• Muhtesem Yuzyil Episode 111 Translation

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    Sweets and Coins are being distributed in the harem on the occassion of the birth of the baby.

    Afife: "Be joyous women! Pray for our Hunkar's baby!"

    Suleyman is on his terrace, looking quite unsettled. Barbarossa arrives. Suley: "Kapudan Pasha, seeing you in front of me, standing on your feet has made me happy. Are you well?"  Barbie: "Thank God I am much better. I just heard while I was coming, that you had another child, May Allah protect it." Suleyman: "Ameen. Come here."

    Barbarossa: "Hunkarim, we did not have a chance to speak earlier, on the one hand, my illness on the other hand the incidents...but as you see I am on my feet, and beside you.. I am asking once again for my resignation."

    Suleyman: "We won many wars with you Kapudan Pasha. We conquered many places." Barbarossa: "Whoever it may have been (that we fought against) was afraid because behind was a Great Sultan." Suleyman: "Kapudan Pasha, the whole world knows about your loyalty to me and this state. You are not just my Admiral, but you are also my friend." Barbarossa: "How great if my King sees me as my friend." Suley: "Time might take a person's youth, but not their soul or heart. And the mind becomes even sharper than before. I am not accepting your resignation. While you breathe, you will be the head of my navy." Barbie breathes a sigh of relief.
    Hurrem is announced in the harem. The girls line up to greet her. She goes to Valeria and holds the baby. "May Allah protect it. You did not give birth to a Shehzade, but it is a moon faced girl! May God be praised. What is her name Afife?" Afife: "Raziye" Hurrem: "Raziye..." Fatma sees Hurrem and gives her a look. Hurrem: "May Allah protect her from the evil eye."
    Barbarossa steps out of the Sultan's room to find Rustem walking down towards him. " Rustem: "Hizr Hayreddin Pasha. It has been a while since we met. I am hearing unpleasant things about you. They say one foot of yours is in the hole." Barbarossa: "One day we shall fall to the ground. But that day is not this day. Thank God I am with health. I am much better. Our Hunkar has seen me this way and has ordered me to keep my position."  Barbarossa: "But first of all, let us agree on a matter. Those who take account with me, their account will be with me. If you extend your hand once more on my family, God is my Witness, I shall cut that hand and throw it to the dogs!"

     Rustem: "If that is the case, then keep your family away from government...keep them away so they do not come to any harm! Do not forget that working behind our Hunkar's back has great consequences!" Barbarossa: "Our Hunkar will for sure see one day who is working behind his back!"
    In Kutahya, Hurichihan and Bayezid are asleep sitting up and holding each other's hands. Hurichihan wakes up: "Ah! Someone will see us!" Bayezid: "Be calm...this is my palace, no one will do anything."  Hurichihan: "Shh! Quiet."Hurichihan goes to the door. (Don't you love how they usually just enter, but now they are not entering?) Hurichihan takes her clothes from the cariye, telling her to leave. Hurichihan: "A bit later, and we would have been caught!" Beyazid: "When you get nervous, your cheeks turn red, how pleasant, how beautiful...especially when this lock of hair falls upon it...casting a shadow over your face."Hurichihan: "We have to be careful Beyazid..they shouldn't see you here." Beyazid: "Come for dinner to my room. I will call Cihangir also." He tries to leave, so she checks and tells him no one is there so he can leave.
    Cihangir meanwhile is sad in his bad. A cariye tells him that they are waiting for him for dinner. But he says they should not wait for him he has pain and is resting.  :(
    Hurrem visits Rustem in his office. Hurrem: "Sumbul said you had some news about Kapudan Pasha?" Rustem: "He has recovered...so much that our Hunkar has once again put him at the head of the Navy." Hurrem: "The Pasha meets secretly with the Shehzade, he bargains to put him on the throne, and despite this, he gets rewarded?" Rustem: "It is difficult to know what is in our Hunkar's mind, but it is obvious that Shehzade Mustafa and Barbarossa have been wounded greatly from this incident..we should not allow the wound to close..." Hurrem: "What can we do anyway?"  Rustem: "I think that the end of the road has come for Kapudan Pasha. At an appropriate time, he should be sent off in a way befitting him."
    In Amasya, Mahidevran has asked for Mustafa. Mahi: "You told me you are at war and that there is no time for love, but Mihrunissa is here." Mustafa: "She has come as my advisor, everyone, including our Hunkar will come to know of this." Mahi: "He warned you personally, he does not want her here." Mustafa: "He simply advised...he left the decision up to me, and I am giving my decision!" Mahi: "Mustafa..." Mustafa: "All these years I have abided by the rules and what happened Validem? What did it get me? Nothing! I have been thrown out of my Hunkar's heaven many times...this time I am not going to follow rules, but the sound of my heart and God Willing you can understand me."
    Meanwhile, Atmaca meets Mihrunissa in the garden "I thought you would not return again." Mihrunissa: "I thought so too...do not worry Atamaca, no one knows I am here." At: "Sooner or later it will come out in the open. Did you forget what happened the other day?" Mihrunissa: "I was ready, but our Shehzade did not accept, he wrote a letter to my father...he wants me to marry him...son will wed." Atmaca: "What wedding?! Do you not know it is forbidden for a Shehzade to marry?! Especially with you? Impossible!" Nisa: "Do not worry...it will be a secret wedding, everyone will think I am the Shehzade's advisor." Atmaca: "Oh now I feel comforted!" Nisa: "You just do your job Atmaca, do not get involved in the rest!" Atmaca: "It is my job to protect the Shehzade...from his enemies, from his friends and even from himself!" Nisa: "Will you prevent it?! Do whatever you can, but I am here from now on, and I am not ever leaving him!" (Atmaca looks like he is thinking ' I knew this girl was trouble from the start! hahaha)
    Matrakci walks down the corridor to see the Sultan.
    In Manisa, Nurbanu arrives in a room and asks Canfeda why she has brought her to a room. Canfeda tells her Selim had asked them to get this room ready for her. Nurbanu: "What? this room is..." Canfeda: "Yours...you are a fortunate woman! Mahidevran Sultan used to stay in this room at one time. You can move in when you want" Nurbanu goes around admiring everything. She asks if she will be alone. Canfeda says that she will be alone and that she will also have cariyes to serve her. Nurbanu starts saying she wants some Venetian stuff here and there and Canfeda says that what she is saying cannot happen, but that despite the Shehzade loving her, others do not, and while her name is Nurbanu, she is still behaving as Cecilia - that if she wants to become a Sultana, she will have to adapt and  forget Venice, and live as an Ottoman Sultana, otherwise no one will accept her.
    Matrakci meanwhile tells the Sultan that he has walked in the Sanjaks as he had asked. Suleyman asked how he is, and he says he is fine, so he asks what he saw and heard, first of all about Mustafa in Amasya, how are the people are they happy with him. Matrakci says: "They see Shehzade Mustafa as a blessing for Amasya. With his works he has won their hearts." Suleyman: "How can everyone be happy Nasuh? There are no complaints?" Matrakci: "Of course there are...due to his not looking at anyone's tears when implementing your justice there are complaints from some merchants." Suleyman: "Anything else?" Matrakci tells him that Mahidevran has founded a charity. Suleyman says this is good, but asks why he has not been told about the charity. Matrakci says that this is because it has not been opened yet. Suleyman says that as with all things, too much praise and appreciation sometimes does more damage. He says that hopefully his child will not fall into arrogance and pride with all the love he gets from his people, and that he will not let Mustafa fall into the same mistakes he keeps making.Matrakci says that Mustafa has learnt from his mistakes. Suleyman says he hopes so, asks if Mihrunissa is still in Amasya working for him and Matrakci says that she is not in Amasya and that she has been removed from her position. Suleyman says that this is the right thing to do, and that " a Shehzade must be careful who he keeps relationships with. Then he asks how Beyazid is and how things are in Kutahya.
    Beyazid is with Hurichihan whispering when Cihangir arrives. Beyazid: "Cihangir?! Come! Since you came, you have not left your room! Seeing your face is heaven!" Cih: "I was resting...I could not get up" Hurichihan: "What is wrong Cihangir?  You look pale." Cihangir: "I do not feel well. Since I came to Kutahya, my pain has worsened." Beyazid: "Why did you not say? We shall call a doctor at once." Cihangir: "There is no need...I should not have left Istanbul...For years, I have been living in my own shell and I have been accustomed to that and I regretted when I came." Hurichihan: "Perhaps the change in weather has affected you...let the doctors check." Cihangir: "Aside from our Hunkar's doctors, no one else can help my pain. At the soonest, we should get ready and go back to the capitol." Beyazid: "Can that be my brother? You just came...I will not let you." Cihangir: "Beyazid, please don't insist I want to go back."
    Matrakci: "Shehzade Beyazid does not stay long in his palace. He is mostly with his people. He listens to their problems and finds solutions for them." Suleyman: "Hopefully he doesn't put himself in danger?" Matrakci: "I have also warned him several times but he is not being very careful...anyway at least Lala Mustafa is close to him like a shadow, for his safety he is taking every sort of precaution." Suleyman: "Beyazid is a fast flowing river Matrakci...he becomes a flood and floods everything around him...he needs to calm down and return to his place." Matrakci: "In time he will cease and prove that he is a worthy shehzade to you." Suleyman: "God Willing...what word have you brought from Manisa? What does Selim do?"

