...it doesn't end, I do not know how we will restore order. Kosem says we will be strong. We will protect our Majesty, and our princes, the state and the imperial household. We will stand strong. We will not be scattered under any circumstance. Do you understand?

    Silahdar goes to his father who says Mustafa I have tried to meet you many times butyou didn't see me, I was turned back, but this time I said to myself I will not go without meeting you. Silahdar says you know what has happened,  I don't have much time.His father says I will be going back to Bosnia soon, but before I do, I have a request. Silahdar says I am listening. His father replies, Abaza Mehmet Pasha - eh he is number one in bribery (taking bribes). The Bosnian people were sick of him. Especially me! With wrongful excuses he took my wealth. I mean, everything I earned all this time! Silahdar says so that is why you have come. His father replies the situation is not what you think. Everything is here, the wealth he took from me. And also all the people's complaints against him are here too. Silahdar says when I saw you in the Capitol, I thought you had missed me and that's why you came. But really, you came to save your property and wealth and your own benefit. Father says no it is not like that, when I heard you were getting married I - Silahdar cuts him off and says I will investigate this matter, await news from me.

    Ayse asks Farya why have you come? To see your prisoner? Well then see! I have lost everything because of you: Murad, my children, I will never see their faces again. Farya replies don't blame anyone else. This is the price to pay for all the innocent people you killed, as well as the life of my baby. Ayse says and what about my children? What will happen to them? My Ahmet and Hanzade? Kaya is just a baby. They will be raised motherless! Farya says maybe this is the best for them all. You were going to destroy their lives along with your own. Be certain, they will be much happier far from you. Ayse goes in for the slap, Farya stops her and says don't dare. Ayse says I wish, I wish that when I had the chance I had killed you! But don't think you are spared, the day will come when I return and then I will take back everything you have taken from me! Farya says that day will never come. You will never return to this palace, not ever!  - because our Majesty has given your death sentence. Ayse says what decree? What does this mean? My Murad would not kill me, he would just exile me. Farya says that's what I thought, but the truth is otherwise, I saw the order he gave to Silahdar, upon leaving the Capitol at the first rest-stop you will be executed.

    Silahdar goes to Abaza and says I was looking for you, there is an important matter. as you know my father has come to the Capitol, he has spoken to me of the unpleasant incidents between you two. You have taken all his wealth. Abaza says so he has complained about me...and on his words you are coming and are asking me for explanation? Silahdar says not just words...these also include documents in the court (from Bosnia), I wanted to hear the matter from you personally. Abaza says who are you for me to answer to you?! Silahdar says then you will give account to our Majesty. The matter isn't about my father, but the people of Bosnia have many complaints about you. The source of your wealth is on everyone's tongue (everyone's talking about how you got rich). Abaza says watch out, Silahdar! You think you are something just because you are married into the imperial household. Know your place and your limits or else -

    Silahdar says or else what? What will you do? Kosem says what is going on here?! What is this insolence!? Abaza says forgive me my Sultana. I did not want you to witness this kind of incident under any circumstance. Silahdar, on the words of his father Bezirganzade Efendi, comes before me and accuses me falsely without knowing anything - according to him, I have stolen wealth from the people of Bosnia. Silahdar interrupts and says my Sultana, they say where there is smoke there is fire. Why should my father complain for no reason?  And there are hundreds of complaints about our Pasha, bribery, favourtism and a lot of other things. Kosem says to Abaza is what he says true? Abaza says these are lies. I have never taken bribes or committed favoritism in my life! Kosem says and what about his father? What do you have to say about that? Abaza says when I went on the campaign to Poland, I appointed a pasha in my place. Enmity took place between them, and that pasha confiscated his wealth. Of course when I returned, I punished the pasha, removed him, but the pasha had sold the wealth and we couldn't return it from the treasury. And anyway it went to the courts and the judges found me innocent. Kosem says to Silahdar, the guilty one got punished, the judge gave his decision and what are you trying to account for? SILENCE. The matter is closed and will not be reopened. You may leave.

