• Kosem Sultan Episode 11 Translation

    Kosem asks Haci what kind of betrayal it is, and that Fahriye is as bad as her mother. Haci says that it won't be this easy, without proof nothing can be done about it (they can't tell on Fahriye). Kosem says she will find proof don't worry, and if necessary she will even create proof (fake proof).

    Safiye meanwhile speaks to Dervish and says where could they have gone? We must find Fahriye, we have no other choice. Dervish says he will do what is necessary and find her, but how will they hide it from Ahmet, he will certainly find out. Safiye says it is a matter of the family's honour and of yours as well. Cennet no one will know of this! Cennet nods.

    Kosem and Haci arrive and Cennet warns them that Safiye has come and that she shouldn't see them and Cennet tells her about Fahriye having gone missing and that no one knows where she is, she has literally disappeared.

    Dervish is speaking to guards and says what does it mean Mehmet Giray is gone? The man says we realized he was gone this morning. Dervish scolds them asking if this is how they do their duties, and then tells them to immediately interrogate everyone and find out who Mehmet Giray bribed to help him get away!

    Kosem wonders and asks her friend what Safiye will do next. Her friend says she'll probably lie and deny it. Kosem says I want her to lie over and over she is such a swamp that every step will sink her further.

    Safiye says to Bulbul that what her enemies could not do, her own daughter did and if things continue this way, it will bring about her end. Cennet says God protect you Sultana. Ahmet arrives and asks Safiye how Fahriye is because he had heard that she had gone to visit her daughter.  Safiye says I was worried about her, as you know she was not so excited about her marriage...but thankfully she was fine and she has accepted her condition, why do you ask? Ahmet replies I heard about her running away..I wanted to find out if it is true or not...Safiye says who dares to make such a lie, it is absolutely not true! only...He says only what my Sultana? Safiye replies well only that she (Fahriye) had a fight with Dervish pasha last night, and that in the morning when she went out, it was assumed she had run away, but she had just gone to Eyyup Sultan mosque to simply pray and reflect alone. Ahmet says so it means our Sultana (Fahriye) is not so pleased with my "gift of happiness"(his choice for her marriage) apparently...Safiye says I warned her and she will certainly behave as a Sultana should of course. Ahmet says I will visit her tonight and if necessary I will speak to her as well. Then Ahmet leaves.

    Meanwhile on a ship on the cold frigid waters we see Fahriye looking out and then she says when you look at it from here (the palace) it looks like something out of a fairytale, but being inside it's walls was like hell for me. Mehmet takes a seat next to her and says it has passed, you will not return there again, I am taking you to the gardens of heaven. She asks why they haven't embarked yet and he says do not fret, let darkness fall then we will be on our way. She says tell me the truth, who are we waiting for? Shahin Giray right? Mehmet Giray says I have planned everything - Reyhan will get him and bring Shahin here...please understand I cannot turn my back on him. Fahriye says I am leaving everything behind me, my palace, my power, my family, my wealth..everything! Mehmet says Dervish was going to kill Shahin...he tried and he (Shahin) got out of it with great difficulty. I cannot leave shahin, how could I turn my back on him, he is my brother. Fahriye responds saying I got blood on my hands for you, I made an attempt on our Hunkar's life! And you cannot go back on Shahin Giray?!

    Cennet goes to Kosem and says it is as you said it would be, Safiye lied to Ahmet. Kosem says what did Ahmet say? Cennet says he will go to Fahriye's palace tonight and it will be at that time that the lies will be exposed. Kosem says in the meantime we must find Fahriye sultan otherwise our plan won't work (the secret that we have in our hands won't do anything) Cennet says let our Hunkar find out...it will only need a single order and she will be found no matter what pit she is hiding in.

