• Kosem Sultan Episode 10 Translation

    Kosem awakens to her friend asking if she is okay, Kosem shouts for her father and her friend says your father is no longer....forget it, or they will take your life too. But Kosem rushes out.

    Halime bids goodbye to Handan and Handan tells her I hope you drown in grief soon Halime.

    Meanwhile Kosem rushes to Safiye's room, barges in and looks her in the eyes...

    [Theme song]

    Kosem tells them not to come close, Bulbul tells her not to do anything she will regret it later. Kosem meanwhile shouts," murderers! how did you do it? How did you kill my father! He had no sin! no crrime!" Safiye tells her that she warned her that those who raise their heads, she would crush their heads! Kosem responds saying no one will crush my head, not you either, your power is not enough for that. Safiye tells her to go tell Ahmet, she won't be able to prove a thing, they won't even be able to find her father's body because they dumped it in the Bosphorus.

    Safiye throws the torch and says proof? I don't have to give proof for him to believe me, but I shall stay silent, you know why? Because this is my matter now - I will bring your end, I will take everything and everyone you love from you! Even down to the crown on your head and the ring on your finger! I swear you will neither have power nor your rank as Sultana, I will destroy all of you. You will die a wretched death! Fear me from now on.

    Kosem has a monologue saying basically that no one will be able to hurt her from now on, that she will break the hands that try to reach out to harm my loved ones.  I am Kosem,  there is a long road ahead of me,  lots of pits, seas and mountains to cross,  I am running..despite everything. Everyone, friend and enemy should hear me - I will gain so much power,  there will never come another Sultana as powerful as I am.

    She goes to see Ahmet. He asks why she is crying and he says don't worry, I am with you and she says I am also with you, every step, every breath you take, I am with you. You will become a more powerful ruler than you dream of and I will always be near you, as the one closest to you.

    She continues her monologue, but this time saying we (Ahmet and herself), we shall walk on fire and ice together, you will become mine, I will be yours. We shall become one. No one, nothing shall seperate us, no matter who comes our way - we shall crush them and go on. We shall never lower our necks. Never!

    Some time passes...(8 months)

    Handan is with Dervish saying she has spent months in the palace of tears, and asks if her son misses her at all, Dervish says he does, always asks about her too and that she must wait, one day she will return, she should keep her chin up. Handan says she worries because Safiye is head of the harem and looks over her son, Dervish replies Kosem is there, Safiye can't do anything, and that Kosem is not close to her and keeps apart. Handan says well she has kept apart from me too...Dervish says she has sent you many letters, trying to get back in your favour, she said she had no choice but to do what she did. Handan says, well why won't she say why she was forced? (why won't she give the reason) Dervish says it's unclear but he does not doubt her loyalty to the Sultan and that Haci is there too, handan replies she knows. Then she says, and you are happy - soon you will marry Fahriye Sultan, but how it will happen, I do not know...Fahriye is in love with Mehmet Giray and you....Dervish says, maybe this is the best, two hearts that are wounded find relief in each other.

    Bulbul leads some girls to Safiye and tells them to behave.

    In the harem, Rasha talks about Safiye having ordered a special collar for Elizabeth the cat, to wear for Fahriye's wedding and she asks Cennet if there are going to be diamonds and rubies. Cennet says, what is a collar? we will make a kaftan for Elizabeth! Kaftan! then, Kosem arrives and sits as everyone watches her silently.

    Bulbul tells Safiye that the girls are the one's chosen for Ahmet. Safiye watches over them, and asks the one in the middle what is your name? She says Katerina, from Poland. Safiye is pleased, saying great, it means you are from Hurrem Sultana's land....

    Meanwhile, Kosem nods to Golge who goes off...

    safiye asks Katerina if she knows what her job is,  - to please Ahmet so much that he will be enchanted, that he may fall madly in love. Katerina tells her I will make him so mad with love, he will forget all other women. Bulbul says Ahmet only sees Kosem... he doesn't know if it will work to remove Kosem from her position of favour with Ahmet. Safiye replies that the important thing is to attack Kosem from all sides, not to leave her in peace because Kosem has the makings of a Sultana ( it is in her making), and now her eyes have opened too, we shall attack her from every front so that we can destroy her before she becomes Sultana.

    Cennet is being followed and she can sense it but she sees no one so she carries on.

