• Muhtesem Yuzyil Episode 108 Translation!

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    We see Suleyman with Valeria putting a necklace on her and kissing her forehead, while Fatma watches. Hurrem sees from below.  "It must be such a great deal of happiness, after all these years to experience once again the love of having a new child." Sul: "This is a gift from my Lord. May the child be born safe and sound..." Fatma: "  I feel inside me that you will have another Shehzade!" Suleyman notices that Hurrem is not there...

    Hurrem has gone to her room, upset: "No! I will not allow it! Another Shehzade will not be born in this palace!"

    Rustem is poking at his fire lost in thought when he is interrupted. "Grand Vizier, Mahmud Agha has arrived and awaits to be allowed into your presence." Mahmud enters. Rustem: "Come closer. From what I hear, they call you Zal Mahmud." Zal: "That is true, Pasha Hazretleri, for throwing a wrestler to the ground, the people of Enderun chose this name for me.(Enderun is the School within the Palace where those who become future Pashas, commanders etc go) " Rustem: "Did you know Aziz agha?" Zal: "Of course I did" Rusty: "So then you know what happened to him...he was my right hand. ..He served me faithfully since Diyarbekir. But he paid the price by losing his head...Now are you able to take his place? With disregard to your own life can you serve me?" Zal: "May my life be sacrificed in your way." Rusty: "In the legends of the Persians, Zal was a valiant warrior... God Willing you are as valiant as your name..because from now on your duty is dangerous, I am of course trusting my life to God, and then to you after that." He shows Zal the reddened burning, iron rod and Zal grabs it, without flinching! Zal: "There is no pain that is greater than my loyalty, my Pasha Hazretleri"

    Barbie has received word from Ali agha: "You saw  Rustem's Pasha's condition...he is even afraid of his own shadow." Barbie: "With God's permission, this state will be rid of him and his shadow." Ali: "After the incident it will be difficult for him to stay in his position." Bar:" Yes, it would be good if he were removed from his position but don't forget who stands behind him..it will be that easy" Ali: "Now what, my Pashas? Do you have any orders?" Barbie: "First let our Hunkar give his decision...it might be a decision that goes our way."

    Rustem is still speaking to Zal: "It is obvious Ali agha is not in this alone, we need to find out who is behind him, and prove it." Zal: "There are dozens of Janissaries in the Janissary division, there must be at least one of them that we can count on for our purposes." Rustem: "In that case, then show your skill"

    Mihrimah: "My Pasha..." Rustem: "Sultanim...you may leave now agha" Mih: "Who is this?" Rustem: "He has come to fill Aziz Agha's place. From now on he will always be with us for safety." Mih: "I cannot find meaning in your hurry, is there a reason for this preparation for our safety?" Rustem: "No....I just want to take precautions..how are you? Where is Humasha?" Mih: "I can see for days your condition...you do not eat, or drink and you wake up in the night from nightames, there are so many guards in the palace I cannot even go to the gardens...what is happening Rustem? What are you hiding from me?" Rustem: "They are trying to kill me Mihrimah." Mih: "What does that mean? Who would dare!?" Rusty: "My enemies...they are trying their hardest to get rid of me...if this continues, they might be successful." Mih: "that is impossible...my mother won't let them, she will try her best to prevent them" Rustem: "I wish I could be as certain as you..."

    Mihrunissa is hitting a target with an arrow when Mustafa arrives. He says that her skills with an arrow are not that good as her skills with a sword and she replies that it is just because she could not sleep and he asks what is making her lose her sleep, or if it is about the matter of the heart...she is shocked, so he repeats her words "If I go even, my heart will stay here"  She smiles... Mustafa changes the subject and asks if there is any word from her father and she says that her father has sent his recent letter and in it has written that he does not think it is good for her to stay in Amasya, but that he left the final decision up to her and that she gave her decision, and then she says "I think I gave you the explanation of that, and you understood...right?" she bows and leaves and Atmaca has been watching.

    Mahidevran asks Fidan if she has been keeping an eye on and following Mihrunisa. Fidan responds that she has and that most recently saw her in the gardens but for long now, has not seen her with Shehzade Mustafa and perhaps they have treated her unjustly by being suspicious of her. Mahidevran responds: "Mihrunissa is like a flame and my Shehzade is the gunpowder...if they come together we can't know what will happen and it will be a headache...anyway those who would try to attack him are looking for something...as soon as we can, we must send her away." Fidan: "The woman was leaving, you asked her to stay, Sultanim" Mahi: "How was I supposed to know how she felt? and anyway, the place where she is going to is not even that far, and it will be hard to keep an eye on her there, if anything it would be good for her to stay here while she is here so we can keep our eyes on her."

    Atmaca goes to speak to Mihrunisa while she saddles up her horse. Nisa: "What's going on Atmaca, or have you brought news?" At: "Yavuz must go to Istanbul,if you write a letter to your father, it will be a reason for him to go." Nisa: "I understand..but what is the real reason?" At: "There are some matters needing looking into especially about Sheyhul Islam Fenerizade" Nisa: "Why what happened?" At: "For long now, Rustem Pasha has been on him it is obvious they want to remove him from his position and we cannot allow this to happen...having our hands on that position is important." Nisa: "Rustem Pasha is engrossed in his own worries and in this condition of his, they cannot even think of attacking the Sheyh." At: "It is beneficial to take precautions, speaking of precautions, I saw you with the Shehzade...hopefully there is no problem"

    Nisa: "No, why do you ask?" At: "I just wanted to know if there was something I don't know." Nisa: "If there was, I would have told you right?" At: "Of course."
    Fatma arrives in the harem and meets Afife: "Send word I wish to distribute sweets and serbet" Afife: "What is happening Sultanim?" Fatma: "Our Hunkarim's gozde is pregnant,,,hopefully she will have a prince" Sumbul hears from above.