    Fahriye finds Katerina in her room and asks how dare she enter without permission and Kat responds that it isn't her room it is the room of the gozde favourites, and has she forgotten about her (Kat) being also gozde. Kosem tells her to get out and find some other place. Kat tells her Haci agha brought me here, like it or hate it, I am here from now on. Kosem stomps out...She goes straight to Haci and asks him if he took Kat there, and he says I am simply under orders...She asks if Ahmet ordered it and then Zukfikar arrives saying he gave the order. They greet each other and he says these are the harem rules...Kosem says there are so many rooms for favourites, why my room? He responds it wasn't on purpose or anything, it just happened that way. She says fine, you can answer our Hunkar. But he doesn't let her enter the room. She says to him, there are many who cut my way (try to stop me) in this palace, are you going to be one of them as well? Zulfikar says I only serve our hunkar, whatever is written in the rules that is what happens, by the book! Otherwise how will I protect our Hunkar? She says you must protect him from others not from me.  He tries to stop her but she enters. He says forgive me I couldn't prevent her.

    Ahmet asks what is happening and she says the matter is Katerina - they have given her the same room while she doesn't even want to be in the same palace as her. Ahmet tells her to get ready tonight because they will go together to visit Fahriye, then when she asks what about Katerina? He says I will handle it...he tells her to go back to her room.  Then she leaves and he calls for Zulfikar and asks if he has informed his mother to come see her grandchild. Zulfikar says he did send word and she is going to be here soon. Ahmet says good.

    Rasha is asleep in her room with her new baby and Halime enters with something in her hand.

    Handan is excited to see her grandchild and suddenly notices that Halime's servants are outside. When she sees Halime she shouts and Halime says don't worry I came to see the shehzade...to put this evil eye stone on him ( a tradition to ward off evil eye and envy). She says don't panic, I know what is gong through your mind. Handan replies it is because of you and all your actions up to date...Halime says do not confuse me with yourself, I have never attempted on a shehzade's life, and never will...but this is exactly the reason why you have been exiled.

    Handan goes to see and hold her grandson.

    Meanwhile Murat pasha congratulates Ahmet on the birth of his son and then Ahmet explains why he named his son Osman, in hopes that he will be a warrior like his ancestor by the same name (and father of Ottoman dynasty) Then he says he has something he wishes to present. Ahmet is presented with a sword. He explains that it is a sword in the last war of Sultan Suleyman's - the battle for Szigetvár - and it is called the sword of victory/triumph.

    Bulbul tells Dervish that Ahmet has found out and will be visiting his palace tonight because of it to see him along with Fahriye sultan. Dervish says my men are dispersed everywhere, I am looking all over, but it is as if they disappeared! Just then one of his men arrive and tell him Shahin Giray has not died as the planned attempt on his life failed. Dervish says I had never thought I'd be happy that he didn't die!

    Ahmet unsheathes the sword while Murat pasha describes the scene - Sultan Suleyman emerged from his tent, aged...tired...but he stood tall before us like an ancient mountain! Ahmet asks what Suleyman said that day. Murat says "My lions! My brave ones who raise their swords in the Almighty God's name and came down with the breath of our Prophet, for the last time march on the enemies! The day is our day in God's name! The prayers to our Lord are with us, and the winds are in our favour! Victory and heaven is written for us! I believe - before the birth of the new day, Szigetvár will fall to us! Do not let me down my lions. " "And on that day my Hunkar, I raised my sword in the air, I became one of the fortunate servants to see our Hunkar, mercy on his soul. Before the morning, Szigetvár fell...Ahmet prays for Suleyman. Zulfikar arrives announcing that one of the commanders from the border has arrived with urgent news. The man gives Ahmet the news that Nasuh pasha was overcome by the Celalis, killed a Pasha and blamed him for it and ran away from the field of battle.

    Handan goes to see her old room which is empty and she says what days passed in this room, all the grief...I thought when I became Valide Sultan it would all pass, but it didn't. Haci tells her don't worry it will all end and you will return, as long as Fahriye is found. Handan says how dare she betray her own blood? Haci tells her they must be patient, and adds Kosem is quite something! She says nothing except that she will get at safiye.

