• Episode 14 Muhtesem Yuzyil Kosem: Murad IV Translation

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    TITLE: Evidence of Betrayal
    VIDEO LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lo5NK5itTFE&t=5060s

    Murad asks the girl why she stopped. She replies I will tell you everything but not right now, Yadigar pasha will murder the princes, quick go get there in time! Kemankes asks if the princes are alright, Murad enters and notices Kasim is wounded, asks how he is, Kasim says it is a small cut, Murad asks where Ibo is, and finds him in shock, and says Ibrahim, come to your senses.

    Ester comes across Farya who asks what is wrong, you're quite agitated did something happen? Esther asks if Kosem has returned. Farya says I don't know were you not both together? Esther says I had other business to attend to. I will wait for her in her room, good night my Sultana.

    Esther comes across Gulby when she turns the corner. Gulby says so when you finish working on Kosem's accounts, then you start working as her minion eh? Esther says please my Sultana, what are you talking about my Sultana...Gulbahar says you know exactly what I am talking about...you followed me and saw things you shouldn't have seen. Esther says yes, I saw. I know about you and that traitor Sinan pasha, Kosem Sultana will not let you get away with this.

    Kosem says you heard what seyhulislam Ahizade said...he openly said he will remove my son and put you on the throne! Beyazid says does it befall him my Sultana - I swear to you, I have nothing to do with his words, and I never will. Kosem says yes, you are right, it doesn't have anything to do with you, but we cannot say the same about your mother. It is obvious she is in alliance with them. She will betray our Household once again, just like it happened in the past. Beyazid says you are mistaken my Sultana, my mother would never. If she was going to -

    Kosem: BEYAZID! Your at the intersection of a path, time for you to choose - either you will be on Murad, your brothers and my side, or you will be on your mother's. There is no middle path!


    Murad tries to help Ibrahim snap out of shock, but it doesn't work. The girl enters and says let me help. Murad says don't you dare come close, get this woman out of my sight! The girl says I know you don't trust me, but this will help him breathe easier. Kasim begs for Murad to allow her to help.

    Esther tells Gulby to let her go. If you harm me... Gulby says I am not intending to hurt you, on the other hand, we can be friends. If you stay quiet, if you ally with me, you will get your reward. You are a business woman right? Esther says if you want even to give me the world, my loyalty is not for sale. Gulby says so you want to be on the losing side? Esther says which battle has our Valide Sultana lost to this day? Only to lose to this? Gulbahar says you saw Sinan pasha right? He is not alone, the scholars and many other states men are with me. And I will give you another secret, Sultan Murad will not return. Today or tomorrow news of his death will come. Esther says no, no...Gulby says not just him, Kasim and Ibrahim and Murad have all got what they deserved! What you can understand is, there is no one other than my son left! But he was taken by Kosem sultana. Where is he? Why did she take him? Esther says you will never see him again! Gulby hits her down. Zeynel enters and says Kosem is returning to the palace.

    Kemankes tells Murad that Yadigar has run away, and it is obvious he had sent news about the judge specifically to get you to get away from the Capitol. Murad says well we came for that reason anyway, so that the traitors can show their faces. And one of them is Yadigar pasha, bring him to me dead or alive. Huseyin says yes but your majesty you will have to return to the Capitol at once. The news of the assassination attack will spread to the Capitol. It will put the city in chaos, even a rumour is enough for that to happen. Murad says don't worry, my mother and Kemankes will know. We will head out tomorrow at dawn.

    The woman is waiting in his room. He asks her name, she says Sanavber. He says so it means Yadigar gave you an order to murder me, but you couldn't do it. She says I did not. I saw you, a long time ago. You came on a beautiful black horse, had a long mane, it was so powerful and majestic, just like you. You dismounted, came to me. You wanted water from me. I gave you water. From that day I always dream about you to see you one more time! He asks when did this happen? She says years ago, I was thirteen, it was in Bursa, at Yadigar pasha's hunting lodge. I am his servant...he bought me (as a slave), raised me, looked out for me. When he wanted me to kill you, I accepted right away otherwise someone else would do it. Someone else would have done it. But mostly, I did it to be with you.

    Beyazid goes to his mother. She says oh my son, thank God you are here, when I heard that Kosem took you to Ahizade Efendi, I lost my mind! What's wrong? Why ae you quiet? Did she do something bad?

    Kosem enters and says you are the one who did bad towards your son. I gave you a chance when you came here. You ruined that chance. Gulby says I don't understand, what do you mean? Gulby says we were guests at Ahizade Efendi's council meeting. There was a lot Mufti Efendi had to say - and there is no excuse for the kinds of things he said. You know this anyway, because you are the mastermind behind it! Gulby says you are accusing me falsely again! I have nothing to do with Ahizade Efendi! Kosem shouts for the aghas. Throw her in the dungeons. Gulby says what dungeons? What? What do you think you are you doing (to the aghas) Beyazid! Why are you just standing there, do something, intervene! Beyazid says mother this is a precaution, until my Sovereign brother returns this is the best way. When it is apparent you are innocent, then I will personally come get you out. We hear Gulby shouting Beyazid, my son! Your cruelty will not go unpunished Kosem sultan! You are throwing me in the prison while I am innocent once again! The sin of that is on you! You are turning a son against his mother! You guys will answer to our Lord! You will answer for it Kosem Sultan.

