• Muhtesem Yuzyil Episode 107 Translation!

    Hurrem is having a nightmare. She awakens and calls out to Fahriye and Sumbul but no one is there. She walks through the corridors of the palace, wondering why it is empty. She hears Suleyman's voice ( I am guessing) she runs towards Suleyman's room and finds a baby in his room in a cradle, and picks him up only to see his mother standing on the terrace arrogantly. The mother is Valeria, and the doors close. Hurrem wakses up and asks for water. Fahriye gives it to her but tells her she should get fresh water for her. Hurrem asks: "Where is that woman?" Fahriye: "If you are asking about Valeria she is still with our Hunkar." Hurrem: "Who cares about her name! Did you take precuations...she won't become pregnant?!" Fahriye: "The female doctor took care of it...it is impossible for her to become pregnant."
    Valeria exits the Sultan's room in the morning. Sumbul calls her back to speak to her.
    The Sultan is on his terrace getting fresh air. He looks at his sons who are having breakfast. He calls for Lokman agha who arrives. "Call Hurrem Sultan."
    Fatma is getting ready. "Do you know what the saddest part about this Palace is girls? There are no men!" The cariyes laugh. "Years before that is why I ran away...I wish my life of those days could come back..."

    Cariye: "You are still very young Sultanim..." Fatma: "Knock on wood hatun, knock on wood." Melek arrives "Sultanim...there is important news." She whispers. Fatma: "How did this happen? Did the Sultan ask for her himself?" Melek: "I wish that was the case, Sultanim...when I heard I was shocked! Hurrem Sultan personally selected and sent that cariye." Fatma: "Huh..."
    Sumbul is telling Valeria the rules of being a gozde (chosen one) when he sees Hurrem watching from above.She looks at Valeria who is giggling and talking to the other cariyes. Afife stands beside her. Hurrem: "There is no longer day for me...no sun...I ripped out my heart and threw it into a bottomless pit. On top of that, with my own hands!" Afife: "You were not forced to do such a thing, Sultanim." Hurrem: "In my hometown there is a saying, in Rutenya ' blind people can not see, conceited people don't see. I won't be defeated by my desires, I won't be defeated by my pride. I will do anything I need to, to bring my enemies to my knees. Even if it burns me!" Lokman arrives to inform her the Sultan is asking for her.
    Beyazid and Cihangir are eating breakfast. Cihangir says: "A new galley has been built. Those who see it cannot stop talking about it! In the coming week it will be put out to water. Can we not go together to see it? I mean you are not returning to Kutahya..." Bey: "We can go....I don't have any desire to go at once anyway...what good will it do for me to go anyway?" Cih: "Your mind is in Manisa is it not? Bey: "Yes, my brother...Until the point when my father announced his decision I had hope...there is only one reason for his decision and his anger towards me...he doesn't love me that is what it is."  Cih: "Don't think like that our Hunkar -" Bey: "Don't bother Cihangir...the truth is screaming out at me anyway...as long as my brothers are alive, Kutahya is a dead end for me."
    Cihangir: "Fine if that is the case, you stay, let me go in your place! (jokingly) My brother, I know what you are feeling...but do not let the dark side drag you this way...in it's place open your heart to good things" Hurichihan then arrives with strawberries. "My Shehzades...have I come at  the wrong time?" Cih: "You came just at the right time Hurichihan. The conversation we  were having was quite boring."
    Beyazid stands up and goes to her. "Is there a problem?" Huri: "no..the first strawberries of the year have ripened...Fatma Sultan asked me to bring some for you." Beyazid tries one: "They aren't bad at all" Then he turns to Cihangir and says: "I will catch you later, I am going for a walk...Hurichihan" Then he leaves.
    Cihangir notices Hurichihan is dissapointed: "He is a little upset these days... that is why...come sit."