    Matrakci: "When he went to Manisa, he busied himself with the people's problems Hunkarim. He fixed the long-endured water problem and this made everyone happy." Suleyman: "How did he fix it?" Matraki: "He ordered that two channels be opened to bring water to the city, in the Divan they opposed him because it was very expensive, but he insisted, and paid for a part of the expense." Suleyman: "Good, how is his harem?" Matrakci: "I heard that his Gozde, Nurbanu is pregnant." Suleyman: "Hurrem told me, I know...is he careful with his eating and drinking?" Matrakci: "Unfortunately some of the bad habits he is unable to have gotten rid of...they say there is no account to the amount of alcohol taken into the palace."
    Suleyman: "I understand...if there is nothing else, then you may leave." Matrakci: "There is something else...while disguised in the market he got involved in an incident. A merchant was killed. The Merchant's wife complained to the Judge. But the case was closed before being heard." Suleyman: "What was the issue?" Matrakci: "The man did not know that it was our Shehzade since he was disguised. He called our Shehzade a womanizer, drunk" Suleyman: "How was the case closed then?" Matrakci: "The merchant's wife closed the complained. The witnessed were silenced, according to the people it is a cover up."
    In Manisa, Nurbanu has arrived to see Selim, and asks if he is in. Gazanfer says he is, but stops her from going. He says she has to follow the rules, not now. She is annoyed, but when he turns his back, she runs in and finds him with another girl. "What are you doing!? How can you enter without permission! Nurbanu!" Nurbanu: "What happened? The other day you were talking about your love for me...now you are with another woman..." Selim: "Go to your room, I will come to you later." Nurbanu: "You will come from her neck to me? No, I don't want you, don't come!"
    Hurrem arrives. He gives her an angry look because somehow it is her fault lol. Suleyman: "Did you see what Selim did? While being disguised he became the reason for a merchant to be killed. Worse than this, is he tried to cover up the issue! The issue went to the judge, but the woman took back her complaint and the witnesses were silenced!" Hurrem: "I do not know what happened, but Selim would not harm anyone for no reason." Suley: "The impudent man called him a drunk, womanizer...how sad...is this how a Shehzade should be referred to?" Hurrem: "Then the merchant was not without fault to be killed! No one should accuse my son of such things!" Suleyman: "Hurrem..." Hurrem: "He has mistakes of course...but these lies are not befitting him..for a while now is far from drink, I have been taking care of the matter of his harem...he is going to be a father soon." Suleyman: "No matter what, we cannot accept this doing of his! If my sons escape justice then how can I expect my servants to face justice? How can I expect order in the world? How can I face my Lord on the Day of Judgement?" Hurrem: "Shehzades make mistakes of course Suleyman...Selim has a great responsibility...he is inexperienced. Mustafa with his age and experience made so many mistakes." Suleyman: "Every mistake has a consequence Hurrem. Even if it is a mistake done by my child, I will not be happy and I will do whatever is necessary...nobody can shadow my justice!"
    Nurbanu goes to her room angry, she yells at her cariyes and Canfeda arrives. She asks Canfeda if she sent the cariye to Selim. Canfeda asks which girl and Nurbanu tells her not to play her for a fool. Canfeda says that it is her job to do it, and a great Shehzade isn't going to just spend his time with her. Nurbanu says that it will be the last, if she does it again, she will throw her out. Canfeda asks her who the heck does she think she is, Hurrem Sultan, that she will throw her out of the palace? She says the rules of the harem are not to be changed...that the rules are what they will abide by. Nurbanu replies that she goes crazy when she sees him with someone else. Canfeda tries to comfort her that she has won Selim's heart, that she is going to have a child soon too, what else does she want. Nurbanu says that she won't share him with another woman...but Canfeda tells her to behave and follow rules, because otherwise he can just order and they will take her child from her and throw her out. Nurbanu says it is not easy , that her name is Nurbanu, she will do what she has to (why do they all have this saying? We know their names already ;) lol!)
    Hurrem hands a letter to Sumbul and tells him to send it to Nurbanu. Sumbul asks why she looks like something is bothering her. She replies that Selim has gotten involved in an incident, and that despite Nurbanu saying it was handled, it has somehow reached the ears of the Sultan. She says she has written to Nurbanu to be more careful and to warn her. She then tells Sumbul that from now on any letters coming from Beyazid or Selim to come to her first and that Lokman will take care of it.
    Matrakci meanwhile is reporting to Barbarossa: "I met with our Hunkar. I gave him information about our Shehzades." He asks what he said about Mustafa and Matrakci says he said that everything is all well, but that the Sultan asked about Mihrunissa, and he says he lied to the Sultan, because that is what he had to do to protect Mustafa. Barbarossa says that he feels uncomfortable about this (Mihrunissa/Mustafa thing) but that however much he tries, he cannot prevent fate. Matrakci says that he also did not tattle on Beyazid either.
    The next day, Rustem Pasha is asking if the doctor is checking on Barbarossa, and if Barbarossa is doing well now. The doctor says that he has been able to recover much over the past few days, that he is resting and that if he is careful with his eating and drinking all will be well in time. Rustem says that is good, because he is important for the State.
    In Kutahya, Beyazid is with Hurichihan. Huri: "It has only be a short time, I do not want to separate from you...if I speak to Cihangir...maybe he will change his mind." Beyazid: "I do not want to separate either but if Cihangir was not unwell, he would stay, if you speak to him, he might only stay for your sake, while being in pain." Hurichihan: "You are right...but he was so happy to come here, and healthy, I don't know what happened" Beyazid: "For the first time he is away from the Palace, maybe it did not do good to be away from my father and mother. Among my siblings, Cihangir has a special place in my heart. Both of us share the same pain." Hurichihan asks why he says that. Beyazid: "While growing up we were always in the shadows of our older brothers...I always tried to get our Hunkar to notice me but I could not suceed...And Cihangir because of his hunch wanted to hide and be alone...we both have lived in the shadow of our brothers...thinking our HUnkar does not think us worthy...:
    Hurichihan: "Both of our childhoods have passed with broken hearts...maybe that is why we are connected this much and whenever we separate we get so disappointing." Beyazid: "I will find a way to see you again Hurichihan...I will find a way..." There is a knock and Lala tells Beyazid that the carriages are ready. Beyazid says he will go see Cihangir, and she should finish getting ready. Lala tells Hurichihan that she thinks she is walking in the gardens of delight but really her path is dark, full of swaps, ditches and thorns. Hurichihan asks how he speak to her this way but he answers that that path is close so that is why he is telling her for her sake, and Beyazids.
    Cihangir is getting ready when his brother comes and asks how he is and that the carriages are ready. Cihangir says he knows they are sad, if Hurichihan wants she can stay. Beyazid says that he wishes...but then he quickly changes to hide it from Cihangir, but Cihangir tells everyone to leave and then tells his brother that "I know everything...I know about your relationship with Hurichihan." Bey: "Did Huri tell you?" Cihangir: "No...there is no need for anyone to tell me. Just to be next to you two, one can tell." Beyazid says that it is important to keep it a secret, especially from their father and mother and Cihangir tells him that they can trust him. Beyazid says he knows. Poor Cihangir...:(
    Rustem tells Suleyman that he met with the doctor, and that Barbarossa who says he is healthy. Suleyman says this is good, and that Barbarossa has weathered many storms and that he will weather this one also. Suleyman says he had sent Matrakci on some work to Anadolu and that he brought back some honey for Barbarossa to regain his strength and to give it to him. Rustem says he will take care of it. Then Rustem asks why Matrakci was sent to Anadolu, and Suleyman says that he was sent to look into the Sanjak there. He doesn't answer Rustem's next question if Matrakci brought back news that has upset him from there.
    Hurichihan is saying goodbye...she asks Beyazid if he told CIhangir. Beyazid says no, he found out by himself, but that she need not be afraid, he will not tell anyone. Hurichihan says she is embarrassed now, how will she be able to face him. She says she has to be careful and that otherwise they will both get in trouble. Then she says she will think of him all the time and he says he will too. Cihangir arrives. She tells Beyazid to take care and hope they meet again, then she goes off. Cihangir feels uncomfortable secretly watching them say goodbye to each other. He says he did not want to go all of a sudden, if he made Beyazid sad, he is sorry. Beyazid says that he can never make him sad and to take his greetings to his mother and father and everyone. Cihangir asks if he will tell on Selim, and Beyazid says no, and Cihangir says that is good, because you were also at fault for leaving his sanjak and going into Manisa secretly. Beyazid and Cihangir bid each other goodbye and hug and Beyazid says I wish everyone cared about me as much as you" and Cihangir tells him to speak so, that their mother, their sister are with him, if only he thought about himself a little too.

