• Fatih, Episode 1 Translation

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    The show starts with Fatih, much older, in a tent. A man mixes something in a bottle and then adds something from his ring...he is praying to God to be able to continue this campaign, that it has been eleven years.... He asks if the medication will ease his pain and takes it. We are shown the ring close up. 

    11 years earlier in 1470 in Istanbul, we see Fatih and his son Beyazid sword playing and the younger son Cem watching on. News comes of the Divan, and the Sultan wants his sons to join him. The agha wonders where his brother is, and Beyazid says he must be with some girl. Elmas agha finds him with a girl of course, whom he tasks to wait for him after he returns.
    Fatih arrives to his divan. We see the same ring on the hand of a man who bows before him named Mehmet Pasha. Fatih congratulates him on winning over the Karamanoglu (). Mehmet Pasha receives a kaftan as a gift, as was the custom. Fatih prays that God gives Mehmet Pasha the strength to serve his empire and faith with loyalty and justice. Mehmet Pasha says that is his only wish and desire. The agha says a messenger from the Pope is waiting next and Fatih allows him to enter. The Sultan opens the letter from the Pope (the music is overpowering here I noticed, but in case you guys wanted to know it is from ) Fatih reads the letter and something in it angers him greatly and he says "We are going to war!"
    The Pope has written to Fatih saying that if he wishes to become the world's greatest king, he needs to just make a small change - have a small dip in the water (baptism) and convert to Christianity, and then Rome and it's empire, are his.
    The Pope meanwhile tells a cardinal that if the Turks will consider their proposal. The cardinal tells him that he disagrees, because this Turk does not resemble any of the typical kinds. He is more dangerous than his own father even, or his grandfathers before. He says he thinks that without losing anymore time, they should get rid of him. Pope says that attempts have been made so many times to poison him, and would he be able to succeed this time and the Cardinal says that yes, with God's permission, because this time they have some servants inside the Palace. A man by the name of Halil agha takes care of what goes in and out of the Palace. He will put the poison in a basket and it will get into the Palace easily. There is one of the insiders in the kitchen and he will take the basket to another insider who is one of the cariye's who helps in the preparations of the Sultan's chamber. He says all the rest will be up to this girl.

