• Muhtesem Yuzyil Episode 113 Translation

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    Selim is drinking and Nurbanu tells him to stop drinking and he tells her not to worry because the Sultan is with him, and he tells her what the Sultan said about Selim staying in Manisa while the Sultan is alive. Nurbanu is happy and says that she wonders what everyone's faces looked like when they heard this news. Selim says: "They didn't make a sound..there was envy in their eyes, and they must have finally understood that I am not such an easy mouthful to swallow."
    Beyazid is with his mother. Beyazid: "What else could it be mother? Did you not hear our Hunkar? For Selim's sake, he trampled on our pride!"
    Hurrem: "Your rage should not make your eyes blind Beyazid...more than you, this incident is related to your bother Mustafa." Bey: "What does htis mean?" Hurrem: "He intends to pit you against each other...Our Hunkar must have understood this and is warning Mustafa by this." Bey: "In that case they are making a big mistake...I wish all of us were as innocent as my brother Mustafa."
    Fatma is waiting for Mustafa and Mahidevran: "I heard you were with our Hunkar, what happened?" Mahi: "Our Hunkar called everyone to announce who he wants to be the heir to the throne...Selim!" Fatma: "Selim cannot even help himself...what will he do with the throne? And you leave that for now...I found such a thing out that the ground will tremble!" Mustafa: "What is that?" Fatma: "Hurrem has a room Mustafa...but she is listening to the Divan secretly and we had no clue! Not just us, but no one knows...not our Hunkar...not even Rustem."
    Mustafa: "Are you sure of this?" Fatma: "I would not have believed it unless I saw it with my own eyes anyway. Our Hunkar will never forgive this doing. Hurrem's end has come!"
    Atmaca goes to visit Piri (haha, I love how he now doesn't wear his hood, when the last time they met in the boat, he did!) Piri asks if he has completed his task and if the woman (Nisa) is dead. Atmaca has a flashback (also, why does Nisa talk the same, cry the same way, everything the same, or is just me?? I have NAN (nothing against Nisa) but am I the only one that doesn't feel any emotion with her acting??). In the flashback, Atmaca is telling her to follow him and she asks where and that she would rather die than be separated from him. He says he will take her to the palace, and then take her to Mustafa. She asks him how can she trust him as if nothing had just happened. Atamaca:" The Lord has granted a miracle...and he wants you to live this day...it was your destiny. And now let us go before I change my mind." Nisa: "Who are those who want to kill me? And now are you going to answer to them?"
    Back in the present, Piri asks him what is going on and that hopefully he has an explanation for this. Atmaca tells him that the woman is pregnant and that he could not kill her once he found out. Piri asks how could be so sure she was not just saying that to save her life? Atmaca:" I have experience in seeing who lies and who speaks the truth" Reis: "Whatever happened, you should have done your job. We are men with a cause, there is no place in our cause/purpose for our personal feelings...you know this best!" Atmaca: "Killing an innocent baby is also not part of our cause! We must wait until she gives birth to him." Piri asks how they will deal with this problem, how will he get the woman to keep queit now, after she has found out that she was to be killed.
    Hurrem is with Rustem. Hurrem: "I still cannot understand how Selim could do this." Rustem: "There is no need for worry Sultanim...Shehzade Selim is still the Governor of Saruhan Sanjak (Manisa)." Hurrem tells Rustem that everything is headed to turn out badly - that the relationship between Beyazid and Selim is worsening, widening the gap between them and Mustafa is getting closer. Rustem tells her not to worry and that he will speak to him (Beyazid)." Hurrem says that Beyazid does not listen and that as soon as possible Mustafa has to incur our Hunkar's wrath...otherwise, Beyazid will drown in his own flood! Rustem: "I have somethings in mind Sultanim, but we must wait until our Shehzade's return to their Sanjaks."
    Meanwhile, Hurichihan has met with Beyazid in the gardens. "I had a dream with you..but this is the end...they are going to send me to Beyhan Sultan." Bey: "You are not forced to go...I won't allow it. If you say you want me, it is enough." Huri: "I want you...very much so,,,but it is impossible Beyazid...our Hunkar will find out, and then you will deprived of his love forever. My love does not give you happiness but it only gives you grief."
    Atmaca visits Mihrunissa in Barbarossa's house. He tells her that Mustafa will be leaving soon and so he has come to get her. She asks if he is afraid - afraid if she will tell Mustafa everything. He says she has the right, and no one can prevent her, but he trusts her that she will not tell. She says that she does not trust him...that he tried to kill her and that if she was not pregnant he would have killed her, so why should she trust him? He says that at the cost of his own life, he decided not to kill her...and that this should have some meaning for her. She does not answer and he tells her to get ready and that he is waiting for her outside the door.
    Beyazid is talking to Mustafa, telling him: "I am not one to hide things from you brother. Like any Shehzade, it is in my dreams too to get on the throne and rule this empire but if it is not in my fate, not in my destiny, then know that in that case, I wish for you to be that one. Mustafa says that, God be his Witness, that the one in his heart, is Beyazid and that if he is not the one to get the throne, then Beyazid should be the one and he will pray for this. Cihangir tells them both that they should be careful from now on because of the recent incidents their father's eye in upon them and that only a single mistake of theirs could have lasting consequences. Beyazid chuckles that he has made so many mistakes on top of mistakes that it is impossible to make more..but that he is sad for Hurichihan. Cihangir says that she is going to Uskupe to be with Beyhan and that with time, she will forget, and her sadness will fade. Beyazid says how can he forget though (and cihangir is probably thinking "the way I forgot about her :() and then they say their farewells as it is time to go. Beyazid tells Mustafa that he has one thing to ask of him (this is away from Cihangir) and that if he accepts then it will make him very happy.