    Ahmet and his men talk about the matter with the Celalis. Murat says they are losing men. Sinan pasha says we should speak to them...try to deal with the matter from another angle. Murat says so what we should bargain with rebels? Ahmet asks him what he thinks. Murat says we should deal with the traitors so that not a single one of them is left on the earth! Ahmet says how? Murat says let us finish the war with Austria...in the meantime with your permission, I will go as commander to Anadolu - those who are loyal to you live, those who have betrayed shall die! Ahmet says great, we will talk about this matter again. Ahmet turns to Zulfikar and says Nasuh should come and for his failure and crossing the lines should pay with his head. Then he adds, Zufikar, this is the second time someone enters my rooms without permission (meaning Kosem) Zulfikar says sorry I couldn't prevent. Ahmet says you will prevent! Kosem, or anyone else for that matter, cannot enter my room without permission!

    Reyhan shouts out bread and shouts to the guard that Shahin has died. The guard stupidly opens the door and goes inside and bends down and well you know the rest Shahin now has a sword and gets out...but only to be face to face with Dervish who says so you won't give up will you? Shahin says hello Safiye Sultan's son in law...I heard your wife ran away as soon as she could from you. Dervish replies you were saved last night, but not tonight, I will strangle you with my own hands. People will think you committed suicide! Shahin says or what? Dervish says if you tell me where your brother and Fahriye sultan are I will spare you.

    Reyhan goes to Mehmet Giray and tells him that Shahin has been wounded while escaping and needs his help, Fahriye tells him no, let us leave from here at once. Mehmet tells Reyhan to wait for him and says to Fahriye Shahin needs me I cannot leave him, wait for me. Fahriye says it might be a trap, there are palace guards everywhere...no...please no.

    Mehmet Giray goes with Reyhan who leads to him a room where Shahin is waiting and he says are you alright, is Reyhan said you were wounded. Shahin says I told him to say that because we have fallen into a trap...dervish caught us and he made a deal with us, for our freedom, Fahriye Sultan.. Mehmet shouts and tries to open the door but it is locked. 

    Fahriye thinks Mehmet has come and finds Dervish instead and asks where Mehmet is. Dervish tells her that Mehmet for whose sake you betray your Hunkar and put your honour under foot has betrayed you. He handed over you in exchange for his brother, then he adds, we are returning to our palace.

    Ahmet and Kosem arrive in the evening at the appointed time to visit Fahriye and Kosem comments how strange everything is ready but our Sultana is nowhere to be seen. Dervish says I am sorry I couldn't meet you when you arrived, our Sultana was feeling unwell. Ahmet asks what is wrong and that he wants to see her immediately, but Fahriye shows up just then and says welcome my Hunkar. Ahmet asks what is wrong she looks pale, she says I am fine now, my head was hurting before, we are honoured to have you in our palace. Kosem notices Fahriye's dress is dirty and wet at the bottom.

    Safiye is having her temples massaged when Bulbul informs Safiye that Fahriye has been found and returned to her palace, but that Ahmet has gone to visit along with Kosem, then Bulbul adds, this girl is not there for nothing, she is messing around with things, let me tell you that. Safiye asks him to bring Kosem to her when she returns. 

    Kosem comments to Fahriye that she arrived just in time (hinting that she knows). Fahriye says what are you talking about? Kosem says you know what I am talking about...you must have come from far  and motions towards her skirts. Fahriye tells her to shut up and not stick her nose in that which is none of her business or she will regret it. Kosem says what problem could I have with you, you are misunderstanding...

    Ahmet is with Dervish and tells him that he has to handle his household affairs so he can return to his duties, then he tells him about the matter with Nasuh's running off. Dervish says order me and I will go bring him to you. Ahmet says he already gave the order and that he will be brought.

    Ahmet is announced as he returns to his palace and Katerina catches his eye. 

    Fahriye shouts at dervish asking him what he has done with Mehmet and Dervish replies so he's still on your mind...how sad,  if he had given you the same value! He betrayed you for that filthy Shahin Giray! Fahriye says she wishes to die and she can only have peace in her heart when she dies and then she passes out.

