• Kosem Sultan Translation Episode 9

    Kosem is shouting at the window, leave him! Father! Leave him! Her father says, I am here, my daughter, I came for you! Kosem tells Safiye that if anything happens to him..but Safiye says it is in your hand, you will go to our Hunkar and tell him about Handan's doings and also you shall convince him to let us stay in this palace. Kosem says and if I can't convince him? Safiye says that is your problem...also, if you do not do what I say, or if you tell Ahmet about this matter (me taking your father) than your father shall die.

    Handan meanwhile asks Dervish why Fahriye was around and Dervish says it was about the wedding preparations. Handan says is that why she was so happy looking, what are you hiding from me. Dervish finally admits to Handan that Fahriye knows about their secret. He says don't worry - she knows nothing about my feelings towards you, only that I had a hand in poisoning Ahmet's father and she threatens that if I do not release the Giray brothers (have them pardoned) , then she will expose it to Ahmet.

    Kosem has gone to Ahmet in a hurry and then puts on a smiling face.

    [Theme song]

    Halime is worried and says how could Fahriye know and that if anyone finds out, they will accuse her (Handan) had given the order for killing Ahmet's father and then she asks what will he do now. Then Dervish says I am going to admit my crime... I am going to say the truth that you are not behind this, but Shahin Giray was behind it. Handan says have you lost your mind, they will cut your off neck! (you will be executed immediately. Dervish tells her  that years ago he came to this dark path for her and her son's protection. That he will go to his death to protect them. Handan says you are not forced to do this, go from here, run away and save yourself! Dervish says to her, listen, it is impossible to live blameless in this palace, but I want you to know that betrayal to you or Sultan Ahmet, is not one of the sins I have committed. If anything, please at least believe this, it is enough for me. Handan says I do believe it, that is why I want you to go. Do not admit (to your crimes)...do not admit at all...or you will die! Dervish says, to be apart from you is worse than death for me.

    Kosem is with Ahmet and he says he has missed her and she says so is that why you didn't call me last night. He says do you not know my days and nights are for you only. Kosem says you didn't even give any word and you left...I was so scared for you. But I prayed for you. Ahmet says I know but don't fear now, I am here now, with you. (LOL girl your dad is suffering get with it already!)

    Ahmet asks her if something has happened, who made her sad...he says say it, tell me what is wrong, Kosem, tell me...She says is about to speak but there is a knock on the door and Dervish enters. He says the matter is important.

    Safiye has visited Halime who says what an honour for you to visit my room. Safiye says to her, Handan has attempted to kill your son and you returned as if nothing happened. You remained silent (about it, and didn't tell anyone) Halime says, you are the one who said you wanted to put my son on the throne, and then put him in danger...you threw the first stone. You would have succeeded, but, someone got in the way of your plans...Kosem. Safiye says let us speak of things from now on. Let us accept we are both not in possession of our old powers. I am no longer Valide Sultana, and you are no longer bas haseki (meaning head consort to the Sultan). The era has changed, the time has come to put our powers together.

    Kosem has exited Ahmet's room and meets Handan who asks her what is wrong and then moves forward and says Ahmet will notice (your sadness) and then start questioning you...Kosem says don't worry I won't do anything to get you in trouble but...Handan asks her, but what? We had spoken about all this and you said you would hide our secret...Safiye Sultan is such a devil, stand firm.

    Dervish is with Ahmet who asks him so tell me what is so urgent? Dervish says while you were ill in bed some incidents took place..Ahmet says I thought you told me everything, Dervish. Dervish says, we must let Giray brothers go.

    Safiye meanwhile tells Halime that Handan's end has come and that they shall expose her doings and that she shall be punished. Halime tells her well I will not put myself in danger to expose her. Safiye responds you won't, Kosem will and this is how their alliance will end as well. Halime tells Safiye that Kosem will not do such a thing. Safiye says you leave her to us, we will handle it. Halime says what about me? Handan will accuse me...she will say that I tried to put my son on the throne. Safiye says you will go through some discomfort of course, but, Ahmet won't allow his brother to be without his mother, he will forget your crime. Halime says and what is my end then...in the end, you will try to get rid of me too. Safiye says one of the girls is pregnant...tomorrow when she bears a shehzade for Ahmet, then what shall you do? All it will take is our Hunkar's single command...he will not hear us at all then - one night they will take your son's life in that case...Halime says God forbid! Safiye replies Amen! When the time comes Halime, we will sit and speak about this again...and you will choose, either you will be with us, or without us!