    Of course Rasha has to get up to harass Kosem and she says oh you go to our Hunkar every night, but months have passed and you aren't pregnant, what are you doing there? Kosem says I can tell you every little thing I do in Ahmet's room but you won't want to hear it.

    Cennet is with her man and he says he will get her and they can run off and he will make her sultana of his own home. Haci catches Cennet right in the act. she quickly says it is not as you think my agha! Haci says and she even swears to it!

    Dervish is updating Ahmet on Nasuh's actions in the fight on the Celali's and Ahmet says hopefully we shall hear good word. Then he asks about his trip to the old palace and how his mother is. Dervish says, your mother is in grieving...she neither drinks nor eats...Ahmet replies then she should have thought of that before attempting to kill my brother. An agha announces Zulfikar agha, Ahmet tells him I have removed you from your duties at the Janissary barracks.
    Zulfikar asks if he has done something wrong...

    Ahmet pulls out a seal and says, there are 4 important people in the palace, I am the first, then my grand vizier,  the next is my head treasurer, and the final one is for my Hasoda/ Has Oda Basi (the Privy Chamberlain/Head of his Privy chamber) meaning you...Dervish pasha, it is my order, from this point on Zulfikar agha is my Hasoda bas! Zulfikar accepts saying it is a great honour.

    Haci meanhile is saying the harem has never seen such shameful thing, and that they will be executed. Cennet says we were simply speaking nothing else. Haci says I saw you with my own eyes and then he says throw them into the dungeons!

    Ahmet tells Zulfikar that Dervish will marry and leave the palace, and then he can move in his place, and meanwhile he can make preparations. Zulfikar says, my Hunkar I have spent my life on the fields of battle, I have stayed away from the palace and it's ways for so long, I am afraid of embarassing you. Ahmet says to him, you will get used to it, my order is final, I want you for this. Zulfikar accepts and is moved by this he opens the door to find Haci there, who enters and tells him there is something important, he says: I found Nesip agha and Cennet kalfa...forgive me - in fornication! Ahmet says, Cennet kalfa????

    Cennet waits in the dungeons and the doors are opened and Kosem arrives. She says Kosem? You did it? You informed on us! Kosem says I told you I would deal with you all. Maybe you did not take me seriously...now Safiye sultan should come and save you. Cennet says, Safiye will not take this sitting, she will certainly save me! The door opens and the executioners have come and Kosem says you should hurry, because the aghas have come.

    Dervish congratulates Zulfikar and tells him not everyone gets this honour, and know the worth of it. Zukfikar says I do, but no Janissary agha has ever become Hasoda bas...Dervish says there are very few we can trust these days.

    Safiye meanwhile wonders with bulbul how Cennet could get involved in this kind of thing. she tells the aghas she wishes to see Ahmet.

    Haci meanwhile tells Kosem what is happening - that Ahmet has ordered the necessary (according to Palace rules) to be done, meaning that they both should be executed. Cennet tells Haci to call for Safiye, she is her servant afterall and that he must tell her this! Haci says I sent word, but she said to do whatever is necessary. Cennet says, no it is a lie! She loves me, she will protect me! Kosem says, she loved me too for a time...when I was in the dungeons did she save me? No, because she had no use for me then...and what had you said to me that day Cennet? You had said, do not trust Safiye sultan! The executioners go to Nesip agha who shouts for Cennet saying no, no...but he is exectued. Haci asks if Kosem would like to leave. Kosem says you wait outside, I will come. Haci says may God forgive your sins...

    Kosem turns to Cennet and says that dog Nesip poisoned my father with his own hands..he got whwat he deserved...now your turn Cennet. Cennet says please have mercy. kosem says did you have mercy on me? Did Safiye feel bad for my father...Cennet says wait, I will say something...wait!

    Safiye meanwhile tells Ahmet that Cennet was under her service for years, if anything - Ahmet cuts her off and says what do you want me to do? The rules are there. Safiye says the crime is great, cannot be excused...but let us marry her off and send her away from the harem.

    Kosem says okay I am listening what is the secret. Cennet says I will tel you but you will stop this execution! Kosem responds I am not going to bargain with you. Cennet says noooooo, I will say it! I will say it! Kosem looks at her. Bulbul is running and haci runs after him..