    Safiye is with Kosem and says you are walking among us too much, what business did you have in Fahriye's palace at night? Kosem says that Ahmet wanted her there. safiye comments that he must have been relieved to see her with his own eyes.  Kosem says that everything was resolved just in time and that fortune was on her (safiye's) side, but what about from now on? Safiye says instead of walking around our feet you should bear a boy, maybe it will benefit you. Kosem tells her that maybe not to confuse or compare her to others and then she leaves. 

    Ahmet is already with Katerina. When Kosem returns to the harem she is told that Katerina has once again gone to be with Ahmet again. 

    We see Ahmet in armour battling an opponent who is able to overcome him and as he is stabbed he wakes up from his dream. 

    In the old palace Handan asks Dervish why he brought Fahriye back. Dervish says he thought of the dynasty and his own reputation. Handan says is that why or - and Dervish says you mean or have I fallen in love with her? is that the answer you are curious to hear? She nods and he says I wish that were the case, because then I might be able to order my heart to be rid of it's enslavement to your eyes.  After a moment, she says no, you will stay away from her because her love is dangerous, poisonous. Dervish says the one you speak of is now my wife, how can I stay away from her. Handan says the person we speak of is the one who betrayed her own blood and she is the one who gave my son the illness. I know everything, she did this for Mehmet Giray. Kosem told me. I found out about it from her. 

    Safiye goes to see Fahriye and starts with what is your problem? When will you come to your senses! How dare you run away! She says I wish I had been executed instead of your son...then I would not have been in this much pain. Fahriye says I am in pain I cannot handle it anymore. Safiye says whatever happened it has passed, I promise you your pains will fade, time will heal...and you will have a new life, understand the value of what you have in hands...Dervish is a reaching hand to you, hold on to that hand.

    Halime is with Dilruba and gets frustrated with her when she asks about the new baby and then Menekshe arrives and says that she has heard somethings about Mustafa. Dilruba says she isn't leaving the room she wants to hear whatever it is it is her right, but she is sent out. Menekshe says she heard someone has told Ahmet that since he now has a son, the line will go through him and they are wondering about Sh. Mustafa's outcome.

    Ahmet is in his room and Halime is announced.  She says I heard and it put fear in my heart, they have written to you about sh. Mustafa. Ahmet tells her to stop listening to the whispers that make her soul fear already that Mustafa is a part of his heart, his brother and his child, and a trust from his dead brother Mahmut and that he will never hurt him or have him killed. Halime is overcome with emotion and thanks him. Ahmet says that take that fear which has made you do so many bad things  and throw it away now.  Halime says to him, you are the ruler with the biggest heart this empire has ever seen, and then she prays for his success in this life and in the afterlife as well. 

    Kosem goes to visit Dervish and he says I know you are brave and worthy enough to have influence over our Hunkar, but she can't do everything. She says it is obvious you are talking about Fahriye Sultans matter, Handan must have told you. She mentions about his keeping quiet about while knowing the truth of what Fahriye did and then asks why did you keep quiet and not expose? Dervish says you must have learned a lot of things...then you must know everything has a reason. My advice - stay away from this matter. Kosem says everyone has an advice for me...fine, but I have a condition.

    Ahmet is in his room when Zulfikar enters with some aghas with food but then tells them to get out so he says is something wrong my Hunkar? Ahmet says the dream he saw is not a good sign. Zulfukar says for sure there is another meaning, why don't you speak to Mahmud Hudai about it. Ahmet says okay and that he wants Kosem should accompany him since she likes Hudai a lot. 

    Dervish says how can I send Katerina away? Kosem says I told you my condition - she will go from this palace or no one can keep me quiet. Kosem says that woman is Safiye's spy! I should hope this is enough to convince you! Do what is necessary! Poor dervish so many problems to deal with haha

    Alex has gone to ask about the shirt with the inscriptions. He finds a man there and the man tells him to come close. Alex pulls out the shirt and the man takes a look and says where did you find it? Is it yours? Alex says he found it and wonders what it says, since he is the only one who can read it. The man asks where did you find it? What is his name? From where? Does he know what this is? Alex says I said I found it! I am curious about it, what does it say. The boy says how do I know you didn't steal it. Alex grabs it and says I am not a thief! The man says wait, give it, I must use some books to read it and then you can come Friday and I can tell you. Alex says no it will stay with me, you can get the books ready for that time and I will come on Friday.  the man wonders to himelf, how can this be...this is Safiye Sultan's little prince's shirt! I must inform her.