    Ahmet meanwhile says to Dervish, I will not release them (Giray brothers). Dervish says, the noble state (Ottoman state) is more important than anything else my majesty. They Girays in Crimea, upon finding his nephews in prison in this way, will bring an army upon us. Ahmet says does Gazi Giray long for his death (does he have a death wish or something?) How would he even dare such a thing (to march on us!) Dervish says he (Gazi) is a constant dagger in our back...let us announce the heir to the Giray throne so that he may come to his senses. So he can fear, and be careful. Ahmet replies, when we don't rid ourselves of traitors such as this, this is what happens Dervish. Soon I shall make such an order that the world will see!

    The girls are relaxing in the harem and Kosem speaks to her new friend and Golge who we finally see again, saying that her father is here and that she worries they will kill him. The girl asks what she will do, will she do as Safiye has said?

    Meanwhile Menekshe, Halime's servant kalfa tells Halime not to trust Safiye at all, Halime says why should I prevent her from doing that which will serve our purposes? Let her do it. But my real worry is this pregnant girl! Before her baby grows we should have it aborted! Menekshe tells her not to do it. She implores her saying that how will they account for it in the afterlife (how will they face God). Halime tells her remember there was a time they did the same thing to you...what happened to the baby in your womb? We both know the pain of losing a child...I owe you a great deal for how you have treated my Mustafa...you have loved him as if he were your own! We must do this for him...

    Rasha says give Kosem some to eat..let her mouth be sweetened...our Valide Sultana has ordered sweets distributed and for singing and dancing at night for celebrations. Kosem's friend says don't keep saying it's going to be a son, you never know you might have a daughter. Rasha says I saw it in my dream, I was giving birth to a son...also, I am craving sweets night and day and you know what they say about bearing sons and sweet. You come and dance for us Kosem, entertain us tonight. Kosem tells her to leave her alone but Rasha says what will you do if I don't ? Rasha says do you see girls how she treats me...you cannot touch me, I am pregnant! They will kill you if something hapens to me!

    Meanwhile, Dervish is with Handan who says she hopes Ahmet believed Dervish's words. Dervish says nothing I said was a lie, we are having various problems with the Crimean Khanate. It is in reality of benefit to the state to appoint one of the Giray brothers to the Crimean throne. Handan nods and says well can we trust Fahriye? In the end, she is Safiye's daughter. Dervish says he does not care and that the most precious thing to him, is Handan's trust in him, and that he will not complain even if he were to die. She replies I am not doing it for you, I do it for my son.

    Ahmet arrives and she tells Ahmet about distributing sweets and for a night of celebration for the pregnancy. Ahmet says she did good and that Dudu hatun should spare no expense in this celebration. Handan tells Ahmet that Dudu "died" Ahmet is saddened and asks how it happened. Handan tells himt hat she fell and as she was old, she was hurt badly and died. Ahmet prays for her soul.

    Fahriye is beaming with triumph in her room when her servant comes and tells her Bulbul agha is asking questions about what Fahriye is up to. Her servant comments about the wedding preparations having started and Fahriye says let them, I will not marry him - he has such secrets and soon our Hunkar will find out about them and on that day the Pasha's end will come.

    Halime asks Menekshe if she found what they are looking for and Menekshe says yes and hands her something and adds this is what took my baby years back (aborted my child), that the thing in Halime's hand has neither taste nor smell and will do the job.

    Bulbul is with Pervane agha the hairdresser and is fussing about and telling him to hurry up and do it right. Pervane says look, they say that hastiness is when the devil gets involved and ruins things and if you move my hand, it might poke you! Bulbul scolds him. Cennet enters and he scolds her for coming without permission. Cennet tells him that they have to prepare for the celebrations for tonight. Pervane says I can come and apply some ointment later. Cennet jokes with Bulbul saying haha at this rate you will be bald soon! Bulbul says does this palace leave one with any hair!? Pervant, what is ointment, will it help?

    At the evening party, Halime asks if the child will be a boy and Handan proudly gloats that it will be. Kosem arrives and is told to take a seat. One of the girls asks Rasha while you are around why should Kosem sit there? Kosem's friend says her name is Kosem that should tell you why. Rasha says well wait till I give birth to my son and then she will see who is Kosem. Kosem's friend says haha you will have a daughter. The first boy will be Kosem's and that Ahmet has already chosen a name for him - Osman.  Halime nods to Menekshe.

    Handan asks why Kosem is sad and if she is jealous because of Rasha.  Halime wonders why Rasha is still being called that and Handan says you are right, calls Rasha over and says you are from Circassia right? Well, you will be a shehzade's mother so time to change your name,,,your name should be Mahfiruze! Rasha says thank you, from now on my name is Mahfiruze.