    Ayse finds Silahdar and he asks what she is doing here, and tells her to return to her room. She says is it true? Our majesty has given my death sentence and you are to carry it out (take her life) is it true? He asks you...where is this coming from? Ayse replies Farya said it...she has seen the death order herself. Is it true? Hvae you gotten an order to execute me Silahdar says no my sultana, there is no order like this. The order regarding you is apparent - you are being exiled. She says if that is the case, why do your eyes not meet mine? Why did you not say, no, never, our Majesty would never do that. Why do you look at me with pity? It is true right? Our Majesty will kill me, the mother of his children. Silahdar says no my sultana. Lalezar comes and says why do you this? Leaving your room is forbidden...if our Majesty hears. Ayse says why is it important, its already happened. Before leaving, I want to see my children. Lal says of course, our Valide has allowed it anyway. You go to your room I will handle it. Silahdar tells Lalezar not to leave Ayse alone under any circumstance.

    Ayse's children hug her and she asks where Kaya is. Lalezar says she is with the wet nurse, when she is full I will bring her. Ayse says I wish to be alone with my children please. For the last time? Please don't see this as too much to ask. Please leave.

    Abaza meanwhile tells Kosem that after the prohibitions, the tobacco and coffee merchants have been left in a difficult situation. (because now they have no source of income) They need something in order to start other business (or get on their feet). Kosem says one disaster doesn't finish and the other begins! Find out the merchants and they can take aid from my charity, with the promise to return it later when they can. Abaza says you have thought of a great solution, my Sultana, this money will be of help for them to make new start ups. The traders will be able to breathe thanks to you. Kosem says because if I don't help, the state goes out of hand! My son's anger is apparent. He doesn't think about the consequences of his commands. Abaza says do not worry my Sultana, with your help we will get out of these tough days. Kosem says we will put loyal and trusted names in place of those who were removed from their positions. I want to be made aware of every decision and every step that is being taken. Do not think of Silahdar, even if he wants to push you, he can't do anything. Abaza says God willing. On this note, we should visit the Janissary aghas because the soldiers are unhappy due to the recent events. Kosem says  I am not worried about them, because as long as Kemankes is at their head, they will not disobey me. Abaza says I do not know how much we can trust Kemankes, because he is more loyal to our Majesty than to you. Kosem says Kemankes' loyalty is to the state pasha!

    Silahdar goes returns to his father who says so what did you do? Were you able to meet with our Majesty .Silahdar says I met with Mehmet Pasha. He denies it. He says he is not at fault, that he was not the one who took the wealth, the person in charge in his place did and the courts settled the matter, ruling he was innocent. His father says he put his own crime on that innocent man and then removed him from his position. Silahdar says even so, I cannot accuse a pasha without evidence. And moreover, Kosem sultan ordered it closed. His father says I am not surprised. The pasha's wealth benefits Kosem sultana most. The bribes he takes he mostly  donates to her charity. Silahdar says are you itching for it or something? If someone hears what you said, you will lose your head! His father says I've lost everything so what if I lose my head too. Silahdar says I will investigate this matter. If you speak the truth, I will certainly get it out. Don't speak to anyone until then. Return to Bosnia. His father says how? I don't have anything left. Silahdar says I will send an agha to you who will bring you money and you will take it and go. His father hugs him and says my son! Silahdar says after that day - stay well, I stay safe. (goodbye) His father calls after him, I knew you wouldn't leave me stranded!

    Ahmet meanwhile tells Ayse don't leave don't mother. I will speak to my father, I won't allow you to go. Ayse says no crying, I will not leave you. We will not be separated. I will take you with me. Their voices: So we will come after you mother? How is Amasya like? Is it beautiful? Ayse says so pretty, that is our heaven. Beautiful blue sky, open fields. My prince will get to ride horses there...and for my beautiful princess, I will make crowns from the flowers in the garden. We will awaken to the smell of roses, hyacinths, and lilacs every morning. We will watch the stars at night together. We will be free from all pain and troubles. The happiness and peace we couldn't find in this palace, we will find there. Hanzade says will our father come too?

    Murad has come to see his children, Lalezar says that Kosem is in the gardens and that his children are with Ayse. Kosem sultan allowed the children to see their mother before they leave.

    Meanwhile Hanzade says I am sleepy mother. Ayse says sleep my beautiful one. And you too my lion-hearted prince.

    Murad thinks everyone is "asleep" He tries to wake Ahmet and then Hanzade. and then he sees the vial of poison.

    Kosem enters saying Murad? He says mother what have you done?!

