• Muhtesem Yuzyil Episode 110 Translation!

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    Hurrem is with a fortune teller who asks for a lock of her hair. The smoke turns into a throne with a baby on it and she asks what is going on and the fortune teller responds saying "Not I, but rather you will tell me - what do you see?"
    Suleyman is on his terrace when he recalls his dream. "Fire!' Mustafa says in it. Suleyman says: 'Oh Allah!" and the flames engulf him..
    He goes back to his room.
    Hurrem tells the fortune teller that it is enough and tells them to pack everything up. The fortune teller tells her not to be afraid because otherwise, what she fears will one day come.

    Suleyman meanwhile has taken a seat on his bed and calls for Lokman.
    Sumbul asks Hurrem "Sultanim, what did you see?" Fortune teller: "That a Shehzade will be born and that Shehzade will rule the whole Ottoman empire! The Dynasty of the Ottoman Empire will be continued with that Shehzade." "Hurrem: "Silence! Get out and don't come in front of me again!"
    Val is praying to God when Fatma arrives "Are you praying?" Val: 'Sorry, I did not notice you." Fatma: "I was worried about your health" Val: "Everything is well in your shade Sultanim...I am praying so that I can hold my child in my arms soon" Val: "I hear that Hurrem has gotten help from fortune tellers and witches...how nice...can there be a bigger witch than her?" Val: "Witch?" Fat: "How do you think she survived all these years? If withcraft was a religion, she would have been it's prophet! Ah don't be so scared woman!...Well that's  Hurrem's name is said, everyone dies! (as in people are so scared of her, when her name is said, they all pass out from fear)"
    Meanwhile Hurrem tells Fahriye to go find out from the doctor how much more is left until the child's birth. Lokman arrives to tell Hurrem that Shehzade Mustafa has been called by the Sultan. Fah: "Don't worry, don't believe the things that fortune teller said, besides Allah no one can know or see the future." Hurrem: "(what the fortune teller said) is at least a possibility Fahriye...either we accept this possibility, or we get rid of this possibility."
    Mustafa has arrived to see his father. He asks to be let in.
    Meanwhile, Barbarossa is in bed and his water stands over him "I believe that after our Shehzade explains everything our Hunkar will understand."
    Barbarossa: "No matter what the reason, a Shehzade cannot leave his Sanjak - it is especially bad while coming to the Capitol without permission" Nisa: "It is my fault, if I had listened to you, this would not have happened." Barbarossa: "Do not fall into the sea of despair, God Willing these waves of calamity shall also pass."
    In Suleyman's room, Suleyman says to his son: "An experienced Shehzade of your age cannot commit this mistake. What was your reason? You had not come simply to console Kapudan Pasha." Mustafa: "I did not come for that reason Hunkarim, in truth, I did not even know that he was ill, if I was not forced to, I would not leave my Sanjak or come to the Capitol." Suleyman: "What could have forced you?" Mustafa: "Mihrunissa Hatun, Barbarossa's daughter had to stay for a while in my sanjak. While she was returning to her villa, she was attacked, as soon as I heard the news, I went after her." Suleyman: "What business does she have in your Sanjak?" Mustafa: "Mihrunissa Hatun is my consultant...she has a lot of experience from Algeria, I ask her for her advice on state affairs." Suleyman is annoyed by this and says: "And who attacked her?" Mustafa: "Bandits attacked her. They learned that she was the Pasha's daughter and kidnapped her, threatening unless for money. I traced them to Sapanja (a place) and then I managed to dispose of the bandits and save the woman." Suleyman: "And you subsequently brought the woman to or Kapudan Pasha, is that right?" Mustafa: "Since I was this close to the Capitol I wanted to deliver her personally. I was going to come to you and explain myself. This is the whole story."
    Outside the hall, Cihangir is waiting for Mustafa. They greet each other and Cihangir says: "I learned everything from Taslicali...I do not know whether to be happy or sad about your coming here! What happened inside? Did you speak to our Hunkar? What decision did he give?" Mus: "I do not know Cihangir. I explained the incident to him, the decision is our great Hunkar's." Cih: "Come let us go to my room, I want to hear what happened." Mustafa: "If that is the case, then come with me, I have gotten permission to stay at Mihrimah's place. We will speak there. I have missed you."
    Meanwhile, Atmaca and Ali agha have gone to visit Barbarossa. Atmaca: "Our Shehzade will be staying in Mihrimah Sultan's palace. He will await the decision there." Barbarossa: "This silence is not a good sign Atmaca. Do not leave our Shehzade alone." Ali agha: "They have thrown such a stone that, it is impossible to get it out of the well. You have asked for a resignation, our Shehzade will be accused of coming to a secret visit. As if all of this wasn't enough, they have gotten the Sheyhul Islam to resign." Atmaca: "What are you saying Ali agha, no one's authority can do that!" Ali : "They were pushing him as of late, and they must have found something to force him to resign...you will love who got into his place."

     Barbie: "Ebusuud Efendi."

    Ali: "Him. As you know, him and Rustem Pasha are close (no offense, I don't see why he is saying this, because Ebusuud is more of an independent. Like the Sultan he doesn't really have sides. He doesn't plot or get involved in plots! I just feel like anyone who isn't on any side, if they even have ever smiled at Hurrem, gets a bad rap LOL.)

    Ali: "After the fleet, we also lost the position of the religious affairs. May Allah make our end good." Atmaca: "We have not lost the fleet Ali agha. Thank God our Pasha is healthy and with us, and our Hunkar is not about to make a decision about him!" Barbie: "After such an incident, do you think they will keep me in that position Atmaca? He will certainly accept my resignation!" Ali: "The edge will touch me too of course! (I will be affected) Tell us what to do Pasha hazretleri...show us the way?"
    Barbie: "Whatever the outcome of this situation will be difficult to change...I am looking for a path that will be light, but all paths are dark.  It is impossible to get out of this situation unscathed."