    Kosem says tell me...hurry and say it. Cennet says it has to do with Safiye sultan...such a secret taht it will move the earth. Fahriye sultan...I have just heard...Fahriye Sultan..and she is about to say it. buT Bulbul comes around and says Safiye Sultan spoke to Ahmet and he has forgiven you. Cennet looks at Kosem...

    Fahriye is being fitted with clothing and asks how long it is going to take then tells them to get out and to leave her alone (ugh so spoiled what did your poor servants do to you?) Safiye enters and tells her what is going on? You will listen I won't say it again - our Hunkar did not feel bad for his own mother and sent her off. One more mistake- she says, what mistake? I do whatever you say! Safiye says, forget Mehmet...he knows your secret how do you know he won't expose it one day? Fahriye says no he will not do such a thing! He would give his life to me. Safiye says this is what I fear - everything that is in excess becomes a harmful thing - even love.

    Mehmet Giray is in the marketplace and meets Reyhan saying say what you have to and hurry. Reyhan tells him that Shahin says do not do anything crazy as the wedding is near...Mehmet says it is his fault we have come to this! Reyhan says, forgive me, but those who turned their backs on Shahin...they also have a fault in this... Mehmet grabs him and says how dare you? Shahin is my brother, I would never turn my back on him! Reyhan says not you, but Fahriye - if she exposes Dervish's secret, it will get Shahin in trouble too. Mehmet tells him this is why I am quiet, tell shahin to be patient. When the time comes I will get him out of there and I will finish Dervish off!

    Kosem tells Haci she couldn't find out the secret because Bulbul came just then. All she said was about Fahriye sultan. Haci says what could it be? maybe about her love, since she loves Mehmet Giray. Kosem says we have to find out - I will talk to her. Her friend says she is saved now, she will not speak. Kosem says everyone has a weakness. Kosem says her punishment is to wed and leave, this isn't even a punishment. Haci says wait a minute, I will find such a husband for her...(she will not speak up then).

    Safiye is with Cennet who continues to say Kosem set a trap and safiye says you are still lying. Bulbul says of course she's ashamed so she won't admit it obviously. safiye says how could you do such a thing and if you did it, why didn't you hide it successfully, why did you get caught? Bulbul says why did Kosem come to see you? Cennet says she came to say I deserved it etc. Safiye replies we have lit such a fire in her, it won't be put out quickly she will try everything to attack us. bulbul praises her intelligence and Safiye looks at him angrily and tells her if Katerina will go to the Sultan and bulbul says Haci allows no one but Kosem. Safiye says they can meet somewhere else! tighten things on Kosem!

    In the barracks everyone is being informed about Zulfikar's new position. Alex asks what Hasoda Basi means, the other agha says it means the Sultan's right arm! Ali asks if he will leave them? Zulfikar says is that something to ask? Those who share food together do they ever part? Soon you will all swear and become Janissaries!

    Kosem is with Ahmet and tells him that everyone is talking about Cennet that her punishment is not even a punishment. Ahmet says finally you are smiling, I was worried for you, you have some secret pain or you are sad because of Mahfiruze. Kosem says when you are with me I am okay, when you are not there then I am sad. Ahmet says I know what you think, but I am working to make my dreams reality. Kosem says do not doubt, such a bright future awaits us - you conquering, I raising our children! Ahmet says God is my witness my greatest victory is winning you.

    Bulbul is with Kosem's friend saying why haven't you been informing us of things, like when kosem attacked Cennet? The girl says I did not know...he says who are you fooling. just then Kosem arrives, and says we must catch Cennet now.

    Bulbul hears that Ahmet's bath is ready, so bulbul tells an agha to hurry and have Katerina ready.

    Halime and Menekshe comment about Cennet saying, haha May God give whoever becomes her husband the strength to deal with her... They come upon Rasha and Mustafa says my nephew is coming! Halime tells her to be careful  walking around, something should not happen to her. She says God protect my shehzade. Menekshe says hopefully she bears a daughter! Mustafa says whatever son, or daughter I will play with them!

    Kosem finds Cennet who says do not tire yourself I lied to save myself! Kosem says what do you want? Gold, jewels, I can prevent you getting married if you want. Cennet says you think I can buy you? Kosem says does Safiye sultan not buy the loyalty of those around her? Tell me what is the price?

    Ahmet is in the bath and Katerina enters saying let me wash you.