    Murad tries to wake his kids :'(

    Ayse's letter: You were my heaven on earth Murad. When I first saw you, I was struck by your countenance (handsomeness). Then, by your heart - despite all your pain, the mercy you had in your heart. I saw all the wounds you hid from everyone else. I heard the things you didn't tell anyone. I gave you what you lost - Peace, happiness, love, everything. I gave you children. We lived with the birth of every one of them. We found life again each time. But you betrayed me and our love. Farya - ever since she came, you forgot the past. You disregarded it. You gave up on us. Now I am taking back everything I have given you - my heart, my soul, I am taking my children with me. I will not sacrifice them to your anger. Because I know that the day will come and you will annihilate  everyone that you love!

    "Go death, and come back another time
    O aftermath, you´d take me and never put back
    Go death, and come back another time

    While eating and drinking a time like this
    While eating, drinking and walking on plateaus
    Have you come again, while I was running away from you
    Go death, and come back another time

    Before going and reaching up to grey wolves
    Before the transitory life jump on you
    Before meeting my kith and kin
    Go death, and come back another time

    Karac´oğlan says, my troubles are worse
    Nightingales chirps and sings in the garden
    You took mother and father yesterday, enough
    Go death, and come back another time"


    In the market someone shouts to take away the corpses of men hung in the market for their crimes. The names are announced along with the crimes committed (smoking tobacco). Ebdulmecid Efendi comments that the curse of cruelty will be upon all of them. One of his men says especially Kadizade Efendi's men who is attacking those who follow the Sufis with the excuse of smoking tobacco and then tattling on other who then get executed.. Ebdulmecid says those who get on the path of ignorance, leave the path of justice, because they don't have much mercy. Kadizade has chosen his path but we know how to counter him!

    Ebdulmecid is giving a sermon about while Murad is trying to stop people from committing wrong, they have now starting settling into taverns. They are companions to the devils and have lost shame and that many sufi orders by doing nothing, are accomplices in these sins. Whoever falls to alcohol and opium it is just as good to throw stones at them, as it is to throw them at Satan himself!

    Ebdulmecid tells him the people are under a lot pressure from all sides, and this ignorance (that you are preaching) and how people use the prohibitions as opportunity (to attack others)  is like Pharaoh's oppression (of the Hebrew people). Kadizade tells him to mind his manners, they are working to turn people from the bad path to the right one, to get them to follow religious commandments. Ebdulmecid says if the religious law is left to you guys, then we are doomed! You cannot turn people to the right path with cruelty! Kadizade says if you had done your job, then we wouldn't have to take such precautions. Ebdulmecid says your intention is to turn the matter into war, then we will use our greatest weapon - our knowledge and use it against you. The people mumble their anger at his words.

    Beynem says it's always so full, I was less tired with work in the palace! Kalika says be happy! If it continues like this, we will thrive! Beynem says yeah well, there are all types of people in here, including scoundrels, we can't even make good blessed money from some of them!

    Kadizade Efendi's men enter and start beating people up.

    Sanavber asks Lalezar how Kosem is. Lal says how should she be? Before the forty days of mourning for Gevherhan sultana, she now has to deal with the deaths Ayse sultana and theprince and princess's death. God grant her patience.

    A woman tells Kosem she should take some medicine, Kosem says she wants nothing. Haci says please don't my Valide Sultana, I am so worried something will happen to you. She motions him to leave.

    A man says O people do you know why the call to prayer is being called? Did you hear? Sultan Murad's Head Haseki Ayse sultan, and Prince Ahmet and Princess Hanzade have all died. Someone says how did they die? Or did Sultan Murad kill them too? Someone says Oh may it be for the best, Gevherhan Sultan just died...funeral processions coming from the palace have started coming out. Another man says this is the curse of Sultan Murad. Another man says this is what happens when you kill so many innocents, it is Allah's arrows falling on him. God forgive the souls.

    Huseyin enters Silahdar's room. Silahdar says you finally returned, how is our Majesty is he in his room? Huseyin says he is not here! I do not know where he is...he swept off like a storm. I set off after him but I couldn't catch up. I lost him and the guards are searching but I came to inform you. Our Majesty's condition is not good. I just found out. Our sehzahde...our Sultanas...May they rest in heaven. Silahdar says send word we are going to set out looking for him.

    Sanavber is massaging Kosem's wrists says it won't be a cure for what ails you, but it will be good. Kosem says I want to sleep..to sleep and never to wake. Lal says God forbid! Haci arrives. Lal says we calmed her down with great difficulty, let her rest. Haci says the matter is urgent! Move. My Valide SultanaI do not know how to say it. Kosem says say it as it is. Haci says Huseyin agha returned alone, our Majesty has disappeared. No one knows where he is. Gone my Sultana. He is gone!