    In Selim's room, Nurbanu looks at herself, touches her belly and then cries. Selim: "You are crying?" Nurbanu: "Humans shed tears in happiness too...I did not ever believe that, but it has become true...I learned this in your presence. Crazy in your love, I have your male child in me...could there be a greater happiness than this?" Selim: "I want the whole empire to hear this news and sent word to the four corners. There will be animals sacrificed (given to the poor), soup kitches for the poor will be established! You have made me smile Hatun! Ask me for whatever you wish!" Nurbanu: "I only want one thing. You...and your love.
    Later Canfeda sees Dilshah sitting alone moping and asks her why she isn't eating. Dilshah says that she lost her appetite becuase "the Venetian prostitute named Nurbanu would have had her head chopped off, but now she will become a Sultana!" Canfeda: "Mind your words woman...how dare you call one of the Shehzade's harem a prostitute?" Dilshah: "Is it a lie? She does whatever in her power to trick our Shehzade...and you all are helping her. You send her to our Shehzde. You take her out of the Palace. You get her a bathtub in the hamam." Nurbanu arrives and asks what is going on and Canfeda says nothing. She tells Dilshah to go to her room and for the rest of the girls to eat their food. Nurbanu asks her if everyone knows about the pregnancy and Canfeda says yes, so Nurbanu asks why no one has congratulated her that she will have a prince! Canfeda tells her to stop calling him a prince, they will call him a shehzade and that if she wants to be liked by the girls, she needs to spend more time with them, because she does not talk to any of them at all. Nurbanu asks her if she sent word to Hurrem Sultan telling her she must know of everything.
    We see Hurrem in her room, closing a bejeweled box and handing it to Fahriye telling her it will go to the Shehzade.
    Meanwhile, Mihrimah is with her brothers Mustafa and Cihangir in her palace. Mihrimah: "

    Suleyman has asked for Sokollu who has arrived. "Our Hunkar must have not liked you coming without word, but God Willing he will understand your reasoning and not punish you." Cih: "If need be, I can also speak to him" Mustafa: "Let us close this matter. Since we are together now, let us speak of good things." Mihrimah: "Cihangir has been complaining very much since you all left and he was alone...well actually Hurichihan doesn't leave him alone." Cih: "She promised to teach me the violin." Just then, Fatma and Hurichihan arrive. They all greet each other. Fatma: "Welcome my lion...I heard about the incident late, how are you?" Mustafa: "As you see I am well. Hurichihan? we were just talking about you you were going to teach Cihangir how to play the violin?" Huri: "Our Shehzade is very talented...I am certain he will play it much better than I can." Cih: "She is exaggerating. I cannot even hold the violin properly yet!" Huri to Mustafa: "I am so happy to see you." Mustafa: "Me too." Mihrimah: 'Sultanim, you are standing, come sit." Fatma: "I was very sad that you are staying in a big palace all by yourself. But good your siblings are with you."
    Suleyman has put his seal on a letter when Sokollu arrives. "You have asked for me Hunkarim?" Suleyman: "Mehmet agha. Come close. On the one side, your service in the Palace, I still also remember your actions with our fleet during the campaign. For these reasons I made you Kapicibash (head of the aghas who protect the gates)." Sokollu: "I am always thankful for this honour you have bestowed on me Hunkarim, if I have done something wrong then -" Suleyman: "You have not agha...I want you to look into something for me. This is permission for you to enter the library of records. I want information about the Janissary aghas up until today. Where were they born, where did they grow up, when did they enter the Enderun (school in the Palace)...make a detailed report and give it to me." Sokollu: "As you command, Hunkarim, I will finish it as soon as possible." Suleyman: "Good. But keep your investigation secret, no one will know about it."
    Lokman asks Sokollu what the Sultan says and Sokollu tells him not to ask when it doesn't concern him and Lokman says that if it is something she must know he will tell her himself.
    Fatma is with Mihrimah. Fatma tells her she is worried about the Sultan's decision with Mustafa and that she heard too, that her brother is innocent. Mihrimah says that her father will make the right decision and they have nothing to do with it. Fatma asks if it was about Beyazid instead of Mustafa if she would still be so calm and Mihrimah responds that she loves her brother Mustafa very much and would not want any harm to come to him but she cannot say the same about the women around him. Fatma asks if she means she is one of those women and Mihrimah responds tha she is different, but she makes herself feel she has to be just like them (her sisters Hatice and Shah Sultan). Fatma asks what this means and Mihrimah responds that since she can remember, everyone was an enemy to her mother and their outcomes are out in the open..and for this reason it is impossible for them (fatma and hurrem) to be friends. Fatma: "Maybe we cannot be freinds, but I am not her enemy either. If that was the case, I would not have stayed away for this many years. I spent my life in pleasure, I did not even care who did what or was where...because I ran from this palace in such a way, I never wanted to look back. I was free, I saved myself. Youth is like this." Mihrimah: "Are you regretful?" Fatma: "No in fact I am happy because I only have one guide in this life...my heart. Whatever my heart wanted I followed. I am still following. Today I am here, God knows where I will be tomorrow." Mihrimah: "The spring is near your wedding is approaching." Fatma: "We do not know who will awaken tomorrow. I have a prayer...and if I don't say it five times a day then I cannot sleep in peace at night...I say "My Lord, make me well acquainted with the trouble that is love, and don't separate me from the trouble that is love."
    Fatma: "Understand the preciousness of your youth Mihrimah...don't let such meaningless arguments get you,look for love and find love..."
    Taslicali meanwhile gives the box to Mutafa. "Hurrem Sultan sent this for you." Mustafa: "She has returned our gift." There is a note: "A day will come when, like this poor scorpion, you will poison yourself because I will surround you like a fire and that day is not far!" Taslicali also reads it. Yahya: "How dare she!" Mustafa: "She is right, Taslicali. Whatever happned, I should not have come. You warned me. But my emotions took over me. But I could not do otherwise, I could not leave Nisa to her fate."
    In Beyazid's sanjak, his Lala has received the letters from the Capitol. He goes through one of them and sees Hurichihan's note :

