• Muhtesem Yuzyil Episode 111 Trailer 2

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    Suleyman: "For as long as I breathe, you will be the head of my fleet."

    Rustem: "I think Kapudan Pasha has reached the end of his road, at an opportune time, we need to send him off according to the honour that he deserves."

    Barbarossa: "In the Name of Allah....Oh Allah!"

    Suleyman: "Kapudan Pasha!"

    Nurbanu: "Don't except any love from me anymore...because you have killed me!"

    Selim: "Nurbanu!"

    Hurichihan: "Beyazid only came to the Capitol to see me."

    Beyazid: "Hurichihan"

    Matrakci: "When he was in the market while being disguised...a merchant was killed."

    Selim: "It is obvious Beyazid is being this incident. I made a mistake trusting Beyazid."

    Suleyman: "I am going to send you away to the farthest Sanjak!"

    Suleyman: "Every mistake has a consequence Hurrem. Even if it is my own child, I will not see it good, and I will do whatever is necessary."

    Beyazid: "He is going to pass a decree ordering my death."

    Barbarossa: "There is a lion called Shehzade Mustafa. (He will be your) downfall."

    Mustafa: "This time I am not going to obey the rules, I will obey my heart."

    Mustafa: "Whatever path I choose, you will all be with me. Taslicali..."

    Taslicali: "Till my last breath, I will be with you Shehzadem"

    Mustafa: "Yavuz?"

    Yavuz: "May my life be sacrificed in your way."

    Atmaca: "The order and command is our Mighty Shehzades."

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