    The scene cuts to Hurrem and Suleyman in Suleyman's room. Hurrem: "I spoke with Beyazid. He has learnt his lesson. I am sure he will be more careful from now on. It was not right for him to come here without permission, but you know his intention was not bad, finally it was a matter of the heart... " Suleyman: "This matter is closed Hurrem (why does he always say that to her, when we know he consulted with her in History?! Here he always tells her "this matter is closed Hurrem!") Hurichihan will go back to Beyhan and they will never ever meet again." Hurrem: "This is my wish also...but we have to see the reality. This is a game Suleyman. Do you think Hurichihan went just for no reason to his sanjak? Who knows what she did there and got into my son's brains." Suleyman asks what this means. Hurrem: "It is obvious to her what happened to her father and mother, maybe people have poisoned the girls mind with these things and they are using her for revenge.Could that not be?" Suleyman: "What things are you thinking of Hurrem? Hurichihan is my sister's daughter."  There is a knock on the door and Selim has arrived. "Hunkarim, Validem, I am going on my way, I wished to kiss your hands and ask for your prayers for me." Suleyman asks him if he has hopefully learned from his mistakes and Selim says that the Selim standing before him is a changed Selim, that he is committed to being worthy of him, and that with his help and support he will rise to all the challenges he faces. Suleyman adds that his justice should be as sharp as a sword and Selim says that his gozde is pregnant and that he wishes to host him (the Sultan) along with his mother at the time of birth, and that if he were to read the adhan (the call to prayer which is read in the child's ear) that he would be very happy." Suleyman says that they will come of course...
    On the road Mustafa stops in front of a carriage that is parked and sees Atmaca and his wife. They embrace. He asks if she is alright if something is wrong and she says that he should not leave her alone again and then looks at Atamaca (so she did not spill the beans). Mustafa says that she should not be sad, because from now on they will never separate. Mustafa thanks Atmaca for bringing Mihrunissa safe and sound and that knowing that he was responsible for her safety, gave him peace of mind. Atmaca says it is his duty to protect Mustafa and his family. Mustafa tells him that for a while he will go back and stay in the Capitol. Atmaca says that his job is...but Mutafa cuts him off telling him that they have come across such an awesome opportunity and that he will be needed to carry it out and that no one knows him there so this is an asset. Atmaca says he is honoured and asks what it is about. Mustafa tells him that he will be in correspondence with Fatma Sultan and that she will tell him what is necessary. Mustafa adds to Yavuz that he should go with Atmaca too.
    In Mihrimah's palace, Rustem is sitting when Zal arrives and tells him that Sokollu has gone to meet Hurrem Sultan in his office and that he thought he might want to know. Rustem: "Who wanted to meet?" Zal: "This is all I know." There is a knock and Fatma has arrived. Zal wonders if it is good or bad and Rustem says they will find out soon. Fatma saunters in and Rustem says that if she has come to see Mihrimah Sultan that she is not in the palace. She says that she has come to see him, she has things to say. Rustem looks at her suspiciously.
    Sokollu is meeting with Hurrem: "I wished to see you for a while now, but it could never happen." Hurrem: "You know about the incidents, and my shehzades were here, so I was busy with them." Sok: "Of course, Sultanim...I wish to thank you Sultanim...in your shade I have gotten to such an important position, I could have never even dreamed of getting." Hurrem: "Everyone lives what they deserve my Pasha...this is nothing yet...your loyalty and service to me can take you to even higher places." Sokollu: "You honour me my Sultana..if you permit, I would like to inform you about a matter. Fatma Sultan called me to meet with her in the marble palace some days ago. And I did what was necessary" Hurrem: "I am sure she wanted to congratulate you!" Sok: "She wanted to know which side I was on" Hurrem: "And what did you say? Did you show her your colours?" Sokollu: "Without your permission no one can know my colours...only Fatma Sultan has the intelligence to know where everyone stands." Hurrem: "Let it be so...if it is still not spoken about (made clear) there will always be doubt"
    Meanwhile, Fatma is with Rustem: "I know you see me as your enemy Rustem Pasha..but it doesn't have to be like this." Rustem: "Never my Sultana...I have no hostility against anyone...especially with our Sultanas, never!" Fatma: "I have no hostilities against anyone either but I am only trying to find a middle way...and actually this is what you must do...epecially while there is no one you can turn your back towards." Rustem: "Thankfully, my condition is not as you say.: Fatma: "If you are talking about Hurrem...well she has found her new "gozde" long ago...Sokollu Mehmet! Just yesterday he was the head of the Guards at the gate, and now he has become a Pasha and is the head of the Fleet!" Rustem: "This is our Hunkar's decision" Fatma: "You think you see everything happening around you, but that is not the case...for example I met with Sokollu...did he tell you? As I guessed, you have not heard." Rustem: "It is not my business who you meet with." Fatma: "Hurrem has such secrets that the tip is also affecting you!" Rustem: "I do not want to make you sad but Hurrem Sultan and I hide nothing from each other." Fatma: "If that is the case, then why all of a sudden did Sokollu's star shine all of a sudden? Wake up already Rustem...open your eyes! Step by step Sokollu is taking your place!" Rustem: "Such a thing is impossible...at least while I am around!" Fatma: "If I were in your place, I would not be so certain. Do not forget that your hands are dirty, whilst his hands are clean!"
