• Muhtesem Yuzyil Episode 109 Translation!

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    Suleyman is in his room reading when he goes out to his balcony and sees Mustafa and Barbarossa on a ship among many ships attacking the Palace and one canon shoots straight at Suleyman. We hear Ibrahim's voice:

    Ibrahim: "Good or bad, these truths resemble a lion. If they were to be touched, they will mix up the entire playing field. The truth is a bottomless ocean, without shore. The water in that ocean is a wild fire from one end to the other, and its waves are pearls. This truth, is a rain of fire... Just from one drop, the entire earth can be scorched. Just from one drop, it will make many board the Arc with Noah... And many will drown and be forgotten... Every person has been created from soil. Inside each body can be found much sunlight. Inside there, many strong lions and gazelles have hidden themselves. In actuality, the things and shapes that a person searches for comes entirely from our thoughts. When a prophet of sorrow comes inside the heart, Gabriel then enters the heart as well. Thoughts are like the Virgin Mary... Becoming pregnant with hundreds of Isa's (Jesus'). What is the truth that the night hides? What is it that rains down on these blood stained domes? Is it the blood that drips from his own liver? What is fate? Is it stopping the bleeding, or is it being drowned in that blood?!?"

    Suleyman wakes up and finds himself on his chair having fallen asleep reading (in the dark, I thought he said he couldn't?). He looks out and obviously the waters down below are calm...
    We see Valeria ordering the girls around: "You two get the bath ready...our Hunkar could  call me at any time, I should look pretty. And you, send word to the kitchen. They should make Muhallabia. I am craving it." Hurrem looks over at her annoyed. Fahriye: "I told the cariyes not to pay any heed to her, but Fatma Sultan ordered them...and she (Valeria) is behaving with the women as if she is a Sultana." Hurrem: 'Let her enjoy herself...it won't last long. Her end is near like Fatma Sultan."
    Meanwhile Fatma has told Gulfem what has happened previously, with her ex husband returning. Gulfem: "Why did you accept Sultanim...I thought you did not even want to look at the Pasha's face." Fatma: "Hurrem brought him...she called him just to send me away...And the Pasha would not miss this oppurtunity..and I had to no other choice. This is how he wants to take his revenge on me...besides with me back, he will regain the power he had lost." Gulfem: "Mustafa Pasha could not have done this out of his own pride." Fatma: "What pride Gulfem? He is a shameless immoral man...I would not be able to say all that he has done over the years. And now look, I am the one that looks at fault! If I thought for forty years, I did not think this would happen!"
    Gulfem: "What...are you going to get married to him again?"

    Hurrem arrives. Fatma: "Welcome Hurrem and to what do I owe this visit?" Hurrem: "I came to tell you not to worry...I am personally going to take care of the preparations for the wedding. In the shortest possible time we will have such an entertainment for your sending off, that it will be worthy of you."
    Fatma: "I told you Hurrem, Wherever I am there is no place for grief, and you are witnessing it. I even made you smile, after all, the paid and worry you have suffered, you needed this."
    Hurrem: "I will actually be happy on your wedding Sultan...if you have anything you wish for, let me know." Fatma: "There is a lot of time left yet for the wedding. Until then, whoever dies, whoever lives...right?"

    In Manisa, Nurbanu is in the dungeons. Selim arrives. Nurbanu is happy: "My Shehzade, have you come to save me from this dark pit?" Selim grabs her violently: "Speak! Who helped you? Canfeda or Gazanfer? Gazanfer helped you right?!" Nur: "No...I swear that he had nothing to do with this...no one helped me. Gazanfer didn't even know about it." Selim: "Don't lie to me Nurbanu! Do you think I will believe that you left the harem alone?!" Nur: "It is not important how I left but why...I went for you...to save our love, our future." Selim: "Who the heck are you...how dare you? has it fallen to you to save me?!" Nur: "Like all the cariyes, my duty is to make you happy...that is why I was sent...to be a shield in front of you against anything that will make you sad or hurt you." Selim: "What does that mean? Who sent you?" Nur: "The High Lord." "You have crossed your limits Nurbanu..and very much so...You will be punished." Nurbanu tries to plead but he is leaving, she grabs his leg: "If you are going to go away from me, if you are leaving and depriving me of your love, then don't wait, kill me now." Selim pauses, but then storms off, yelling for the door to be shut.He turns to Gazanfer: "This is the first and last time Gazanfer...from this point on any more mistakes and I will take your head from you!"

    In the main gardens, Hurrem is bidding Rustem farewell. "How is Kapudan Pasha? Hopefully he will do as we want." Rustem: "The deadline I gave him was tomorrow. He will tell our Hunkar that I was innocent in the Ali Agha situation." Hurrem: "We have to to be ready for anything...Hayreddin Pasha is not such an easy mouthful to swallow. God knows what is running through his mind right now." Rustem: "They say he is very worried about his daughter. I do not think he will throw her life into danger." Hurrem: 'You warned the Aghas didn't you? No harm should come to her!"
    Rustem: "Sultanim, I must leave with your permission, the time for me to to get on my way has come. I have not yet bid Mihrimah Sultan goodbye." Hurrem: "May your way be open Rustem Pasha...do not leave taking precautions. I do not want anything to happen to you."