    Safiye sees Murat Pasha and they greet each other and then she says our Hunkar has called for Nasuh to the palace and they say he will be executed, and so she wants to speak with him about it. Murat Pasha says well Nasuh deserted during battle, and then he accused and executed an innocent pasha for it without our Hunkar's permission and so he has signed his own death warrant. Safiye tell shim to speak to Ahmet on his behalf and ask for pardon since there was a time he loved Nasuh like a son! Murat says that he has lost everyone he loved before, and that he mourned and forgot them, and Nasuh is one of those people. He has been dead for him for a very long time. Safiye says you want to become Grand Vizier near the end of your life right? Murat says my eyes have seen many Sultanas - Hurrem, Nurbanu and then more...they all filled out their allotted time and then passed on their power to their successors. This is the rule of life. And you are in your last part! Safiye says well then in that case we shall, the both of us, die in battle then, not lying in bed! Murat says thank God there is no enemy alive to bring me down...but you have...you have Kosem sultan! 

    Ahmet is in his room and Zulfikar is with him asking if he has settled in fine. Zulikar says he has no complain. Ahmet says I see Kosem troubles you but everyone has a nature and hers this, she cares nothing for rules and rites and I love her for this. Zulfikar says if she makes you smile like this, I am willing to put up with trouble on her account. They chuckle and Dervish arrives telling him that Shahin has run away from the prison. Ahmet says how, find him at once! 

    Meanwhile Shahin wakes up to see Mehmet and says Reyhan asks if he needs anything and that he should leave at once! Then he says I do not care an atom's worth for you from now on. Shahin asks what he shall do, be the Ottoman dog waiting at their door? Then he says okay okay, are we to part this way? Come let me hug you so that you can remember that we are brothers. Mehmet says that Fahriye wanted them to leave when they were waiting on the ship, but he didn't because he wanted to wait for his brother..

    Katerina meets Haci and asks if Ahmet has asked for her and that is why she has been summoned, but Haci says no, Valide Sultan has called for you. she thinks he means Safiye, but he says our Valide Sultan, did you not hear me. Handan Sultan! We are going to her to the old palace.

    Ahmet and Kosem arrive to see Hudai who is doing his ablutions in preparation for prayer. And Ahmet takes over pouring water for him, and Kosem hands him the towel. Ahmet comments about how he is feeing the hungry.  Then Ahmet says the lodge is a haven for anyone who passes by and needs to stay, if they are hungry, in some need, even if they are criminals and the Sultan has no say in it. Hudai comments how honoured he feels about them doing what they did

    Haci arrives with Katerina who enters a room. There, he tells her this is her room because she has been made a servant to Handan. She says no you cannot, I am our Hunkar's favourite, he will ask for me, what will you say to him. Haci says leave that to me. Then they lock the doors. 

    Kosem helps feed the kids and someone says I know this woman, she is the one from that night, Kosem hatun, and then the women hear too and start saying it is Kosem! That she is an angel with a human form. They say we are so happy we met you, you are really like an angel!
    Handan says how can I interfere with a member of my son's harem? Haci says Dervish ordered it, he said do what Kosem says. Handan says all that was left was for her to order me. Haci says what do you want me to do? Handan says let her stay now...let us deal with Safiye and her daughter..then Kosem's turn will come next. 

    Hudai says Ahmet's dream actually has a good meaning. Ahmet says how he threw me on my back? Hudai says that the back is the strongest part, you will win victory. 

    The woman continue praising Kosem and one of them says you must be pregnant you are beaming, and then says there is a prince here! A shehzade. The woman says I have done midwifery for years, I know the signs. Kosem takes her jewelry off and hands them out and also coins to be given to everyone.   Ahmet watches with pride and admiration. 