    Meanwhile, Elmas catches the girl and she says that Gulbahar hatun asked her to wait here.
    We see a woman being pampered and pruned and looking at herself in the mirror (this is another one of the songs of the time)
    Cem arrives to see his mother, Cicek Hatun (In this period, women were not called by the title of Sultana. They were always only called "Hatun") the one with the mirror. He tells her she is beautiful and she asks what happened in the Divan. Cem says he was afraid and his mother tells him not to be afraid, he is the heir to the throne and he should not be afraid. He tells her about the happenings of the Divan and she comments that this means Gulbahar hatun (Beyazid's mother) will be going back to her son's sanjak soon as her plans for the ceremony of her grandchild's circumcision will have to wait for later.
    Gulbahar meanwhile finds out the Sultan has announced he will go for war and is thoughtful when Cicek hatun arrives telling her that she is saddened to find out the ceremony will be cancelled after all the preparations she had done. Gulbahar says she did not know about the decision and just heard now. Cicek asks her rival when she will be returning to her sanjak, so she can prepare a farewell dinner for her. Gulbahar responds that she will not be going anywhere, and that the Sultan has wanted to see her at night. Cicek leaves annoyed.
    Gulbahar then tells her cariye to send word to the Sultan that she wishes to see him, and not to mention anything to Elmas as she does not trust him at all. Meanwhile, Cicek is angry saying that how can the Sultan call Gulbahar in the evening without her knowing of it, if it was so, Elmas would have informed her.
    Beyazid comes across Cicek and they exchange a cold greeting. Cicek says she hopes the Sultan will not leave Beyazid behind to guard Istanbul, because then Gulbahar will also stay behind.
    Gulbahar is in her room when Beyazid arrives, he asks her what is wrong and she says do not worry about me...get closer to your dad, gain his trust more, this is a big opportunity for him. He asks what she means and she says that when his father leaves, he will leave him in his place. Beyazid says he is the oldest shehzade, of course he will. She says that of course he won't leave cem...but that he should be careful of Mustafa....the Janissaries and aghas are all on his side.
    Meanwhile, Fatih asks how Mustafa's mother Gulshah is (what? Remember Gulshah guys?! Gulshah has reached to becoming a Sultana - er I mean Hatun! ;)) Mustafa tells Fatih that his mother is better, but she had to stay in the Sanjak because her health was not well enough. Cem shouts out that he also wants to join in the war, and then Beyazid asks if the Sultan is thinking of leaving Cem in his place while he goes for war. Everyone is silent because they know the weight of what Beyazid is asking. Fatih stops and then asks his sons to race. Then Fatih comments to the old man that it is harder to raise children than rule a nation. Fatih says it is difficult because those children are the future of the empire.
    The princes race and Mustafa comes across a damsel in distress, literally. She is very worried looking and says she must get going, but he tells her she will have to return tomorrow to retrieve her pendant which she had lost. He asks if she will come, she says it is impossible, and that the necklace was the only thing memory of her mother's that she has left. He says he will wait for her and if she wants it, she will come and meet him. She says she cannot, and he says he cannot lose her after seeing such beauty and that he swears an oath that if she comes the next day, he will give her his. Cem sees his brother and asks what happened to him, and Mustafa says he saw a deer...he says it was so beautiful. Cem says to his father that no matter how much he practices  racing, he cannot be as fast as his brothers. Fatih says that when he reaches their ages, he will be even faster and better than them at racing.
    In the Palace, the traitor girl tells the traitor agha that she cannot do it, but he insists asking her if she wishes to spend her days in the palace as a servant, or get out with lots of money. She hesitantly agrees.
    Ferahnas Kalfa who is the one responsible for the preparation of the Sultan's bed, is tricked into going to a closet to fetch something and is strangled. Beyazid asks his father when he must return to his Sanjak and Fatih replies that  when the time comes to leave for the war, then they talk about who will stay and who will return to their sanjaks.
    At night, the head woman of the harem asks Elmas agha if Ferahnas Kalfa has been found. She asks the girls if they saw her. A girl tells her she hasn't seen her since earlier when she said she will return momentarily to get something. The traitor girl (Elona) is nervous but speaks up saying that since she has had experience preparing the Sultan's bed, she can do it now. The head lady says she can and tells her Elmas will join her. Elona there is no need she can do it by herself, but the woman insists that Elmas has to go with her.
    They go together and Elmas tells her to go get the bedding and he will wait for her outside. He sees the Palace guard who asks where Ferahnas Kalfa is and Elmas says that Elona will be doing it, because Ferahnas is ill. The guard buys their story.
    Elona gets into the Sultan's room, she tries to get rid of Elmas, but he doesn't listen, so they both have to enter.
    The Sultan meanwhile is writing something when the Palace guard arrives, his name is Murat, who tells him he has something very important to tell him. He tells him that there is news that Mehmet Pasha has done some very oppressive things when he was with the Karamanoglu tribe, including to the old, women and children. He says they are accusing him of taking out his anger of the conquest (he is from Constantinople originally) on the Karamanoglu. Fatih says there must be many rumours going about him of course, but what else do they say he has done? Murat tells him that he has burnt the mosques, and schools even. This worries Fatih and asks Murat to go investigate properly.
    Meanwhile, Elona is trying to complete her task, but Elmas is watching so it is difficult, he even asks her why it is taking forever to finish. She asks him if it is a bit stuffy and asks if the Sultan would not feel uncomfortable and she asks Elmas to open the windows for a while, and this is when she sprinkles the poison. She tells him she will take the used sheets to the washing room and return. On the way the traitor guard catches her and she informs him she has completed the job, he tells her she will meet him outside and she will be put in the bag of the garbages and he will get her out of the palace this way, and then he will get her on a ship...

    Elmas informs the head lady that the bed has been prepared and the head lady tells Elmas to inform the Sultan that Gulbahar wishes to see the Sultan. When Elmas goes to the Sultan to tell him this, he responds at another time as he is busy.