    PART 2

    Rustem is in his room with the honey. Sokollu arrives and Rustem asks him if at one time he had gone to war alongside Barbarossa, to which Sokollu replies that he has and Rustem says that the Pasha must trust Sokollu then. Sokollu asks if there is something he is asking him to do.
    We see Mihrimah in her palace, with Fatma Sultan. She is showing her a room she has prepared for her. Fatma says she is in awe at the decor, the curtains and everything. Mihrimah tells her that the some of the stuff has come from Persia, and the curtains are sillk. Fatma is pleased, and Mihrimah tells her to rest and they will meet for dinner in the evening. Fatma sees Gulbahar and asks her that if her room is so beautiful, how beautiful Mihrimah's room might be, and Gulbahar answers that her room is beautiful, and if she sees her new one, it is even more so, and this is how Gulbahar spills that they are sleeping in separate room, that the Pasha's snoring bothers her. When Gulbahar leaves, Fatma remarks to Melek: "Did you hear Melek? Rustem's snoring bothers Mihrimah...being at that age, let alone snoring, but even canons being fired would not bother a woman in love with her husband!"
    Barbarossa is on his boat, when he is told that Sokollu has arrived to meet him. Sokollu tells him that there was lots of work in the palace, he could not make it to visit him until now. "May God give you a long life, Pasha" Barbarossa: "What is that?" Sok: "Our Hunkar has ordered for you to eat this honey. It has a cure, if you have a spoon everyday it will be beneficial." Barbarossa: "Send my thanks, and greetings to our Hunkar."
    Mihrimah, Rustem and Fatma are having dinner. Fatma: "I swear by God the food was magnificent." Mihrimah: "To your health, Sultanim." Fatma: "This palace is beautiful. God Willing you will always live here in happiness and contentment." Rustem: "Amin..it is a great honour to host you in our palace. You did good by coming." Fatma: "The Palace has no "salt" to taste, if we never get to talk to Mihrimah...You are lucky! Not everyone is destined to get a Sultana like her. Understand her value Rustem."