    Ahmet watches the fireworks from the terrace when Dervish arrives and Dervish says the entire city is rejoicing about the future birth of your son, and Dervish says that the Austrian ambassador will come soon and Ahmet says I want to it to be a great greeting so he can see our might and power. Haci arrives to announce Safiye.

    Menekshe meanwhile brings Mustafa to the party and Handan asks about Safiye. Halime says don't worry today tomorrow she will go, but she is safiye sultan, no one knows what she will do. Kosem catches Cennet and asks permission to go and Handan allows her to leave. Kosem goes to speak to Cennet. Menekshe meanwhile pours something into Rasha's drink and Rasha drinks it.

    Safiye is with Ahmet and says this good news about his baby lightens the recent dark times and then she says that the wedding prep has started but they never agreed on the particulars, when it will be, how etc. Ahmet cuts her off and says it will be whatever you want it will be like that, at a suitable time their marriage will be done and since you are well, you can continue preparing to leave for the Old Palace. Safiye says I can go tonight but if you permit, I can only leave along with my daughter after she is married from this palace. Ahmet says if there is nothing else, you may leave. Safiye says, please think about it at least, for our family this would be best, but if you don't accept it's fine, I will go.

    Haci meanwhile says he visited the old palace and inspected preparations there and that he chose and checked a room for Bulbul too, Bulbul says haha you will be the one who goes there. They continue to bicker and then Bulbul sees Fahriye going somewhere.

    Kosem tells Cennet saying you are not a cold stone hearted woman, please tell me where my father is. Cennet says didn't Handan try to kill Mustafa? Kosem says and didnt Safiye put a trap for all of us, simply to stay in the palace? Cennet says well what did you expect? Yo go against Safiye Sultan, you say to her, her place is in the old palace! Do you really think she would just let that go?

    Dervish tells Fahriye  that he has spoken to Ahmet and she asks what is the outcome, and Dervish says he will think about it, he doesn't wanna rush. Fahriye asks why Dervish killed her brother Mehmet (Ahmet's father), and that since he has betrayed Shahin Giray what was the reason? Dervish says he did it for Ahmet. He raised him and when he found out his life was in danger due to his father, then he decided to kill his father. Fahriye says how odd you saved his life by killing his father and if he were to find out everything - then he would kill you! Then she adds, by the way, I do not care at all about Shahin Giray, he can go to hell. The only thing I want from you is Mehmet Giray - he should be freed and that is all I want.

    Meanwhile, Mehmet recieves a letter in his cell from Fahriye she says she has spoken to Reyhan agha and she is taking care of it, but she is not willing to allow Shahin to be saved because he killed her brother and tried to take Ahmet's throne too.Shahin meanwhile asks Mehmet what Fahriye has written. Mehmet lies saying that she has written that she will do whatever it takes to save them. Shahin says so is that why you look so sad? Mehmet says no, I am sad because I do not like that the woman I love should be involved in such dangerous things.

    In the harem, celebrations continue and rasha's drink is spilled, and a girl tells Rasha should I bring more, but Rasha says I don't feel well its okay. Mustafa is being taken to his room on Halime's request but he runs saying I wanna see my brother. He comes across Kosem and Kosem says let us go together to Ahmet.

    Meanwhile, Rasha is not feeling well, she says she wants to go to her room, Handan tells her go lie down let the doctors see you. Rasha is in pain as she walks and screams and falls down. Handan shouts for the doctor to be called.

    Ahmet is with Mustafa who says he misses him and shouldn't go alone and take him with him when he leaves the palace next time. Mustafa then tells him my mom said I will be an uncle! Then he gets kind of sad and says will Kosem play with me when she has her child? Kosem says oh my dear, it is not me who is having the baby, Rasha is. Mustafa is happy and says yay, I love Kosem! Then he says that night she came to my room and I was so afraid. Ahmet asks what night and Menekshe says our little prince sees nightmares sometimes.

    Haci comes and tells Ahmet that Rasha is in the hospital it seems she has miscarried. Ahmet rushes out and enters the hospital asking what has happened. Handan says that the baby is still okay but there is danger and they will only find out by morning. The doctor says it is something she has eaten didn't suit well. Handan says, it must mean someone has wanted to abort the baby. Rasha says I am really sorry. Ahmet says don't be sorry. Rasha says she did it on purpose...Handan says who. Rasha says Kosem did it. She did it.

    Bulbul meanwhile says to Haci there is something bad in this matter and that there is so many troubles in the harem these days. The two bicker again.

