• Muhtesem Yuzyil Episode 113 Trailer 1

    Source: www.startv.com.tr

    Fatma: "She was listening to the Divan...our Hunkar will never forgive this...Hurrem's end has come."
    Fatma: "Wake up already Rustem...open your eyes. Step by step, Sokollu is taking your place. I am sending someone to you, accept them in your Divan, let us see what that most trusted Hurrem of yours is doing behind your back."
    Zal: "Sokollu Mehmet Pasha went to see Hurrem Sultan...they met in your room."
    Atmaca: "If you wish, let us speak somewhere else my pasha, because someone right now is listening to us secretly."
    Rustem: "What are you saying? who is listening to us?"
    Atmaca: "For a long time now, Hurrem Sultan is listening to you and the Divan from her secret room."
    Hurrem: "Do not forget your fate is loyal to mine (entwined to my fate)"
    Rustem: "From now on you and your fate is loyal to me (entwined to my fate)."
    Suleyman: "I had said that if there is one person I trust in this world, it is you."
    Hurrem: "It is still that way.."
    Suleyman: "No you are not...I have no one anymore that I can trust."

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