    At night, Kosem says she said I was pregnant...her friend says it might just be bloating from eating, she probably did it for coins. Kosem says she can't sleep until she finds out.

    Bulbul tells Ahmet that Katerina has disappeared and that the last person she was seen with was Haci. Kosem is told she is two months pregnant! She wants to give news to Ahmet immediately. When she asks for Ahmet, she is told that he is not in his room. Dervish tells her Katerina was sent away. Kosem says good,  now we can talk about Fahriye sultan. He says I thought the matter is closed. She says trust me, nothing will happen to her on my account but the matter is Safiye sultan. He asks what she wants. She says I want to be rid of Safiye sultan...you want that too right? Dervish says it seems you have an idea? she says I will tell you.

    Ahmet visits his mother and he says you wanted Katerina to be with you and you must have an explanation. She says the one who makes you happy is precious to me, but Katerina is serving Safiye sultan, today she may be quiet, but tomorrow something might happen, it is good to stay away from her. Ahmet asks where she heard this from and if it was Kosem who told her?

    The harem girls are choosing fabric and the woman selling it complains that Cennet owes her money, then Kosem enters and says that she is pregnant. Rasha wonders what is going on. Cennet tells her not to tell anyone because they will be envy and evil eye will befall her. Bulbul comes and Cennet pretends that Kosem was just threatening her. Then Kosem finds out Ahmet has returned and rushes off. Bulbul tells Cennet about kosem having sent Katerina from the palace and that Ahmet was very mad about it.

    Dervish arrives home and goes to see Fahriye. She asks what is happening and why he looks like this. He says everytime I fix one thing, another thing happens, but this time it is difficult because someone has learned of your secret.  She says what secret? Dervish shows her a note and that someone has written that she was the one who gave the virus to Ahmet.

    Kosem goes to see Ahmet happily but he immediately says everything has a limit, even his patience. He says you'll send one of my favourites to the old palace and I am going to be okay it willingly? She tells him that he said he would handle it but he didn't and wanted her to simply accept it. Ahmet says when you figured out I did nothing, then you should have understood and accepted, and that what he wants happens without question otherwise it is going against his orders. She says oh forgive me I didn't know she was so valuable to you! He says well now you know. He says I am the head of this family, and I won't say it again. the Harem has rules and you must follow them. 

    Fahriye asks who wrote the note and he says I do not know who. She says there is no proof so it is impossible. He says yes, but it can cast doubt in Ahmet's heart. Then she says find out and he says then tell Mehmet to stay away or our Hunkar won't leave leave it alone and I will take his life. 

    Kosem is upset and sees Katerina who says Ahmet didn't stay away from her for a day.  

    Kosem speaks to her baby saying I am happy and stronger with you...I am the owner of Ahmet's heart, no one can change it.

    Fahriye writes to Mehmet saying there is someone who found out about her letter, who and how, she does not know, but if it is exposed that she poisoned her nephews then she will kill herself before the executioners arrive, and that the eyes will turn to him after, and that he should run away at once from the palace, and this is her final advice to him.

    Pervane is there and Fahriye tells him this is the last letter, I will not write anymore and I do not want an answer to it either.

    In the harem, the girls gossip about Katerina being brought from the palace. Rasha says who is Kosem sarcastically. Kosem's friend says do you know who Kosem is? Our Sultana! I saw with my own eyes in the Sheykh's lodge everyone kissed her skirts and called her Sultana. Rasha says to be Sultana you have to have a son! Her friend says Kosem is pregnant she has his child in her womb. Cennet is worried. Mustafa asks Menekshe what happened and he is told kosem is going to have another brother and that now she will not play with him anymore then...
    Pervane walks around when he is surrounded by men.

    Kosem tells Safiye she wanted to give the news to her first about her being pregnant. Safiye says finally you will taste motherhood. Bulbul says this is all that was left...if she bears a son....Safiye tells him to speak good or stay silent.

