• Muhtesem Yuzyil 106 Translation!

    Hurrem is in her room asleep, when she wakes up from feeling hot and feverish...she goes to her terrace.
    Hurrem monologue: "Youth is a book, once you read it, it is finished...my soul is still spring but actually it is already winter...you know that joy...that chirping bird? How...how did it come and how did it go?"
    Fahriye wakes up and notices Hurrem is not in her bed...she goes to the terrace, when she arrives, she says: "Sultanim..." This is when Hurrem faints....
    W see a woman's hands from a carriage...and a young man with a load of apples on his back. She motions the driver to stop and hops out...grabs an apple flirtatiously. The man notices her and is intrigued.
    Fatma: "Are you selling these?"
    Youth: "Let it be my treat (to you)"
    Fatma: "No...tell me what you want?"
    Youth: "If that is the case, then let me see your face just once"
    Fatma: "Hmm...but there are other women in the carriage, and those women will also want apples."
    Youth: "Take as much as you please, it is all yours." She lets him put them in her skirt, still flirting and laughing...and then she saunters back and glances back one last time, this time...with her face open. The young man swoons! (hahaha, one look and his heart was pierced.)
    She gets into the carriage. The girls are laughing...
    Fatma: "We are close to the palace...we have got to value these moments of peace...don't look on that way, take one! (apple). In the palace there are thousands of eyes, thousands of ears...you will be under a cage...one cannot eat the apple one craves like this"
    Melek: "You will blind those eyes and deafen those ears Sultanim!"
    Fatma: "This time we have more important work to do than entertain the heart."
    Meanwhile the cariyes in the Palace are wondering about the gossip they have heard about Hurrem being ill.
    Gulfem: "What is going on Afife Hatun...what are these hatuns talking about..is Hurrem Sultan ill?"

    Afife: "She collapsed in the morning they are saying...for quite some time now the doctor is inside...they won't even allow me in there"
    Gulfem: "In that case, her condition is critical..."
    Afife: "May God protect her...The doctor will figure it out soon then we will know."
    In Hurrem's room, Hurrem sits up on the bed, the doctor is leaving the room.
    Fahriye says to the doctor: "Hatun! Keep a lid on it! Nobody will know about our Sultana's cessation of her habit (menopause, because that is how they are saying it, but I will just stick to menopause). If anyone finds out, I will cut off that tongue of yours!"
    The doctor exits.

    Sumbul: "Sultanim...you made us so scared.."
    Hurrem: "So I guess this is the end...I was expecting it anyway..after all those medicines, herbs...but this has to be of benefit."

    Sumbul: "Do not be sad Sultanim...you have lion like shehzades thank God...after this you will not be able to have any other children...(duh Sumbul!)
    Hurrem: "How time passes quickly! I remember it as if yesterday...holding Mehmet in my arms....after that Mihrimah, Selim, Beyazid, Cihangir..."

    Afife sees the doctor leaving and corners her. Afife: "Tell me Hatun, what is wrong with our Sultana?!"
    Doctor: "Nothing to worry about Afife Hatun...she must have eaten something off"
    Gulfem: "How is it not important...Sumbul agha got the whole harem on it's feet."
    The doctor: "He was worried of course...thank God her condition is good now...with your permission, I must now go get her medicine ready" when the woman leaves Gulfem says: "Did you see her state...she is hiding something" Afife: "I do not think so...and what would it be anyway? Allah forbid if it was a critical illness who would hide it and how could it be hidden"
    Agha: "Afife Hatun...The Gate Keeper has sent word...Fatma Sultan has just arrived at the Palace."
    Gulfem: "What are you saying? There was still time"

    Afife: "Oh Allah! Agha...send word to the kalfas...they should get her room ready."
    In her room, Hurrem is inconsolable, and Fahriye and Sumbul are trying to make her feel better.
    Hurrem: "Just when I got my strength and power back....where did this come from all of a sudden? If it falls to the cariyes tongues...no one will be able to stop their gossip!"
    Fahriye: "We will take care of it Sultanim...you sleep for a while, get some rest."
    Hurrem: "No...no sleep...no rest..now more than ever I must stand up straight..Did you not see how they threatened me?! (the scorpion)"

    Sumbul: "They also killed Aziz agha."

    Hurrem: "They came to my bed! They came to the place I trust the most! I wake up to a scorpion near my head!"
    Sumbul: "Everyone has been questioned about that night Sultanim...no one saw anything...and for your safety, I have thrown them all out of the Palace (they are no longer working)
    Hurrem: "I would be surprised had you found anything out...no one should know about these incidents...especially about what happened last night...My enemies who lurk...they will see that as a weakness"

    Sumbul: "How can we hide it it will come out in the open."
    Hurrem: "When you have no idea and you start wailing and crying out this is what happens....I hope our Hunkar has not heard of it..."

    Sumbul: "I wanted to inform our Hunkar...anyway there was no one left in the harem who had not heard of it...He would certainly have found out."
    Hurrem to Fahriye: "Get my clothes at once"

    Fahriye: "They doctor said you should not get out of bed..."
    Hurrem: "I said get my clothes! He should not see me like this! Hurry up!"

    In the gardens, we see Fatma Sultan has arrived. Gulfem: "Sultanim" Fatma: "What is with you Gulfem? Or are you unhappy to see me?"
    Gulfem: "Please excuse my surprise Sultanim...we were waiting for you a week later for that reason"
    Fatma: "My horses are like me...we came flying."
    Fatma: "Afife Hatun?"

    Afife: "Welcome Sultanim, I hope you are well"
    Fatma: "After seeing you, I am much better...send as many aghas as there are..they should carry my belongings...ahh look who I brought for you (Hurichihan)...come close."

    Hurrem's door opens and Suleyman enters. "Hurrem...are you alright...they told me you have fallen ill"

    Hurrem: "It is nothing important Suleyman...they have exaggerated. I was not feeling well last night, that is all"
    Suleyman: "Your colour has faded...and you have a fever...why are on your feet. Get some rest"

    Hurrem: "You came didn't you...could there be a greater cure for me than this?"

    Suleyman: "I was up all night anyway...why didn't you send me word?"
    Hurrem: "I was better (she tries to change the subject) Why didn't you sleep?"
    Suleyman: "I had a dream...rather a nightmare...then I could not sleep."

