• Muhtesem Yuzyil Episode 130 Preview Translation

    Source: www.startv.com.tr/dizi/muhtesemyuzyil

    Hurrem's response to Suleyman makes him completely disarrayed! Gazanfer saves Nurbanu at the last second from drowning, and Nurbanu blames Hurrem for this. The Hurrem and Nurbanu war begins!

    Defne, who manages to win Beyazid's heart informs Selim of a big secret. Beyazid gets extremely angry at the trap that Selim has laid for him. Wounds get found on Mihrimah's body! The doctor who comes to treat her, Pedro, wins over her heart.

    Fatma sends Hurrem into a hugely dangerous situation. As Suleyman goes to save Hurrem, he comes across a shocking scene. Suleyman sends Fatma away from the Capitol! Hurrem is shocked when she hears what the fortune-teller has to say! Suleyman throws his heart and Mustafa's letter into the fire. Hurrem answers Suleyman's question with a response that hurts him deeply, and this response drives them even further away from each other.

    Gazanfer breaks all of the rules and enters into the harem, and saves Nurbanu! When Selim hears about this, he decides to send Gazanfer away from the palace. Nurbanu cannot convince Selim that it was Hurrem who tried to have her killed. Nurbanu, who is afraid for her life, asks Gazanfer to make a big sacrifice for her.

    As wounds are found on Mihrimah's body, none of the palace doctors can cure her. Sokullu recommends a Spanish doctor, Pedro, who draws Mihrimah's interest, and drives Rustem into a craze of jealousy.

    Defne manages to enter into Beyazid's heart with a love letter that she writes to him. She informs Selim about a secret letter that she finds in Beyazid's room. The trap that Selim sets for Beyazid drives the war between the brothers to its zenith.

    Fatma throws Hurrem into the middle of a dangerous situation. Hurrem gets saved in a miraculous manner. Suleyman finds out that Fatma is behind this attack, and sends her away from the palace.

    Suleyman, who tries to rid himself of his heart pangs throws Mustafa's letter into the fire...

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