    Handan asks how Rasha knows Kosem did it. Rasha says she doesn't love, she always bothers me, she says the worst things to me. She threatens me! Ahmet says do you see who you are accusing?! That person you call Kosem is my life! A piece of me! Rasha says that everyone saw Kosem harassing her. Handan tells her whatever happened happened, stop blaming Kosem she would never do such a thing.

    Bulbul goes to his room to find Pervane there and is startled asking what are you doing in my room? Pervane says now is the time to put the ointment so that while you sleep it soaks in your scalp. Bulbul says ew why does it smell so bad?! Are you sure this will work? Pervane says I am telling you its a miracle ointment! Bulbul tells him shhhh no one will hear of this! Especially that Haci or I will deal with you.

    Ahmet enters Kosem's room and says thank God Rasha is okay and the child is okay. Kosem asks what happened, that she was fine earlier. Ahmet says it was something she had eaten and she says you poisoned her. Kosem says um, she is lying why would I ever poison her?! Did you believe her. Ahmet says that is not why I came, I do not even doubt for a second! Would I ever doubt you, but there is something important I want you to know - by God's permission this girl will be the mother of my child. I do not expect you to be friends, but don't be enemies either I do not want incidents to happen. Then he leaves.

    Halime meanwhile asks Menekshe how Rasha didn't miscarry. Menekshe says she probably didn't drink the whole thing! Meanwhile, Handan arrives and Halime says how is she? What happened? Handan says you will tell me? Halime says who knows what happened, maybe Safiye did it? Handan says just stay away from my harem, my son! Halime says the other day it was you who sent someone to kill my son! So what are you trying to take account right now? Handan says I told you it was Safiye's doings! Halime says I am telling you to be at peace, I did not do it!

    Bulbul is asleep and Kosem arrives and Bulbul is so frightened he says who are you man or jinn?! Then he says why are you here this late? She asks what happened to him, what that smell is. He says nothing, something smelled bad but why did you come? She says Safiye has tricked me very badly, you are a good soul, please where is my father?Just tell me where he is! Don't make me an enemy. Bulbul says I swear I dont know, Safiye purposely hid it from me. Kosem says yes, she knows you love me. Bulbul advises her, just tell everything! What matters to you if Handan gets in trouble. Kosem says it is not about Handan, I don't bow to any of them, will not bow to any any of them!

    The ambassador is brought through as the Janissaries practice and Zulfikar tells them he will lead them inside and then as they enter Dervish is announced. One man says he is Adam Von Herberstein coming in the name of Emporer Rudolf. Dervish says they do not recognize any emporer other than the Sultan and that rather Rudolf is King and that the King of all the seven regions Sultan Ahmet Han will be accepting them into his presence and they will wait.

      Kosem's friend tells Cennet Kosem is calling her Cennet says she will not go anywhere she can come to her, but the friend says it is important it is about her father. Cennet follows along and enters Kosem's room of gifts (major walk in closet lol :D) and Cennet is locked inside and Kosem says you will say where my father is. Cennet says what will you do if I do not? Golge catches Cennet from behind and grabs her.

    Ambassador Herbestein is announced and enters Ahmet's presence and shows gifts. Dervish says these are the presents they bring. Ahmet says ask them Dervish, what the Austrians want from us? Dervish says they wish to end the war. Ahmet says since the first canon fire of ours this is what they wished anyways. Let them say if their king accepted the terms!

    Cennet shouts to Kosem saying you want to kill me. Kosem says I will say it only once and threatens her with a poison bottle. Cennet says she will say it and says where they are keeping him at the Pearl Kiosk then she shouts and starts coughing and asks why she is poisoned her. Kosem says it wasn't poison it was water, would she ever do such a thing?

    The girls ask Rasha what happened they thought she miscarried and Rasha says my name is not Rasha  I am Mahfiruze then she accuses Kosem the girls wonder how it could be Kosem and she sa who else could it be? She was jealous. If she could have proved Kosem's guilt, Ahmet would've killed her. The girls say no no, it was not Kosem, she saved us! Rasha says Kosem's era is over! I am here, Mahfiruze Sultan! The girl says yeah you say that, but our Hunkar is with her every night and they say he made her a special room with the most expensive jewels and dresses. Rasha says where is that room?

    Kosem exits her room and we see that Rasha has seen where the room is, she is clearly plotting something.

    Dervish tells Ahmet the Austrians have agreed to terms and also will pay 200,000 in tribute, and they don't only want to sign treaty with Ottomans, but also with the Germans. Ahmet asks if this is all...The ambassador says to Ahmet, the last thing is that Emporer Rudolf wants Ahmet to recognize him as his equal and he wants you to refer to him as the "Caesar of Rome" Ahmet and Dervish get angry. Ahmet says  never, how dare you, if necessary I will attack your city for 30 more years, all of the kings of the world are only equal to my grand vizier's rank! (i.e. they can never be equal to me) Dervish relays what Ahmet said and Ahmet orders him sent away.

