• Muhtesem Yuzyil Episode 113 Trailer 2 Translation

    Source: www.startv.com.tr

    Suleyman: 'This palace has been witness to such betrayal, and this doing of yours is at the head of all of these betrayals (it is the most serious out of all of them"
    Fatma: "You know you have crossed the boundaries and you should not have, and there is no return from it. It is finished."
    Hurrem: "Besides you two no one else knew...which one of you (is responsible for this)?!"
    Cevher: "Who ordered you? Shehzade Mustafa?"
    Hurrem: "Some of the Pashas and Beys have sided with Mustafa and have started (have made their move). Their purpose/goal is obvious - to get Mustafa on the throne. We are under a great threat."
    Canfeda: "Shehzadem, She is giving birth!"
    Selim: "Call the midwife right away!"
    Hurrem: 'Suleyman!"
    Beyazid's Lala: "If something happens to our Hunkar, the closest Sanjak is this one...like a bird you can reach the throne."
    Beyazid: "It is in my dreams also to get on the throne and rule this empire.."

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    1. Our so called Islamic heroes have been fraud, if they would have followed Quran properly whole world would have been Muslim.

    2. Their whims ruined the whole Muslim Ummah, But no doubt it has been beautifully produced and director and writer has not astray
      from the truth.

    3. A king who killed his own son and who listened to a woman all his life, how he was called Caliph, he was just victim of his own whims. He was an animal in Human suit. He was worse than an animal.