    Rustem: "Sultanim, if you permit" (as in GET OUT)  Fatma: "You are wrong if you think that you will be saved because Mihrimah is your wife..that is just an agreement with you...you are a man of the state you know very well that all agreements come to an end if the conditions change!" Rustem: "Do what you wish Sultanim...say whatever you want...you cannot make us enemies of one another!" Fatma: "Be in the Divan tomorrow afternoon. I will send someone to you...accept that person, of course if you want to find out what that entrusted Hurrem of yours has been doing behind your back!" (Epic Rustem Neck Turn ERNT)
    Hurichihan's bags are packed. Mihrimah: "This is the best for everyone Hurichihan...one day you too will understand." Cihangir: "Wherever you go, I wish you to be happy." Huri: "Happiness is a very distant possibility for me Cihangir...actually it is impossible."
    Hurrem is in her room asking where Fatma Sultan has gone and no one knows so Hurrem comments: "She chose this day when Hurichihan was leaving to dissapear." Gulfem: "What is all this worry, do you miss her or what?" Hurrem: "I cannot understand what your intrigue is with these Sultanas Gulfem....for years you have been living in the palace under my shade." Gulfem: "I am here by the Sultan's wishes." Hurrem: 'For his wish or for his pain...think again about that if you want."

    Hurichihan arrives: "Sultanim, if I did a mistake, then forgive me." Hurrem: "These things happen in youth...the important thing is not to make the same mistake again." Huri: "Gulfem" Gulfem: "Give my greetings to Beyhan Sultan...if it is destined, we will meet one day by God's Will." Fatma arrives: "Hurichihan I was so scared I wouldn't reach to bid you farewell." Huri: "Would I leave without seeing you?" Fatma: " Do not loose hope...Miracles happen in a second despite you not expecting them." Mihrimah: "Where were you Sultanim?" Fatma: "To get away from the palace, I took a tour on the Bosphorus...Mihrimah next time let us go together." Mih: "maybe"
    In Amasya, Mahidevran enters the room where Mihrunissa is. Mahi: "You secretly married him that is fine...you can hide that from everyone. But you staying here is dangerous. I thought about it at length, and the best, most suitable thing would be for you to stay in your own villa. If someone hears, it should be that you decided that way." Mihrunissa: "As you see fit Sultanim. I am fine to stay anywhere for the safety of my child" Mahi: "Until the birth stay in your villa...after which you can return...we will make it seem as if a cariye has given birth to the child." Nisa: "My child...will someone else be a mother to her?" Mahi: "This is the only solution I can think of."
    In Manisa, Nurbanu is telling Canfeda: "I said what I had to say...if our Shehzade is with another woman, he will not even see my face again!" Canfeda: "You are playing with fire Nurbanu...while he has you in his heart, he isn't going to throw the harem on the streets..you just think about the baby." Nurbanu: "Maybe I can't do anything about the harem...but that Dilshah has to go Canfeda! Whatever you do send her away...otherwise you will make me a murderer! Where is our Shehzade?" Canfeda: "He is in his room, having food there..." Nur: "Is there another woman?! It's Dilshah isn't it?!" She rushes off.
    Mahi is with Mihrunissa and Mustafa: "Believe me, this is the right course of action, my lion! We will announce that one of the cariyes is pregnant." Mus: "We have no need for this mother. My child has a mother already, and she will be staying here with me." Mahi: 'Mihrunissa...." Nisa: "Our Valide has a point. Just like our marriage was a secret...I will give birth in secret too." Mus: "It is impossible to separate from the palace...I will not lose you again. Especially not now." Mahi: "She won't be gone definitely...we will just hide her until the birth." Mustafa: "When the time comes everyone will know anyway Validem. Until that day just hide her...I do not want any harm to come to her...For her health, take every precaution." When Mahi, leaves Nisa tries to persuade him, but he says that his decisions are final and that since he got his life back with her...then if he has to go, he would go with her.
    Selim is with another girl and Nurbanu sneaks in when Gazanfer is mumbling to an agha. Selim shouts her name, but does she care? Nope. The girl in the background gets all rattled (and why did it look like two different women? One second her face looked on way and the next she looked so different ahaha). "Here I am carrying your child and you are with another woman!" Selim: "Nurbanu we spoke about this with you...accept it already!" Nur: "No! I will never accept it." (woah # 1: that scream!!!!!! and woah # 2: is he secretly flattered and that is why he always laughs or smiles when she gets mad?!) Canfeda: "Shehzadem, forgive me, Nurbanu come with me." Nur: "This is over! You will not ever see my face again!" Selim calmly motions with his hand: "Canfeda" Canfeda tries to take her, but Nurbanu goes into labour. Selim calls for the midwife. Selim: "Nurbanu are you alright?" Nur: "How can I be, when this woman is in your room." Selim: "Get out woman!!! (ahaha the look on the cariye's face!) Canfeda, help me lets get her on the bed." Nur: "No! I will not go on that bed!" Selim tells them to take her to her own room.
    Mihrimah is with Cihangir: "Do not be this sad Cihangir...she had to leave and she did...it is the best for everyone...and for you too." Cihangir: :What does it have to do with me?" Mih: "I saw Cihangir...I saw how you looked at her...it is obvious towards her -" Cihangir: "There is no truth in what you said...if we don't talk about this topic it would be better...the things that she has experienced with Beyazid is already very saddening." Mihrimah: "Love is like a shooting star. If you blink for a second, you will miss it. Some people who are lucky get to have it in their life. I do not have that luck and clearly you don't either. Maybe it is like this for you too...it falls for us to merely comfort each other Cihangir."
