• Muhtesem Yuzyil Episode 112 Translation

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    The harem cariyes, and women are praying for Barbarossa. Hurrem: "So many people loved the Pasha." Mihrimah: "May Allah forgive his soul" Hurrem: "Ameen" Mih: "What happened mother?" Hur: "While there are so many women trying to dig holes for each other...one of the women will definitely end up falling in." Then, a woman starts reciting from the Qur'an.
    Meanwhile, Suleyman and all the men stand in front of the coffin:

    "In my youth I saw death as saying goodbye to the world...who wishes to go to their death? Those of you who see death stay far away...those of you who see resurrection, die quickly. One sees Joseph (Joseph was extremely handsome) and bids farewell to his life, everyone's death is in their own colour...enemies to enemies...and friends to friends."

    The canons are shot in the distance.

    Later, in Hurrem's room. Hurrem: "One of ours should become the head of the Fleet Mihrimah. This opportunity has come to our feet, we cannot let pass." Mih: "The Pasha had many a Reis. The one who is the most experienced will probably get it." Hurrem: "I am fearing this...if someone like Barbarossa comes in, then our situation will become dire." Mihrimah: "Rustem will take care of it." Hurrem: "We shall see...but I am actually worried about you...you and Rustem." Mihrimah: "What happened mother?" Hurrem: "You will tell me that...from what I hear, you are sleeping separate?" Mihrimah: "Rustem told you?!" Hur: "You forget I have eyes everywhere." Mih: "For a long time now he is stressed...I just did not want to get into meaningless arguments with him." Hurrem: "He has lived through a lot...as his wife you should support him...with all the problems we all have, we should not look for more."

