• Kosem Sultan Episode 10 Trailer 2 Translation

    Man: "Is this little boy your son?"

    Man 2: "Go away before I break your bones!"

    Man: "We will go...after giving punishment."

    Dervish: "How could they know that the one who faced them was Kuyucu Murat Pasha, the one who brings heretics to their knees!"

    Kosem: "Safiye Sultan has a secret - she is going to burn us like fire with it!" note: it was brought to my attention that this is in fact "safiye sultan has a secret...it is going to burn her like fire!" I am leaving the old one because I still have some doubt as to which one is correct (the way I am hearing it, I can hear that both work) sorry for the confusion.

    Safiye Sultan: "The important thing is to surround Kosem from all sides. we should attack her from every angle so that destroy her before she becomes Sultana."

    Katerina "Kosem Hatun has seen nothing yet, I will crush her and leave her in my wake."

    Kosem: "Safiye Sultan!"

    Kosem: "I will take everyone and everything you love from you!"

    Cennet: "Have mercy...please..."

    Kosem: "Did you have mercy on me?

    Cennet: "Kosem please don't...please! Kosem!

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