    Ayse says to Narin - it seems that our letter has come to some benefit. Gulby has found what she deserves. Narin says Farya won't stop, she locked me up I thought she would kill me. Ayse says she can't dare, she is trying to get rid of me. But you be careful, don't leave my side.

    Beyazid flips a table.

    Gulby enters the dungeons, finds Zeynel has also been locked up.

    Kosem is telling Halil: set out on the road at once Halil pasha, get this letter to my son. Halil says I am not at east my Sultana, I cannot leave you alone at this time. Kosem says I cannot trust anyone but you Halil pasha. And don't worry, Abaza Mehmet pasha is here. Halil says as you wish. There is a knock and Abaza arrives. He says your majesty, we are following everyone who was in that council, especially Ahizade Efendi, as per your order, and the soldiers are under strict watch, they will not be allowed to make even the smallest of movements. Kosem says good, until my son returns do not allow anyone to get act unruly, if they do, handle them. Lalezar enters and announces Farya. Farya enters and tells Kosem: Validem, forgive me but I am worried, first Esther, then Gulbahar...Kosem says what happened with Esther? Farya replies, this is what I am worried about, she disappeared suddenly, but I saw her, she was very anxious, I asked why, she didn't answer, she was going to see you, but then she disappeared. Haci says maybe she left trying to look for you, I will ask the agas one of them will know for sure. Farya says forgive my curiosity, but what was Gulbahar's crime?

    Kemankes and Huseyin find Yadigar pasha by a spring. He says don't dawdle, we gotta get back on the road at once. Kemankes says where are do you think you are running to Pasha?! That ground you put your feet on, the water you drank, the air you breathe, do you not know who is it's master? Did you think you could run from Sultan Murad's justice? A man says stay there! Huseyin says actually you stay there! Otherwise you will die for no reason. The man says we can't know that (until we try). Yadigar tries to get away, Kemankes says Huseyin, the man doesn't hear reason! Huseyin says my agha, he's getting away. Kemankes says let us watch him get away - if he can!

    Kosem goes down to the dungeons and Kosem says to Gulby: Don't bother becoming hopefully needlessly, if you think you will get out of her and be forgiven, you are mistaken. Gulbahar says you cannot (decide), only Majesty can decide. Kosem says hmph, what happened now, I see you are now seeking help from my Sovereign son who you wished to remove from the throne. Gulby says your accusations are all the product of fantasies! Kosem replies, stealing my seal, putting the Capitol in flames, these are all the product of fantasies eh?! Don't struggle pointlessly Gulby, your mask has fallen and I know your real face. Esther also got her portion of cruelty from you! What happened, what have you done to her?! Esther says I have no thoughts about what happened to Esther, if I were you I wouldn't waste more time here. Kosem says you lie, and these lies will destroy you. Pray that your death is a painless one.

    Esther is tied up, she says Sinan pasha, I congratulate you, you fooled us all. In truth it would never have crossed my mind. How can you take a place in this betrayal?Sinan says what are you accusing me of Esther? W do whatever needed, whereever our future is bright that is where we ally ourselves. Esther says what future? Soon you and Ahizade will pay. Sinan says how do you know about Mufti Efendi? Esther says not just me, but Kosem sultan knows too! What did you think? That while the scholars are plotting treason we wouldn't know? Your end is near. My Pasha.

    Murad asks Ibrahim if he is alright, Ibrahim says yes. Murad saysa everything will get better you don't worry, while I am around they cannot even touch a hair on your head. I swear you will not go through something like this ever again. Kasim, get ready we are returning to the Capitol. Kasim says don't worry your Majesty.

    Ibrahim says Kasim, I want something from you. You will hide it and not tell anyone right? Kasim says of course I will not tell anyone, do not worry. And don't you remember? I was the one who told you to run and hide, did you forget? It is passed my brother don't worry it has passed. But don't forget this...don't forget that Beyazid is the one behind all of this.

    Farya goes to see Gulbahar. She says why are you here? Let me guess, Kosem sent you to get something out from my mouth. Farya says I do not know if what they say about you is true or not, but if they are true, then I will personally want to execute you. That is not why I came here. I want to speak to you. Gulby says what do you want to talk to me about? Farya says I found a letter in my room, an anonymous letter accusing you of plotting against our Majesty. Gulby says look at this...I have so many enemies. They do whatever they can to finish me off. Farya says who do you think could have written this letter? Ayse sultan? I know there is some problem between you guys. Gulby says why did Ayse come to mind? Farya says since you do not deny it, it means it is true.