    Hurrem is in her room and Fahriye , gives her something to drink. Sumbul arrives: "Sultanim...Fatma Sultan has announced Nazenin's - that is the name they have given that traitor! - she has become Muslim." Hurrem: "When she was being sent where you all? And you Fahriye - what happened to taking all the precautions? the woman wasn't going to get pregnant!?." Fahriye: "I swear they did take precautions..." Hurrem: "Then, where did this pregnancy thing come out of? ...or are they lying? Right? What else could it be???"

    Sumbul: "Unfortunately, they are telling the truth...they have sent Fatma Sultan many times to our Hunkar..." Fah: "That is impossible, Sumbul agha, Lokman would have told us" Sumbul: "Lokman has no clue! It seems they have beguiled him! Sultanim, now what should we do?" Hurrem: "We must be rid of her" Sumbul: "How Sultanim...in the end she has our Hunkar's baby!" Hurrem: "I am not talking about her, Sumbul, I am talking about Fatma. I warned her, but she did not listen to me...we must speak to her in a language she understands."

    Fatma meanwhile continues to speak to Afife: "Send the word to all corners...finally after years our Hunkar will be having a child...the whole world should hear of this happy news!" (yes, let us all celebrate for the happy hunkar for having a baby ...NOT :P) Afife: "The world is going to end..." Fatma: "I was the one to announce it to her...you should have seen her face! I thought she would fall in her anger and die" Afife: "May Allah protect her!" Fatma: "Speaking of protection...you must be careful, and warn the aghas that nothing should happen to the girl, if something does, I will blame you!"

    Nurbanu is talking with Selim: "You have got to see the balls in Venice...clothing in all colours...they wear all kinds of masks...and ehh what did Canfeda call it...oh yes, Raks (dance), the man dance with the women through the night." Seli: "So the man dance with you?" Nurbanu: "not like the dance you do here though...Come let me show you."

    Meanwhile, Gazanfer agha is told that the woman who had come complaining to the palace, has lodged a complaint with the judge. Gazanfer asks which complaint and then the agha tells him the woman whose husband was killed in the market. Canfeda arrives and asks what is going on, if Nurbanu has done something wrong.

    Suleyman is speaking to Barbarossa, who tells him that the investigation has been done and that everyone had the same things to say. Suleyman asks what his personal opinion is and Barbarossa says that it is obvious Rustem Pasha has been wrong...but that he does not think Rustem had bad intentions and that it is obvious he is new to the position of Grand Vizier and inexperienced.  Suleyman says that if there is nothing left to say then he may leave. Barbie tells him that there is a lot of unhappiness from the people and the Janissaries and that peace must be achieved, otherwise if the matters increase, then it will be hard to put an end to it.

    Mihrimah asks a cariye why the sweets have been distributed and the cariye tells her that the Sultan's cariye is pregnant and Mihrimah is shocked.

    Hurichihan is spaced out obviously thinking about Beyazid, while Gulfem and Fatma talk. "I still cannot believe it, it means you succeed! how did our Hunkar react?" Fatma: "he was so happy, Gulfem...at this age the happiness of having a child is different...may Hurrem be thanked! By having her period end she left the ground empty for others in he harem...in this way our Hunkar can feel young again." Gulfem: "If it happens as you say, God Willing...Hurrem will prevent this child from being born if she can!" Fatma: "The one you call Hurrem is now crawling on her hands and knees! Do you not be afraid of her"

    Hurichican asks permission if she can go to the gardens for a walk. Yes, go, go and walk around, when I was your age, even if they tied me down with a chain they couldn't keep me. My blood would boil so much !" Gulfem: "God be Praised, your blood is still boiling Sultanim."

    Mihrimah asks her mother if it is true if the girl is pregnant. Hurrem comments that the news must have been spread everywhere...Mihrimah says she heard it from a cariye in the harem while she was coming, and that she actually came to talk about Rustem.  Mihrimah tells her about the janissary issue and that she just heard about it, anyway she is the last to hear about it. Hurrem: "For your safety Mihrimah." Mih: "I am not the one needing protection, Rustem is...he is very suspicious...he does not trust anyone...did you speak with my father, what was his decision?" Hurrem: "The investigation is ongoing...but be rest assured, I don't think anything will come out of it." Mih: "they are trying to kill him and you are telling me to be calm?! if you do not want to save him then just tell me, I will do what is necessary!" Hurrem: "You had hated me once for marrying him to you...now you are trying to fight me for his sake...I told you would love him one day" Mihrimah: "The matter is not about love alone, he is my husband - the husband of the daughter of the Sultan...his reputation is my reputation!" Mihrimah: "Do not worry...Rustem is loyal to us and they cannot touch him...I will not allow it!" Mih: "Do you doubt his loyalty? "You see Mihrimah...they are trying to sorround us...I am trying to save us from our enemies, may God save us from our friends!"

    Cihangir and Hurichihan are walking in the gardens. She asks about Beyazid and he asks about her violin and she says she will play for him, she says she had another violin, she says she cannot bear to play it, it was her fathers. Cihangir says that now that his brother has left, he started to feel lonely, but if it wasn't for her being around, he would be all alone. She tells Cihangir about the Sultan having a baby with his gozde and Cihangir looks shocked. She tries to console him, but he says no he was just shocked. He looks upset.

    Rustem walks the corridor towards the Sultan's room. Lokman arrives and tells him if he has heard that the woman has been sent to the Sultan without his knowledge. Rustem: 'Which woman, what are you talking about?" Lokman: "Don't you know, the Sultan's pregnant woman?" The agha informs Rustem that the Sultan is resting and asks him to return later.

    Suleyman is reading something in his room.

