• Episode 108 Spoilers!

    Source: www.startv.com.tr/dizi/muhtesemyuzyil

    1. Hurrem swears she will take revenge on Fatma for what she has done in a language that Fatma understands. She finds out through Lokman from Melek (Fatma's servant) that the reason Fatma got divorced is not because of her husband, but because of her and a young man...

    2. The wife of the man in the market who was killed complains to the Judge and Nurbanu wants to speak to her to try to avoid Selim from hearing about the issue all over again.

    3. Rustem will be sent away for a while by the Sultan as a lesson. He will be sent as a trip, for a short time. Hurrem tells Mihrimah she should be happy it is not much worse (his head)! Rustem says he was worried he would lose the love of his life, Mihrimah and their child.

    4. We find out Mihrimah is unwell and faints! (is she pregnant?!?!)

    5. Mahidevran tries to marry Mihrunisa off to someone else in order to prevent further trouble.

    Thanks to Sultanova Druzba for the spoilers.


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