    In Fatma's room, Melek is speaking: "It is obvious you scared her..how she immediately bowed!" Fatma: "This is Hurrem...she would not bow this easily...but you are right, she had fear in her eyes...otherwise no other force could make her do this."
    Melek: "Finally what you wanted has happened."  Fatma: "Be certain, this is not what I dreamed of. So who is this lucky cariye?" Melek: "I came with so much excitement I didn't find that out yet." Fatma: "In that case what are you waiting...go find out whoever that woman is...she is our newest weapon!" Melek leaves to find out...
    We see Selim with Nurbanu in his room. She gets up primps herself then lies back down. Nurbanu: "Good morning Shehzadem" Selim: "Nurbanu...it is very beautiful do you know what it means?" Nur: "It is just like my heart...being next to you it has found the meaning. But it has no worth after spreading light in your night. I am very hungry...I think you must be too."
    Sumbul is with Valeria in her room. She says: "When will I go again for halvet?" Sumbul: "Halvet? Ha! This was the only time! You will never walk down the golden way (the corridor to the Sultan's room) again." Val: "How? But..." Sumbul: "It is like this for everyone! Only Hurrem Sultan chooses who goes to halvet, but only one time."
    Nurbanu exits the Sultan's room and asks for the breakfast to be prepared. Cnafeda asks her how it went and Nurbanu says it was a magnificent evening, and that the Shehzade is now hers."
    Selim gets dressed and then he remembers the man who insulted him. He is disturbed by his death. He goes back into shock and remembers the look on the man's face when he died. He starts panicking and breaks his mirror.
    Suleyman is on his terrace waiting for the wife he has tortured too much. He is smiling. "Hurrem." Hurrem: "I hope your night passed by happily and that you are happy." Sul: "They told me you sent the woman? is that right?" Hurrem: "How sad that time does not pity anyone...especially us women...I wanted to give you more children...but it didn't happen. And it is apparent from now on it can never happen. For this reason..." Sul: "You are being sad for meaningless things. If I wanted children,with Allah's permission, I would get them..." Hurrem: "I am breathing for your happiness Suleyman. To make you happy I will not stop at anything. " Suleyman: "My Hurrem...the Sultan of my heart...if all the women of the world come to me...they cannot even give me an atoms of worth of happiness and love that you have given me.
    Nurbanu is waiting for the food. Canfeda tells her to stop being impatient and tell her about the night. Nurbanu says that the Shehzade wanted her to make him forget everything that happened and that she took his mind from his head."
    She enters Selim's room again telling him his food is ready. She notices the window. "Get out woman." Nur: "Are you alright?" Sel: "Get out!" Nur:"You wanted me to stay -" Selim: "I said get out woman!" She leaves.
    When Canfeda sees her she asks what happened and Nurbanu tells her that he didn't want her, that she didn't make a mistake, and she does not understand but that last night he was strange too, "even though I made him forget everything..." Canfeda: "Well, then you weren't that skilled it seems..." Nurbanu: "It means he has something bothering him...he wasn't so nice to me as well last night." Nurbanu: "We must find out what it is that is bothering him...otherwise I cannot help him, or make him forget...who can know what it is (the problem)?" Canfeda tells her Gazanfer agha would know because he is the Shehzade's shadow. She tells her to pack her things and Nurbanu is surprised asking if she will be thrown out of the palace, but Canfeda tells her se will have a room since she is a favourite now.
    In Barbarossa's cabin, Barbarossa is at his desk with Atmaca arrives with his buddy. Atmaca: "I was talking to you about Yavuz." Yavuz: "It is a great honour to meet you...I grew up listening to the stories of your feats in battle."
    Barbie: "You are also a valiant soldier..this is a difficult duty, May Allah help you. What is going on Atmaca, you are going back and forth between two cities...are you hiding secret wings?" Atmaca: "When my name is Atmaca, I must give it my due." Barbie: "How is my daughter? When will she return?" Atmaca: "She is well...she sends her greetings and respect and she has sent you a letter." Yavuz: "We looked into Rustem Pasha's bugs...and we have found the traitor amongst us...what a shame that is the most trusted person in the palace - the Head of the imperial guard." Barbie: "Did you take his head?" Atmaca: "He does not even know we have found him out, because our Shehzade wanted it this way, this is why I came...our Shehzade has some orders for you." Barbie: "We can do whatever we need to."
    Rustem is sitting with his daughter and wife and tells them he wants to spend the day with them when there is a knock on the door (always interrupting!!) and a letter has come for Rustem. Rustem goes over to read it and after reading it ( a very tiny note ) "Pasha Hazretleri, be careful...there is going to be an attempt on your life." Rustem's mood changes. Mih: "Rustem, is it bad news?" Rusty: "Yes...I have to go to the Palace."
    Hurrem is walking down the hall when Fatma arrives. "Hurrem? Where are you going?" Hurrem: "I wanted to get some air outside..." Fatma: "Yes, yes you must...you must be feeling hot...it is a sensitive time for you." Hurrem: "It is true I am sensitive...and if I were in your place, I would be more careful." Fatma: "I heard you sent a cariye with your own hands to our Hunkar...for a woman in your condition it is an intelligent thing to do...before power gives up on you, you are abandoning it." Hurrem: " It is apparent you are walking on the same road as our other Sultanas...despite their outcomes being a lesson for you..my name is Hurrem and I do not give up!"
    Fatma: "You won't give up but our Hunkar can give up on you is that not right? Once the door of the Hasoda (Sultan's chamber) gets opened, it is impossible to close it again."
    Hurrem: "While I am in the Hunkar's heart, it doesn't matter if other women are in his bed."
    Fatma: "You know very well that the way to get into a man's heart is from the bed! Is this not why you kept other woman away from our Hunkar?!"
    Meanwhile, Mahidevran is in Mustafa's room. "How much longer are we going to have that traitor Head of the Imperial Guard with us? I am having nightmares all night long!" Mustafa: "You are needlessly fearful mother...when our work with him is done, I will punish him with my own hands! There is a knock and Mihrunissa has arrived. Nisa: "I came to say goodbye."
    Mahi: "Why are you in such a hurry?!" Mus: "The time has come I guess..please send my greetings to your father." Nisa: "Unfortunately, I cannot give your greetings Shehzadem, because I am not going that far. I have found a small villa close by." Mahi: "You will be staying in Amasya?" Mus: "I thought we took care of this matter...it isn't right for you to stay alone...especially for your safety." Nisa: "You should not be worried Shehzadem. I am used to it. My father is a seafarer. I have been alone many times...anyway I sent word to him, he will send guards for me." Mahi: "Mustafa is right...you would be safer with your father." Nisa: "It seems that just like our Shehzade you do not want me here either." Mahi: "In other time it would make me very happy to have you here of course...if you have the intention of staying then, stay with us." Nisa: "Sultanim..." Mahi: "I cannot be at peace if you stay somewhere else...I will not let you." Mus: "My mother is right...at least until the guards come for your safety stay here." Nisa: "I am honoured...but there are somethings to do at the villa, I would like to personally look after it" Mahi: "Then you can go back and forth, take care of your stuff at the Villa during the day and then come back here."
    Meanwhile, Ali agha wants to speak to Atmaca and Yavuz privately. When they are alone, he says: Since Barbarossa Pasha sent this, he must trust you entirely... Friends of our Shehzade are our friends as well. Our doors are completely open to you. I have heard that you have saved our Shehzade from assassination, no matter how much I praise you, it would not be enough! What has he ordered of me?"

    Atmaca: "You have a very important job to do... You may even lose your life. Your name has been drawn to take on Rustem Pasha."