    Nurbanu walks around like a queen in the harem and tells Canfeda to get her hamam ready and she tired then she asks Canfeda if they got what she asked for, and Canfeda says it was too expensive. Nurbanu says she will pay for it, she has money, Selim has give her money and Hurrem also has. Canfeda tells her to leave that for now, because there is a big problem on the Shehzade's head...she tells her to walk with her...

    Selim tells Gazanfer that the matter with the tainted water needs to be dealt with, and Gazanfer informs him that the Divan is ready and waiting for him. Gazanfer tells him there is something important he must know. Selim: "Did something happen??" Gazanfer decides it better to hide the matter and instead tells him that he needs to go to the market.

    Nurbanu and Canfeda have gone to a room and Nurbanu asks what the problem is. Canfeda: 'The man who got killed in the market, his wife has complained to the judge." Nurbanu: "This is very bad...just when our Shehzade had forgotten everything...Our Shehzade will not know of this." Canfeda: "How? The woman has complained...he will for sure find out sooner or later." Nurbanu: "He won't hear of it, I said...tell Gazanfer agha, I must speak with him."

    Beyazid arrives in Kutahya and meets his boy Orhan and his baby Osman. He has two kids! He sees Rana. Rana says he has grown and he will be a valiant Shehzade just like his father. "How are you Rana?" Rana says she is fine and Beyazid says he is tired and later he will come to see her.
    Beyazid meets his Lala. "When you left, you left as a different person, now you seem totally changed." Beyazid: "When I left, I had some hope...Once our Hunkar selected Selim, I lost even that little hope." Lala: "I got the bad news my Shehzade...since then I haven't slept properly out of worry...I cannot fathom how our Hunkar could have made such a decision...Despite the presence of our Hurrem Sultana and Mihrimah and Rustem..." Bayezit: "Mihrimah and Rustem did what they could..I can't say the same for my mother." Lala: "Did she say anything to you...as in openly stated she supported Selim?" Beyazid: "No, our Hunkar made the decision on his own..." Lala: "In that case you still have hope..." Bey: "What hope, Lala Mustafa...Selim is in Manisa and I am in Kutahya!" Lala: "At one time, Shehzade Musafa was also in Manisa...but he is still in "exile" in Amasya." Bey: "What are your thoughts?" Lala: "I am actually wondering about your thoughts Shehzadem...what is it that you want?" Bey: "I want Selim to go from Manisa...because he does not deserve it...find reliable, strong men at once...and get ready...they are going to go to Manisa...they will be our eyes, and ears...we need to learn what my brother is doing in Manisa."

    Nurbanu, Canfeda and Gazanfer are together. Nur: "Can't our Shehzade just not be told about it? For example if you go in our Shehzade's name?" Gaz: "Of course he will find out...it will even go as far as the Capitol!" Nur: "That is why I am saying it! For the future of our Shehzade, we must play this game." Canfeda wonders how anyone would dare to come as a witness against Selim. Gazanfer asks how many people they could ask to keep quiet and it has been brought to the judges....the judges who even the Sultans cannot go against their rulings!" Nur: "So we should just sit on our hands and wait?" Gaz: "What can we do...we are looking for a solution..." Nur: "We can speak to the woman and make her retract her complaint, can't we?"

    The girls in the harem are giggling and Hurrem waches from above. She looks at Valeria who looks at her. Sumbul arrives "Sultanim...

    I don't know if it will help, but I have found out such a thing about Fatma Sultan that you will certainly want to hear it!" Sumbul: "As you know, she came after divorcing her husband, but it is not because of anything the Pasha did...not...forgive me...God Forgive me...but Fatma Sultan...herself..." Hurrem: "Are you sure?!" Sumbul: "Lokman agha found out from Fatma Sultan's cariye, Melek." Flashback: "Lokman agha: "Because of you my head will roll, hatun! Why should I feel sorry for you!" Melek: "Wait...I will do whatever you say!" Lokman: "Whatever I want huh? Tell me about Fatma Sultan...for sure she has some hidden secrets right?"

    Hurrem says: "I am not surprised actually...it is just like something Fatma Sultan would do..." Sumbul: "Now what do we do Sultanim? The harem loves such gossip...there will be storms!" Hurrem: "We have no need to hurry Sumbul? The storm will happen when I want it to."

    Mihrimah has gone to see her father, who says: "My sun and moon has come, why would it be a bother to me?" Mih: "Rustem Pashas was going to come as well, but he is busy even at night with the matters of the state. Father, did you make a decision about the Janissary matter? Rustem is a loyal servant. I am responsible for him...do not believe the lies and falsehoods being spread about him." Suleyman: "I notice you are looking restless...do you not make yourself sad needlessly with such matters."

    Hurrem arrives in the harem corridor and watches everyone. Fatma arrives at the same time "Hurrem, I was coming to you?" Hurrem: "Oh yeah, what happened?" Fatma: "What better thing could happen? A prince is coming to the Palace! The lokmas were so tasty, but they didn't go down my throat without you." Hurrem, eats a peice...mmm...it is as tasty as you say...Hopefully one day you will have children and we will eat the Lokmas for that." Fatma: "Yes, thank God, my condition is not like yours yet....when I want I will have children." Hurrem: "If that is the case, I recommedn you to get married again...as you know, time does not wait and suddenly when you don't know your youth will be taken away from you." Fatma: "I am happy with my condition...I will be spending my time with our Hunkar's new Shehzade!" Hurrem: "And what makes you so certain it will be a boy?"

    Fatma: "My feelings are powerful...and the woman always wants sweets...as you know when you want sweets it is a boy, when you don't it is a girl."
    Hurrem: "May it be for the best."  Hurrem leaves. Fatma tells the girls to continue the music and to bring the dancers!