    Kosem meanwhile has prepared to go with her entourage, and Rasha has entered her room and looks at everything and hears a muffled sound. When she looks she sees Cennet tied up.

    Meanwhile, Golge and Kosem have arrived and after Golge takes care of a guard and takes the key they open the door and she says father do you hear me! She finds him and opens his ropes and he says finally I found you! Finally I am reunited with you! I missed you so much I thought I would never see you again!  Kosem says we have to go now! Enzo asks about Golge saying she's the one who kidnapped Kosem but Kosem says, she is my friend now. As they are leaving men cut them off they grab everyone and Safiye then enters. She says you have thought you could play games with us. Then she orders the guy holding Enzo threaten him. Enzo tells his daughter not to do what Safiye says, he got to see her that is all he wanted. Kosem cannot bear it and says fine I will do whatever you say! Safiye says this is the last time Kosem, you will tell everything (to Ahmet) and if you do something like this again, I will not forgive you!

    Ahmet meanwhile tells Dervish and his men that it is the time to deal with the Austrians and then he orders an attack on some of the castles and then they will have to concede to the terms then. Zulfikar points out that the enemies must also know about the revolts and they will try to use that to their advantage and Ahmet says we will not  allow that, they need this peace as much as the other side and they will destroy the rebels once and for all. Dervish says we will get rid of each one. Ahmet says let us get to the matter at hand - we must start preparations. Zulfikar says what is your proposition? Ahmet says I wish to fulfil the dreams of my great forefathers Fatih Sultan Mehmet and Sultan Suleyman Han - the red apple - the conquer of Rome!

    The ambassadors are escorted out by guards and they mumble that they expected Sultan Ahmet to be a mere child but they were met with a majestic Sultan of a man, and that they hope he doesn't lead the army and sits in his palace because it will mean great trouble! Haci says Pervani meanwhile that he does not see any change in his hair loss problems and that all he has is a bad smell. Pervane tells him just be patient. They bicker and Haci arrives and Bulbul says did you miss me? haha. Haci asks about the disgusting smell and Bulbul says step back, it's not from me I just got out of the bath you shameless, ill mannered man.

    Kosem tells Cennet you really have the heart of a pig, I will make you regret it. Cennet says Mahfiruze (Rasha) saved me from the room and this is fate. Rasha says I went to see you and I saw Cennet. Rasha says the punishment is great for this why did you do it. Kosem tells her stay out of my business or I will deal with you. Cennet tells Rasha you will keep quiet about this!And then takes Kosem's friend saying you did stuff behind my back!

    Kosem goes to her room to rest and think and the doors open and her friend enters and says they have punished Golge very badly, she will recover in a few days. Kosem says I saw him after thinking I would never see him but everything came like a nightmare, Rasha saved Cennet...I will deal with them both! Her friend says this is what happens..I told you you cannot beat Safiye Sultan, you must do whatever she says. Kosem tells her to get out and leave her alone. Her friend leaves.

    Kosem continues to think about her dilemma and find a solution and finally goes to Ahmet's room but she is told he is with his someone of his harem and she says give word it is me. The agha comes back and tells her Ahmet has ordered she can come visit later. Ahmet is with Rasha and she says I was so scared blah blah and he says it is passed, God protected. Rasha says Handan named her Mahfiruze then he says the baby in your womb is precious to me, protect it. Rasha says I will protect him like my eyes. Then she recalls being told Ahmet had wanted Kosem's first son named Osman so she lies and says I saw a dream I had a boy in my dream, I call him Osman and this is a sign. Ahmet says, oh Osman? This name is my heart too, if you birth a boy I will name him Osman.

    Kosem finds Handan in the hallway and tells her so Mahfiruze is your favourite, you sent her to our Hunkar. Handan says it is the rules, it is not against you , you are precious to me I will protect and watch our for you. Kosem says who is protecting who? I have taken such a burden that I carry our crime and sins, so do not speak to me of rules and traditions.

    Kosem goes to her room angry.