    Fatma: "Mihrimah is coming to the point...if she were to throw Rustem out the door, do not be surprised." Mahi: "While Hurrem is around, it will be difficult, she will prevent it." Fatma: "She is busy with her own troubles." Mahi: "We are too...we just gave our biggest friend to the ground." Fatma: "May his place be heaven." Mahi: "The fleet's most powerful Reis-es are with us. Especially Targut Reis..it is important for him to become the Captain of the Sea. we need your help for this too." Fatma: "I will do all that is in my power. God Willing our Hunkar will give the right decision."
    Nurbanu comes across annoying Val. Nurbanu: "You are still here?!" Val: "I am thankful for this to you....without knowing you have a done a great thing...I gave our Hunkar a child...I am a Sultana." Nur: "I heard Valeria...you gave birth to a girl." Val: "Nazenin. Today a girl...tomorrow a boy...I am the Hunkar's gozde adn you are a mere Shehzade's gozde...From now on you will bow before me. You call me Sultanim Cecilia!" Nur: "Don't have dreams greater than the size of your neck! You will stay low." Val: "You can see my dreams before you...I am very wealthy now...I have a room, clothes, money, jewels" Nur: "We had a word back home if you recall...the foolish will part with their wealth very quickly. 
    In the gardens, Beyazid, Cihangir and Mustafa are together. Beyazid: "We have all had our mistakes...but our Hunkar why doesn't our Hunkar see Selim's faults?" Cih: "Our Hunkar removed Selim's Lala from his position after what happened...and the complaint has been reopened in court." Mustafa: "This is not a punishment Cihangir...Our Hunkar simply wants Selim to follow justice." Beyazid: "If I were him, I would have exiled him for sure!" Cihangir: "You say that, but our Hunkar just forgave you the other day." Mustafa: "What happened?" Cih: "He came without permission to the Capitol and on top of this, with Hurichihan he -" Bey: "Cihangir!" Cih: "After the whole world knows you want to hide it from Mustafa? Say it...you are in love with Hurichihan and you came because of her." Mustafa: "You know the rules Beyazid...this relationship will never be allowed." Beyazid: "I know brother...I should not have come...but I could not stop myself...Hurichihan is now very sad because of me" Selim arrives: "What did you do to make Hurichihan unhappy? Ohh what happened why is everyone silent all of a sudden? Or is it because I came?"
    Fahriye: "Where are you going?" Hurichihan: "Do I owe you an explanation?!" Fahriye: "Never, I would never dare but seeing you near Shehzade Beyazid's room...I hope you do not have the intention of meeting him" Huri: "I wanted to see Cihangir." Fahriye: "He is not in his room...Sultanim, you know the incidents...I think it would be better for you to stay away from our Shezades."
    Mustafa: "It was nothing important...we were just talking...you come join us." Selim: "If I am bothering someone I can leave." Beyazid: "Stop it Selim...I am already troubled, don't you add to it all now." Cih: "We were wondering who our father would choose because choosing a new Commander of the Sea is important....who do you think it will be?" Selim: "Whoever our Hunkar chooses." Beyazid: "right, what a good suggestion...is this how you govern Manisa too? I saw how you handle affairs in Manisa." Selim: "What is this anger for Beyazid? Because you fell into the well you dug yourself?" Bey: "I just wanted to get the truth out in the open...but there was no need...our Hunkar learned of it all...you took a poor man's life...then you threatened the wife and bought her with money...and just for the merchant telling the truth." Mustafa: "Beyazid calm down." Selim: "And what can be said about you then? You come like an enemy sneaking into Manisa...I am sure you must have told the merchant to speak like that...anyway this is your goal to lower me in front of everyone's eyes you do everything you can." Bey: "You aren't in anyone's eyes to begin with anyway...our father sent you to Manisa to learn how to be a man...I am sure he is already quite regretful of his decision." Selim: "Be careful of your words Beyazid!" Bey: "And what if I am not? You will kill me just like you killed that poor merchant?" Selim: "If you say one more word, you will see what will happen." Beyazid: "the one who fears you, will be like you!" Mustafa: "Enough already! Beyazid Selim, stop! What are you doing?! Selim, you know Beyazid's temperament...don't push him for no reason." Selim: "So I am at fault?!" Mustafa: "We know about the story he was telling us Selim...just accept that you did not behave the way a Shehzade should." Cih: "True, and instead of being ashamed of it, you are attacking Beyazid." Selim: "Before you lecture me, go look in the mirror all of you...I know exactly who has done what!" Mustafa: "Sit! Don't test my patience!" Suleyman is watching everything from above, annoyed.
    Yavuz and Atmaca go to Barbarossa's house to give condolences to Nisa, who tells them she has only a few people left now in this world she can trust and they two are among those few.
    Meanwhile Rustem is in his palace, when Sokollu arrives to speak to him. Sokollu: "There is an important matter we must discuss." Rustem: "hurry, I have no time." Sok: "Did our Hunkar give a decision about who to appoint as the Kaptan of the Sea? Rustem: "No, not yet, and what has you so concerned?" Sok: "just now, he is meeting with Piri....I think it might be about this matter." Rustem: "I know already...Piri Reis is a great naval man and scholar. On top of this, he is not our enemy. He was the first to congratulate me in my Viziership. Sok: "Then you recommended him." Rus: "No I did not...but whoever takes the Kaptan position has to be an experienced, powerful sea man, otherwise we will pay for it later.' Sok: "I think the same...for this reason, I gave some names to our Hurrem Sultan." 
    Suleyman: "No one can escape God's Arrow Piri Reis...one day we shall go..." Piri: "May God not take you away from us" Sul: "Ameen. As you know, it is important for our state affairs to continue...at the soonest opportunity, I will appoint a new Commander of the fleet. You have been on the seas since the time of my grandfather Beyazid! You are famous for your feats, and the books you have written. I wish to first hear your recommendation." Piri: "You honour me, Hunkarim.." Suleyan: "If Barbarossa was a lion of the sea, you are it's scholar...say what is in your heart." Piri: "You know the best of course, losing such a powerful Head of the Fleet in a moment has made us all very sad, but the Christian world very happy." Suleyman: "For years he was their dreaded nightmare." Piri: "Yes...for this reason, keeping everything going the same is important...amongst the Reis-es, we need one who is on the same path as the Pasha, experienced, and powerful.
    Turgut Reis comes across Mustafa in the gardens outside Barbarossa's house: "I came to visit the family of our Pasha." Mustafa says he has also come for the same reason. Turgut: "Condolences to all of us...Our Pasha had wished to one day see you at the head of our mighty empore." Mustafa: "It wasn't destined." Mustafa: "Turgut Reis, I wish to see you as the head of our fleet after our Pasha, on him be mercy." Turgut: "You honour me, Shehzadem" Mustafa goes to the house with Taslicali.  Atmaca tells Yavuz to stay with Mustafa, and he wonders  why, but Atmaca tells him not to ask questions, he will know as much as he needs to know when he needs to know it.
    Hurrem is speaking with Rustem telling him her concerns about the choosing of a new head of the fleet, telling him they need to find out about Turgut Reis. Rustem asks her about the names that Sokollu has recommended to her. Hurrem says they are all worthy of the position. Rustem says he will look into it too and give her some information about the names. Hurrem says she has no need, because she has already chosen someone - Sokollu, because she says he is a smart and talented man and that he has a past with the fleet, and that most importantly, he has proven he is loyal to them. Rustem asks where all ofa  sudden she thought of him and Hurrem says that he has been on her mind for a while now, and that even Rustem himself had said he was very powerful. Rustem says yes but, and then Hurrem cuts him off telling him that Rustem is the one she has chosen and that also the Sultan is pleased with Sokollu a great deal as well.
    Mustafa is with Mihrunissa. Mustafa: "I do not know how true it is...but a person reaches maturity when their father dies." Mihrunissa: "I wish it didn't happen...I was happy to stay as his little girl. I never thought myself so alone before..." Mustafa: "I am here. I am here to give you strength and make you forget your loneliness, our fates are tied now together." 