    Cennet tells Kosem, leave me alone or I will break that beautiful neck and no one will know. kosem says if you dare, do it. Cennet says leave me alone. Kosem says you have one way - to say the secret. You can think about it. Cennet says I am loyal to safiye sultan, there is nothing to think about, I will NOT betray her. Kosem turns and asks where Haci is and to find him.

    Cennet confronts Kosem's friend and says it is her fault since she didn't inform them. She replies saying maybe I should tell Kosem everything, Cennet says I will kill you! The girl says I committed a sin because of you all, I betrayed Kosem! But no longer, I will never betray her again!

    Katerina washes and massages Ahmet and asks where she came from what is her name, she says she is Katerina, born for him...

    Haci meets with Kosem who says Cennet won't give up the secret. Safiye arrives and bulbul says Kosem you must have forgotten the rules, you have to bow. Kosem says the days of that are over, I will not longer bow to you. Safiye tells her whatever you say you will never do, you will do all of them, one by one, because this is how the harem works. Kosem says the day I throw you out of the harem things will change, and it will go as I want. Safiye says I know where you get your strength from our Hunkar, when that is gone let us see if you will be this brave then. Kosem says this is what you want, for Ahmet to give up on me/not love me anymore.Is this your dream? This is how you will
    get rid of me? Safiye says after bearing a son who would do anything to you? Our son will sooner or later become bored of you. you have competitors - mahfiruze and other women. Kosem replies there is not other in his heart but her. Safiye says so is that why he leaves your arms to go to other girls?  You think there will be no other colours? I have seen so many colours in my time, now none of them remain, not their names nor their bodies! Kosem says I am not of those! Safiye says not today, not now, but a moment will come when darkness will fall!

    Kosem asks Haci after safiye leaves, what women she is talking about. Haci says I will go check, I don't know and Kosem says I will go.

    Kosem goes to the terrace and looks up to find Ahmet there looking out, and Haci arrives and she says it was a lie, no one is there. Haci says I asked...a woman is in there, I do not know who she is. Then, Katerina goes out to the terrace to Ahmet. Kosem asks Haci how a girl went inside the room without permission. Haci says apparently Ahmet liked one of the women in the bath. Our Ruler is not about to ask me permission now is he?

    Haci arrives to see Dervish and says your nikkah (marriage is completed). Fahriye is also informed her marriage is done. The announcement is made in the streets. A little boy is running and grabs something off someone who chases him saying catch him and runs after him! Just then a man grabs the boy and gives the victim back his purse then says go , I will deal with this matter. He asks the boy do you not have a mother or father? The boy says my mother is dead and my father is in the coffee shop (cafe).

    Ahmet tells Haci to distribute gold to the people in the vicinity. Mustafa arrives to see Ahmet, who tells him let us go watch celebrations, Ahmet says I have work to do, I will join later, you go watch.

    In the coffee shop, the man approaches and says is this young boy your son? I caught him stealing. The man says you incompetent boy! He will be punished! The man says to the father, is there a greater punishment than having you as a father?! The father says mind your own business old man!
     Get lost before I break your bones! The man says, first I shall give punishment then we shall go...The father laughs saying oh you will punish me? Don't make me laugh old man! The older gentleman starts beating everyone up with his cane and of course, the Ottoman slap! Then takes out his hidden sword and cuts the arm of the father. then he asks what the boys name is, the boy says I am Cihangir. He says open your eyes and look - if you continue thievery, this will be your punishment - learn a lesson so you do not continue with crimes such as this. Then he orders the boy be taken to a school and that the men be taken to dungeons. Everyone shouts praise for him (Murat Pasha).

    Safiye throws gold onto the harem marble floors for the girls. Kosem watches Katerina. Haci tells her the girls name, Kosem says that she is to be prevented from entering Ahmet's room again and Haci says yes but if Ahmet asks for her then what?

    Rasha comes to spit some venom and says oh they are saying Ahmet has begun smelling other flowers in his garden? Kosem tells her don't worry she is a one-night woman like yourself.

    Kosem sees Halime on the way who says to her it is as if you cannot breath right? you hate every woman who looks, touches or speaks to him right? all the girls in the harem deal with feelings of jealousy, some might even end up like Cennet Hatun with their faces burnt like this...Kosem tells her Cennet told me about a woman burning her face,  do you know anything it? Halime says that Mehmet (Ahmet's father) used to hold her up high (loved halime very much) but Safiye didn't like it...