    Canfeda is telling Nurbanu to breathe and when she cries out for Selim, Nurbanu asks how he can come, that is not the custom and Nurbanu cries out and out (we women are warriors aren't we?) and the baby is born finally.
    The next day Rustem is in the Divan, with Sokollu present. Rustem asks when Sokollu will visit the Naval Fleet and Sokollu says he will at an appropriate time. Rustem says : "Oh you have time to meet Fatma Sultan but not the Naval Fleet, is that right? What did you think it would stay hidden? (btw, did Ibrahim ever wear that Kaftan Rustem is wearing??? Why does it look familiar?)" Sokollu: "I don't have anything hidden or secret, my Pasha. Hurrem Sultan knows." Rustem: "As in, if I didn't find out...right?" Sokollu: "never...how would I dare? I just didn't want to bother you with unimportant things." Rustem: "You may leave!" Zal arrives. Rustem: "Zal Mahmut...that important person Fatma Sultan was talking about...I would like to meet them, tell Sumbul about it too."
    Hurrem is with Mihrimah. Hurrem: "You have solved the matter with Rustem right? There is no trouble?" Mih: "It wasn't anything important anyway." Hurrem: "Great...stay away from Fatma Sultan...I hear you are meeting frequently." Mih: "We are just conversing" Hurrem: "In truth, I am curious as to what you are discussing with each other." Mih: "Nothing important...and I wanted to say something...I am worried about Cihangir's condition Validem...you know his age...I think it is time for him to have his own harem" Hurrem: "Where is this coming from all of a sudden? DId he say something to you?" Mih: "There is no need to say anything...he cannot leave for a sanjak...he is stuck between these palace walls." Hurrem: "Your brother's troubles don't ever finish for his turn to come...it is good you told me I will think about this." Sumbul arrives and Mihrimah leaves. Hurrem scolds him again about disappearing all the time. Sumbul tells her that Rustem will meet with someone privately in the Divan and Hurrem asks with who, but Sumbul says he does not know who, but that Mustafa has sent him and that it will be a secret meeting."
    Nurbanu is passed out and Selim sits by her side. She wakes up and asks for her baby and Selim tells her to stop and she asks where her baby is and he replies that she gave birth to a healthy baby boy and that they will bring him soon. She is happy that is a boy and he says ask of me whatever you wish. Nur: "Whatever I wish?" Selim: "Yes" Nur: "No other women! No other! It won't happen!" Selim laughs. There is a knock and her baby is brought. She holds him happily. She calls him a prince and he says no, a Shehzade. She says let us send word to the capitol that the Sultan and Hurrem Sultan should have word and Selim replies that she should not worry about that because word has already long been sent.
    Fatma is outside in the gardens and meets with Atmaca. She asks if he understand what he is to do. At: "What if Rustem pasha does not accept me." Fat: "Do not doubt...he will accept you...you just light the spark...there is no need to do anything else."
    Yavuz is telling Cevher to leave the house. She says why and he says that she should not ask questions. He pays her and tells her to go to the boats and gives her money. She says Sumbul will look for her, and at least she should make an excuse and then leave. He tells her to do as he says.
    Hurrem is with Sumbul and asks if he has found out anything about Rustem's special guest. Sumbul replies that he has asked around but could no find anything out about who the person is. Fahriye arrives and tells Hurrem that the time is approaching and that Rustem is in the Divan, and if she wishes they can leave now.
    Zal is outside the Divan and Atmaca arrives: "I have come to see Rustem Pasha and tell him that Fatma Sultan has sent me, he is aware of my visit" Zal takes Atmaca's dagger and a reddish beareded guard takes it from him. Fatma and her bothersome grin are both waiting and Melek arrives to tell her that Hurrem has left her room. Fatma and grin are happy and says that the big day has come. They leave her room together.
    Hurrem goes into her secret room (her dress suits her doesn't it?)
    In the room, Rustem is waiting when Atmaca arrives. Rustem tells him to come closer "You?" Atmaca: "I am Shehzade Mustafa's sword bearer, on his personal order, I am here. As you know, Fatma Sultan told you about me." Hurrem can hear Rustem's voice: "Fatma Sultan spoke about some secrets of Hurrem Sultan. And you would prove these." Atmaca: "That is true, Pasha Hazretleri," Rustem: "In that case, speak let us see what these secrets are." Atmaca looks at the ceiling. Rustem: "Speak up man!" At: "If you wish, let us speak elsewhere my Pasha, because someone is listening to us secretly." Hurrem is in a panic and rushes off. Rustem: "What do you say? Who hears us?!" At: "For a long time now, Hurrem Sultan is listening to you from her secret room." Rustem: "How dare you! Who are you to come in front of me and lie about our Sultana?!" At: "This is the truth, and on top of this...you will not be the only one to learn abut this..." Rusty: "What kind of trap is this?!" At: "This is not a trap..not a lie...Shehzade Mustafa wanted you to know your friends...now I must leave if you permit...our Hunkar will be arriving soon." Rustem tells Zal to get out and stares at the ceiling. Hurrem is panicking and her worst nightmare awaits her - her husband is there are Sumbul opens the door. Suleyman goes and checks the room out and is shocked.