    Hurrem is with Selim in her room: "You have fought again with your brother today...it is time to end this animosity with Beyazid." Selim: "Don't say this to me, say this to him mother..because he is the one who secretly came to my Sanjak and complained to our Hunkar!" Hurrem: "But you also do stay under him...I know about the letter you wrote to your father about him" Beyazid arrives. Beyazid: "Seems like you complained again." Selim: "That is your specialty!" Hurrem: "If anything, at least do not do this in front of my eyes. I do not care who is right, who is wrong. This fighting is going to end tonight. Whatever happened, happened. It will stay in the past." Beyazid: "That is impossible...you have called us in vain." Selim: "For once I agree with Beyazid...as you see it is impossible even to speak to him" Selim leaves.
    Hurrem: "Beyazid...I see you have taken Selim as your competitor, but do not...your actual competitor is Shehzade Mustafa. Learn already, who is a friend, who is an enemy!" Bey: "I know my friends and my enemies very well Validem...you do not get involved in this issue."
    Mustafa: "When our Hunkar got the word about Beyazid's coming to the Capitol what punishment did he give him?" Cih: "He prohibited him from meeting Hurichihan" Mustafa: "That is all?" Cih: "For a man in love what other punishment could there be?" Mus: "Yes, but how strange our Hunkar's justice is...When I came to the Capitol he made me take Ali Agha's head." Cih: "Our Hunkar saw this kind of punishment suitable for you because around you you have the ones you love and love you and they are states men." Mustafa: "Soon even they might not be around...the ones I trust the ones I value are one by one leaving me" Cih: "You do not have to be this hopeless...The Janissaries are still with you, and the the Reis-es and the Beys. Oh and me too." Mustafa: "Your support and presence is the most important my brother."
    Hurrem is with Suleyman. Hurrem: "Tell me your problems...tell me so that you can be purified inside...tell me so that you remember that you are not alone." Suleyman: "I am thinking about my sons Hurrem...Mustafa, Selim, Beyazid...they are making such mistakes that I am no longer blaming them, I am blaming myself. Every decision I have ever made, every word I have ever said one of them is happy, and the other is sad, if one is content, the other is not." Hurrem: "It is impossible to make them all happy Suleyman...only in time will they see the good and the meaning of the decisions you have made." Suleyman: "You think so?" Hurrem: "You may know of the story of Moses and Khidr. When you are stuck between two paths, when you do not know which you will go on, remember them...it will be good for you." Suleyman: "If that is the case, then tell me. I wish to hear it from your sweet tongue too."
    Hurrem telling the story of Moses and Khidr: "Moses and Khidr set out on a boat together. The owners of the ship do not take any money from them for this. Khidr tells Moses to be patient and not to ask any questions while on the path. And then a sparrow comes and perches on the corner of the boat and drinks some water from the sea. Khidr takes apart some of the wooden planks from the boat and Moses is surprised at this and asks him "is this how you respond to goodness (ie.the boat owners did not ask them for money). and then he tells him to be patient. Then they finally reach land and randomly come across a boy and Khidr kills the boy. Moses cannot help himself, and blames Khidr for killing an innocent person. Khidr tells him "Did I not tell you not to ask questions?!" They keep going on their path and they find a wall that is about to fall. Khidr repairs the wall and Moses asks him why he is engaging in a pointless task. Khidr finally says that it is to go their own ways because he is too impatient and explains his actions: "I wanted to show the boat as looking old and used because there is a corrupt king on the shore who confiscates nice boats. I killed the boy because when he grows up he would have oppressed his mother and father. And when it comes to the wall, they belong to two orphans, when they grow older they will find a treasure underneath it, so the wall must stay strong until that day. Moses at that time finally understood it all. There is a good in everything bad and a bad in everything good, every blessing has sadness and ever sadness has blessing...and nothing is what it seems. Suleyman, do not wait for your kids to comprehend all of your decision. Whatever you think is correct, decide that way." Suleyman: "Hurrem...Kapudan Pasha's death made me think of my own death...being alone...but this sweet tongue of yours your eyes full of light took all that away...if there is one person I trust in my life, it is you Hurrem."
    (Note:  According to Islamic literature, Moses asked God if he was the most knowledgeable human being but God told him that there was a person much more knowledgeable than him whose name is Khidr. Moses implored to meet him. So God allowed the meeting and upon meeting Khidr, Khidr told Moses that he can travel with him to learn of his wisdom, but will not ask any questions or become impatient until the he can explain, otherwise there journey will end. Moses asks questions three times (the boat, the boy and the wall) and finally Khidr says that it is time for them to part ways because he (Moses) will never stop asking questions. Before he leaves he explains his wisdom behind his actions.)
    Atmaca meets Piri Reis (hooded man) on a boat, and says that since Barbarossa is dead, that Mihrunissa really is not an issue of danger anymore, and that does he really still want her dead? Piri says that his trouble is not with Mihrunissa hatun, but that marriage for a Shehzade is prohibited, a small little flame can burn the whole the thing down. Atmaca tells him that the Shehzade is not going to leave her so Piri says since it is about the future of the Ottoman state, there is no other choice and he orders Atmaca to kill Nisa.
    Suleyman is with Rustem. Suleyman: "Everyone is pointing to Turgut Reis, what do you think?" Rustem: "Turgut Reis resembles our Pasha, mercy on his soul. But not just his warrior personality. He, like Hizr Hayreddin Pasha was impulsive (?) before taking any permission he attacked the Venetian coast. If you ask me, the one to take the position of Head of the Fleet should be one who knows the rules and regulations well and does not go outside the commands of the Divan." Suleyman: "It seems you have someone in mind then?" Rustem: "Sokollu Mehmed Agha is worthy of this position. He is a warrior type, he had fought alongside Barbarossa and knows the fleet well. More importantly, he has grown up in the Enderun and is loyal to the Devlet." Suleyman: "Send word to both Sokollu and Turgut Reis, I want to speak to them at an appropriate time."
    Sumbul arrives to visit Cevher, he has brought her pistachio Helwa. She asks why he is in a hurry to leave and Sumbul says that Hurrem wants him to be at her side. Cevher asks if he misses her and he says if she wants he will stay but if they don't find him in the palace then he will be in trouble, so she says okay. Then they can't get enough of each other :P
    Hurichihan is walking in the gardens alone when Beyazid jumps out to catch her and she warns him that she will get in trouble, but he says he had to see her. He says all he knows that he will not go back on his love. Hurichihan can hear Fahriye coming and they hide. She laughs and says that she suddenly recalled the day they went to get the violin and he says lots of other stuff happened that way such as (and kisses her) Then she says she has to leave.
    Nurbanu is speaking to Hurrem: "I am doing everything in my power for your happiness and that of our Shehzades." Hurrem: "Did you know about the letter that Selim sent about Beyazid to the Capitol?" Nur: "No, if I did, I would have prevented it." Hurrem: "The birth is getting close...how is your health?" Nur: "I am well, I just want to give our Shehzade a boy" Hurrem: "Do not be rest assured with simply being pregnant...even if you do have a Shehzade do not fall into pride. I sent you to Manisa...one mistake, and I know how to bring you back from there." Nur: "There will be no need for that Sultanim...I will not go out of your way and words...know that I will do whatever for our Shehzade's future...whatever."
    Fatma is with Mustafa. (Why is she wearing that dress?! That was the dress Hurrem was crowned in at the end of season 2!!!!). Fatma: "There is no need to worry Mustafa. Turgut Reis will become the head of the fleet, no one has more right than him to do this job." Mustafa: "Of course it is his right but still they might try to prevent it." Melek comes saying that the Sultan has accepted Turgut Reis and Mehmed agha. Mustafa says it is obvious that the Sultan will give his decision. Fatma asks who this Mehmed agha is and Mustafa says it is not important who he is, but which side he is on.
    Hurrem is on her way to her secret room and she tells Sumbul to stay in front of the door in case. 
    In the Divan, Rustem has arrived and the Shehzades are seated as well as the other Pashas. Suleyman takes his seat above. Rustem unravels the document and of course, as usual we get to wait a long time before he speaks, enough for everyone to look at each other and a flashback. 