    Barbarossa is worried when Yavuz arrives and says: "Our Shehzade Mustafa has asked you not to worry about Mihrunnisa Hatun, while she is staying in Amasya, she will be under his protection." Barbie: "It seems you have no news about anything! The traitors kidnapped my daughter...and they are threatening me." Yav: "How can that be, my Pasha..are you certain?" Barbie: "The devil called Rustem came...I do not think he would lie about such a matter." Yav: "What did he want from you?" Barbie: "I have to speak to the Hunkar, that the matter with the Janissaries....that Ali agha had set a trap for Rustem." Yavuz: "But this means death to Ali agha!" Barbie: "Actually it will look like Mustafa did it...our Hunkar knows how close he is to Mustafa...look at this...on one side my daughter's life on the other my loyalty to our Shezade....what a difficult test this is." Then he almost passed out from pain in his chest. Yavuz tells someone to call a doctor. Barbie is defiant, says there is no need, and that if something happens to his daughter, he will burn the world down over their heads (over Rustem et al) Yav: "Our Shehzade has probably already gotten on their trail...and Atmaca is there...they will save your daughter."

    Mahidevran speaks to Mustafa: "My lion I was waiting for you...you do not look well...you look terrible did something happen?" Mustafa: "No" Mahi: "You were not here last night...where is Mihrunissa?" Mus: "I am saying this for your reassurance, Validem...there is no relationship the way you think between us. Even if there was, it is impossible....I said this to her. She will stay for a while in her villa, and then at a suitable time I will send her to Istanbul."

    Meanwhile, Yahya has asked Atmaca if he sent guards behind Mihrunissa and Atmaca responds that he has. Yahya asks why he is smiling and Atmaca responds that she was walking so fast that the guards could barely keep up with her. Yahya tells him to go then behind her and bring word to him as the Shehzade wants to know she is safe and well.

    Suleyman is in his Divan with SheyhulIslam Fenerizade. "You know how much you are precious to me, but such words are coming to my ears that I wish to know your side from you." Fen: "I hope everything is well, God Willing." Suley: "It is obvious that for a while now, your relationship with Ebusuud Efendi is not good, and it said that you dislike him over the charitable foundations." Fen: "Hunkarim, there are many things we disagree on...he is one side and I am on the other." Sul: "What does this mean, what side is he on??!" Fen: "His relationship with Rustem is quite good...there is not even water leaking between them (they are bestest of buddies)." Sul: "Ebusuud is part of the Divan...adn the head of it is Rustem, what is it bothering you if they are friends?!" Fen: "His job is to be neutral to everyone, otherwise how can he do his job? And it is obvious, Rustem Pasha's condition...I am getting many complaints about him"

    Sul: "And what side are you on?" Fen: "I am always on the side of our religion and those who follow it, and the dynasty of Osman (the Ottomans). I am not of those like Rustem Pasha who takes advantage of his position within the government, takes bribes and creates problems between people!" Sul: "Watch your words...the state you are talking about is mine...who dares to question my laws and my decisions!"
    Fen: "Never, my Hunkar, I am simply warning you as my duty." Sul: "Mevlana (Rumi) said, 'those who are friends do not need a mirror'...and my recommendation to you is to be friends with Ebusuud, not his enemy, just like me."

    Meanwhile, Rustem and Mihrimah are exchanging boring goodbyes. "Mihrimah...I am glad you are better, but watch what you eat and drink and I have told the doctor to watch over you." Mih: "How you believed it...I am not ill, I never was...I fell to stop you from leaving ...at least gave you a little more time." Rustm: "You had a fever ,your voice, you were pale" Mih: "It was a harmless medicine that makes you fall into bed as if you are ill." Rustem with love, "Sultanim, it means you did it for me" Mih, not warmly: "Of course...in the end you are my husband Rustem...if you lose respect I do too...is that not right?" Rustem's smile fades. "True...if I lose, everyone loses...everyone. The time for me has come. He kisses her forehead, and leaves.

    Atmaca is seen riding his horse into a forest, and he suddenly comes across some dead bodies, on top of which he finds 'attached' (for a lack of a better term) a bloody note. On Barbarossa's ship, he is seen talking with Ali Agha. Ali agha: "What are we waiting for then? Let's go save your daughter!" Yavuz: "It's harder than you think, agham... We have no idea where they are." Ali: "We can't sit idly by... How much time do we have?" Barbarossa: "Only one day... I have to make a decision in the morning." Ali: "We cannot throw our Shehzade in danger, and we can't even trust them! There is no guarantee that they will give you your daughter..." Barbarossa: "Leave me alone..."

    Back in Mustafa's palace, Mustafa tells his mother that he is part of a war, and has no time to worry about things like love. She tells him that he can marry one of the cariyes from his palace. Atmaca barges into the room without warning and tells them that Mihrinissa's guards have been killed and that she has been kidnapped. The kidnappers have written that "Our matter is with Barbarossa Pasha. If you interfere with us, you will regret it."

    Selim is in his room, drinking Gazanfer arrives. Selim asks: "Is there any news from the woman who complained about me to the judge..when is the court date? Does anybody except you and the woman and judge know?" Gaz: "Aside from your Lala, no one else knows" Selim: "In that case, our Lala must have sent word to the Capitol long ago." Gaz: "I told him that it would be better if we all forgot about this matter, and he listened." Selim: "This matter has been prolonged a great deal...bring that woman here, so I can speak to her personally." Gaz: "As you wish..." Selim: "Speak?" Gaz: "Nurbanu's condition is not well at all, she has been in the prision for days now and she has not even had a single mouthful." Selim: "I do not even want to hear her name!"

    Canfeda has gone to visit Nurbanu, who asks why Selim has not let her out yet. Canfeda responds that she must wait, and that his anger will subside ofc ourse. Nurbany says that at least if she could go to a room, the darkness is going to kill her. Canfeda says that they are trying their best for her...that she saved their lives...if she had said they have helped her, they would have thrown them out. Nurbanu says that if that is the case can't they get her out. Canfeda tells her to be patient, and why did she have to go and speak to that woman? Nurbanu says she is in love that is why, she has fallen in love with the prince and she thought he was in love with her, but she was wrong. Canfeda tells her not to get sad, if it was anyone else, they would have been executed already, but clearly he saved her. She also adds for her to eat and that she got her some clothes. Nurbanu finds the red sash...