    "Shehzadem... It seems as though centuries have passed after you have left, instead of months. Since I have not received any news from you, I have fallen into a deep sorrow... I am afraid of drowning in this sea of love... Huricihan""
    Lala is troubled and he tucks the letter in his jacket when he hears Beyazid coming, who asks if there is any news and Lala says there are letters as always and asks Beyazid about his plans to go to the market, but Beyazid has changed his mind. He says that he has made up his mind to inform his father about Selim's doings. Lala says that he thought they had an agreement, but Beyazid says that he is not one to just sit on his hands, he wants everyone to see Selim's real face and Lal says that Beyazid knows Selim very well and he will blame Beyazid for leaving his sanjak and spying. Beyazid says he is ready for that and what could be the worst that happens, would he lose Kutahya? Well then let them! Lala tries to change Beyazid's mind but Beyazid says he is not afraid of Selim's threats and let come what will!
    Hurichihan is in the room with Fatma who is getting a massage. Fatma: "What happened? Your face has fallen...or has Hurrem tried to marry you off too?" Hurichihan: "I beg your pardon?" Fatma: "I am asking what is wrong...you are unhappy? Because you did not get a reply from Beyazid?" Huri looks t Melek who obviously spilled the beans. "It seems you know about everything." Fatma: "These days I have many sad women around me..Nazenin will die without giving birth out of fear from Hurrem and you are roasting in love for Beyazid...someone should think of me...Because of Hurrem, I will be going into Mustafa Pasha's arms (her ex)" She says it would be better if she died and Melek asks her not to say such things...
    In Kutahya, Beyazid tells his Lala he has explained everything in the letter and said everything about what his brother has done and did not hide his own doings either and that the Hunkar should hear it from himself, and that they will be taken to account anyway. Lal tells him perhaps it is for the best and Beyazid tells him to give the letter to the fastest messenger and that this matter should finish as soon as possible!
    Lala goes into his office and burns both the letter Beyazid has written and the one from Hurichian to protect Beyazid.

    Sokollu arrives to meet the Sultan and Suleyman says: "How quick, Sokollu, has the investigation finished?!" Sokollu: "I am continuing but the most important part is complete, if you wish I want to submit it to you. All of the important information that you requested about The Pasha Military Division and all of the high ranking Janissary aghas is contained within this document...and on top of this, I also looked into the aghas from the Enderun who are waiting for positions in the palace - their is a list of their names, where they came from, etc." Suleyman: "Are you among them?" Sokollu" "I am happy with my position, Hunkarim..in the palace near you, it is the greatest honour for me. If there is nothing else you command -" Suleyman: "You may leave."
    Mihrimah is in her mother's room with her. Hurrem: "How much longer is Mustafa staying in your palace?" Mihrimah: "He ismy brother, he can stay for a long as he wishes. I do not see it as a problem" Hurrem: "You wouldn't anyway. You do not look into my eyes, you think he is innocent and that it is the women around him who are at fault, but it is not Mihrimah, if Mustafa does not permit, those women would never dare to attack me" Mihrimah: "If that is how you think then who gives the orders to attack my brother?" Hurrem: "What does that mean?" Mih: "No one is innocent, Validem. Just as you see yourself as right, they see themselves as right." Hurrem: "You do not understand do you? I am not the issue right now - the issue is that that beloved brother of yours meets secretly with pashas and Janissary aghas in order to take the throne eventually from your father." Mihrimah: "I learned of the matter, it is not what you think...he did it for Barbarossa's daughter..." Hurrem: "And you believed those lies? Get your head straight Mihrimah...your father faces great treachery. Mustafa has gotten the fleet and Janissaries on his side...they are getting ready for treason, but I stopped them. I showed our Hunkar their real face."
    Mustafa meanwhile is walking with Matrakci outside in Mihrimah's garden. "I have not seen you for so long, Matrakci" I have been devoted to my books, Shehzadem, if anyone can understand them, good for them...I do not go to the Palace much..." Mustafa: "Do not stay away Nasuh Efendi, our Hunkar needs loyal men around him like you." Matrakci: "What you said is difficult while Rustem is around." Mustafa: "You saw how he lost face and using a task as an excuse has been sent away from the Palace!" Matraki: "Is there any word from our Hunkar?" Mustafa: "I am waiting" Mat: "Forgive me, but how could you do this mistake...this is like buttering the enemies bread, on the one hand Kapudan Pasha, on the other Ali agha and you. Whatever our Hunkar thinks he is right...there is no explanation for such acts...it is like treason." Mustafa: "This is treason anyway!  Treason against Rustem and Hurrem Sultan!" Yavuz who stands neearby tells Mustafa that someone has come. Guards arrive telling Mustafa the Sultan has asked for him. Mustafa asks him to send word he will go. The guard says that no, the Sultan has ordered him to come along with them.
    Meanwhile, in a shadowy room, the hooded guy, who we think is Piri Reis says: "Look at our condition, all because of a woman! What is the truth behind this incident? Does our Shehzade have some feelings for this woman we don't know about?" Atmaca: "Even if he doesn'tt he woman does." Hoodie: "If that is the case, why have you not intervened?" At: "I wanted to send her away, but she did not listen. I did not persist because of our Shehzade" Someone has come, it is Yavuz, informing them that Mustafa has been taken by order of the Sultan, by the guards alone to see the Sultan. Atmaca rushes off (like what are you going to do Atmaca? Kill the Sultan if something goes wrong? lol honestly scriptwriters sheesh!).
    Suleyman is with Mustafa. He says: "Some time back, there were incidents between Ali agha and his squadron and Rustem Pasha." Mustafa: "I heard, Hunkarim" Suleyman: "I am not pleased with this kind of fighting between my statesmen. This is why I sent Rustem Pasha away so he could understand his error. I did not give any decision against Ali agha till now. He is a good soldier. He has been a worthy leader of great service. But he must also understand his error, right?" Mustafa: "I thought his name was cleared" Suleyman: "Rustem is my Grand Vizier, Mustafa, no matter what, no one can be disrespectful towards him, those who that, I am seeing them as being disrespectful towards me." Mustafa: "It is obvious you have made a decision against Ali agha" Suleyman: "Yes, I have made a decision...I called you for this anyway...to carry out my order."
    Nurbanu meets Gazanfer and tells him she does not want to stay with Dilshah in the same room anyway, she keeps eyes on her always and she is afraid she will do something when she is asleep. Gazanfer tells her that is not easy, her head would roll if she tried anything. Nurbanu says she is afraid for her baby, if she does something to her baby." Gazanfer tells her if not Dilshah someone else might, so she has to be careful always, if she is, she can rise up very high. Nurbanu tells him that she knows this, and if she has her child, the Shehzade will be more loyal to her...but she also knows that no one loves her in the palace and that if he is on her side, she will be more powerful. Gazanfer tells her he is always on her side, and she should not worry about the room, when the time comes, she will have the most beautiful room in the palace. He leaves and Nurbanu hears a puppy...
    Mustafa goes back to the gardens and meets Yahya who says: "Shehzadem..." Mustafa: "The news is not good, Taslicali. If our Hunkar had wanted my life instead it would not have been this painful." He goes off with the Janissary guards.