    Ali Agha: "Our lives are sacrificed for our Shehzade..."

     Hurrem gets the note from Rustem. "This comes from Amasya, the Head of the Imperial guard sent it...from what is written, our Shehzade has given the order to kill me to a Janissary agha." Hurrem: "Who is this agha?" Rusty: "Ali agha...I told you we should have gotten him fired."
    Rustem: Mustafa "has power behind him...the Janissaries, Pashas and Beys....we have to do something immediately." Hurrem: "No we must wait...their eyes are on us...the smallest mistake would ruin us" Rustem: "But didn't you read...they want to kill me!" Hurrem: "It is not that easy to kill a Grand Vizier...you take precautions and that is enough. Our Hunkar has still not forgotten the assassination attempt matter and he was mostly angry with you about it...on top of that, if you mess up your relationship with the Janissaires, then you will find all of them against you!" Rustem: "Would you like me to sit on my hands and wait?" Hurrem: " I am asking you to calm down...if you are here today, in this position of power, it is because you are smarter than them! Do not forget that!"
     In Manisa at night, the cariyes are enviously talking to Nurbanu. "So you became a Favourite...I wish we could also have the destiny to be" Nur: "Do not hope falsely...after me none of you shall have a turn!" Cariye: "How can you be so certain?" Nur: "It is not important who goes to his room...but who gets in his heart...that is what you cannot do!"
    Canfeda arrives, tells the girls to mind their own business, and Nurbanu tp get behind her to go to her room.
    In Topkapi meanwhile, Valeria is calling out to a girl named Neshe to bring her more Lukum and when the girl hesitates, she says "Don't look at me like that! I am the Hunkar's chosen! Do as I say! Or I will tell Sumbul...and then you will wish you were never born!" Fatma arrives. "So you are the cariye who got into our Hunkar's heaven. You are very pretty...it seems Hurrem knows our Sultan's tastes very well...what is your name?" Val: "Valeria" Fatma: "This does not happen for everyone...especially while Hurrem is around! You are very lucky. But if you can't hang on to it...your luck will just fly away." Val: "I know how lucky I am...I never lived a life like this. But Hurrem Sultan said I can not go there every again...it is prohibited." Fatma: "Oh realllllly?! Look at what Hurrem has done!"

    PART 2

    (Does anyone else feel like Valeria kinda looks like the old Fatma who was working for Mahidevran and then became pregnant by Mustafa????)
    Dilshah is in her room when Nurbanu arrives. "What are you doing here?" Dil: "Actually, what are you doing here?! This is my room!" Nur: "Canfeda Kalfa, what did this hatun say? This is her room?" Canfeda: "What did you expect hatun? We weren't going to make you a special palace! This is the Gozde's room. If you need something, you ask the aghas...I am leaving...oh and I do not want any fighting. I will hurt you both if you do so!"
    Dilshah: "So....you got to our Shehzade didn't you? Speak hatun I asked you something!" Nur: "Leave me alone." Dil: "Don't be so confident that you spent one night with our Shehzade...he does not call the hatuns he has called ones. Except me of course."
    Nurbanu: "You say that, but you still have not given our Shehzade a child!"
    Meanwhile, Fatma is still speaking to Valeria: "Hurrem not sending you again, she must have taken precautions is that right?" Val: "I did not want...but the midwife said that this is a must according to the rules." Fatma: "They have tricked you. Cariyes are specifically sent to have children! anyway...next time..." Val: "They said I could never go again." Fatma: "You will not listen to them, you will listen to me. If you want more of course...for example if you give a child to our Hunkar...a Shehzade....then you can be a Sultana. They will give you a room, silk clothing, jewels...things you have never even dreamt of."
    Val: "I want those a lot...but Hurrem Sultan said I cannot. I can't go." Fatma: "You close that beautiful mouth that will be enough. I will take care of the rest. What is your name?" Fatma:"Valeria....from now on your name is Nazenin (sweetheart/delightful/affectionate, I can't really translate it into English, maybe Saba could help, it is a Persian derived name). Fatma: "Lovely, with affection, that is what it means...and you must become Muslim...you will get into the Hunkar's eyes and if you do, forget about one night, you can have him for a thousand and one nights!"
    Val: "As you wish Sultanim...(or as you wish Valeria?!)
    Hurrem is with Suleyman "Are you going for the Friday prayers and greetings with our Shehzades tomorrow?" When she notices he isn't answering (ummm, after what you did to her the night before, I think she deserves an answer even if you are in a poopy mood!) she asks: "What is wrong Suleyman? Beyazid is the same...whatever passed between you he is very sad." Suleyman: "He needs to change his behaviour and stop being upset..years have passed, but he still has not abandoned his bad habits. " Hurrem: "He is at fault yes, but all the fault is not his. I know how much you love Beyazid, but he does not see it...he sees you as not loving him, and not trusting him." Suley: "Are you saying I am pushing him to make mistakes?" Hurrem: "I am only saying that Beyazid is very loyal to you Suleyman. Whatever he does, he does for you. To win your appreciation." Suley: "It can't be this way, Hurrem..his anger, his insolence makes upsets me very much. I am tired of thinking about what ill might befall him (because of how fearless he is)." Hurrem: "May Allah keep is with you while you are with us...Did I wreck your mood?" (no comment!) Suleyman: "My eyes can't see at night so I will read later..." Hurrem: "If you want, I will read it for you...my eyes are still as sharp as a hawk's eyes." Suleyman: "Will you become my eyes now?"