    Mih: "Forgive me, I did not mean to make you sad" Sul: "You can never make me sad, you make me happy." Hurrem arrives. Sul: "My Hurrem...I was just talking to my daughter." Hur: "If it is something private I can come later." Mih: "No we were just talking" she takes her leave and goes.
    Suleyman tells her to sit. My Hurrem, how are you?" Hurrem: "I am not well, Suleyman. I mean, this matter with the child...I am not one to hide my emotions about this matter...my soul is in pain...because seeing you with another woman....and on top of that with a child..I did not even dream of it...but I sent her with my own hands, that is the reality. I am like this...everyone has a nature."

    Suleyman's poem to Hurrem: 

     "My Hurrem, who can separate you from me? Like my heart, let it be broken into pieces, broken like my collar. Oh my sun faced (beauty), If I shed some tears and take a deep breath inside, Clouds should not cry, like these eyes of mine flowing with tears, Oh Muhibbi, Lovers are not in need of separation... I cannot be comforted and then cry for help... Is there anyone in this world at all like you?"

    Hurichihan is in her room writing when Fatma arrives "what were you doing?" Hur: "I was just reading" Fatma: "Give me that..." Hurichihan pretends but Fatma says: "even the scribes hands don't have this much ink on them!"  Fatma reads the letter and smiles, "so you are writing Beyazid a love letter..." Hur: "I could not stop myself..." Fatma: "So then I will prevent you. Otherwise you would have wrecked the whole bag of figs! There is no need to hurry! Wait for him to write the first letter!" Hur: "If he doesn't write it?!" Fatma: "Time passes differently for both of you Hurichihan...you spend your every moment inside four walls thinking of him...but he is a prince, he is busy with important matters...you will wait with patience...I am certain at the first opportunity he will write. You will see, he might even come here!"

    Rana is with Beyazid ehem....Rana: "It is very difficult to be without you Shehzade...I missed you very much...did you miss me?" Beyazid: "Of course I did." He suddenly sees Hurichihan in his mind.... Rana: "Are you okay Shehzadem?" Bey: "I am alright."
    Rustem is awaked an agha tells him that Lokman has arrived and the Sultan is calling him. Later, we see Rustem walking through the corridor to the Sultan's room.

    Mihrimah goes to see her mother and tells her that her father has called Rustem. Hurrem: "Do not worry Mihrimah...our Hunkar will do what is right." Mihrimah: "That is what I am afraid of...they have made Rustem fall into a big trap...his mistake is big."


    Rustem stands in front of the Sultan quietly, until the Sultan says that the Janissary matter and what happened has come to his attention and that the mistake is more his. He tells Rustem that he is his Grand Vizier and carries his name...especially with the people and the Janissaries and asks him if the job he gave to him is difficult and so he has to use a sword to complete it. Rustem says he was working to do his best, not do any damage. Suleyman yells at him, telling him that the worst damage comes from arrogance and pride, that Allah does not love the arrogant, and the people do not either. He quotes Ali, cousin of the Prophet Muhammad as saying "“Behave in a way with the people so that when you die they are sad and cry over your passing; and that while you are alive, they call on you lovingly..”Rustem: "Forgive me Hunkarim, from this point on, Rustem your servant will not let this advice of yours leave his mind."  Suleyman: "This will be the best for everyone...especially for you..Rustem Pasha...and now let us come to the decision I have made on this matter..."
    In Amasya. Mahi and Mustafa are eating, "Work quicker Validem the Charity foundation should start up at once" Mahi: "Do not worry, I am doing what is necessary...it has been so long there is no word from Fatma Sultan...she is probably busy in her own affairs...the fact that she divorced her husband messed things up for us..but in truth, she was not too happy with her husband." Mustafa: "All for the best, Validem...God Willing she keeps the promise she made me."Mahi: "Of course...oh there is something you need to know...a good destiny has come out for Mihrunissa" Mustafa: "Who, what are you talking about?" Mahi: "There is a bright young notables from among the Pashazade (sons of Pashas)...hearing of Mihrunissa's beauty has sent word along with his mother..." Mustafa: "This matter is none of our business...if they want to be a suitor, they have to send word to our Pasha not to us....(he is getting annoyed, and his mother notices it) I must leave, I do not want to make Taslicali wait."

    Mihrunisa is speaking to Atmaca and Yazuv: "If there is nothing else, then I must return to the Palace." At: "There is actually something else - since Yavuz is going to the Capitol, why aren't you going as well?" Yavuz: "Actually it would be great if she came along, after so many years, I would not like to go alone" Atmaca gives him the look. Nisa: "Don't speak without knowing, Atmaca - I have gotten a villa, I am staying here" At: "If it is something personal, can I know about it, because for someone like you who spent her time on the sea, Amasya should be like hell." Nisa: "You protect our Shehzade, and don't bother with matters that you have no business in." At: "Mihrunisa, your father left you in my protection...for your safety, I am responsible for taking precautions!" Nisa: "What does this mean? Will you forcibly take me to the Capitol?!" At: "If you are so insistent on staying then you will not take a step without my knowing about it. This is critical for your safety and that of our Shehzades!" Mustafa arrives...

    Rustem enters his office and finds Hurrem and Mihrimah there: "What happened Rustem? What did our Hunkar decide?" Rustem: "I am exiled, Sultanim. He has asked me to go within the week to the border, because he says it will be good for me to stay away for a while" Mih: "How...how can our Hunkar make this decision?" Hur: "Be thankful Mihrimah that it wasn't worse..." Rus: "This is a war Sultanim...and my enemies have gotten what they wanted. As you know, they wish to ruin my reputation...and when they hear that for a Janissary agha I have been exiled, they will win even more."Hur: "There is a good in everything, Rutem...perhaps it will be a lesson to you that instead of your fears, you will use your brains." Rustem (he gulps and catches his breath when he says this): "I was scared, you are right, Sultanim, but not for my own life, but for losing Mihrimah and my daughter."