    Ahizade asks SInan how Kosem could find out about a secret meeting of the scholarly council. Sinan says I don't know that, but I know she is after something. And I have not gotten any news from Gulby since last night.  Ahizade says I must warn my son, they will trouble him now too. Sinan says good, I had sent instructions to Yadigaar pasha to finish Murad, but I do not know if he was successful. If he has not, it means we are in trouble. If Sultan Murad returns to the Capitol and knows of your secret meetings then in that case we will not be able to face his wrath. Ahizade says I did not gather the council for myself, so you must have a recommendation? Sinan says I suggest you leave the capitol for a while, we will look into the situation then decide. Ahizade says you did not say this, and I didn't hear it. I am the seyhulislam of this state. He cannot touch me. It is not like the execution of the Iznik judge. Sinan says then what will happen? How will we overcome this trouble? Ahizade says since Kosem sultan has found out of our council, then there is no need to hide it.

    Farya comes across Ayse who asks where she comes from. Farya says I was in the prison, with Gulby. Ayse says why did you go down there? Farya says you're terrified aren't you thinking that Gulby will speak and everything will come to light? Ayse says what nonsense are you talking about, I told you I have nothing to do with Gulby, don't know what's in your mind, but they are all inventions. Farya replies, I can't prove it yet, but I will. I came to visit you one night do you recall? I had said that you will pay for what you did. The time to pay for your sins is soon...sooner than you imagine! Ayse says to Narin that Farya won't give up and she even went so far as trying to get it out of Gulby's mouth. Narin says what if Gulby found out about the letter. Ayse says this is what is bothering me Narin, no matter what we have to find a way to silence her. If she speaks, there will be no saving me.

    Ahizade has gone to see Kosem. Ahizade: Valide Sultana, what I have to say is very important. I think it will be best if we speak privately. Kosem replies saying - there is nothing I hide from Mehmet pasha, so whatever you wish to say, you can say in front of him. Ahizade says I do not know how to start, but the precautions our majesty has taken to restore order on the one hand is also stoking the flames of discord and revolt. First he executed hundreds of people, then the prohibitions, as you know those who smoke tobacco have been executed one by one. And as you know the Iznik judge was punished without investigation, and put in the street. We were speaking about this matter in the council. I wish to present a specific matter that we spoke about in the council - I ask you, as our Valide Sultana, I wish you to advise our Majesty to act in moderation, and to listen to the scholars words. Kosem says you have written less here Mufti Efendi, you have not written here that you would deal with my Imperial son, and then put Prince Beyazid on the throne in his place. Why do you look surprised, you heedless man! Are these not your own words? Ahizade says where do you get these things from? What does it mean? Kosem says you will answer that! I was there, I heard it with my own ears. There is no excuse for that betrayal. That which is necessary to be done (to you and the others) will be done. I have sent word to my Sovereign son, he will come. Ahizade says there is no proof for what you are saying! My advice to you, do not anger the scholars with such baseless accusations! Abaza says angrily and you threaten Mufti Efendi! In that case, I have advice for you too! DO not take any further steps or do anything until our Majesty returns - not you nor the scholars. Otherwise, your son will pay the price with his life.

    Halil pasha arrives with Kosem's letter: Murad, my Sovereign son,  just as we had guessed, the swarm of traitors who know to use your absence as opportunity have emerged one by one from their holes. It has become apparent that Seyhulislam Ahizade Huseyin Efendi is at the head of this betrayal. He has gotten together with the scholars and is planning treason. It is without doubt that the (other) reason for him to be this bold is - I have taken all the precautions necessary for each one of them, however, it is necessary for you to return at once and give the punishment the traitors deserve. Without losing any time return to the Capitol my lion. Return so that we an cut off the heads of these snakes and centipedes before it is too late.

    Murad is with Kosem. He says Deli (Crazy) go to Ahizade Efendi's mansion and bring him here at once. Kosem says to Murad, when he figured out I found out about the council meeting, he shows me this as if he never said those other words.  Murad says they wanted to buy some time the degenerates! That is because they were waiting for news of my death! Kosem says did something happen in Iznik? Murad says we were under assassination attempt...they attempted on my life, Ibrahim and Kasim's. She says oh may Allah spare your life and your brother's lives. We will overcome this calamity as well, God willing. Murad says they will all see what they have accumulated (they will be punished). Especially Ahizade Efendi and his son. It is necessary for them to be executed. Kosem says my son what are you saying? When it wasn't legitimate to execute the Iznik judge, is this something to be done? No matter what he is a seyhulislam, his execution is not permitted. Exile both of them and close this matter. Murad says MOTHER WE HAVE SEEN THE DAYS WHEN A PADISHAH WAS MURDERED! Who the heck is Ahizade (compared to that)? Kosem says I closed that dark era my son. The Ottoman state is not a tribal state - it is ruled by the laws. You are a ruler, no matter what the conditions are, you should respect the old laws so that that dark era does not re-open!