    Meanwhile the women have some sort of entertainment going on. The head woman goes to Cicek hatun to tell her that Ferahnas Kalfa has disappeared. Gulbahar hatun arrives. Cicek asks where Ferahnas has gone and Gulbahar asks if she has lost her Kalfa, and that she should control the harem properly. Elmas comes to tell Gulbahar that the Sultan will not accept her, and Cicek overhears this happily.
    Outside a dog barks at the garbage bag that Elona is in. The guards are suspicious wondering why he is only barking at that one bag. They find the girl and arrest her. The Sultan goes to his room. The guards meanwhile interrogate Elona. The Sultan has entered his room now. Elona cries and says she wished to leave the Palace, she did not want to live in the harem. The head guard Murat hears this.
    Murat asks her who helped her and another guard arrives showing Murat Ferahnas Kalfa's body. Murat tells them to throw her in the dungeon and find out who has helped her. He rushes to the Sultan's room and tells him not to get into bed. Fatih wonders what is going on and Murat pours water over the bed to show the red stains of the poison. Fatih comments on how the assassins  have gotten all the way to his private bedroom! The traitor guard (Halil) has come to pick up elona only to be caught by the guards.
    Meanwhile, the Sultan's sons have heard of what has happened and have come to see how their father is doing. Cem, the youngest is crying. Beyazid asks if it is true what they have heard and Murat nods. He asks what would have happened if Murat hadn't found out. Mustafa asks who has done this? He will punish them with his own hands. Fatih says do not worry it is being taken care of. Cem says he was so afraid if something bad had happened to his father, then what? Fatih consoles his son and tells him that what they couldn't do with swords, they cannot do with poison! He tells them to go back to bed, and then himself goes off...

    In the harem, the cariyes are asking what happened, if Elona is a traitor. Cicek arrives and is angry, she says that thank God they have not been successful (the assassins) and that the Sultan is safe and sound. Then she yells at the head woman asking her how she could let another Cariye do the work of another The woman says they had no choice. Cicek says that without her knowledge they will not make such decisions again. What if something had happened to the Sultan?
    Fatih has arrived to interrogate the traitors in the dungeon. He tells them to look at his face and asks how they can sell their Sultan and land for a few coins. They beg them to forgive them, he says not a slave of God, nor God can forgive such snakes, and orders them executed.
    Cicek is looking in her mirror again when the door knocks and it is Cem who is troubled. She asks what is wrong and he says that he could not come to terms with what happened, if something had happened to his father, what would they do? Beyazid meanwhile is with his mother who tells him that this isn't the first time such a thing has happened, and that they have tried numerous times to poison his father. She tells him they must now think of every possible outcome. He wonders what she means...
    Cem tells his mother he is very afraid to lose his father. Cicek tells him she too is worried. She says that their father is their only hope in the Palace. He asks what she means..
    Meanwhile, Gulbahar explains to Beyazid that if something were to happen to the Sultan that he would have to sit on the throne. Beyazid wonders how his mother can speak such things.
    Meanwhile Cem asks his mother what would he care for throne or palace without his father? Cicek tries to explain to him that he has more right to his throne than his brothers.
    Gulbahar tells her son that when his father goes to the war and if something happens to him then what will happen and Beyazid says he does not want to think such things, and his mother tells him he must because although Cem is just a child, but they must consider Mustafa.
    Cicek tells her son Cem that while she has life, she will do everything to get his rights for him.
    Gulbahar tells her son that he should open his eyes already, that if something happens to his father, then the Janissaries are closer to Mustafa and so is Mahmut Pasha and that they have to get Memet Pasha close to him. Beyazid is troubled and overwhelmed by what his mother has said.
    Meanwhile, Mustafa speaks to Mahmut Pasha, and they discuss how scary the incident has just been.
    Fatih tells his guard that he does not want such things happening again. Mehmet Pasha has come to tell Fatih of his worries for his safety after what he heard...but the Sultan tells him not to worry and leaves.
    Elmas meanwhile tells the Sultan that his bed has been changed. Fatih looks at his bed and sits down...