    Cihangir and Hurichihan are together. Huri: "You have so many books" Cih: "If you wish to read, I recommend this one." Huri: "Whose?" Cih: "Fuzuli...Leyla and Majnun, although the language is quite heavy, but it is a breathtaking love story...you must read it." Huri: "So it is a love story...I was curious to be honest" Poor Cihangir looks at her almost in love :( :(

    Fatma is in her room and Valeria has come "Sultanim, when you leave, what will happen to me? " Fatma: "Do not worry...if I am here or not no one can harm you, do not forget you have the Sultan's baby in your belly." Nazenin: "Sultanim...." But Fatma sends her away... Gulfem: "She is right, Sultanim. Hurrem is cruel, she will not blink and destroy both mother and child...it is important for you to stay here." Fatma: "I will think of a solution of course...that child is importnat Gulfem...especially if it is a Shehzade...it will end Hurrem's Sultanate!" Gul: "That is why I am saying this. If you are getting married, ask for the Pasha to have a position here...in this way you won't have to leave." Fatma: "If I spend one night with that shameless man, I will die of my own fury!" Gul: "But you have no choice, the Sultan has already decided and Hurrem has announced to the harem" Melek arrives and tells Fatma that Mustafa Pasha has arrived to see her.

    Hurrem is speaking to Sumbul in her room: "We must take precautions in Rustem's absence Sumbul...keep your eyes open...tomorrow is a big day...let us see what decision Kapudan Pasha will make. War or peace?" Sumbul: "We will see" Hurrem: "You are following that cursed one called Nazenin aren't you? At the first oppurtunity we have to take care of her...Sumbul? What is going on with you?" Sum: "I am worried about the harem matters, what else could it be?" Hurrem: "I don't know, for a while now you are in a strange state..if you have a problem, say it." Sumbul: "I am just nervous about the incidents...the waters know no ending...till when will this all go on." Hurrem: "Are you complaining?" Sum: "No never, without crossing my limits I am just warning you...we have to act more moderately. I swear we are rushing towards doomsday. Our Hunkar's sword hangs over us...either their heads will roll or ours!"

    Hurrem "I pray that that swords is always in our Hunkar's hands...if it lands in Musafa's hands do you know what will happen? He will kill (strangle) my sons one by one...then he will send me to the old Palace...I will have no power. Let him (our Sultan) hold the sword...if I die, I wish to die in a manner befitting a Sultana."

    We see Fatma Sultan walking in the halls, and she asks her ex-husband (Mustafa Pasha) why he came. He says that he wanted to get an update about how far the wedding plans have come, as he wants to be able to enter her heaven as soon as possible. Fatma: "I know what heaven you have been in! I know who you have been sleeping with! I know what you have done with those young girls!" Mustafa Pasha: "These are all lies and that my only desire is you..." Fatma: "Shut up! Like that wasn't enough, but now you are allied with Hurrem! Are you stupid?" He says yes he has faults, but she is not innocent either, especially doing things in their own palace, in her own bed. Fatma: "I divorced you months ago. It does not concern you!" Mustafa: "I wish you hadn't concealed your secrets, so you wouldn't be placed into this difficult situation now." Fatma: "You should worry about yourself and your own future! I doubt you will find a good answer..."

    PART 2:

    In the next scene, Sumbul bumbles into the harem room and sees cariyes excitedly examining cloths. He notices Cevher hatun showing off the cloths to the cariyes and he scampers away, ashamed. Cevher skips after him and says she brought them cloth, but she really came to see him. Cevher: "I got really worried about you the other night as you left suddenly. I asked about you at the bazaar and Kudret Efendi knows you." Sumbul: "Since you know everything about me now, why did you come? You came to profit from my situation didn't you?? Tell me how much you want and leave here immediately!" Cevher: "Agham... I told you about my feelings about you the other night..." Sumbul: "Are you kidding me??? My situation is clear... What are you after still? Whoever explained whatever to you was correct... I am a eunich! Leave now!" Cevher: "I wanted to look once more in your eyes agham... It doesn't matter who you are... I loved you once, and I still love you!" Sumbul: "Go... Go... This won't work..." Poor, poor Sumbul then walks away, extremely sad, glassy-eyed and dazed.

    Mustafa is with his entourage looking for Mihrunnisa. Atmaca tells Yahya that it is difficult to find Mihrunnisa and that at the very least, Mustafa has to turn back because it is dangerous for him to be this far out from his Palace. Taslicali replies that he thinks the same way, but even though he spoke to Mustafa already, he did not listen. Mustafa finds a bracelet. "Taslicali, this is Mihrunissa...we are on the right path, as I suspected they are going towards the Capital. Get on your horses at once." Taslicali: "Shehzadem, let the soldiers go after her...you must return to the Palace." Mustafa: "Dead or alive...Mihrunissa has to be with me otherwise there is no return to the Palace!"