    Suleyman in the flashback asks Turgut Reis: "Tell me Turgut Reis as Head of the Fleet would you choose to go on the same path as Hizr Hayreddin or on your own way?" Turgut: "Hizr Hayreddin Pasha's path is the path of victory against the unbelievers. Of course I will not stray from that path. We grew up in the sea and die in it. Whatever the sea requires, that is what we will do." 
    Rustem announces that Sokollu has been appointed to the position as per the Sultan's command.
    Then we see a flashback of Suleyman speaking to Sokollu and asks him the same question he asked Turgut. Sokollu responds: "I have been in your service for the past 13 years since the Persian campaign Sultanim. I have been a scribe, a footman, a soldier, I have worked at the Ottoman Minting (coins), and now I am your Gate Keeper. I have eaten from your bread and my days and my nights have been sacrificed for your sake. I will not go on Kapudan Pasha's path nor will I choose my own. Just like all servants, my path is your path." This answer makes Suleyman happy. 
    Rustem continues: "Also, Turgut Reis is the head of the Mediterrean Sea. May it be for the best"
    Sumbul sees Fatma and Mahidevran talking. Fatma: "I do not think they can get into our Hunkar's mind this time. God Willing we shall hear good news from the Divan." She sees Sumbul scampering and wonders what he is doing. He spills his prayer beads and she asks what he is doing and he says that he was trying to find the bead and Mahi asks if the Divan is finished and Sumbul says he does not know, and did not even know there was a Divan meeting today and Fatma asks where Hurrem is and Sumbul says she is in the gardens and Mahidevran asks why he is in this part of the corridor is so random and out of the way. SUmbul says he has to walk around everwhere to know what everyone is doing and Fatma scolds him that he is always doing Hurrem's bidding.
    Rustem dismisses the Divan and Mustafa storms off, after him his two brothers. Selim is the only one who congratulates Sokollu. Rustem is alone with Sokollu. He congratulates Sokollu. Sokollu thanks Hurrem for this and Rustem tells him that he recommended him to the Sultan so he better never forget that and Hurrem hears this surprised from her secret room. Sokollu tells him not to doubt and Rustem says even if he has no doubts Hurrem might have. Rustem tells him not understand the value of his position. Hurrem finally leaves the room and smiles, and says that she didn't have the secret room made for no reason...and she once again recalled this...sometimes it is not possible to trust Rustem either. Sumbul asks if something happened and she says no, that actually everything is good for now, that Sokollow pasha has become the head of the fleet. Sumbul says finally the winds are changing. Sumbul asks if he can leave the Palace, he has some work in the market and she lets him, but tells him he has to return quickly because she will need him. 