    Rustem: "Mihrimah is my most precious. She is the moon of my nights, the sun of my days...the spring of my spring...flowers on the branches...the water I drink...the breath I take...: Fatma: "How lovely! Going to Herzegovina and being separate has done you well...some separations are beneficial...when you went there, you must certainty have seen Malkocoglu Bali Bey on the way." Rustem: "No, I did not. Fatma: "I heard he has married and has children..eh, he was a beautiful, valiant warrior, anyway, not every woman gets to have a man like him..." (yes, we know Fatma, if you were in the palace when he was, we don't want to know the things you would try!) Mihrimah tries to change the subject. "If you wish, the desserts can be brought...they have made Ravani for you. (Ravani = semolina cake with syrup) " Fatma says: "Nah, I won't touch dessert....what was I saying? Oh yes, my Bali Bey! You didn't hear it from me...but people say he left a love story behind him of injury (he rejected someone) When he left, he got married..God knows who he hurt and left behind (in Istanbul). Actually I change my mind, I will have dessert...I love Revani...." (Rustem looks he wants to slap the cup she is drinking from away haha).
    Barbarossa is reading, when an agha arrives to get him the honey, his trusty servant without being told, tastes it (what a trusty servant eh?) When Barbarossa says "what are you doing? Our Hunkar sent that?!" Trusty-two shoes says: "How do we know he sent it? Maybe he doesn't even know about it." Barbarossa says "oh sigh, oh Lord, what days we have come to that we must doubt everything."
    Mahidevran, the epitome of worry right now, asks Fidan if she is keeping an eye on her son and Mihrunissa, and asks if they are ever together in the same room, and Fidan so no, they are not, and that she has planted aghas, between their rooms to make sure (haha, that is not going to help cause how is an agha going to stop Mustafa?!) Mahidevran says that Mihrunissa could not have come all this way just to talk, and that for sure they are meeting in secret. Mahidevran says if anyone hears, it will be a disaster. There is a knock and Mihrunissa arrives "Sultanim, I do not mean to bother you so late" Mahi: "What bothering, please come sit." Mihrunissa: "I can tell you are unhappy about me being here, but believe me, I do not want to do anything to make you unhappy." Mahi: "It has nothing to do with you...Kapudan Pasha's daughter is like my daughter. But you saw all the things that happened...our enemies are not merciful." Nisa: "I am loyal and faithful to our Shehzade, believe me, I will not let anything happen to him. If you allow, I wish to explain) Mahi: "What will you explain, Mihrunissa? Leave us alone (to Fidan)."
    Meanwhile, Fatma is talking, Rustem looks disgusted. Fatma: "Our Hunkar visits his daughter everyday. She is beautiful." Mihrimah: "Yes, I got another sibling." Fatma: "You do not be sad though, no one can remove you from your place in our Hunkar's eyes." Mih says she is not unhappy, on the contrary she is pleased to have another sibling, her brothers have grown and are away. Rustem is annoyed and says she has to go he has documents to look over. Fatma asks, "What happened, all of a sudden he got displeased." Mih: "I don't know, it is probably relevant to the state affairs." Fatma: "Is there a greater "state" that you, Mihrimah? From what I hear, your rooms are separate too...is this how life is, for God's sake?!" Mih: 'Where is this coming from all of a sudden?" Fatma: "This condition of yours makes me so sad...a fresh rose is fading.." Mihrimah: "Sultanim, you are making yourself sad for no reason...I am happy with my situation." Fatma: "Is this why your rooms are separate?! Youth is a fire Mihrimah, before it goes, you must burn...you must burn..."
    Meanwhile, Mahidevran wonders what she is hearing. "Oh Allah! What am I hearing like this!? You will secretly wed?!" Mihrunisssa: "As great as my loyalty is to our Shehzade, my love is just as great for him." Mahi: "I always respect love, but this cannot be, Mihrunissa. What good will you see from a secret, hidden thing? And how will you be happy? Living the way you wished, and then getting into something like this, what is the meaning of that?" Mihrunissa: "I will not just become part of the Shehzade's harem, but I will become his eyes and ears. There are things you do not know....speaking of it is prohibited, but you must know."
    Atmaca is speaking to Mustafa. "Forgive me my Shehzade, but it is my duty..." Mustafa: "Do not tire yourself. Mihrunissa is here, she will not be going anywhere." Yahya: "Believe me, I said the same things a thousand times, but in front of our Shehzade's will, our necks are lowered." Mustafa: "What is worrying so much?"