    Meanwhile, Dervish walks the halls and has a "I am Dervish moment." He says he had a childhood in poverty and hunger and when the Janissaries got him he was in a bad condition they named him Dervish (Dervis, spiritual men, giving themselves to God, avoiding luxury and often humble, wearing rough simple clothes, not indulging in eating too much, bad words, harmful conduct etc.) Then Handan arrives to her balcony and Dervish looks down at her from where he stands. He talks about her beauty, her eyes, her smile etc. her name was Helen. He did not see her years later when they were in the same palace her eyes the same, her gaze the same..etc. and that this fire will burn them both one day.  Ahmet arrives and  tells him he can't sleep and that he wants to ask for his thoughts on something. He says Zulfikar agha is loyal - it is difficult to find a military agha as loyal and trustworthy as him and he wishes to make him closer and Dervish says as you see fit my Hunkar. And then he says we have to think about the matter I talked about before, Giray brothers. Ahmet says you want me to free them. Dervish says what Shahin did is unacceptable and he must go through his punishment, but Mehmet is not like his brother. We should at least free him from imprisonment.

    Rasha prances about proudly in the hall and confronts Kosem and says you didn't get to have the first son, Kosem says go away and Rasha says I will give you good news it will make you happy. Then she announces that they spent the night together and Ahmet believes she will have a boy and has thought of a name - Osman.

    Shahin sits around itching his head frantically and Mehmet paces around. Shahin says yay, Dervish pasha! Dervish says finally our Hunkar has decided about your fate. Our Hunkar has only forgiven Mehmet Giray, you must stay here Shahin Giray. Shahin says what does this mean we had a deal! Dervish says ask your brother he is the one who was okay with you staying here, it seems he has agreed with Fahriye sultan this way. Mehmet says to Shahin he has lied do not believe him! Dervish says to Shahin, this is the place you deserve your entire life will be spent here and it will be your grave. Shahin says that palace will be your grave and I will get you out after and take out your heart! Then he says get me out! Get me out!

    Zulfikar watches Ahmet and Alex sparring.

    Fahriye is in her room and her mother arrives saying don't be happy, Mehmet has not been spared in order to marry you, it is simply for the benefit of the state. Fahriye says you keep believing that - you forget that I am your daughter! You do things for power, I do things for love! Safiye says how did you mamage this, how did you get Mehmet out? Fahriye says that is my secret and I will not marry Dervish Pasha, who knows maybe I will marry Mehmet Giray!

    Ahmet and Alex spar and Kosem walks down the path and Alex sees her and his hit on the face. Ahmet tells Alex it is enough for the day. Kosem arrives and is introduced to Zulfikar as the woman who saved everyone that day. Zulfikar says he has heard her name and all she did. Then Ahmet says and you know Alex already.

    Mehmet Giray is in the hall waiting and he sees Fhariye and she says finally you got out of the dark prison and he says by your grace and she says don't worry everything will be much better and he asks about Shahin...He says I can't ask but he is my brother. Dervish sees Fahriye there and she hurriedly leaves. Then he says to Mehmet - our Hunkar is in the gardens.

    Ahmet speaks to Kosem and says he is busy with state matters and there is so much to do he is feeling restless and she will always be by his side she says yes I came last night but you sent me away. Kosem says I know Mahfiruze says she even told me about you naming her son already Osman.

    Zulfikar asks Alex why he suddenly got really sad. Alex says nothing, what could it be? It's nothing. Safiye is announced and she says our Hunkar was said to be here. Zulfikar tells her that she is with Ahmet walking. Then she turns to Alex asking who he is. He says I am Iskender, an Acemi and Bulbul says what is an acemi doing here and Zulfikar tells her the Sultan likes him a lot. Safiye looks Alex in the eyes.

    Ahmet says to Kosem this was my dream to name the first born Osman, he says, my Kosem no one, not Mahfiruze or anyone else...the world is on one side, you entirely on another. She says then next time don't leave me at the door! I am not those women, don't do this to me. He says, I am a Padishah, there will other women in my life, but my heart never! She says I missed you, he says I have also! Haci arrives and tells Ahmet that Dervish has sent word that Mehmet has arrived. Ahmet whispers in Kosem's ear and then leaves. Haci says to her, our Padishah loves you very much, may God protect you from envy. She says let us return I need to look pretty tonight.

    Zulfikar is with Alex who asks who Safiye is, if she is Ahmet's mother. Zulfikar says no, that is Handan, Safiye is his gradnmother. Alex sees Safiye speaking to Kosem.

    Safiye asks Kosem if she has said everything and Kosem says I will see him tonight you wanted me to use all my talents to convince him...Safiye says good. Kosem says my father better be fine because if even a hair is harmed, I won't care about you and I will tell Ahmet everything. Safiye says tomorrow come to me, if you do not succeed in convincing Ahmet, your father will die!

    Bulbul tells haci oh I see your dancing around Kosem sultan now and Haci says at least I am not cleaning Kitty poop like you! No wonder you smell like it!