    Sinan meanwhile tells Ahizade that what they feared has befallen them. That Yadigaar failed. Murad and the princes have returned to the Capitol, and that Gulby is in the dungeons by Kosem's orders. Ahazde says my son Seyid is in their hands. Let us accept we are cornered. There is a knock and a servant tells him that Huseyin agha has come. Sinan hides.

    Huseyin greets him and says our Majesty has ordered you to come. Ahizade says great, you go, and I will follow. Huseyin says you are to come right now. Ahizade says what are you all doing? You cannot do this to a seyhulislam! I will go on my own!

    Lalezar shows Sanavber the harem. Farya sees her and asks Lalezar who she is. Lal says her name is Sanvber she is from the Russian lands. She came along with our Majesty. Looks like she has become a favourite, she is being settled in the harem. Madame says are you okay Farya? She says while I am here wondering and worrying if something happened to him, what he is up to...he is -" Madame says my Sultana, you are our Majesty's only wedded wife. Don't consider it, it is at most, a thing of desire and it will pass. Farya says Murad doesn't even look at other women, if he has brought her here then...Madame says let us go...

    Atike comforts Ibrahim and says I woke up the night of the attack, it means I felt it too. My dear brother, Ibrahim, you are alright now right? He replies yes I am, it was nothing important anyway, the aghas helped immediately. Kosem arrives. She says you have gone through tough times in Iznik, thankfully you returned safely. The doctors will cure your illness. He says and my fear? How will they cure that? Is there a cure for fear of death? Kosem says what am I waiting around for? Don't worry, while I am here no one can touch you! And about death, when the order of Allah comes, we will die anyway...may God grant a good death, take us into heaven. This what you must pray for. You will get used to living with death. Ibrahim says how will I get used to it? How does a person live through this fear without losing their minds like my uncle Mustafa? Kosem says just how I lived through it...however all the princes and rulers have lived through it under this dome.

    Gevherhan is binding Kasim's wound. She asks if it hurts, he says he is fine, but that when he recalls what happened, he goes mad with anger. Beyazid enters and says my condolences, you have gone through a big danger. Kasim says yes, we overcame it, but we could have not come out of it alive! Maybe that is what you wanted! Beyazid says Kasim, what a dirty accusation this is, would I ever want any harm to come to you, or Ibo or our Sovereign brother? Kasim says you do, didn't you want that before, and now it is the same. Gev says Kasim, your brother  has come to visit you, do not be disrespectful! Even if you personally didn't do it, your mother got mixed up in it and is it a lie that you knew about it?! Beyazid says "God punish me if I knew about the things that happened to you. While my mother is in prison, I came here to give my well wishes, but it seems the pain I am going through isn't enough, what else do you want from me Kasim, what?! Kasim says they should lock you up with your mother! You will both get what you deserve! Gev says enough Kasim!

    Farya is quiet and she says so my fear was not for nothing - what if something had happened to you? He says I am here with you Farya. She says this palace has no meaning for me without you. I miss you every moment. I dream of being reunited with you. But it is obvious you do not have the same feelings. He says what does this mean? She says that woman who has come to the harem, they say she has become a favourite. Is that true? She says you had promised me...that there would be no other women. But of course this has changed now that I cannot give you a child...He says this is not the place or time to be talking about this. She says I am simply wondering that is all...what happened between you two...do you have feelings for her? Murad (after a pause) says nothing at all. Return to your room Farya, I need to be alone.

    Kosem meets with Kemankes. Kosem says they say that the pain of losing a child is worse than the punishment in the grave. It is true, I have lived through it twice, may God not show me it again. You have risked your life for my princes. You have spared me from such a torment that for as long as I live I will remain indebted to you. He says "may my life be sacrificed in your way" She says we shall live and see...we shall pass through the circle of destiny and see. She says the wintry night of the era doesn't end. He says but at least, the sun of the era is above us! Your presence is the source of hope. She changes the subject hahahaha. My Sovereign son brought a girl with him? Kemankes says the girl was a servant of Yadigar, she was brought as a slave, Yadigar personally raised her and then gifted to our Majesty. Kosem says how can he accept from that traitor. Kemankes says the girl exposed the pasha's betrayal, and then she helped cure Ibrahim, and our Majesty trusted her enough that he brought her back along with him.

    Ahizade comes across his son and says my son? Seyid says please forgive me father, forgive me for handing you over. Ahizade says stand tall do not be sad, those who brought you to this condition should be ashamed. Huseyin tells Ahizade that Murad is waiting.

    Murad says so it means you are complaining of my decisions, my prohibitions and my executions so much that you have written things for my mother to warn me about. Ahizade says as the position of state religious figure, I am required to say what I think is right. Murad says I heard, I heard what you said ..in the secret meeting you said let us dethrone Sultan Murad and put Prince Beyazid on the throne.