    Atmaca: "Shehzade, Ali agha has been killed. On top of this, our Hunkar ordered you to carry it out. As you know, this was a damaging response to you, our fleet and the Janissaries...fro this point on every step you take, especially marrying Barbarossa's daughter, will show you as being in war...and believe me, instead of coming against your enemies, you will against our Hunkar...I do not think this is what you want." Mustafa: "For years they have tried to make our Hunkar my enemy...they could not...because I know my father, and he knows me...we are of one...conscience." At: "Conscience has a punishment too." Mustafa: "What do you recommend? That I send Mihrunissa away? Whose side are you on? Who are you protecting? A Shehzade who doesn't carry out his own decisions, a coward Shehzade?" Atmaca: "Shehzademm..." Mus: "I understand you Atmaca, I understand all of you...now I am awaiting the same from you all...if you are to walk with me...then you will obey my commands and decisions and go on the same path I walk on...Taslicali?" Yahya: "Until my last breath I am with you, Shehzadem" Mustafa: "Yavuz?" Yavus: "May my life be sacrificed to you" Mus: "Atmaca?" At: "The order and command is our Mighty Shehzades."
    Mihrimah is getting ready and admiring herself in the mirror, lost in thought, when Rustem arrives. He tells the servant girl "Outside" Mihrimah: "I am glad you came...I was going to send word to you...stay with me tonight." (Rustem interrupted his own moment this time, hahaha)  Rustem: "Did you tell Fatma Sultan about Malkocoglu?" Mih: "What does this have to do with me?" Rustem: "How did she just bring him up out of nowhere you must have told her something..." Mih: "Do not ask me this, ask Fatma Sultan...I do not even have the farthest clue about this!" Rustem: "Years have passed...no matter what I do I cannot get into your heart, can I ?"
    Gazanfer is informing Selim that the Sultan has found out about the incident in the marketplace. That he has ordered that the complaint be reopened in the court. His Lala has been fired for not informing him. Gazanfer tells him to be calm...that even though some bad has happened it will pass. Selim shouts how can he be calm? His whole reputation has been thrown down because of this incident. Gazanfer says that there will be people who will talk but they will silence them. Selim shouts "don't you see, for making people quiet all this has happened! It is obvious Beyazid is behind this...I made a mistake Gazanfer, I made a mistake trusting him!"
    Meanwhile, Mihrimah is annoyed with her choice of clothing and Jewels, when Fatma enters. She comments how beautiful everything is, and Mihrimah says she loved them once, but is sick of them now, she shall have new ones made. Fatma says she will be leaving, she does not want to be an annoyance to Rustem, but Mihrimah says she isn't she should stay. Fatma and Mihrimah then start bubbling over new fabrics and jewels. Mihrimah: "They are all so beautiful, that choosing them is difficult. Fatma: "For a woman, other than love, new clothes and Jewels, does her really well!" Mihrimah is happy.
    In Manisa, Nurbanu dresses herself up. Canfeda arrives and tells her that Selim is unhappy, and tells her that it is about the marketplace incident again, and Nurbanu asks did it not finish up already and Canfeda says she does not know, but he is angry so leave him alone.
    Hurrem is in her room and greets Cihangir, and says she did not expect him so soon, but she is glad he came, she thought about him also. She asks about Beyazid, and Cihangir says he is good, that he is busy with his Sanjak matters. Hurrem tells her cariye to exit and tells him that is there something making him unhappy? Did something happen in Kutahya with his brother, but Cihangir says that it is because when he went, he had a lot of pain. Hurrem says it seems it is other things...He replies that what else could it be? If you free a trapped bird after a lifetime of it being caged up, it cannot live ouside...he will miss his cage, and he says he has missed the palace, and her and his father and that that is why he came...and she should not look for any other reason besides that.
    Hurichihan is in their room, when Fatma enters and greets her. Fatma asks what happened, and Hurichihan says that she was right, he had feelings for her, and Fatma asks why she is sad then, and Huri tells her that becuase Cihangir wanted to return early and she does not know when she will see him again, months or even years might pass. Fatma says that no one can separate love birds, so she should not worry, that they will meet again...

    Beyazid has just written a letter, when there is a knock on the door. His Lala is asking if he will come to the Divan. He asks about the letter in his hand and Beyazid tells him not to interfere in things that don't concern him, he will not be giving him the letters to send anymore. Lala says that whatever he does, is for his safety and even if it doesn't please him, his job is to show him the right path. Beyazid asks if his "right path" includes letting his brother take the throne. Lala says that he does not know what time will show them. Beyazid says that one day, his brother will get on the throne and then order his execution, while this truth is hanging over him, that he has to value what he has lived through. Lala says that his grandfather Selim the first, never had any hopes of getting the throne, he had brothers...But that in the end, Selim was the one to get the throne. 
    In front of the Sultan's Divan, Rustem stands next to Barbie and tells him he looks better than the last time he saw him. Barbarossa retorts that he can stop worrying about his health because he is now able to get along with his duties too, and he will not leave the empire to the persecutors and oppressors. Rustem says that every illness has a cure, except for pride and arrogance.
     Suleyman arrives and enters the Divan.