    Ahmet speaks to Mehmet and says that despite his past mistakes, he forgives him and then orders that it is his decree that after Gazi Giray, Mehmet will have the throne ( he is named heir). Mhemet kisses Ahmet's robes. Ahmet tells him know the worth otherwise you know the outcome. Mehmet says forgive me, my brother wishes to beg your pardon and kiss your hand. Ahmet ignores and tells him to get out.

    Kosem is in the hamam getting ready and Ahmet waits for her. Kosem is being primped and fussed over as she gets ready. Kosem is on her way to go see Ahmet and Rasha makes a grumpy face as she walks by her.

    Dervish is drunk and when the woman leaves Reyhan arrives and Dervish laughs Reyhan says I don't have much time and reveals himself, he says I gave those letters to Fahriye. Dervish jumps at him and Reyhan says Fahriye left us half way (she didn't free Shahin) he says I will not kill you yet, you will listen - Fahriye gave Sultan Ahmet and Mustafa the smallpox virus, not I!

    In the morning Ahmet and Kosem are having breakfast together and she says Ahmet, there is something bother for days and it is a burden it is very heavy I can't carry it any longer. When you weren't here, everyone hid something from you! He asks what it is. She says...Safiye Sultan seems bad, but she is not. She is the heart...her place is not the old palace, but here. When you went for your unborn child's sake to the Celali camp, I...he says hurry say it! Kosem says, Handan Sultan tried to kill your brother Shehzade Mustafa, if Safiye Sultan had not come between them, it would have happened.

    Handan is in her room and Haci tells her that he did not see Dervish that night and in the morning came across him and that he doesn't think anything happened but and he says he had gone to the pubs and was with a woman...

    Ahmet angrily exits his chambers...

    Fahriye's servant says that Dervish has sent for her...Fahriye is happy she has no clue what is about to happen to her.

    Handan says while we are struggling he goes off and entertains himself in the pub! Haci says well he has a right to relax too for months he hasn't rested! Just then Ahmet arrives and yells for everyone to get out. Kosem meanwhile went to Safiye and tells her I did what you asked. Safiye says what else did you say? Kosem says dont worry I said you should stay here, I kept my promise, now it's your turn so give me my father. Safiye says first I must hear from Ahmet myself that I can stay here. Kosem objects to this but Safiye says you must be tired you have forgotten what I said...you had to convince him for us to stay, is he convinced? It isn't apparent yet...let him decide and then!

    Kosem tells her friend that she knows how to free her father and then expose Safiye for how she threatened her. Her friend chases after her.

    Ahmet steps towards his mother and says is what I have heard true? She asks what and he said I heard you sent executioner to my brother's room in my absence she says no it is a lie, safiye's life. He says no, it is Kosem! Kosem told me everything. She says Ahmet...He says how could you do this!? She says I was so afraid! I was afraid...Halime Sultan was going to - He says NO! No excuse! Has it befallen you to threaten the family of Osman!? He is about to hit her but stops.

    Haci enters her room and she says Kosem told everything! Hurry and find her!

    Dervish waits for Fahriye who enters with a smug face and he says you got what you said, so give me the letters. She looks at him and says I thought about it, and I decided that a traitor like you shouldn't have a place in the palace! (she will show the letters). Dervish says ohhhh, I am the traitor....you are so innocent? Reyhan came to me and told your secret...the one between you and Shahin. I know your real face. You gave our Hunkar and Mustafa the smallpox. She says what are you talking about? He says so is that why you tremble so? I have nothing to lose, we will lose together! Give the letter and we shall marry, there is good in marriage!

    Ahmet enters Halime's rooms and says Menekshe to get Dilruba out. Then he hugs his brother and says I heard somethings are hidden from me, that night you had a nightmare, some bad things happened...why didni't you tell me? Mustafa says my mother said to be quiet. Ahmet says Kosem told me everything, no one will dare do this again! Do not be afraid no one ever try this again. Ahmet approaches Halime and says you, Halime....I also heard what you did! They want to kill your child and you hide it? What game are you in? She says I am innocent...He says look at your child! No one but he is innocent! Do not fool me or yourself!

    Safiye is with Kosem's friend and says what is Kosem doing? Tell me! The girl says Kosem will tell everyone after her father is saved. Safiye says so it is obvious to me anyway...then tells Cennet I saw the hate in (Kosem's) eyes...she will not be quiet. Cennet says this incident will help her cause anyway - Handan's end is nigh and you will have to leave and she will have no Sultana rule over her...Safiye says, of course if we do not cut her way off!