    Meanwhile, Hurichihan gives Melek a letter telling her to have it sent to Kutahya to Beyazid. Melek asks if Fatma is aware of it, but Hurichihan says that there is no need to worry her with these things while she already has her own problems. Hurichihan tells her to be careful so it doesn't fall into anyone else's hands. Cihangir arrives, and they greet each other. Cihangir asks if she was able to read it and Hurichian replies: "I read it one breath Cihangir...you can take it, but I will ask for a new one....just like this one...it was very beautiful, two people being in love, and not being able to come together, so sad." Cih: "If it made you sad, then I will give you a book of fairytales that end well..." Huri: 'If only life were like those tales where lovers get each other...goodness wins and evil loses...how wonderful that would be." Cihangir: "I don't know...I think it would be quite boring no? What is this?" she snatches the diary away. "Give that here! Oh forgive me...it is a personal diary, I do not want anyone to read it." Cih: "I have a diary like this too...I had no one to talk to me...from when I was a child...and I write my feelings in my diary...is it the same with you?" Huri: "Yes...do you want me to play the violin for you?" Cih: 'Yes."
    Bayezid meanwhile is in Manisa, disguised in the bazaar. He buys something but pays more for it and when the merchant says it is too much, he tells him to keep it. Merchant: "I have seen you for the first time, it is obvious you are not from Manisa." Bey: "We have come from Izmir" Lala: "Days ago, an incident happened here...I heard a merchant was killed, is this true?" Merchant: "Yes, my Bey, what shame the poor man...May Allah have mercy on him" Lala: "Amin, God Willing the killer got his due punishment" Merchant 2: "Not by a long shot, my Bey...who would give the Shehzade a punishment" Lala: "What does this have to do with the Shehzade?" Merchant 1: "He was in disguise , they did not know he was a Shehzade, everyone was saying bad things about him, the guy who died said something bad and so they killed him" Bayezid: "What did he say?" Merchant 2: "I do not know, but no one likes Shehzade Selim here. He has so many sins. He drinks all day long, and spends his time with women." Merchant 1:"Giving money to applaud himself how can any good come from such a Shehzade? How sad that from a Sultan like Sultan Suleyman, comes a son like this...how sad." Merchant 2: "It is obvious came from that Russian witch Hurrem!" Beyazid almost jumps at him, but his Lala prevents it and pulls Beyazid away telling him that they can use this info to tell the Sultan and it is enough. Beyazid tells him not to hurry as their work is not done.
    The woman whose husband has died has come to see Selim. Selim: 'I do not know what they have said to you, but your husband took out a dagger...my aghas had no choice but to kill him" Kevser: "Forgive me Shehzade, but this incident could not have happened, you could have prevented them" Selim: "What has happened has happened, as a Shehzade I am promising you, from now on you are under my wing now, take back your complaint let us not drag this issue any longer." Kevser: "As I promised, I already withdrew my complaint." Selim: "What promise are you talking about?" Kevser: "Your Gozde, Nurbanu came to me...she told me this kind of complaint will not help anyone." Selim: "Gazanfer agha spoke to you, how come you did not take it back then?" Kev: "He threatened me...if he had just listened to me in the first place, this would not have happened. But your favourite Nurbanu Hatun she dealt with me with humanity, she is a good person, I understood from her eyes." Selim: "I did not send her!" Kev: "It was obvious she left without your knowledge, otherwise how could any girl leave the harem...she came with no fear for her own life" Selim: "Whatever Nurbanu promised you, I accept and I add to that, a nice villa for you and your children to leave peacefully and safely there." She leaves. Gazanfer : "I tried to speak to her nicely but..." Selim: "Speak to the Judge, I want this matter closed" Gaz: "As you wish, my Shehzade"
    Fahriye has gone to Valeria's room, and catches her munching. She tells her she should be careful while she is pregnant of her eating habits. The agha informs her that Afife has said not to allow anyone in, but Fahriye says Hurrem has ordered it. She tells Valeria to come as Hurrem wishes to see her, but Valieria says she won't it is prohibited, to which Fahriye replies that no one can place a prohibition on Hurrem Sultan and she should not fear, if she wanted to kill her, she wouldn't call her in broad daylight to her own room. Valeria reluctantly follows her out.
    Fatma meanwhile is having her hands washed, (um can't she dry them herself?!) when Afife Hatun arrives telling her that Hurrem has sent her to invite her for a meal and entertainment in her own room and she will be happy to have her. Fatma asks that since it is not eid or any occasion why is this happened and Afife says that it must be for the wedding that is coming. Fatma tells her she will come. Afife leaves and Fatma turns to Melek asking her if she sees what Hurrem is doing. Melek says that soon she will receive her befitting answer.
    Hurrem is in her room and Val has arrived. She asks her if she is careful of her health and if the doctors are checking up on her. Val says she has no complaints. Hurrem tells her to be careful, in the first part it is very dangerous, and should not be scared of unnecessary things, if anything her life is dependent on it (the baby). A cariye meanwhile is putting something into Val's medicine. (Where did the agha at the door disappear to?)
    Hurrem tells her that she does not know what is going around her head, but she needs not worry. She was angry, but not about what she thinks, because she has worked behind her back. Valeria the clueless, says forgive me. Hurrem says that she is finally a cariye and all cariyes have dreams, to get pregnant, to have a prince, to become a Sultana. But if she is smart, she can have all that. Val the clueless asks what she wants from her and Hurrem says for her to stay away from Fatma Sultan. Val the clueless says well she is leaving soon anyway and Hurrem says that if she has learned something for living such a long time in this harem, is that nothing is certain, and until the last moment, no one can be certain of anything. The cariye who mixed the medicine has come back so Hurrem tells Val the clueless to leave. The pretty cariye tells her that she has put it in her medicine and every night before bed, she takes a spoon.