    PART 2

    Taslicali is with Mustafa: "As you asked, I looked into Sokollu Shehzadem" Mustafa: "He is against us right? He is one of Hurrem and Rustem's men.." Taslicali: "For years he has been one of our Hunkar's closest men. He works on no side. But since Rustem went to Herzegovina, they say he is trying to get him in Hurrem's good graces." Taslicali: "The fleet is under their command now." Mustafa: "It is not that easy Taslicali...in the end the Reis-es are all on my side. If Sokollu shows me enmity it won't last long." Taslicali: "I am thinking like this too my Shehzade, but let us just hope we aren't fooling ourselves."

    Mihrunissa is packing her father's things from his cabin when Atmaca comes. She tells him that before returning to Amasya she wanted to pack her father's personal belongings and that she will take them with her and that even when you are Barbarossa it doesn't help, you will still die. Atmaca pulls out his dagger but he does it slowly, and then puts it back. She gives him a gift of one of her father's belongings and tels him that her father liked him a lot. He takes it awkwardly and leaves.
    Cevher has set the table and Sumbul tells her he is very tired and when she asks what happened, he says he is hungry like a wolf so he will eat then tell her. She pours him wine, he says "God forgive me, I don't like this, but from your hands I will drink it."
    Mahidevran is unhappy with the choice the Sultan has made. Fatma tells her that "do not be unhappy right away, maybe Sokollu will go on Mustafa's way" Mahi: "I do not think so. Mustafa is walking alone." Fatma: "No there is no such thing, Also if Mustafa is alone, he also knows how to overcome the challenges...the day will come when we will celebrate our victory and -" Hurichihan arrives. Fatma: "You were here?" Huri: "I just want to get some air." Fatma: "If you want go to the hamam, it will be good for you." Huri: "Yes" She has heard what her aunt has said (as if she did not know already come on now) and she knows those words don't sound too good for Beyazid.
    Mihrimah visits her mother and asks where she has been and Hurrem says that she was in the Marble palace and tells her about Sokollu. Mihrimah: "Hopefully everything will be for the best." Hurrem: "The best for me is whatever makes Mustafa unhappy. I understand your love and respect for Mustafa, but first you must love Selim and Beyazid before him " Mih: "It is that way anyway. That is why I wanted to see you. Before this incident between them gets bigger we have to end it " Hurrem: "I tried, but they do not listen...when they were small I could tell them and they would listen, but now it is impossible...as they have grown their troubles have grown with them." Mih: "I am going to have an invitation to my palace...all my brothers should come together and make peace somehow between them!" Hurrem: "You have thought well Mihrimah...but hopefully they don't get into a new fight there..." Mihrimah: "I will take care of it."
    Beyazid goes to his room and finds Hurichihan hiding there. She says she has to tell him something. "I thought Fatma Sultan is on your side, but she is not at all. Her only worries are for Mustafa." Beyazid: "That is obvious, I already know. Do not be sad, anyway no harm can come to me from my brother Mustafa." Huri: "You still be careful. The things I hear and see in this palace scare me greatly. I see that you are on your own." Bey: "And you are afraid of something happening to me? My mother is on my side. She said I am the one in her heart." Hur: "It is easy to speak in a time of peace it is important to know when someone is on your side when it is a time of war" (umm, she is his mother come on now!)
    Canfeda has called for some wine and Nurbanu wonders why she did that, since there is to be no wine in the room. Canfeda says "as if he will listen!" Nurbanu is in her room and Fahriye asks where Selim is and Nurbanu replies that he is not present and if something happened. Fahriye says that Mihrimah has invited for a feast tomorrow night and Nurbanu is pleased with herself and says that they will come of course. Fahriye tells her she will not be coming, only Selim is invited.
    Sumbul is drunk and says that all the shehzades are in the palace and that everyone is there and Sokollu has become Kaptan i Derya and she asks who Sokollu is and he says that he is a creepy man. He says that there are two Sultans. Hurrem Sultan waits in her room and he waits for her there...he says that he broke his prayer beads and started searching. She says she does not understand about the room he is talking about and he says the room he is talking about is a secret room, where Hurrem can hear the Divan.
    Sokollu is walking down the corridor when an agha hands him a small note. Melek watches from the corner.