    Back in Selim's room, Selim asks Ghazanfer agha where he has been, as he wants to join the divan meeting. Ghazanfer says he had some work to do in the garden. Selim: "Any news from Beyazid? Has he returned to his sanjak?" Ghazanfer says that there is no news, but he must have returned. Selim: "He is unpredictable. He may end up putting this of the trial forward to my father... We must be ready for this."

    In the next scene, we see Mustafa speaking with Ali agha at the Pasha Military Division. Ali: "Welcome to our division, Shehzadem. It is an honour to see you here." Mustafa: "I have not arrived with good news..."

    We then see Cihangir hurriedly rush into Hurrem's room, informing her that his father sent Mustafa to retrieve Ali agha. Hurrem: "It is clear that our Hunkar has made up his mind... They will not get away with this."

    Back at the Pasha Military Division, Mustafa informs Ali agha that he has come to take him away, based on the orders of the Hunkar. Mustafa: "Due to the disagreement that occurred between you and Rustem Pasha, which is being used as an excuse, the real reason, Ali agha is that our Hunkar wants your head because of me..." Ali: "Shehzadem, you are the future of this amazing nation. What is my life compared to this? One Ali will die, one thousand will be born. My life and my head are sacrificed in your path!" Ali agha takes out his sword and hands it to another janissary, and agrees to leave with Mustafa. They both forgive each other and embrace...

    Back in Hurrem's room, Hurrem tells Sokullu that the Hunkar has found the most appropriate punishment for Mustafa. He agrees with her. Sokullu: "His (Mustafa) role in this is crucial... This will cause a rift between him and the janissaries. He will soon be executed." Hurrem: "I want to see the expression on Mustafa's face!"

    In the yard of the palace, Cihangir asks Mustafa what happened, that he heard that he brought Ali agha to the palace.... Ali agha is then brought to the chopping block... Hurrem is seen saying "I hope that this is a lesson for the janissaries, and that they learn their place. Otherwise, this will not be the first, or last of this type of event! Who can dare to rebel against Sultan Suleyman??

    PART 2

    Hurrem: "Who dares to betray Sultan Suleyman!" The door opens and Fatma arrives. Outside, Suleyman has arrived and takes his seat. Mustafa looks at his father and his father nods. "Are you ready guard?" He asks and the guard says he is and that the executioner awaits his command. Mustafa nods. Ali agha wants to walk to the chopping block himself. Mustafa looks at his father (will he excuse him the way Bali bey was excused?) but no, Suleyman nods. Ali agha: In the name of Allah! Allah, Allah!! My mind is clear, my breathing is clear. A bloody sword... Many have had their heads cut off at this place, none of us ever question! So be it! So be it! Our suffering and swords create great losses for our enemies! Our clear loyalty is for Shehzade Mustafa. The three's, the seven's, the fourties! For the rose-scent of our Prophet Muhammad, for his heavenly radiance! For our spiritual guide, Ali (the nephew of the Prophet Muhammad)! For our Sultan King Haji Bektash Veli (a Sufi mystic who began the Bektashi Sufi Order, which many of the janissaries followed), let us say HU! HUUUUU!!!!"

    Mustafa gives the signal as Ali gives his last "Hu". Suleyman leaves without another word. Mustafa looks at the tower where Hurrem is. Fatma: "May Allah forgive him." Hurrem: "Since when does a traitor who is beheaded by the Sultan get a prayer?" Fatma: "He did not die for being a traitor Hurrem, he died for not respecting Rustem Pasha." Mihrimah: "Isn't that enough for you? Rustem is the Grand Vizier, and at the same time my husband." Fatma: "If you think like this then everyone should be beheaded, Mihrimah! No one loves Rustem except your mother. You do not even love him" Hurrem: "Mihrimah what have you been telling Fatma Sultan?" Mih: "What should I tell Validem? It is not a secret, everyone knows how I got married."In Manisa, Nurbanu is with the puppy. A cariye arrives to tell her Selim has asked for her. She goes to him, and she tells him that the doctor checks up on her always and then she tells him she is unhappy in her room, especially since Dilshah is there, and why can't she stay with him and he says that the rules are this way and she must stay in the harem.