    Kemankes says he wants to join. Silahdar says it is better for you to stay in the palace, while our Majesty is missing, a thousand troubles could arise, our enemies wait to attack. Our princes and princesses are entrusted to you. Kosem says SILAHDAR WHERE IS MY SON! Silahdar says I do not know, I am about to set out to search. Kosem says how can you leave my lion alone!? You will bring him safe and sound! If something happens to me, I will take all your heads!

    Farya speaks to Madame saying that moment...that scene isn't leaving my mind...if I hadn't told Ayse about her execution, then maybe she wouldn't kill her children! Madame says you are not fault, who would think she would do such a thing. But do not tell anyone about this matter, otherwise you will have trouble. Farya says I am worry about Murad. WHo knows how he is, or what condition he is in. There is no word since yesterday. Atike enters and says our Majesty has not returned to the palace and Silahdar has gone to search for him.

    Farya leaves.

     Silahdar asks men if there is any trace or clue. They say no. Huseyin says there is no return before finding our Majesty. Farya arrives. Silahdar says Farya sultan what are you doing here? Return to the palace at once. Farya says know your place! You cannot order me. Silahdar says we do not know where he is, and we do not know what we will face, we do not know if we can protect you from what we will face. Return at once to the palace. Farya says I do not need anyone's protection. Don't waste your breath, I am not going back to the palace until I find Sultan Murad.

    Abaza speaks to Kosem saying it has been days and there is still no news from our Majesty, and of course due to this, our statesmen have begun to worry. Halil says if the truth gets out, the Capitol will fall to chaos. Kosem says we will think of the worst and take precautions. We will not allow any chance to anyone. My son will return safe and sound. Until then I will govern the state. Abaza says you know the best. I sent news to Farya, but she does not return. She will stay with the search party. Kosem says MY GOD, PLEASE SAVE MY MIND! Halil says there is a more important matter, today the Divan will assemble and the pashas will once again ask for our Majesty, because there is a document that our Majesty must ratify.

    Sanavber tells the sneaky agha that she was waiting for him for days asks where has he been. He says everything was mixed up, I could only get a chance now.  What have you done? Found anything out? She says yes I have. Lalezar sees her whispering and says what are you doing? Sanaver says I asked for some herbs for our Valide Sultana, it will help. Lal says you could have told me! Sanav says well I didn't want to trouble you you were busy. Lal says true, but still, you will tell me when something happens. Don't stand around here return to the courtyard.

    Sinan greets Yahya Efendi and says I wanted to congratulate you for a while now, didn't get a chance. Yahya says our Majesty saw it fit. Sinan says as usual, he knows best and our lofty state needs good men like you. Abaza opens the Divan. Sinan says will our Majesty not grace with his presence today? As you know there is - Abaza says our Majesty, due to recent incidents, has decided he wants to take some time off, and he has gone off hunting. Yahya Efendi says really? But the matter of appointments is important. Along with the Istanbul judge, many other positions are empty. The court cases are piling up. Justice is being delayed. New names have to be appointed, but I do not know how these names will be appointed. Kosem's voice from the lattice window: "I will be ratifying those names Mufti Efendi. The man bow. Yahya Efendi says but how can it be, my Sultana, forgive me, but you do not have such powers. Kosem replies I do. As my Sovereign son was leaving he left me as Regent. According to this, you need not worry, state matters will not be deferred. Sinan asks is our Majesty well God willing? Kosem says he is very healthy. When his mourning is over, he will return. Kosem says I await you (Yahya Efendi) after the Divan for the matter of the appointments.

    Sinan meets with Idris agha (the sneaky one) who says I spoke to Sanavber hatun, Sultan Murad has disappeared. Kosem sultan including, no one knows where he is. Sinan says are you sure? Kosem said he went hunting...Idris says they have lied to you. Sinan says so it wasn't for no reason I suspected something strange was up...Sanavber has done well.

    Yahya speaks with Kosem. He says how can our Majesty leave, and leave alone. She says do you not know my son? When he says he is going, no one can stop him. Don't worry, we will find him. Yahya says our Majesty is going through tough times. May God help him. Kosem says this matter is very important. It must stay between us as the Capitol is already mixed up.

