• TRAILER # 2 EPISODE 14 Muhtesem Yuzyil Kosem: Murad IV

    Gulbahar: Farya, the time for truth to come to light has come. Me and Ayse are co-conspirators. She is the one who stole Kosem Sultana's seal. She did this (worked with me), so I could silence those who attacked you (from giving up her name as the one who did it).

    Farya flashback: NO! NO!

    Gulby: No one but Ayse is at fault for killing your baby and dragging you to this fate.

    Farya: The time is near for you to pay the price of your sins, Ayse. Closer you than you can imagine.


    Murad: You will be executed (he says a name or something it's not possible to hear it, does he say Gulbahar or something else?)

    Kosem: BEYAZID!

    Farya: I risked everything for him. I gave up everything, my home, my throne. Is this what I get in return?

    Murad: Your mind will think of me. Your heart will beat to do what I want.


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