    Inside, Suleyman says: "Finally you are amidst us once again, Kapudan Pasha." Barbie: "In your shadow, Hunkarim, the medication your doctors have given me has done me good, and on top of this, the honey you sent me, I am thankful for." Suleyman asks what the condition is (the seas). Barbie: "The Black seas are calm but they do not know what will happen tomorrow, also that they cannot know if Charles and Ferdinand will remain peaceful either, so you should be rest assured that the fleet is ready as always to go on any campaign if necessary." Suleyman: "Great...since you have taken over the fleet once again, I am at peace." Barbarossa starts to speak, but cannot, he is not well suddenly...Suleyman calls out his name over and over "In the Name of God...Oh Allah!" and he falls. Suleyman calls for doctors.
    Meanwhile, Sumbul asks Lokman what he has. and Lokman says that it is probably for Rustem pasha, nothing important. Sumbul grabs it and looks and sees it is from Manisa, so he asks Lokman why he was lying and that letters coming from the Shehzades Beyazid or Selim will first go to Hurrem Sultan.. Lokman says that if the Hunkar finds out they will lose their head. Sumbul says he has to go. Sumbul says he will return, when Lokman says that he shouldn't take it right away.
    The doctor says that he has to rest, and it seems his illness has returned with a vengeance. Suleyman says that he scared them. Suleyman tells him to go back to his place and rest and do as the doctors say and wishes him well.
    Hurrem read the letter and says that both Selim and Beyazid are messing up. That after the incident with Selim, Beyazid had secretly gone to Manisa. She is frustrated and burns the letter. Sumbul asks what will happen since the letter was for the Sultan. Hurrem silences him with a look.
    In Manisa, Nurbany is doing some star calculations and Canfeda asks what she is doing, and she responds she is calculating when her baby will be born. A cariye arrives and tells her that Dilshah sent her, saying that she should not wait to see the Shehzade tonight, as she will be going instead Nurbanu runs off. Canfeda tells her to come to her senses and that she has no idea about anything. Nurbanu does not listen. Gazanfer says he is busy. She asks if Dilshah is there, he says no, he is in his own worries and is sleeping. Nurbanu does not listen she says he lied to her last time, Gazanfer stops her from entering and tells her to go to her room. She goes off. Nurbanu goes to Dilshah's room and does not find her there. Then Dilshah enters and laughs saying how she believed her so quickly! Nurbanu tells her to leave her alone, otherwise she will make her regret the day she was born. Dilshah says that today or tomorrow Selim will call her because he can never forget her for long.
    We see Selim in his room, and in fact he is asleep...
    In the morning in Amasya, Yavuz asks Atmaca if he spoke to Mihrunissa, but Atamaca says that although he did, it is no use. That they have to think of what to do from now on. Mustafa asks why "they" have not come yet, and Yahya says that she wished to kiss Mahidevran's hand before coming that is why she is taking long.
    Meanwhile, Hurichihan is with Cihangir. Huri: "If I did something to make you upset....since we returned, you do not meet me, you don't come to spend time with me." Cih: "You really did break my heart in Kutahya...that is why I do not want to even look at your face! (he is joking haha). Hurichihan: "Don't play with me..." Cih: "Well, what could have made me sad?" Huri: "How would I know without you saying...or is because of my relationship with Beyazid?" Cih: "You know I have pain...I don't feel like leaving my room... Huri: "Fine, then I will come...I actually came to see Fazuli's book again...I want to read one part again." Cih: 'Which part?" Huri: "You know the part when Zeyd sees two lovers sitting in the heaven" Cih: "That is my favourite part....They say to Zeyd, they are Leyla and Mejnun, "is it a dream that we are seeing, otherwise we would have never thought that his lover would come. O my heart and soul! My love has become my guest! Whatever we own, we will sacrifice for them. Their intention is to take our life, then so be it for the likes of their beauty."

    Huricihan duygulanır. Hurichihan: "It is as beautiful as it is sad..." Cih: "Here, you can keep this." There is a knock on the door and it is Melek: "Sultanim, this has been sent to you." Cih: "What is it? Some bad news?" Huri: "No...no it is nothing. I must go back to my room." She leaves Cihangir wondering, with his book in his hand...
    Mustafa is still waiting. He says something must have happened. Yahya says that perhaps Mahidevran has prevented her from coming. Mustafa says he will not wait any longer, he starts to walk, but then he sees her approaching. He kisses his mother's hand: "Did you think I would leave my lion alone on this sad day?" Mustafa: "Welcome, my mother, you have brought me happiness." Mahi recalls Mihrunissa's words about the important things she had to say. Nisa had told Mahi that there were many Beys and Pasha's in support of Mustafa. Mahi says everyone already knows. Nisa says that there are those who are ready to oppose Hurrem, Rustem and even the Sultan for his sake. She tells her that someone has sent Atamaca, not her father. She tells Mahi that the reason for all the secrets is because Mustafa won't allow such things to take place, so they have to work on his behalf without him knowing. She asks what being married to him has to do with this. Nisa answers that she is not a regular person...she has much experience more than she can imagine. She says on top of everything and her loyalty, she also loves Mustafa.
    So the wedding is now taking place. Mahi congratulates him and they are married.

    Fatma is on her terrace when Hurichihan narrives all panicky, and tells her that Beyazid has come to visit her. Fatma tells her she told her they would see each other. Fatma assures her she will be able to meet him.
    We see Beyazid waiting, but instead Hurrem arrives. In a flashback, we see that his Lala had written to Hurrem informing her that her son would go to meet Hurichihan and he gives the letter to a messenger telling him to get the letter to Hurrem before Beyazid reached Istanbul. Hurrem gets the letter and then tells Fahriye to keep an eye on Hurichihan and so she stops Hurichihan and Melek, while Hurrem instead enters the room.

