• Kosem Sultan Episode 8 Translation

    Ahmet goes to Kosem's room and finds her asleep, he touches her face and wakes her up, "My kosem....come with me."

    Safiye meanwhile says the time to go the Palace of Tears has come...ingrate! After all that we have done  is this what is said (to me)? You were a nothing....nothing!" Cennet remarks, if it were not for you my Sultana, no one would look at her face even! She would no have lived even 5 days in the palace. Bulbul also comments his disappointment and then Safiye says the condition of things is not good.'they are throwing me out from my palace. Every corner has such memories of ours...pains, deaths, births, joys...this palace is a sea for us. If we get out, we will stop breathing...like fish...we will flip around like fish (out of water)Cennet wipes her tears and a ring falls out of her handkerchief.

    She smiles when she sees it. "I found it Sultanim...I found a way out...."

    Ahmet leads Kosem telling her not to open her eyes to a room full of gowns, slippers, jewels, trinkets. "Everything you see is yours." he says. They embrace, and he tells her that everything next to her is worthless, lacking and that he has become complete with her. Then an agha brings forth a pillow with a necklace. Ahmet says, "Tulip. It is the symbol of our Family, only members of the Family can wear it...and also you." He puts it on her and they embrace...

    Safiye is holding the ring and Cennet tells her that the ring was Kosem's mother's and that Nesip agha gave it and said a man gave it to him saying he was Kosem's father, his name being Enzo, who came all the way from Cephalonya - to look for his daughter.  Safiye says "now you have fallen into our hands, Kosem!"

    Kosem wakes in the morning in Ahmet's room and smiles as she touches the necklace and gets up to admire it in the mirror. Then she hears something dripping and finds that the painting is destroyed.

    Ahmet is in the Divan and Nasuh Pasha says that the army will benefit from the Sultan being at the head of the army and arouse fear in the hearts of the enemy. Dervish says that those days will come but that this will be the first campaign for the Sultan to go out on and it will require great preparations. Nasuh responds that whatever is needed can be done for it to happen quickly. Ahmet responds that he has given the order for preparations, however there is no time to spare and that Nasuh must first go to the army to march on the Celali rebels. Nasuh trues to argue that it would be better if Ahmet goes, but Ahmet raises his hand.

    Safiye walks the halls and Kosem tells her that while she was sleeping someone has entered the Sultan's rooms and has painted over the face of the painting with blood colored paint. Cennet tells Kosem she must have disappointed and angered someone. Kosem tells her, well those people need to know that the Anastasia of that painting has died long ago...now there is only Kosem and no one can do this to Kosem. Safiye says that Anastasia died for her and that is perhaps why the painting has been defaced, and that when it comes to Kosem..."you cannot even imagine what we will do with her."

    Kosem says that do whatever you want, but you will be going to the Palace of Tears. Safiye then sees the necklace and says that wearing the symbol of the Family will not make her Sultana, that she is a slave girl. Kosem says, yes I am a slave girl...a slave girl on whom you need the help of in order to stay in this palace! Safiye reminds her that she had taken her under her wing and that she betrayed her instead of respecting her and that of course there will be a price to pay for this. Kosem tells her I choose to be with Ahmet, not to cry like the others or escape like you! (she is referring to the incident with the attack on the palace). Safiye tells her "who are you, how dare you...I have almost died as many times as your age, do you know how many times I have been poisoned? How many times they have stabbed me in the back...but thank God, I recovered from all of it! Do not doubt in the least! We shall get out of it again! We shall cut the heads of anyone who dares lift them against us! You may leave!"

    Bulbul tells Kosem to wait and tells her to apologize to Safiye and that he will even speak on her behalf if she does. Kosem says I should apologize for being loyal to our Sultan? Everyone may concede to her, but I will not!

    Bulbul tells her that at the end of the day Safiye is Ahmet's grandmother, the storm will pass one day and eventually they will hug and everything will be forgotten and then what will happen to her? Apologize, he tells her, but she storms off.

    Halime visits Handan to tells her about Safiye's exile order, but Handan says I am the one who ordered it, and we shall distribute sweets and have meat distributed and feed the needy and hungry everywhere in the city as celebration! Halime tells her if she was in her place, she would have waited for a while before celebrating. Haci arrives and whispers in Handan's ear.

    Ahmet is in his room looking at the painting. Kosem says how could they have come in here? If they come and try to harm you?

    Dudu tells Dervish as per his orders, she has rounded up everyone and anyone who has any duties in the Sultan's room in the morning. Dervish says to them, there is one among you who serves someone other than the Sultan...say who are all of you shall pay the price together. One of the pages says he has no idea of it, a girl says she is innocent as well. Dervish says so it is understood then...Dudu, take them and throw them all in the sea to drown. One of the girls speaks out and says there was another girl also in the morning, Gulshen kalfa who is not here right now. Dudu asks why she didn't speak up earlier and shouts to the aghas to go find the kalfa at once. Handan arrives along with Dervish into Ahmet's room and Dervish informs Ahmet that the woman who is suspected will appear before him shortly after the aghas find her. Ahmet asks him, ' Are my chambers not entrusted to you, my life  not entrusted to you? Would whoever do this, not be able to poison my food tomorrow, Dervish?
    Dervish asks for forgiveness and adds that precautions will be taken. Handan says it is Safiye Sultan's doing, that she wishes to threaten both him, and his favourite (Kosem). Ahmet tells her, "she is going tomorrow, mother. She is going tomorrow! Dudu arrives and saying that the kalfa has not been found and that it is obvious she has left the palace. Ahmet tells her to throw out anyone involved in the duties of his room this morning so that everyone else can take a lesson from it to not dare such a thing in the future! Then he tells them they may leave. Handan then notices the necklace.