    Hurrem: "We are one anyway Suleyman. Our breath, our heart...are they not one?"
    Rustem walks down the corridor in his Palace. He speaks to his guards. "Do not be negligent in the safety precautions." Agha: "Do not worry Pasha Hazretleri, more guards have come to."  Rustem: "Good...you will not a bird even fly into the Palace." Rustem goes into his room seeing his family asleep. He goes to the window...
    Meanwhile in Barbarossa's cabin, Barbie and Atmaca are together. Barbie says: "If I know Rustem, he has lost his sleep now." Atmaca: "Do you think Ali agha can do it, my Pasha?" Barbie: "from your queston it seems you have doubts." Atmaca: "I do not doubt his loyalty...but he hates Rustem Pasha and these feelings can potentially make him make a mistake." Barbie: "Let us pray he doesn't act on his feelings because the arrow has left it's bow."
    Yavuz: "Atmaca, we must leave" Barbe: "Give this to my daughter." Yavuz: "It seems she will stay for a while longer." Barbie: "Yes...I will send guards for her..until then she is in your safe keeping." Atmaca: "Do not worry Pasha...I will keep an eye on her."

    In Mihrimah's palace. The door opens and Rustem awakens. A cariye is being strangled but she was just bringing milk. Cariye: "I was just bringing milk..." Mihrimah: "Rustem, leave her alone. I called her"
    In Amasya, Taslicali is walking with Mustafa: "News has come from Manisa Shehzadem, Our Shehzade Selim has reached their safetly. The people are not that happy with him however." Mustafa: "With time they will come to love him of course, in the end Selim is their prince." Taslicali: "It is unknown what time will tell" Just then they hear a horse and see that it is Barbie's daughter. "Shehzade" Mus: "Why are you alone, where are your guards?" Nisa: "They fall behind a lot, they cannot keep up with me." Mus: "If you continue to do this I will have no choice but to send you to the Capitol." Nisa: "Who are you worried about...I can defend myself...I also have my sword with me. What you don't believe me? No one has survived me to date" Mus: "Leave that now, how is your villa?" Nisa: "The renovations have begun I can move out as soon as possible...but I was serious about the matter of the sword, if you desire we can joust together..."
    Nurbanu: "I am a gozde now, I want a bathtub." Cariye: "What are you talking about? We don't have those things here." Nur: "You know, a small bathtub you can soak inside it with some soap and wash yourself." Cariye: "What kid of thing is that....have you ever heard of washing yourself in stagnant water? The dirt won't come off your body" Nur: "In Venice, many palaces have these bathtubs...you lie in hot water and you relax." Cariye: "If you want to so badly, then sit in the marble sink and relax." Canfeda arrives and asks Nurbanu what happened and Nurbanu says forget that, did you find out anything about our Shehdaze's troubles?" Canfeda: "It was hard, but I found out."
    Gazanfer greets Selim in the morning and gives him water. "If you wish, we can go to the gardens you can have some air." Selim: "There is no need Gazanfer," Gaz: "Or I could bring something to eat." Selim gives him a look so he leaves him alone.
    Canfeda: "A man in the market attacked the Shehzade so the guards had no choice but to kill him" Nur :"so that is why..." Canfeda: "You do not meddle in this Nurbanu...this matter is way over your head" Nur: "I guess you forgot why our Sultana sent me here..we need to find a solution for this matter at once...tell Gazanfer agha, I wish to speak with him."
    Canfeda (sarcastically) : "Any other wishes, Sultanim?" Nurbanu: "No you may leave!"
    Meanwhile Mustafa and Nisa are showing off their sword skills. Mustafa: "I wonder if you really have the power to defend yourself. Nisa: "It won't be fun this way." Mus: "What does that mean?" Nisa: "My advice to you...forget that I am a woman...because I will forget you are a Shehzade!" Mustafa: "Okay" He hits her. She says she is okay. They keep going...of course, until he sees her shoulder! (remember Lutfi and the shoulder grab?! haha) And then he holds her for a second and Taslicali looks away. " I better go to the Palace, our Sultana will worry." Mustafa is smitten...and watches her as she leaves. Taslicali says: "She is not bad at all...at one point I thought I would have to help you even"
    In front of the Divan, Matrakci, Beyazid and Cihangir are together. A lot time has passed between you...somehow you have to get on our Hunkar's good side again." Beyazid: "Even though it has been my heart that has been broken" Cih: "You take a step..I am certain our Hunkar will do the rest." Mat: "Our Shehzade is right...Also there is no benefit to you both extending such issues..." Matraki: "Hunkarim" Bey: "Hunkarim..." he kisses his hand. Suleyman smiles at him. Cihangir then does it.
    Sul: "I have not seen you as of late, are you well?" Mat: "I am well thank you, as you know I have been working on my book I have told you about the "Suleymanname" Suleyman: "Good, when the time is right, I would like to read it, bring it to me." Mat: "It is an honour for me Hunkarim..I wanted to have your precious opinion on it too." Sul: "come with us to the Friday prayer and the greetings (when they go out to greet the people on the way to Friday prayer at the Hagia Sofia)."
    Selim is on his bed reading. Gazenfer arrives to tell him they will go the Ayse Hafsa Sultan Mosque for Friday prayers (Valide Sultan's mosque). Selim says he will pray with others at the Palace Masjid. Gazanfer tells him it is not right, since it has been announced and the people are waiting for him to greet him as is the custom. Selim: "Which people Gazanfer? The ones who had roses and came to meet me to my face or the ones that say things behind my back?" Gazenfer: "You know best Shehzadem, but a few people saying things does not mean all of Manisa thinks that about you..."
    Hurrem is meeting with Rustem: "Is there any new news about Sheyhul Islam Fenerizade?" Rustem: "Not yet, Sultanim" Hur: "This matter is urgent. A Shayh ul Islam backing Mustafa could easily influence the other Shayhs, the people and our Hunkar against us." Rustem: "Absolutely.
     Hur: "What is the matter with you, your mind is elsewhere?" Rustem: "You know the matter..I cannot have any peace until I take Ali agha's life!" Hurrem: "What peace Rustem? Do not forget that the higher you go, the stronger and fiercer the winds become...every step you take, you come closer to your death...what you need is strength not peace...be strong so that no winds can blow you away." Rustem: "You do not worry about me..other than you and our Hunkar, no one can remove me from my place." Hurrem: "Good...what do you think about Fenerizade?" Rustem: "I am working as much as I can for him to resign." Hurrem: "There is no need to hold the fire in our hands...someone else can do this. Someone loyal to us. Someone we can rely on." Rustem: "Finding someone like that is difficult, but I will look into it and inform you. Now with your permission, I must go join the Friday prayers."
    Selim has agreed to go out. People shout: "Long live our Prince! May his sword be sharp! May Allah be with him!"
    Meanwhile, Suleyman is walking and asks Beyazid: "When are you going back to your Sancak?" Bey: "If you permit, I would like to stay for a bit longer, but if you do not permit then - " Sul: "You may of course. I just wanted to know why...because it is always impossible to keep you in the Palace." Beyazid looks at Cihangir: "I stayed because - " Cihangir makes a face so he doesn't say anything wrong. Bey: "because I promised Cihangir that's why. " Sul: "I see you both...while you are with him, I see Cihangir smiling...just like us (we smile too while you are here)."