    Fatma is in her room when Melek enters and tells her that she witnessed Sokollu reading the note. Melek says that it is enough for someone to just read her name and be in awe and Fatma says "well I wonder what he will say when he sees my body!"
    Mihrimah is preparing the room for the dinner. Rustem arrives and says that upon hearing about the dinner, he came early, but Mihrimah bursts his bubble when she tells him that the dinner is only for her brothers because as he knows their condition, she is trying to get them together. Rustem: "Oh you have prepared a feast for the Family. You are right, I do not have a place there. But again, if you have at least told me before setting this kind of thing up. I told you this might have an unhappy outcome. I hope I am wrong. Bon Appetite. " Selim is in his room when Nurbanu arrives. Nurbanu tells him he can't drink while in the palace and that he has to be careful. He tells her to mind her own business and she asks what is wrong, and why he is behaving this way and why can he not just be a little patient and that besides, he has to go to Mihrimah's palace for dinner. He says he won't because even if he goes, they are all against him. Nurbanu tells him to do the right thing even if everyone is wrong...so that he plays the game by the rules. She tells him to let others make the mistakes. Selim is unconvinced, so then she tells him not to go then and they will just think he is scared and shy to face them. This sentence of hers affects him.
    At night, Beyazid and CIhangir arrive to greet Mustafa and Mihrimah. Beyazid calls her beautiful and she welcomes them all. Mustafa asks where Selim is and why he did not come with Beyazid. Cihangir looks like he wants to speak so when Mihrimah says his name he says that it seems that he did not want to join so that is why he did not come. Mihrimah: "So I call him and he does not come, really!" Bey: "It will be better without him...we can enjoy ourselves!" Mihrimah: "Beyazid please...tonight I do not want any incidents...we can spend some time happily all together." Bey: "If Selim could control his hands (actions) and tongue (words) then no incidents would ever happy Mihrimah." Mihrimah: "I will advise him too, don't worry...if he comes of course."Gulbahar looks at Mihrimah, so she tells the boys to sit down and she will come back. Gulbahar tells her that Shehzade Selim has arrived, but he is not alone. Mihrimah is annoyed that he is not alone even though she specifically invited him alone, so she asks who is with him, but has no chance because....Nurbanu and Selim have arrived.
    Woah, Fatima has dressed up to see Sokollu, haha only to hide behind the screen. But as we know peeking can happen so....! She says to Melek: "Where is this man Melek?!" Melek: "Maybe Hurrem Sultan prevented him." Fatma: "I would not be surprised at all..." Melek: "He has come Sultanim!" Fatma: "Let us see what kind of person the Head of the Fleet is!" Fatma: "Welcome Mehmet Pasha!" Sokollu: "Forgive me for making you wait...I was extra careful so no one would see me that is why." Fatma: "I love careful people...Melek you may leave."
    In Mihrimah's palace, Selim enters the room alng with Nurbanu. Beyazid: "My beloved brother! We thought you would be coming alone." Nur: "My Shehzades if I have annoyed you, please forgive me." Mustafa (One of the things I like about Mustafa is his politeness): "No, of course not, weclome...my brother."
    Fatma: "Your job is important. I wanted to personally congratulate you." Sokollu thanks her and then asks if she just called him to thank him. Peeking is going on now. Fatma: "You are an intelligent man. I actually wanted to get to know you. From what I have heard, you are walking on Hurrem's path." Sok: "I walk on our Hunkar's path. But my respect for Hurrem Sultan is everlasting. Just like my respect for my other Sultanas" (more peeking) Fat: "To be seen there are always other ways." Sok: "For someone who only does his job what is the need to go off the road?" Fat: "When everything is stable that is great. I advise you to be careful...you might have to serve someone by force...but when the conditions change, then the obligations are also gone." More peekage from both sides.
    In Mihrimah's palace, the same music from the happy season premiere trailer is playing and everyone is smiling. But then at one point Selim and Byeazid look at each other angrily. Selim jokes: "When Beyazid was much younger we fought with play swords and of course as always he lost." Beyazid jokes back: "Yeah, you are the only one who remembers that." Gulbahar brings something in a box and it is a musix box made in Venice. Mihrimah: "Look what I found!" Mustafa asks if it was not a gift to his father  Mihrimah says that it was and he gave it to her, made by a master from one of the guilds in Milano. Beyazid asks how it works and Cihangir says that if you check it out and take it apart it is not difficult to figure it out and replicate. Mihrimah says that no they will break it and won't be able to fix it haha that they should not forget what they did before and Nurbanu asks what she is talking about and Mihrimah says that if someone has this many brothers it is obvious what will happen...and that Beyazid would open it up and have it in pieces. They laugh. Then she said well what was he supposed to do, Selim told him that inside there were little men inside. I was innocent." Selim: "So left over from childhood one of your biggest traits was to blame me for your mistakes."
    Taslicali is with Nisa in her father's house. Nisa: "you did not have to come...anyway are a lot of guards at the door taking turns." Taslicali: "Our Shehzade wanted me to head the guards...until your return to Amasya he wants to be careful." Nisa: "They have seen a gate-keeper fit to take the place of my father...our Shehzade's enemies are growing more powerful. They are covering every place with their poisonous vines...are bad days upon us Taslicali?" Taslicali: "Get rid of the bad thoughts in your mind...despite everything there is light in front of us...your presence gives our Shehzade strength. Between us, I never saw him this way before." Nisa: "For me too...the only thing keeping me on my standing in these hard days is him.How nice...soon I might not even care about myself (she thinks she is pregs, but he, being a man doesn't get it)" Taslicali: "Did something happen?" Nisa: "No, we will talk later about all this."
    Atmaca is in a pub, not in a good mood.
    Meanwhile, Cevher has a nightmare that Yavuz is killing Sumbul and she cries.