    In Mihrimah's palace Rustem is preparing to leave. "Mihrimah: "Rustem...where have you been? for days now you wake up early to leave and come back late at night"
    Rustem: "It is just matters of the state Sultanim...I am very busy...I must go...did something happen?"

    Mihrimah: "I was just wondering...Aziz Agha is also missing...no matter who I ask, no one knows where he is."
    Rustem: "I asked them to say that."

    Mihrimah: "What does that mean?"
    Rustem: "He has died Sultanim....they killed him! They send his head to me!"
    Mihrimah: "Who did this? Why?"
    Rustem: "I am looking into it...but it is apparent it is from Shehzade Mustafa's side..."
    Mihrimah: "They think you are responsible for the assassination attempt right?"
    Rustem: "The day has arrived for my enemies....they were looking for an excuse anyway...Sending a strong wind to throw me from my position is the matter at hand for them"

    Mihrimah, she holds his face, (he swoons too lol): "Do not worry...no one can have the power to do this...I won't let them!"

    Rustem: "Mihrimah...my spring, my light...you stay beside me that is enough for me...Dragons or monsters could stand in front of me...I will shoot the pupil in heir eye and drop them all!"
    In the harem corridor Fatma, Gulfem, Afife, Melek an Hurichihan are walking.

    Afife: "I wish you had sent word Sultanim...we could get your room ready."
    Fatma: "You will look after it...where is Hurrem...how come she did not come to meet me? I guess she didn't know."
    Gulfem: "She is not well Sultanim...she is resting."
    Fatma: "May Allah protect her for the evil eye...or did she faint upon finding out that i was here? Oh well then we must visit her...I am sure when she sees me she will be very happy." (She smiles a lot doesn't she??)
    Suleyman is with Hurrem. He is telling her about his dream. Suleyman: " I saw Mustafa, Hurrem...he had an arrow in his hand. (flashback of his dream...a bloody arrow and mustafa holding it and on the arrow is written in Arabic script "Allah". "A bloody arrow...he was staring into my eyes...for a while now I am finding this dream in my sleep"
    Hurrem: "The attack incident has made you very upset..obviously you are still under the influence of it. I am also not feeling comfortable Suleyman...illness and death are circling...we must protect our Shehzades"

    Suleyman: "Do not be afraid...from this point on my eyes are on them"
    Fatma enters, again all smiles!. "Forgive me for coming before my appointed time but you know me...when I need to go somewhere I can't stay...I knew I had to leave at once!' Hurrem looks on with disdain...
    Suleyman: "You did good my beautiful sister...welcome!"

    Hurrem: "How pleasant to see you again in this palace Sultanim"

    Fatma: "You too Hurrem...I was just told you are not well? This is why I thought I would come visit you first...May it pass...I hope it is nothing serious?"
    Hurrem: "As you see I am well thank God it is nothing serious."
    Fatma: "You should still take it seriously...as you know at a certain age, one must take precautions."
    Suleyman: "I heard you were very troubled...I hope you are better"
    Fatma: "I have seen you once again and all my worries have gone...May Allah never remove you from amongst us!" Suleyman: 'Amin...come sit..."

    Fatma: "Hunkarim, first of all there is someone I would like to present to you...if you permit of course."
    Suleyman: "Who is it, they should come at once."
    Hurichihan: "Hunkarim..." Fatma: "You recognize her don't you? much time has passed...Hurichihan...Hatice's daughter, mercy on her soul"
    Suleyman sees flashbacks of his sister and Ibrahim's deaths...
    Meanwhile on Barbarossa's ship, his daughter Mihrunissa (we will call her Nisa) asks: "Who is this?"
    Man: "Shehzade Mustafan's personal messenger...he has brought word for Hizr Hayreddin Pasha."

    Nisa: "Give it to me."
    Atmaca laughs haha: "He has commanded me to deliver it to him personally"

    Nisa pulls a dagger and rushes to his throat: "if I cut your throat I wonder how you will be able to deliver it."
    Atmaca looks like he could care less: "Send word to our Pasha...I do not have times to play games."

    Barbarossa: "What is going on here?"

    Nisa: "News has come from our Shehzade Mustafa...but his messenger has no faith in me..."

    Barb: "In front of you stands my daughter, messenger."
    Atmaca: "Forgive me, Pasha Hazretleri." Nisa takes her dagger back.
    In the corridor of Amasya Palace, Yahya and Mustafa are walking...they enter Mustafa's room.

    Taslicali: "He had the sealed letter from the Pasha in his hand...why did you doubt him?"
    Mustafa: "I simply wanted to be certain...because I no longer have any trust left in anybody"
    Taslicali: "And the other messenger?"
    Mustafa: "Keep an eye on him..without the confirmation (we are awaiting) he cannot enter the palace....also the real issue is the traitor in our midst. We must find out who it is soon."
    On Barbarossa's ship, Barbarossa is speaking to his daughter. Barbarossa: "What has our Shehzade ordered?"
    Nisa: "They are questioning the messenger. He came along with a soldier...and they came along with a letter with your seal on it..a letter where you have written that you have sent them and that you are sending them to be a liason between you two."
    Barbarossa: "Oh so it means I sent you to our Shehzade? Is that right?" Atmaca: "I was forced to say that Pasha Hazretleri...otherwise I could not enter the palace." Barbarossa: "What does this mean? Who are you?" Atmaca: "With your permission I would like to speak about this matter to you."
    Meanwhile in Hurrem's room, Fatma, Hurrem, Sumbul and Gulfem are together. Hurrem: "I heard that you have some troubles with your spouse Mustafa Pasha...hopefully you have come to peace between you." Fatma: "There is not a single trouble between us, because I divorced him!" Hurrem: "Sumbul agha is a room ready for Hurichihan Sultan?" Sumbul: " Yes, I gave word" Fatma: "There is no need Sumbul...she will stay with me. How did she grow up...she is beautiful is she not?" Hurrem: "Yes, she is just as beautiful as her mother Hatice Sultan." Fatma: "She has her father's traits too."
    Afife arrives. Afife: "Sultanim your room is ready...if you wish we can go first to the hamam...it will take away your fatigue."