    Meanwhile, Beyazid has come to the judge along with his Lala and the Lala says he just wants to learn what happened with the merchant who was killed. The judge is angry that he is asking such a thing. He asks Beyaid who the heck is he to speak to him this way. Lala says he simply wanted to know the truth of the matter. Beyazid adds that yes, they are going to go to Istanbul, and perhaps Ebusuud Efendi would wonder about this matter. The judge is hesitant, but speaks telling them that the woman took back her complaint. And Lala asks how he could accept it. The judge says that he investigated, the aghas were not at fault anyway because that it is their duty to protect the Shehzade. Lala points out that well, if he was in disguise that is not the man's fault, but the judge says that whatever is written in the black book of laws, that is what he judges by - that if the two parties agree between each other than that is acceptable!" Bayezid: "This is not Sultan Suleyman's justice, it is obvious they threatened the woman! Otherwise why would she withdraw her complaint?" Judge: "I spoke to her personally, I told her the state would always come to her defense, but she insisted. And our Shehzade gave her the blood-money which she agreed to [The law at the time, a family member of the murdered person could choose to have them punished, or, could tell the court, they wished to exact a monetary compensation from the killer/family of the killer instead (if they could pay, or get a loan etc.) and settle the trouble that way."] Beyzid: "They bought them then...and you stayed silent on this!" Judge: "Silence Efendi! If you say one more word I will throw you in the prison." Lala: "The judge tells the truth, the Shehzade's safety was important, and we cannot question this...have a nice day, sorry for disturbing" Lala tells Beyazid that he should calm down, the laws are such, the judge is not at fault and he says that it would be better if he simply complains, because  no one can then question the Sultan's decision." Gazanfer sees Beyazid.
    Hurrem is on the terrace with Suleyman. She tells him that she receives good news from Selim and that the people met him with great happiness, that he is doing his job in a manner worthy of being the Sultan's son. She speaks of Beyazid doing a great job too. She says he is just like Suleyman, powerful, warrior like. She asks if there is any news from Mustafa. Just then Lokman arrives saying Barbarossa has arrived. When he Hurrem gets up to leave, Barbie tells her to stay as he wishes to bid her farewell as well. Suley: "What farewell? I told you to stay here for the winter." Barbie: "If you accept, I wish to submit my resignation." Suley: 'Where is this coming from?" Barbie: "For the past while, I am unwell, as you know I have reached a certain age." Hurrem asks what illness. Barbie: "The doctors are looking but cannot find the reason" Suleyman dismisses her.
    Suleyman asks why he has had no news of this illness. Barbie: "I did not want to busy you with my illness...I thought it would pass. I was alright. Then the other day I almost fell. If it is time for me to go to the other world, I said alright. It has come this far." Suley: "I want my personal doctor to check you, he will certainty find a solution."
    Barbie: "The doctors told me to rest Hunkarim, they prohibit me from sadness or grief. In this condition, it will be difficult to continue my duties in a fitting manner as per my position. This mighty state needs someone not falling on his hands and knees. Thank God there are other Reis like Turgut Reis and Salih Reis." Suley: "The most important thing right now, is your health Kapudan Pasha, first let us find out what this illness is, after that we can do whatever is best for your health of course." Barbie: "As you see fit, Hunkarim."
    We see Yavuz in a market place talking to a hooded figure. Hooded guy: "What does Mihrunissa still have to do in Amasya?" Yav: "I dont know, she wanted to stay a bit longer... I wish she had come with me." Hooded guy: "What is the condition of our Pasha? What decision did he make?" Yav: "He went to the Palace, asking for his resignation." Hooded figure: "While we would risk our lives, our Pasha is succumbing just for his daughter's life?" Yav: "He said this is the way to save his daughter and protect our Shehzade." Hoodie: "If he loses the fleet, no one can protect him (Mustafa), doesn't he know this?." Yav: "There is still hope, first we must figure out where his daughter is." Hoodie: "Speak to the woman, no matter what she does, tell her to find out!"
    Barbarossa leaves the Sultan's room, but turns to see Hurrem standing in the hall.

    Later, Selim is speaking to Gazanfer "Are you sure it was Beyazid??" Gaz: "I swear I saw it with my own eyes...his Lala Mustafa was also beside him" Gazanfer: "It is obvious they learned everything...in the first opportunity they will send word to our Hunker. "  Selim: 'Where are they?" Gaza: "I sent an agha behind them - they are on the way to Kutahya."
    Hurrem asks Barbarossa: "What is the reason for this sudden decision of yours?" Barbie: "I think it is best for everyone if I take my hand out of state affairs, right Sultanim?" Hurrem: "Obviously." Barbie: 'For everyone" Hurrem: 'For everyone." Hurrem asks him what if the Sultan doesn't accept his resignation and Barbarossa replies that he will do whatever is in his power to convince him, only if he can see his daughter again to which Hurrem replies that the day his resignation is accepted she is certain his daughter will come to console him"
    Fatma has arrived to see the Sultan, that she wished to speak to him, and he says he was going to the gardens and she says that she wished to speak to him about the wedding, she can come later. He tells her to join him.
    Beyazid is riding with his entourage when he suddenly comes across Selim. Selim: "Beyazid, you are going to go without visiting me?"
    In Istanbul, everyone is in Hurrem's room for the dinner party. Gulfem: "Rustem Pasha has left, may God bring you together." Mihrimah: "Ameen." Afife: "Sultanim, until our Pasha returns, how nice it would be if you stay with us." Mih: "Whenever necessary, I will come" Fatma arrives (what do you guys think of her dress?) Hurrem to Fatma: "Sultanim, thank you for coming and not breaking my heart." Fatma: "Can there be a party without me? Of course I would come!" Hurrem: "Hurichihan how are you, I hope you are not bored in the Palace" Huri: "While Shehzade Cihangir is around can there be any boredom, he doesn't ever leave me alone." Hurrem: "How nice...Sultanim...the preparations for the wedding are complete, I also spoke to the Sultan, with God's permission in the upcoming week we can conduct your wedding." Fatma: "Did you not hear? Our Hunkar has postponed the wedding...coming after so many years to the palace, I did not want to leave right way...winter is upon us, I wish to have my wedding in the spring in the garden...well, girls what are you waiting for, start the music, the dancing." Hurrem: "Come let us be seated."
    Cihangir is in his room, bored. He comes across a note. There is no name:

    "When a person is still trying to admit it to themselves, how can they explain it to other people? The fire of love is surrounding and burning me... how difficult it is to smile at those around me... I had never thought that loving someone was an offence, until I came here..."