    Later, Dilshah enters her room and goes to look at herself when she sees something moving and finds the puppy and freaks out and starts yelling a the poor thing. Nurbanu tells Selim that if she cannot be with him, then can she have her own room, and he smiles and she adds that then she can have a nice large room, and a bathtub in her hamam and then he can visit whenever he wants. He smiles and there is a knock on the door. Nurbanu hears the sounds and jumps saying her dog and Selim asks "what are you saying, what dog?" and Nur responds: "Shehzadem if you permit" and she rushes off. Nurbanu finds Dilshah terrorizing the poor puppy. Dilshah: 'So you put it in the room!" Nur: "So?" Canfeda arrives and asks what is going on. She sees the dog. Dil: "This Italian witch brought a dog and it spoiled my clothes!" Nur: "Yes, haha he knows where to mess up!" Canfeda: "Nurbanu this cannot stay here, it is prohibited, it is not allowed." Nurbanu: "What does that mean?" Canfeda: "It means it is not good. You cannot have the puppy running around where a person might pray. It is dirty." Nur: "But in Venice we keep these in our rooms!" Dilshah: 'Did you not get it Hatun?! You are not in Venice!" Canfeda: "Dilshah! Nurbanu give the dog they are going to throw it out." Nurbanu rushes to Selim "Please Shehzadem, help me, they are going to throw my puppy out!" (isn't it soo adorable!!!!???!!) Canfeda: "Forgive me Shehzadem, I will take care of her!" Nur: "Shehzadem, when I was walking in the gardens, I found him...I took him to my room, they said it was prohibited and bad." Selim smiles. "Please let him stay with me, he will die if he is put outside." Selim: "If you want him that much, then get a specific room for him in the palace...he can stay." Canfeda: "My Shehzade, how can this be...the rules?" Canfeda complies.

    Beyazid is writing a letter: "It has been months since I returned to my sanjak. There is a voice inside me which I cannot get rid of... It is as if I am still standing in the middle of that bazaar, busy with thoughts of you..." Then his Lala arrives. Beyazid: "Shehzadem, why is there no news yet Lala, the letter I sent to our Hunkar should heave reached him long ago." Lala: "I do not know...we will wait." Beyazid: "Could they have intersected my letter to prevent it from reaching him?" Lala: "Yes, they could. If Hurrem Sultan found out about it, she could have taken care of it."

    Rustem meanwhile has arrived in the Capitol again and meets with Zal Mahmut. Rustem: "While I was absent, many tasks have befallen you, I have gotten news." Zal: "I did whatever I could within my power, my Pasha." Rustem: "Good, is Mihrimah Sultan well?" Zal: "She is in her room, waiting for you." Rustem looks at his palace and ten goes towards it. He enters Mihrimah's room. "Mihrimah!" he hugs her, and does not notice Hurrem." Hurrem: "Rustem?" Rustem: "Sultanim, forgive me, I did not know you were here." Hurrem: "We have been waiting long for you." Rustem: "I had you both in my thoughts always." Hurrem: "I am going to return to the Palace. Shouldn't you had first visited the Sultan?" Rustem: "I will go, as soon as I see my wife and child." Hurrem: "I will wait outside." She exits. Rustem: "Mihrimah coldly says," Mihrimah: "Humasha and I were worried about your condition."

    Meanwhile, Cihangir is with his brother outside. "This punishment was not good at all. Our Hunkar has made the Janissaries unhappy..." Mustafa: "The Janissaries are not unhappy with our Hunkar, no one would dare, but the actual one behind these incidents is Rustem Pasha." Cihangir: "Rustem has risen up so high despite being one unfit for that...if it wasn't for my mother's support of him, he would have fallen long ago! I know everything brother...because no one sees me on the path to the throne, I hear many things. I see many things."Then Rustem arrives. Mustafa: "So you have returned." Rustem: "I came with the permission of God and by our Sultan's order. While I was away such things have happened, I have to take care of them" Mustafa: "This Great Nation is not without its protectors, Pasha! Peace is kept by following our laws, not with force!" Rustem: "Your advice always lights my way Shehzadem, with your permission, the Sultan awaits me."

    Hurrem asks Fahriye when Mustafa will be leaving, if she has heard anything. Fahriye tells her there is no word. Hurrem says that he has stayed too long and and that she is worried he is trying to poison her children against her. Fahriye says that it is not that easy to do that. Hurrem says hopefully they will be at least rid of Fatma Sultan, and asks if everything for the wedding is ready. Fahriye says that she needn't worry, it is taken care of. Hurrem asks how much longer till Val gives birth and Fahriye says that the midwife said two months...then she asks what will they do if it is a boy? Hurrem gets thoughtful and this is when she sees Mustafa and Cihangir together.Rustem is in the Sultan's room. He tells the Sultan that as the Sultan had ordered, he visited the sanjaks surrounding the border and he has written about it in his report, which he will also supply.

    Suleyman is pleased with this, and asks if he got news about Ferdinand and Charles, asking if they are causing any trouble. Rustem says the soldiers report some incidents, but because of the treaty, the incidents are nothing major, but he says he has heard not so great things about the French King. Suleyman asks what happened? Rustem says that they are saying that King Ferdinand is ill and the condition could be serious. Suleyman orders Rustem to send a messenger at once to the French King and find out what is wrong. He then asks Rustem if he heard about the things that happened in the Capitol while he was away. Rustem replies that he has and that he is in awe of the Sultan's justice but he says he is wondering who is choosing to replace Barbarossa? Suleyman says he is not about to make any decisions on that matter. Rustem replies that the Sultan knows best, but that they need to have a new Captain of the Sea in order to maintain their strength on the seas.

    Hurrem goes to see Cihangir, and tells him to return to his room and she will go later. Hurrem to Mustafa: "When are you going back to your Sanjak? Mahidevran will worry about you." Mustafa: "Our Hunkar has asked me to stay for a bit longer. And I am spending this precious time with my siblings." Hurrem: "It is true, every breath you take is precious. God forbid, in Ali agha's place it could have been you." Mustafa: "I see you have started dreaming." Hurrem: "I know these things don't happen this easily. But what happens from this point on is important. Doubt is like a wolf, once it starts to bother someone, it will eat that person up from the inside... Especially if the matter is about loyalty! How do you think Ibrahim Pasha was executed?"Mustafa: "The other day you throw an arrow at me and had an innocent woman and my child killed. Is this your dark shadow of loyalty? Do whatever you want, you cannot escape your future. the day will come when your fate will rest between my two lips!"