    Dervish confronts poor Pervane and he says I am not hiding anything, they searched me! Dervish pinches his cheek and says don't lie to Pervane....Dervish says get his head, but Pervane says please please I will say about the letter, and then Dervish takes it and reads it.

    Ahmet is with Alex and says in the coming campaign the acemiler (recruits) will be joining as well. Ahmet tells him the first time he accompanied...then Mustafa arrives and spills the beans about Kosem's pregnancy. Alex's face looks so sad...Ahmet is very happy... Menekshe says sorry I thought you knew, congratulations.

    Kosem goes to see Murat Pasha and says I am shy when you say Sultana, but it is the truth now, I am carrying our sultan's son...he says God willing as you say, we will have another shehzade. Kosem says I worried when Haci said you want to speak to me, he says I don't know when I will see you again, so I wanted to warn you about somethings. She says I am honoured, but can I ask, why do they call you Kuyucu? He says many call me this because they think I can throw my enemies into deep wells...but years ago, in the midst of battle I was wounded and sought cover,  i was in pain and the enemies were coming and I had a gun with only one bullet...I saw a fallen enemy his legs were crushed broken, he stared at me, as if begging for me to shoot him and put him out of his misery..and I felt more for him than myself. Kosem asks so you chose to ease his pain over yours then? he nods

    Ahmet is with Zulfikar and Alex who excuses himself and Zulfikar presents him with a letter from the commander in the West and that there is victory and Zulfikar says what good news! This and Kosem's pregnancy, and Ahmet says this is what Hudai was hinting when he said I would achieve victory.

    Murat tells Kosem about safiye having basically announced herself as a shadow ruler years back, that she ruled over everyone, buying people, the important ranks were given to everyone loyal to her, from pashas right down to the scribes and still does all this...Kosem asks why he is telling her...He says we men always lose every battle with women...but you can win....you must end her Sultanate so that our hunkar can stop being stabbed in the back...Reach your real power! ...Kosem says how do you know I am against her? He says I understand your wariness, since you do not trust me yet, but my small advice - if you wish to stop her and be more powerful than her, your weapon must be different that her - whatever you do, do not do it in the shadows and dark like her. Do it in the light, in the open.  Like that day when you stepped out in front of the people, stare your enemy in the face...be born like the sun into the darkness. She says she will never forget these words of his.

    Kosem sees Haci in the hall and he whispers something to her. Dervish is waiting for her and she approaches. He hands her the note and he says do not forget it will be as we agreed, Fahriye Sultan shall not be harmed in any way. She says do not worry, my issue is not with her, it is with her mother.

    Safiye has come to meet the man who Alex went to and says are you sure? He tells her that of course he recalls the inscription he himself wrote and she asks who brought it, he says he does not know. He left immediately, but she need not worry, he will return on Friday. She asks Bulbul if her child could have lived. Bulbul says I don't know but the family we gave him to said he died...but could they have lied? Maybe. Kosem goes to Haci and he says the game is almost over (Safiye will be in trouble soon) and that also he adds that Ahmet has called her perhaps he has heard about her pregnancy. She says tell him I am ill. Haci says you aren't ill you look fine. She says I am ill, my heart is hurt. 

    Safiye tells Bulbul that hopefully her son is alive...that if he is, everything will change. Bulbul says we shall go on Friday and learn everything and that she shouldn't be too hopeful because he doesn't want her to be disappointed if nothing turns up. 

    Ahmet asks why Kosem hasn't come and Haci says she is ill, Ahmet looks sarcastically at him but nods.

    Kosem has the letter in her hand and goes to see Safiye. There, Safiye asks what the matter is? Kosem says do you recall I had sworn to you here that I would bring your end and I would take everything from you? Bulbul tells her to not forget who she is facing. Kosem says how could I forget, now the time has come to take account. Safiye says get lost! Kosem says not me, you will go! Because you will do as I say, what I found out about Fahriye sultan will make you listen to me. Safiye asks what is she talking about the running away? Kosem says worse than that...and tells her she knows about the poisoning and Fahriye. 