    Cennet notices Haci looking around a fountain and scares him, asking what he is doing. Haci says I missed your face...she says hahaha are we like this now, in the past you used to pine for me...he says shut up, someone would hear and think that really happened...Cennet says no, you used to say back in the day, 'my Cennet, I will take you.' is that not what you said to me. Haci says oh God forbid! What would I have done anyway? Would I make pickles from you?!

    Dervish tries to speak to Handan and says to her that whoever is around the Sultan, he will personally interrogate them and that no one they do not trust will come close to him. Handan says well when I cannot trust you, what would I do with the aghas you trust? Dervish tells her I spent my whole life in your service...to you and and also our Hunkar..whatever I have done it was to protect you both.Never have I betrayed, and never shall I betray!

    An agha has arrived and hands Dervish a note saying it has come from Yedikule dungeons and that Shahin Giray wishes to see him. Dervish asks who brought it and how it is possible? Did I not say no one shall have any contact with Shahin Giray?

    Nasuh pasha meets Safiye and tells her he could not convince Ahmet to set out on the campaign personally, and that he (Nasuh) will be going as the commander to head the army. Safiye tells him to do whatever is necessary to get Ahmet out on campaign or away somehow, otherwise she will be sent away. Nasuh says he will try but it is very hard...especially with Dervish around...

    Bulbul tells Nasuh about Kosem going against Safiye. Safiye tells Nasuh about Enzo looking for Kosem and akss Nasuh if this is truly Kosem's faher. Nasuh responds that yes it is true from what he knows her father's name is indeed Enzo and he is a merchant. Safiye comments that Kosem is important because Ahmet sees and hears nothing or nobody but her, so let's hurt her so she knows who I am.

    In the next scene we see the Giray brothers just chilling in their prison cells. Dervish arrives and Shahin says finally you came! Dervish says well it is clear that you have bribed someone as you have sent a letter and I came to take that person's head. Shahin stands up and tells him to think of his own head..."I don't know how you will do it, but you will get me and my brother out of this place." Dervish says "And if I dont?" Mehmet says: "Then in that case, Sultan Ahmet will find out you are a traitor. He continues: "Shahin told me everything...at one time you served him (served Shahin)...the past is very dark Dervish. Shahin adds in: "Dark like the night!" Dervish says: "Did he (Shahin) also tell you that soon I shall marry Fahriye Sultan...that most beloved of yours, Fahriye." Mehmet says he will not allow this to happen and that if Dervish touches her, he will kill Dervish. Shahin says, hey we shall tell everything to the Sultan. Dervish says shout, shout let's see the Hunkar might even hear you from here. Go on say it Shahin, you have no proof in your hands...you have lost. You have both lost...it is finished." Shahin shouts: "It is not finished...we are not finished...you will not be rid of us this easily."

    Ahmet goes out to Kosem who stands on the terrace and asks what is wrong and if she is still sad about her painting. Kosem says she is not sad about anything in the past...she is happy, here, by his side. But she is worried about the future...that the fortune-teller lady who gave the cure for him ..her words are troubling. He asks what and she repeats the words about how she will see everyone she loves die and mourn them. Kosem says I am not regretful, I would do it all over again, but I am still scared..I am scared for you. Ahmet says don't be afraid, she had even made up a story about Mustafa getting on the throne. But no one knows what will happen in the future.

    Cennet is walking around in a hurry and Nesip, her sneaky beloved is there, suddenly Bulbul arrives and he is startled and Cennet says I told Nesip everything, we wish to speak about Enzo, where can we find him? Nesip says he is staying in an inn near the marketplace. Bulbul makes sure Nesip hasn't told anyone and that they are the only ones who know and Nesip reassures him. Bulbul pays him and then says hear my words carefully, then starts whispering (we can't hear what he says).

    Ahmet tells Kosem that the whole world will talk of her. They will say that with one side glance, she has made our Hunkar love struck and her slave...She says in reality, I am the one who is burning with your love Ahmet. One lifetime will not be enough to disperse our ashes...I will give you many Sultanas and Shehzades...He says I know. You will bear my first Shehzade, and I shall name him Osman. Osman.

    Things are being paced up in Safiye's room and Fahriye tells her I cannot believe ...are you really leaving. Safiye says, our Hunkar has seen this fit. Just then, she hears one of the aghas asking if the ring is a personal purchase, or a family heirloom, because if it is owned by the Family, then it has to go back to the treasury. Bulbul looks at the ring and then tells the agha to shut up, the ring was handed down from Hurrem Sultan, to Nurbanu Sultan and then Safiye inherited it, so it is her personal property. Cennet meanwhile tells the aghas carrying Safiye's belongings to be careful because if the even break one thing, they can't pay it back even if she sold all of the aghas. Kosem arrives and asks her if she is angry with her. Cennet says what do you think because of you we are going to spend the rest of our lives in the palace of tears, but hey, good for you, you became Sultana without bearing a shehzade. Cennet says oh our Hunkar gifted that (the necklace) to you? Kosem says I should be happy you are leaving, there was no shortage of your ill-treatment of me. But still, I have started to beliee you had a heart. Cennet says I had a heart once, but I threw it out and replaced it with a pig heart in its stead. You will see Kosem...those who are caring and have conscience, do not last long in this palace. Kosem says, no, my heart will remain in it's place. Cennet laughs, oh you will be innocent eh? Your hands will have blood on them (eventually)...but you are sweet, so your children will not see you that way. Kosem.