    Fatma: "We will go at night..." She gets up to leave.
    Beyazid and Cihangir are walking with each other in the harem corridor Hurichihan comes across them and is happy, but they simply smile and keep walking...she looks sad. Fatma comes across them. "Cihangir?!" Cih: "Sultanim...so you came!" Fatma: "My lion Shehzade! I was very sad I could not attend your sword ceremony!" Cihangir: "Don't worry...you did not miss much to be honest..." he introduces Beyazid to her.
    Beyazid: "Sultanim, I have heard a lot about you...we meet at last!" Fatma: "I thought you had returned to your Sanjak. I am so happy I could see you. You have become a brave Shehzade! May Allah protect you!"
    Back on Barbarossa's ship inside his cabin Atmaca speaks: "They call me Atmaca. I am one of the sons of the Turhan, an Akinci Bey (Raiders). I have been tasked with the protection of Shehzade Mustafa...no one including the Shehzade knows about this...except you of course...otherwise I cannot do my job of protecting him."
    Barbarossa: "Who gave you this task?"
    Atmaca: "Shehzade Mustafa's friends!"
    Nisa: "Why shoudl we trust you?" (She reminds me kind of the girl from the Disney animation the Hunchback of Notre Dame)

    At: "If I was a traitor, I would not come here by my own feet."
    Our Shehzade sent you with two soldiers, you had no choice but to come here."
    At: "The fact that these soldiers are still alive are proof of my loyalty...I was there and saved our Shehzade from the assassination."

    Barbarossa: "There needs to be more than just these words to make sure that you are loyal."
    At: "I have someone who I want you to talk to Pasha Hazretleri...I think that he will give you some answers that will persuade you."
    Barbarossa: "Who is it?"
    At: "Shaykh al islam Fenerizade Efendi Muyhiddin!"
    Rustem has arrived to visit Fenerizade Efendi. He apologized for disturbing him at such a busy time. Fenerzade asks what is the matter and Rustem says that there are some words going around and he wishes to hear his side of the story. Rustem tells him about Cevizade Efendi who was dismissed from his position because of Fatwas he had made that were considered inappropriate. Fenerzade tells Rustem that his family has served the Ottoman state for more than one hundred years and that he won't learn what is right or wrong from him! Rustem says that this is not only his concerns, but the Sultan has the same concerns and the Seyh responds that in that case he will speak to the Sultan instead. Fenerzade angrily tells Rustem that he was not brought to his position by the influence of women, but on merit something which of course, angers Rustem who responds that he should be careful, since he has come to his position and rank by the Sultan's orders! Fenerzade says that Rustem will also go one day by the Sultan's orders and that the Sultan would note fire the Seyhs and he will continue his tasks until Allah takes his soul...Rustem says that he shouldn't be so arrogant as Allah does not love the arrogant.
    At night in the hamam Fatma is bathing and Merve is with her telling her how the harem is unhappy. They comment on how smart Hurrem is..Fatma: "Do you think it is easy to be standing in the harem at the top? Before coming here, I thought it would be difficult our task ahead...but seeing Hurrem has made me think our task might be easy." Merve asks her what she means and Fatma says that she saw that there is a fire in Hurrem's eyes still..but that just like time does not feel sorry for anyone, it will not feel sorry for her!" (Fatma's smile is making my face hurt because it must be painful to smile that wide and that much all the time!)
    Meanwhile, Sumbul and Fahriye are i with Hurrem in her room. "Hurrem: "All that was left was Fatma Sultan...she divorced her husband and then shows up here."
    Sumbul: "She is not like her siblings Sultanim..they call her the joyful and playful Sultan...I do not think she wants to stand in front of you as an enemy"

    Hurrem: "She is very fond of her freedom you also said..in coming here, it means she has some accounts to settle...and besides, she also brought Hurichihan with her." She gets up and they try to help her but she raises her hands...
    Fahriye: "Sultanim"
    She goes to her bed. "If she wants to be friends my door is open...if she wants to fight me then I will send her to her sisters!"
    Meanwhile, Selim is riding to the Palace in Manisa. He dismounts from his horse and walks over to one of his guards. He asks why everyone has gathered and the guard says that the people of Manisa wished to meet their Shehzade. Selim: "What was the need for this?" Guard: "A Prince has come to the Sanjak...they are joyful of course." Selim tells the guard to still take precautions.
    He walks through as the people cry out "Long Live Shehzade Selim!"

    Meanwhile we see Beyazid painting (I love to paint toooo). Hurichihan has come to meet her. She says she is looking for Cihangir and wishes to meet him. Beyazid says "So you are Hurichihan Sultan? I didn't get to meet you." Hur: " Well, I didn't want to disturb you." Beyazid: "No, please how is your brother Osman. He wanted to come too, but he is with Beyhan Sultan and he did not have the heart to leave her alone...as you know since my mother died, we have been staying with her..."
    Beyazid: "May her place be in heaven...I will never forget our Hatice Sultan's beautiful face...you also look like her..." Hur: "What are these? Are you making tile( tile or? China dish?)"
    Bey: "Yes, do you like it?" Hur: "A lot! I have always been curious how it is made." Bey: "In that case you are in the right place..you have a tile/china dish master right in front of you, come sit."
    Rustem is waiting and Hurrem arrives "Has any new news come?" Rustem: "There is not a sound...but it means they will soon make their move" Hurrem: "I still cannot believe how Mustafa could do such a thing" Rustem: " It is obvious who is his intelligent mentor...This is Barbarossa's ingenuity." Hurrem: "If the Shehzade doesn't give the order no one can dare do such a thing. It is apparent that Mustafa has decided to go to war...you know that this will be a bloody war right Rustem? It will either be me or him! Only one of us can live in this world!"
    Rustem: "It is obvious they have declared war against me...now they are working and preparing for a big war..let us accept Sultanim that under these circumstances we cannot defeat them."
    Hurrem: "What is your advice?"
    Rustem: "Uprising Sultanim...make sure they rebel for the throne! That will certainly bring the wrath of the Sultan upon them!"
    Hurrem: "Mustafa is loyal to our Hunkar..anything can pass through his mind, but not betrayal...his fight is with us."

    Rustem: "For today yes...but  no one knows what will happen tomorrow..and under this sun many brothers blood has spilled Sultanim don't forget that...the blood of many fathers...and many sons..."

