• Muhtesem Yuzyil 108 Trailer!


    Mustafa Pasha: "Fatma Sultan is angry with you for all the things that happened with her sisters. But her only desire is to see Mustafa ascend the throne and she will do anything for this end!"

    Mahidevran: "Mihrunissa is like fire and my Shehzade is like gunpowder. God help us! If they come close to each other, it is obvious what will happen!"

    Voice of Lala Mustafa (Beyazid's Lala): "Things are complicated in Manisa, our Prince Selim was the reason for the murder of a merchant and it will not be good at all for Shehzade Selim, if this reaches the ears of our Hunkar."

    Beyazid: "In that case, make preparations...we will be leaving soon for Manisa!"

    Mihrunisa: "I know what I want, but the thing I do not know, is what you want."

    Hurrem: "Our Prince Mustafa is now committing actions greater than his neck (a saying)"

    Rustem: "Should we take his life?" 

    Hurrem: "No. We shall take the soul away from him!"

    Hurrem: "Just as I was able to bring the Pasha (Fatma's husband) here Sultanim...I can also bring the young man who was the reason for your divorce!!"


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