    PART 2

    Halime continues her conversation with Kosem. She says, safiye tried to make me fall from my favour with the Sultan (Ahmet's father)...Cennet was too proud after she went for halvet with the Sultan two times...we didn't like each other (Halime and Cennet) and everyone spoke of our enmity - but one morning we woke up to Cennet's screams. Someone had poisoned her pillow. Everyone thought I did it, but I did not do it....anyway it's cold...(she goes away)

    Zulfikar is dressed in his new clothing and enters to see Ahmet and Ahmet says finally you started your duties. Zulfikar says I hope I am worthy. Then he announces Kuyucu Murat Pasha from the Western borders, he got into something in the streets...

    We see Murat Pasha congratulating Dervish on his wedding - when I saw you last, you were a simple Bostanci (palace guard), now look at you (basically). Dervish says, this is what the Hunkar saw fit. Murat says you came from the skies (a saying) but you have descended on mountains...the winds are fierce here Pasha...be strong so you do not fall with the same speed and ferocity. Then he adds don't take it personally Dervish, you know my strict belief that rank should not be given, but earned taken by right. Dervish says you are right, but then in that case we'd find no one to be able to enter the Divan.

    Kosem chases after Halime and says "who did it? Did Safiye Sultan do it (burn Cennet's face?)" Halime says who else could it be? Kosem asks why Cennet continues to stay by her side then if Safiye is really the one who did it. Halime says when it happened, she snapped up Cennet to herself and covered the matter up. Kosem says so Cennet doesn't know the truth then? Halime asks what Kosems purpose is? To bring Cennet to her side, and that she will expose Safiye's secrets? Kosem asks her what her (Halime's) purpose is? Why did you come after me, why are you telling me about this. Halime says you saved my son, so I wanted to return the favour because - I don't like being in debt. Kosem says, but you didn't say it yet - Halime says go to the old palace Kosem, find so and so (kumru hatun?)hatun  - she burnt her face, she knows everything.

    Murat Pasha tells Ahmet he wishes he came with word of even greater victory but that he (Ahmet) knows the situation in Anatolia. Then Ahmet tells him to relate what happened in the market earlier. Dervish says how were they to know that the one facing them was Kuyucu Murat Pasha - the one who brings infidels and heretics to their knees trembling. Ahmet comments about how the men had called Murat old and look what they got in return for their miscalculation.  Murat Pasha says in the same way they did that for my age, the people also took you for granted for your youth, but I have heard all that you have done, and of your grand dreams, and May God make you successful in your goals one by one!

    Zulfikar goes to his room which is being prepared and Alex is with him and says your room is nice. Zulfikar says it is but it is strange, it is nice but these things are not what I want. Then he says take thee things and hands all the decorations and fancy pillows and says give them to an agha and say Zufikar doesn't want such things - don't break anything!

    Ale does this and of course, he comes across Kosem who greets him awkwardly. He says I am thinking since that day...you returned after trying to run away, are you regretful? She replies I returned for Ahmet, I am not regretful...I am paying the price of it, but I am not regretful. And you? You were looking for your family, did you find them? Alex says no, there is no time for that while in the barracks, but they never leave my mind. Just like you (have not left my mind)...I mean, I wonder if you are happy are you alright. Kiosem says I am happy as Ahmet's gozde do not worry about me from now on. Zulfikar arrives and greets Kosem and tells her Ahmet will arrive shortly. Kosem says she will wait in his room, Zukfikar says no, it is prohibited according to rules no one can be in the room so she says fine I will wait inside in the hall.

    Then Zukfikar turns to Alex and asks what he is doing, speaking to the girls is forbidden, even looking at them is forbidden, doesn't he know this? Especially the gozdeler (favourites) of the Sultan! Are you wanting to die? Go now return to the barracks. Say hi to everyone there!

    Fahriye is in her room and Pervane comes to greet her saying she is so beautiful like looking at the sun! She says aren't you tired of lying? What beauty? I am leaving that is all...She sends everyone out because she notices he has news. Fahriye says what is it, what news from Mehmet, he has been so quiet, I am so worried! Pervane tells her not to worry he has sent word to be patient, when some time has passed and the wedding uproar has settled then he will save you from here, and deal with Dervish! Fahriye is pleased to hear this.