    Atmaca is not in the mood to talk to the "happy" girl who tells him that she can make him forget everything so he asks if she really can do that and he says he doesn't need to forget everything, just one thing. She asks if it is a woman he needs to forget. He says: 'I saw her at the edge of a river first. I don't know which day it was. It was spring or winter. I don't remember. I see her hair. Her hair that flows like a strong river. And then her eyes, her eyes were bluer than the sky. Deep like a forest. I used to lose my way when I looked in her eyes." The woman says she must have been a beautiful woman. He asks if she has ever taken a life and he says that he has. "Tens of them, hundreds of them. I don't remember any of their faces. I have erased all of them from my mind. This time will I be able to erase her now from my mind?" The woman is saddened.
    In Mihrimah's palace, they are having dessert. Nurbanu: "Six months have passed Sultanim...hopefully it will be born healthy." Mihrimah: "God willing your son will be as strong and wild Shehzade like Beyazid's sons. Yes, how are my nephews? (she asks Beyazid) I want to visit each of you in your sanjaks, and first, I want to go to Amasya." Mustafa: "Come whenever you wish, Mihrimah" Selim: "I wish you to come too, but send word before hand so I can host you in the way you deserve because when Beyazid came to my Sanjak secretly, I didn't have time to get ready for his arrival." Beyazid: "Selim is right my sister, make sure you send notice to him, otherwise you will find him in a shameful condition." Mustafa: "Beyazid! Selim! Leave us alone (to the servants). Whatever is between you, talk it out and end it! You have no right to make anyone else unhappy!" Mih: "Mustafa is right, this fighting is making us all sad." Selim: "He is the one who likes to do secretive, hidden things" Beyazid: "How can you look at our face that was it was I want to know!" Mustafa: "Beyazid! End this already!" Selim: "You all have a hand up on me (have something to use against me) why don't you all jump on the bandwagon against me" Mustafa: "No one has this intention Selim...actually Mihrimah wanted to end this issue and brought you all together here." Selim: "I can see who is what brother...Nurbanu let us go." Beyazid: "Run away of course! The cronies you paid money are not here." Mustafa: "Beyazid!" Cih: "What does this mean?" Beyazid: "As him...if he had no shame he would tell us of course." Selim runs at him. There are a bunch of "Selim!" " Beyazid!" being said by everyone. Mustafa: "What the heck are you doing?!" Selim: "This is all because my father appointed ME to Manisa. Your brotherhood is only this much! All of your eyes have gone blind with jealousy." Mustafa yells but Selim doesn't listen and storms off. (thank God Nurbanu stayed silent, cause really, if she said something in that moment, there might have been trouble from Selim cause he looked really mad).
    Mihrimah and her brothers are looking at the crime scene (flipped table and pillows everywhere) in despair.  Mihrimah: "How did you get to such a condition? When? I know you never got along but! This is too much Beyazid! Too much!" Bey: "I did not want to do such a thing in front of you. We ruined the night. But you saw..he started it, he came on me first!" Mus: "Whatever it was you should have controlled yourself. If this gets to our Hunkar, it will not be good for either of you." Bey: "This is Selim Abi, he has already gone to the Hunkar and tattled!" Cih: "We are witnesses to what happened." Mihrimah: "You were right brother (Mustafa), I made a mistake bringing them together." Mus: "Well let us see what to do about the future. Hopefully Selim won't tell anyone. The incident will stay with us. " 
    Selim is with Nurbanu: "From now they are trying to kill me...My father is still alive before the real fight had begun (the fight for the throne eventually). Nurbanu: "I saw my Shehzade...I saw everything. All three have come together. They are treating you unfairly. It is not fair for them to be this way...they don't have the right for this." Selim: "I know Nurbanu...I am not stupid...They talk amongst each other of how I have no right to be in Manisa...that I am unworthy of Manisa...that my father made a wrong decision. You see this ring? My father gave it to me. To show his support and love. My brothers are after this...I don't want it....they can have it...I don't want anything!"
    Suleyman has his own informants now. Lokman: "From what the cariyes and aghas say everything was going well...they were showing love for each other like the old times...they were happy.." Sul: "And then what happened?"
    Nurbanu has gone to see Hurrem. She tells Fahriye it is very important but Fahriye tells her she can convey it. Nurbanu says she has to see her personally. Fahriye says she will have to wait till tomorrow because she has already fallen asleep."
    In the morning Mustafa meets Mihrunissa. Taslicali wonders why Atmaca looks so grumps. Atmaca says that he is wondering about what is going to happen from now. Yahya tells him not to think too much and no one can prevent the future and Atmaca says it is true no one can change fate. Mihrunissa tells Mustafa she has missed him very much and that secretly meeting isn't enough and Mustafa says that they will return soon to Amasya and Nisa is happy because she says Istanbul is not for her anymore (since her father's passing). Mustafa says that their love started in Amasya and so that is where they will be happy.
    Rustem is talking to Sokollu, and says that he looked for Sokollu in the palace but he wasn't there and Sokollu says he thought Rustem would be at Mihrimah's dinner party and wonders was he not there? This bothers Rustem. Rustem: "Answer my question, where were you?" Sokollu: "I went to the palace our Hunkar has prepared for me...from now I will stay there." Rustem: "From now on, whatever you do, I will be informed of it. Also, when it is appropriate your first visit to the fleet will be with me." Sok: "As you wish my Pasha."
    Yavuz is waiting when Cevher arrives. She tells him that Sumbul was with her last night and she tells him about the secret room that Hurrem has and that she listens to the Divan from there.
    Mihrunissa is putting stuff away when Atmaca arrives. She asks what is and he says he has come to get her. She says she still is not ready, and he says there is no need, he has made arrangements. She says that she still has her stuff so what will happen to them and he replies that they will take care of it. She says okay she will go with him.
    Fatma is with Mahi and Mustafa. "You are unhappy Mustafa...if it is about Sokollu, there is no need to be worried about him. I will handle him." Mus: " I do not even care about Sokollu." Mus: "So then what is this face?" Mustafa: "The incident of last night...the fighting has gone past what I was even expecting...and this makes me very sad." Fatma: "The fighting ones are them so there is no problem then" Mustafa: "Do not say it like that...Blood has spilled again....if it continues it will happen to everyone"