    Mihrimah and Cihangir arrive to see Beyazid. Cihangir comments that he escaped with a lot of diffuclty from the boring job of watching Beyazid show off his tiling skills and now he has found a new sacrificial lamb...Hurichian respnods that she enjoys it very much and nthen she turns to greet Mihrimah. Mihrimah comments on how beautiful she looks and Hur says: "Beside your light, whoever it may be will pale in comparison." Mih: "When you are available come to me as well...I would love to have you in my palace." Hur: "Of course, if you permit, I must leave, I do not want Fatma Sultan to worry about me" Mihrimah notices how Beyazid watches her...
    Mihrimah says to Beyazid when Hurichihan has left: "You will deny it now, but I will say it anyway...becareful with your relations with Hurichihan it is not appropriate for you to be with her here alone... she will misunderstand."
    Beyazid: "What are you saying Mihrimah...she is like a sister to me!"
    Mih: "Of course...but not everyone thinks this way Beyazid..she is a beautiful young Sultan and we should not let people say meaningless gossip about her" Beyazid: "As you command Validem! If you have any other wishes..."

    Mihrimah: "You never take anything seriously!"
    Beyazid: "Leave that now..why haven't you spoken to our mother..about the money?"
    Mihrimah: It is is not a good time to speak to her right now...she is nervous and quite short tempered. Don't worry I will give you the money you want."

    Bey: "And this is my beautiful of the beautiful sister!...and what is wrong with my mother?" Mih: "I do not know...she is very place, right Cihangir? "
    Cih: "For a long time she is unhappy...maybe it is because of Fatma Sultan...he smiles in his joking way ...as you know, she could not make peace with our Sultanas...."They giggle.
    The doctor is making medicine, when Fatma arrives. She asks who she is making the medicine for. She smells it and asks what is in it. The doctor describes how the herbs are good for the stomach and Fatma says don't you give these to pregnant women to make them miscarry/ or women who have miscarried? The doctor says yes, but that it is also good for the stomach...Fatma says well if Hurrem was pregnant we would all know about it! The doctor tries to emphasise that it has nothing to do with that but Fatma asks if she is lying or hiding anyhthing and the doctor says no and she says " well why are you shaking then? I can hear your heart beats from here!" Fatma tells her not to be afraid. Fatma tries to persuade her, but the doctor won't say anything, so finally she says that she will go to the Sultan and inform him of Hurrem being seriously ill, and the doctor quickly says no, she is not seriously ill, it is simply she has stopped getting her periods...Fatma does her smile "Ahhh so that is why...it isn't as if it did not cross my mind..."
    Meanwhile Hurrem speaks with Rustem : "Forget about Fatma Sultan..I do not think she will walk the way of her sisters...becuase she knows what will befall her. You find out who in the state supports Mustafa...we will have to save ourselves from them one by one."

    Rustem: "The biggest supporter is Barbarossa...and also Seyhul Islam Feneizade." Hurrem: "Sehulislam?" Rustem: "Yes, I visited him...Ebusuud Efendi has many complaints about him...and our Hunkar asked me to meet with him." Hurrem: "What is the matter?" Rustem: "He wants to stop the money going to the Foundation Charities...and he has other thoughts...for example, trying to get rid of me...he openly threatened me..It is obvious he is on Sh. Mustafa's side...We have to be rid of him at the earliest opportunity."
    Hurrem: "How can we do that? That office is important."
    Rustem: "That is why I am saying this...if a Sheyhul islam who is a friend to us gets into that position...like Ebusuud Efendi...then we will be powerful" Hurrem: "In that case look into it...but not by death Rustem...keep it within the rules" Rustem: 'Then there is only one want Sultanim...he must want to resign...actually in truth...he will be forced to resign."
    In Fatma's room, Fatma tells Merve how Gulfem was right...that there was  something secret to Hurrem's illness. Merve says she does not understand why it was kept a secret. Fatma says " well she wasn't going to announce it! It is a difficult condition for a woman...especially if you are Hurrem..if you have all your power in your love and womanhood...then it is very difficult. Hurichihan arrives. Fatma asks where she is coming from and she says she was visiting the shehzades. Fatma says that she was just worried. "Oh so you visited the shehzades..." (her smile!!!!! it is too much! She is pretty, but her smile is too much!)

    Fatma that there is a party at night and to tell Afife that she should not forget to invite Hurrem!
    Suleyman is on his terrace, and sees his sons laughing below...then he recalls his words with Beyazid when he was angry with him about his fighting with Selim, telling him that if he does not leave pushing people to do something bad then he is part of that bad too. And Beyazid's response that others do that to him. Rustem arrives " I finally met with Sheyhul islam and unfortunately Ebusuud's concerns are not without grounds. He said that it is an honour for him to go the way of the other sheyh who made the same errors. He said that he can do whatever he sees fit and  he will not answer to anyone. He also said some other things.."
    Suleyman:  "I will personally look into this matter Rustem...if there is nothing else, you may leave."
    In Mustafa's room...
    Mahidevran: "What Charity foundation are you talking about Mustafa?" Mustafa: "A foundation in your own name...from now on the the assistance you give to the public will go under this foundation." Mahi: "I am abiding by the rules already" Mahi: "This foundation will be welcoming to anyone who loves us...we will hold them next to us."
    Mahi understands "Mustafa, you always have the right intention but don't let your feelings cover your eyes...do not take your mind off your path."
    Taslicali arrives "H. H. Pasha (hahah short form of Hizr Hayreddin) has sent word with someone who wishes to be allowed in your presence." Mihrunissa arrives (Nisa). "H. H Pasha's daughter" "Yes...a lot of time has passed...that you even recall my name is a great honour for me." (did you notice Mustafa's eyes immediately checking her out!)

