• Muhtesem Yuzyil Episode 111 Trailer 1

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    Matrakci: "As you commanded I walked around in the Shehzade's Sanjak, Hunkarim"
    Suleyman: "First, speak about Mustafa - what is the condition in Amasya?"
    Mustafa: "Mihrunissa is here from now on. She is not going anywhere."
    Suleyman: "Kapudan Pasha's daughter Mihrunissa Hatun is his consultant. Is she still continuing this occupation?"
    Matrakci: "No Hunkarim. She is not in Amasya."
    Mustafa: "For as long as I breathe, my heart will only beat for you."
    Suleyman: "How is my Beyazid?"
    Matrakci: "He busies himself tending to the problem of his people."
    Hurichihan: "Beyazid only came to the Capitol to see me."
    Beyazid: "Hurichihan?!"
    Lala: "You think you are walking in a garden of flowers...but your path is dark."
    Suleyman: "How is my Selim?"
    Matrakci: "While he was disguised in the market, he got involved in an incident...a merchant was killed."
    Suleyman: 'I had given you a very important task. But you, you have taken sides."
    Afife: "Our Hunkar is waiting for your presence"
    Suleyman: "I will send him to the farthest Sanjak?!'
    Suleyman: "Did you hear about the things Selim has done? Everything has a consequence Hurrem. Even if it is my own child, I will not see it good, and I will do whatever is necessary."
    Suleyman: "Who knows all what you have hidden from me about Mustafa."

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