    In the background, Rustem is lost in thought when Barbie addresses him from behind: "When you have time Pasha Hazretleri, I would like to speak to you...for long now we have not spoken." Rustem: "Have you missed me this much? Come to the Divan, we can chat plenty there."

    Matrakci approaches Barbie and asks what is going on. Barbie: "The great Grand Vizier! We must keep up good relations with him" (sarcastic) Matrakci: "How much longer...he tried he kill a Shehzade! And now as if nothing happened he stands beside our Hunkar." Barbie: "Patience Matrakci."
    The gates open and the Sultan and his entourage walk through. The people: "Long Live our Padishah! Long Live our King!" The people's requests are taken into a butterfly catcher :)
    In Fatma's room, Fatma is sitting with Hurichihan: "I see how look at Beyazid. It is obvioius that without helping it, you have certain feelings inside." Hur: "Sultanim, why are you speaking like this?" Fatma: "Did I not send those strawberries with you? I had already figured it out before that." Hur: "No I - " Fat: "Don't you dare deny it. Everybody has a virtue. Mine is that love never escapes my eye! Have you spoken to him...does he return the feeling..." Hur: "No...he does not even know about it...and he cannot ever...it is impossible." Fatma: " Men, even if they are Shehzades, they are just men...only us women can put into their minds what they want and what they don't want." Hur: "What can I do?" Fatma looks at her violin...and smashes it. Hur: "Sultanim...what are you doing..." Fatma: "Don't worry...there is a goodness to everything"
    Meanwhile Lokman agha is at the door of the Sultan and Melek says she needs to speak to him, she says that if they speak somewhere private it will be better. He says he has work and then later he will come, but she says it is important (Seriously Lokman? Why did you fall for that!?) So of course he goes. Hurrem is with Mihrimah (of course, why not with the Sultan at this moment?), Mihrimah asks her mother what is going on with Rustem he is acting strangely. Hurrem tells her that it is because the Sultan being annoyed about the assassination attempt, but that it will pass. Mihrimah asks how her mother is and that she has been getting cariyes ready to send to the Sulta. Mihrimah: "This is not a secret..." Hurrem says : "For years they tried to hit me with this weapon...no one suceeded...but now let us say that it is difficult to prevent it, so I decided to take the weapon into my own hands..everything is once again in my own hands!"
     Little does Hurrem know that Fatma is taking Valeria again. "Be calm..it is not like you are going for the first time." Val: "WHat if Hurrem Sultan finds out?" Fatma: "SHe isn't here, and no one is going to tell her...and if she finds out so what?" Valeria: "And if our Hunkar doesn't accept me?" Fatma: "You can come another time."

    Afife sees from behind. Afife: "Sultanim" Fatma: "I think you will not share what you saw to Hurrem Sultan. " Afife: "What is the need for all this? Our Sultana sent the girl there to begin with anyway." Fatma: "Only one time...and on top of that with protection (not to get pregnant)..if she wants to do good deeds, let her do it to the full!" Afife: "Sultanim...without overstepping my limits, I recommend you to stay away from such doings.too much blood spilled...let there be no more spilled...let it so no one is hurt." Fatma: "Do not worry, where I am there is no blood, but love!"  (I can't wait for Fatma to get in trouble, so that smug smile is wiped off!!!)