    In his room Suleyman: "If there was only a single person I could trust, it was you." Hurrem: "I still am." Sul: "You are not! You left me alone Hurrem...I do not trust anyone anymore." Hurrem: "I know my mistake...there is no explaination...but I have good reasons...this palace is witness to such betrayal that a person cannot trust anyone...I udnerstand, your worst fear is disloyalty....but it is the same for me...to prevent this, I worked to take precautions...whatever I do, it is for your good...for your welfare Suleyman...believe me" Sul: "After this, how can I trust you? You said this palace is witness to such betrayals...and this doing of yours is the biggest of them all.." Hurrem: "Suleyman I swear to you, I did it for you and the sake of my children..." Suleyman gives her the hand gesture...the one where he epically shoes people away. "You may leave."
    Of course Fatma had to wait outside after. Fatma: "Try to hide it as hard as you can...I can see your insides are burning...You thought he would stay on your side? This time you will not be forgiven." Hurrem: "The love our Hunkar has for me is still there...you do not know what storms we weathered...the black clouds can hover over us, but they will dissapear and the sun will open up again. It is always this way." Fat: "You are right...but you were never this reckless...you had never crossed your line this much....you had never become this blind by arrogance...recall Ibrahim Pasha...his end was also because of his pride." Hurrem: 'Do not compare him to me..I will not become like him" Fatma: "Who knows Hurrem..You have pressed on our Hunkar's vein...you passed the limit...there is no return...finished...it was until here."

    PART 2
    In Mihrimah's palace, Mihrimah is being measured by a tailor when Rustem arrives looking angry and tells everyone to leave. Mihrimah asks what is going on and Rustem replies by asking if she knew about the secret room. Mihrimah: 'What are you talking about, what room?" Rusty: "I am talking about the secret room Hurrem Sultan specially had made for herself in order to listen to the Divan!" Mih: "What more could happen...how did she do this kind of thing...how did you find out?" Rustem: "Fatma Sultan revealed it. Starting with our Hunkar, everyone else found out too! Mihrimah tell me the truth, you really did not know about this?" Mihrimah, pushing away his arm: "Why would I lie Rustem...I am hearing it from you just now...so that is why my mother was disappearing ...I could not find her many times...." Rustem: "If she is listening into my Divan's then it has one reason - she does not trust me!" Mihrimah: "She is not forced to prove to you that she trusts you...if someone does need to prove, it is you...if she did not have a reason for this, she would not have done this."
    In Fatma's room, Gulfem and Valeria are with Fatma (she doesn't let Val sit down and another thing, have any of you guys ever pondered Gulfem and the Sultan together? They don't really match in a romantic way do they? I don't just mean that he doesn't stay with her, but I mean just in terms of it is difficult to imagine them ever having any other relationship except a platonic one). Gulfem: "Hurrem has lost her mind...our Hunkar will not leave this one go without punishment." Fatma: "God Willing Gulfem..my wish is for Hurrem's arms and wings to be broken...the time has come already!" Gulfem: "What things we saw Sultanim...Hurrem will save herself somehow...and then after she will do whatever is in her power to take revenge for this." Fatma: "You still do not know me...it is not that easy to take revenge on me!" Naz: "But she could take it on me right?" Fatma: "As long as you are in this palace, Hurrem can do nothing to you, do not worry hatun."
    Meanwhile in Hurrem's room, Hurrem is wondering how it could have come out in the open: "It was impossible for Fatma Sultan to find out about that room...apart from you two, no one else knew about it! One of you has betrayed me...tell me which one of you is the traitor?" Fahriye: "Sultanim...I would rather give my life than betray you." Sumbul: "Never! Let alone betray you, it never even crossed my mind!" Hurrem: "No one else knew except you both...either you betrayed me, or you went and babbled about it somewhere!"
    Fahriye: "God is my witness Sultanim...I did not speak to anyone about it." Hurrem: "Sumbul agha! Could you have said something to Lokman or the other aghas?" Sumbul: "How could I say something like this...the matter would mean my head!" Sumbul is realizing suddenly what happened...he recalls telling Cevher. "Oh woe!" Hurrem: "What happened, who did you talk to!" Sumbul: "There is a woman...her name is Cevher...fabric seller..." Hurrem: "Do not tell me that you told that Hatun about the secret room. Sumbul nods. Hurrem: "God's wrath on you! How could you do this?!" Sumbul: "Forgive me Sultanim...but I did not know...maybe she did not do it...maybe someone was following her...she is good, and pure...she could not do this...she could not!" Hurrem: "Where is she? that woman! Where is she!!!?"
    Suleyman is on his terrace and Lokman arrives telling him that the secret room has been closed and walled off. Hurrem is looking through a box and then she goes to Sumbul. She tells Fahriye to leave her with Sumbul and not to let anyone inside. Sumbul: "Sultanim, I did not betray you. At least I did not intend to." Hurrem: "Because of you, because of your loose mouth, I am about to lose everything. You will be punished for this." She hands him a vial of poison. He says, thinking the poison is for him: "My mistake is great...what can I do, I was destined for this." Hurrem pulls the vial away: "It is not that easy, Sumbul" The poison is not meant for him...it is meant for Cevher, Sumbul looks like this might have been worse for him than if he had to drink it :(
    Sumbul goes to see Cevher and he has a dish of something in his hand. There is no answer at first but then there is. He says that he could not stay in the palace, so he made up an excuse to go to the market so he could see her. Cevher says he did well as she was thinking of him. Sumbul has brought her some pastries and they enter her house.