    Ahmet tells Kosem that finally things are peaceful and his people are happy. She responds saying everyone apart from myself and Handan are happy. He says I know why my mother isn't happy but why are you not happy? She says sharing you with others ruins me...I am very sad. I have heard all the insults for not bearing you a son...they say you are distancing yourself from me...that you do not love me anymore. Ahmet says they drown in a drop of my love for you and go...do not listen to their words. Let them talk. Kosem says I don't take it seriously...I will give you sons and daughters soon so many to fill this room. But there is one more thing. If you allow me I want to go to the old palace and bring your mother back. While showing your justice, don't withhold your mercy, at least let us be with us on the wedding festivities night.

    Alex is speaking to his little friend about the inscriptions on the shirts (like the one he has) His friend says the man they are going to - he might know of who wrote it...They enter a room where there is a man who tells them not to touch stuff and asks what they want. They go to sit down when the man asks and Alex pulls out the little shirt. Alex says he is looking for who made it, The man says there is a man named Selahudin in Uskudar (in Istanbul) and then he looks at the bottom and says here, here is his signature. Alex asks where can we find him in Uskudar? The man tells him behind Mihrimah Sultan's mosque there is a place - he is there...but what do you want with him? Just sell me this shirt I will give you five hundred gold for it. Alex says no, it is not for sale.

    Murat Pasha comes across Safiye, who says it has been long time since we met are you well? He says yes, all these years that I am holding a sword in hand (instead of being involved in he Divan) you had a hand in that. She says you didn't listen to our words that is why should I lie, I thought we'd hear the news of your death. He responds saying death awaits everyone somewhere and that it follows him, they faced many times but he didn't die and he is just like her - still alive. She says we can come together perhaps. He says life has taught me that somethings do not change...you being after power and I, having deep feelings still for what happened in the past - we cannot ever become friends. Zufikar arrives and tells him Ahmet awaits him. Zulfikar is left with Safiye and she calls him over. He says I am sure you wonder why I am here, I am now Hasoda Basi. She asks of all the capable and worthy aghas grown and raised in the palace, has it befallen you to do this task?

    Murat enters the room and Kosem is about to leave when Murat says I have heard your name...the things you did for the Family of Osman, I have heard and may God be pleased with you Sultanim. She responds saying I am not Sultana...He says whatever I heard of you is enough for me to know you as the Sultana of the Sultanas. Kosem is pleased with this and Ahmet and Murat resume discussions about the borders...

    Alex wants to go find the man but his friends tell him it'll have to be another day because it's getting very late.

    We see that Handan is sitting and Kosem has arrived. She says what are you doing here? With what face do you come here? Kosem says I begged forgiveness from you many times, once again as well. But my reason for coming here is different. I spoke to Ahmet if anything he has accepted that you come for the wedding celebration. Handan says how nice. My son sends you here for that...and while Safiye rules the harem he saw this fit for me because of you!Kosem says, soon Safiye will come here, and you will return to the place you belong - the palace. I will do this. If I have your help it will happen soon. Handan asks how will you do this? Kosem says Safiye Sultan has a secret...a secret that will burn her like fire, I am after this secret of hers. There is someone here who can help us, I must see her.

    Cennet goes to see Haci and she asks why have you called me? There are 3 men there...(suitors for Cennet) Haci says "did you forget the punishment" choose one of them. Cennet says you have seen these fit for me. Haci describes the men and their professions - He says this is a cook, got into an accident. This one works in gunpowder factory, he has lost one eye. For the last one she says oh he's very handsome! Haci says good, you liked him right? She says, yes very much! But he has a problem...he is a hadim! Eunuch. She says you are playing with mebut one day the tides shall turn! Haci says look here, you must choose one, look at these wonderful men! She says I do not choose, but if you really want, I will marry you!

    Bulbul finds Cennet saying where have you been, she says in the depths of hell!

    The woman Kosem is looking for enters Handan's room and she says I have heard a lot about you (about Kosem). Kosem says I have come to speak to you about the past. She says what is it? Kosem says you recall Cennet right? The incident from years ago...The woman says which one? Kosem replies I know you burnt her face. I want to know who gave you the order. The woman says I cannot...I cannot tell. Kosem says you are afraid...you are afraid from Safiye Sultan right? Handan says do not be afraid, say what you know, I will protect you, Safiye Sultan will not harm a hair on you, in fact, she will not even know of this.

