• TRAILER 1 Episode 18 Muhtesem Yuzyil Kosem Murad IV

    Murad: You will be leaving...and with the purpose of not returning ever again!

    Kosem: No one can exile me from here! If you have enough strength, take my life!

    Gulby: The ambition for power has gotten between mother and son.

    Kosem: We must get rid of him at once.

    Beyazid:  I am ready to do whatever is necessary to get on the throne.

    Sinan: It is the perfect time.

    Sinan: When he/ you get out to war, we will take action.

    Kosem: And you will get on the throne.

    Narin (Ayse's servant) or someone else: They are hiding the truth from our Majesty, but he must find out.

    Murad: What are you trying to say?

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