    Cihangir smiles, thinking the letter is for him. But then he sees himself in the mirror, and throws it in the fire. :(
    Later, Selim and Beyazid are having a meal in Manisa. Selim: "Going hunting and losing your way? I think you are working behind my back aren't you?" Bey: "I learned about your condition, and I came to find out myself" Selim: "What was the need to come like a spy? You could have asked me, and I would have told you." Bey: "Is that why you tried to hide the matter? I am curious as to what that man was saying about you." Selim: "He said bad things about our mother...for that reason" Bey: "I spoke to every merchant in the bazaar, the man said he wished Mustafa or Beyazid had come, that why does Selim who drinks and is with women all the time, why he had to come." Sel: "Do not take the word of a few people...the people of Manisa love me, there is no counting the gifts they bring me. Whenever I go out, they meet me with reverence" Bayezid: "You mean the men you have bought?" Selim: "What? what bought off ?" Beyazid: "Don't fool yourself, I learned of everything...you have only brought  the men that you have paid, to say "Long live" to you on Friday!" (Selim wonders how can this be, obviously he has no clue it is Nur and Gazanfer's doing).
    Hurrem says to Fatma at the party: "I thought we have made an agreement" Fatma: "You should have said when the wedding should take place too." Hurrem: "I do not know what is in your mind, but, if I see the smallest thing, everyone will hear of all your secrets." Fatma: "I will leave one day of course, Hurrem, you worry about the larger issues. Soon a prince will be born and will dethrone you. If I was in your position I would be worried." Mihrimah comes to say she is going because Humashah does not sleep without her. Fatma tells her to stay but she says no and then asks Fatma to visit her in her palace and Fatma says yes, why not especially since your unsmiling husband is not around, we will have so much fun! Hurrem : "Do not enjoy yourself this much, Sultanim, a life cannot be passed in fun all the time, especially since you are now engaged, it is not fitting. She says her mother used to say the same thing. Afife offers to accompany Mihrimah to her palace.
    Back in Manisa, Selim says: "Whatever you want to say, say, you cannot hurt my feelings. I have heard enough empty words - I am just worried that you will fall ill with the amount of resentment you have for me." Bey: "Worry about yourself...if not today, tomorrow, our Hunkar will learn of the situation and see how you deal with justice." Selim: "Who will tell? You?" Beyazid: "What difference does it make? The important thing is for him to know." Selim: "You are right, but there is another important matter he should also hear about...for example something like you leaving your sanjak secretly, coming to Manisa as a spy against your brother..."Bey: "Are you threatening me?"
    Selim: "I am just reminding you of the rules...a Shehzade cannot leave his Sanjak without permission from the Capitol and he certainty cannot go to another Sanjak...this is seen as treason." Bey: "So you want me to be silent?" Sel: "You have come to my palace, I wish to treat you in the best manner, you can eat, drink, have fun and then go back to your small little Sanjak." Bey: 'Staying with you a single night is torture for me." Sel: "Do you know why our Hunkar did not send you and instead sent me to Manisa? For this reason...you are a child and will never grow up!"
    Lala sees him. Bey: "We are going!" Lala: "What happened inside?" Beyazid: "Do not ask me now, I will tell you later."

    In the dungeon Nurbanu is lying down when Gazanfer arrives, telling her the Shehzade has allowed for her to leave the Palace. She asks why, she thought he loved her. He says he told him that if he doesn't want to see her than it woul dbe nice to let her go. He asks her what else she wants, she will be free and he will send her to Venice. She smiles
    Hurrem is writing in her room. She gives the letter to Sumbul and tells her to send this to give the letter to Mahmud agha, to keep the girl where she is, and do not let her go without Barbarossa being resigned. Sumbul says he will take care of it in the morning. She tells him not to use a palace messenger, but someone else, and to tell Mehmet agha  to come at once, she has things to tell him.
    Dumb Valeria complains to Melek (why didn't she just keep quiet? She could have still remained on Fatma's side but kept Hurrem placated?! Soooo foolish this girl!) Melek asks what Hurrem wanted from her, and Val says to stay away from Fatma Sultan. Melek tells her the wedding has been postponed until sprng and until the child is born she will remain here. (does anyone else notice, is val's voice dubbed over now?sounds different to me) The dcotor tells her why she hasn't slept and she says she will soon, and asks if she has been taking her medicine...val says she has not to worry.
    The door opens and Gazanfer arrives with clothes. Nurbanu is holding the shall.  and she asks if they are going. He says a agha will take her to Izmir, on a boat she will go and there will be enough money for her too. He asks why he is doing this. He says they are from the same land...he was born in Venice too, and he likes her, she is smart and strong and she has a conscience, and she could have saved herself by selling him out, but she did not, and he wants to do something for her in return. She says she will never forget this. Then she says "There is no need, I am not going anywhere" Gaz: "Are you out of your mind?!You are going to Venice, to your family!" Nur: "I do not have a family, it never happend." Gaz: "You said you were from Baffo?" Nur: "It is true I am from Baffo - my mother and my father were married to other people when I was born...I am illegitimate. They raised me in the best way, but they did not love me...they could not accept me properly. I could not become one of them. Gaz gets a bit sappy here. "Of course someone loves you. You are free! Free!" Nur: "I cannot go...if I wanted to, i couldn't I love the Prince...very much. I love him! Take this and leave it in the Shehzades room. Maybe he forgot me, but he might remember my smell."
    Later Selim is lost in thought and tells Dilshah to leave. She asks if it is because of Nurbanu who made him upset. And she says she hopes she withers away in the prison and then she leaves when he gives her a look.
    Suleyman is with Hurrem. She says she went to Mehmet's tomb and she felt at peace. She says her heart pained terribly. He says he saw Mehmet on his throne when he was born...face of light, and he thought it meant he would ascend the throne, but his Lord took him. He said now he will have another child, after many years he prays for this child to be born safetly. Hurrem is feeling bad suddenly. She says she must go, he asks if his words bothered her. She says "no can that ever happen? Cihangir is waiting for me, I will return."
    Valeria combs her hair. Hurrem asks for Sumbul and Afife says she doesn't know and Hurrem says that whenever she needs him he is gone. Fahriye arrives. "Fahriye, go that woman shoudl not drink the medicine, do as I say!" Valeria the fool, goes to take her medicine, when Fahriye arrives and tells her not to drink the medicine. The Agha tries to stop Fahriye, but she says the doctor sent her, that the medicine needs changing. She goes and takes the medicine from her. Afife asks her what she is doing here and if she ever comes to this room again, she will drown her in the medicine! Hurrem is waiting nervously and is releived when Fahriye motions to her that she has saved her.