    Later ,in the harem, there is a party. Gulfem tells Fatma that she thought she would be unhappy, but she looks happy about the wedding. Fatma says well, if she is to be married, she might as well make merry and that the world is just a few days. Afife arrives and Fatma asks if she distributed the wealth. Hurrem and Mihrimah watch from above. Mihrimah: "Fatma Sultan is like a new bride, very excited."  Hurrem: "They didn't give her the nickname of the fun-loving joyful Sultan for no reason. But I did not expect her to be this excited..." Mihrimah: "It is clear she has something up her sleeve. Do you think she will try to find a way to stay in the Palace." Hurrem: "Her marriage is complete - she has to go. Otherwise I will ruin her reputation."  Mihrimah: "There is little time left for the birth...look at the woman, her belly is up to her nose!"

    Meanwhile, Mustafa Pasha is thanking Suleyman that because of him, his marriage has taken place and he can once again be happy. Suleyman asks when they will go back to Antakya. Mustafa Pasha says that Hurrem has prepared the Marble Palace for them, and within a day or two, they will head back to Antakya. Suleyman is happy. There is a knock and Mustafa and Cihangir have arrived. They also sit down to eat.

    Meanwhile Sumbul has gone to see Cevher. Cev: "I swear all I think about is you...could I want anything else?" Sumbul: "I could not handle  missing you!" Cevher: "No one saw you coming right?" Sumbul says no, and Cevher tells him he must be hungry and to come eat the tasty meal she has prepared for him. Sumbul says he can't say no. But then there is a knock at the door, and they freak out, she asks who might have seen him to come knocking and tells him to hide. Yavuz has come. She tells him to keep quiet and not enter cause Sumbul is inside. He says he will come later. She goes back inside and Sumbul tells him - when he asks if she is hiding something from him - that the she owes the landlord money, he gave her sometime and if she doesn't pay she will be thrown out. Sumbul says look at how sad you are. He says they will look into a solution. Then he embraces her.

    Mustafa goes to see his father on the terrace and asks if he can leave tomorrow after prayer. Suleyman says that after he attends the Divan, then he may leave, because he will be appointing a new Janissary agha, since the Janissaries love him so much. Mustafa: "Hunkarim, I get my strength from your love and command. If the whole army came and fell at my feet, this would never change." Suleyman: "Childhood, youth has finished Mustafa, now you are a mature, experienced Shehzade. You must be careful of who you keep in contact with. For example Barbarossa...if you make her daughter your consultant then of course this looks bad to someone else...it looks like you are taking actions with him" Mustafa: "Forgive me, but our Pasha's loyalty to you is known by everyone, I do not think they would think such things." Suleyman: "You will think it Mustafa...as a Shehzade you will think of all possibilities."

    Nurbanu and Selim are outisde. Selim asks Nurbanu what the stars are saying . She says that she will give him a shehzade, and that they will never be separate and that they will go as high as the stars. He asks if the stars say this, or her. She asks if she is not his star? He says he is happy here in his current state, he does not need anything more. Selim: "When I am not here, this rose, this tall, slender beauty is not here... These red lips, this beautiful smelling wine is not here... Mornings, evenings, happiness is not here..." Nurbanu: "Did you write this?" Selim: "I did not... I haven't been to write properly for quite some time..." Nurbanu: "Well I didn't like it anyway... Whoever wrote it clearly didn't have me in their life... See, I am here, beside you..." Selim says let us go inside. They stand and Nurbanu asks a cariye to take her puppy inside.

    Mustafa is in Barbarossa's cabin to meet Mihrunissa. Nisa: "All of this happened because of me. If I had never come to Amasya, I would have not fallen to the hands of oppressors, nor would you have come here. None of these could have happened." Mustafa: "I am not regretful of anything. Some things that happen change a person, and sometimes feelings do, and sometimes both. For years I was in a cacoon, and I was someone else, but now it is as if I have left the cacoon..I am someone else...this love has awoken me." Nisa: "These words are as beautiful but I cannot be ready to let you throw yourself in danger and walk in fire. I am not the only one giving their heart to you - there are thousands of people on your path, I cannot place my love as superior to theirs." Mustafa: "Do not think of anything. Come with me, there will be a way. We will find a way." Nisa: "I cannot, I won't. This is the best for both of us. There is no path where we can both walk...there can never be." Mustafa: "Mihrunissa...." Mustafa leaves and Mihrunissa and Atmaca are alone.
    Atmaca: "Mihrunissa hatun..." Nisa: "Do not worry Atmaca, I spoke to our Shehzade. This was our last meeting." At: "I did not want this to happen this way...but we cannot get into this danger once again." Nisa: "He wanted me to go with him...but I said no...against my whole heart and soul...what kind of grief is this Atmaca?" At: "What is written in your destiny, that is what you are living...neither I nor anyone else can change this. Do not be sad."
    In the marble palace, Mustafa pasha enters the room where Fatma is sitting. "Sultanim. What beauty is this, dear Lord!" Fatma: "You waited so long for our marriage and did the waiting did not change things?" Mustafa Pasha: "Well, I was shocked to tell you the truth...you were so against it and now once again we are together." Fatma: "Well, it isn't a lie, if it was in my hands I would not have married...bit since it happened, then why not take advantage of it's blessings, right?" Ew, he approaches her and she pulls away and he is frustrated, but he tries again, she pulls away, she distracts him. "Not yet...first, let us enjoy. I have had all this laid out for the night! This has 41 spices in it.." She feeds him one by one of the sweets. She keeps saying no to him and tries feeding him. She feeds him Baklavas and drinks and the only thing she eats is grapes.
    In the morning, Nurbanu is being led by Canfeda. She tells Canfeda that the nausea is not passing at all. Canfeda tells her this happens in pregnancy and that she should take care of her eating and drinking, and that it would be better if she does not spend the nights with Selim. Nurbanu says no, because then other cariyes will go to him. Canfeda says well I told you! The rest is up to you. Nurbanu goes to see her dog wondering how it is still asleep. She sees that her dog is dead.
    Fatma stands up, looks back and then asks the aghas to come as her husband is not breathing. The aghas check and her husband is dead. She prays to God asking how she could be such an unlucky woman!
    Canfeda and the cariyes have gathered to watch Nurbanu. Canfeda: "Look, it was not allowed anyway, maybe we can get you a kitten?" Nurbanu gives her a look. Nurbanu says they poisoned it." Dilshah: "May it pass...your pain is great...we should send word to the kitchen to make helwa (when someone passes, they make a sweet dish made from flour to distribute for the poor.) Nurbanu: "You did it, didn't you! You killed him! You were the one who didn't want it. I will kill you, how could you do this!" Nurbanu tries to attack Dilshah.