     Lokman wonders what Melek wants. She says she is lonely and has no friends and doesn't know how long she will stay here. She complains about Sumbul...but that she has no trouble with anyone, "especially not with you" she adds, while batting her eyelashes at him. (Oh she has a good teacher!) He smiles.
    Valeria is pleased with herself....(please. he doesn't. love. you!)
    Hurichihan tells Beyazid that her violin fell on the terrace. He says he was going to just come now to her to listen to it. Hur says she is even more saddened by this. She wonders if she can get a new one and Beyazid tells her there is a violin merchant near Galata and that he can have Sumbul go. She says someone who knows abou tit how to goes...she wants to choose...but she knows she won't be allowed. Beyazid is mulling an idea in his head.
    Suleyman is in his room and Rustem arrives "Hunkarim, you called for me" Suleyman says that there are tens of complaints about Rustem from the business people. They say that there are tough policies on one side that you have been taking on, and on the other side they say you support rich business men, and there is also mention of bribery." Rustem: "It is true I have implemented some strict policies...however, those who sell products that are flawed threaten the good of the public. Ebusuud is always with me when I deal with these cheaters." Suleyman: " What is this matter with the merchants?" Rustem: "They are lying. I do not operate on favours and I do not take bribery." Suleyman: "It is difficult to make everyone happy of course..but this much is too much..." Rustem: "If you don't mind, Hunkarim, then I will personally listen to their complaints and if I have done something unknowingly wrong I will fix it." Suleyman: "And that is the right thing to do anyway."
    Meanwhile, Hurrem is with Ebusuud. "How is Zeynep Hatun? I hope she is well, God Willing." Ebusuud: "Thank God, she is well, Sultanim...she is still worried about her children...( as in mothers always worry about their children). Hurrem: "That is the truth...God help us." Hurrem: " I heard you are having some troubles with Sheyh ul Islam Fenerizade?" Ebu: "I dare not have troubles with anyone but I am in disagreement with his thinking yes." Hurrem: "It is obvious you are in the right in that issue...anyway that is how our Hunkar is thinking. Actually, in my heart, I want you to be in that position, your experience and capability merit you that." Ebu: "Your grace, Sultanim...whatever my Lord has written for me, that will happen." Hurrem: "Accepting your fate does not mean sitting idle is that not true?" Ebu: "You are right Sultanim...The Mighty Lord has given us humans intellect and reason to choose right and wrong to make the necessary decisions"
     Ebu: "Until this day I have not sought any seat or position Sultanim...and I will not from now on. Where the Hunkar wants to see me, that is where I will go." Hurrem: "I have no doubt in that, it is enough for you to walk on the path that you know is right...one day we will meet...for your path is one."
    Selim is in his room. Gazenfer arrives telling him that somethings have been sent from him. The items are Persian made. Selim asks who sent them, and Gazanfer says that there are so many gifts being sent for him...Gazanfer reminds him about what he had told Selim, that just because a few people say bad things does not mean everyone in Manisa thinks like that. Selim says he was right.
    Gazanger meets Nurbanu outside. She asks if everything went right and he says it is. Then he asks where such things come to her mind, and that she is a storm! He tells her to be careful that if the Shehzade finds out that they bought all the stuff, then they will get into a lot of trouble. Nurbanu tells him to just take care of the hatuns, she knows what he is doing. An agha approaches Gazanfer telling him that a woman wishes to see Selim.
    Gazanfer goes outside and sees that the woman says "I want to meet our Shehzade." Gaz: "Tell me what the issue is." Hatun: "They killed my husband. He was a merchant in the bazaar." Gaz looks worried. "They said our Shehzade killed him" Gaz: "What are you saying woman? Could that happen?!" Hatun: "Why did he do this? Why did he leave me widowed and my children orphans?" Gaz: 'Nothing like that happened! Do not listen to them!" Woman: "There are witnesses. I will go to the judges if necessary. Tell our Shehzade that." Gaz: "Who are you to complain about our Shehzade? Take her, do not let her inside again." Woman: "Everyone is one in front of the law...if necessary I will go to the Divan-i-Humayun "The Sultan's Divan"
    Meanwhile outside the Divan, Rustem tells her that Hurrem simply wanted to know about his opinion about the matter. Ebusuud says that he has given his opinion on the Feneeraze issue and that he is not fulfilling his duties. Rustem says that he should share this with the Sultan so that it can be fixed. Ebusuud says that yes, he will since he does not hide his feelings from the Sultan and especially when it comes to the matter of the future of the Ottoman state."
    Rustem is informed by a Janissary that Ali agha, as per the custom, has organized a dinner in Rustem's honour, and if he would do them the honour of joining them it would be greatly appreciated. Rustem accepts.
    Ebusuud notices Rustem's worried look...