    Dervish arrives home and is told that Fahriye has a fever and doesn't want anyone with her...

    Safiye tells Kosem it is crazy what she is saying and Bulbul tells her to have some shame and stop busying Safiye with baseless accusations. Kosem shows the letter and says this letter is Fahriye's, she has said everything here. She has written her own death warrent. She tells Bulbul not to come close, Haci and Golge are outside and all she needs to do is make noise . Safiye asks what she wants, Kosem says you will go on your own account to the old palace or you will suffer the loss of a child. Safiye says who are you...how dare you threaten me. Kosem shrugs and walks out. 

    Dervish enters Fahriye's room and dervish asks if she has given up and how long it will last? She's always sad, she's always losing...she's always the victim. She asks who are you to speak to me this way, and you do not know what I went through. dervish says yes, you got married to old Pashas, you didn't want them, but to betray you family you fell in love with the cheap Mehmet, how much pain! You want to kill yourself, do it...so do it...finish it, this isn't living. she pushes his hand with the dagger away and says I do not want to die Dervish...And they have a moment but he rushes away when he's realized what has happened...is he falling in love?

    Haci tells Kosem Ahmet is calling for her, and says that he should tell him she is asleep. Haci doesnt know what to do. Meanwhile Safiye is having a panic attack and Bulbul says unfortunately Kosem hit us in the heart this time...

    Haci is telling Ahmet that she is still ill...Ahmet says what illness Haci? Tell the truth...Haci says I ask her what is wrong, she says my heart has pain..Ahmet smiles and leaves. 

    Ahmet is announced and he enters her room and he says so it means you have pain in your heart, she says yes, do you know why? She says because you are my heart, if you are not then how will I live? And now I have another heart too, we are going to have a baby...

    In the morning,  Safiye looks at her ring, she knows what she needs to do.

    Ahmet and Kosem are together for breakfast and Safiye is announced, she enters and she says I gave the order last night they have prepared for me to leave, if you permit, the time has come to leave the palace. Ahmet is surprised and asks why? Where is she going? She says the old palace.

    Everyone in the harem is gossiping about everything. Halime wonders why she is leaving suddenly.  She talks to Haci and he says it's true, she is going to leave the palace. Halime says this is Kosem's doing right? Haci smiles and Halime says look she did what no else could do.  Bulbul announces Safiye and Halime bids her farewell, but safiye just shoots her a glance...we FINALLLLLY see Elizabeth the cat in her little cage. Kosem watches from above...Haci flashes a sly smile to Bulbul. safiye gives one last glance at her enemy basically it is a look of I will get you!

    Haci hands Bulbul the letter and says this won't finish here, the battle starts now, blood will spill. Haci says I checked the books, the aghas forgot to take something, it is part of the treasury, it cannot be taken out of the palace (it is Elizabeth's collar).

    Safiye tells Bulbul to hand the letter, but Cennet grabs it and then Cennet says I will give it, here you go Sultanim. Safiye says what is going on Cennet? The paper is blank. Safiye says what is the meaning of this?!

    Kosem goes to see Ahmet and Zulfikar allows her in...in his room..he holds her hand and tells her Handan's room is hers. Then he gives her Hurrem's crown :( He says, this is Hurrem Sultan's crown, from now on you shall wear it.

    Meanwhile Cennet tells Safiye this is revenge,  the punishment for burning her face and she says you did it, I know everything, you did everything years ago. All these years as if a joke you kept me in your service! She calls for the carriage to be stopped, then she says if you ever want to ask how I am, let me tell you where I will be, with Kosem Sultan!

    hahah Cennet basically popped her collar when she got down from the carriage!!!!

    Kosem wears her crown and Ahmet tells her tell me why did Safiye leave? Kosem says Safiye has left and in return for me to quiet, because she wanted me to hide a secret from you, but I cannot hide it from you...the one who poisoned you...who made you and Mustafa ill was Fahriye Sultan...

    Then we see Kosem gazing from the balcony in Hurrem style.

    THE END.

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