    Sumbul is in Cevher's house. He says she had sent word. She says she did, but did not think he would come. She had no hope. Sum: "I do not know how I came, why I came...in a second, I found myself here" She touches his hand....Cevher: "It is good you came." He has never done this before so....he tries to stop her but then cannot (so awkward).
    In the morning Gazanfer wakes up the Shehzade telling him the time for the Divan has arrived. When wakes up he finds Nurbanu's shawl.
    Canfeda goes to Nurbanu and says her food is ready and she is going to go for a bath today, but Nurbanu has passed out.
    We seem Sumbul sleeping and Cevher beside him. She wakes up and goes through his jacket. He is tossing and turning. She quickly reads the note and puts it back in its place, and herself goes back to her spot. He wakes up and he says he is in heaven and then he realizes the time, he has to go to the market. He says he lost his mind next to her. She says she would have made some eggs for him, but he says not now and then she asks if he will return and he says even if he did not want to his legs would bring him.
    Hurrem is reading a book in an office, when Lokman arrives. This is Sokollu. She says she has heard that in the Enderun (the Palace school) they have called him Sokollu, and he says: "My family is from Bosnia, from the town of Visegrad, and the village of Sokolovic. This is why they call me Sokullu..." Hurrem: "So you are from Bosnia-Herzegovina... Rustem Pasha has spoken highly about you. You are to look after our issues in his absence... Your task is highly important. If you succeed, you can climb up the ladder of success one or two steps at a time, just like Rustem Pasha." Sokollu: "Position and rank is not important to me Sultanim...to earn your trust is the biggest gift for me." Hurrem: "I want Sheyhul Islam to resign...as you know there are two ways to achieve this, either he dies, or he asks for his own resignation. Which one is best in your thoughts?" Sokollu: "You know best, but I think he should resign of his own." Hurrem: "I thought the same...but he won't unless of course he has no other choice..." Sok: "Everyone has something to hide, Sultanim...especially men in ranks such as his own...if he has mistakes, we can certainly find them." Hur: "If there isn't?" Sok: "Then he befall some accident."

    Selim exits his room and Gazanfer asks if he will go to the Divan, Selim says he wishes to see Nurbanu. He finds her faint in the dungoen. He asks Canfeda what happened and she does not know so he picks her up and tells them to call a doctor.

    In the market, Sumbul has gone to deliver his letter, and that no one should see it, or follow him."  Meanwhile, Cevher is telling Yavuz what she has learned from the letter, that that man is going to give the letter to those who have kidnapped Mihrunnisa. Yavuz tells her she did a great thing, and to go now and hide her face.
    Sokollu walks around in a court library. An old man says he cannot enter that part of the library as it is the old documents from the Divan. He says he has not come for his pleasure. Rustem Pasha has ordered it, with his official seal,  before going to Bosnia. He shows him a document. The librarian reads it and said, why didn't you just say? The papers you are looking for, is here, and Sok tells him to go eat his food, he will look around.
    Selim is in his room and Nurbanu is recovering. When she opens her eyes she wonders where she is but sees Selim. She calls out to him and he says "Finally you woke up" She gets up and asks how she came, and asks if it is a dream. He says they found her fainted and he brought her here and the doctors checked her, and she says she does not remember anything and he says you are pregnant woman...you have my baby in you."
    Outside in a forest somewhere Zal is carving some wood, others are making a fire. Mihrunissa is tied up. Barbarossa is on his ship in worry about his daughter. We see Zal moving her elsewhere. Atmaca continues to look for her, along with Mustafa.

    Sokollu has found a dusty book,  continues reading through papers and documents, until finally the librarian arrives asking that he has been there for days! Sokullu says that there is time for a long sleep in the grave, while they are still alive, it is good to keep awake." Then he yawns (haha) and finally finds something (time to finally sleep ;) Also, some of those papers were dangerously close to the flames of those candles!)
    Mihrunissa is all tied up again. Zal is eating something. He covers his face and takes it to her. She refuses to eat so he pulls out his dagger. He tells her if she doesn't eat, he will mess up her face. So she eats. He uncovers his face when he turns his back to her.