    Fhariye's wedding celebrations are underway. Halime comments to Safiye saying, Handan is sent away, Fahriye is being married off - today is your day! Safiye says if you had used even a little of what intelligence I was giving you (if you had chosen to side with me) you would have seen such amazing celebrations too. Halime says thank you my own intelligence is enough for me.Safiye says if I were you I wouldn't speak so surely. Handan is then announced and Kosem enters as well. Handan enters with a bang and wishes Fahriye well and saying oh but your mother left you in her shadow, it would look as if it is Safiye's wedding!

    Kosem tells Cennet she needs to speak to her and Cennet says why another trap? Kosem says no, no trap someone wants to talk to you. Cennet says nevermind I am going back. Kosem says Cennet, don't you want to know who burnt your face? Cennet says if this is another trick...Kosem says I swear it is not a ploy/game... Cennet goes and finds the woman there who burnt her face (Kumru hatun)

    Meanwhile Ahmet is having his own celebrations and of course, the same story like Firuze Katerina is dancing.  Haci arrives and tells Ahmet his mother has arrived and thought he might want to know.

    Kumru is meanwhile telling Cennet that she put the poison on her pillow and that Cennet was only meant to be something used to deal with Halime at the time...Cennet was simply a sacrifice...Cennet tells her to be quiet and asks why is she telling her all this now. Cennet says go back ! I am done with this now, I knew you did it to me! Kosem says listen to the rest! Kumru hatun says did you know Safiye Sultan gave the order Cennet? Cennet says you liar and starts strangling. Kosem tells her for years you served your own executioner that is the truth! Cennet lets go and leaves and Kosem follows her. Cennet says don't come near me!

    Handan waits in the hall and Dervish arrives. He says my eyes always look for you. The place you belong is here! She says how sad that we cannot choose who we belong to and where we belong. He says I do not think this way...everyone lives what they choose. Today marks that a new life waits for me...that it is possible to be rid of the past...

    Shahin Giray is told he is leaving by some guards. The guards say there is an order we are moving you somewhere else.

    Handan continues with Dervish asking if it is really easy to rid of the past, he says no one said it was easy but he will do whatever he can. She asks about Shahin, and Dervish says Shahin will die like a dog in prison tonight, and he will deal with Mehmet eventually and including all about her. She gets worried and says is this a threat? He says no, not a threat about you...i mean I will get rid of my feelings for you. Is that not what you wanted all along? She says yes, you will take it out from heart and mind, because is there any other choice that you have? No. He says, yes, I am doing this out of having no choice, I cannot carry this burden anymore...I will have a new dawn for me tomorrow, a bright new day... where I can find comfort in someone else...

    The guards go to Shahin but he attacks them of course then he calls the guards and then the guards say these were not among us! (i.e. they were fake guards)

    Handan goes to see her son on the balcony and she says you cannot know how happy me you made me to forgive me and bring me here and he says I have not forgiven you, you are only here for a wedding and only for Kosem's sake. She says I wrote to you so many times...explaining about my actions - that as a Valide Sultan what could I have done if they had put Mustafa on the throne, could I have just seen it happen. He says no one could give orders on my name...if someone were to put Mustafa on the throne? For this reason should I kill my brother? He is my innocence and my conscience. She says please forgive me, I will never do what I did in fear again? But he exits.

    Ahmet is announced and to present a gift to Fahriye, and wishes her well and happiness in her marriage. She says this is her hope to, to find happiness one day.

    Cennet is in her room and there is a knock kosem saying open the door Cennet. Cennet lets her in and asks have you come to console me?! What are you going to say? That your life was a lie? That i served my own executioner? Is this your consolation? Then go on! Kosem says you know what I want...give the secret...so that I can hit Safiye in her heart! Cennet says she wish she had died so she couldn't have felt this way. Kosem says think of my pain? How I lost my father before my very eyes in my arms! My aim is not revenge, if it has been so, I would have gone and told Ahmet everything right away. If I want Safiye to leave this palace - it has nothing to do with the past - I am thinking about my future, my life, my Hunkar, my children I will bear for him, one day I will become the Sultana of the harem, of the Capitol, of the world! Cennet says to her your dreams are big! Kosem says I will go and wait for you to tell me the secret of Fahriye Sultan, perhaps you want to be part of these big dreams.

    Haci leads Fahriye through the harem and coins are tossed at the girls' feet. ( I have to say, both Safiye and Fahriye are dressed beautifully in this scene!)

