• Muhtesem Yuzyil Episode 114 Trailer 1

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    Gazanfer: "Our Hunkar should not see you like this."

    Canfeda: "I am afraid our Hunkar will appoint our Shehzade to a different Sanjak"

    Suleyman: "Is this how you govern your sanjak?!"

    Selim: "I did not know that you would come this early"

    Suleyman: "If you knew what would you have done!?"

    Nurbanu: "Do not be this upset...we will certainly find a solution."

    Selim: "What solution Nurbanu...don't you see that everything is finished?!"

    Valeria: "You are a drunk Shehzade's woman...and I? I am the Padishah's (wife)! (Padishah =King/Emporer)"

    Canfeda: "What did our Hurrem Sultan say...what has she written?"

    Nurbanu: 'She wants me to kill Valeria."

    Suleyman: "How did she fall?"

    Nurbanu: "Her necklace fell, to see where it fell she leaned over the railing, but it broke and she fell. I tried to hold her, but I couldn't help her...I failed."

    Fatma: "Hurrem...I hope it has nothing to do with you God Willing."

    Hurrem: "You were the closest to her in this palace. My condolences (Health and life to you). It is a big loss for you (a great loss)."

    Hurrem: "The Padishah of my soul...I knew you would forgive me"

    Suleyman: "I did not forgive you Hurrem! From now on you cannot stay here. I am sending you to be with Beyazid."

    Beyazid: "Hurichihan Sultan - from now she will stay here, with me."

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