    In the pub, two conspirators are talking about how they worked for months on this plan and it didn't work. One of them asks what they will do now, and the other one says that they will get on with plan b as soon as possible...they will have to get the Sultan outside first...
    Mustafa is in his room day dreaming about the damsel in distress he came across in the forest.
    We see the girl in a bed with an older man beside her, it is clear she is married to him, but does not want him. He asks her to forgive him, he did not want to wake her and that there is no reason to fear. He puts a sword between them, saying that he will keep the promise he made to her on the day he married her, he will not touch her without her permission. He must sleep now, as he is very tired and then he has to go back to the workroom later. He says goodnight Zuleyha, and she wishes him a goodnight too, calling him Pasha, as he is the former Grand Vizier.
    In the morning, Cicek is scolding the harem servants and Elmas while she is outside.Gulbahar arrives. Gulbahar tells him to continue the preparations for something and then Cicek responds that the harem is under her and if she needs something done, she should tell her. Gulbahar tells her to watch how she speaks with her. Cicek respnds that despite her being the head woman, she is a guest here and should not forget that she (Cicek) rules the harem. GULBAHAR asks if she can really rule the harem. Cicek says the Sultan is happy with her ruling it. Gulbahar says that if that was the case, how could she be so careless as to allow such an incident to occur and under her ruling, they almost lost their Sultan! (the Elona incident).  (note: Gulbahar is the Head Kadin sort of like Haseki, in those days, the women had different titles, here is called "Bas Kadin, so the first wife, and has her position as the head woman).
    Meanwhile, Fatih is with someone named Ali and Ali's daughter serves them refreshments. Fatih speaks about how could a girl who has been living for so long in the Palace, growing up there and then all of a sudden selling everything for a few coins and putting her life in danger at the same time. Ali expresses that they are in need of those who is loyal to them even to die for him. Fatih asks how they can trust anyone. Ali looks at his daughter who nods (she is mute) and says that there is no one as loyal and trustworthy as his daughter, Dilyar?, she is very capable and intelligent. Fatih asks if she wants to work for him and she rushes happily to kiss his skirt.
    Cicek talks to Elmas saying that Gulbahar has come just in a few days has wrecked her mood. She says she must meet the Sultan at night, and to get her bath ready. An agha arrives bringing the new cariye, telling Cicek that the Sultan has chose her to prepare his room for him from now on. Cicek asks Elmas who she is, and how come she never saw her in the harem. The agha says that she is Ali Kush?'s daughter. When Cicek asks her name, and is frustrated by no response, the agha tells her she is mute. Cicek tells her to do as is necessary to get her in her new task.

    Fatih is saying to his Pashas and sons that he has made the decision to go to war as they know, he chooses Mahmut Pasha as his commander and tells Mehmet Pasha to stay in the Palace and Fatih asks him what he did to the people of the Karamanoglu and Mehmet says he should not worry, he was only rough with the soldiers, not with the people there and Fatih tells him to make sure. Then tells them they may all leave.
    Mustafa speaks to Mahmut Pasha if he saw Rum Mehmet Pasha's face and that if he noticed how his face fell. Mustafa tells him how much he is impressed with him, and how precious he is to the state, that even the Sultan chose him above the other Pashas...Mahmut Pasha tells him that he is also precious and he hopes to live to see the day when he ascends the throne and Mustafa says that if he does, then he will want him beside him as his Vizier.
    Elmas has introduced Dilyar to the head harem lady, who wonders how she is mute and that the Sultan knows this, asks if this mute girl can do such work while being mute, and Elmas says how can we ask questions after the Sultan has chose her himself. The head lady says to Dilyar that she will show her the place where she will sleep.
    Mustafa is waiting outside for his damsel who happens to appear. She says that she has come now, and if he could keep his promise and hand it over. He doesn't give it right away and he says I didn't say I would give it right away and asks her who she is. She begs him, please have mercy and hand it over and cries. He says he did not wish to make her cry, and gives it to her, but asks if she will come again tomorrow and she says she will never and he says do not say never and that all he has thought of since yesterday is her and what has she done to him, if she is a fairy and that he cannot think anything else of her. She is almost drawn into his eyes, but then says she has to go and when he tells her not to, she says she has no choice but to go. She says don't ask me questions when he asks her name and gets on her horse. He says he will wait for her in the same place tomorrow and if she will come but she just stares at him forever and then leaves. He calls out that he will wait...
    A woman is pacing back and forth and when Zuleyha arrives, the woman yells at her asking her where she has gone and the woman tells her she cannot leave like this and when Zuleyha tells her she cannot stop her, and the woman says she can, the Pasha arrives and asks what is going on. Pasha tells her that Asiye hatun has told him that she has gone outside without permission and asks where she had gone and she says she had gone to see her father and mother's grave. Asiye says that she is lying and when the Pasha yells at her enough! she tells him that he is the former Grand Vizier of the Ottoman State and all eyes are on them, and if your wife goes outside for hours alone without saying where...is that right? and she says I am also your wife, but did I ever do such things? The Pasha tells his older wife that whenever Zuleyha wants she may visit her parent's grave and the Pasha tells them to get ready as they will go to the Palace and when Zuleyha says if she could not go, she is tired, the Pasha says no that will not do because they must give condolences to the Palace. He tells them to go get ready.
    In the bazaar, one of the conspirators tells an archer that the Sultan will come soon, and then tells him where to go wait. The announcers announce to the people that the Sultan has arrived. The Sultan goes about looking at the market (he used to do this disguised) but anyway, a little boy looks at Cem and his clothing. The archers tries to aim when there is a commotion so he has to wait. The theif is caught and is brought before the Sultan. A baker tells the Sultan that the man stole his bread. The shaking man says he did steal it and that what the Mehmet Pasha has done is a crime and he only wants to feed his children and wife, and had no choice after what has happened to him. He recounts what Rum Mehmet Pasha did to his people, burning and pillaging and had no mercy on anyone not young, not old, he says he is not lying, and that he knows how kindly the Sultan dealt with everyone when he conquered Constantinople and that this is why he can complain to him, because Rum Mehmet Pasha is not worth to be part of such a great man's state. He tells him if he had thought he were bad, he would not have told him all these things. Fatih is angry and told him nothing is more important than the trust that the servants have on the state and that he wishes to see where the Karamanoglu are so he can visit and that the man accused of stealing is to accompany him.
    Meanwhile, Gulbahar is speaking to Rum Mehmet Pasha, congratulates him on getting the rebellion from the Karamanoglu to cease and that she heard he is to stay in the Palace. She says she wants to know if he will be loyal to Beyazid as much as he is loyal to the Sultan. She says that as you know, he will leave my son in his place when he goes to war. And then she says that if Musafa were to take the throne, he would want Mahmut Pasha next to him and so, she wants him to give his support to Beyazid and she is certain he will be loyal to her son. She tells him of her concern of the Janissaries' support of Mustafa and he replies that it is not that difficult to win them over. She says she understands what he means.