    Zal is with Rustem in his office, and Rustem tells him that there is a woman named Cevher, working as a spy and that although she is being taken care of at the moment, that it is necessary to find out who she is loyal to and to find out the men who are taking news back and forth.
    Meanwhile, Cevher is with Sumbul and he feeds her a pastry...she tells him that she was going to call on him anyway, because an aunt of hers is ill and she will have to go away and he says "you are going you mean?" She feels unwell suddenly. Sumbul: "You are going it means...actually you are running away in reality." She says: "Come with me my agha...let us go away from this place. Somewhere far away...where no one will find us! You loved me and I loved you! If everything else was a lie, this is the truth! We cannot have a child yes, but life has a solution for everything...we'll bring some orphans in our home and keep them as our children (aha! So Sumbul is one of the not completely Sumbulized as in he cannot have children but he can you know, have fun in some way, shape or form) She continues: "They will be like our children..." She starts coughing "They will be our children...we will be a family with you...a big happy family! My agha, Sumbul agha!" He holds her "Who did this to you? Who got to you? Shehzade Mustafa?" Cevher: "Shehzade Mustafa has no clue about this..." Sumbul: "Who did this! Who!!!!" Cevher: "I don't know...I don't know...they are very powerful...they want to put Shehzade Mustafa on the throne they are the enemies of Rustem Pasha and Hurrem Sultan." Sumbul: "Give me a name!!!" Cevher: "Yavuz...yavuz...Sumbul...I ...I loved you." Poor Sumbul :(
    He walks through the market but it's like he is in a bubble, apart from everyone...drowning in his own grief...:(
    In Kutahya Beyazid is practicing not with one sword, not with one guy, but with two swords and several guys. His Lala is watching. Oh all the bruises he gave everyone. Lala shouts out to him to calm down and that he will have to get ready for the Divan. Lala says that he does not see him well since they have returned from the Capitol. Beyazid says he is doing as he is told, he has gone let go of the matter of the girl he loves and so what else does he want from him? Lala says he sees his condition and it makes him sad, but there is nothing they can do about it, that they have to accept the Hunkar's decisions. Beyazid replies that if he (Lala) had not told his mother about it, then none of this would have happened. His Lala says that he only warned Hurrem Sultan for the protection and saving of Beyazid and then he thanks God that the Sultan did not exile him. Beyazid says that well he is in Kutahya so what is the difference and his Lala replies that he should not say so, because if God forbid if something happens to the Sultan, the closest Sanjak to the capitol is Kutahya and that likea bird he can fly to throne if that happens. When Beyazid gives him a look, Lala replies that he should know the value of this.
    Hurrem is with Sumbul and Fahriye in her room. Hurrem: "Did she die?" Sumbul: "From what I understood those in positions of power and authority have come together...they are working for Shehzade Mustafa's cause, but he does not know about this. This woman worked for them." Hurrem: "Who are these people?" Sumbul: "The woman did not know, but she did give one name...Yavuz..that is all." Hurrem: "We are all sitting here unaware and there are hyenas sorrounding us...we don't even know our enemies...unless we take action immediately, we may be too late."
    There are women outside of Cevher's house when Yavuz arrives so he asks where is Cevher hatun and one of the woman says she was found dead. Yavuz asks who they are and the woman says she does not know her well, but a man came to her, gave her money and told her to take care of the funeral and burial and then left. Mihrimah is in her mother's room when Cihangir arrives, he wonders where his mother is and Mihrimah says that she is meeting with Rustem, and that it is apaprent he (Cihangir) has also found out about the incident.
    Cihangir: "I cannot understand how our mother could do such a thing." Mihrimah: "From the time we did not even exist, those in this palace made war on our mother...it is difficult to even imagine what she has gone through, what she is lived through....she came here as a slave...everything she is master over now she won by herself. Of course she does not trust anyone now." Cihangir: "That is true, but because of this...because of her not trusting anyone, she will lose everything she has won. She has become a slave to her desires and ambitions. And these two things are bringing about her end and she does not even know it!" Mihrimah: "Silence Cihangir! Do not dare ever speak about your family this way again. Did you understand me?"
    Hurrem is meeting with Rustem. Hurrem: "The reason for this incident was also Mustafa Rustem." Rustem: "You mean that the reason for you to listen to me secretly is because of Mustafa? Ist that what you mean?" Hurrem: "This is exactly what they want! They are trying to make us fight each other and you are falling for their game...this actually benefits our enemies. Do not forget that your fate is tied to mine!" Rustem: "Your fate is now tied to mine Sultanim...you could not have won this war alone!"
    Hurrem: "What does this mean? How can you speak to me like this!?"

    Rustem: "For years I have been loyal and faithful to you. I did not even once betray you. If I have, please tell me. While you were listening to me, didn't you learn that? When did I let you down? When did I ever turn my back? Putting my life in danger, I have saved yours...did I not sacrifice my life for you?" Hurrem: "This has nothing to do with you...the matter is about the future of my children. For this I had to take every precaution...I came back from death so many times..how many times did they burn me...they threw me into a dungeon for two years I suffered...they took my son from me! My son! They ripped my heart out from me. Where were you that day Rustem? Why didn't you save me?"