    Hurrem: "Beyazid you have really dissappointed me...how could you do something like this? You are my biggest hope.." Bey: "I was going to stay one or two days, and then return...no one would know." Hurrem: "How could you be so careless? This doing of yours is very dangerous...you must return...you will get on the road when it is dark...no one must see you." Beyazid: "Validem...I will not leave, until I see Hurichihan." Hurrem: "Beyazid. Do not speak as if you do not know who Hurichihan is...she is part of the family...and Ibrahim Pasha and Hatice Sultan's daughter...it is impossible for you two to have a relationship together...impossible! Thinking about it is even prohibited to you! If our Hunkar finds out he will be very angry!" Suddenly Afife arrives and tells Beyazid that the Sultan is waiting for him.
    Beyazid arrives to meet the Sultan.
    Meanwhile, Hurichihan is crying and Fatma tells her not to cry and that they will find a way and Hurichihan says how can she not cry, not only Hurrem Sultan, but the Sultan has also found out. She says because of her, Beyazid will get in trouble, all becuase of her. Fatma tries to console her.
    Suleyman is not even looking at his son. Beyazid: "Hunkarim..." Suleyman: "What do you think ou are doing?" Suleyman: "Answer me! (woah, that scream! I would run if I were Beyazid!!!!)  with what mind did you leave your Sanjak without permission and come here? Hunkarim...I only have one answer for you...love...my love for her..." Suleyman: "This is a great excuse for your mistake...Do you know what this relationship would cost you! Hurichihan will be sent away to Beyhan. You will go back to Kutahya, pack up your things and I will be sending you to the farthest Sanjak under my reign...maybe then you will come to your senses!" Beyazid: "Hunkarim, give me another punishment. At least in Kutahya, I can just hold onto my dreams...a small dream...do not take this hope from me." Suleyman: "Silence! Without embarrassment, without shame, you come in front of me and what do you think I would do? Get out of my sight, I do not want to see you!"
    It is Mustafa and Mihrunissa's night. (So wait, did she sit in the veil all day? Because she looks no different then nthe scene outside! ;) ;) ) They are swearing to each other, that God is their witness, that their hearts will beat only for each other while they are alive. He gifts her a necklace (pretty, but as big as her daddy's beard :P).

    Beyazid goes to his mother. Bey: "How did you find me mother? Where did you find out from that I was in Istanbul?!" Hurrem: "Someone saw you and sent me word." Bey: "How did my father find out then?!" Hurrem: "Fatma Sultan probably told on you!" Cihangir: "Why would Fatma Sultan do that? She wouldn't throw Hurichihan into the fire on purpose." Hurrem: "Don't be so certain! Do you think she just brought her here for no reason? Perhaps she wanted to use my son!" Bey: "Hurichihan has nothing to do with this...she is innocent...as innocent as I." Hurrem: "So you are the innocent one? Hm? You went secretly and threatened your brother." Bey: "He threatened me! If you knew the things he has do- " Hurrem: " I know all of it! Our Hunkar knows it too. The only part he doesn't know is about you going there. But I guess, there is no need for him to know about that. Because you anyway continue to make mistake upon mistake." Bey: "You are right...I am the one with mistakes...Our Hunkar is exiling me to Kefe! You and your precious son Selim can now be at peace together!" Hurrem calls out to him, but he doesn't listen.
    Mihrimah is speaking to Hurichihan: "It is obvious you are not aware of your mistake. I understand you...your age...you are inexperienced." Huri: "You are wrong. I am aware of my mistake. But I could not stop myself from loving him, the same with our Shehzade. Isn't love something like this Sultanim? One can throw themselves even in the fire...with the love, one can forget the whole world...I am sure you have felt this feeling.." Mihrimah: 'These are meaningless words, you are a part of the Dynasty...you have to take this out of your mind...for us, love is just a thing for songs and poetry..." Hurichihan: "So then what about Hurrem and our Hunkar? Or my father and mother? Were they not also legendary romances? You may have not experienced love but if you ever feel it, if you love someone...you take the risk without fear of death even..."
    Hurrem is meeting with Rustem: "There is no need for Mustafa or our enemies to do anything Rustem, my own sons are digging their own wells..." Rustem: "Shehzade Mustafa did the same thing...he left his Sanjak and the Sultan caught him....but he left safe and sound." Hurrem: "He did leave, but he had to bear taking Ali Agha's head...and this time, whose head is going to roll?!" Hurrem: "We have to find a solution. If our HUnkar exiles Beyazid....you have seen Selim's condition as well." Rustem: "There is only person who can stop our Hunkar from exiling him, Sultanim. And that person is you."
    Fatma asks Hurichihan what Mihrimah said and Hurichihan says that it was a lesson for her, and then grabs her book and Fatma tells her that she is scaring her....
    Hurichihan goes off to see the Sultan. She enters and he loks at her in anger. She says she is sorry if she is disturbing him, he cuts her off and says that if she has come to speak about Beyazid, she needn't tire herself, because the matter is between him and Beyazid and she needs to keep away from it. She says she has not come for this reason, she says that she brought him this and shows him a book, which he immediately recognizes. "This, this diary...." (you know, this face of his, he looks so sad, it really moved me) She says: "It is my father's book...once your companion, your friend, Ibrahim Pasha's diary. You had gifted it to him. About that night I have heard many things. They told me you gave the order for his death. I did not believe that, and I won't. This diary is proof for this. This should stay with you. Because each line is dedicated to you." She gives him the diary. Then she says: "I do not know what order you will give with regards to Beyazid. But our Shehzade disregards his life, in order to gain your love. When you give your order, please do not forget this."
    Suleyman goes out to his terrace for air...
    In Manisa, Nurbanu has come to see Selim, but the agha says that he is in the hamam. When he is there, he sees the bathtub and smiles...
    Hurrem is with Beyazid outside. "Forgive my behaviour mother, my behaviour last night, please forgive it." Hurrem: "of course I forgive it, but you are harming yourself. You are pushing us away from you." Bey: " For all my life, I have wanted nothing else but your love, but you all pushed me away." Hurrem: "Beyazid, whatever happens you are the pupil of my eye. I wish it was in my hands, if I could say who would go on the throne..." Bey: "But you did not want me to go to Manisa." Hurrem: "I did not, because I wanted you to be away from our enemies...I am being destroyed by what is happening but I am trying to be calm. I will do whatever I can to stop our Hunkar from sending you away."
    Nurbanu goes to Selim's hamam door and tells the agha that she has brought wine as Canfeda has instructed and that they have to listen, otherwise she will tell Selim on them. So Nurbanugoes inside and sees Dilshah with Selim in the bath. Selim yells at her. "How dare you! A Shehzade is in front of you!" Nur: "And in front of you stands Nurbanu!" Selim tells Dilshah to get out. Nur: "I thought you were in love with me...this means it was all a lie...I was in a dream...if you were in love, you would be blind to other women...but you are not in love...you had told me you were in love with me...you tricked me." Selim: "This is a harem, Nurbanu...my harem, other women being here does not change my feelings to you. It does not change my feelings to you!" Nur: "I am your slave, you can do as you want with me. I have your baby in me. But that is it. Do not expect any love from me. Because you have killed me. You killed my soul." Selim: "What does this mean?" Nur: "This means you will make a decision....I will be the only woman in your life..." (as if this guys doesn't already have other troubles on his mind)
    Suleyman is with Matrakci: "When I got out on this path, there were so many people with me...but after the years have passed, the number has grown less and less...there are only a few, and you are one of them." Matraki: "You are honouring me, Hunkarim" Suleyman: "Do you know what makes me grieve the most? Not seeing the loyalty you had hoped for in your own palace...how sad...I had given you an important task...to be brutally honest...but you had hidden the thing about Beyazid...you have taken sides...you have exchanged your loyalty to me by being loyal to Beyazid..." Matrakci: "Hunkarim, I did not know that this incident would get this big..." Suleyman: "Only Allah knows all the things you have hidden about Mustafa from me...and is this how our road together with you will end Nasuh..."
    Barbarossa is resting in his room and having some honey, and Rustem goes to visit him, telling him that the Sultan was asking about his health and so he decided to personally check up on him. Rustem tells him that he has fallen down, and it is up to here, and that they are so much alike, that they both have difficult tasks, and fate had it that instead of wokring together, they had to fight against each other, and that the strong has won. Barbarossa says that when a wolf grows old it becomes like a dog, but that there is a lion: Shehzade Mustafa, who will become his end. Rustem says that he feels sorry for him, because despite all his wars and conquests on sea, he is now drowning in a sea of dreams.
    Suleyman is on his terrace, watching Matrakci leave. Goodbye Nasuh Efendi. Suleyman goes back to his room. He cannot help but look at the diary on his desk and openes it, he sits down to read it.