    Mahi: "So you are our Pasha's famous daughter...I have heard your name quite a bit...welcome"
    Nisa: "Thank you Sultanim...I always dreamed of standing under the same roof as you...I was destined for it today"
    Mustafa: "Why did our Pasha send you?" Nisa: "He did not want any kind of doubt in your mind...we recieived your word...those two messengers were sent by my father...you can trust them...I have many issues to discuss with you"
    Atmaca is with his friend when the head of the imperial guard arrives asking who the girl was who came with him and where she went. Atmaca says they told the gate keeper did he not inform? He tells him that it is Barbie's daughter and that she wished to visit Mahi, so he accompanied her. The Head of the Imperial guard asks how Barbie is doing and Atmaca replies that he is well.
    Nisa is speaking to Mustafa meanwhile, she tells him how an arrow aimed at him, is shooting an arrow at the Ottoman empire which will not be accepted. He says he has no doubt in her loyalty and asks what the Pasha's advice is. Nisa says that it is obvious Rustem is behind the assassination incident. Mustafa agrees and Nisa says that the Janissaries are needed for this and Mahi agrees saying that it is time the Janissaries put their words of love into practice. Nisa says that they are powerful in the capital as well and that there are many Sanjak beys who they are in contact with as well. Taslicali adds that no one is happy with Rustem anyway and that it is important to gather these responses all to a center. Mustafa says the center will be here (Amasya) and that before everything they must find the traitor in the Palace.
    Hurrem is speaiking to Hurrem and tells her that she is taking care of the matter of Selim and he has sent a woman with him. Mihrimah asks if she is one to do as she wants and Hurrem says that time will tell and asks if she met with Fatma Sultan. Mihrimah says she has , they spoke for a bit and that there is a party and that she wants her to stay as well. Hurrem says she knows, Afife told her too, and that it wouldn't be good if they didn't join. Mihrimah says that although her mother tells her it is nothing, that she can tell she is unwell. Hurrem tells her they will talk at a more appropriate time, they should not make their Sultana wait!
    In Manisa, Canfeda and Nurbanu are in the hamam. Canfeda wonders why she is so in a hurry for halvet that she will send her when it is time but Nurbanu says no, the sooner the better. Canfeda "Not, you, I decide!" Nur: "You heard Hurrem Sultan's orders...you will do as I say." Canfeda: "Gazanfer agha will ask that is why! Without his knowledge no one can go into that room!" Nur: "Who is this Gazanfer?" Canfeda: "He is our Shehzadde's personal agha...responsible for his room...being on his good side is critical!"

    Nur: "He should be good with me...because I will become this Palace's sulatana!'
    Canfeda: ;Don't be so sure of yourself! Many women came and left this place" Nur: 'You just get my clothes!"
    In Manisa, in Selim's room...Selim asks if he saw the crowd outside the palace. Gazanfar says that of course and praises him. Selim says that everyone was thinking it would be Beyazid or Mustafa..his agha tries to stop him from drinking more, and Selim says that he will sleep. Gazanfar asks if he should send a woman and Selim says his soul is already in a storm...

    PART 2

    It is night time and the party in the harem.
    Gulfem: "What a good thing you did Sultanim...for so long no one has been smiling...in your shadow the harem joy has returned to the harem."
    Fatma: "You will soon see the real entertainment!"
    Afife then welcomes Hurrem and Mihrimah. Hurrem: "May Allah make our happiness eternal"
    Fatma: "Ameen."  The girls continue to dance and Hurrem and Mihrimah are uncomfortable.

    Meanwhile, Canfeda is with Nurbanu and they come across Gazanfer agha "I have brought such a "Hur" (beautiful woman of heaven) for our Shehzade....may Allah protect her from the evil eye." Gazanfer takes the kalfa aside: "How many times have I told you, our Shehzade doesn't like such guant, frail women...they have to be voluptuous!" Canfeda: 'The order comes from a high place...she is a gift from Hurrem Sultan." Gaz: "How would our Sultana know our Shehzade's desires...take her away...ask Dilshah to come."

    Nurbanu: "There is no Dilshah...there is no other woman...I am here" She starts speaking to him in Italian: "I said, there is no Dilshah...there is no other woman...only I am here" Gaz: "Who are you, where do you come from?" Nur: "I come from where you came from....Venice...my name was Cecilia...Cecilia Baffo. Gaz: "So you are from the Baffo family..." Nur: "Not anymore..Hurrem Sultan gave me the name Nurbanu...and she sent me personally. Now tell the aghas to open the door!"
    In the party in the harem, Fatma says: "I pray to God thanking Him that I was born a Sultana...otherwise I would have to endure a life with that sinister man." Mihrimah: "I thought you married out of love?" Fatma: "What you call love is just a wind which comes and goes Mihrimah. You actually did the best thing...you married a man who you didn't give your heart to, and it is the end of frustrations."
    Mihrimah: "I am happy in my situation Sultanim" Fatma: "That is great! I always want to see you in this happy condition...how sad that none of us were as lucky as Hurrem...she breathes with the love of the Sultan of the world!" Hurrem: "You should not doubt it." Fatma: "And why would I? For years he loved you and you are the envy of all those he does not love...I hope God destines us all for such a love!"
    Hurrem: "Sultanim, if you permit, I need to go to my room, I will meet you later" Fatma: "Hurrem. When I heard I felt very sad...May it pass..." Hurrem: "What are you talking about?" Fatma: "Your period has stopped Do not be sad...finally this will happen to all of us one day."
    Hurrem walks away. Fatma assesses the damage she has done. She goes to her room. Afife follows. "You may leave Afife hatun. Leave me alone." She cries as she looks at herself in the mirror (:( why do women always make other women feel bad about themselves?????)
    Fatma: "Oh....I thought everyone knew. Mihrimah? You did not know either?" Mihrimah: "Of course I knew Sultanim. Sumbul agha continue the music." Fatma: "We are going to have to raise her spirits (Hurrem)." Mihrimah: "Be careful Sultanim...playing with a woman's feelings is a dangerous game...especially if that woman is Hurrem Sultan."
    Dilshah is with Selim and Nurbanu has been sent back. She is angry. Canfeda: "I told you hatun, if you actt his way, this is what will happen!" Nur: " Dilshah is there, and I am here! Hurrem Sultan will ask about this! Canfeda: :What are you going to say to Hurrem Sultan? That you were turned away on your first try!" Canfeda: "Be patient! I will give you what you want...at the very least, you will spend one night in our Shehzade's heaven. Now return to the harem when the time comes I will send word to you." Nurbanu: "We will see who will enter the heaven..."
    Ebuusud is with Suleyman, who says: "I have the same dream every night...Mustafa has a bloody arrow in his hand...on it is written the name of Allah...What do you think this means?"
    Ebu Suud: "We need to look at the good side of things, Hunkarim. It is clear that our Lord Almighty is with our Shehzade. God has protected our Shehzade with his arrows and has tied him to you."
    Suleyman: "Mustafa offered the bloody arrow to me... And when I took it, the arrow turned into a flame."

    Ebu Suud: "Our lord has taken Mustafa's life and has entrusted it in your hands."