    Meanwhile in Amasya, Nisa: "I came to give a letter for my father, my Shehzade" Mus: "While there are aghas, why did you have to bring it?" At: "I have asked her to, Shehzadem, the letters are important." Yahya: 'So you hid it from our Shehzade" Nisa: "Never! I was going to come now and tell him" She asks for the letter and asks him to read it "Read it please, rather than lose your trust, I would lose my life!" Mus: "I have no need. Which one of you is going to the Capitol?" Yavuz responds. Mus: "Tell our Pasha that he should not worry for Mihrunisa, she is in my safekeeping." Yahya: "When you go, you should find out what happened Rustem." Mus: "Hopefully he got what he deserves!"

    Meanwhile, Rustem is speaking EbuSuud. "Fenerizade has even gone so far as going against me behind my back and getting the Scholars against me. " Rustem: "The reason is me...they see my friends as their enemies as well. As you see, they are using lies to attack me" Ebusuud: "Do not pay any attention to them, because you are a loyal servant of our Hunkar and this state the only way to deal with them is continue being loyal and do your job" Rustem: "Having such a precious learned scholar as you as my friend is a great honour for me. We will do this loyal serving together always. I am leaving soon, only God knows what will happen when I am not here. I will take specific precautions for your protection " Ebu: "There is no need, my Pasha, I do not need anything except God's pleasure and acceptance of me"

    In Manisa, Nurbanu asks Canfeda if Gazanfer went to talk to the woman and Canfeda says he has and will take care of it, but Nurbanu says she does not think he will be able to, but they will see. Dilshah arrives and comments how she always sees them together and Canfeda tells her to mind her own business. Nubranu whispers that she will wait for her to bring news.In the market, Gazanfer has gone to speak to the man's wife. He asks her how dare she could complaint to the judge against the Shehzade. He tells her to retract her complaint. She says if she doesn't then? He says it won't be good for her if she doesn't. She says she won't and when he raises his voice, a merchant tells him to leave the woman alone, she already has a lot of problems and then more men come and ask who he is so Gazanfer has no choice but to leave.

    Mihrimah is with her mother in her palace. She asks how Fatma is and Hurrem says she is happy, but it won't last long. Mihrimah says "It seems you have something in mind" Hurrem: "When the time comes you will learn what is wrong? you look ill" Mihrimah says since morning she is unwell." Hurrem asks if she has seen a doctor. Mihrimah faints.

    Rustem is in the corridor and meets Zal. Rus: "Hopefully, you have brought good news." Zal: "In the Pasha regiment, there is someone named Hasan Cavus...the one who called you to the banquet in January." Rustem: "I remember him, what happened?" Zal: "He is with us" Rustem: "What did you do? That is Ali agha's most trusted man...they will know!" Zal: "He went to the tavern disguised last night...they sent word to me, I came and I got him, there were no witnesses, no trace..." Rustem: "Did he speak?" Zal: "Not yet, but he will...there is no other choice"Gulbahar arrives and Rustem asks what has happened why she is frantic, she tells him Mihrimah has fainted.

    Meanwhile, Suleyman is with Ebusuud and says: "How is your relationship with Fenerizade Efendi coming along? I hope the ice has melted..." Ebusuud: "He is still quite upset with me about the issue of the charitable foundations. I doubt he even wants to see me anymore." Suleyman: "I heard he visited you." Ebusuud: "Yes, we spoke briefly... Do not hate each other... Do not become enemies to each other... Do not be jealous of each other... Oh slaves of Allah, be brothers with each other, said our beloved Prophet Muhammad. I reminded him of these sayings." Suleyman: "You keep going in the right direction, Efendi. Anyone who quarrels with you will find me in their path."

    Mihrimah is resting, Hurrem and Rustem there. Rustem asks the doctor if Mihrimah has been poisoned, and the doctor says no. Hurrem: "What is it then? Why did she faint, and she has a fever" Doctor: "It was probably something she ate, she doesn't have a high fever, I will give her medication." Rus: "Check her out properly woman! How do you know she hasn't been poisoned?" Hur: "Rustem!" Rus: "She was fine in the morning, how can she suddenly fall ill?" Hur: "Fahriye, get the Sultan's personal doctor...so we can be assured, let him check her also"

    In Amasya, Mahi has hosted a dinner for her charitable foundation. Mahi: "Nisa, do you see that woman...she is from the most powerful, noble families of Amasya, their family is from the sons of Pashas of the past, she has liked you a lot." Nisa: "May they not see any pain, Sultanim" Mahi: "They came to see me, she has a son, if you accept, they want to marry you to their son" Nisa gets her tongue tied: "I have never thought of marriage, Sultanim." Mahi: "You are young, beautiful...these woman would fight to have you as their daughter in law...but I trust this woman, she is from a very good family. I only heard good things about her son. At least see him. I also spoke to my son...he seems warm to this as well! (Mahi!!!!! Don't lie to her! Your son loves her). Nisa: "I don't know what to say, It is happening all of a sudden" Mahi: "The best is for you to think about it."

    Mihrimah wakes up to see her father is sitting next to her on the bed. "My Mihrimah, my beautiful of the beautiful, are you well?" Mihrimah nods. Cih: "You scared me!" Hur: "Especially, Rustem Pasha, he was so worried for you." Rustem: "Sultanim..." Rustem: "Thank God that you opened your eyes. The world has become mine. May God save you." Suleyman looks up at his son in law.

    In Manisa, Canfeda tells Nurbanu that the woman did not even look at Gazanfer's face (she denied his request) (and why do people like whispering in that corner anyway? It doesn't look like a good corner to tell secrets in, someone could spy so easily!) Nurbanu says she knows. She says she will take care of it. Canfeda wonders how, and Nurbanu says just try to get me out of the palace and that is all. Canfeda says she cannot, she will lose her head. Nurbanu tells her that if the matter becomes bigger, it will get to Hurrem Sultan's ears and then she will tell her that Canfeda didn't help. Canfeda says she will, but what is to be done?