    Bulbul oversees some chests being placed before the harem girls and haci asks what is in them, and Bulbul says open them if you want and says they are gifts to the girls.

    Kosem sees Bulbul who ignores her and she says oh and you turned your face away from me too? If you want I can find a way to keep you here. He says his place is with Safiye Sultan, even if it is in hell and that how could she trust someone who leaves a Sultana in a bad time?

    Safiye in her fiery red dress (um whoa, she makes quite the scene!) enters the Sultan's chambers. Ahmet says "you will be as comfortable in the old palace,  at least as much as  you are here and if you need anything _" she suddenly starts passing out and he wonders if she is okay. She says she is fine but she has been tired because of everything that has happened recently. She didn't want it to be this way. Then she completely passes out and there is blood coming from her mouth... he shouts for the doctor.

    In the next scene she is in bed and Ahmet asks the doctor how is she. The doctor says that it is from grief...she has become ill from grief. Ahmet goes to Safiye and asks how she is. She nods. Bulbuls expression is rife with worry. Safiye mumbles, I must go....The doctor says no, my Sultana, how can you go? You must rest. Cennet is in tears, Handan smiles. Safiye tries to get up and falls back. Fahrie says don't get up! Then turns to Ahmet with a begging fae.

    Little Mustafa tugs at Kosem's dress and waves at her. Halime turns to Kosem and says oh becuase of you our Sultana has fallen ill. Kosem says what have I done, it is Ahmet's decision. Halime says well, you could have intervened...are you sad about it? Kosem says well I'm not happy about her illness...in the end she is the great Valide to us all. Halime says if I were you I would wish she'd not come out of it alive..

    Handan then appears behind Ahmet and implores him about "his decision" He responds that he is going on a campaign soon and hey will discuss later.

    Halime can't help herself and asks what is going on and Handan says that Ahmet has ordered that Safiye stay in the palace until she is well again.

    Fahriye tells her mother not to get up but she does and then spits something out. Cennet and Bulbul are giggling and Fahriye says what is that, and Cennet says it is a pigeon heart. Fahriye says what...is this all a show, you were not really ill. Safiye says, what happened Fahriye, aren't you happy? Would you rather choose me being ill? Fahriye says no...uh...Safiye tells her to return to her room and Fahriye goes off.

    Then the three smile and Safiye says, Bulbul you go give the doctor her reward and warn her to keep her mouth shut. Bulbul says do not worry, The doctor played such a good role, I even thought for a moment you had fallen ill haha. Safiye cuts him off and tells him to stop dawdling, and to go send letter to Kosem's father. Cennet says I already sent Nesip agha he will take care of it.

    Enzo paces his room and Nesip arrives and Enzo says I have been waiting since morning when I got your word. Nesip says your daughter is so happy, she is dying to see you. Enzo says he feels the same...the day finally came to reunite with Nasya. Nesip says no, not Nasya, you will call her Kosem.Let us not be late. Enzo grabs his bag and there are guards. He is hit and they carry him off.

    Kosem is writing and Cennet arrives and Kosem asks if something happened...Cennet says I remember the day you came to the palace, you were like a wolf, howling for your family. Kosem says put yourself in my place...you get taken away by people you do not know from your family. Cennet says I have come from the same you have, but I came here happily and never looked back! My life was a bad one, and this palace became my saviour. Do you know, our Hunkar peace on his soul, had a soft spot for me...I had gone for helvet twice. Twice...I told you...the ones with heart cannot live long in the palace.. I learned it on that day....that night (she starts recalling) the Hunkar had called me again...but I did not go. Kosem asks why not? Cennet says, one of the women got jealous of me...and burnt my face with poison (acid?)

    Kosem says, oh that's why then...how scary! But why are you telling all this to me, are you threatening me with this? Cennet says no, I am simply warning you, do not trust in your beauty and youth...in one night someone can take it from you and no one will look at your face again. Anyway go back to work. Kosem asks her, who did it to you? Cennet says I do not know, I never could find out who. There are so many girls in this harem...all have the same obvious dream...to be like you. So be careful.

    Ahmet is visiting his janissaries and Alex's friend Ali comments wow, there is no trace of the illness (in Ahmet's appearance), your woman kept her word.Alex scolds him saying what kinds of words are those, she is the Hunkar's favourite. Ahmet is announced and stands before them. He says he can see his sword in their eyes, and that they will go march against the Celali traitors..They chant long live Sultan Ahmet, may his sword be sharp! and just then Zulfikar arrives..

    Handan walks the hallways and Dervish calls out and says Safiye has found a way to stay but that as soon as she is better she will go from the palace. Handan says and what about you, when will you leave? When Ahmet returns from the barracks ask for your resignation. Dervish says Ahmet will not accept that. Handan says, you must do it, because you have such secrets that if their enemies find out it will spell trouble for all of them.

    Zulfikar is given water and he says that the Celalis were marching on the palace but when they found out you recovered they fell back, and thatt there is another matter - an important one... Your gozde cariye (one of your concubines) Rasha,  is in the hands of the rebels. Ahmet says what are you saying? Zulfikar says, it is true, I saw with my own eyes... And also...your concubine is pregnant

    Nasuh says where are they going? Zulfikar tells them they are going along with Rasha some place (couldn't hear it clearly where, if it comes up in another spot, I might hear it better). One agha says we will go at once and cut them off. Ahmet says he will personally do it. Nasuh Pasha says we must go to the palace and inform...Ahmet says no need we will send word later, and then he tells Alex, you are coming with us.