    Meanwhile, Huri and Beyazid are together. She says: "No matter how much I thank you, it would be too little. He says that "It was an excuse for me to leave the Palace I was getting so bored." Hur: "I am glad you did not go to Manisa...do not misunderstand but I would not have met you otherwise." Beyazid: "Of course one day we would have met." Huri: "Manisa is an important Sanjak, but I think Kutahya is more important." Bey: "Because you are the one ruling it" Hu: 'Since we are here, want to look around?" Sumbul is out and about looking at things and someone tells him some shoes are 4 silver coins. Sumbul gets annoyed because he says he just saw the same ones for 2 silver coins. The man says: 'Where are they, I will get some too!" Sumbul notices Beyazid. Beyazid hides. Sumbul wonders if he mistook, but then he sees Beyazid running.
    Beyazid and Hurichihan run away and then she kisses him. Then she says forgive me, and runs away.
    Hurrem meets Rustem and asks if she met with Ebusuud. Rustem: 'I have more important news, Sultanim...Ali agha has invited me for the customary dinner." Hurrem says hopefully he accepted. Rustem says yes, but if he did not go, they would see it as fear. She says well, what could happen, they aren't going to poison you at their own table. Rustem says that anything is possible. If they take his life, the Hunkar will just take a few heads that is it. Hurrem says: "Yuo have three chainmails (sheilds) , Mihrimah, me and our Hunkar....no matter how powerful the arrow is in oru enemies hands...going through these shields, they cannot touch you. Do not ever take that out of your mind."
    The merchant woman flirst with Sumbul as he purchases items from her. Cevher: "My Bey, you cannot find fabric better than this..." Sumbul: "You are right hatun. I haven't seen a better fabric than yours all day! I am buying all of your supply!" Cevher: "May Allah be pleased with you!" Sumbul: "What are you doing, especially with people around???" Cevher: "Forgive me Pasham... I couldn't help myself..." Sumbul: "Did you say Pasham?" Cevher: "Well, you certainly look like one! It is obvious that you are a Pasha." Sumbul freezes for a few seconds, shocked, but oddly pleased with what Cehver says to him. Sumbul: "I am a businessman! I buy and sell goods! What is your name, hatun?" Cevher: "My name is Cevher... I also do business, even though I may not be as experienced as you..."
    Hurichihan is in her room looking at her new violin. The door opens and Fatma arrives. "Hurichihan...means you found a nicer one....what is wrong? Or did our Shehzade do something to make you upset?" Hur: "No...I did something actually." Fatma: "If you don't share your pain it will not go away." Hur: "I don't know how it happened...I could not stop him..I...kissed him." Fatma: "My heart came to my throat! Good for you! You had good reasoning!" Hur: "I did not reason at all...it happened in a moment!" Fatma: "In matters of the heart there is no reason anyway...you must listen to your heart. You ignited the first spark. You even burned it. After that, leave the rest to Beyazid."
    In Hurrem's room. Beyazid arrives: "Validem you wanted to see me" Hurrem: "So you are walking the bazaars in disguise without a single guard?" Bey: "I am not a child, Validem" Hurrem: "In that case, behave like a Shehzade! I am trying to fix your relations with your father and you are busy with getting a violin! What do you have to do with Hurichihan!?" Bey: "Nothing...I just accompanied her to get a violin." Hurrem: " despite there being so many aghas, it has fallen to you to do so? How can you act so thoughtlessly! Thank God no one else knows about this except me! If your father finds out do you know what will happen?!"
    Bey: "If you want, tell him. I don't care." Hurrem: "You had asked, why did my father send Selim and not me...the reason is this! For this reason he did not send you to Manisa! And he is right! Why should he trust you! Look at what you did..." Beyazid: "Be rest assured Validem...the one in your hearts is in Manisa anyway."
    In Manisa...Mahidevran is busy telling Fidan that they need to pick some people for her Charity. Mahi says she will give gifts and asks Fidan to find out what people's tastes are. She asks about Mihrunissa, and then goes to her in the hamam. She asks if she needs anything. Nisa says she does not. Mahi tells her that the tailors are making her nice clothing. She asks about her villa and Nisa says that in another week it shoudl be ready and that by that time the guards should also arrive. Mahi asks why she is so pushy to leave and she says this is more appropriate and that she doesn't want any harm to come to Mustafa. Mahi asks her if she adores Mustafa and she says everyone does. Mahi motions for her to sit and leaves.
    In the morning, we see Rustem going to the Janissary Feast. He goes inside and sees Ali agha who thanks him for accepting the invitation. Rustem says he is honoured to join the valiant soldiers lik ehim. They wait for Rustem to be seated, then they sit. They watch him, as Rustem hesitates. They tell the others to sit and they do. They wait for the first bite, but Rustem does not eat. He looks at their faces. Ali agha says that Ibrahim Pasha had come here too, and that is why they call us the "Pasha's room division" because he was always here...."
    Lokman announces Beyazid who arrives. He bows before his father and then tells him that he has come to say goodbye, Suleyman is surprised saying he said he was going to stay longer and Beyazid says that Lala had sent word some issues need taking care of. Suleyman gives permission. He says: "If I erred, please forgive me." Suleyman: "

    Suleyman: "Beyazit, my lion. I know some things are bothering you. Listen to what I have to say... When I was making the decision about Manisa, I once again realized that each of you have a different place in my heart, but my love for each of you is equal."

    Beyazit: "You love me as a father, but as the leader of this nation, you do not trust me, is that what you mean?"

    Suleyman: "I made this decision to get closer to my children, not to get further away from them. It is the right decision."

    Beyazit: "I wish it were that simple..."

    Suleyman: "I know what a Shehzade feels and goes through, as I used to be one too. But you, Beyazit, do you know what a Padishan feels, can you understand?"

    Beyazit: "As things have been going lately, I don't think I ever will..."

    Ali agha tells Rustem that the soldiers want a war. Rustem says that great wars require preparations...and that peace and war, the Sultan decides. Ali agha calls of the Pasha's soup. Rustem looks at it the soup. Rustem sees him nodding to another Janissary. The guard tastes the soup. Ali agha: "Pasha Hazretleri, what does this mean?! You are our guest. Our guests cannot misunderstand us. And if they do wrong, we will not let them!" Rustem: "This has nothing to do with you...I take precuations in my own palace." Ali: "This is an insult to us! Do you think we, the Janissaries would ever be so low to take a life at our own guest table!? If we take a life, we confront our enemies and take their heads!" Rustem: "You have crossed your limits agha! Too much! Guards!" Ali: "Taking out swords in front of a Janissary is a dangerous thing to do!" Rustem: "Pray that I have not taken your head! You will answer for this! You will all answer for this!"
    Hurrem: "You speak to him also Mihrimah. He won't listen to me now." Mih: " Why did you say that to him, you know him he is so sensitive." Hurrem: "He really made me upset...you speak to him, later I will speak to him again and appease him" Afife arrives and tells Hurrem that Lokman told her that Beyazid is leaving, he is even in the gardens now. Hurrem is shocked!
    Beyazid meanwhile tells Cihangir to go back to the Palace. Cih: "Beyazid, at least say goodbye to our mother...she will be very sad later" Bey: "I don't think so" Bey: "Like I said..whenever you wish come."
    Hurrem tells Suleyman that Beyazid has left and Suleyman wonders if she knows, but she says she does. Lokman arrives and tells him that Nasuh Effendi has arrived. Matrakci tells him that something has happened betwen Ali agha and Rustem Pasha and it was so bad that swords were drawn. Suleyman asks where Rustem is, and Lokman says in the Divan. Suleyman rushes out angrily. Hurrem: "All that was left, was this."
    Rustem: "No one can behave this way with the Grand Vizier. That is why I am firing him." Bar: "I say do not hurry...speak to the Hunkar...because no one can fire a Janissay agha except the Sultan. " Rustem: "I am sure he will think like me as well."
    Suleyman arrives. "Rustem Pasha what is the matter!" Hurrem listens from her secret chamber. Rustem: "Ali agha, overstepped his limits, and insulted me by saying somethings.I warned him but he threatened my life and I was going to come to you with a decree to fire him" Suleyman asks where Ali agha is, and Matrakci responds that he is outside. He is asked to come in.