    Murad puts out a sword saying here is your chance, let us see how you "dethrone" me. Ahizade says God forbid your Majesty...even if my meeting was secret, I would not have written something like this down! God forbid! How dare anyone say they will "dethrone" a Padishah. They are lies, they are all accusations. What do I have to do with a sword? Murad says true, what do you have to do with swords, your sword is your tongue! Even these recommendations you have written down are evidence of your betrayal. Who are you? Who are you to invite me, the shadow of God on earth, to justice? That thing you call justice  sits between my two lips. Ahizade says exactly for this reason, just like all scholars, I must warn you so that your scale of justice isn't unbalanced. Murad says and I warned you and this is the third time - the first time in front of the rebels you acted as my guarantor, then Ilyas the traitor to state and religion got away with your recommendation, and now this. The third should not happen, I had told you I wouldn't forgive it. Mehmet Pasha, it is my will - I have removed Ahizade from his position and he is to go to Cyprus in exile and I have also removed his son from the position of judge of Istanbul. Get them on the ship and send them off at once! Ahizade says you see me as your enemy, but your greatest enemy is yourself! Because of your anger, not just you, but the state and the household are being dragged to a deep abyss.

    Murad is reading the document Ahizade had written again and then burning it - Sultan Murad must avoid the things his forefathers have not done...As Valide Sultana, you must advise our Majesty to heed our words, and get our blessings. We protect him for ill wishes,  because we protect him from the unhappiness of the people. Then Murad recalls his words - We should warn you so that the scales of your justice don't become unbalanced. Because of your anger, not just you, but the state and the household are being dragged to a deep pit. You are your greatest enemy!

    In the morning Murad orders Kemankes -  Ahizade's ship should turn back.

    Narin tells a girl if you put a few drops into the food it will be enough, but be careful so no one sees. If you are caught, you will not give Ayse sultana's name, did you get me? Otherwise I won't leave it to anyone else, I will kill you myself.

    Abaza announces: Let everyone hear and know,  these members of the scholarly council - instead of applying the religious law and ensuring justice is served, have opened the road for discord and intended a plot for treason! Meeting in secret council, they intended to dethrone Sultan Murad Han, and they dared to produce their own candidate for the Ottoman throne! Without a doubt, the price for betraying our mighty Emporer, Sultan Murad Han, is DEATH! This punishment cannot be light for ANY position!

    Yahya Efendi tells Murad, may God forgive their sins. Murad says I have removed Ahizade from his job. He could not carry the responsibility of his position, he fell to his ambitions and sold himself to the wrong way. Yahya says the downfall of a scholar comes when he considers himself great, or so said Imam Gazali. there is no expectation to pardon the sin which comes from arrogance. Murad says: When I removed you I had promised you - that know that these cruel ones removed you...and that when I became a true Padishah (retake the reigns of power), then I would return the position to you. That time has come and finally that position will go to its rightful owner. You are now the Seyhulislam of the mighty state. Yahya says oh your Majesty you have favoured me with your great heart. May your life be long, your order everlasting. Murad says may it be for the best.

    Ahizade says to his son, we will take those ones who have insulted us to account my son. Forget Cyprus, the whole of the Ottoman empire will hear about Sultan Murad's cruelty. Seyid says and Yahya Efendi's day has dawned. Ahizade says of course he will take my place, what did you expect, this kind of Padishah will have this kind of Mufti. Kemankes has arrived. Ahizade asks What is this kemankes agha? Kemankes says it is our Majesty's order, you are to be taken back.

    Gulby and Zeynel are brought food, she says take this I don't want it. Zeynel says my Sultana you did not eat since yesterday, you will become weak. She says can I eat...I can't stomach it..He says do not be sad, we will get out safe and sound from here. They can do nothing to you. She says who cares if they kill me...I saw my prince's eyes that day! His anger, his disappointment. My son turned his face from me Zeyenl! He lost his trust in me. Zeynel says one day our Prince will see the truth and will realize you were right. She says hopefully that day won't come late. He says if you do not thin kof yourself, think of your prince. You must be strong for him.

    Haci sees the Kalika and says what are you doing here? She says I am so glad I found you! This palace is a deep ocean, I almost got lost. She says Beynem made you some Rivani (dessert). He says mmm, and thank you for coming allt he way here...my regards for Beynem. I will come visit one day soon. Hey Kalika hatun you must go this way. She says ahh, I got confused about which way to go.

    She comes across Beyazid. She says my prince! He says what are you doing here? She says I came to visit Haci...why should I lie, it was an excuse actually. I came with the small hope I might see you. He says you came to see me then? She says I know it is prohibited, but I couldn't prevent my feelings. Not seeing you for so long, I was so worried about you. You look very sad. He says everyone, everything  I valued, is going from me. I try to stand up, but a wave comes and topples me down. She says I wish I had the power to rip out the pain and throw it away. He says you stay away from me, so you don't get in trouble. She says impossible, I am willing for anything coming from you.

    Zeynel shouts for Gulby. He says don't eat it my Sultana! She says Zeynel agha. She shouts please aghas, help, call the doctors please!

    Gulby asks how he is, and she is told he is dead.