    In the harem, the girls are eating and one girl shouts Kosem hatun, are you going tonight to the Hunkar's room? Kosem asks if there is a problem and the girl says of course, why are we here? If you are the only one going then, what are we doing here , they should free us and we can go home. Kosem says who is preventing it, did the Hunkar call you and I stopped you from going? Everyone giggles and the girl says as if you give any chance for us! Another cariye says, leave it, did you forget already? If it wasn't for Kosem we'd all be dead right now. She saved us. Then, a kalfa arrives telling Kosem Safiye has called for her.

    Handan is in the hall near the Sultan's room and asks what is going on. she pulls Dervish aside and asks if she spoke to Ahmet and asked for resignation. Dervish said he waited for him, but he did not return....because he has found out that Ahmet has gone personally to deal with the rebels. Handan says why? How? Dervish says I do not know exactly what is going on, but the worst part is, Nasuh Pasha is with him. Handan says, this is a trap! Dervish says do not worry, I am going after them. Then he tells Haci the harem is under his care, and to be careful of Safiye Sultan especially.

    Kosem goes to see Safiye and says she thought she didn't even want to see her face? Safiye says, well my feelings changed. You made me sad...betrayal, disappointment hurts the heart...for example losing someone you love is so painful...Kosem says you never loved me, you simply wanted to use me to be close to Ahmet, I actually loved you, I had been so enthralled by you I did not see the truth. Safiye says there are lots of other things you didn't see.

    Bulbul rushes forward and tells them that Ahmet has left the palace suddenly by his decision and that no one knows why or where to. Kosem leaves and Bulbul says to Safiye that Ahmet has left the palace for the first time, and just when she needed him to and that on top of that he has not taken Shehzade Mustafa along with him. Safiye says there is no time to waste, and that he should send word to Halime at once to come to see her. Bulbul asks about Enzo and Safiye says lock him somewhere and then bring him out when the time comes. Safiye says now the time has come to give fire to the harem.

    Kosem has gone to Handan and asks what is going on, saying that Bulbul said the Sultan left suddenly from the palace... and Handan remarks that nothing stays secret in the palace. She says that he has gone to attack the rebels. Kosem says but why so suddenly? Handan says no one knows the reason why.

    Halime has gone to see Safiye and has brought her children along with her. Halime says to Safiye you are recovering quickly. Safiye sends the kids out and then Safiye says that she understands Halime's condition the most out of everyone else in the palace, that she loses sleep very night for fear that at any moment executioners may enter (for her son). Halime says thankfully, our Hunkar is merciful, he gave his word he will not execute him. Safiye says words come and go...one day it will befall you to (bid farewell to) your son's casket...Halime says, God forbid! Safiye says ameen...Sultan Ahmet is angry at all of us after recent incidents...he exiled me, and your end is obvious. Halime says, what is your proposal? I think this is the root of the matter. Safiye tells her Ahmet has gone after the Celali revolts and is away from the Capitol...that her proposal is...before he returns let us put Shehzade Mustafa on he throne.

    Kosem says isn't it strange that Ahmet left suddenly without saying goodbye...at the very least, he would left us word of his going. Handan says maybe he didn't come here so I wouldn't try to convince him from leaving, but don't worry, Dervish Pasha has gone after him. Kosem says I saw our Hunkar's enemies, looked into each of their eyes, I know what they are capable of doing...how can I not worry?

    Meanwhile, Halime is responding to Safiye, she says, you are removing our Hunkar from the throne simply because he has exiled you. and I believe this. Safiye says they are changing the years old traditions Halime. You know us, do you think we should allow this? Halime says, why should I trust you. Safiye says you have no other choice. Prior to this day, you tried to put your son Mahmut on the throne, you didn't succeed because I was stopping you. But now now I am with you Halime. Only I can put sh. Mustafa on the throne. Halime says I am curious, how will you do it. Because everyone around Ahmet has come together as one (they are all on his side). Safiye says that some of the most trusted and powerful pashas and aghas serve her, they do not know...especially the army. A simple signal from me would be enough (for them to act). Sultan Ahmet's reign would be finished at once. We do not have much time Halime. Think over it well tonight. Tomorrow at noon prayer come to the  Pearl Mansion (a kind of resort building by the Bosphorus, where the Family, mostly the Sultan could relax (it was built 1590, by Koca Sinan Pasha during Mehmet III (Safiye's son) reign) and tell me your decision. If you accept, we will take action at once. Think well...you will not have such an opportunity in hand again.

    Haci goes to Bulbul and asks if Halime had come to see Safiye for get well wishes. Bulbul jokes with him and says , you didn't hear this from me, but Safiye Sultan is very angry with you...she has ordered you to be strangled in your sleep....hahaha just kidding, the worst she'd do is send you to Egypt and we'd be rid of you! Haci laughs fakely then says that when Ahmet returns you will go to hell.

    Kosem paces in Handan's room and Handan tells her don't worry, I will deal with Safiye Sultan and I will protect you too. Kosem says the matter isn't about me, it is our Hunkar it is necessary we contact him and find out what is going on. Haci enters and tells them that Halime had gone to see Safiye. Handan says, wow they have immediately started taking action! Oh God, please protect my son! Kosem asks what it could be, what they could do? Haci says that Halime had once wanted to put her son Mahmut on the throne, that he (haci) cannot forget that day..it was like a nightmare...Kosem says so Halime will put Mustafa on the throne? Handan says she is not powerful enough, but Safiye Sultan can do it...she can use my son's absence as an opportunity and put him on the throne. Handan asks why her son doesn't know the rule (about this). Kosem is wondering what she means. Haci says according to the rules, when the Hunkar is away from the palace, he must take the shehzade along with him...the shehzade should be with him so that they can't put the shehzade on the throne. Kosem asks what will happen when he returns then? Handan says they will fight or....(one will be killed). Kosem says if we have the Shehzade in our eyes then no one can dare to put him on the throne. Handan tells Haci to watch Halime to know her every step and that Shehzade should be locked in his room. Kosem and Haci say that this is not a good idea and they will use this as an excuse and that Mustafa is too little, and innocent, let us not separate him from his mother.