    Selim is with his Lala outside: Lala: "This is a long trip, Shehzadem. It will be expensive and labour-intense. Let's open up some canals instead." Gazanfer: "He is right, Shehzadem. The people will thus get access to water sooner this way." Selim: "We will come across the same problem again in a few months. Start up the construction from both ends." Lala: "Forgive me, but I think that this will be too expensive." Selim: "We will request assistance from the Capital If needed, I will also contribute to this project personally. I do not want people's crops to dry and for sickness to be spread. Let the construction begin immediately."

    The cariye who walked by when Nurban and Canfeda were talking, tells Dilshah: "That Italyan witch called Nurbanu was with Canfeda. They were whispering." Dilshah: 'What was the problem?" Cariye: "I don't know, they got quiet as soon as they saw me" Dilshah: "Do not take even blink from now on...become her shadow...the time has come to dethrone that Venetian prostitute..."

    Hurrem is with Mihrimah when Suleyman enters. "Hurrem, how is she?" Hur: "Don't worry she is alright. The doctor gave her medicine to sleep...in a few days she will be better." Hurrem cries. Suley: "You go rest, I am here." Hur: "How can I sleep when my child cannot stand...a million bad things come to my min...I cannot live through another incident like my poor Mehmet..." Suleyman: "May his place be Heaven" Hurrem: 'Ameen...it as if my Mehmet will come out form a corner of the palace and come to me...I pray to my Lord, if there is a life to be taken, to take mine ...And not to let me see the pain of my child again"

    Fatma enters. "Hunkarim, I did not want to bother you, but I was worried, how is Mihrimah" Sul: "She is well, sleeping" Fatma: "May God save her from the evil eye, how did this happen? Is this how Rustem takes care of his trust? Hurrem how are you?" Hurrem: "As you see..." Fatma: "Do not be so sad..nothing will happen to her...and on top of that you are not well, go rest for a while, you cannot push your body after it is already weak."Rustem goes to the dungeon. He asks Zal if the man is dead, Zal nods. "Did he speak?" Zal: "Before Ali agha called you, there was a letter that came to him." Rus: "What letter? From Shehzade Mustafa?"  Zal: "No, my pasha, from Hizr Hayreddin Pasha." Rus: "Did he say anything else? May God forgive his soul..."

    In Amasya, Nisa is changing her clothes when Mustafa arrives. He turns around and she changes back. "Sorry, the girls were going to get my clothes." Mus: "I was just wondering about your villa, if it was finished." Nisa: "In a few days you will be saved from me...and Mahidevran Sultan found a good thing for me...wanted me to see him...I am sure you know about it." Mus: "The imporant thing is what you want Mihrunisa...because it has nothing to do with me or my mother. The matter is up to our Pasha and of course you." Nisa: "I know what I want...what I don't know is what you want? What do you think I should do?" Mus: "Of course I want you to have your own happy life and home..." Nisa: "My happiness is not in a marriage. It is to find the return to my feelings." Mus: "Mihrunissa, I do not want to walk on the wrong path." Nisa: "Listen to your heart and you will not ever go down the wrong path. Tell me please, do you want me to get married for real?" There is a knock and Mihrunissa asks for the cariye to come. Mustafa leaves.

    Fatma, Hurrem and Suleyman are seated in Mihrimah's palace. "May it all pass, Hunkarim, for Mihrimah and for Nazanin, thankfully they both are better." Suleyman: "And what happened to Nazenin?" Fatma: "At night time her stomach is ill...but this happens in pregnancy I was afraid about something happening to her baby...but she is well like a turnip!"Hurrem: "In your shadow the harem is so happy" Fatma: "Not in my shadow Hurrem...in the shadow of this new Shehzade...it has brought happiness and blessing to our household. Suleyman is grumpy and tells her to accompany him to the Palace and asks Hurrem to tell him if anything happens. Just then Rustem arrives. Fatma: "Rustem, you are here, I thought you were leaving for Herzegovina." Rustem: "I could not leave Mihrimah Sultan in such a condition" Suley: "When she is better than you may go, the state matters don't wait."

    Ali Pasha goes to see Barbie. Ali agha tells him about his right hand man Hasan having dissappeared suddenly, no one knowing what has happened, but it is obvious something has happened to him. Barbie says Rustem will not stop then it seems and asks why he hasn't left yet, Ali tells him about Mihrimah being ill. Barbie says, the decision has been made, and he must go! but that if they got Hassan to speak then he might have said something, but Ali says he does not think so, Hassan was loyal, but that is good to take precautions.

    Hurrem tells Rustem to go without delaying further other wise if he goes when the Sultan is more angry then it won't be good. Rustem says he will go but first he has to get revenge. Hurrem asks him why he is saying such things and that she told him to get rid of all the doubts he had. Rustem says she says that, but it turns out he was right in his suspiscions. He tells him about what happened, how Ali agha had orders from Barbie, that Barbie sent his daughter Mihrunissa to Amasya too, and has been sending news back and forth through her to the Shehzade...and that the reason why they were not inofrmed of all this  by the Imperial guard who was spying for them, was because they killed him a long while ago. Hurrem says: "The Shehzade is doing things bigger than his neck!" Rustem: "It is obvious the ideas are coming from the Pasha, who wants to put his Shehzade on the throne and rule the state himself." Hurrem: "This kind of big ambition also has great danger Rustem and we must inform him of such." Rustem: "Will we take his life?" Hurrem: 'No, we take the life from his soul!"Beyazid is painting his vases when his Lala arrives. He tells him the news has come from Manisa from their men. He tells him the news about what happened with Selim and the man in the market. Beyazid says he knew Selim could not manage Manisa.