    Murad is by the shore and Kemankes and Ahizade arrive. Ahizade says your intention was to execute right? You simply wanted to move me away from eyesight. Murad says you wrote your own death sentence with your own hands.  Exile for a traitor like you would be a reward. Ahizade says it is not allowed for you to take the life of a seyhulislam. Not in our traditions or laws is there such a thing as this. Seyid says your Majesty forgive him please! Father beg for forgiveness! Ahizade says there is nothing to apologize for. Whatever I did, I have done for the sake of the future of the lofty state. Murad says  "Take a lesson from my condition! Yesterday I was a padishah and today I remain naked. " These are the words my late brother Osman cried out  in the Janissary barracks before being murdered. When a Padishah was murdered, who are you? What is the value of your life? Seyid says please for God's sake don't. Gulbahar sultan poisoned his mind, she misguided him to the wrong way! Everything came from her orders! Please spare him. While she is still alive, is it fair for you to execute us? Murad says do not worry Seyid, everyone who took part in this treason will get punished. Ahizade curses Murad saying he begs Allah to make him take his last breath in the throats of pain, and no one should be beside him, not his kids, not his mother no one, and he should die alone. Seyid cries for his father. Murad tells the men to bury him in an unmarked grave. Then he tells Seyid this is enough punishment for you. Get on the ship and get on your way, your feet are not to enter the Capitol ever again.

    An agha goes to Beyazid. He says you had asked me to bring news about Gulby. I don;t know how to say it but someone put poison in her food. Bey asks is she alive? The aga says she is fine thank God, she didn't eat it, but Zeynel did and he died. Bey asks who would dare?!

    Lalezar tells Kosem I do not know, I asked everyone but no one saw or noticed anything. Kosem says whoever wrote to Farya also tried to poison Gulby. Let us raise the level of security. Gulbahar is not to have anything happen to her before she pays for what she has done. Lal says as you order. Ayse says my Valide, I am going to go to my children if you permit.

    Kosem asks Haci is there any news on Esther? Haci says no unfortunately, Mehmet pasha has gone searching the whole capitol but no evidence of her. Lal says I do not want to say it, but what if they killed her? Kosem says God forbid! my stomach turns just thinking of it...Haci what is wrong? Clearly there is bad news. Haci says our Majesty has made the seyhulislam turn back and then executed him.

    Kadizade's followers are telling him about the news of Ahizade's execution along with several other scholars and express shock as they have never heard o such a thing before. Kadizade says may it be a lesson to everyone. When you stray from the path of the law, and fall prey to the excitement for power, this is what happens, this is what happens. Sultan Murad has finally started seeing the truth. And now is the turn for the rest of the traitors. One of the men says you are right, but now that the waters have calmed, would these decisions of our Majesty cause indignation? Kadizade says for the sake of maintaining order in the land all kinds of precautions are allowed. Blood for blood, life for blood.

    Abdulmecid Efendi says Ahizade has stained the name of all the scholars by treading down the wrong path, but no matter what his crime was, a man so old like that it is not in our custom. His student says you are right, our Sultan Murad does not obey the rules. Abdulmecid says these rules which form the foundation of our lofty state. If that foundation breaks then we will be destroyed under it.

    Abdulmecid Efendi brings Silahdar an olive and something to drink and says every human in the mother's womb 40 days a drop of fluid or clot, 40 days a clinging object and finally, a small mass that looks like a leech. After that gets a soul. Since it takes 40 days to tie the soul to the body, then to separate it takes 40 days...for the same reason, for a person to search for his soul, it takes 40 days. Today was your forty day. The last day in this room. Silahdar says my Efendi, is there any saving for me? He says of course, the weakest of the human being is the one who doesn't control his desires, the most powerful of them, are the ones who know how to control their desires. You have finished the Cile (solitary retreat) tomorrow is going to be your rebirth. Do not ever forget, the base part of the soul is greedy - you try to fill it, it is never filled.

    Gev's servant says you are very distracted today. Gev says I am thinking of Silahdar. He will get out of the Cilehane tomorrow. The servant says so while you shoul dbe happy, why are you sad? Gev says I saw a nightmare, was in a beautiful garden full of colours, like it was a corner of heaven or something. I saw SIlahdar, wanted to go to him, but suddenly, the ground started slipping underneath my feet. Afterwards, the ground sank and fell into a deep abyss. a deep abyss sucking us both in. the servant says they say dreams are the opposite of what you see. perhaps our Majesty's anger fades and he allows your marriage. Gev says hopefully but I do not have any hope.

    Atike tells Farya, everyone will be a new day for everyone. Farya says Silahdar is getting out right? Atike says I am afraid, if my brother allows Silahdar to marry Gev, I will lose him forever. Have you spoken to him, did he say anything? Farya says we didn't speak...if you see...it is hard to know what he is thinking what he is feels...Atike says something is troubling you, what happened? Did something happen between you? Farya says he returned with a girl from Iznik and while he was there she became a favorite. Atike says now I know why...but who is this girl? Farya says I do not know...I asked him...he didn't say. Must have seen something in her...otherwise why bring her? He has hundreds of girls in the harem, he doesn't even look at them, why did he bring her with him? Atike says my brother will not leave you ever, don't trouble yourself with this any further.