    Menekshe tells Halime not to trust Safiye and it is a trap and Halime says well fine, let us say it is a trap...what does she get out of this? She wants to be rid of Mustafa? No. Mustafa's presence is always a sword against Ahmet so she wouldn't want to rid of him. Menekshe tells her that that may be, but who knows what brews in Safiye's mind and not to forget Ahmet's promise, he said he would never have him killed. Halime says yes we cannot trust Safiye...but she is down...she knows she has lost her power and Mustafa is her last hope...

    In the Sultan's encampment,, Zulfikar tells Ahmet the time has come and Ahmet says to pack up as they will head out. Nasuh says forgive me, but we must keep you at a safe place far off, at the moment we attack the bandits, otherwise how can we protect you. Zulfikar says don't worry, our Hunkar's life is entrusted to God, and then to me. Ahmet says did you hear Nasuh? No need to fear.

    Nasuh later grabs Zulfikar when no one is around and tells him to know his place and limits and wherever I am, you can't dare to speak/your word has no merit. Zulfikar responds saying, wherever the Hunkar is, your word has no merit!

    Alex looks at the ribbon in his hand and Ahmet says who did you get that from and Alex throws it into the fire (what a copy from MY when Suleyman catches Ibrahim with a letter to Hatice or whatever and he throws it in the fire). Ahmet says if the woman knew you threw it in there, she'd be sad. Ahmet says, tell me, who is this woman? It is obvious she has you very smitten! Alex says oh someone I met on the street but I did not see her again afterwards anyway. Ahmet tells him to pack up.

    Handan looks at Kosem's gifts from Ahmet and says my son is very generous...this is more than any Sultana even gets. Kosem says yes, our Hunkar gifted from his big heart. Handan says yes...you deserve everything after what you have done for us. Know your worth, but be careful (don't flaunt)...there are so many woman who are waiting their turn, they shouldn't get jealous (don't give them extra reason for jealousy)...Kosem asks if there is still no word from Ahmet...Kosem says do you not have any good news for me? There was no one else who went to halvet after my son's illness except you. Kosem says not yet, but I feel it, your awaited news will come soon...

    Haci arrives and says Safiye has asked for Handan saying it is important, and he does not know what she is after...Handan leaves and Kosem shouts after Haci, I want to know everything that happens! Haci nods.

    Halime walks with Menekshe who asks why they must go there....Halime says it is necessary to find out how serious Safiye Sultan is (about this) we'll see about the rest later...Menekshe says then you will accept? let us not throw our Shehzade into the fire...

    Handan speaks to Safiye and says how much longer will this game go on for? We both know you are not ill. Safiye says it is an illness of sadness and grief, it hurts the heart. Handan replies heart? I do not think you have a heart? Safiye says come close, what I have to say is important...

    Halime came to my rooms last night...to speak about something important. Handan says I know. Safiye says, well do you know what she is after? Do you know what she proposed to me? She would give me the head crown (power of head Valide) and in return, she wanted me to put Shehzade Mustafa on the throne while our Hunkar is away. She doesn't know her place! Handan says but how do I know she said that? Why should I believe you? Safiye says, if you do not believe me, then follow (trail) Halime. Handan replies we are already following her anyway. Safiye says then go see...go see who she is meeting with in the Pearl Mansion! Who she is bargaining with. Go see with your eyes. Handan says why? Why did you say this? Safiye says, I want to make peace Handan, I want to stay here...is that not enough (reason)?

    In the pearl palace, Halime and her servant enter the designated meeting room to find several men behind the divider. One of the men says welcome, we were waiting for you. She says what are you doing here, where is Safiye Sultan? One of the men says, forgive us, we do not know about Safiye Sultan...we came for you you had written that you are worried about Shehzade Mustafa's life and you asked for us to protect him. Halime says I have not written anything or called you, what are you talking about? The men say, how is that possible, here, this is your letter. Halime reads the letter. Menekshe says they must leave...but just then Haci, Dudu and some bostanci guards enter the room.

    On the Sultan's terrace, Halime stands before Handan who says that if you spare the life of the snake, it will come bite you. Halime says she is innocent, it is a trap...a ploy of Safiye Sultan's. Haci says is the letter you sent also a lie? You have very openly wrote it. Halime says I did not write that letter. Dudu says, let's say for a moment you speak the truth, then why had you gone to the Pearl Mansion? No one took you forcibly. Halime says, Safiye Sultan had made a proposition - that she can put shehzade mustafa on the throne while our Hunkar was absent. I said no. I did not even know those soldiers would be there. Handan says, I look at what I see and hear. Halime says, no please...Handan says, Dudu hatun, it is my decree..send her to the old palace at once. And put the soldiers in the prison. Halime says no, please don't safiye sultan wants to come in between us do not fall for her game! Handan says, were we ever friends for anyone to come between us? Now go, and bid your son farewell. Halime says no! Dudu hatun, I am a haseki Sultana, how will you answer our Hunkar (haha not according to scholars, she was never made Haseki by Mehmet III!) Dudu says sorry, but until our Hunkar comes to decide on this, the best is for you to stay in the old palace.