    Meanwhile, the Sultan has arrived to the Karamanoglu camp where the people out of fear running. He asks why they are running away. (it is becoming more and more obvious that the words about Mehmet Pasha are true.) A boy spits at Fatih when he asks the youth why everyone is running away. Someone gets ready to hit him, when Fatih tells them to stop. He asks the boy if his parents did not teach him manners of how to respect his elders. The boy says how should he learn manners when they killed his mother and father and where is Mehmet Pasha, did he send this man in his place this time out of fear? An older gentleman approaches. The boy asks if they will kill them all off now, after everything. The old man tells him to leave. Then he greets the Sultan he says he is the grandson of Jalaluddin Rumi and the Sultan goes down to kiss his hand out of respect. (the progeny of Rumi or any religious, spiritual elders were greatly respected by the Sultans, so they would often kiss their hands out of respect). The old man praises him, and Fatih says that he is just a mortal and that the only Sultan is God, He rules everything. The man tells him about Mehmet Pasha's doings. Fatih is becoming more and more angry at what his Pasha has done. He asks what has happened to his arm and he tells him that Pasha had him tied up, this angers Fatih until he is shaking.
    Gulbahar tells Beyazid that Mehmet Pasha will be on his side. Beyazid scolds her telling her that she should not get involved in these matters. She says she is doing all this for him, and if something happens to the Sultan the throne will be his. Beyazid asks her what will happen if the Sultan finds out of all she is doing and if she ever thought of what will happen them. Beyazid wants to speak to his fahter, who says not right now, but now you will come with me and learn what a Sultan has to do in the face of injustice!
    Mehmet arrives and Fatih calls him faithless, cruel and without a conscience. He tells him he trusted him and gave him rank and let him command his army, the same army that is supposed to only have fear of God in their hearts not to commit such crimes, and that wherever he goes he speaks for the Sultan...and what is all this that you have done in Karaman? Did you think it would stay quiet and secret? Don't you know that the things I hate most are arrogance, cruelty, injustice are things I will never accept! Mehmet tells him they are all lies and he just wanted them to never raise their heads against him....Fatih does not believe him and tells him that he is a shameless fool and to hand over the seal. Then he takes it away and they are going to execute him. He begs the Sultan not to send him to the executioners. Then he shouts to Beyazid help me! But Fatih tells him get up you cursed one! Do not worry, I will not give you to the executioners! I gave you the seal, and I made you my Vizier, and so I will give you your punishment. This is my punishment, and he slices off his head!
    Beyazid trembles and Fatih tells his son if you ever become a Sultan one day, you will remember this, that wars happen with a sword, but staying somewhere you use justice, if you do not punish those who are unjust, then no one can ever trust in your own justice.
    We see one of the Janissaries pick up the ring off of Mehmet Pasha's hand....the same ring that we saw in the beginning of the show...
    THE END.


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