    Hurrem meets with Sokollu. Hurrem: "We had thought that Fenerizade Efendi was a pure sheep... How did he do this?" Sokullu: "He must not have noticed. As you know, when people rise up in rank, their pride increases as well, and they are not able to see the edge of their noses!" Hurrem: "We must not be like those people, Sokullu. I am quite impressed with how you handled this matter." Sokullu: "If you wish, can I arrange for a meeting between the two of you?" Hurrem: "Of course... It it time to show him some guidance."

    We see Yavuz trying to catch Zal and his men, when he gets caught by Atmaca. Mihrunnisa asks Zal how much longer they will keep her, and she asks why he is hiding his face and that he is a coward. He towers over her and slaps her. A man announces that a messenger has come. Zal accepts the messenger who gives him the note.
    Hurrem meets with Fenerizade who asks how he can help her and she says by resigning and he asks why she is joking, he says she is not joking and he has no choice, Lokman hands the papers to him. She says the seal is yours, is it not? She says there are more where those came from and she says if it was someone else, they would be fired from their position. But no one will fire him...but if word gets out, then neither his reputation will remain nor that precious family of his and she says I think you do not want this. He asks if she is threatening him and she says she is giving him an opportunity to keep his reputation intact. The decision is his.
    Yavuz is walking as if he is lost. "What is going on?" Zal asks him why he is there, he says he is lost and he is afraid and he asks who they are. Zal sends his men, go check who is on the horses there. Mihrunissa recognizes him. He drops his hate on purpose nad Mustafa and his men arrive. Zal throws Mihrunissa then runs away. Mustafa gets her.
    Fenerizade goes down into a ship and finds the hooded man, who welcomes him. He says to the hoodie that the Russian witch has threatened him with exposing to the Hunkar that he has brought into high ranking positions a few of his close students who he has unduly favoured over other candidates.  Hoodie tells him that that she has attacked them from all sides and that he has no other choice than to resign. Fen says: "Do you know what you are saying?! We are about to lose the fleet, and if we lose this position as well, we will be weakened severely." Hoodie: "If things continue like this we will be exposed. We swore that we would not rest until bloodsuckers like Rustem were expunged from our nation from their positions of power. Our only hope is Shehzade Mustafa, he will one day rise to power and our nation will return into the hands of Muslims, born from Muslims. What importance are our positions, when it comes to our cause? Let our lives be sacrificed!"

    Meanwhile, Mustafa in the camon on the way back asks Yahya if he has sent word to his mother, as she will have worried. Yahya says his most trusted men are here. Mustafa asks who they are, they can't be mere messengers. Atmaca says Barbarossa sent them, they had to hide who they were as were ordered. Yavuz says they are soldiers, Barbie knows them well. Mustafa says that is good, but he wishes to know if they are hiding anything else, and Atmaca says no, there is nothing else. Mihrunnisa is washing up when Mustafa arrives to her tent. He enters and asks how she is, she says she is well. He says he will not take her to Amasya. She has to go back to her father safely. She says safe, but away from you. He says if something had happened to her, he could never forgive himself. He says he made her sad with the words he said that day, and because of him she left. She says if it wasn't that day it would be another day. He says you had a happy life then, you were as free before as other women could never dream of being, until you came here, you were happy. She says "I loved you for years from far away." He says' Whoever I love, I have lost, have hurt, myself and them. Did you see what happened? I do not want to loe you too." She says: "But you lose, like this too." He says: "You will return to the Capitol" (no interruptions here haha)
    Suleyman asks why Fenerizade has come to the Divan and he says he has come and he has come with the permission of the Sultan to such a position, and he will go with his permission. Suleyman says he has fulfilled his task well, and he can stay in this position as long as that is the fact. Fenerizade: "Piri Mehmet Pasha has spent much time raising me, may Allah grant him heaven. As you know already, he was the last great Grand Vizier. He used to always say these words - 'Do not allow power to get rid of you... You should get rid of power beforehand.'" Suleyman: "Do you mean you want to resign?" Fenerizade: "If you give permission, then yes. May Allah grant everybody an opportunity to release the power they hold..."

    Hurrem listens in her secret chamber. Suleyman asks about Barbarossa and a man tells him that he is resting. Suleyman orders for Rustem Pasha to return, and also that the position Fenerizade has left empty now, is to be replaced by Ebusuud Efendi.
    Suleyman goes to his room angry. There he finds Hurrem waiting. She asks why he came early, if something bad happened. He tells her that Fenerizade has resigned and he accepted and put Ebusuud in his place. Hurrem says that is good but she actually worried about Barbarossa, and that they say he is really unwell. He says he is worried too. She tells him, why don't you visit? If you are there, you will give him strength.
    Barbie is in bed and Mustafa has arrived. He tells him he should not have come, but Mustafa says that if he did not bring Mihrunissa by himself as she was in his protection, he could not feel good about it. Suleyman arrives and wonders at what he sees before him. Mustafa, the Janissary agha Ali, an Barbie in one room together. Does not look good at all...
    Hurrem says: "I congratulate you Sokollu, you have done an excellent job" And we see flashbacks of it all - catching Mihrunissa was part of the plan! So that Mustafa could be the one to bring her back and to be caught. And then, Sokollu informs her of Mustafa's coming to the Capitol. All of it was planned to catch him with Barbarossa. "Our Hunkar is going to come back with suspicion. And my Lord is my witness I will do whatever I can to make this suspicious a reality."


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