• Kosem Sultan Episode 9 Trailer # 2 Translation

    Ahmet: "I am a Padishah (King)...there will be other women in my life - but in my heart? Never."

    Ahmet: "My spring...my reason to exist, my soul, do you not know all my days and nights belong to you?"

    Ahmet: "I have come to know there are some things you are hiding from me. Why did you not tell me?"

    Mustafa: "My mom said not to tell."

    Ahmet: "What kind of game are you embroiled in?"

    Kosem: "I have taken such a large burden onto my shoulders, that I am carrying your faults and sins."

    Kosem: "My father is well right? You will deliver him safe and sound. If even a hair of his is harmed, I will not care about you and tell our Hunkar (Majesty) about your doings!"

    Safiye: "She will not remain silent."

    Cennet: "If you leave, she will remain alone, and without a Sultana (to be master over her) she will take (it all) and walk with it! (she will do whatever she wants)"

    Kosem: "Father..father?...Father!"

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