    Beyazid to Murad you have called me? Murad says you were there listening in on Ahizade's council.  You also heard what he said there. That traitor openly proposed you for the throne. Now it is obvious why he asked how you were (in the past). If he doesn't get courage (from somewhere) he would not get up to this business. Bey says I told you earlier, I have done nothing for Ahizade to use my name...I haven't said a single word to him about it. Murad says I speak of your mother Beyazid. She did it, Seyid Efendi told me eveything. She is the one who influenced the scholars against me and lit the flames of treason. I will ask you one more time, and you will tell me the truth.

    Did you know about this plot of your mother's? Beyazid recalls Gulby's words saying look what happened your brother went right away and told your brother he turned it bad...Bey responds is it not bad? Do you think because they don't know that  I do not know about what kind of plot you are in and conspiring with whom? To Murad: No your Majesty, I did not know. Murad tells him he can return to his room. Beyazid says brother...I know I have no right to ask you for everything, I know what my mother has done, the punishment s death. But if you permit, for my sake, please don't kill her. Send her to the old palace or Amasya and she can be imprisoned there. I will no even see her face again, but let her stay alive, at least I will know she is alive.

    Farya watches Sanavber bathing and then leaves.

    Gulby wonders what is going on, she is told Murad is waiting for her.

    Kosem is with Murad. He says give up fighting yourself (from speaking) and tell me what is in your mind. You think it was a mistake to execute Ahizade Efendi. Kosem says I said what I had to, but it goes into one ear and out the other. The seal is yours, the authority is yours. However don't forget - where the head goes that is where the feet go too.

    Gulby arrives. Your Majesty, my Valide Sultana. Murad says Gulbahar Sultan...I know about the accusations against you. You have plotted along with Ahizade Efendi and committed treason. Gulby says I swear with God as my witness,  I didn't do anything your Majesty,  Kosem sultana had accused me wrongfully years ago and exiled me, and she wants to do the same now. Murad says instead of dropping to my feet and begging you are blaming my mother? You swear on lies? Gulby says I am simply seeking refuge in your justice. Without any evidence, is it right to put a prince's mother in prison? Murad says I ignored your betrayal in the past, and for my brother's sake, allowed to come to the palace. But instead of seeing this as kindness you saw it as weakness. Gulby says God forbid your Majesty, I never...Murad says Seyid Efendi admitted everything. He told me everything you did with his father. I warned you that if you were under any other accusations you wouldn't even have a grave! You will be executed Gulbahar Sultan. Gulby says your majesty, your majesty, your majesty, please do not, please don't let my son feel this pain...please don't leave him motherless again. Gulby says my Sultana, you are also a mother. pity my condition...do not spare your mercy and pardon from me. Please. Kosem says this is the best thing for Beyazid. You did nothing for your son until today, now do at least this. Bow to your fate.

    Beyazid goes to Sinan and grabs him. He says I warned you and my mother many times. I told you guys to give up, but you did not listen to me at all! YOU Sinan pasha! in place of warning my mother, you sent her to her death!! Sinan says what are you saying my Prince, did something happen to our Sultana? Beyazid says our Majesty found everything out. Seyid Efendi told him everything. My brother has given his decision - they will execute her. SInan says how can this be? You can speak to our Majesty! You can ask him to change his mind, maybe for your sake - Beyazid says BECAUSE OF YOU he has no consideration for me! Beyazid says I will ask something from you, if you have even an ounce of respect for her, you will do it. Sinan says I will do anything for your mother, if necessary I will even give my life my Prince. Beyazid whispers something in his ear.

    Gulby is being taken back to the dungeons and she comes across Ayse. Gulby says you did it right? You tried to poison me! Ayse says what are you talking about? What poison? Gulby says you can fool everyone with that innocent face, but not me. You did the wrong thing by throwing me in the fire, you burned yourself too. Ayse says do not blame anyone for what you did, you are paying for your own sins! Agas, take her! Gulby says I did not commit that sin all by myself!

    Poor Esther is still tied up. SOmeone hands Sinan a vial. He says but it is strong, so be careful. Sinan says don't worry. Esther says whatever you are after, give up! You are struggling pointlessly. You've comet to the end of the road. Sinan replies I am in this palace for years...what we heard, what he saw...suddenly you look and the winds change direction and the era is ours. Esther says don't start dreaming. Kosem sultan will find out about you too one day and you will be destroyed for Gulby's sake. Although, you could be saved. Sinan says really? How? Esther says tell them what you know, give up traitors names, and then let me go so I can return. I swear I will not tell anyone about you, I will not give up your name. Otherwise your end will be bad. Be certain, the place you are found you will be sent to hell right there. SInan says everyone's heaven and hell is different, Esther. If Gulby dies, that is when this world will become hell for me.