    Hurrem is in her room when Sumbul enters. She asks him what is wrong. She says it looks like he has seen the dead and what is wrong. Sumbul tells her Fatma Sultan's husband has died. When she asks if he was poisoned, he says no but she still killed him, and that Mustafa Pasha ate the candies and sweets (lots of them) and now we know what happened...he also adds that he is old so...Hurrem laughs crazily and then laughs responds: "One should fear Fatma Sultan...If I thought for forty years, I would not have imagined this...but this is a crime that befits her!" Fahriye: Now that she is a window, she is going to stay in the Palace." Hurrem: "That was her purpose anyway...and she killed the poor man!" She can't stop laughing.
    Selim is trying to console Nurbanu. "It happened, Nurbanu, it's done with." Nur: "He was my only friend in the palace...and they killed him." He asks why, and she says they didn't like him. No one wanted him around. Dilshah did it! Tomorrow she will poison me too!" Selim: "You leave her now, what can I do to make you happy?" Nurbanu: "I want my own room Selim...but only my own. Dilshah will not stay with me, she should even be sent away from the Palace, I don't want her around!" Selim: "I will get them to get a room ready for you..and just the way you want it." Nur: "Dilshah?" Selim: "Like the other cariyes, her place is in the harem...you and me, we shall look after the child in your belly."
    Fatma is being "consoled" by Afife and then Suleyman arrives. She tells her not to be so sad. Fatma and her tears :P Suleyman consoles her, and Fatma looks at Hurrem. "What would I do if you weren't here? I am alone." Suleyman: "What kind of talk is that...I am here...this is your palace too...you can stay as long as you wish." Fatma: "Thank you." Hurrem: "I cannot find words to comfort you for this great pain Sultanim..May God give you patience, and give you strength to withstand it." Fatma: "Amin, Hurrem...you also wanted us to get together so much..but this is fate...once again it was written for us to be separated."
    Outside the Divan, Rustem is speaking to Sokollu, asking how he found all those documents to get Fenerizade to resign. Sokollu says that it was very difficult, anyone who is overzealous can do it. Rustem says this is good, and that Hurrem also complimented him greatly. Suleyman arrives with Mustafa.
    In the Divan, Suleyman is seated and Ferhat agha arrives and Suleyman tells him that from his point on, he is the Janissary agha. Ferhat says he will try to work his best to serve him. Suleyman tells him his sword of justice will always be over his head and not to forget that the Janissaries only serve him (he raises an eye towards Mustafa). Suleyman continues and tells Ferhat that what happened to Ali agha should be a lesson to him and everyone else.
    Fatma is with Valeria, who tells her she is very happy she is not going to go and Fatma says she will be happy when she gives birth to a son. Fatma tells her to stay in her room from now on, as they are not sure what Hurrem can do. Hurichihan comes and sits with Fatma who tells her she is so beautiful and if only Beyazid could see her. Hurichihan tells her not to worry as she is grieving and Fatma says life continues and that she wants her to ask Cihangir to want to go see Beyazid and she could go too.
    Taslicali arrives to see Mustafa, he says a Janissary has come to see him Yakup agha. Mustafa tells him he can come and Yakup enters. Mustafa asks what the problem is and why he wants to see him? Yakup says that the janissary corps is unhappy. That the execution of Ali agha and the appointment of Ferhat agha has made them all uneasy, that they have no patience to bear the wrongs that have been done towards the Janissary corps and himself (Mustafa). They say their patience has broken stone. He says the Janissaries are ready to get him his right to the throne, and one word is from Mustafa is enough. Mustafa slaps and scolds him asking him if he hears what is coming out of his mouth! He asks who is he to approach Sultan Suleyman's son with such a proposition?! He says how could he even think he would betray his father?! Yakup apologizes but Mustafa continues saying that he would rather die with his honour, than get on the throne by betrayal and treason, he says he will not have mercy if he comes to him once more with such a proposal again! Get out of my sight!
    Meanwhile, Zal is telling Rustem saying that two soldiers are with Mustafa, named Atmaca and Yavuz. Rustem says that of course after the assassination attempt, he would of course want to protect himself. Hurrem arrives and asks Rustem who Ferhat agha is. Rustem says he does not know, but that Sokollu gave the Sultan the list and recommendations of who should be picked. Hurrem says that their enemies are falling into their own traps. Ali agha is dead, Fenerizade is gone and Barbarossa is not in a position. Rustem says the replacement for Barbarossa is important, and tells him to pursue the matter.

    Cihangir goes to Hurichihan who is reading. He startles her. She says she was waiting for him. She asks if he is bored within the palace walls just like her. She says they say a change of place is good. She says if they could go somewhere. He asks where?