    Selim has a dream that his brothers are kneeling in white clothes and that he has a sword in his hand and that he is about to behead Beyazid and lifts his sword and cannot because someone stabs him in the back and when he looks he sees Cihangir smiling. Then his brothers laugh. He wakes up and screams for the aghas for his clothes.
    Hurichihan is playing with her violin strings adjusting them and Fatma watches her: "Are we not talking to each other?" Fatma: "Is that ever possible, Sultanim! I didn't want to bother you with my own problems." There is a knock and Melek has come and whispers to Fatma. "Are you certain?! Can we believe it?" Melek: "We can't lose anything by just checking" Fatma: "If your words are right, then Hurrem's end has come."
    Atmaca is walking with Mihrunissa and she asks where they are going and what he is hiding from her.

    Nurbanu goes to see Hurrem again and when Fahriye tells her Mihrimah is inside and she can't go in. Fahriye says it is important, everything can be ruined in a second. Fahriye doesn't let her go in telling her to wait.
    Mihrimah tells Hurrem that if they had left them at it, Beyazid and Selim would have killed each other. Hurrem says what she feared has happened. Mihrimah: "I never saw them this way...forgive me but I had warned you one time that when you wanted to cut Mustafa's way then the situation got this far." Hurrem: "Be calm...I did not show my nails yet, I know how to fix them both!" Nurbanu suddenly enters. Hurrem: "Fahriye didn't I tell you no one is to enter?!" Nurbanu: "I forced my way in Sultanim" Hurrem: "And without shame you tell me this! Get out at once!" Nurbanu: "Sultanim...please hear me out...Selim is going to our Hunkar and he is going to ask to be removed from his position in Manisa." Hurrem: "What?!"

    Fatma and Melek go to look for the secret corridor. They don't know where it is, but Fatma says that Sumbul was around this area recently and she asks for a candle."
    Meanwhile Selim has asked Lokman to tell Suleyman he wishes to see him. Hurrem arrives and asks him what he thinks he is doing.
    Suleyman is in his room reading. Lokman waits but cannot wait anymore so he asks "Hunkarim, should he come?" Suleyman: 'he can come" Hurrem: "Is your intention to kill me? Did you even think what will happen when you resign from Manisa?! If our Hunkar appoints Musafa again? You will fall from his eyes! Do not! Speak! Is this what you want?!" Lokman: "Shehzadem, our Hunkar awaits you." Hurrem: "My lion don't do this, there is no turning back!"
    Selim enters and kisses Suleyman's hand. Suleyman: "Everything is well I hope...what brings you here this early in the morning?" Selim: "Forgive this servant of yours Hunkarim...I have come in front of you because I wish to resign from my position as Bey of Saruhan Sanjak." Suleyman: "Do you hear what is coming out of our mouth? Since when is it seen that a Shehzade asks for resignation?" Selim: "I cannot live this anymore...permit me and send me to another Sanjak." Suleyman: "I give you something, without realizing it's value as if I have put a burden on your back you want to get rid of it?" 

    Selim: "I cannot think of any other way father...I was proud when you chose me for Saruhan (Manisa) I also wanted to make you proud...but I understand that your decision will take us to calamity." Suley: "What calamity are you talking about?" Selim: "My brothers could not accept your decision...so much that they are specifically troubling me about this....from their point of view, I am pathetic...I can never govern that Sanjak...you have sent me there to learn to be a man. I am unhappy since that day anyway...I cannot sleep. I am willing to bear my brothers' hatred of me. Send me to the farthest Sanjak Hunkarim...if they wish for Manisa so much, the can have it." Suleyman does the hand gesture and calls Lokman.
    Fatma is trying to find the door by putting a candle (ummmm the dented wall is right there, they never thought to look??) She says she found it that the wall is empty behind. She tries to push it doesn't move. Hurrem waits outside and sees Mustafa. Hurrem: "You have won...you have made my children fight each other. Are you happy? You will pay for this" Mustafa: "You know the best how to create enmity between people. I never had that intention." Hurrem: "Stop acting all innocent. I know all you do behind my back." Mus: "I will always have mercy towards my siblings...even you cannot change this. But against you and Rustem I will be ruthless." Cihangir and Beyazid arrrive too.

    Mihrunissa asks where Atmaca is taking her. When he doesn't answer she tells him to look into her eyes and asks what is going on. He says forgive me, and that "I did not want it this way. But for our Shehzade's future this is how it must be." Mihrunissa: "Because of our secret wedding? Will you be my executioner? Okay, do the job you were sent to do, but I have a last wish. Do not spill the blood  because it is prohibited to spill royal blood (kill me another way because royal blood was never to be spilled, if a prince was to be killed it was by rope - also, apparently Suleyman had Ibrahim executed by rope as well, as a gesture that he considered him his brother and so even in his execution he "honoured" him in a way). Atmaca: "Royal blood?" Nisa: "I am not only our Shehzade's love, if you kill me you will kill the Shehzade that is in my belly too"
    Melek tries to push the door but nothing happens and says that they cannot open it. Fatma says there must be a way. Then she notices the torch. She pushes it and then pulls it and it opens. They go inside. The find the secret room. Melek: "Sultanim" They hear Rustem from the Divan. Fatma: "The end has come for Hurrem...she will not be able to explain this...never."
    Suleyman is in his room with everyone gathered. Suleyman: "I called you here because I wanted you to know something important...actually, to remind you of something. I appointed Shehzade Selim to Saruhan Sanjak. The reason, because he is a worthy Shehzade of this position. Any kind of  word, every kind of action with regards to this matter I will consider being against my orders. If there is a problem about this issue, speak now. It seems no one has a single word to say...in that case, hear and understand...Shehzade Selim is the Bey of Saruhan Sanjak and while I am alive, he will continue his job there.Whoever comes in front of me with this issue the consequences will be severe."
    THE END. 

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