    Gulby meanwhile speaks to Sinan. She says what? How? Where is he? Sinan says I do not know, even Kosem does not know where he is. After Ayse killed herself and her children, he left the palace. Gulby says Ayse killed herself and her children? Sinan says what? Didn't Kalika tell you? Gulby says no! No one tells me anything! I am stuck and closed up in here! Gulby says so Ayse got what she deserved, but how sad for her children. Murad couldnt handle it. Are you certain he is lost? Maybe he also killed himself and Kosem doesn't say it. Sinan says I do not think so. Silahdar is not around either, he's gone off to search. Farya has even gone. They are looking for the Padisah everywhere. Gulby says alright then, before they find him, we have to take action. Expose the secrets. Let the people know what has happened to their ruler. Beyazid enters and asks what is going on.

    Kasim says we still didn't hear about our Majesty. WHat if something happened to him. Ibo says God forbid! What he has gone through is not easy, he has lost his children may God grant them heaven. ENTER. Kasim is told that Beyazid has left the palace. Ibo says are you following Beyazid?! Kasim says I am taking precautions. And look it is not for no reason. Seeing as he has left the palace, he is up to something again! Ibo says Kasim you will get in trouble if our Majesty hears about this! Kasim says if he can hear about it Ibo! What if he has ambushed and maybe that is why we don't hear from him? If Beyazid gets on the throne, it will be the end of us all! I must prevent! Ibo says no, don't let us tell our mother. Kasim says you don't get it Ibo! we are all in danger, including my mother. If I follow Beyazid, then I can find out what he is up to. Ibo says fine, let me come. Kasim says no, you stay, and don't tell anyone about this matter.

    Gulby meanwhile tells Bey Kosem is lying to everyone. And Sultan Murad is missing just as I said. Beyazid says someone must know where he is, he has been through so many things lately, he probably wanted to say away for a bit. Gulby says don't be so certain. Maybe he is dead and they are hiding it. Bey says God forbid! And mother why would they want to hide it! Gulby says  to buy time. This is Kosem we are talking about. Just to put her own son Kasim on the throne, she could hide it. Beyazid, none of these things is a good sign. Kosem is certainly up to something.

    People in the market are gossiping: O people, they have lied to us. Ayse sultana has not died. She has killed herself along with her own children. And Sultan Murad couldn't handle it and left and now he is lost they say. One man says do not listen to them. Another says where would a mighty emperor go all alone? They are even saying he has died!

    An agha finds a ring. Farya says this is his...his ring. Silahdar says it means he must be around here someplace. GUARDS, LOOK IN EVERY DIRECTION, HURRY!

    One man who seems to always be the one blabbing is like people get together hurry, everyone should come together! The men shout march, we're going to the palace!

    Kasim has gone after Beyazid. Kalike opens the door. She says my prince. He enters. She says how can you enter like this. Kasim says where is he? She says who are you looking for?! He says you know who I am looking for. Beyazid! Inside, Gulby says don't, if he sees you here, he will tell everyone. Kalika says I told you no one is here! Bey says mother, he has followed me. Kasim shouts don't hide Beyazid! Beyazid tells his mother don't be afraid I will handle it. She says no I will not allow it. Meanwhile Kalila says I told you no one is here! I told you! Kasim opens the door and says Gulbahar Sultan! Kalika hits him over the head.

    People are shouting "WE WANT OUR PADISHAH! We want to see our Padishah!" Sinan as usual watches from the sidelines.

    Kemankes enters and tells her that the rumour of our Majesty being missing has spread, the people are at the gates and they say they want to see our Padishah. Kosem says so what we feared has befallen us. Kemankes says do not fear, if necessary, I will pass everyone through my sword before letting them in! Kosem says now is not the time for the sword. Blood has been spilled enough anyway. I will handle it in my own way.

    Huseyin shouts Silahdar! This is our Majesty's horse! Farya shouts Murad! YOur Majesty where are you! Where have you gone! Where are you?! Where are you Murad, where are you?

    We see Murad following a cloaked rider and he falls into quick sand. Murad shouts "Who are you?! The hood figure is Murad.

    Ahizade's words: "You see me as an enemy, however you are your greatest enemy."

    Kosem: The decisions you make are now harming the ones you love. Starting with you. You are not aware, you do not accept it, but you are actually fighting yourself.

    Ayse: I am taking my kids with me. I will not sacrifice them to your anger because I know that the day will come and you will annihilate everyone you love.

    Ahizade: "I beg God for you to take your last breath in pain and that no one should be left with you then, not your children, your mother, nor your friends. That you die alone on your deathbed."

    The imaginary Murad does Jedi mind tricks and Murad sinks all the way in.

    THE END.

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