• Muhtesem Yuzyil Episode 132 Preview Translation

    Source: www.startv.com.tr/dizi/muhtesemyuzyil

    Beyazid brings his army right to Selim's door! As much as Nurbanu wants to run away, Selim wears his armour and confronts Beyazid. Hurrem, who is witnessing her sons fighting, cannot bear the unfolding scene! Sumbul hides Hurrem's illness from the Shehzade's, but someone finds out about it and the balance of power completely shifts in the war of the Shehzade's. Nothing is the same anymore after this! Beyazid is betrayed in a very significant way! 

    Selim gets extremely angry at Nurbanu, who is hoping for the death of Beyazid. Hurrem requests Selim to take Nurbanu's life! Selim gives Nurbanu an extremely heavy punishment!

    Mihrimah, who has been secretly meeting with Pedro without Rustem's knowledge falls in love. As soon as Rustem feels a hint of this love, doomsday begins! 

    Hurrem Sultan, who felt on top of the world, comes face to face with the truth of death! Suleyman, who has been anxious to meet Hurrem, receives some news that rocks his world! 

    Beyazid brings his army to Manisa, to take Selim to account. Nurbanu begs Selim to run away, however, Selim takes everything into consideration and decides to confront Beyazid. As the two brothers are fighting to the death, the arrival of Hurrem shocks everyone!

    Selim confronts Nurbanu, who has ordered the death of Beyazid. According to Hurrem, Nurbanu's punishment for this should be death. Selim, who cannot sacrifice Nurbanu, gives her a punishment that destroys her. Beyazid informs Selim of a condition that will make Beyazid forgive Selim, but this condition is unbelievable!

    Mihrimah continues to secretly meet with Pedro, and in order to hurt Rustem, Sokullu gifts Pedro to Mihrimah's ownership. When Rustem finds out about this, he tries to have Pedro killed, and this move destroys all relations between Mihrimah and Rustem.

    Hurrem learns about her closeness with death, and feels and awaits her end. Suleyman takes steps to melt the ice between him and Hurrem. The news that Sumbul gives to Suleyman shoots an arrow into Suleyman's heart.

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