    Lokman arrives and announces the Sheyh ul Islam.  Fenerizade arrives : "Hunkarim..." Suleyman asks him to sit.

    Meanwhile, Fatma is with Gulfem in her room. Fatma: "Did you see Hurrem's face? As if the world fell on her face!"  Gulfem: "forgive me but, but it seemed a bit cruel to everyone?" Fatma: "Not for me Gulfem..time does not feel sorry ...it will happen to us too one day" Melek (sorry guys I think I called her merve? I will correct it in the first part, I guess I was sleepy haha) arrives with a cariye.
    Fatma: "Is this her?"
    Melek: "You didn't like her?"

    Fatma: "She has a pretty face and her hair is also pretty...she is not horrible at all...good...but it is a surprise this woman is still alive..."
    Melek: "She came from the old Palace Sultanim...Thanks to Gulfem who recommended her."
    Gulfem: "I did recommend but it won't work...how many women came and left..."

    Fatma: "It is different this time Gulfem...Hurrem is old now...especially now that she is menopausal..she cannot stop any woman with their youth and beauty!"
    Mihrimah is with her mother and Humashah. "Why didn't you tell me Validem? At least you could have shared it with me?"
    Hurrem: "Gulbahar!" Hurrem: "I wasn't going to hide it from you...I just needed some time." Mihrimah: "Validem." Hurrem: "Do not worry I am fine...and finally this does not change anything in my life...but still it upsets a human.the past comes to mind...the years we didn't appreciate came and went." Mihrimah: "You are worrying out of place Validem...no women could leave behind such a magnificent past as you...that is why they are attacking you anyway...you are of the sun, never showing shadow on your face!"
    Hurrem: "One day the sun will set...I need to prepare myself for that day."
    Mihrimah: "May Allah keep you with us"
    Hurrem: "Not yet Mihrimah...I can't fade when I have to light the road for you and your brothers."

    Süleyman, Ebussuud ve Fenerizade’yle birliktedir..  Dikkatle ikiliyi dinler.

    Ebu Suud: "Those people who are in public office, Hunkarim, need to think twice before saying anything... If something gets said incorrectly, it can have grave consequences."

    Fenerizade: "What was said that can be deemed incorrect, Efendi?"

    Ebu Suud: "It was mentioned by you that religious charitable organizations are not lawful. Those people who wish to do good deeds set these types of organizations up and we cannot prevent them from doing so to help people, and we cannot stop people from being helped."

    Fenerizade: "This issue has been frowned upon for quite some time, and we cannot have funds being placed into trust funds like this!"

    Ebu Suud: "This is your opinion... Ibn-i Kemal Efendi, may God rest his soul, has ruled that this type of trust fund is acceptable, and he has recorded this in one of his treatise."

    Fenerizade: "Many imam's and Sheikh-ul Islam Sabik Civizade have agreed with my opinion on this matter."

    Ebu Suud: "It is obvious that there will be disagreements between imams, however, Imam Zufer has written a fatwa allowing such trust funds to be created."

    Fenerizade: "If that is the case, then what are we to do with the rulings made by legal judges?"

    Ebu Suud: "A judge cannot overrule the ruling passed by a judge that has come before him. If such a treatise has been written beforehand, the other judges must accept it!"

    Suleyman: "This is enough, Sheikh-ul Islam Efendi. Ebu Suud Efendi is correct on this matter, as we cannot disturb the peace and cut so many people off the benefits they are receiving from these trusts."

    In Amasya...Nisa is speaking to Mustafa "My father didn't want me to come...I insisted" Mus: "Why?" It is obvious she has something else in mind, but instead Nisa says: "Istanbul is a beautiful city but I don't know anyone there..it is very boring sitting in a ship all day long ." Mus: "Why did you not return to Algeria?" Nisa: "After years coming here...I did not want to go away without seeing you...how sad that it had to be because of such an issue."

    Mustafa: "When are you leaving?" Nisa: "Are you already bored of me?"
    Mustafa: "It makes me happy for you to be here of course, but as you know this will be used against us!"
    Nisa: "I know it is not proper for me to stay in the palace...I will soon find myself a little villa an ordinary household..."

    Mustafa: "You want to stay here." Nisa: "At least until I have to go back out to sea..."
    Mustafa: "The reality is, just like your father, I do not want  you to get involved in these matters...I don't want any harm to come to you." Atmaca arrives. "You called for me?" Mus: "They call you Atmaca." At: "Yes" Nisa: "There is no faster messenger than him...that is why they call him Atamaca" Mustafa: "If that is the case, show me the worth of your name and somehow take this to both our friends and enemies!"
    We see Atmaca and his friend on a horse and also the Imperial guard watches them..

    In the harem at night, Melek is getting the cariye ready, telling her not to be afraid because Fatma Sultan is behind him. Lokman takes some reward and takes her off.
    Hurrem asks what happened between Beyazid and his father. Why they don't really talk to each other. Bey: "Because of the son you sent to Manisa Validem...He openly lied and got me in trouble with our Hunkar." Hurrem: "What lie was that?" Bey: "When we were hunting he fell from his horse and was lost...when I found him, he had fallen under the hands of bandits...I saved him" Hurrem: "What is this I am hearing?!" Beyazid: "Selim denied it and blamed me with his lie...and our Hunkar believed him as always and was angry with me...since then we haven't spoken at all."

    Hurrem: "Why didn't you tell me then?" Beyazid: "What would happen if I did tell you...you supported Selim anyway" Hurrem: "Beyazid..." Bey: "I am not a child Validem..I see what everyone thinks and does."
    He tries to leave, Hurrem grabs him "Maybe you do not see the real thin you need to see! Your father loves you very much,just as much as I do.....do not ever forget this!

    Suleyman is in his room when he hears Ibrahim's violin...he remembers Ibrahim...he goes to the terrace and recalls Ibrahim playing for him in the last time...his heart aches and you can see it in his eyes...he looks over and finds Hurichihan playing the violin (She is pretty isn't she?) He recalls saying to Ibrahim "the first day we came to the palace, you played this." Ibrahim: "in the spring let us go to Manisa and recall the old days.
    Beyazid also breathes in the sounds of the violin and watches her, smiling...
    We see the woman being led somewhere...

