• Muhtesem Yuzyil 109 Preview

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    Suleyman's fears are starting to show it's face openly!

    Hurrem starts to take action to prevent the new Shehzade from being born. Beyazid gets caught by Selim as he secretly tries to enter Manisa. Nurbanu, who has been thrown into prison has a big surprise! Mustafa and Atmaca both try their best to locate Nisa.

    Hurrem whispers something into Suleyman's ear and Mustafa gets into dangerous waters! Rustem, who has kidnapped Nisa pushes Barbarossa into a corner. Rustem's only with is to regain his honour, and in this regard, Barbarossa gives him more than he could have ever expected! Rustem has left behind his agha as he went back to Hercegovina.

    With his intelligence and ambition, Sokullu Mehmed successfully has an effect on Hurrem. Hurrem has some new plans for Nazenin. But the talk she has with Suleyman changes everything. Huricihan, who has been waiting for news from Beyazid, has been meeting often with Cihangir. The letter she wrote to Beyazid accidentally reaches Cihangir's hands. Cihangir falls hopelessly in love with Huricihan.

    Beyazid secretly comes to Manisa. His plan is to expose Selim's issue with the killed merchant. When he gets caught by Selim, things get nasty. Gazanfer approaches Nurbanu with a surprise offer. But Nurbanu is the one with the real surprise up her sleeve.

    As soon as Atmaca and Mustafa find out that Nisa was kidnapped, they immediately jump into action. Information that reaches them from someone close to Hurrem leads them to Nisa. When Mustafa falls prey to his love, he comes head to head with Suleyman!


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