    Selim is in his room and sees many gifts in his room. Gazanfer says that the matter with the water and the solution Selim set in place has made the people very happy and they sent gifts. Selim says their happiness is his happiness and he will do more things for them. Nurbanu arrives. She says he has really won the hearts.. She says wow what precious gifts. He says his real gift is her. She says she also has a gift for him, but she says she has to cover his eyes. He walks him through the hall blindfolded. He says: "What if someone sees me!" She says that he aghas have sent everyone away and that this is his palace, he can do as he pleases. He says "I am here for you, not because I want to...where are you taking me, what kind of gift is this?" Nur: "You will love it don't worry!"She walks him into the hamam, which has been decorated. She tells him to wait when he tries to open his eyes, he says he is starting to get annoyed. She tells him to wait. She says he can open his eyes. He sees her in a bath of water and smiles.

    Beyazid is still talking to his Lala: "I can't just sit down peacefully like that. If I know Selim, he will try to cover up the situation." Lala Mustafa: "You are correct... But if this issue reaches our Hunkar, it will not be good." Beyazid: "We are going to Manisa. Prepare yourself." Lala Mustafa: "I will look after it Shehzadem. You should not leave your sanjak." Beyazid: "If Selim is going to be leaving Manisa, I want to see it personally. I want my mother and father to see that they chose the wrong person for the job."

    Nurbanu is with Selim in the bath, he says he never seen such a thing and she says she will show him many more things....Hurrem is getting a hand massage, when Fahriye arrives. "Sultanim" Hurrem asks where Sumbul is and Fahriye says that he has gone to the market, but that the guest she has been waiting for has arrives. He is in the marble palace, waiting for her. Hurrem tells her to inform Lokman to join too, and asks for her clothes.

    Sumbul comes across Cevher the woman who was hitting on him and he smiles. He asks if she was following him. Cev: "I had my eyes on the path looking for you it is true...I prayed to God so much to be able to see you again...my Lord knows my condition!" Sum: "He says if she wants to sell him more fabric, he cannot. She says she has misunderstood him, her intentions are not to sell fabric...she had promised to give him some baklava and he says she can leave it with the oil merhcant and he will get it, but she said now, it won't be fresh tthat way she asks if he will go to her house and he can come there aand she can feed him. Sumbul says he doesn't know how that can be ppossible and she says of course it can happen and she will then show him the new fabrics that have arrived. (Poor Sumbul)

    Nurbanu wakes up and gets dressed, leaving Selim asleep. Gazanfer waits for her and asks what happened. She says she came as soon as she could. He tells her they have no time, they have to go at once. The cariye spying for Dilshah overhears (of course lol)

    Meanwhile, Hurrem is meeting with Fatma's husband. Mustafa Pasha tells her that Fatma is taking revenge on her after her sisters left, but her real mission is to put Shehzade Mustafa on the throne, and that she will do anything necessary for this. Hurrem says that is obvious. He tells Hurrem that Fatma went to Amasya before coming to the Capitol. Hurrem says she is glad she learned of this and that she heard what happened to him and that Fatma has hurt him very much. Mustafa Pasha says yes, and on top of the love and loyalty he showed her. She says she will find a way for him..

    Nurbanu is disguised in the market and approaches  the wife of the man who was killed. "I am not here to buy anything, I heard what happend to you, you lost your husband..." woman: "Who are you?" Nur: "I am Shehzade Selim's gozde, my name is Nurbanu. I came to help you." Woman: "How is that possible, how are you here?!" Nur: "Do not be afraid...as I said, I came here to help you. My condolences, I understand your great pain. But the important fact is that life continues...you have children...if you don't think of yourself, think of them" Woman: 'i didn't kill myself because of my children" Nur: "What will you get out of complaining against the Shehzade? and what will happen anyway? He is a prince." Woman: "So what then? My husband will just be murdered and that is that?!" Nur: "If you retract your complaint, I will look after you. Your children will never be hungry or wanting." Woman: "Why should I believe you? Just the other day, your agha was here, threatening to kill me." Nur: "My name is Nurbanu, if I make a promise, I will keep it." The woman agrees. When she turns around, she comes into eye contact with Selim.

    Hurrem is with Cihangir and Mihrimah, preparing a dinner. Cih asks if his sister is okay and she responds she is much better and that they should all stop worrying so much, as if she came back from almost dying or something. Cih: "If you look at Rustem's condition, that is how he felt! And he is right, your are the mos important person for him."Lokman announces Fatma, who says she is happy to see Mihrimah on her feet. Fatma: "Hurrem, is our Hunkar not here." Hurrem: "He will come in a bit. You sit." They sit. Cih: "Welcome, Hurichihan how are you?" Hur: "After seeing you, much better"

    Sumbul (without his turban haha!) is admiring himself in the mirror when Lokman catches him " What are you doing here..." Lokman says: "They said you were ill...but you look fine, as fine as a turnip! Looking good, smelling good...what are you going?" Sumbul: "I don't have to give account to you...go take care of your own business" Lokman: "I will but Hurrem will ask and should I saw you are sick or you are sneaking off somewhere?" Sumbul: "Wait, I have some work outside, I will return and come, but don't say anything to Hurrem Sultan, she doesn't need to be busy with such silly matters." Lokman asks for coins and Lokman is not happy with one or two or three, or four...Sumbul goes back to pruning himself...he cleans his teeth.

    In the Sultan's chamber, everyone is seated and having their mealFatma: "I don't see Rustem? As you are feeling better i thought he would leave?" Mihrimah: "He will be leaving in a day or two." Fatma: "How are our Shehzades, Hunkarim? Are they well in their Sancaks?" Suleyman: "News comes of course...they are happy with their families..." Hurrem: "You know better Sultanim, you came here from Amasya." Fatma: "Well yes, when I heard of the incident, I said I must visit. I stayed one day." Suley: "How is Mustafa?" Fatma: "He was very sad...his cariye was pregnant after all." Fatma: "Those who did this, may God punish them" Hurrem: "That person has found their punishment." The agha arrives to announce Mustafa Pasha from Antakya has arrived. Fatma wonders. Suleyman: "Hurrem told me everything. You will hpoefully be able to fix all the problems between you. I wish to see you happy " Musafa Pasha enters. Fatma is for once, not smiling!