    Hurrem: "If I do something, it has a reason. Do not forget that. It is not in vain either...we are now under a great threat." Rustem: "Our Hunkar will not forgive this for certain." Hurrem: "Not just that Rustem...some beys and pashas are coming together and making a move in Mustafa's name. Even without him knowing...that woman was one of their spies. They have insterted their snakes amongst us! Their purpose is obvious: to destroy us and put Mustafa on the throne!" Rustem: "Who are they, did the woman speak?" Hurrem: "She just spoke of someone nameed Yavuz...that is all." Rustem: "Zal Mahmut is watching the woman's house..." Hurrem: "And who spoke to you in the Divan?" Rustem: "Atmaca, Shehzade Mustafa's rifleman...from what Zal has told me there are two men protecting Mustafa and he is one of them...he does not know the other's name." Hurrem: "Investigate at once...do away with Atmaca and Yavuz." Rustem: "Coming in front of me means he is not just anyone, but someone who they trust. Your enemies are my enemies Sultanim...if we walk together I just have one wish from you - to trust me...that is all I want." Hurrem: "I would not keep someone I don't trust with my daughter." Rustem: "In that case the time has come Sultanim...I have thought of everything."
    In Amasya, Mustafa is outside and everyone shouts his praises. He approaches some men who are praising him and Mahidevran for the charity foundations soup kitchen they have built. Mustafa says he is only doing his job and if everyone is happy, it gives him happiness. Taslicali comments that not all princes would have such love and Mustafa asks if  he send the guards and Yahya says he has.

    Yavuz meets with Atmaca and tells him that Cevher has been kiled and that they were too late. At: "This was not good...didn't I tell you to send the woman away?" Yav: "I did, and waited for her at the docks, but she did not show up." Atmaca tells him to hurry because Reis is waiting. There is a man who notices them and follows them. And another man....and several men who follow. Atmaca turns around and runs off.
    The scene cuts to Rustem writing a letter and smiling so we know he is up to something.
    The men who are following Atmaca and Yavuz and then of course they see they have disappeared and then Atmaca and Yavuz rush forward from their hiding spot and start beating them all up, but they are sorrounded with a tiny dagger of Yavuz' so they continye fighting using punches and the other guys' swords. Basically, they epically kill them all, father their turbans, dust them off and go.
    Rustem is in front of the Sultan and says that although he will not like it, there is something he has to be informed about. Suleyman is all ears. Rustem tells him that some businessmen have complaints about Mustafa, that there are reports indicating bribery, some of them have complained to the Shehzade, but he is ignoring their complaints. Rustem says he does not believe the complaints, because everyone knows that Mustafa is loved by everyone, and these are baseless complaints perhaps from someone whose business has failed and is just grumpy. Rustem continues that if he wishes he can send letters to governers in the area to speak to local businessmen to see if there is any truth to this matter. Suleyman agrees and says that he wants to know who is trying to disgrace Mustafa.
    Atmaca tells Reis that Cevher has died and Reis says he hopes that nothing escaped her mouth (that she did not say anything). Atmaca says she must have and Reis says that Hurrem and Rustem must know about them now and Atmaca replies that most likley, but they cannot prove anything. Ries tells them not to be seen around, especially Yavuz, and that they should go back to the Shehzade once they make sure their cover has not been blown (becuase they were followed). Atmaca ask if there is any news from the palace and Piri says that no, there is silence and that Hurrem Sultan will not be forgiven this time.
    In Mihrimah's palace, Zal awaits Rustem and when Rustem arrives, he tells him that as per his orders followed the man, most likely Yavuz and followed them...but that they killed all of the men and that they ran away. Rustem asks who the other one was and if it might be Atmaca and Zal says most likely. Rustem tells him to find out about Atmaca, everything about him, who he is, where he came from etc. Then he does an epic neck turn and calls Zal back and tells him that it is his second mistake and that on the third, he will take his head.
    Lokman and Afife present Suleyman with a letter from Selim. Suleyman opens it and reads it. Afife asks if it is good news and Sully tells her that Selim has had a son and Afife prays for him, then she asks if Hurrem Sultan can see him as she has asked and then she asks what she should tell her?
    Hurrem is in her room getting ready and she says she is very happy with the news from Selim and that hopefully this good news will end the trouble between her and Sully, but then of course, Afife arrives to tell her that he does not want to see her. Hurrem asks to be alone.
    Taslicali gives a letter to Mustafa telling her that Fatma has sent it. Mustafa says that as he had guessed, Hurrem has been exposed and her end is near and Mihrunissa asks what happened and he tells her that it was about the secret room. Taslicali tells him that they must leave at once. Nisa asks where they are going and Mustafa says that they have a guest and he is going to meet them, and when she asks who it is, he says when they arrive she will see.
    Mahidevran asks Fidan if she found a cariye to pretened to be pregant and if she is a good one and Fahriye says she should not worry, she scared her so she won't step out of line. Nisa arrives and tells Mahi that there is good news that the secret room was revealed and that they don't know what will happen to Hurrem, but she could even be beheaded. Then she tells her that Mustafa has left the palace to greet a guest. Mahi asks who the guest coudl be and when Nisa says he said he didn't say and it must be a friend, Mahi says that sometimes the one who causes the most damage is a freind...saying this is an advice to her.
    Rustem is in the Divan (yay, at least we get to see an old friendly face! He isn't seker, but at least he is from the old episodes!)) .Rustem has Celalzade write a letter to the nobles of Amasya to acknowledge their situation under Mustafa's leadership. He requests more information from them about the situation to help prove the truth of the matter. Then he writes another letter to the different governors and businessmen around the area of Amasya and asks them if they know of any difficulties that are occurring in Amasya and asks them for their stories. He also asks them if they are happy with the rule of Shehzade Mustafa and tells them to respond to his letters without having any doubts in their minds and orders them to send their messages to him
    The letters are sent via Zal to the different Beys and noblemen.