    Gulby is crying and holding a lock of Beyazid's hair.

    Beyazid goes to Kosem. She says come Beyazid. She says not for one day have you ever disrespected me. Never raised your voice to me. But I know, I know that for separating you from your mother you always blamed me, kept that in your heart. Beyazid says my Sultana you are mistaken I never...Kosem says the opposite wouldn't be right anyway, in the end she is your mother. Kosem says only...did I not also become your mother? You are a trust to me (entrusted) from your late father. my Ahmet. You are part of him. Beyazid says I do not ever deny your right over me I could never repay you, but just, no matter what she has done, the one being executed tomorrow, is my mother. Kosem says Beyazid, be certain, that for you, and for the lofty State, this is the most right thing. I do not tell you to be sad. You will be sad, you will mourn. But after you mourn, you will get on your feet and continue your life.

    Farya tells the aghas to send word to Murad that she has come. The agas say forgive us, but he is with his harem. Farya says Ayse Sultan? they reply no, Sanavber has come.

    Murad tells Sanavber you cured Ibrahim, so do you have a cure for me? What is that? She says this will feel good, of course if someone knows how to use it, she uses a massage oil.  He says it is obvious you are talented at these things. Where did you learn these things? She says my grandmother she was a medicine woman. As a child we would go before dawn and gather herbs and later boil the herbs and make medicines. I learned everything from her. Every pain has a cure. The important thing is to find that cure.

    Atike enters Farya's room. She asks what is wrong? Farya says it is true, I felt it anyway. Murad is with that woman. Atike says the new one? That is why you are making yourself sad? For a woman of two days you will ruin yourself? Farya says  I risked everything for him. I gave up everything, my home, my throne. Is this what I get in return? How can he touch that woman? How can he sleep with her? Atike says this is the order of the harem Farya. These women will all come and go. They will never take your place, cannot have the power you have. Plus, you are my Sovereign brother's wedded wife! And more importantly, my brother is in love with you. Farya says all the girls in the harem have a fortune - to be able to become a family - give Murad a child. I do not have that. We will never become a family.

    Abdulmecid says come with me Mustafa, time is up. Huseyin says Silahdar aga, may God accept it. Silahdar says ameen.  Silahdar says to Abdulmecid, when you had said "turned towards" I had not understood the miracle of it, but now I know. Abdulmecid says  the visible miracle is not to be regarded. the real miracle is spirituality. Your road is complete Mustafa, whoever your heart inclines to, your road has been completed with them.

    In the harem the girls are gossiping about Gulby saying oh she's gonna be executed, Oh what did she do? They said she's part of treason, oh she's gonna die pointlessly. Lalezar tells Sanavber I spoke to Kosem, she will see you but it will take a while. Sanav says I can wait. Lalezar, who is that Sultana? Lal says she is Farya Sultan, our Majesty's lawfully wedded wife. But her future is not so bright. Sanavber says what does that mean? Lal says she cannot give our Majesty a baby, but you can give him...and especially if you get Kosem Sultana to like you, then Farya will be stuck in your shadow always.

    Gulbahar calls for  a pen and paper, because she wants to write a letter to someone, and you will take it to who I ask. The guard says impossible, I cannot. Gulby says you and I both know you can. She hands him a ring - this is all I have. Help me. It's not like I am going to run away, it is simply a farewell note.

    Gevherhan is in the garden when Abaza arrives. He says what a nice coincidence. I wanted to speak to you for a while now, as you know, there is talk of our marriage. She says I am sorry I do not feel well, it is good if I return to my room. She sees Silahdar, and smiles, he doesn't smile back and goes away.

    Beyazid asks Sinan if he got what he asked for. Sinan says I did, but are you sure? Beyazid says no matter what the outcome is, I am going this. I do not want my mother to die at the hands of the executioners. Silahdar is with Murad. He says I had a long time to think, I remembered why I was here, my duties, and the promise I gave to you. From now on, I will not disappoint you. Murad says I love your mind and your heart, but your heart will think for me, and your heart will beat to do what I want. Silahdar says you should not doubt it. Murad says I have made a favorable decision. Silhadar says to be able to have the honour to be able to attain your trust again is enough for me. Whatever your decision is, I am accepting of everything. Murad hands him a seal.

    An agha brings Gulby's letter to Farya. She asks what it is, he says Gulbahar has sent it to you. The letter says Farya, the time has come for the truth to come to light. The day you came down to the dungeons you had told me you suspected Ayse sultana. You were right. Ayse and me we are both co-conspirators. She is the one who stole Kosem's seal. I asked her to do it. She did this in order to get me to keep those who instigated the people who attacked you quiet. I do not want this secret to go with me to my grave. What you suspected was the truth. If those attackers had spoken, they would have given Ayse's name and they would have given you Ayse's name, they would say they got the order from her. No one else but Ayse is responsible for your baby's death and for dragging you to this fate.

    THE END.

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