    Safiye meanwhile has heard the whole thing and Bulbul says Handan was looking for an excuse to send Halime away (and now she got one). Safiye says, she doesn't even know this will come back to bite her. Kosem asks if the decision was not a bit harsh. Handan says she should be happy she didn't have her killed and that you know Kosem, what Halime did while my son was in the throes of death. Kosem says I do not say she is innocent, she had a reason for going there, but this incident has some benefit to Safiye Sultan too, whatever the truth is must come out. Handan says , the truth...who cares about the truth...while there is such an opportunity in our hands, why should I not take it? Kosem says, then wait for a bit...let us see what Safiye sultan will do. Handan says, she can do whatever she wants, she cant change the fact that she will also be leaving! Kosem tries to talk, Handan tells her don't tire your pretty head with these matters, and do not dispute my decisions! You may leave.

    Mustafa is with his sister and his mom comes. He says I am gonna go to my brother on campaign etc. Halime says Mustafa, my son those days will come one day, God Willing. Her daughter asks what is going on. Mustafa says is something bad happening? Halime says No, nothing bad...I won't be here for a while, you will stay here until I return. Dudu tells the kids not to be sad, she is going to the old palace. Mustafa says what will happen to me, will I be alone? Halime hands him one of her hair accessories.

    Cennet comments that one incident after another happens...Halime is exiting and her son says don't go mommy, she consoles him saying she is not going far, she will return. Kosem goes forward, our Hunkar is not here, if you go, who will protect us? Mustafa says and what will happen to my mom? Kosem says, she will return...and quickly..would she ever abandon you? Mustafa says promise? Kosem says promise. Kosem says to Halime...entrust your son to me...if you permit, I will protect him. Halime leaves. Mustafa's sister says while I am here, is there any need for you? Stay away!

    Cennet says to Kosem...this...the only thing you must do is to protect the Shehzade. Kosem says wait, why should I protect him, what could happen to him...Cennet says don't make me regret what I said to you...someone could hear and misinterpret and because of you my head would roll!

    Fahriye is in the baths and asks if her servant has sent the letter and she nods.

    Fahriye has written to Mehmet Giray saying don't worry I will find a way to get you out and we will be together again, just like water reunites with earth.

    There is a man shouting "bread" and then says "my hanzades" it is Reyhan. Mehmet says I thought you were dead. Reyhan tells them that yes indeed, Dervish had tried drowning him but a fisherman found him and helped him recover and that he has returned now to take revenge from Dervish. Shahin says get us out of here, it is enough, and I will personally will take care of Dervish. Reyhan says, this is exactly why I am here, I have found a way to get you out. Mehmet asks? How? Reyhan says for that I need Fahriye sultan because a letter from you would be enough. Mehmet says the letter matter is easy, but say what you will do?

    Haci is walking and sees soldiers (he then calls for guards to come) one of the soldiers asks him what is Valide (handan) doing by throwing some of their men into the prisons. Haci says that is how she saw fit. The man says release them at once or it will be bad for you.

    Haci comes and tells Handan what happened...Handan says who were they catch them! Haci says it will make matters worse, for they are seeking an excuse to cause trouble by rebellion. Handan says so then what should we do?  Haci says...I wish I knew what to do but they are purposefully going after us...I have been here for 40 years and I know this smell...it is the smell of rebellion...if they act what will we do? They could put the shehzade on the throne! And safiye would pay them ascension gifts even! And then they would take swords and (implies they will go after Ahmet)

    An agha is handed a dagger and told "it is our Sultana's order for you to go into shehzade Mustafa's room (we don't know which one yet) The agha says I would sacrifice my life for our Sultana.

    Meanwhile, Zulfikar and Ahmet have arrived at the the Celali camp and Ahmet says the matter must be done quietly. Zulfikar says don't worry...

    Kosem says look what I brought you...Mustafa says he won't eat them while his mother is away. She says fine, I'll eat them and he can't help himself. Then says he misses his mom. She says I miss my mom and dad, and sister too, and our Hunkar, that she prays for him to come back soon. He says I will pray too. She puts his head on her lap.

    Zulfikar silently takes out one of the men in charge of the night watch.

    Meanwhile, Kosem exits Mustafa's room as he has fallen asleep.

    Ahmet says he is going to the tent. The men try to stop him, but he goes.

    Meanwhile, an agha says I have come with important news for our Shehzade. Then he stabs them.

    Ahmet meanwhile makes his move and gets Rasha.

    The agha has come with his silk rope but just then Kosem arrives and asks who he is and what is he doing, she sees the rope and he steps towards her.

    Meanwhile, a man shouts "attackers!" and Kara seyit shouts everyone to wake up! Everyone rallies around Ahmet.

    Meanwhile, Kosem is fighting off the agha and Mustafa wakes up.Dudu comes and the agha stabs Dudu. The man gets away and she says go after him.

    Ahmet and his men are cutting down men one by one and Kara Seyit faces Zulfikar.

    Kara shouts for his men to retreat to the trees.

    The agha tells the man who gave him the dagger that he could not do it because Kosem stopped him and the man stabs him. Kosem goes to Safiye and Safiye says how dare you? And Bulbul says are you wounded? Kosem says no, Dudu hatun is wounded. An agha tried to kill Mustafa. Safiye says, what we feared has come upon us. How is Mustafa? Kosem says and ou ask? You are the one who sent the agha! Bulbul says how dare you accuse her? Kosem says not me, but the ones who are are the ones who tried to kill the shehzade! They will pay before our Hunkar returns.

    Safiye says if you sat and thought for a moment, you would know Handan did this. If you want, go ask her, let us see what she says.