    Suleyman is talking to Yakup agha (it is clear he sent him as a test). who tells him what happened and he saved himself by great difficulty, he could have lost his head.
    Sumbul speaks to Cevher in her house. He hands her a key and he says it is better than hearing gossip and at least she will have a house now. She says that even her parents did not take care of her this way. He says you had a life before me, but now that book is closed now.He tells her that this gift has no meaning beside even one of her glances!
    Hurrem is with Cihangir who is asking his mother if he can go to Kutahya to Beyazid. She tells him they can both go together later. He says he doesn't want to wait, and since he never will have his own Sanjak...Hurrem says well if I allow you, our Hunkar won't...but then Fahriye brings a letter from Nurbanu and Cihangir goes away...
    Mihrimah is in her bath. She looks at herself, and recalls Fatma's words telling her that she should realize the worth of her youth and beauty. Rustem arrives and sits down. He says: "This long journey made me so tired...I was coming so quickly, I wasn't sure that I would make it here." Mih: "You are here now." Rustem: "At least your reputation did not suffer!" He is about to leave, and she massages his shoulders. Mihrimah: "Would you like me to wash you?"
    Hurrem is so happy that Nurbanu is pregnant. She tells Fahriye to spread the word. Fatma arrives just then. Hurrem said she wanted to speak to Fatma after her grieving was over. Fatma asks her why she wants to get rid of her when she brings so much colour to her life and in the life that is so short and while there is love, why should there be war? Hurrem tells her that she will not tell her secret. Fatma says that she could not anyway since the Pasha is dead so there is no one to prove it. She says she saw Cihangir who just got permission from the Sultan and that Hurichian will go too. Hurrem wonders why Huri is going and Fatma says that that is what Cihangir wanted.
    Cihangir and Hurichihan arrive in Kutahya. The two brothers meet and then Cihangir says there is one more person to see...and Beyazid sees Hurichihan and is speechless. Hurichihan says she is happy to see him again and Beyazid asks the aghas to tell the kalfa to get a room ready for her.

    Then, we see Mustafa enter Mahidevran's room. Mahidevran: "I prayed so much for your safety!" Mustafa: "Your prayers were accepted..." Mahi: "I'm sure what you did did not impress our Hunkar. I'm sure that lowly Hurrem whispered many things into his ear." Mustafa: "I'm not sure about that... but every pain I have lived through has added to my experiences... I have once again learned this..."
    Hurichihan asks Beyazid if she got his letter and he said what letter, but he wrote one to her.

    Meanwhile, Matrakci is asked by Suleyman to go around the Sankaks of the Shehzade's and check out everything, about everything they do, what they are doing in their Sanjaks. their Lala's, even the people and what they have to say about them. He says he is allocating some money for him for this duty. He then tells him that wants one thing from him, to be brutal with his report - tell him everything that is going on, good and bad, and that he will become his eyes and ears.  
     Back at the palace, Fahriye rushes into Hurrem's room and wakes her up urgently... Fahriye: "Nazenin is giving birth!" Hurrem: "Bring me my clothes! Did you guys bring the baby girl that was found?" Fahriye: "It's too late for that Sultanim, Sumbul is still on the road..." Hurrem: "Fatma Sultana took Nazenine into her own room." Hurrem: "I knew she would interfere in this matter! Bring me my clothes!"

    In Fatma's room, Nazenine is giving birth, and Fatma tells her to yell so that the entire palace can hear her giving birth! The midwife asks Fatma Sultana if she wouldn't mind leaving the room to make the process easier... Fatma lashes back and asks her if Hurrem Sultan put her up to this. Midwife: "Of course not..." Fatma: "I won't move from this spot until this baby is born, God forbid, you will stop its breathing!" 

    Back in Amasya, Mahidevran is telling Fidan that Mustafa must have understood now that he cannot have a relationship with Mihrunnisa. Fidan: "I do believe he must have removed his thoughts about her..." Mahi: "You heard what happened to Hurrem, right? After so many years, another hatun is on the scene! I wish I could be there to witness the birth and Hurrem's face..." We then see Nisa enter Mustafa's room, he welcomes her inside and she says that in their last meeting, he told her that there would definitely be a way for them to meet, one way or another.

    We see Cihangir excitedly waking up from his bed and walking to Huricihan's bedroom. He is shyly waiting in front of her door, about to knock on it, doubting himself, when he hears some footsteps and moves to a corner of the hallway, hidden. Then, we see Beyazid come and knock on her door. The two of them stare at each other lovingly and he kisses her hand and enters her room. Cihangir looks shocked and heartbroken. 

    Back in Mustafa's room, Nisa kisses his hand. He asks if Barbarossa responded to his letter, and if she came here with his blessing. We see a flashback, where Barbarossa is reading the letter from Mustafa: "Pasham, I think you must be aware of the situation... Mihrinnisa hatun is very valuable to me, not just as your daughter, but because she has given me life once again after many years. I know the customs, but such a point is coming where one cannot accept the customs anymore... As such, I would like to respectfully ask for your daughter's hand in marriage. I have taken all of the dangers in consideration, and I am definitely sure about this..." Back in Mustafa's room, Nisa says: "Did you still not understand? My father has already sent you his response... it is standing right in front of you. I am here with his permission." Mustafa: "You know what will happen after this, right? You will lawfully be my wife... nobody is to know about this except you, me, my mother and Taslicali. Are you willing to agree to this?" Nisa: "As long as you are beside me, I am willing..." They kiss and he tells her to return to her room and wait for word from him.

    In the Sultan's room, Afife informs him that the birth has begun. 

    Hurrem is then seen pacing and is worried that a Shehzade will be born. She says that if necessary, she will force Fatma Sultan out of the room. 

    In the next scene, the Sultan is seen entering Fatma's room to witness the birth, and Hurrem sees him enter the room, and hold his new baby in his arms. Hurrem watches, left out...She looks devastated, as the doors close shut...
    THE END. 
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