    Bulbul is in Ahmet's room with some other servants and Ahmet says he wishes to rest, Bulbul says if you wish I can send Katerina. Ahmet nods his approval.

    Cennet is in her room thinking and catches her reflection in the mirror and gets up to take a closer look at her scars, and in tears she finally smashes the mirror and breaks down.

    Kosem arrives seeing Bulbul calling for Cennet. A girl says she has not seen her, he then says that Ahmet has called for her, that he has fallen for her big time. Kosem goes to her room and cries and her friend sits down next to her asking what is wrong. Kosem tells her and says it is the second time means he has feelings for her, if she doesn't prevent it, and do something about it, then her end will be like all the other women. The girl asks what can you do? Kosem says I will fight. The only thing I have in this life is Ahmet's heart. I will fight for love!

    Katerrina is being prepared. Bulbul congratulates her and says I swear I didn't expect this much out of you.Katerina says Safiye should not worry, Kosem has seen nothing yet - I will crush her!

    We see Katerina walking and Kosem rushing...Kosem says she has come to see Ahmet, Zulfikar tells her to come later but she rushes in.

    Ahmet is looking at the rose petal inside when Kosem enters and attacks Ahmet hahaha when Bulbul arrives with Katerina, Zulfikar tells him sorry, but he is with Kosem. Bulbul says but...but how? He told me personally..to get Katerina...how? He told me! Zufikar tells him to let it be, Kosem entered the room. Bulbul repeats and Zulfikar tells him I SAID LET IT GO! Leave now.

    Fahriye meanwhile enters her room (look, with that sad face -  I'll take the dress and crown if you don't want it Fahriye haha). Dervish thinks about his last meeting with Handan, and then gets up but then turns back one last time..

    Rasha asks Katerina what happened? She says Kosem went to Ahmet before me! Rasha says yeah she must have heard and ran to him! Then she goes into labour...

    Dervish goes to Fahriye who says this is not the marriage you think it is. It is an understanding (a deal). Every deal has it's conditions. She tells him he cannot touch her while she does not want it. She adds, I will not involve myself in your matters, you do not involve yourself in mine, as you know my heart belongs to someone else. He says where did you get the idea that I wanted to get in bed with you? This was a political marriage for me. Nothing else than that. And who knows...maybe my heart is someone else's too, is that not possible?

    Zulfikar gets comfortable in his new room  sees some pajamas and frowns, then there is a knock at the door.

    Haci arrives to see that Rasha is gone into labour and she says call Ahmet!

    Ahmet is informed that Rasha has gone into labour. Halime hears about it as well, and Halime's daughter says hopefully she bears a daughter.

    Ahmet is announced and Bulbul says the doctor is inside we are waiting word. We hear Rasha's screams.

    Safiye arrives and greets Ahmet saying the moment we waited for has come. They finally hear a baby's cries and they go inside. Kosem arrives as well and watches from the door. Halime also arrives and everyone watches, as Ahmet recites God's praise in the baby's ears and is about to name him and names him Osman. The doors are finally closed.

    In the morning Kosem hears the celebration in the city and and is sad.

    Meanwhile there is a knock on Cennet's door. Bulbul asks where she has been, that a prince has been born and she is missing. Cennet says nothing, I am ill. She asks was it a boy? Bulbul says yes! Cennet is still sad and Bulbul says are you alright? Cennet says I am okay, go I will follow later. Bulbul sees the broken mirror and says okay and leaves. Cennet has made her decision.

    Handan is in her room in the old palace and Haci brings her the good news of her grandchild. She is happy and says she wants to go to the palace to hold her grandchild!

    Dervish tries to wake Fahriye and finds there is another girl in the bed, he asks where Fahriye is, the girl says I do not know she told me to sleep here and she left. Fahriye leaves and meets with Mehmet in the market who tells her don't fear, let's go. She says where are we going? He says somewhere no one will find us! They set off together...

    In the harem everyone watches Safiye holding her great grand son and says may friend and foe hear that there is a new Prince now, Shehzade Osman Hazretleri. Cennet meanwhile whispers to Kosem, you want to bring Safiye's end right? She hands Kosem's mother's ring back to her and whispers "Fahriye was the one who poisoned Ahmet and Mustafa with smallpox illness. This is the big secret."

    THE END.

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