    Melek informs Fatma that the cariye has been sent and that it will be told that Fatma sent her...
    Lookman knocks on a door...she goes inside and wonders where she is, she is strangled, sacked and dumped in the sea...
    Hurrem is on her balcony. Lokman arrives and she tells him that he can ask whatever he wants of her. He says he is happy to serve her.
    Selim is walking around his market disguised. He asks a man where the stuff he is selling is from and the man says it is from Bursa and Damascus and another man interrupts and says that who cares about the selling when they are afraid to drink the water. Another man says yes, it is true, they are afraid because it is making people ill...
    Selim whispers to Gazanfer that his Lala (teacher) had also said the same thing and that they should find a solution immediately, and that he wants to be informed about it.
    In the palace of Manisa...Canfeda arrives in the harem and asks those who are going to bathe to get ready. Nurbanu is drawing and if she saw her in the stars and Nur says that she did...that she will die soon...then she adds that if she doesn't help her (she was joking). Can: "You made my heart stop with that! I come here to give you good news....and you do this...I was finally able to convince Gazanfer agha, tonight you will go to halvet."
    Selim is still talking to merchants...he says people come but don't buy anything...and for a long time there has been no war and the soldiers are in debt...Selim says that the Shehzade Selim has come...he might look after their affairs. The man says: "He has no good but in himself. Another man: "He acted as if he was a sultan coming..." ANOTHER MAN: "As if...while we have our Shehzade Mustafa, would the sultanate ever be left to his type? Our Sultan made an unjust decision!"
    Gazanfer says: "How dare you talk about the Shehzade this way?"
    Man: "I swear it is on everyone's tongues...the whole nation is laughing...you should hear the things they say behind his back!"
    Selim: "Who says what??"

    Man: "That he is a drunkard, scoundrel...fond of women...barely lifts his head of his pillow..." Gazanfer gets angry but Selim stops him...Man: "The Sultan could have sent Mustafa, or even Beyazid...he is a brave, courageous warrrior and on the side of the people...and look at Selim...the day he came to the Palace and we haven't heard a thing..."
    Selim tries to leave but the words anger him and so he rushes and slaps the man...while saying:

    "What do you know about Shehzade Selim to speak this way?" Selim walks away but the man pulls a dagger trying to kill him so Gazanfer saves him..."
    Gazanfer: "We need to leave..." Selim stares at the man in shock!
    Fatma is walking down the corridor...she asks Lokman what happened to the woman and Fatma asks if Hurrem revented it and Lokman says he really didn't have a choice...
    Fatma tells him to tell the Sultan she has come. Meanwhile she sees Rustem walking down and they greet each other. "How are you? Although I got your news from Mihrimah...you are very busy...do not tire yourself out...you have the most beautiful woman and don't be negligent you might lost her..." Rustem: 'i will take your advice into consideration" Fatma: "You should...look at Mustafa Pasha...my ex husband...he forgot I was a Sultan, despite our crazy love, I got rid of him...you do not even have love soo..."
    Fatma goes in...
    Afife arrives to see Hurrem. "If you permit I wish to speak to you privately...Hurrem tells the cariyes to go. Come afife hatun.
    Afife: "I saw Fatma Sultan...she wanted to send a cariye...they chose a woman and she has disappeared...Hurrem: "She shouldn't meddle in what is not her business...has it fallen to her to choose a cariye for our Hunkar?!"
    Afife: "Of course she doesnt have this job...but I have this job...I was always quiet because I don't want to hurt anyone. And the Sultan never wanted anyone else."

    Hurrem: "Well then what changed your mind now...Fatma Sultan?"
    Afife: "No I want to stay away from this issue...but she will insist...especially in light of your condition..." Hurrem: "what is wrong with me?" Afife: "The harem is talking about it..." Hurrem: "What do you advise?" Afife: "Just go back to the harem rules (and send girls)." Hurrem: "NEVER!" Afife: "No one will ever take your place..it is impossible!" Hurrem: "Never!!! While I am still breathing no one can send a woman to our Hunkar!!! If necessary for this, I will destroy the whole harem!!!!!!!!!" (come on girls, are you telling me you wouldn't feel the same? You get to a certain age so everyone expects that you are useless now? That a man cannot be in love with you anymore?! What the- )
    A man tells the Imperial guard spy that he waited until the men were asleep and he read the letter. That they are going to attack Rustem Pasha...which agha? They said his name is Ali agha....
    Taslicali has heard the whole thing behind a tree...this whole thing was a plan. They wanted the letter to be read.
    Mustafa is with Mahi and Nisa when Taslicali arrives. He says they found out who the traitor is..the Imperial Guard Head...Mahi is shocked that a man who was loyal for years is the traitor. Nisa says that that is why they must have chosen him...Mahi asks for him to be executed, but Mustafa says no, he will live and continue to betray...except this time he will only send the messages we want them to get."

    Hurrem eats with Suleyman and he asks how Beyazid is. She says he spends all his time with Cihangir. He asks how she is. If she is better. She says: "I need to speak to you about this. There is something important I have to tell you...I said it was something I ate...but it is something else." Suleyman: "i know...fatma told me...she was worried about me, why did you not tell me the truth" Hurrem: "i waited for a good time to tell you...but she told you before me" Suleyman: "My love...you gave me five children..what else could I ask for..for me at this time is my loyal love to you....the love you give me is my happiness."  Hurrem: "These words have doused my fires with refreshing waters Suleyman but...You are a Sultan...for the future of our empire if you wanted more princes, it would be right of course...how sad that I cannot give you any...but there are women who can..." SUleyman: "Hurrem..." Hurrem: "If you wish...I can ask Afife to find the beautiful ones for you.." Suleyman: "You do not think of such thinks...worry about our children" Hurrem (seems like she wished he would say, "never" but he doesn't so she changes the subject: "I don't want to make Mihrimah wait, she is waiting for me. " Suleyman: "Hurrem" she hopes he would say something, but instead he just asks her to tell Mihrimah he wants to see her.

