• Kosem Sultan Episode 9 Trailer # 1 Translation

    Ahmet: "The baby in your womb is my most precious treasure. Protect it."

    Handan: "It is obvious someone wanted to abort the child."

    Rasha: "She did it my Sultana - Kosem Sultana."

    Safiye: "Now go, you will talk to our Hunkar convince him to keep us in this palace. If you do not do what we say, your father shall die."

    Kosem: "As I stay silent, it as if the nightmare demon comes on top of me, I can no longer bear it..this burden is too heavy to bear."

    Ahmet: "Tell me. I want to know everything. Tell me."

    Safiye: "Your father's fate is once again, tied to you. If you get there before he gives his last breath, your father will be saved."

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    1. Thank you do much I really appreciate your work

    2. On YouTube, they blocked the videos outside Turkey. Is there any workaround?

      1. Install ZenMate (zenmate.com) and try setting it to another country than the one you are in. I am in the United States and it is not blocked on YouTube here, so you could try setting your location to the United States.

    3. Thank you so much for all your hard work. We really do appreciate it. Can you please also write who each character is like is Saifye the mother of Ahmet and the other chacarerts as well please.

    4. Safiye Sultan is Sultan Ahmet grandmother
      Fahriye Sultan is Sultan Ahmet aunt
      Handan Sultan is Sultan Ahmet mother
      Halime Sultan is Sultan Ahmet stepmother
      Sehzade Mustafa is Halime Sultan son and Sultan Ahmet halfbrother
      Dilruba Sultan is Halime Sultan daughter and Sultan Ahmet half sister