    Handan is being updated by Haci. She asks how Mustafa is, Haci says he is very frightened, he is with his sister. Kosem arrives and Handan says thank you, you protected our shehzade. Kosem says she is fine, she has just come from Safiye's and that she accused Handan.

    Handan says me? Kosem says she is accusing you, I did not believe it of course, you would not do such a thing. While our Hunkar has spared his life, you would never, right? Handan says of course not, I did not do this? Why would I do this...this is safiye's trap...Haci says they will accuse you when Ahmet comes back? Kosem says, mustafa is fine, we must protect him, otherwise everyone will fall into the fire Safiye has lit. Then Kosem leaves.

    Safiye and Fahriye goes to see Mustafa. Dilruba tells them to go and stay away. Fhariye says, but it is us? Dilrube says get out my Sultanas, until my mother comes back no one will come into this room. Safiye says, Dilruba, it has passed, don't worry he is safe now. Come. Safiye hugs her and says just like now, may you always be brave and protect your brother like this. You will be on your family's side.

    Ahmet asks if Rasha is okay, she says I am okay thanks to you. And my shehzade is okay too. They are informed there is company. They see it is Dervish. Ahmet says Rasha has not died. Dervish says I wish you told me, we were so worried about you. Zulfikar says let us not stay here Hunkarim. Ahmet thanks Zulfikar and praises him. Nasuh says to Dervish you did not need to leave the Palace unprotected, we handled it. Dervish responds I didn't wan to leave our Hunkar with wolves.

    In the morning, Handan is approahed by Safiye who says what kind of fear is this, when did you get so cruel that you would do this to an innocent little shehzade? Handan says you can't rid yourself of guilt by trying to blame me. Safiye says is this how you will explain your innocence by accusing me? On top of this, while killing the shehzade most benefits you. Handan says you are trying to trap us with games, but you won't win, our Hunkar will believe me, not you. Safiye says is this why are trembling? You were so scared wed put the shehzade on the throne that you gave the order for his death at the first moment. Handan says you cannot accuse a Valide Sultan like this! Safiye says you have committed a grave crime and don't doubt your punishment will be great as well.

    Pervane agha has arrived to provide his services with his hair tricks, and Fahriye says she is not in the mood right now for that and he says well I have brought a letter. She says give it to me...he says oh how they frisked me outside the doors searching for something...I have brought not that kind of letter on paper...but one of memory. He whispers to her what Mehmet Giray has said to her about his love and then tells her to go to the same place they used to always meet, that the hope to reunite waits there for her. She goes to the place and finds a cloacked figure who turns around and is Reyhan, who says it is a great honour to see you again.

    Meanwhile, Halime is in the old Palace in her room, refusing to eat. Menekshe says be rest assured if something bad had happened we would have heard. Suddenly Kosem enters.. Halime thinks something has happened, but Kosem says both your kids are fine. Halime says they wouldnt have sent you if nothing had happened. Speak!Kosem says, an agha tried to kill your shehzade...

    Reyhan agha shows her papers and she says what is this, he says a traitors correspondence..the way to free the Giray brothers. Your future husband Dervish pasha had one time written these letters to Shahin Giray.Fahriye reads it. Reyhan says he has written everything word for word...how he poisoned the Padishah (Ahmet's father) How he tried to get Shahin on the throne. Fhariye says Dervish pasha...the traitor dog. Reyhan says, these papers can change everyone's lives...Dervish pasha must do what you say now.

    Meanwhile, Shahin asks Mehmet if Fahriye would really be able to save them. Mehmet says you tried and because of you we have fallen to these conditions.

    Safiye asks Fahriye where she was and Fahriye says I went for a walk...am I not allowed to go to the market? Safiye says we know what you were up to in the market before, so you can't go anywhere, it is prohibited.

    Halime has come and Haci asks how Halime has come. Halime says, you were supposed to go to , but you are still here. Haci tells the harem, that Handan has forgiven Halime and did not want Mustafa to be separate from his mother.

    Bulbul is running and Haci get into a little match of words and Bulbul says I know who gave you this idea (to bring back Halime) it was Kosem and Bulbul says I raised her....

    Halime greets her son and daughter.

    Haci enters the hospital to see Dudu and asks her how she is. She tells him to go, she knows why he has come. Haci says I swear it is Safiye sultan's ploy...Dudu says I will only say what I saw. I cannot hide anything from our Hunkar.

    Safiye confronts Handan and says how dare you bring Halime back. Kosem tries to leave and Safiye says stay! You will listen since you've stuck your nose into everything. Safiye says you tried to kill Shehzade that night, you will pay for this. Handan says what night? I have no clue what you are talking about. Right Kosem? Kosem says what happened? Nothing happened. Safiye nods..great. So you have gotten together against me. Halime will keep quiet in exchange for returning, and you will cover up the incident like this. Handan says you threw the first throne. Safiye says yes, I did start it and it will continue, but you forgot something. No one can quiet Dudu...she will say everything.

    Kosem says Safiye is right, it is better if Ahmet hears from us and he will know Safiye is involved, Handan says no Kosem, he might doubt me. I cannot. Kosem says Haci will convince her...she won't him to get sad by this.

    Safiye goes to see Dudu and discovers she is dead. Safiye asks when this happened. She is told that she was just discovered like this...that she must not have survived the wound. Haci enters Handan's rooms and it is understood...He says, I spoke to her...he shakes his head...she did not listen to me...Then we see what he did. He says to Dudu, in that case, the sin is not mine...forgive me.