    Sumbul has arrived and knocks on Cevher's door who recieves him. He tells him not to wait outside and to enter. "No one cares about a widow..." Sumbul: "Don't worry no one saw me." Cevher: "Sit down please." Sum: "I cannot stay, I will take my Baklava and go." Cev: "For the sake of love my Pasha, you only came to eat Baklava? I made so much food...pilaf and pastries...although it is not worthy of you..." Sumbul accepts and sits down.

    Fatma leaves the room later and tells everyone to leave her alone with her husband. She motions for him. "What are you doing here?" Mustafa Pasha: "Anger will not benefit anyone Sultanim. I came to make peace." Fat: "What peace pasha! Didn't we make an agreement with you?!: Mus:"I forgot everything about the incident. And you forget too. Let us go together back to our home" Fatma: "Hurrem brought you here, didn't she?!" Mus: "no, she has nothing to do with this...can't I have missed you?" He goes closer..she pushes him and storms off.

    Sumbul tells Cevher that each and every single dish she made was even tastier than the one before it! She is so pleased to hear that and then says she wonders what he thinks of her baklavas. Which she brings but their hands meet and (oh pooor poor Sumbul! ) she says "take me to your harem tonight" and he is flabbergasted and sad and says he must leave. :(Mustafa meanwhile has written something and rolls it up. He recalls Mihrunissa saying that the only thing that she is waiting for is for what he wants. She is in her room meanwhile and a cariye gives her the Shehzade's note: "I want to meet you tomorrow"Sumbul is in his room, sad and alone : ( :( He wants to eat a Turkish deligh, but doesn't even feel like that.

    Fatma goes to meet Hurrem. "Did you bring Mustafa Pasha?" Hur: "I thought it would make you happy? You were in love with him at one time. At least until you betrayed him..." Fat: "Betrayed? What are you saying Hurrem!?" Hurrem: "The truth...the secret between me you and Mustafa Pasha." Fatma: "There is no secret! It is obvious the Pasha has lied, and you believed it right away!"  Hur: "Where did you get that I learned it from him? If you wish, the way I brought the Pasha...I could bring the young man who had your marriage broken." Fatma: "It seems I must have really hurt you, for you to attack me this way." Hur: "You threw the first stone Sultanim...just like the others." Fatma: "This is nothing you can tell the Sultan...I will just say it is a lie. Who will do what to me?" Hur: "If you want to know...then I will personally tell our Hunkar right now, let us see what will happen!"

    Hurrem goes to towards the Sultan's room but Fatma follows her.Fatma goes to see the Sultan instead. "Hunkarim, I have something I must tell you about Mustafa Pasha." Sul: "Fatma, my beautiful daughter. I did not want to do this, but Hurrem told me you are very sad and wanted to get together with the Pasha, but you were too proud to say so." Fatma: "May Allah be happy with Hurrem..." Sul: "Since you love him, then I give you permission to get back together with him" Fatma: " That is why I came anyway. If you see it fit, I want to return to Mustafa Pasha." Hurrem is on her terrace, pleased.

    In Amasya, Mustafa meets with Mihrunisa. "I could not sleep since getting your letter. I dreamt...and you were in my dreams all night" Mus: "I thought too...you are very young and beautiful and the daughter of my friend." Mihrunissa asks what he decided and he says that "I decided that there can be nothing else except friendship between us." Nisa: "Why are you saying it the way you give orders and commands for the state? Please look inside my eyes And tell me that you don't think about me... tell me that when you look at me your heart doesn't beat faster, tell me that I am deluding myself. Mustafa: "I don't want to make you sad... But you are right, these are one sided feelings... as I have bigger issues to worry about..." Nisa: "Don't worry, you don't need to get me married off to get rid of me. From now on, you will only see me as Barbarossa's daughter, nothing else... I understood you, and you understood me... I wish I could have understood it earlier... At least then, my dreams would make me happy."

    Rustem playing with a ship when there is a knock and Barbie arrives " I thought you went to Herzogovina." Rus: "I did not want to go without seeing you." Barbie: 'How is our Mihrimah Sultan? I got word she was unwell...hopefully she is better." Rustem: "Don't worry...I will not allow anything to happen to Mihrimah Sultan. She is precious to me. Everyone has something precious to them. And a person will lose everything before they lose that precious person - some will die for them, others will give up their pride, and others their loyalty." Barbie: "There is no need to beat around the bush. Say what you want to in plain tongue." Rustem: "I am asking about what is precious to you...who is precious to you...your daughter Mihrunissa Hatun, or Shehzade Mustafa?"

    Mihrunissa is crying when some bandits arrive and she is outnumbered. One of the bandits looks a lot like Zal. He grabs her and tells her not to make a sound, no one can help her now.Hurrem is dressed in all black. Fahriye calls out to her, but doesn't say anything. Hurrem goes out to her terrace and looks down. She sees Suleyman give Nazenin a rose. ( I think Vahide looks splendidly beautiful here!)"

    Her full monologue:"Bringing a life into this world is such a wonderful feeling. I had no idea about this until I held my first child in my arms. I knew I was going to become a mother, I knew that my life would change... One child has changed the entire meaning of this life. Colours started to become brighter, fruits tasted better, and love was more amazing. I was happy. My son was in my arms. For the first time in my life, I did not feel alone, because he was created from my own life. But later on I found out that this was also a burning arrow... when half of my life entered the earth with him. When my Mehmet died... I too, died..."


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