    Ali: "Who am I to dare to threaten his eminence the Pasha?" Suleyman: "Swords would not be drawn out for no reason?!" Ali: "I invited the Pasha based on our tradition, Hunkarim. While he was there, I discussed some of the problems our unit was facing, and then the food arrived. He then had someone else taste his food for him, which is something we have never encountered before... As if we have placed poison into his food... I informed him that this type of behaviour does not sit well with the Janissaries, then the situation escalated. His men then pulled their swords on us, but because he is your representative, none of the Janissaries gave any response." Suleyman: "Is this poison issue true, Rustem?" Rustem: "It was nothing personal, Hunkarim. I am careful everywhere I go..." Suleyman, looking troubled, sends Ali agha away, and tells Barbarossa to look deeper into this matter and to provide a detailed report. Suleyman says he will make a decision about this issue after the report has been submitted to thim.
    Mihrunissa is out with her horse when she sees a guard. She ties her horse and peeks, but has made noise. She turns to find a man dragging her. The Imperial Guard says: 'Are you not the Kapudan Pasha's daughter? It was obvious you were involved in everything....but it is good, you have come to my feet. And now if I take your life here, no one will hear you." Atmaca arrives and starts cutting through everyone with his friend Yavuz. "Are you alright?" She says she is. The fight starts. The two start slicing until they are all dead. Yavuz said it was bad that the Shehzade wanted him alive. Mihrunissa says it is her fault. Atmaca says they will find a solution which saves her and them.

    Afife arrives and she says she has made some drink for her for her benefit. She drinks it. She asks if she is better. Hurrem says she is sometimes bad at night, but it is getting better. Afife asks if Hurrem is choosing the women who go to the Hunkar. Hurrem asks if it is a problem. Afife says it is better if she chooses them. Hurrem tells her to worry about Fatma Sultan because she does not want to live through the same things all over again.
    Hurichihan is crying: 'Did he leave because of me" Fatma: "He would have left one day anyway" Huri: "He left without saying goodbye. He probably did not want to even see my face"
    There is a knock and Melek says there is a matter to do with Valeria and she should speak to her.
    Meanwhile, Dilshah wonders if Nurbanu is sewing clothing out of being so bored. "I told you...do not wait...he will never call you again."

    Nurbanu: "So then why am I getting ready?" Dilshah: 'What does that mean?" Canfeda arrives: "Nurbanu aren't you finished yet getting ready? We cannot make the Shehzade wait."
    We see Valeria and she has come to see Fatma, who asks her what is it, if Hurrem found out about them sending her...but Valeria says no one knows anything. Fatma tells her to speak up already!
    Meanwhile Hurrem is aksing Suleyman about what has happened Suleyman: "There are complaints about him...and on top of all that, the Janissary and him got into a row and swords were drawn!" Hurrem: "How could that happne...if your Grand Vizier does such a thing, of course he had a reason..." Suleyman: 'I am invstigating and I will find out who was right!" Hurrem: "You know the best of course...but a loyal, qualified statesman like Rustem.. oh Allah! how sad Mihrimah must be now."
    Meanwhile, Mustafa is scolding Nisa: "I told you it would be dangerous for you to stay...you did not listen to anything I said...if something had happened to you?!" Nisa: "As you see I am okay...I took his life." Mustafa: "Still....what you did cannot be accepted. On the one hand your life was in danger and you wrecked our plans...If Rustem finds out about that traitors death our game will come out in the open!" Nisa: "Do not worry about that. This letter has come for the Head of the Imperial Guard...everything is going as you wanted...Rustem is worried for his life." Mustafa: "Your life is in trouble here..." Nisa: "I do not care...even if I wanted I could not leave. And if I went...my heart would stay heart." She leaves "What have I done?" she says to herself. Mahi sees her leaving his room "What are you saying Fidan?" Fidan: "It is obvious she has feelings for him. She makes excuses to see him" Mahi: "From her insistence on staying it was obvious anyway..."
    Selim is in his room when Nurbanu arrives with her mask. He asks who she is. She says she is the woman who made him forget everything. She asks if he remembers her. "Nurbanu" She says: "I sometimes think you don't notice me...but maybe it isn't so. If it was so, I would be very sad. You do not get out of my mind at all....Selim: "Are you enchanted hatun?" She says: 'Who knows.."
    Hurrem: "How long has it been since we haven't been alone, if you wish, we can go together to Edirne." Suleyman agrees.

    Lokman asks Valeria what she is doing. She says she needs to see the Sultan. Lokman asks if she is crazy. Our Hunkar is with our Hurrem Sultan, know your place." Fatma tells him to give word to our Hunkar. Lokman enters and announces that Fatma Sultan has come. Hurrem tries to get up, but Suleyman tells her to stay. They are shocked to see Val with her. "Your cariye does not have experience with the rules...she was breathless with excitement at your door...Hunkarim...your cariye is pregnant. You will have a child." Suleyman notices the pain in Hurrem's eyes. Fatma; "May Allah give you a prince.." Then she stares at Hurrem! (ugh, go away Fatma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    THE END.


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