    Handan breaks down she asks God to forgive...Haci says amen, but we had no other choice. If anyone had heard, it would have been bad...Handan says be quiet Haci! It is because of you this has happened...if you had finished the matter with the shehzade that night! Then none of this would have befallen us! Haci says, maybe this is better. Kosem Sultan saves us from this curse. Handan says Kosem still thinks Safiye did it, and I don't want to make her an enemy.

    Safiye tells Kosem meanwhile, come see what Handan has done to cover her ditty crime. Now your hands have also found blood on them. Kosem says you are trying to blame me, but the one who tried to kill the shehzade is you! Safiye tells her I sent Cennet to tell you to protect Mustafa...we knew Handan would do such a thing, and we wanted you to prevent it. And on top of that, we sent Dudu hatun to you too. Who is Handan? Would I ever sacrifice our shehzade to get revenge from Handan?! Kosem is left thinking. Bulbul says to her...you chose the wrong side Kosem...you made a mistake...look they used you!

    Handan is in the hall and Kosem approaches her. Handan says she is going to visit Dudu as she just heard what happened. Kosem says, Dudu was innocent. Why did you do it? Handan says what are you saying? Kosem says you know exactly what you did. You said you had nothing to do with it, that Safiye had set a trap for you. Handan says Safiye has messed up your mind. Kosem says, at least do not deny it now. While Ahmet had spared Mustafa's life, how could you kill him?
    Handan says I had no choice. Otherwise Safiye would have set Mustafa on the throne. Kosem says, it was all a lie...they made you fall in their trap. Handan said yes I did, and I would do it again...you know why? Because I won't put my sons life in danger...even the possibility of it is enough. Halime Sultan's actions are known. The soldiers have threatened...if we don't get their men out, they will use the shehzade. You do not know Kosem...you cannot know...we lived this before, My life has gone through fear for my child's life. Kosem says isn't Halime sultan's son a mother's child as well? Won't his mother cry too if something happens to him? Handan his is the price of being Sultana in this paalce...you will always worry for your son's life...you will know this too...you will understand one day. When you have sons you will know. Kosem says, no...while I am in this palace, no innocent prince will lose his life. Kosem says what will you do? Will you tell on me? Kosem goes away and Handan motions to Haci.

    Haci enters Kosem's room. He says it seems you will say everything. Kosem says what else can I do? Haci says I want you to think of the consequences. If you speak, it will be Handan's death sentence. This will make Ahmet have to kill his own mother. Then he will carry this harsh burden on his shoulders for life. Is that what you want? Kosem says then she should have thought of this before she ordered his death.

    Kosem is about to eat and the girl who stuck up for her earlier says she is so lucky and hopefully she has a shehzade..Kosem says, I will, God Willing bear the first shehzade...and name him Osman.but if she does not a boy, then her value will not stay in the palace. Handan arrives and the girl leaves.

    Handan says to Kosem, the word came, our Hunkar Ahmet is returning soon. I want you to be there when he arrives, but I want to be certain of something. Kosem says don't worry I will be quiet...but not for you, for our Hunkar, I will not let him live this pain. Handan says you made the best decision...because you talking would only serve Safiye's interest. Kosem says I have a condition though - no harm is going to come to sh. Mustafa from now on. No matter what, his life won't be in danger.

    Ahmet rturns with Rash behind him (is she hopping or walking? ;)

    The women are waiting and Safiye asks if the women are ready for they will answer to the Sultan.Handan says tomorrow we will talk about this when we say goodbye to you as you are leaving to the Old Palace.

    Ahmet enters and greets his family. Ahmet says I have good news for you all. Rasha enters te room and Ahmet says my gozde Rasha hatun and the Celalis had her that is why I had to go secretly. Rasha says I am well, and your grandchild as well, and with God's permission I will give our Hunkar a shehzade.

    Kosem is angry and Cennet happily eats lokum as she watches her walk by.

    Rasha is recounting her story in the harem and saying she kept praying and God heard her prayers and sent Ahmet who saved her. Rasha says oh I heard about all the things you said, you used my absence as an excuse, but I am back, and so is my son and I will become our Hunkar's head woman. Kosem says go ahead, bear whatever number of sons you want, I am our Hunkar's head woman and no one can change it. Cennet says oh how they played you. I know Rasha from the old palace, she is quite fiery! Wait, I want to tell you something else...She oulls out the ring and Kosem recognizes it at once, it is my mothers! Give it! Cennet says, I do not know, Safiye sultan is calling you to the Pearl palace, she will tell you.

    Dervish is in his room and Fahriye arrives. Dervish welcomes her and he says oh you finally came and he says what is it, she says you can decide if it is good or bad...this are the letters that prove you served Shahin Giray. Dervish opens the papers.

    Meanwhile Cennet is leads Kosem to where Safiye waits. Safiye says I will remind you of the first time you entered the palace...Kosem asks why have you called me here? Safiye says to give you an opportunity to see who I am. This is your last chance. She points to the window. Kosem looks out the window and suddenly sees her father..

    Fahriye meanwhile says to Dervish, you poisoned my brother and God knows what else you did. Dervish says I do not know how this fell to your hands, but they have played a game with you. Fahriye says who are you fooling. There are other letters you have written with me, if you want I can give it to our Hunkar and he can decide. Dervish approaches her and says what do you want from me? Let me say. you want me to get  Giray brothers out of the dungeons. Handan arrives.

    Kosem wants to go and Cennet says Safiye isn't finished speaking. Safiye says they are waiting one sign from you. Kosem says please don't! Safiye says you will change this...you will go tell on Handan and convince him to keep us here. It is not a difficult choice - either Handan Sultan's life or your father's?

    The End.

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