    Hurrem looks down at the harem seeing the girls. in their youth and catches one of their eyes who actually bows to her...
    Fahriye: "Sultanim..tell Sumbul to come to me."
    Hurichihan is in her room when Beyazid comes, she says that Fatma is not there. He says he heard her last night and asks her to sit. She does. He says that she has some talent. He says her father and mother always played and asks if he can play, he says he wants to but  it needs to much patience. He says he will go soon, and he asks how long she will stay here ( she says a month or two) and he says that when he leaves, at least she will be here to keep Cihangir company.
    Lokman wonders what Sumbul will do with all his money. Then he hands him a bag with coins. He tells Sumbul that Hurrem waits for him. (Lokman's laugh is catchy!)
    Sumbul calls for Valeria and says she has a job and they will go clean up Hurrem Sultan's room. Valeria asks if she will stay with the other cariyes always and Sumbul says if you make our Hurrem Sultan happy you will go up in rank.
    In Manisa, Selim recalls what happened in the market. He is traumatized, the door opens and Canfeda tells him his food is ready, he tells her to leave he chases her out, he is so angry. Nurbanu is ready. Canfeda wonders how to tell her. She tells him that he is angry and doesn't want to see anyone. Nurbanu says she will go, and Canfeda says that you didn't hear me? Nurbanu says she will go. Canfeda says fine, you go, get in trouble. Nurbanu says give me some alcohol and Canfeda says her job was to prevent him from drinking...and Nurbanu says you fight fire with fire!"
    Fatma asks Hurichihan if she thinks Beyazid is handsome and then when Hur asks where her fathers room is, Fatma says "don't be in a hurry you will find out everything in time...and you know the real reason why we came right?"
    There is a flashback where Fatma has met with Mustafa in Amasya. "I wanted to meet you in better days... I am listening to you...why did you call me?" Mustafa: "The time has come to stop Hurrem's power in our State...starting with Rustem Pasha. He needs to go...but to do this, Hurrem Sultan's power in the harem must fall...and only a woman can do this..." Fatma: "Is that woman me?" Fatma tells Hurichihan she has a present for her. It is a book, it is your father's diary...it was with Shah Sultan..now it is yours.

    Selim is in his room drinking, and drinking and asking for more. Nurbanu arrives instead...He wants the drink but she pulls away...so he walks...
    Selim: 'Can you make me forget everything?" Nur: "Yes!"
    Hurichihan is looking through her father's book, where he has written: "Everything has an end, the night, the day... the winter the spring...goodness, evil...now it is ramadan, a Thursday. I am in my room. This previous book was given to me by my friend, companion, brother, my Hunkar...a gift from Tebriz...When this book is finished, I do not know where I will be...today in the garden I looked into my Sultan's eyes and it was like a mirror...there was pain, love, war, beauty, friendship etc...but now we are no longer like we were before...because there is a red haired cloud between us who seperated two friends! But this will end too! The day will end, time will slip away from us...And if we dare to look at the mirror again...we will see that end how it will come as our own end*
    We see Hurrem getting ready...
    We see Suleyman in his room and instead of Hurrem, Valeria has come....
    Sumbul informs her that the woman has been sent by her order. Hurrem tells him he may leave. Even he is feeling sad for her....:(
    Hurrem is in grief...she falls down in despair. :'(


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    1. Can you help translate this into English please? Please, please, please...
      Hürrem: Bir bilen, aklı başında birine emanet edin çocuğu. Çok biliyor sanki. İşte karnı doyunca sustu. Beni aptal (mı) sandın. Ben biliyorum. Beni zehirledin, beni öldürmek istedin.
      Hatice Sultan: Hürrem ayıp, öyle söyleme bir duyan olur.
      Hürrem: Bu sarayda hep ayıp, hep günah başka laf yok mu? Haa bir de yasak var.
      Hatice Sultan: Adet böyle riayet edeceksin.
      Hürrem: Etmeyeceğim, sen de etme. İbrahime git, kaç bekardır.
      Hatice Sultan: Aman sus validem beni evlendirecek zaten.
      Hürrem: İnsan sevdiğiyle olmalı, çocuğunu sevgilisinden doğurmalı. Ahh Ahh, eski efendini sevdin mi hani ölmüş ya.
      Hatice: Hayır. Zaten vakit de olmadı. Gelin oldum iki mevsim geçmeden nefesi kesildi. Rahmetliyi yatağında ölü bulduk.
      Hürrem: Bana inan ben yarın(gelecek) yapacak(yapacağım) sana Hatice sultanım. Sen iyi iysan(sın).

      Mahidevran Sultan: Bu iyiliğini ömrüm boyunca unutmayacağım İbrahim. Bir görseydin haremde çıldırdı, o rus cariyenin gerçek yüzünü herkes gördü.
      İbrahim: Hadi siz gidin sultanım. Hünkarım çıkar birazdan sizi görmesin, siz Mustafa'yla ilgilenin başka da bir şey düşünmeyin.
      39:00 - 39:09
      Ayşe Hafsa Sultan: Bu düzen bin yıldır böyle sürer ve böyle sürecek. Utanmadan lohusa halinle rezillik çıkaramazsın. Müsade etmem.
      39:26 - 39:31
      Hürrem: Alma oğlumu benden ne istersen yapacağım ne istersen, her şeyi.
      42:47 - 42:54
      Süleyman: Hoş geldin validem şeref verdin.
      Ayşe Hafsa Sultan: Hayırlı bir iş için geldim aslanım, vaktin var mı?
      44:41 - 44:44
      Arem Usta: Sümbül ağa söyleyin sultanımıza o şişelerde zehir var, çıplak elle tutulmaz.
      45:10 - 45:15
      Sümbül Ağa: Aynanın sırrına katmadan o zehiri sır tutmazmış. Nu tuhaf şeyler.
      45:24 - 45:32
      Hatice Sultan: Ben de bunu alıyorum. Nasıl?
      Hürrem: Çok güzel, zarif.
      45:49 - 46:00
      Mustafa: Çelebi hoca öğrendim yeter, bana başka şey öğret mesela gece çıkan yıldızları, sallanan ayı öğret.
      46:40 - 48:04
      İbrahim: Beğendiniz mi?
      Hatice Sultan: Bayıldım. Hiç çıkarmıyorum. Bu kelebek hep benle. Benden de bir şey olsun sizde hatıra. Artık görüşmememiz lazım.
      İbrahim: Neden görüşmememiz lazım?
      Hatice Sultan: Validem beni baş göz edicek yakında.
      İbrahim: Kim bu bahtiyar?
      Ayşe Hafsa Sultan: Piri Mehmet paşanın oğlu Mehmet çelebi, Mısır'da medrese okumuş, ilim irfan görmüş alim bir genç. Hocalık yapıyor.