    Mustafa and Mihrunissa wake up in bed and she tells him that she had dreamt about this, and he says that they are in a dream anyway. Atmaca meets with the hooded guy who asks why he didn't give him news of what happened, and why did he not prevent the wedding. Atmaca says he could not, and then the hooded guy says there is a way, and he will have to go on that way, Barbarossa is very precious to them, but they have no choice. He tells him to do away with Mihrunissa.
    Hurrem arrives to see Suleyman but he tells her that he is not in his room and does not know where he is. There is a box on Suleyman's sofa....
    Suleyman is walking with Beyazid. Beyazid: "Forgive me HUnkarim...I have once again dissapointed you. From the time I was born, I have been in my brother's shadows....I try to make myself shown, but I end up but I end up messing up." Suleyman: "You think you are in your brother's shadows?" Beyazid: "On the one hand, Mustafa...brave smart, then my brother Mehmet, your precious one, so much so that you put a throne above his grave...and then Selim who you saw fit to rule Manisa." Suleyman: "You are a part of me, just like your brothers. So much so that if you did not have this anger, you are the one who most resembles me.  You are not an orphan (who has raised himself)! I am the one who prepared your soil and planted your seed! As your father, Just like I am proud at your good behaviour and achievements, I also have to take responsibility for your mistakes, maybe perhaps I have not taught you well, or taught you wrong. Maybe I did not say it.... (he lifts his face) .. and...perhaps I have not made you feel that you are a part of my soul." This is all Beyazid has ever wanted, so he kisses his hand. (oh my, did anyone else cry here a little?) Bey: "Forgive me father!!!"

    Rustem arrives and approaches awkwardly. "Hunkarim, Just recently, word came, Kapudan Pasha, Hizr Hayreddin Pasha has died.
    Suleyman is...shocked...In his room, Suleyman sits grieving...There is a box, and Suleyman openes it...inside it, wrapped all nicely is Ibrahim's diary...Suleyman reads it until morning... and we hear Ibrahim's voice:

    "Sometimes my heart fills with hatred and pain, it comes all the way to my mouth, deep inside me, like a deep stain inside, I get doubtful. At that point I run and open up Rumi's Mesnevi (poems) to remember who I truly am. Before his light, reached me, I used to be a dead mural inside a stone wall, before his bow played on my strings, I used to always sing the same song...I used to see vineyards, gardens and trees in his hands, as wide as oceans. I see oceans with clear water. And I rest under the shade of the trees on his palm. However you cannot see any of these. I know who I am, but does he know that I am the sun? It does not matter if he does not know. I spin around the fire like a fan...I am Icarus...I am Pargali Ibrahim...I am the fan of our Hunkar, and our slave. On this path of war that we have both set out upon, we have found one another and lost one another. We have not passed through cities, roads, seasons, we have passed through lifetimes together. I turn and look behind me, all of our friendship is left behind there. I repeat this to myself over and over again, and when death comes to find me, I shall not forget."

    Suleyman goes to the terrace, his heart hurting. {Do you guys all remember the Suleyman from the first season? Standing tall, light in his eyes, full of life...and compare it to this Suleyman. Full of sorrow and grief...the hurt and pain he feels...for a moment, I thought of the real Suleyman and what he went through in his life. We all have something to say about him, but we can all at least say, he was human too. The weight of the world on his shoulders...Halit really did a good job in this episode.}
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