    Handan is in her room and Kosem arrives. Handan says you traitor! Devil, you have always been on Safiye Sultan's side! You wanted to make my son enemy to me. Speak! Kosem says forgive me, I had no other choice. Handan says you are an angel faced devil, but your betrayal will not remain unanswered, now get out of my sight!

    Safiye speaks to Ahmet saying I wish we could have saved Dudu hatun! Ahmet says they said she died of falling wounds and Safiye says they lied because she saw what happened. Ahmet says why didn't you tell me then! Safiye says you didn't listen to me anymore...you didn't acknowledge anything I say, how could I have said, would you have believed me...every bad has a good...if I had gone that day when I sick I would not have been able to prevented it! Ahmet, your wish is our command whenever you command, we shall go. But...don't ignore what your mother did, otherwise people will doubt your sense of justice.

    Dervish is burning the papers when Handan arrives and he explains that Fahriye can't threaten him any longer. She breaks down and tells him to sit when he asks if he can call a doctor. She says didn't you hear what happened, my son came to the harem..

    Ahmet is mulling over what to do.

    Dervish later says to Handan I wish you had told me before. Handan says i went to see Ahmet, but he doesn't accept me. Dervish says he is angry, but he will listen when he calms down. Handan says then what, my crime is heavy, he may command my execution! Dervish says Ahmet will not do this, he will be angry, not talk to you and later forgive you. Handan asks him to speak on her behalf...to say she didn't do it and Kosem is her snake ..Dervish touches her arm and that no one can harm her while he is around, he will not allow it.

    Ahmet is still thinking when Dervish arrives and tells Ahmet he found out everything - but Ahmet stops him and says it is between me and my mother I do not want to hear a single word! Tomorrow I will give my decision, now I wish to be alone.

    Halime enters Safiye's rooms and Bulbul tells Menekshe she isn't allowed any furhter Safiye wants to speak privately. Menekshe asks what the smell is..Bulbul says stay back I am already angry!

    Halime asks why Safiye is still here and Safiye asks her why she is so calm these days - despite attacking pregnant women - and Halime says she didn't do anything. Safiye says we can't be sure. Halime says it's all your fault - you purposely used Handan against me (long ago) and brought her as competitor...when I already had one competitor - Cennet Kalfa who is still with you! Safiye says your burnt her face and  I felt sad for her and took her into my service. Safiye says I did not call you to talk of the past, Handan is going to be finished today, choose your side now Halime, with me or against me! Halime says let us first see the outcome then I will give your answer!

    Handan has gone to Ahmet's chambers. The agha relays her arrival.

    Safiye is told by Bulbul that Ahmet has retracted his decision to exile her and she can stay in the palace. Safiye says wow look at how Kosem has Ahmet wrapped around her finger. it only took one night (with him for him to be influenced by her). Dervish exits the room to speak to Handan and says Ahmet does not want to see Handan, he has made a decision. He says how sad that he did not even let me speak - You are exiled to the Old Palace.

    Bulbul says okay so now the time is to have Kosem reunite with her father, since she did what you asked. Safiye says go tell Cennet to send Kosem to me. Bulbul says I will do it, she says no! You will go and find out what has happened about Handan!

    Fahriye meets with Mehmet and he tells her he is the heir for Crimean throne and she says what will happen because Dervish got the papers from her and he threatens her. Mehmet says the dog...don't worry this is better, I will not allow the wedding that happen! I swear to you.

    Kosem goes to Safiye and says I think you heard what you wanted so give me my father. She says I brought you here, I kept you by my side but you betrayed me. Kosem says I did what you wanted, what else do you want! Cennet hands her a vial. Safiye says your father's fate is once again tied to you. He is poisoned and that vial contains the antidote, if you reach him before his last breath he will be saved. Cennet says the same place, the place you tried to save him! Kosem runs off and her friend follows.

    Meanwhile, we see Enzo being given the poison.

    Safiye meets Handan in the hall and says I told you I would not be leaving you, you would...Handan says be happy because your joy won't last long. Safiye says oh you will be there for a long time.

    Kosem runs to the door and tries the keys...she finally opens it and runs to him saying I have come. Drink this! She gives the antidote. And he says you will be saved. He smiles at her. My daughter he says. My angel...She says Baba, but he dies. Her friend says this is water...not an antidote.

    THE END.
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    1. Great work I really appreciate it

    2. Thank you for your translations. Just cannot understand why Kosem thought she should trust Safiye, betray Handan and conceal the dynamics from Ahmet!

    3. Thank you for your translations. Just cannot understand why Kosem thought she should trust Safiye, betray Handan and conceal the dynamics from Ahmet!