    Rustem tells Hurrem that the letters must have arrived and that soon they will get a response. Hurrem asks if it will work and Rustem says that God willing it will, and that if the outcome is as they wish, it will mean they will win a big battle.
    Hurrem says that her real worry is the Sultan and that the silence is not a good sign and that he hasn't spoken to her in days, won't even look at her. Rustem comforts her by saying that since Selim has called them both to Manisa, then if they go it will help matters and friends and enemies will see that she has not fallen.
    In Kutahya, Lala receives a letter that is suppose to be for Beyazid from Mustafa. He delivers it to Beyazid who is quite eager to read it. He tells Lala that he has to go to Manisa disguised because Mustafa is calling him. Lala asks how can this be, it is dangerous and Beyazid says it is must be very important if he is calling me and that he should get ready. Lala tells him he cannot and that for his safety he cannot allow him. Beyazid asks his Lala what will he do? Complain to his mother again? He insists he will go. Lala says that he is with Beyazid and that even if he loses his head he is with him...and that his only purpose is to protect him, nothing else. But that if he is so insistent on going then this incident will stay as a secret between them.
    In Manisa, Selim and Nurbanu are loving their baby. Nurbanu asks how beautiful he is and what will they name him and Selim says: "Our Hunkar will name him and if he does not come, he will write in a letter what name to give." Nur: "He looks like you right? His nose...his eyes, his eyebrows...just like yours...from what Canfeda says if a woman loves a man very much the baby will look like him" Selim: "May he be fortunate too, just like you." Nurbanu gives the baby to Canfeda. (OH THIS MUSIC REMINDS OF MERYEM/HURREM AND HER BABIES) Nur: "I am so happy" Selim: "Me too."
    Hurrem is in her room asking if there is any news from the Sultan. Fahriye shakes her head. Fahriye: "Our Hunkar's love and respect for you is obvious...these days shall pass too." Hurrem: "God Willing, where is Sumbul?" Fahriye tells her is not in a good condition. Hurrem asks what is wrong and Fahriye tells her that the pain of love has destroyed him. Hurrem is thoughtful...
    Suleyman is in his room writing (I thought he couldn't see properly at night? :P) Suleyman calls out to Lokman telling him to prepare at once that they will be leaving on the way.
    Sumbul is lying down in his room :( When Hurrem enters he tries to get up. Hurrem: "Do not be disturbed Sumbul.." She goes to sit by him. Sumbul: "I did not want to be this way in front of you." Hurrem: "You wait for me outside Fahriye. Hurrem holds his hand "How are you Sumbul, are you well?" Sumb: "You asked me for the first time, or am I dying?" Hurrem: "What kind of words are those...without you my arms and wings are broken....without you I am at a loss and so is the harem...you must get well soon." Sumbul: "It is difficult Sultanim, difficult...there is so much pain inside me that nothing can cure me...there is no solution for it." Hurrem: "I have neglected you have I not? While running after my sons and my enemies I have not seen you...have not asked you how you are...am I late?" Sumbul: "What words are those Sultanim...it is not late, it is enough that you asked...every story needs to be told" :( :( :'(
    "Do you remember your childhood Sultanim? I remember...I had a childhood, far away and happy...I forget the house I was born in, the place I came from...if I had a mother or father...if I had siblings...I have forgotten all of it...Sultanim...I have even forgotten my name...but I still remember being a child...being a boy...one time, before me was the possibility of another life..." A man bribes him with something and of course, kidnaps him. He is taken to a room with so many boys. "How many pains I suffered there. I swore never to go through pain again. I put my heart away in a box, saying I would never give it away to anyone again! (Did anyone else tear up here? poor Sumbul! This made me cry :'(   ) Sumbul: "Years later, for the first time I opened that box...I gave my heart to someone and I learned what love was."
    Hurrem is crying, and says: "Your heart has been hurt by a dagger...we have to take that dagger out from where it has been thrust...we will soothe the pain Sumbul and you will be better." Sumbul: "It is too late for me Sultanim...anyway because of me you are also going through pain...if I had held my tongue you woul dnot be going through this trouble...give me my punishment...at least I will pay for my sins." Hurrem: "I will not punish you, instead...you will be rewarded for all your service to this day. You are free Sumbul...you will choose your name..you will chose your destiny from now on." Sumbul is shocked. Hurrem: "Okay sleep now, it has been a very long night." poor poor Sumbul :(
    Hurrem wakes up the next day and gets ready. She goes to see the Sultan, who is on his terrace. "Suleyman." Silent Suleyman. Hurrem: "Suleyman I saw you in my dream. I woke up thinking of you..you are my star of happiness. Hasn't the time come to end this?" Silent Suleyman walks away and reads his book. Hurrem: "It is obvious you are still angry with me, what can I do for you to forgive me. Suleyman? My Sultan. The King of my heart...say something...give an answer." Suleyman stands up and walks to the fireplace she goes in front of him. "You do not see me Suleyman? You do not hear me? See me Suleyman! Hear me!" She screams at him. Nothing. Silent Sully walks away. Of course it was a dream. But he still is Silent Sully. SHe asks for her clothes and goes to his room, telling the agha she needs to see him. The agha says he cannot. Hurrem wonders why he cannot and Fatma answers: "It is impossible...because he is not here. He left the palace early to go to Manisa. On top of that he is not alone...he is with Nazenin."

    Who should we dedicate this episode to? I think poor Sumbul...his story was so sad.
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