• Episode 109 Spoilers!

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    Spoiler # 1: Cevher tells Sumbul she loves him despite his, predicament, which she "discovers" as she follows him to the Palace...BUT

    Spoiler #2: Cevher  is actually a spy :( :( poor Sumbul! He thought she really loved him despite his, ehem predicament.

    Spoiler # 3: Rustem is going to be recalled in no time! ( in episode 109)

    Spoiler # 4: Nurbanu is pregnant.

    Spoiler # 5: Hurrem goes back on her intention to mix something in Valeria's drink...she feels bad and tells Fahriye to get rid of it so she doesn't drink it.

    Spoiler # 6: Fatma tries to buy herself time by postponing her wedding until the new baby arrives! When Hurrem confronts her saying they had an agreement, Fatma says that she never said WHEN, just that she would remarry her husband.

    Spoiler # 7: Mustafa is in big trouble for showing up in Istanbul without permission to visit Barbarossa.

    Spoiler # 8: Piri Reis will show up in this episode!

    Spoiler # 9: Ebusuud Efendi is appointed to the position of Sheyhulislam (Sheikh-ul-Islam).

    Spoiler # 10: As many of you suspected, Mihrimah did actually fake her illness by taking some harmless medicine that made her faint.

    Spoiler # 11: Cihangir finds the letter that Huricihan has written for Beyazid, but there is no name written on it, so he thinks it might be written for him!


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